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What is VancityAsks.com

VancityAsks.com is a Vancouver question and answers site. Creditable recommendations for our city.

Our goal is to help locals rediscover their cities and tourists to find the best of Vancouver. As a result, we also reward businesses for excellence in their craft and welcome visitors to this wonderful city we live in.

On VancityAsks.com, you’ll find recommendations about the best-of Vancouver from the best sushi in Vancouver to the best notaries in Vancouver. These are the absolutely must-try in Vancouver. It’s a simple list to save you the hassle.


Businesses featured on VancityAsks.com:

VancityAsks.com does not request businesses procure their customers and fans to “vote” for them in order to be featured as the best-of Vancouver. In my humble opinion, such concept is in the interest of the hosting publication as they wish to enlarge their audience and awareness.

It may not be the most accurate depiction of the best-of Vancouver because whoever has inclined their customers to vote for them the most or whoever has the biggest brand/business typically comes up on top. How about those undiscovered gems and hole-in-the wall which Vancouver is peppered with?

At VancityAsks.com, we truly want to find the best-of Vancouver. We root for the mom and pops local shops and big businesses; we care not so long as they excel in what they do. We love our city. We find our city is filled with uniqueness and artisan shops. We have artisan coffee, artisan bakeries, and even artisan pizzas. We’re a big city with many gems to be found.


VancityAsks.com is not as interested in using these lists for promoting and increasing our audience as we are about establishing an identity. An identity for trustful recommendations of the best in Vancouver. We hope to establish creditability that businesses featured on VancityAsks.com are truly different. Businesses and establishments featured on VancityAsks.com are featured for their excellence.

While it may seem the lists to be created by benevolent dictatorship; it’s largely community orientated and tested locally by people like YOU. Community feedback is procured along with personal experience from locals, and extensive fact-checking online.


Does your list change/get updated?

We consistently update our list base on feedback and relevance periodically. We also follow up on these businesses consistently to ensure their quality is maintained for their feature on VancityAsks.com. Any updates or changes will be posted notably in the comments or articles. Hence you may see businesses shuffle on the list occasionally. (Updates typically occur monthly)

If an entity is listed on VancityAsks.com, we take accountability base on our creditability for the recommendation that it is good.


For Businesses:

What does it mean if your business is on VancityAsks.com:

If your business is featured in our best-of list. It means, you’ve been acknowledged for your excellence in your craft. Thank you for your contribution to this city we live in together. Keep it up! It’s businesses like you that make our city a better place by adding value through transactions.

Congrats! As you also get complementary promotion and awareness. We are actively promoting the lists on VancityAsks.com; also, promoting businesses featured in our best-of list benefit as a way to say “thank you” for your excellence in our community. We think good service should be rewarded.

Each web content produced on VancityAsks.com undergoes a full online strategy and promotion campaign. That’s why in part content can come out slowly on VancityAsks.com; we take diligent effort to truly finding the best in Vancouver, to make it worth the campaigns.


How do I get featured on VancityAsks.com?

Excellence. You can get your business listed on VancityAsks.com simply by being the best at what you do in Vancouver. It is our way of rewarding businesses for their excellence and saying thank you.

Get better at your craft, improve your service, and differentiate yourself; excel in what you do as a business adding value for your customers.


Can I buy a feature on VancityAsks.com?

We try to remain as impartial as possible and avoid any biasness. As a business, you’re not able to purchase your place in VancityAsks.com best-of lists.

Are your list bias?

As the lists are compiled by humans (and community feedback), there may be some measure of influence. (The only two likely influence is direct relations or direct vestments in which case I’ll make sure you as a business runs with operational and service excellence. In our opinion excellence is the only true way a business can add value and grow as it should.)

Beyond these two possible human influences, VancityAsks.com lists are as impartial as possible with the intent to benefit the readers and develop the creditability for trust.


Can I still get the benefits if I’m not listed on VancityAsks.com?

While we promote businesses listed in our best-of Vancouver list freely through ad dollars and SEO campaigns, you may still benefit apart from our lists. If you’re a small and medium enterprise, looking for more customers to serve, you may contact us to put you in touch with our promotions.

While VancityAsks.com will be used for your campaign in such instance, you will still benefit from the online strategy, promotions, visibility, and results.

We emphasize (and have a track record) on results-based marketing efforts from online campaigns.

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