5 Best Indonesian Restaurants in Vancouver

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Discover the BEST Indonesian restaurants in Vancouver, along with a comprehensive guide to Indonesian cuisines in Vancouver, BC.

While there isn’t a wide variety of specialty Indonesian restaurants in Metro Vancouver, Indonesian food is fairly similar to other South East Asian neighbours, so perhaps, you can consider trying the Best Singapore & Malaysian Restaurants in Vancouver as well!

5 BEST Indonesian Restaurants in Vancouver:

1) Casa Mia Cafe:







More Recommendable Good Indonesian Restaurants in Vancouver, BC:

Bali Thai – 88 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 (International Village Foodcourt)

A staple in Vancouver for Indonesian cuisine; their sambal is good. The set up is in a food court with dishes pre-cooked and ready for the picking much like a nasi lemak store or a Muncho Wok fast-casual takeout. The food is good although sometimes can sit on the warmer too long.


Indonesian Restaurants in Vancouver that Deliver:



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