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Vancouver, BC Yaletown Guide – Everything you need to know about trendy Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver

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What you’ll find here – Vancouver, BC Yaletown Guide:

Vancouver is a city of many colours, and many unique & beautiful neighborhoods to appreciate… even within the downtown Vancouver core.

If you’re visiting Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver, we’ve compiled a guide for everything you need to know about Yaletown in Vancouver, BC – from a local’s perspective written for visitors like yourself! (Or if you live in Metro Vancouver, we hope to help you discover your amazing city on VancityAsks.com)

We hope to guide you along this neighborhood and discover the best places to eat, drink, see, or do in Yaletown. We’d love to hear from you so, feel free to ask any questions in the comments bellow!


About Yaletown in Vancouver, BC:

Yaletown is a neighbourhood located in Downtown Vancouver.


Best Places to Eat in Yaletown:

  • Best Seafood in Yaletown – Blue Water Cafe:


Best Things to See in Yaletown:


Best Instagrammable spots in Yaletown:


Best Things to Do in Yaletown:

  • Walk the Waterfront:

More Cool Facts to Learn about Yaletown:


Thanks for reading more about Yaletown in Vancouver, BC on VancityAsks.com – if you have any questions or comments about Yaletown, please share them in the comments bellow. We’d love to answer any specific questions or assist with advising your trip to Yaletown.

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Vancouver, BC Chinatown Guide – Everything you need to know about Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown

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Welcome to Vancouver, BC Chinatown Guide on VancityAsks.com.

Let a local show you the best of Chinatown Vancouver.

With this guide, we endeavour to share everything you may want or need to know about Vancouver’s Chinatown, a map of Vancouver’s Chinatown inclusive. We’ll highlight the best things to eat in Vancouver’s Chinatown, the best things to see in Vancouver’s Chinatown, the best things to do in Vancouver’s Chinatown, a brief highlight of Vancouver’s Chinatown history, and the best instagram-able spots in Vancouver’s Chinatown for your keepsake.

This is something you want to read or browse if you’re visiting Vancouver’s Chinatown.


Best Things to Eat in Vancouver’s Chinatown:

Presumably, if you’re in Chinatown, you’re keen on appreciating some local Chinese food. However, there are much more cuisines and delicious meals to be enjoyed in Vancouver’s Chinatown than Chinese food. As such, we’ll explore both the best Chinese food to enjoy in Chinatown (not actually that many – you’ll find better selection of Chinese restaurants in Richmond, BC.) as well as the best things to eat in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Best Chinese Food in Chinatown:

1) Chinese food –

2) Chinese food –

3) Chinese food –

4) Chinese food –

5) Chinese food –


Other BEST Places to eat in Chinatown:







Best Desserts in Chinatown:

Well of course, once you’ve eaten a delicious meal… there is ALWAYS space for dessert. Well, it so happens that Chinatown in Vancouver also has many specialty desserts spots! There were too many worth mentioning that it wouldn’t rationalize putting it in our top 5 places to eat in Chinatown list, so we’ve created another Top 5 Desserts to try in Chinatown. These are a combination of Asian desserts and various cultures but mainly Western desserts.

1) Desserts in Chinatown –

2) Desserts in Chinatown –

3) Desserts in Chinatown –

4) Desserts in Chinatown –

5) Desserts in Chinatown – Umaluma: Umaluma is known for delicious vegan ice cream that satisfy your desire for a cold, creamy treat – without the cream.


Best Things to See in Vancouver’s Chinatown:


Best Things to Do in Vancouver’s Chinatown:


5 Quick Heritage Facts about Vancouver’s Chinatown:


5 Best Instagram-able Spots in Vancouver’s Chinatown:


5 Movie References in Vancouver’s Chinatown:

Seeing as this is Vancouver, Hollywood North, it seems appropriate to share several spots that may have appeared in popular films or shows you’ve watched… if per-adventure, you’re a fan of said shows and would wish to see these places in person while you’re visiting Vancouver’s Chinatown – or at least doing it for the jealousy of your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, or Twitter followers.


5 Other Things to Know about Vancouver’s Chinatown:


5 Cool Facts about Vancouver’s Chinatown:



Thanks for reading about Vancouver’s Chinatown on VancityAsks.com; we hope you found this resource helpful and if you have any questions about Chinatown in Vancouver which was not addressed above, please feel free to comment bellow or use the Contact Us form here.

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