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The Best Family Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

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We’ve carefully compiled a list of some of Vancouver’s best family lawyers. We hope this will make it easier for you to choose a family lawyer to assist with your family law matters or guide you through a Vancouver divorce. Finding the best family lawyer in Vancouver can be subjective as there are no quantifiable measurements to equally gauge the best lawyers in BC family law. There are also many differing interests of clients and  each situation is unique so the best family lawyer for Joe Smith may be different from the best family lawyer for yourself.

Nonetheless, following this introduction, you will find several Vancouver-local family lawyers and divorce lawyers who are highly esteemed in their field of practice. They consistently serve their clients – helping resolve their family law matters – and attain respect among the industry. In searching for the best family lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve considered budgets varying from (1) $$$ – those that are considered the ideal choice in their profession to protect your family’s interest where budget is less a concern (2) $$ – those that excel at family law services in BC, helping and serving every day families through the difficult process of divorce, and (3) $ – those that reliably provide excellent value for those needing divorce lawyers in Vancouver without an overtly financial burden.

Depending on your situation and requirements, one family lawyer may be able to help you better than another. If you have a high net-worth and looking to protect your assets, then a family lawyer familiar with litigation with experience in similar cases may do better for you. If you have a simple, non-contested divorce in Vancouver then most capable family lawyer with moderate fees can serve you better in considerations for your budget. It’s evident, the family lawyer in Vancouver you engage should depend on your individual situation and priorities. It is important to find a good BC divorce lawyer or family lawyer in Vancouver who excels in their profession; we hope to help you with finding the right family lawyer.


AGDN Law (Aaron, Gordon, Daykin, Norlinger): This boutique Vancouver law firm focuses solely on family law. The firm composes of twelve capable and experienced lawyers in BC family law, three of whom are reputed as Queen’s Counsel lawyers. (A title bestowed by the provincial Lieutenant-Governor used to recognize lawyers with exceptional merit). Considered to be one of the best family law firms in Vancouver, they deal professionally with diligence and excellence in their profession. They are truly considered to be the best in their field by many of their peers. (The highest recommendation you can receive is to be esteemed by other legal professionals I’d think.) Having a professional and reliable lawyer like a member from the AGDN Family Law firm can relieve a lot of stress by having an experienced guide through uncharted waters.

They can help clients in all aspects of family law services including (1) Vancouver separation and divorce (2) Guardianship, custody, and parenting time (3) Parenting arrangements and parenting responsibilities (4) child support (5) spousal support (6) division of family property and family debt (7) complex corporate and tax matters (8) family asset protection planning (9) cohabitation, pre-nuptial – something Mr. O’Leary advocates for…, and (10) marriage agreements.

If you require a Vancouver family lawyer or a Vancouver divorce lawyer, give AGDN Law a call first to see if they would be suitable for your case.

Website: http://agdnlaw.ca/

Rate: $$$

Address: 777 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7


Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP: Farris is one of the biggest law firms in Vancouver. Their team of family lawyers are considered some of the best family lawyers. Jeffrey Kay, Q.C. is among some of the most highly recommended family lawyers in Vancouver. A big law firm can come with some perks as well, such as resources, connections, and varying expertise all within the firm. If you’re curious as to how large this Vancouver law firm is and the implication its reputation can have with your situation, think Suits when Harvey can coax their opponents to a settlement instead of taking it to court with his reputation. (Yes, there’ll be a TV show reference with each summary. Family law can be a hard topic, we need to lighten the mood.)

Farris specializes in complex family law situations and high net worth individuals especially if you have cross-border assets. They have experience dealing with (1) custody, (2) access, (3) child and adult guardianship (4) property division (5) estate and trust issues, (6) child and spousal support, (7) co-habitation agreements, (8) marriage agreements, (9) separation agreements, and (10) asset protection agreements. Engaging a law firm like Farris can provide a complete approach to all your legal needs with their roster of 100+ professional lawyers many of whom are highly esteemed in the legal profession with the Queen’s Counsel title.

If you need an experienced and impressive law firm working for you, contact Farris to see if they are able to help. Their offices are located in Vancouver, Victoria, or Kelowna.

Website: http://www.farris.com/areas-of-expertise/practice-area/family-law/

Rate: $$$

Address: 25th Floor, 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1B3


Connect Family Law: Connect Family Law is a boutique family law firm in Vancouver, BC ran by two partners Leisha A. Murphy and Simon Kent. Leisha specializes in family law practice in Vancouver while Simon specializes with business and estate law. This cross of expertise allows a more comprehensive approach to family law where business may be involved. The family law firm also provides an option for a different, budget approach to engaging a family lawyer in Vancouver with their “a la carte” legal services for those who wish to represent themselves with the help of a family law firm. Added to this, Connect Family Law also provides regular “Divorce Salons”, think your FRIENDS intervention.

Connect Family Law in Vancouver, BC can help client with family law on matters concerning (1) Cohabitation & Marriage Agreements, (2) Collaborative Family Law, (3) Negotiation, (4) Mediation, and (5) Litigation in family law. Connect Family Law’s “a la carte” legal services known as Connect Too, can help clients who are representing themselves in court with (1) Desk Order Divorce, (2) F-8 Financial Statement, (3) Child and/or Spousal Support Calculations, (4) Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement, and (5) Paralegal or Junior Lawyer Services. The entire team is a roster of four individuals with connections to experts in other fields such as business valuators, financial planners, tax specialist, divorce coaches, child specialist, and parenting coordinators to once again reiterate their broad approach to family law practice. (CFL helps the client more than simply in the court room.)

If you want a specialized family law firm in Vancouver then contact Connect Family Law to see if they’ll be able to help with you.

Website: http://connectfamilylaw.ca/

Rate: $$

Address: Suite 540, 1285 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8


Hart Legal: Hart Legal is a law firm founded in Vancouver, BC. Hart Legal in Vancouver BC, provides family lawyer services on three forms of fee options. They also feature an equitable pricing model which discounts your legal fees to the value derived. (This practice emphasizes their commitment to ensure that Hart Legal clients are satisfied. I’d imagine the Price is Right but I think it works more effectively.) The team at Hart Legal emphasizes conflict resolution and compassion which are two important traits when dealing with complicated family matters. The firm also highlights its commitment to customer service and value with their professional family lawyers in Vancouver. The Vancouver office has seven lawyers in the firm with founder, Darren Hart, at the helm.

Hart Legal puts their heart (pun intended) and heads to use; they focus on conflict resolution, mediation, and helping their clients navigate a traditionally complicated situation. Hart Legal in Vancouver, BC can help clients with (1) division of property with a Vancouver divorce (2) child guardianship, custody, and access, along with (3) child support (4) separation and marriage agreements. They also provide alternative family law dispute resolution services. The Hart Legal team also assists clients with complicated and high net-worth divorces.

If you’re looking for an experienced family lawyer in Vancouver who strives for excellence, give Hart Legal a call and see if their team can help your case.

Website: http://hart-legal.com/family-law/

Rate: $$

Address: Suite 1200, 888 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3K4


Pending – Kitsilano Family Law Group: Kitsilano Family Law Group is a small law firm with their office in Kitsilano. They specialize in family law with a two person team. Bill Storey, the senior lawyer, of Kitsilano Family Law Group has over 30 years of family law experience in British Columbia with accreditation as a mediator and collaborative lawyer. Clea Amundsen, a junior lawyer, has three years of legal experience since being called to the Bar in British Columbia (June 2013).  Like Batman and Robin Hood (maybe not.)…the combination of Bill experience in the firm with Clea provides a good combination for clients with the support of an experienced lawyer and a junior family lawyer.

Kitsilano Family Law can assist through (1) negotiation (2) mediation (3) collaboration (4) litigation (5) parenting coordination in most matters of family law. Kitsilano Family Law emphasizes on mediation, collaborative law, and indicated the preference for settling disputes in family law without the courts.

If you have family law needs, consider contacting Kits Family Law to see if they can help as your family lawyer. If you have complicate estates and assets division, Farris or AGDN may serve better.

Website: https://www.kitsfamilylaw.com/

Rate: $

Address: Suite 308, 2902 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3Z8


Here’s a very helpful resource for those who are interested in learning how to choose a suitable Vancouver family lawyer.


It is written by JP Boyd who is now working in Calgary, Alberta at the Canadian Research Institute for law and the family. (formally from Vancouver)

As mentioned, we’ve tried to create this list to highlight those that have a proven track record of quality legal services for divorce and family law meeting different priorities and budgets. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Good family lawyers are typically not only experienced and knowledgeable of the law but compassionate of their clients with conflict resolution skills. They’re typically dealing with emotionally charged individuals and complicated children situations; a level of compassion and smarts is needed. You must be confident you have the right Vancouver family lawyer to help you.


Please comment bellow. We’re looking for experience-based recommendation of honest and reliable Vancouver family lawyers who will help their clients’ best interest at varying budget levels. A good divorce lawyer can make a difficult situation a little less of a burden.  If readers have a recommendation for an affordable Vancouver family lawyer, please comment bellow as we are looking to find a better recommendation for the $ category.


Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no professional legal experience and no aspects of this article should be constituted as legal advice. We compile this list after extensive fact-checking, follow-ups and community recommendations however no warranties can be made to the list.

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