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Best Business Hotel Downtown Vancouver

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Now that’we gotten that out of the way – and why you should trust our best business hotels in downtown Vancouver recommendations, here’s the process we’ve considered in finding the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver.


Finding the best business hotels in Downtown Vancouver:

Before we get into our recommendations for the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver, we’ll take a few moments to determine what we’ve looked for to determine the best business hotels in Vancouver:

Service: Critical to any good business in the hospitality industry. We look for relentless high quality of service and proactive service to provide the best experience & convenience for guests in their visit to Vancouver. This is the first consideration on our mind when looking for the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Importance = 9/10

Property Amenities: Next, you want a hotel in downtown Vancouver that provides the necessary amenities for business travel. Sometimes, the more the better when it comes to providing a unique experience for business travelers to Vancouver in their downtime/leisure such as a roof-top pool with a view or a good restaurant dining option within meters of the downtown Vancouver business hotels. Basic amenities such as a good working desk or business centre in the hotel was necessary. The article leans towards high-end hotels but considered any business hotels in downtown Vancouver which had a property category of 3 stars or above.

Importance = 7/10

Downtown Vancouver Hotel Rooms: Besides the hotel facilities themselves, we also considered the rooms of these downtown Vancouver hotel for utility and once again uniqueness or an experiential factor. (Good views is a plus since that is quintessentially Vancouver.) We’re always looking for that experiential factor whether looking at the hotel’s rooms, location, or amenities. We want guests to be able to experience something during their visit to Vancouver that’s distinctive or unique to Vancouver to make their hotel stay worth while so that goes on top priority for our best downtown Vancouver hotel recommendations. (and presumably why you’re searching about the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver)

Importance = 7/10

–  Downtown Vancouver Hotel Location: Next, we considered the location & neighborhood of the downtown Vancouver hotel we intend to recommend. Downtown Vancouver is a relatively small area of land but even then there are various neighborhoods from Yaletown to Coal Harbour or the West End and Gastown. All desirable locations to stay but the CBD is mostly around West Georgia Street & Burrard Street where most of our recommendations surround. We avoided mentioning any hotels near Gastown or the Westend as they are limited in nature and mostly residential or gentrifying neighborhoods in downtown Vancouver. For the hotel’s location in downtown Vancouver we also considered the restaurants and services around the downtown Vancouver hotel we might be recommending as a top 5 best business hotels in downtown Vancouver such as if there are many of the best dining options in our city within close proximity to our hotel. (Very useful when you’re back from a long day and want something good to eat nearby at convenience or when it is raining in Vancouver – which it does often half the year.) Much thought and meticulous detail have been put into finding the best business hotel in downtown Vancouver and predicting the attributes travelers desire to truly highlight the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver from a local’s perspective.

Importance = 7/10

Price & Value: Lastly, we gave consideration to the overall value of the property relative to our other recommendations. Value and price is a subjective to the property category. You must compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. We gave some thought to the overall price and value that a guest will experience in relative comparison to the other unique downtown Vancouver hotels we’ve recommended to determine their ranking on our list of the best downtown Vancouver hotels for business travelers. Price was less a factor for these top 5 recommendations, but value was considered primary. (such as the convenience and experience guests receive with quality service and something uniquely Vancouver)

Importance = 5/10


Best Business Hotels in downtown Vancouver:

1) Shangri-La Vancouver

Shangri-La Vancouver hotel is conveniently located centrally by Georgia street and close towards Burrard street. This hotel has excellent location. It’s conveniently above a Urban Fare grocery store.


2) Westin Bayshore

Westin Bayshore is right by the Bayshore as it’s name implies. It’s a little less convenient for business travelers but makes up for it with excellent relaxation by the water. A good relieve after a day. They also provide excellent value as a three and a half star hotel.


3) AuBerge:

If you’re looking for business on a budget this is your choice for business hotels in downtown Vancouver.

The AuBerge is a boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver that caters towards corporate travelers and those looking for a distinctive experience in downtown Vancouver.

4) L’Hermitage Hotel

L’Hermitage hotel is a four star boutique hotel right in the center of downtown Vancouver towards Robson Street and Seymour. It’s an excellent location for business because of it’s walking distance to many offices downtown. (though not as convenient as Shangri-La Vancouver hotel).

They also offer shuttle services for hotel guest should you require to travel within town with a driver.


5) Fairmont Pacific Rim

Rated the #1 best hotel on Trip Advisor, Fairmont Pacific Rim edges onto the list for business executive looking for luxury with urban convenience and seafront experience.

Don’t book this if you’re concerned about budget however. It’s the #1 best hotel in Vancouver for a reason and the price matches the service.


Best Luxury Hotel Downtown Vancouver

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Vancouver is not short on options for luxury hotels in the City of Vancouver, especially in downtown Vancouver however you can only choose one of many phenomenal options so which one should you pick?

We hope to give you a unique and comprehensive perspective on the Best Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver. We’ll also share a summary of other luxury hotels in Downtown Vancouver worth considering.

Further, while Vancouver is within driving distance to many other hotels in Metro Vancouver, most of the luxury hotels and 5* hotel franchises are located within the City of Vancouver with the overwhelming proportion of them being right in downtown Vancouver – for good reason, convenience & market accessibility.

We’ve taken a comprehensive look to finding the best luxury hotels in downtown Vancouver (and for the better part, Vancouver) for you to experience. Please give it a read and feel free to comment bellow if you have any questions!


Best Luxury Hotels in Metro Vancouver?

There are also a few other luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver including Richmond, BC (Fairmont Hotel YVR) and Burnaby, BC (Elements by Westin Burnaby) and questionably Surrey should you prefer booking a luxury hotel nearer to those respective cities if you need to be in those cities. There aren’t enough luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver to write a separate article for each city in Metro Vancouver so just a brief mention here, feel free to ask in the comments bellow or using the Contact Us form (customized non-sponsored replies from a local within 48 hours – we love Vancouver & helping visitors/travelers to Vancouver.) if you have any questions about luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver cities like Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver, or Surrey. However, if you’re looking to book a luxury hotel in Vancouver, your best bet is downtown Vancouver. A car ride to any of these Metro Vancouver cities are within an hour – unfortunately take note that Vancouver does not yet have Uber or Lyft due to politicians helping taxi lobbyists who paid them $60,000. The business community & locals collectively are asking repeatedly for Uber & Lyft to deaf ears of the BC NDP.

Of note, if you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Metro Vancouver, consider:

  • [5 Star] Fairmont Hotel YVR in Richmond, BC: The Fairmont Hotel YVR is a five star property right within Vancouver International Airport. It provides significant convenience for travelers looking for respite right after their flight without travelling further to their hotel. The rooms are sound proof and the furnishing is on par with 5* hotels. An excellent hotel restaurant, Globe, serves a scrumptious breakfast buffet, exquisite tea time, and good a-la-carte menu for dinner. There’s also a relaxing and spacious lounge/bar along with a spa by “absolute Spa”. Standard fitness facility. Good service (there can be better.) This is an excellent luxury hotel in Metro Vancouver if you’re arriving from YVR and would prefer a hotel within Vancouver International Airport.
  • [Unrated] Seaside Hotel in North Vancouver (North Shore): A newly open hotel for late 2018 which is likely to be a 4 or 5 star hotel by the waterfront in North Vancouver – right across from downtown Vancouver. It’ll likely provide a relaxing and luxurious experience as the atmosphere in North Vancouver’s North Shore is a lot less rushed than downtown Vancouver. (From the architecture to the people, the Lonsdale market, and the boat homes, North Vancouver boasts a resort-like, chalet feel.) This will be a hotel worth looking at for it’s newness, views, and expected luxury.

Beyond these, you’re better booking a luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver and travelling to your destination by car. (Although, you’ll likely be needing to be in Vancouver central anyways if you’re here on business or leisure. The suburbs have some interesting Beautiful BC experiences like a tidal park at Port Moody – Rocky Point Park, breath taking hikes, phenomal – but most of the magic happens in the City of Vancouver.)

Without further ado…


5 Best Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver:







More Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver:


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