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Best Notaries in Vancouver

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Are you looking for a notary services in Vancouver? If you need certified true copies, contracts, agreements, purchase of a business, power of attorneys, will preparation, and attestations then a Vancouver notary public is your bid. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, a notary public can also assist with handling the sale much like a lawyer might. Many legal offices can also provide these services as well although you may prefer going with one of these public notaries for cost and service.

Here’s a full list of services that a BC notary can provide:


There are no shortages of notaries in Vancouver. You’ll find well over 70 notary public offices in downtown Vancouver alone. It can be an over whelming choice.

Still, don’t just hire any notary public services. It’s important to carefully consider which you hire for your administrative and notary services. While it may be best just to find one nearest to you for convenience, as with any occupation and field there are varying levels of service quality, pricing, and individuals. When it comes to contracts and notarizations, you don’t want any errors or headaches in the process.

Here are some individuals who had the unfortunate experience of picking a bad notary:

“I incurred a few hundred dollars in penalties and interest charges in order to fix this situation, including getting a 2nd bank draft when the numbers she gave me were incorrect.  “ – Anna L.

“I used Pat Wright for the purchase of two properties. She screwed up both transactions. I’m extremely well organized and gave Pat very comprehensive files complete with a detailed reconciliation…..yet she still managed to screw up the transaction.” – Terry R.

“On the statement of charges, there was a fee of nearly $400 listed as “Other fees”. When I asked about it, they brushed me off and told me they will obtain details of the fees later.” – James A.


As much as “BC Notaries” association states that notaries are esteemed members of the public who uphold to the highest standards of integrity and trust, you’ll find that there are plenty of the public who have had unpleasant experiences with notaries.

Even still, you may run into several dishonest reviews online without your best intentions (unlike VancityAsks.com 😉 – typically you only can trust the consistently bad reviews without doing further fact checking.) If a business has faked reviews, we have automatically removed it from consideration for dishonesty. Reviews are diligently checked for truthfulness and validity.

Make sure you find a right notary office for your real estate, power of attorneys, and notarization needs who will provide a reputable standard of service. Note as well that notary service prices are not standardize so each notary office will charge their own fees as they choose.

Thankfully at VancityAsks.com, we’re going to help you find a great Vancouver notary public for your needs. Here’s what we’re looking for: (1) excellence service (2) availability (3) prices. Any of these proven notary public offices in Vancouver will serve you well.


1) Yoshida Notary Public: The Yoshida Notary Public office is located right downtown at 900 Howe Street, conveniently besides the law courts and UBC Robson.

In regards to availability, Mr.Yoshida, as you will find cares about his clients. He goes out of the way to fit your schedule. Mr.Yoshida office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6 PM or Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. If you cannot make it within those time-frames you may wish to email Mr.Yoshida to inquire if his schedule permits an alternate time. It seems that this man works hard to get work done for his clients.

Where price concerns, Notary Public prices differ by individual notary offices and services rendered. For the services, I required, Mr.Yoshida prices were right about the standard I had been quoted elsewhere. It’s best you contact their offices to inquire about your notary needs and quotes. (Curtis Yoshida can be contacted via email at (curtis@notarydowntown.ca)

Finally with service, the service I experienced at Yoshida Notary Public was impeccable. Curtis Yoshida was approachable and considerate. Curtis Yoshida is an individual who is personable and friendly. This matters as you want someone who listens and attentive when handling your documents or notary public services.

Address – 212 – 938, Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9

Contact – curtis@notarydowntown.ca

More reviewshttps://www.yelp.ca/biz/yoshida-notary-public-vancouver


2) David Watts Notary Public:

David Watts Notary Public runs as a four man team offering traditional Notary Public services while specializing with real estate transactions and conveyancing. Their offices are conveniently located right outside waterfront Center at 675 W Hastings Street.

Mr.Watts boasts about providing “Over the Moon– Thrilled” notary services and in part we believe it. Peruse his LinkedIn profile to see the accolades and recommendations from individuals who have enjoyed the notary public services provided by Mr.Watts and his team at David Watts Notary Public.

Address – 675 W Hastings St #1602, Vancouver, BC V6B


More Reviewshttps://ca.linkedin.com/in/davidwatts


3) Brosgall Legal Services 

In BC, everyone lawyer is also a notary public but not every notary public is a lawyer. Brosgall Legal Services is also a lawyer office but they specialize in providing a lot of notary public services at prices you’d expect from a Notary Public in Vancouver.

Brosgall Legal Services is hemmed by Adam Brosgall with his educated but approachable demeanor. Born and bred Vancouverite. There can be significant benefits to having a lawyer handle the sale or purchase of real estate especially if the transaction takes a complicated turn. It would be useful having Adam Brosgall with his experience as a lawyer to assist in such situations.

Brosgall Legal Services provides competitive pricing on notary public services. It’s also conveniently located right across the law court as well. Their office is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Address – 938 Howe St #716, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9


More reviews – https://www.yelp.ca/biz/brosgall-legal-notary-services-vancouver


4) Deprez and Associates Notary Public:

Deprez and Associates Notary Public is located on Alma street on the way to UBC, Deprez and Associates Notary Public is easily accessible if you’re in Point Grey or Vancouver central.

You get the perception they truly care about their customers base on the consistent positive comments others have shared about Deprez and Associates. You can likely trust his team with your notary public needs base on the fact-finding we’ve done.

Address – 2515 Alma St, Vancouver, BC V6R 2C1

Contact – filip@notarydeprez.com

More Reviews – http://bit.ly/DeprezReviews


5) Bell Alliance:

Bell Alliance is a law office that is known for charging notary public prices for services that a notary public can do (such as real estate transactions). They also do well in immigration law and have an excellent reputation in Vancouver for customer service.

If you’re looking for notary public services, you should consider getting a quote from Bell Alliance to see if they fit your needs.

Address – Suite 201 – 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4A7

Contact – info@bellalliance.ca

More Reviews – http://bit.ly/BellAllianceReviews


Notarize Documents free at your bank:

Note as well, if you’re looking to get a simple document notarized. Most banks (specifically TD Bank) have notary public on staff who will be able to notarize your document. It’s free.


There’s a TD branch right by Pacific Centre at 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1A2

Do you need a Lawyer or Notary Public?

Looking to buy or sell a home? Consider if a Notary Public is right for you, here’s more resources you may be interested in. For home purchases, it may be best to engage a lawyer. You’re already spending tens of thousands in real estate agent fees and hundreds of thousands is on the line. You would want someone who has the legal experience and training even if for the peace of mind. With this said many individuals choose to transact their real estate deal through a notary public still.:



Conclusion: We hope you found this list of Notary Public offices in Vancouver to be useful. I’m confident it’ll save you a lot of time finding a reliable notary public you can count on. We’ve gone through almost 70 different notary public offices in our search and filtered out the ones with reliable reviews and recommendations. I’m confident, we’ve found some of the top notary public in Vancouver. Reliable options for notary public.

Beyond checking through the 70 notary public, we also scrutinized the 5 on the list. Before listing a notary public on here, we’ve not only diligently searched each notary public history (and past corporate experiences), we also checked the legitimacy of reviews you see online.

To compile this list of Notary Public in Vancouver, much effort has gone into diligently checking each listed entity. You can contact these notaries in Vancouver confidently knowing hours of fact-checking and online searching have been done.

Thank you for reading this article on VancityAsks.com as we discover some of the best notaries in Vancouver. We hope you found this notary public information article useful. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please use the comment form bellow to submit them. Also, if you would like to recommend a notary public, please comment bellow us well! We’d be glad to hear your recommendation and experiences. If you found this list helpful, please consider to share your experience in our comment section bellow after engaging your notary public so others can benefit from your experience.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no formal legal experience. The content on this page does not constitute as any legal advice but represents the opinions of the writer provided as-is and with no warranties.

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