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Best Chinese Bakeries in Richmond, BC

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Richmond, British Columbia is a paradise for Asian food; needless to say, it also has an abundance of Chinese bakeries to choose from in Richmond, BC.

Many of these Chinese bakeries in Richmond are not very tech savvy and you may not find the best Chinese bakeries in Richmond easily online (as they don’t focus on marketing but creating a good-value product that taste delicious – catering largely to regular customers that keep coming back for delicious BBQ bun or red bean bun), except here.

First, what do you look for when searching for the BEST Chinese Bakeries in Richmond, BC?

  • Fresh Chinese Buns – That’s a given. Most bakeries discard or donate unsold buns… that’s rarely necessary as the turnover is quick.
  • Quality ingredients – Nobody likes
  • Traditional skills
  • Variety
  • Value


Five Best Chinese Bakeries in Richmond, BC:

1) Best Quality Chinese Bakery in Richmond, BC –

2) Best Quality Chinese Bakery in Richmond, BC –

3) Best Variety Chinese Bakery in Richmond, BC –

4) Best Cheap Chinese Bakery in Richmond, BC –

5) Best Cheap Chinese Bakery in Richmond, BC –


Good Chinese Bakeries in Richmond, BC:


More Chinese Bakeries in Richmond, BC:

In the process of finding the BEST Chinese bakery in Richmond, BC – we first had to find ALL (as much as possible) the Chinese bakeries in Richmond, BC. This is then followed by a short-list of those worth trying, and finally choosing the five BEST Chinese bakeries after trying it in person.

However, as mentioned – we first had to try to find and sort ALL the Chinese bakeries in Richmond (unlike user-supported voting system where consumers vote for their favourite bakeries and hence initiative is required… or algorimatic sites who basically populate content without any in-person, local experience for ad revenue – at, we try to find and share the Best of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, with a local’s perspective to help locals rediscover their amazing city and visitors to experience the best that Vancouver and its adjacent municiplies have to offer – that requires both first hand and second hand experiences.) this is no easy task and many Chinese bakeries do not bother with advertising or technology for that matter (do note as well that it’s common to have cash-only policy with Chinese F&B).

For this reason, you may not find all the good Chinese bakeries worth trying with a simple search online – so also for this reason, we’re listing all the Chinese bakeries in Richmond that we’ve found along with a brief description in this section… probably one of the most comprehensive directory of Chinese bakeries in Richmond you will find – since as mentioned, some of these Chinese bakeries may be owned by older Chinese (who not only need to overcome the technologial barrier to promote themselves online, but also possibly a language barrier – in other words, they may not be as familiar with technology, especially so if there is a language barrier to learning or some just being very resistant to new technology).

While the vast majority of these Chinese bakeries are worth trying, note that we’ve not tried all of them (we’ve only tried the shortlisted, and a few of these where not enough second hand accounts from other consumers were available online) before compiling the best Chinese bakeries in Richmond, BC.


Best Sushi in Richmond

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Looking for the BEST Sushi in Richmond, BC? You’ll find it here. We’ve searched high and low to find the BEST spots for sushi in Richmond, British Columbia.

This is not necessarily where you want to go to find the BEST cheap sushi in Richmond, British Columbia but (we have that too – in the process of searching for the BEST sushi in Richmond, we compiled the BEST cheap sushi in Richmond as well! The BEST cheap sushi in Richmond is what you’re looking for if you want incredible value and good quality such as AYCE or big gatherings with a low bill; the BEST sushi in Richmond are the sushi restaurants you want to visit to show an out of town guest the best the city has OR perhaps a date with a significant other. It’s the go-to choice if you’re looking for unsurpassed quality and authenticity with sushi in Richmond.) it’s where you want to go if you’re looking to find the BEST sushi in Richmond for quality, authenticity, and dining experience.

We’re confident that these are truly the BEST sushi in Richmond.

We have limited our search for the BEST sushi in Richmond specifically within the limits of the City of Richmond boundaries; if you’re willing to drive a little, you may also wish to consider some sushi restaurants we’ve found to have the BEST sushi in Vancouver.


5 Best Sushi in Richmond:







Thanks for reading our recommendations Best Sushi in Richmond:

Thanks for reading our local recommendations for the BEST sushi in Richmond, BC. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to comment bellow! (You can also use the Contact Us form if you have any private/personal inquiries.)

Your comments are important to us! If your favourite sushi in Richmond, BC is not mentioned on this top 5, please comment bellow – we may consider updating the list at a future time with readers’ feedback. Although, keep in mind that there are almost 40 sushi restaurants in Richmond, BC (exactly 39 by count as of September 2019) – it’s hard to highlight all the phenomenal sushi restaurants there are in Richmond, British Columbia. We’ve done our best to find the best sushi in Richmond, BC… non-sponsored, impartial, and without bias. These in our opinion are the BEST of the BEST. We can’t necessarily share everyone’s favourite sushi restaurant as the BEST sushi in Richmond; however, if enough people vote in favour of a specific sushi restaurant in Richmond – we will certainly give it another look when revising or updating our Best Richmond Sushi suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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