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Best Real Estate Agents in Langley, BC – Best Langley Realtors

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Welcome to guide to Langley Real Estate agents.


We hope to…

(1) Help you learn how to find a good real estate agent in Langley for your needs.

(2) Provide 5 real estate agents in Langley, BC that we’ve vetted and truly are the top of their class. This is an impartial recommendation of Langley real estate agents and void of bias. We do not receive any financial payments from these realtors; we just truly hope to find the BEST real estate agents in Langley, BC to help readers like yourself – and to reward excellence of these phenomenal realtors by giving them the recognition they deserve. (and hopefully encouraging continued better services)

(3) Some reasons that engaging a real estate agent in Langley can help you with buying or selling your home.

Note: If you like this article, please take a good look at the ads on the page (and remove ad blocker for because we do not have sponsored recommendations/content to maintain the integrity of our content and recommendations (we truly want to find the BEST real estate agents in Langley and not which realtor paid us the most to be featured or recommended/leads) – our website exists with these display advertisement. We also spent hours to find the BEST real estate agents in Langley, BC and hope you found it helpful. Effectively, we ensure there is no financial incentive to who we recommend so you can trust that we’ve truly tried to find the BEST real estate agents in Langley.


How to choose a Real Estate agent in Langley:


5 BEST Real Estate Agents in Langley, BC:











Do you need a Langley Realtor?

The question might often arise if you actually need a Langley Realtor; especially for buyers who think they can find listing on their own with MLS search or one of many real estate websites in Metro Vancouver such as or

That’s a great question. In most cases, having a real estate professional like a realtor on your side is a valuable extra set of eyes and invaluable expertise. The key however is finding the RIGHT realtor for buying or selling your home in Langley, BC. Hiring the wrong real estate agent in Langley can be a nightmare in itself and exceptionally costly or regretful (such as if you end up in a less desirable home because the real estate agent pushed it on you for a bigger commission).

The key is always about who you hire and who you work with; the key (pun intended) is finding the RIGHT Langley realtor to work with – a good Langley real estate agent who puts integrity and people before profits. (Realtors operate as independent corporation with a real estate managing broker so their success directly depends on their own performance/sales – hence there’s a direct correlation or incentive to unscrupulous behavior if it profits them… as is the same in any industry I suppose but a more direct the linkage, the more the incentive. Think something like a used car salesman, an electronic sales person on commission, or the fact that nobody cares about a business’ bottom line more than the business owner – and perhaps the accountant. So finding a real estate agent that has good character and morals is important in your quest to finding a Langley Real Estate Agent.)

Bellow, you’ve listed some reasons why hiring a Langley Realtor can be beneficial if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Langley, BC.

Buying a Langley Home with a Langley Realtor:


Selling a Langley Home with a Langley Realtor:


Best Hotels in Langley, BC – Complete Langley Hotels Guide

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Best Hotels in Langley BC – The Complete Guide to Langley Hotels

Read this article if you’re looking for the hotels in Langley, BC

Welcome to guide to hotels in Langley, BC.

We hope to provide a comprehensive resource for travelers looking to book a hotel in Langley, BC. Read this Langley hotels guide before booking a hotel in Langley, BC to learn more about (1) which hotels in Langley, BC you should book (2) what to know about Langley, BC and Langley hotels if you’re visiting for business or leisure (3) how to get a better deal with the best hotels in Langley, BC.

On this page, you’ll find:

(1) Tips for booking a Langley hotel – including information as to whether you should book direct, or through an online travel agency[OTA]. 😀

(2) What you should know about Langley, BC and Langley hotels – we give you a 101 to information guide to Langley along with general information about Langley, BC you may find helpful when booking your hotel in Langley. We also highlight what you should know about Langley hotels, such as concentration of hotels in Langley neighborhoods to choose a hotel with a better location in Langley.

(3) 5 BEST Hotels in Langley – we provide our recommendations for the BEST hotels in Langley, BC for various travel categories and demographics after an extensive fact-finding process, added with local insight to find the best hotels in Langley, without partiality or bias. (As best as we can – in that we do not receive direct compensation from any hotel we recommend as the BEST hotels in Langley. The content is not sponsored by Langley hotels. We genuinely hope to find, and share the BEST hotels in Langley, BC with an extensive search of ALL Langley hotels, combined with local insights… we hope to provide a useful & trustworthy resource for visitors and locals in Metro Vancouver on VancityAsks.)

(4) Langley Hotel Guide – this is where you’ll find a summary of all hotels in Langley, inclusive with a brief description about each hotel, and useful information such as the Langley hotel category, Langley hotel prices, Langley hotel amenities, and the Langley hotel target audience/traveler to help you make an informed decision when looking to book a hotel in Langley. While we believe we’ve found the BEST hotels in Langley within our 5 BEST hotels in Langley feature, we know you (at least most travelers, myself included) would still appreciate the information on the hotel choices available to you presented in an easy-to-compare summary, so to make an informed and educated decision when booking your accommodation in Langley, BC.

Booking the right hotel in Langley is very important to ensure your leisure or business visit to Langley is a pleasant one and we hope to help you do so!

Ultimately, we hope to provide a complete resource to Langley hotels with the goal of helping visitors like yourself to choose the best hotel in Langley, BC for YOUR visit to the City of Langley!

(The best hotel in Langley, BC for a business traveler looking for dining amenities nearby and convenience ….may be different from the best hotel in Langley, BC for a family of four looking for amenities like a swimming pool and activities, …or the best hotel in Langley, BC for an event attendee at Langley Event Centre looking for a nearby hotel, …or the best hotel in Langley, BC for a leisure traveler looking for a unique experience while visiting Langley, BC – perhaps visiting the Langley Casino, farms, or horse stables. Whatever your reason for visiting Langley, BC – we hope to help you find the BEST hotel in Langley, BC for your visit …and to make it a pleasant one. Welcome to Langley, BC!)

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to leave a comment bellow or contact us here. We value your feedback and questions!

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading. If you appreciated the information presented here, we would very much be grateful if you could share this on social media to help others find this resource, or link to it in your blog/website! Thanks 😀

Tips for Booking a Langley Hotel:

Booking a Langley Hotel provides many different avenues of doing so; the two main considerations are (1) Should you book direct or through an Online Travel Agency? (2) When should you book the Langley Hotel?

We hope to answer these two questions for you as briefly as possible to help you get the BEST deal when booking a hotel in Langley, BC. With this said, please note that these are our opinion based on anecdotal experience along with vast travel experience… and while we try to be as accurate as possible, facts may change; please take what you read with a grain of salt. With no further ado, here are some tips for booking a Langley Hotel:

(1) Should you book your Langley Hotel direct or through an Online Travel Agency <OTA>?

There are perks to booking direct vs. booking through an online travel agency such as,, or – let’s break down the pros & cons so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you!

Pros with booking through an Online Travel Agency:

  • OTA’s Reward/Loyalty Program &  versatility: While most hotel loyalty programs require you to stay at their family of hotel franchises, OTA’s reward/loyalty program generally allow you to be rewarded for ALL your stays booked through them regardless of the hotel brand you’re staying at. This may make it easier for you to accumulate benefits and rewards especially if the franchise/hotel doesn’t have many locations around your area of travel.
  • Ease of Booking, Security, Familiarity, Consistency: Booking a Langley hotel through an online travel agency like ensures up-front, consistent, and easy to view booking and managing/checking your reservation. Booking through hotels directly may have different processes, may require you to create another account or enter your information (and you don’t know exactly how secure their systems are). Whereas, Online Travel Agencies like invest heavily into the user interface experience as well as security and ease of booking. (Because they benefit from the economies of scale with managing millions of reservations annually and have the budget to do so than say a mom & pop hotel in Langley.) Further, your reservation is often confirmed and emailed to you immediately on booking; you can also manage or check on your reservation online making it easier and having a peace of mind. It’s exceptionally easy to manage your hotel booking online and cancel if necessary; if you require to contact customer support you can also give them a call or email. Of course, customer service will vary base on which OTA you use – but in general, you can very easily do most of your booking management (cancellation – reviewing your booking details) online. No need to call to confirm and if you qualify for the cancellation policy with refund, most OTAs will allow you to cancel online with a refund – not needing to call in to customer support.
  • Cheaper Prices Occasionally: Most Online Travel Agencies such as will require hotels to give them the best price available. Online Travel Agencies can often also have cheaper price than the hotel direct prices (actually very often) itself. There are several reason for this. Occasionally, OTAs will bulk-buy hotel rooms and resell them hence the prices may be cheaper than the hotel’s actual price if they’re looking to clear inventory for last minute bookings. Other times, OTAs like are trying to gain customers and customer loyalty – so they may absorb the costs to offer a cheaper room rate especially for new customers.Actually, you can get 8% of your hotel room as a new customer of; no other OTAs I am aware of are offering such new customer promotions. Further, I have noticed providing memeber-rates cheaper than that of or the hotels directly; I am thinking they are personally discounting the rate as it is a relatively newer OTA and so to build reputation and customer base, they may be offering cheaper rates than and to win over customers into thinking has the cheapest rates?You can also get special last minute deals on online travel agencies that you won’t find with the hotels directly. (because customers are more price sensitive on Online Travel Agency being able to compare prices for all hotels in Langley, BC – than booking directly with the hotel’s website… and both hoteliers and OTAs know it. You presume if someone is going to the hotel’s website to book that they have a higher willingness to pay because of brand loyalty or wanting that specific hotel, than an online OTA where you can choose any of 30+ hotels in Langley. You may often find last minute deals on OTAs as part of the hotel’s pricing strategy on OTAs. Hotels do get a lot of bookings through OTAs like,, and Priceline.)
  • Earn Points on Flights and Vacation Packages: A hotel loyalty program will only allow you to earn points on your hotel stays but booking through an online travel agency allows you to earn points and rewards for your flights as well; and unlike hotel loyalty programs, flights frequent flyer programs allow you to earn points both on your OTA and on their program. So this allows you the ability to maximize your rewards if you plan on flying to Langley, BC (Approximately a 45 minutes drive from Vancouver International Airport).

Pros with booking a Langley Hotel Directly:

  • Hotel Loyalty Program: Many hotels in Langley, both small and large, will offer a loyalty program for their guests. This loyalty program can vary in perks and free nights. The key problem however is whether you will accumulate sufficient stays in a Langley Hotel make the loyalty program worth your while. For example, Sandman Hotels will offer you the 13th night free for every 12 nights. It may be easier to accumulate free nights with larger hotel brands such as Marriott Bonvoy, Best Western Rewards, IHG Rewards Club, Choice Privileges. The other problem with using a hotel’s loyalty program is you’re now incentived to stay with the specific brand of hotels wherever you visit – which for some hotel franchises such as Marriott Bonvoy or Sandman Hotels, it may always work out with a consistent & good hotel… with other franchises such as Best Western and Choice – your hotel experience will vary; this means you’re not always going to end up staying at the BEST hotel (value or quality) in each respective city. This is another reason to use OTA’s reward programs than hotel loyalty program. Many loyalty program will only allow you to accumulate nights on their program with a direct booking. (Certain hotels will individually let you accumulate nights even with a third party booking – but this is not policy in most cases, but an exception/generosity.)
  • Price Match: Many hotels in Langley will match whatever price you find online. You can get a better deal doing so. Further, on some occasion hotels will offer rates cheaper than what you may be able to find online. Sandman is one of those hotels that frequently offer rates with special coupon codes offering 35% off or other special coupon codes.
  • Reservation Convenience: One drawback of booking through an OTA is should you require to cancel or change your reservation, rarely do you call the hotel directly – instead you will have to cancel your reservation through the OTA. This can be a plus because by experience many online travel agencies will have more flexible cancellation policies than hotels; it truly varies. (By this, there is a written cancellation policy such as 24 hrs before arrival or no cancellation… however, if you have a change of plans and you’re a loyal customer to an OTA – I find they are more than likely going to give you a free cancellation or at least an equivalent in credit… should you have a reasonable explanation for cancelling/changing your reservation. The same often goes for hotels – they’re lenient with their cancellation/changes for frequent guests; however, you likely don’t stay at the specific Langley hotel sufficiently to show such loyalty… but you might through an OTA with a broad base use.) So, if you book directly to the Langley hotel, it would be quicker and easier to manage your reservation should you require any changes or cancellations as the Front Desk of the Langley Hotel is more likely easily accessible (without a wait time) than the call centre of a high volume OTA.

Should you book a Langley Hotel through an OTA, or directly?

To sum it up, it depends. It depends. It depends on your priorities and your frequency as well as the type of hotels in your city of choice – in this case Langley Hotel.

Generally, I would recommend booking through an OTA if you’re not a frequent traveler; and I would presume you’re not if you’re searching about the Best Hotels in Langley.

There are sufficient hotels in Langley that you have a variety of loyalty programs to patronize and prices will likely be reasonable still (generally if you participate in a loyalty program, you may end up paying more for your hotel than you would booking through an OTA because loyalty program knows they have less competition among other hotels in the vicinity; you’re overall willing to fork out more than finding the best deal or the best hotel in a city… one way or another, you’ll likely end up paying more than you would for hotels overall with a hotel loyalty program than if you were to sign up and book your hotels through an OTA like providing variety and price comparisons.)

Conclusion – generally it’s best to book through an OTA like offering special price discounts and competitiveness than booking directly to benefit from a hotel’s loyalty program but be trapped in the brand’s eco-system… however, loyalty does have its perks. You can still build a good relationship with the hotel in Langley you frequent often (if you found a Langley hotel you like and visit Langley, BC often) while booking through an OTA and get a frequent free upgrades without participating in a hotel’s loyalty program.


(2) When should you book your Langley Hotel room?

We will be answering this question individually on each of our  5 BEST Hotels in Langley. This is because each hotel may have different pricing strategies; some hotels will offer last minute deals while others will not. Some hotels (like Accent Inn) will try to set a simple fixed nightly rate, while others (especially big franchises) will try to price discriminate to increase their average nightly rate through a variety of pricing strategies.

On a general basis, if you know your itinerary, and the location you want to stay in Langley, BC  or the hotel in Langley you want to book at, it’s better to book as soon as possible as prices will generally increase as room availability decreases (the hotel may even sell out of rooms!)  – this generally applies to bigger cities & peak periods than non-peak periods but it can be thought as a general rule. Book as early as you can.

If you can stomach some risk and certain hotels have last-minute pricing deals (more commonly found on Online Travel Agencies that bulk-buy rooms) then you could wait to book your Langley, BC Hotel. With this said, to my knowledge – there are no hotels in Langley that follow this model. (Langley seems like a city with fairly consistent but moderate demand for rooms – it doesn’t make much sense to apply last minute prices.)


What you need to know about Langley Hotels?

  • There are X hotels in Langley, BC
  • X 5-Star Hotels, X 4-Star Hotels, X 3-Star Hotels, X 2-Star Hotels, X 1-Star Hotel
  • The average nightly rate during peak season is $X, the average nightly rate during off-peak season is $X.
  • Prices are usually 3X higher in summer at $X/night and lower during winter at $X/night

All average rate are approximate from anecdotal information than industry data.


5 BEST Hotels in Langley:

1) Best Overall Hotel in Langley – Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

Sandman has two hotels in Langley – ironically no more than 5 minutes from each other. (Actually it’s quite similar to Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel being no more than 1 KM from each other in Richmond BC. Speaking of which, Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport is our #4 pick for the Best Hotels in Richmond, BC.) When booking Sandman Signature Langley Hotel please remember to check you’re booking the RIGHT Sandman Hotel in Langley, BC – as well that you’re going to the right sandman hotel. (Nothing more of a disappointing than to try and check in at the wrong hotel after a long drive.)

Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is located at 8828 201 St, Langley City, British Columbia V2Y 0C8 Canada while Sandman Hotel Langley is located at 8855 202 Street, Langley City, British Columbia V1M 2N9 Canada. As a point of how confusing the two can be, the Sandman Hotels official page for Sandman Signature Langley Hotel lists the Sandman Hotel Langley as the “Sandman Signature Langley Hotel Location” at time of writing. (Picture can be found here. I’ll be sending them an email shortly after to notify them of the discrepancies so their Langley hotel guests are not going to the wrong hotel if using their website. ?)


Why is Sandman Signature Langley Hotel?

There’s no question that the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is the BEST hotel in Langley, BC – all things considered. If you’re looking for a hotel in Langley, Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is a sure choice.

1) Largest Full-Service Hotel in Langley: The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is easily the BEST hotel in Langley; it is certainly the LARGEST hotel in Langley, BC complete with a stellar (mid-range) on-site restaurant (Moxies Bar & Grill) along with large meeting spaces (sufficient for weddings, expos, events, company/group meetings) and catering. The list of hotel amenities at this Langley hotel is long with (1) business centre (2) hot tub (3) swimming pool (4) fitness facility, and (5) room service.

2) Convenient Hotel Location in Langley – Dining: The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is conveniently located north of Langley City at Walnut Grove in Langley, BC. Around the hotel vicinity are many dining options; the Langley hotel itself has a restaurant – the Moxie’s Grill & Bar which serves North American fare including breakfast, salads, and pub food with beer & wine. It has a fairly attractive happy hour specials. For shopping, the Langley Hotel is attached to a strip mall that holds Premium Label Outlet Langley next door if you need some good deals on a variety of clothing.

A five minute walk across (under the highway) is a variety of dining places in several strip malls including the likes of (1) Tim Hortons (2) Nando’s (3) Chopped Leaf – BC-based salad place (4) Brown’s Social House – BC-based mid-range dining (5) Pizza Hut (6) Starbucks (7) KFC (8) Diary Queen Grill & Chill (9) Freshii – Another BC-based salad place (10) A&W (11) Subways (12) Ricky’s All Day Grill – BC-based American/Canadian food which is a bit like Denny’s (13) McDonald’s – also known as the American Embassy <Sorry, it’s a joke …because there are as many McDonalds in almost as many different countries as there are American Embassies>.

For some local food & beverage, there are (1) Akane Japanese (2) Bangkok Kitchen (3) Wired Monk – coffee shop (4) The Italian Osteria & Cheesebar (5) Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant (6) Ocean House – Greek food (7) Walnut Grove Pub & Bistro (8) Oak & Throne Neighbourhood Public House (9) Sushi Gio Japanese Restaurant (10) Pizza Mantra (11) Dragon River Chinese Restaurant (12) Chan’s Place – Chinese food (13) The Watershed Arts Cafe – hipster cafe (14) Pho Triple 3 – Vietnamese food.

Within 5 minutes are two gas stations – an Esso and a Cheveron, along with a 7-11 and a take-out Tim Hortons at Esso. You can also find a large Shoppers’ Drug Mart in the vicinity if you need to get some medicine, hygiene products, vitamins, or groceries – it is much like a general store.

A short 3 minutes drive away or a 15 minutes walk, brings you to Cineplex Cinemas (entertainment/movies centre) where you’ll also find (1) The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – a popular Canadian Steakhouse (2) White Spot – a popular BC-based restaurant known for burgers & milkshakes (3) The Old Spaghetti Factory – good pasta (4) Boston Pizza – ironically little to do with Boston but a mid-range Canadian Pizza restaurant serving pizza and pasta along with a variety of food (5) Waka Sushi Restaurant – Simple cheap Japanese food and bentos (6) The Barley Merchant Taproom (7) another Tim Hortons – Canadians sure love their Tim Hortons <loved, it has changed a lot since being bought by an investment company – that also owns Burger King> (8) Quiznos – a sub restaurant (9) Fork N’ Chopstix – Fusion Asian restaurant.

As you see, plenty around the area of Sandman Signature Langley Hotel if you’re looking for a bite. After you’ve eaten too much and need a walk, there’s a large park (Dorothy Peacock Park) besides Keg Restaurant along with a relaxing creekside trail through Latimer Creek. In the vicinity as well are three banks (RBC, CIBC, BMO) and a credit union (Vancity Credit Union) along with a Western Union, and a TD Canada Trust ATM if you need some local currency or financial transactions.

On the opposite end (south) of the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel are also a variety of restaurants within a 5 minutes walk (1) Triple O’s – the little brother of White Spot; also known for their burgers, fries, and shakes but more fast-food style than sit-in (2) Starbucks (3) Wendy’s – the cheeky Canadian burger/fast food chain that most Americans and international travelers may be familiar about with their playful social media antics (4) Sushi Avenue – as its name implies, sushi, makis (5) Naomi Vietnamese Restaurant, (6) Tim Hortons – what did I mention about Tim Hortons earlier? (7) Town Pantry – a large convenience store attached to Chevron with a lot of prepared foods & coffee (8) Select – another convenience store.

There are also two gas stations in the vicinity, meaning 4 gas stations within 5 minutes around Sandman Signature Langley Hotel… which might be an indicator of what kind of location the Langley hotel is located. (a bustling neighbourhood with plenty of dining, and a rest-stop/exit for drivers on the highway.)

A little farther away, with a 15 minutes walk from your Langley, BC hotel or a 3 minutes drive is S&L Kitchen & Bar  – an upscale local steakhouse… or for something more casual, a 24-hr McDonald’s right opposite.

Importantly, in terms of liquor stores – you have four options (1) Shark Club Liquor Store – which is the liquor store at Sandman Hotel Langley <not the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel> just opposite the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel (2) Dead Frog Brewery right besides the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel (3) Walnut Grove Liquor Store – a 15 minutes walk towards Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley (4) Berezan Liquor Store – located a 15 minutes walk south of Sandman Signature Langley Hotel OR a 3 minutes drive.

If you booked the “Signature Executive King Room” and wish to pick up some groceries to cook a meal in your full kitchen – nearby is (1) Safe On Foods – a BC grocery store that is a 10 minutes drive East of Sandman Signature Langley Hotel (2) IGA – a smaller grocery store that’s a 5 minutes drive or 15 minutes walk across from the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel (3) Hakam’s Your Independent Grocer – an independent grocery store that is <10 minutes south of the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel. There are even ethnic & boutique grocery stories located across the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel like (4) Lotte Giants Market – a Korean grocery store (5) Meridian Meats & Seafood – your local butcher (6) Kin’s Farm Market – selling only vegetables and fruits, and (7) S-Mart – another Korean grocery store located 5 minutes NORTH of Sandman Signature Langley Hotel.

These are all located within an area that is 15 minutes walking from Sandman Signature Langley Hotel or a 3 minutes drive! …Many of these restaurants/shops are even closer.

There are plenty of dining and convenience options around this Langley Hotel, and one of the many reasons why we recommend the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel as the #1 BEST Hotel in Langley.

The Langley hotel is also surrounded by many business centres, wholesale depots, and corporate offices – if you’re travelling to Langley for business/work, it is likely your meeting is nearby in the area.

To top things off, the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is located 5 minutes from Langley Event Centre (South). Further, Langley City (and Langley City Hall – the city centre with Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Costco, Walmart, and Cascades Casino) is located 15 minutes south (on a straight road) of Sandman Signature Langley Hotel.

Trinity Western University is 10 minutes East. Kwantlen Polytechnic University is 15 minutes South in Langley City. Langley Regional Airport is 15 minutes South. There are two golf courses within 10 minutes drive if you want to sharpen your game (The Redwoods Golf Course, and the Belmont Golf Course). A little more scenic and just 15 minutes North-East is the Fort Langley Golf Course. For some entertainment, Extreme Air Park is a 3 minutes drive away or 15 minutes walk. (be careful as a male had died at the Richmond’s Extreme Air Park – due to lack of staff training responding to an accident.)

All in all, the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel features an excellent location with a convenient walk to many dining options and minutes drive to most of Langley, BC from a comfortable Langley hotel base. (that is Sandman Signature Langley Hotel)

3) Excellent Service at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel: Most Sandman hotels are known for good service, professionalism, and communicability with a good base service-standard among their staff… good hiring & training. However, this specific Sandman Signature Langley Hotel has a reputation for going above the standard and beyond many customers’ expectations. Expect diligently, warm, friendly, local service at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel. Many guests of this Langley hotel, appreciate the excellent customer service from a seamless check-in to a hassle-free check-out, with care and attention all around.

4) Free Parking and WiFi: While some larger hotel chains may charge extra for parking or WiFi, the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel offers both (1) Free Parking – spacious outdoor parking so there’ll be space (2) Free Wifi – free high speed internet without any tiers.

5) Good Langley Hotel Rooms, Updated Furnishing & Great Beds: Most notably with Sandman Signature Langley Hotel, the rooms are modernly furnished and recently upgraded with comfortable beds. So comfortable in fact that many guests make a specific note of how good the beds are at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel; you’re booking a Langley hotel to get a good rest on your travel ultimately (besides all the amenities) so having a Langley hotel with good beds for a restful sleep is important. Further, the Langley hotel rooms at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel are tastefully furnished with everything you may need or want in a hotel room such as a coffee maker, good coffee, flat screen TV, safe, and even a kitchen or washer/dryer in some room types. The rooms are also minimalist to make it more spacious, with a lounge area (couch) of varying sizes in many hotel rooms. Once again, great beds. The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel have also recently upgraded their pillows to provide an option of soft or firm pillows according to preference (along with the great beds); you can make a request at reservation or check-in for your preferred pillow.


What you need to know about Sandman Signature Langley Hotel?

1) Several room types available at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel including Lofts, or Washers/Dryers:

The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is unique; it is one of the few hotels in Metro Vancouver – much more Langley – to offer a “Signature Executive King Suite with Sofa Bed” which guests appreciate for having a washer/dryer along with a complete kitchen in a 435 SQFT room. This is one of six room types they have available at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel. This includes the standard “Signature King” or “Signature Two Queens” which are much what you’d expect of a standard 3* hotel room at 300 SQFT including a small washroom, seating area, bed(s), and a coffee maker w/ flat screen TV.  Popular with Sandman Hotels are also the “Signature Loft King Suite” featuring an open concept kichennette w/ dining/lounge area on the lower floor along with a mid-size washroom; the King Size bed and additional TV is located upstairs for a total 447 SQFT. The ceiling for the Signature Loft King Suite at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is expectedly high! …making it feel exceptionally spacious, since it is a loft after all. The “Signature Corporate King Suite” is spacious at 459 SQFT with a Kithenette (instead of a full kitchen) for a more open feel. The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel also offers a “Signature Jacuzzi King Room” which awkwardly places a full jaccuzi tub in the bedroom, along with a separate washroom; it also features a kitchen and a total SQFT of 366. The Signature Jacuzzi King Room is ideal for romantic couples looking to appreciate their own jacuzzi tub, or solo travelers looking to relax with a jacuzzi while staying in a Langley hotel.

2) Sandman ‘Lucky13’ and Free Upgrades:

One distinct benefit of Sandman Hotels ‘Lucky13’ stamp card which provides guests with their 13th stay free for every 12 paying nights. (Irregardless of the Sandman hotel location OR room type – so you can also accumulate nights at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel and use the free night at any other Sandman Hotel – mainly in BC.) On the 13th (free) stay, you will also receive a customer appreciation goodie bag that varies base on the Sandman hotel you’re staying at; for example, Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel gives you an eye mask, water, granola, and a few flight orientated trinkets while Sandman Victoria Hotel gives you a relatively cheap earphones along with the usual water, granola, and treats/snacks. With this said, it’s not an especially special/great loyalty program that you should to go out of your way to stay at Sandman hotels 12 times, as we will explain bellow.

3) Rooms are not very sound-proof:

The main draw-back to Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is that their rooms are not very sound-proof with the doors

4) Pet-Friendly Hotel in Langley:

The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel

5) Smoke-Free Property:


Who is Sandman Signature Langley Hotel BEST suited for?







Best Time to Book at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

What can affect Langley Hotel Rates:

The prices at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel like other Langley hotels fluctuate by seasonality and occupancy. This is a function of travelers to Langley, BC – whether for business, or leisure – along with travelers to Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, and Vancouver.

While Langley, BC is quite a ways away from Vancouver, BC – it is not uncommon for some people to book a hotel in Langley, BC while intending to visit Vancouver, BC – because during the summer months in Vancouver, Vancouver hotels can be completely sold out on some days… while outrageously expensive throughout the summer. Even your 3* hotels will have daily rates of $300+ during the summer months! So, some savvy travelers will book a hotel in Langley, BC (which is often cheapest of Metro Vancouver cities – along with Surrey hotels, but honestly nobody wants to stay in Surrey if possible.) for their visit to Vancouver, BC. With this point, downtown Vancouver is just a 40 minutes drive to Sandman Signature Langley Hotel.

All this said, the BEST time to book at Sandman Signature Langley, BC if you’re able to determine your time of travel seasonally is during Spring (the weather is good, the peak period is not yet here, and the price is great) before the peak of cruise ship season in Vancouver… so anytime before mid-May. Needless to say booking during Winter is the cheapest with

Observed Average Seasonal Rates for Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

Spring – $130 CAD/Night  (April 14-15)

Summer – $200 CAD/Night (July 8-9)

Fall – $130 CAD/Night (October 14-15)

Winter – $130 CAD/Night (December 9-10)

Weekend or Weekday Rates at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

There appears to be no variance between weekend or weekday rates as some hotels might impose (Many hotels especially in Asia offer cheaper rates during the weekends because they cater largely to corporate travelers who occupy the hotel during the weekdays and families looking for a Staycation during the weekends… these rates vary as much as 30%.)

The rates at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel do not fluctuate base on the days of booking it appears, but the availability of room types which Sandman Signature Langley Hotel has 6 different room types (Signature King & Signature Two Queens in the same price bucket, Signature Corporate King Suite, Signature Executive King Suite with Sofa Bed, Signature Loft King Suite, and Signature Jacuzzi King Room). The nice thing about Sandman hotels is their front desk clerks are often generous with room upgrades for frequent travelers.

Last Minute Rates at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

Of course, depending on their availability, prices will increase even for the standard room rates at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel if occupancy rate is high – therefore, it might be advisable to book earlier than later while plenty of rooms remain to get the BEST rate at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel – before their room availability dwindles and prices increase. Sandman Signature Langley Hotel DOES NOT appear to offer any last minute booking deals (regardless of availability) therefore, there is no benefit leaving your booking to the last minute at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel. (as some other hotels may offer discounts booking 7 days before travel if they have many rooms available… this does not apply at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel base on our analysis.)

The BEST time to Book at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel: (And getting a good deal at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel)

The best time (in our opinion) for booking at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel is as soon as possible using (for additional rewards and member special discounts). The cheapest rates are non-refundable therefore, book only when you’re certain of your plans. Refundable rates are available – ideally if you’re unsure of your plans and would like a refundable rate, book directly through the Sandman Signature Langley hotel for less hassle. (Else you would have to cancel through your OTA than the hotel – depending on the OTA, it might be a simple click or you might have to call the call centre… and it is more likely the front desk/hotel reservations to be more easily contactable than an OTA call centre – though is pretty quick, still direct is advisable.)


Best Ways to Book at Sandman Signature Langley Hotel:

Sandman Hotels is a BC-born hotel chain featuring several locations throughout British Columbia, Canada, USA (Texas), and UK (London Airport Hotel). Their loyalty program is a stamp card ‘lucky 13’ which gives you the 13th night free for every 12 nights.

This said, there are no additional perks to their loyalty program and staying 12 nights might be difficult unless you travel frequently in British Columbia. Their hotels are consistent and comfortable; what you would expect for a 3* hotel – catering largely to corporate or family travel – emphasizing value and consistency. Sadly, their loyalty program is lacking and while your stays are logged in their system – it doesn’t matter whether you book directly or online.

For this reason, we would recommend booking Sandman Signature Langley Hotel through an online travel agency like

You will get a great rate with (additional 8% discount for new customers using coupon code ‘ ‘) because of insider/member rate along with Trip Coins and Status nights which will allow you to earn more Trip Coins. As an up and coming online travel agency, we especially recommend because of their customer service and competitive nature striving to offer the best rates to their customers (as you might expect, with a new business – they want to compete decisively with the established OTAs – so we find that seems to subsidize some hotel rates for members… getting you cheaper nightly rates booking on than you would elsewhere.) Their customer service is also reliable. The business is a subsidiary of a listed company CTrip with a reliable track record and hundreds of employees – so you can be sure your booking is secured as can be.

Alternatively, we’d recommend booking through for similar reasons to (loyalty program that applies to ANY hotel, and gaining status nights for more benefits at the online travel agency) OR which will provide you 1 free night for every 10 nights (instead of 13 nights at Sandman’s ‘lucky 13’) which is applicable on any hotel.

Overall for value and loyalty program, we’d recommend however.

Trip Advisor Reviews:

Address: 8828 201 St, Langley Twp, BC V2Y 0C8

2) Best Family Hotel in Langley, with Swimming Pool – Best Western Plus Langley Inn:

Best Western Plus Langley Inn is a family friendly hotel in Langley, BC with a full hot breakfast and pool, perfect for families to enjoy during their Langley stay.


3) Best Cheap Hotel in Langley – Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Langley


4) Best Business Hotel in Langley – Sandman Hotel Langley:


5) Best Local Hotel in Langley:

Langley Hotels Guide:

We wanted to provide a comprehensive guide to Langley Hotels; so after scouring every possible hotel in Langley and recommending our choices for the 5 BEST Hotels in Langley, BC – it seemed beneficial to highlight other options for accommodation in Langley, BC as well – along with a brief point of what you ought to know about teach Langley hotel.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley:

Cheap hotel in Langley with free continental breakfast, great location, and reasonable standard Holiday Inn rooms.

Category – Cheap & Good Hotel in Langley

Pros – Free Breakfast, Cheap, Convenient Location, Indoor Pool

Sample Price (Spring) – $122 CAD/night

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley is conveniently located in Walnut Grove a stone’s throw away from Sandman Signature Langley Hotel along with many dining options in the proximity much as Sandman Signature Langley Hotel; the location is actually a little bit better than Sandman Signature Langley Hotel in that it is located opposite the road where the food is. This said, the rooms are smaller and service (including house keeping) pales in comparison to Sandman Signature Langley Hotel.

Address – 8750 204 St, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2Y5


Best Western Plus Country Meadows Inn:

An excellent hotel in Langley, BC but not quite sufficient to make it into our top 5 BEST hotels in Langley.

Category – Cheap & Good Hotel in Langley

Pros – Free Breakfast

Sample Price (Spring) – $82 CAD/night

Best Western Plus Country Meadows Inn offers excellent value as a hotel in Langley, BC however it is located farther South in Aldergrove than towards Langley City. The location may not make it convenient for those looking for a hotel in Langley, BC proper. Neither is it a destination luxury hotel that you might intentionally pick for a unique experience like Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC (one of our pick for the BEST hotels in Vernon, BC though far from the city centre). It is a good hotel in Langley for those driving from the States and looking for a rest stop before heading to Vancouver-proper or on wards… and vise-versa for those driving from Interior BC to the US to take a rest stop before crossing the border. What’s especially useful is the free breakfast which includes hot and cold items, and for a price of $82/night – you can’t complain! Further rooms are clean,  consistent, and service is good as what you’d expect at a good, average hotel. The nice thing about staying at a hotel like this in Langley is you can expect consistency knowing your visit will be hassle-free & pleasant as usual. Not fantastic or great, but pleasant consistently.

Address – 3070-264th Street, Aldergrove, British Columbia V4W 3E1 Canada


Travelodge by Wyndham Langley:


Canada’s Best Value Inn Langley:

We advice not booking at this Langley Hotel unless you have to. The rooms are a luck of draw, the cleanliness is also varied, while the neighbours/guests (long-term stays) can be questioanble characters. There is also the smell of smoke in many places on the property (due to the questionable characters probably) and the noise of trains being meters from the train track. It’s cheap but it’s not worth your stay.

Category – Cheap Hotel in Langley BC

Pros – Free Continental Breakfast, Cheap Langley Hotel

Sample Price (Spring) – $59 CAD/ Night

Well, how do we put this… it’s not the place you want to stay in Langley, BC. Canadas Best Value Inn Langley is hard to describe. You can tell they’re trying to improve their Langley hotel – somewhat but it’s quite a dump overall and your experience will be hit or miss. Some rooms are Ok, OK, not great – some rooms will leave you gagging. It appears base on reviews that they’re working on renovating their Langley hotel. It’s a cheap hotel in Langley, BC but NOT Canada’s Best Value hotel in Langley, BC. For that, we’d recommend paying an extra $40 to stay at Best Western Plus Country Meadows Inn where the free breakfast includes meat options while the rooms are clean and consistent. The problem with Canadas Best Value Inn is that they host a lot of long-term guests with unscrupulous behavior who smoke plentifully so unfortunately the property can fall into disrepair and cleanliness isn’t the best either. It’s not exclusively a Langley hotel, they offer short and long term stays to questionable individuals (I read that some budget hotels have a program with government to host recovering drug addicts… at least this was what was done at the Sleep Lodge in Coquitlam before it closed. We looked at that too while analzying all hotels in Coquitlam to find the BEST hotels in Coquitlam. You can’t run a hotel with guests and have a questionable crowd scaring guests away like that, while spoiling your rooms. It’s either one or the other.) So basically, avoid this Langley hotel if you can. The owner appears friendly and the breakfast appears reasonable (continental breakfast with muffin, toast, fruits, juice, coffee, egg) but unfortunately your experience will vary and the rooms aren’t the best neither is the crowd ESPECIALLY if you’re sensitive to smokers and noise. Think techno music blasting and hallway reeking of cigarettes. Enjoy Langley, BC!

Address – 6722 Glover Rd, Langley City, British Columbia V2Y 1S6 Canada


Conclusion – Langley, BC Hotels

Thanks for reading about the hotels in Langley, BC on

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – please feel free to comment bellow or Contact Us here! We’d love to hear your opinions about our recommendations (opinions) for the BEST hotels in Langley, BC or about our Complete Langley, BC Hotel Guide with a local’s perspective comparison.

We hope you found this resource on Langley, BC hotels useful and have a pleasant visit to Langley, BC. It’s a wonderful city in Metro Vancouver! Especially notable are the nature, farms, and people… with a country side atmosphere in Metro Vancouver.

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