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5 BEST Blue River Hotels – Where you Want to Stay in Blue River, BC

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Welcome to VancityAsks.com resource for Blue River, British Columbia hotels.

British Columbia is a beautiful province in our great “true north” country, Canada. We encourage Metro Vancouver residents to explore #BeautifulBC and take vacations locally within British Columbia as there is so much to see, and do in our awesome province. (BC is Awesome!) This will also significantly reduce your environmental footprint and make for lasting memories with your family and friends.

As such, we’re creating a series of exploring hotels and travel in various British Columbia cities. Your accommodation is one of the most important foundations to planning any trip; it can make or break a vacation/work trip. Having a safe, clean, and comfortable hotel to return to after a long day is very important, as is starting the day right and rested!

Whether you’re looking to visit Blue River on business or leisure, we’ve taken great lengths to find the absolute BEST hotels in Blue River.

We’ve categorized our recommendations for each designated reason of travel… whether you’re looking for the BEST family hotel in Blue River, the BEST business hotel in Blue River, the BEST Value Hotel in Blue River (you might call this the BEST Cheap hotel in Blue River – but you don’t want the cheapest, you want what gives the best bang for your buck… the best value, no point staying at a roach motel and getting bed bugs and bites for your trip), the BEST luxury hotel in Blue River, and the BEST boutique hotel in Blue River (don’t think boutique here as in luxury boutique like our best boutique hotels in Vancouver. We’re referring boutique in this case – and all our other #BeautifulBC hotel guides – as boutique being specific flare and flavour of the respective British Columbian city. Something local. Something unique. Something that you might only find in Blue River because it is one-of-a-kind locally run and family-owned… usually.)

Further, we’ve also included (1) some tips on how to book your hotel for the best price/value regardless of the respective hotel category (2) a comprehensive look at Blue River hotels. We’ve taken the initiative to provide you a summary or an overlook of all Blue River Hotels so you can make the decision yourself for which Blue River hotel will the BEST for you.  Information is important. We want to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for which hotel to book in Blue River. We hope to have this guide on VancityAsks as the one page guide you need to know everything about Blue River Hotels and helping you book the BEST Blue River hotel for yourself or your family when visiting Blue River. This comprehensive look at Blue River Hotels is part of our process to finding the best Blue River Hotels in Blue River, British Columbia. We take a look at ALL hotels in Blue River and do a few fact-checking and deep dive into information/reviews available and local insights. This additional guide is just a summary of our research and fact-finding taken to finding the top 5 BEST Blue River Hotels. This is basically part of our preliminary notes/reminders while looking for the BEST Blue River Hotels. (Yes, we take our recommendations on VancityAsks very seriously – finding the BEST of Vancouver and in this case, the BEST hotels in Blue River – each article usually takes hours of fact-checking, research, and local resources to compile and create a comprehensive and complete content on the specific subject matter in the specific city.) However, this summary of each Blue River hotel will help you get a better understanding of Blue River Hotels – we catalog ALL Blue River Hotels in Blue River, British Columbia.

Without further ado…


5 BEST Blue River Hotels – The BEST Hotels in Blue River, BC:


Tips on Booking a Hotel in Blue River, BC – How to get A Better Deal on Blue River Hotels:


Using Online Travel Agencies:


Booking Direct:


Comprehensive Guide to Blue River Hotels (Overview of ALL Blue River Hotels):


Thank you for reading about the best Blue River Hotels on VancityAsks.com. We hope you found this resource useful and informative; if you have any feedback, questions, or comments about Blue River Hotels or our article on the BEST Blue River Hotels, please feel free to comment bellow! (Or you can use the Contact Us form if you would like to discuss something personal/specific to your travels; we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!)

5 Best Hotels in New Westminster – MUST READ Complete New Westminster Hotels Guide

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Read this if you want to learn everything you should about New Westminster Hotels before booking a hotel in New Westminster, BC.


Find the best hotels in New Westminster for business, family, or leisure travels.

Which hotels in New Westminster delivers the best value, convenience, and comfort?

Looking for a hotel in New Westminster? You’ve come to the right place. On this page, we’re endeavour sharing with you everything you need to know about New Westminster hotels and a few snip-bits you should know about New Westminster, British Columbia! (We hope to provide you knowledge about New Westminster hotels from a local perspective.)

Unfortunately, there are Few Hotels in New Westminster:

While New Westminster was almost selected to be the commerce center of the region, downtown Vancouver’s Gastown was chosen. Today, New Wesminster in British Columbia is a relatively small city in the suburbs of Vancouver.

As it is a small town, there aren’t many hotels in New Westminster, BC. Metro Vancouver is very well connected however. Getting from Coquitlam, BC (Coquitlam is farther away from Vancouver than New Westminster. Geographically, you have Vancouver -> Burnaby -> New Westminster -> Port Moody -> Coquitlam as cities in Metro Vancouver from West to East.) to downtown Vancouver is a mere 35 minutes by car and approximately 1 hour by transit using the SkyTrain. As such, you should consider booking hotels near to New Westminster for a better spectrum of options available to you without needing the hotel to be in New Westminster proper; you can very easily get to and from New Westminster from hotels in Burnaby, Richmond (Vancouver Airport), and Coquitlam or even downtown Vancouver.

For the reasons explained above, we have also shared suggestions for hotels near New Westminster that you might consider base on proximity, amenities, and value.

The good news is that while there may not be many quality hotels near New Westminster, New Westminster is easily accessible by the Expo Line SkyTrain which provides convenient access to Burnaby, BC and Coquitlam, BC. In these Metro Vancouver cities, you will find many excellent hotels available within minutes to the SkyTrain station. More so, options are available in Burnaby than Coquitlam which is also a rapidly developing city as New Westminster. The cities of Burnaby and Coquitlam borders New Wesminster, many hotels in Burnaby and hotels in Coquitlam are just minutes drive from New Westminster. If you’re looking to be in New Westminster’s Queensborough community, then considering hotels in Surrey and hotels in Richmond would be convenient accessibility by car. (There is no mass rapid transit options in Queensborough.)

You may wish to consider these hotels near to New Westminster as well if the New Westminster hotels available do not suit your preferences or needs. These hotels we’ve recommended near New Westminster are no more than 10-15 minutes away from New Westminster by transit or 5-10 minutes away from New Westminster by car. (Unfortunately, there is no Uber or Lyft in Vancouver…yet)


Summary regarding New Westminster Hotels:

If you need to be in New Westminster, your only option for a good New Westminster hotel is the Inn at the Quay. It is a 3* hotel that is priced as a 4* hotel; expect to pay about $150-$200 per night during low season and around $250-$300 during peak season. If you’re looking for value then your choice would be Met Hotel which is a 2* hotel bordering a motel. If you’re looking for history then your choice is Arundel Mansion which is honestly not for everyone; the owners keep the exact same elevator from the 1900s, bath tub from the 1900s, and cooking stations from the 1900s. We would not recommend the recently renovated Queens Hotel; the Queens Hotel is very far out of the way at Queensborough on the edge of New Westminster. You would be much better considering a hotel near New Westminster such as the Holiday Inn Express at Metrotown, the Hilton hotel at Metrotown or nearby the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel at Lougheed/Korean Town.

You don’t have many options for hotels in New Westminster however there are plenty of excellent hotels near to New Westminster – it is STRONGLY recommended that you also consider these.


Everything you need to know about Hotels in New Westminster:

Here is everything you may wish to know about your accommodations in New Westminster. New Westminster is a small and growing city with only four hotels in New Westminster.


1) Inn At the Quay – New Westminster 3* Hotel:

Inn at the Quay is the only full service hotel in New Westminster; the four star hotel is located right by the water front at the New Westminster Quay. It is a beautiful hotel for leisure travelers, business travelers, or couples.

The three-star hotel spots a convenient location in New Westminster, BC along with well appointed hotel rooms suited with a comfy bed (or beds), large working desk, and waterfront views along all 126 hotel rooms. While the New Westminster hotel doesn’t feature a pool on their property, guests can enjoy their fitness facility or jog along the New Westminster waterfront.

The hotel is at least 20 years old but the rooms are well maintained and cleaned.


More Information about Inn at the Quay:

The New Westminster hotel has recently changed hands in 2012 with the sale of Inn at the Quay to Temple REIT (Temple Hotels Inc.). Prior to 2012, the Inn at the Quay was owned by Narland Properties. The three-star New Westminster hotel is still managed by Atlific Hotels. Rumour has it that the working environment at Inn at the Quay is fairly toxic (gossiping, lack of management) and subsequently, your customer experience as a guest will vary. (Someone I knew who once worked there shared some of the front desk staff aren’t the ideal characters. Reviews of the Inn at the Quay also mentioned consistently negative experience with customer service – a lack of care by service staff compounded with no response from management. There are a few excellent front desk staff. This said, if you do not require guest services, your stay should be very pleasant because of the hotel location and rooms.)  Despite these drawbacks, Inn at the Quay is still the best hotel in New Westminster as the only three-star, full-service hotel in New Westminster. The location is second to none being five minutes from New Westminster’s Expo Skytrain Station, two minutes from New Westminster’s River Market (liquor store, grocery store, fast-casual restaurants, sit-in restaurants with al fresco dining), as well being right by the waterfront (working river, less pristine but still great views).


Inn at the Quay Property:

The Inn at the Quay website doesn’t provide very much information regarding their property but here are some information about what you can expect staying at the Inn at the Quay from scouring reviews, third-party sites, and local experience.

Amenities – Inn at the Quay has a workout/fitness room. They offer room service from the adjacent BoatHouse restaurant. The Inn at the Quay doesn’t feature much other property amenities.

Rooms – Inn at the Quay spots 126 rooms with several configuration options including Quay Queen, Quay King, Quay Jacuzzi, Corner King Jacuzzi, King Double Jacuzzi. (Please do not get the Jacuzzi rooms at hotels unless it’s a new hotel or a higher-end property. The thought of using a jacuzzi that countless others have had their dead skin in is disgusting. I don’t trust them to clean the jacuzzis properly either.)

The rooms at Inn at the Quay all feature phenomenal waterfront views, comfortable beds, and importantly free wifi. The New Westminster features Starbucks coffee in-room and Mighty Leaf tea. They offer bath robes and Cutler Salon bath products. Among other in-room amenities include free local calls and clean bed linens. You will also find a large working desk and a mini fridge to keep your wine cold.

Special Rates/Promotions – Inn at the Quay offers a variety of discount rates such as BC residents rate and Alberta residents rate along with packages for couples. Your best bet is still booking through Expedia or Priceline however as the special rates do not carry much a discount; Expedia can occasionally provide a members-only rate within their system.


Inn at the Quay Location:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a hotel in New Westminster with a better location than Inn at the Quay. The hotel is perfectly situated in New Westminster. The New Westminster hotel being right on the waterfront, boasts a “Very Vancouver” blend of nature and urban convenience. Guests can enjoy an evening walk along the quay towards Waterfront Esplande or enjoy a meal at the many dining options minutes from Inn at the Quay. It is also located across from the Anvil Centre and theatre if you’re attending an event there.

Downtown New Westminster – Inn at the Quay is located in the heart of New Westminster. Walking across the train track brings you to New Westminster SkyTrain Station and minutes walk from downtown New Westminster with a multitude of dining options. New Westminster is a historic city with many old heritage buildings inlaid with many new developments.

New Westminster is truly a city rich with history, full of things to eat, see, and do. Explore Downtown New Westminster on foot; you’ll also get your daily workout walking up and down slopes.

New Westminster SkyTrain Station – The New Westminster SkyTrain Station is no more than five minutes walk from your hotel at Inn at the Quay. You simply need to cross a bridge over the working CPR railway tracks.

The SkyTrain Station brings you to most of Metro Vancouver within minutes without the hassle of waiting for a bus. The Expo Line trains arrive every 5-10 minutes and sooner during peak hours. You can take a train to Surrey Central or towards Coquitlam. You can also grab a train straight to downtown Vancouver in approximately 30 minutes or Burnaby’s Metrotown within approximately 15 minutes. Vancouver’s SkyTrain is the longest autonomous train system in the world; it is also relatively clean and consistent in operation baring occasional delays. This allows you to skip the hassle of driving when you need to visit downtown Vancouver for your explorations or perhaps towards the Tri-Cities.

The New Westminster SkyTrain Station is more than a SkyTrain Station however; as with most modern transit systems in the world today, the transit hubs/stations in Vancouver feature lifestyle shops, eateries, and malls. With the New Westminster station, you’ll find an open-air mall of sorts with a LandMark Cinema, a full grocery store – Safeway, as well as telcos shops (Freedom Mobile and Fido), a full pharmacy – Shoppers Drug Mart,  with dining options for take-out such as sushi, A&W, Tim Hortons, and bubble tea, and sit-in restaurants such as Italian, Japanese, and Bars. These are all located within the New Westminster SkyTrain complex.

River Market – The New Westminster River Market is located right besides Inn at the Quay making it a quick two minutes walk to the market.

The River Market features a small grocery store, Donald’s Market. As well as, many artisan dining options from BBQ, al fresco dining, fusion cuisine, thai restaurants, restaurants, as well as cafesgelato, rotisserie, and a pub. You can find a tea shop at River Market along with a liquor store (right at the entrance from your New Westminster hotel actually). There are also delicious baked goods available at Pamola Bakery & Deli. If you’re in for some fragrant take-home souvenirs, then try the natural soap shop.

You have good al fresco dining at New WestMinster’s River Market. However, if you’re willing to visit #Vancouver (don’t know why I hashtag – habitual response, but will keep it as it.) then consider trying out these best Waterfront Dining options or best Seafood Restaurants!

Waterfront Esplande and Park – Finally, after a long day exploring Vancouver, attending meetings, or personal affairs perhaps you want to wind down with a thoughtful walk along the waterfront quay.

There’s a good path along the New Westminster waterfront to the Waterfront Explande and Park from your hotel. It is on the water front of the Inn at the Quay – actually the New Westminster hotel reaches over the path into the water!

You can stroll this path and see birds, the occasional heron, and various wildlife along with dogs along the waterfront path. The water isn’t the most pristine (and there may be an odor to it) but it is a nice walk to the Waterfront Esplande Park. Then make your way back before treating yourself to some sweets at the BoatHouse Restaurant through Room Service. New Westminster much like most of Metro Vancouver provides a perfect blend of nature appreciation (good for your mind and soul) and great dining options found in a well planned and developed urban city. (conveniently almost everywhere!)


Dining options near Inn at the Quay – You’ll find above mentioned some excellent dining options to be had near Inn at the Quay. Here are more places you may consider…

Angelina’s Restaurant – As it’s name implies, family-style restaurant in New Westminster. It’s style is close to an American diner with a more homely feel. It serves breakfast, soup of the day, pastries, and dutch food. Best of all? Angelina’s Restaurant is located right next to Inn at the Quay! ..and a brief walk to the water after a meal.

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips – Craving Fish & Chips? So happens that there is a fantastic spot that serves up Fish & Chips in New Westminster that’s just a 10-15 minutes walk from Inn at the Quay. (depends on how fast you walk for Fish N Chips). Frying up delicious fish and chips since 1965, Cockney Kings Fish & Chips serves haddock, pallock, cod, halibut, and salmon fish and chips. They even have poutine! If you fancy some deep fried Louisiana shrimp dinner, you can find it every Sunday with a prawn dinner every Saturday. Mondays to Wednesdays feature all-you-can-eat Fish & Chips specials at just $12.95 (Pollock only).

FreeBird Chicken Shack – If you’re looking for a quick bite to take back to your hotel room and enjoy overlooking the beautiful water view at Inn at the Quay, then FreeBird Chicken Shack is your pick. Non-pretentious organic food with a Thai/Vietnamese spin on things. An entire chicken will cost you $24 while meals at FreeBird Chicken Shack (including sides) range around $15 per person. It is a good option to grab and go, bringing the food back to your hotel and enjoying it on the patio of your room overlooking the working Fraser River with beautiful sunsets. Only thing is the irony of the name being “FreeBird” because the birds are definitely not free; a 180 Celsius not free.

Wild Rice – Something worth trying while in New Westminster. Wild Rice features a fusion Chinese food with comfort dishes like poke. There are unique appetizers that ought to be tried such as fried chicken skins. (:D) Experience al fresco dining at Wild Rice and enjoy uplifted Chinese influenced dishes with a welcoming and casual atmosphere. We would definitely recommend trying Wild Rice while staying at Inn at the Quay. It is located at the River Market further inwards from FreeBird Chicken Shack so a great place to dine meters walk from your New Westminster hotel!


Convenience near Inn at the Quay

Paddle Wheeler Liquor Store – There’s a liquor store right next to the New Westminster hotel at River Market, facing the Inn at the Quay if you’re looking to purchase some ice cold beer or wine to enjoy at your hotel.

Donald’s Market – Donald’s Market is also at River Market towards the opposite hand of Paddle Wheeler Liquor Store. They are a specialty grocery that has quite a large variety of fresh produce, ice cream, and fresh salads/fruits for your grab-and-go meals. Donald’s Market also has an extensive range of chocolates and just about everything you may find at a Safeway (speaking of which, there is a Safeway at New Westminster SkyTrain Station) but a scaled down version in a smaller space.

Shoppers Drug Mart – You will find a Shoppers Drug Mart located at the New Westminster SkyTrain Station on the bottom level where the bus bay is located right opposite the New Westminster A&W. Shoppers Drug Mart is a pharmacy owned that also sells vitamins and convenience groceries. Many Shoppers Drug Mart stores are beginning to carry fresh produce and serve as a small grocery store in addition to being a pharmacy. There is a Safeway located right above this Shoppers Drug Mart if you need any grocery or hot food take-out.

CIBC (Bank) – It’s hard to miss the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce if you’re walking to Inn at the Quay because you will see it exiting the SkyTrain station heading towards the overhead to the Inn at the Quay. The CIBC is one of Canada’s big 5 banks. If you require to withdraw Canadian dollars, you can do so at the branch ATM. They also provide currency exchange services.


Things to do near Inn at the Quay – Here are some interesting things to do in New Westminster around the Inn at the Quay.

Walk along the Fraser River – Take a walk along the Fraser River catching glimpse of the mountains and nature. Excellent opportunity to enjoy a breezy walk to Esplande Waterfront Park and back to the Inn at the Quay New Westminster hotel.

Catch a Movie at Landmark Cinema – The Landmark Cinema located in the complex that hosts the New Westminster SkyTrain Station is just five minutes walk from Inn at the Quay.

Tour a Paddle Boat at Samson V Museum – The Samson V is, “the only completely intact and floating wooden sternwheeler in North America.” Dating back to 1937, this historic steam-powered paddle boat was built as a snag-boat to the Fraser River. Steeped in the history of British Columbia, the federal government’s Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada declared sternwheeler snag-boats, “an event of national historic significance”. Much as in modern times, civilization always develops around trade and transport hubs for economic growth/sustenance, (where today, with technology of cars, airplanes, and vessels provides flexibility of development and accessibility) cities in the past relied on waterways like rivers and straits. (or the Canadian Pacific Railway leading to a waterway.) For this reason, snag-boats like the Samson V were critical to the history of British Columbia to maintain waterways for commerce and trade. If you’re staying at the Inn at the Quay and wish to explore a little bit of history, the Samson V museum is conveniently located right under the Inn at the Quay (the New Westminster hotel is elevated above into the Fraser River). It is open seasonally from May 19 to September 2. Hours of operation can be found on the link above.

Visit Fraser River Discovery Centre – The Fraser River Discovery Centre sits on the Fraser River and behind the River Market. Admission for adults are $6 and the discovery centre provides interesting insights to New Westminster history and the Fraser River with varying exhibitions. If you have nothing on schedule after your meetings, stroll casually to the Fraser River Discovery Centre to learn more about New Westminster and its history. (The New Westminster almost become the hub for the area, or Metro Vancouver, before Vancouver was chosen.)


Opinion regarding Inn at the Quay:

If you’re looking for a hotel in New Westminster, your best option may be to consider hotels near to New Westminster such as the Hilton Metrotown (same price range as Inn at the Quay with great buffet breakfast). However, if you’re needing to stay in New Westminster for convenience, Inn at the Quay is without a doubt your best and only choice in New Westminster.

The hotel is known for convenience, resort-like atmosphere and experience, along with well appointed rooms. The service at the Inn at the Quay is a hit or miss (for a hospitality industry, service is a key pillar in my humble opinion) however if you do not require any guest services and do not face any issues with your room, your experience should be positive.

I would recommend the Inn at the Quay if you need a hotel in New Westminster. There is room to improve but it is a good hotel in New Westminster, British Columbia. It is also truly the only reliable, modern, accommodation in New Westminster.

The three star hotel is priced as a four star hotel; seeing as they are the only full-service hotel in New Westminster, they probably do well and still find a good occupancy rate year round. If you have some flexibility with your accommodation choices, you have better value/experience options in the surrounding cities notably Hilton at Metrotown or perhaps, choose one of the many hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Nevertheless, if you need to book a hotel in New Westminster, Inn at the Quay is your best and only choice. They are also part of the Expedia’s VIP+ hotel program providing you free upgrades and added amenities as a Expedia Gold or Silver member. (You also accumulate qualifying nights staying at this hotel – 30 nights for gold – and double points booking at an Expedia VIP+ hotel. Great program for boutique and independently owned non-franchise hotels. You qualify for Expedia Gold with every booking, not just VIP+ hotels.)

Click Here to Book a Special-Rate Room at the Inn at the Quay.

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154936-d183555-Reviews-Inn_at_the_Quay-New_Westminster_British_Columbia.html

Average low-season rate at Inn at the Quay: $196 CAD per night.

Average peak-season rate at Inn at the Quay: $326 per night.

Inn at the Quay Address: 900 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC V3M 6G1


2) Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel is an old New Westminster hotel located conveniently besides the Columbia Skytrain Station. (Columbia Station is the split track station for SkyTrain to Tri-Cities or Surrey, with Vancouver Waterfront in the other direction.)

Here’s why you would stay at the Met Hotel:

  • Cheap hotel in New Westminster – the Met Hotel is likely the cheapest room you will find in Vancouver. It is a reasonably reliable hotel (if your expectations are low) for its price in Metro Vancouver. Base on it’s location besides the SkyTrain station, the Met Hotel is likely the best value hotel you can find in Metro Vancouver during the peak season prices. (Where occasionally, hotels all across Vancouver can be sold out!)
  • Great New Westminster Location – the Met Hotel is located right besides the Columbia Station. It makes for convenient and quick transportation to various areas of Metro Vancouver. You can arrive from Vancouver International Airport (click here for hotels in Richmond) to Met Hotel in New Westminster within 1 hour (20 minutes from YVR to Waterfront Station, Expo line from Waterfront Station to Columbia Station is approximately 35 minutes with a five minutes walking.)
  • Reliable (Budget) Hotel Standards – the Met Hotel is a budget orientated hotel in New Westminster. With this said, they still do have reasonable reputation and standards adhered towards; the rooms are usually clean, the service is usually friendly, and Met Hotel management team take a clear effort to improving the New Westminster hotel. (It is an old hotel; they make-do with what the property is.)

Here’s why you may look for hotels near New Westminster, BC:

  • The New Westminster hotel is old & not very well maintained (sufficiently maintained) – Needless to say, the Met Hotel is an old hotel in New Westminster. Call it a Victorian hotel if you wish, call it a boutique hotel if you wish, but it is an old building built in 1892. (Generally when we think of boutique hotels we think of upscale hotels with unique attention to service.) The hotel is safe and abides to modern building codes but there are some drawbacks to old properties such as the sound insulation. Heritage buildings that are well maintained and newly renovated provides guests with an appreciated experience (such as the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) but the Met Hotel in New Westminster is a heritage building without a significant uplift internally. Guests have rated cleanliness around a 6/10.
  • It can be noisy – As mentioned, with a heritage building like the Met Hotel in New Westminster, the noise insulation generally isn’t very rigorously considered. The New Westminster hotel is located right besides the SkyTrain station which adds for convenience to guests in maneuvering around Metro Vancouver but it can also be noisy if you’re sensitive to the train and corresponding noise of passengers.
  • The New Westminster hotel is 2-Star Amenities – The Met Hotel in New Westminster is not your typical 3-star hotel (It is a 2-star hotel however generally advisable to look for 3-star hotels at the minimum. 2-star hotels usually get very bad reviews on travel sites for good reason. The Met Hotel has maintained a four star review on Trip Advisor which is a good sign even for a 2-star hotel.) It has very basic amenities and primitive computer system. It is a simple accommodation in New Westminster with a restaurant/bar attached. You have in-room coffee and your typical Holiday Inn style shampoo/soap but nothing more with the property.


More Information about Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel is part of the Viaggio Hospitality Group which also operates notable dining options in downtown Vancouver such as the Beach Bay Cafe and Patio (by English Bay), Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio (waterfront by Granville Bridge), Cibo Trattoria (in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Seymour and Smithe Street).

This ensures that you can expect a basic service standard and level of quality because they likely have good management practices and some quality checks for their brands.

They also operate the Moda Hotel in downtown Vancouver (which has a reasonable reputation for downtown Vancouver hotels – not great but basic and acceptable) as well as Hotel at the Waldorf. (The Hotel at the Waldorf is a budget hotel like Met Hotel, in East Hastings. Definitely, not the hotel you want to stay if you’re a tourist in Vancouver. They make do with what they have property-wise and location, what’s important with hotels is the service and hotel management – they try to make an effort to ensure guests is pleased.)

The hotel has a good location and friendly service staff. Reviews have indicated very stringent policies on check-in and check-out times. While most hotels these days will not charge late check-out fees and provide early check-in if accommodate-able, the Met Hotel has been noted to impress $50 late check-out fees for check-out minutes after the 11:00 AM check-out time. This is generally a reflection of the service standard/friendliness/hospitality. With this said, guests have noted the Met Hotel front desk staff are generally friendly in helping them navigate Metro-Vancouver, providing dining suggestions and information.

The hotel appears very popular among weekend travelers; likely families and nearby travels such as Washington USA, Vancouver Island, or British Columbians. The hotel is sold out for most weekend dates in July 2018 (as of June 2018). The rates are appearingly the cheapest Metro Vancouver hotel rates for a 8+ rated hotel likely being the reason why they sell-out so quickly. This said, if you want to book a cheap hotel in New Westminster or Metro Vancouver, book several months in advance.

While most hotels generally have different rate/fare conditions/buckets similar to airlines, it seems Met Hotel keeps a seasonal rate with peak season being around $100/night and off-peak season being as low as $63/night. There doesn’t appear to be a scarcity pricing. (Seeing they have only 27 rooms, a complex pricing scheme wouldn’t help them price discriminate to get more revenue. They also probably know their property and want to price it at the perceived value from guests. While summer seasons in Vancouver generally allow even 2 star hotels to price their rooms $150+, it may leave guests feeling lacking.)


Met Hotel Property Information:

The Met Hotel is a 27-room hotel in New Westminster. The building was built in 1892 with some minor renovations made recently pertaining to interior lighting.

  • The rooms facing the hotel front may experience noise from traffic, bar, and general street noise.
  • The rooms facing towards the back of the hotel may be quieter with the exception of the SkyTrain operating daily till approximately 2 AM.
  • The hotel does not have much amenities as a 2-star hotel.
  • The hotel elevator is reported to be slow.
  • The hotel has an attached bar & restaurant, The Met Bar and Grill.


Met Hotel Location:

The Met Hotel in New Westminster is centrally located at Columbia SkyTrain Station in New Westminster. The hotel is adjoining to the station entrance to provide an idea of how close this New Westminster hotel is located to the SkyTrain Station. (This can be good and bad. The SkyTrain network is the easiest way to get around Metro Vancouver; being located right next to the SkyTrain will provide convenience and ease of transportation. However, the SkyTrain can be a noise disturbance as the Met Hotel is visible from the station platform – noise likely travels to the New Westminster hotel rooms.)

Columbia Station is one stop from New Westminster SkyTrain Station which is approximately 2 minute ride or a 10 minutes walk. The Met Hotel is also minutes from the Fraser River’s Westminster Pier Park.

Food/Restaurants around Met Hotel in New Westminster:


Things to do near Met Hotel in New Westminster:

Irving House – Fancy some art & cultured activities? New Westminster is a city with plentiful museums. Irving House is the colonial home of William Irving. Step back in to the 1800s and tour this 14 room heritage building free.

Watch a Movie – If you’re bored and looking to kill some time on your business trip, you can catch a SkyTrain to New Westminster Station from Columbia Station and catch a movie at Landmark Theater right within the SkyTrain Al fresco complex.

Walk along the Fraser River to River Market – The Met Hotel is approximately 5 minutes from the water front Westminster Pier Park. Take a stroll along the park towards River Market outside Inn at the Quay and enjoy the unique atmosphere of New Westminster, BC. Explore the quay and market once you get to River Market then catch the SkyTrain back to Met Hotel if you’re tired of walking.

Go to downtown Vancouver – The Met Hotel is a simple 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Catch the SkyTrain from Met Hotel to downtown Vancouver and walk about Robson Street or explore all the touristy things there are to do in Vancouver. If you’re looking to try your luck, you can also try the casino-resort at Parq Vancouver in downtown Vancouver. (Parq Vancouver is approximately a seven minutes walk from Stadium-Chinatown Station.) Speaking of which you may wish to check out Vancouver’s Chinatown and Gastown neighborhoods. The heritage area of downtown Vancouver.

Go to Port Moody Rocky Point Park & Coquitlam’s Korean Town – On the other hand, you can the SkyTrain towards Coquitlam in approximately 10 minutes. Visit Korean town at Lougheed Station for a variety of Korean food and cafes to taste. You can also change to the Evergreen Extension from Lougheed Station and continue your journey on wards to Port Moody – Inlet Station where you can walk to Rocky Point Park to walk the tidal park, enjoy delicious fish & chips, or fresh-made ice cream at Rocky Point Park Ice Cream. You may also wish to continue on wards to Coquitlam Central which is a growing suburb of Vancouver to walk along one of the many hikes available.


Amenities near Met Hotel in New Westminster:

New Westminster Dry Cleaning – Met Hotel does not provide dry cleaning services but the closest dry cleaning is a few minutes away. Courtesy Dry Cleaners at 633 Sixth St or Aloha Dry Cleaners at 542 Sixth St. Both will provide good service and fair prices for dry cleaning in New Westminster. (Most dry cleaners actually receive and transport to a supplier to have your clothes dry cleaned. So it’s really more about service.)

Printing Services – If you need printing done, you can find it at Minuteman Press (615 Agnes St), Royal Printers (520 12th St) or the UPS Shop (1015 Columbia St #104) all conveniently located near to Met Hotel in New Westminster.

Currency Exchange in New Westminster – If you’re looking for a currency exchange in New Westminster, you can find it at Alpine Currency Exchange (71 10th St) or Happy Currency Exchange (4603 Kingsway #160) in Burnaby’s Crystal Mall about 15 minutes from Met Hotel in New Westminster at Columbia Station. You may try to exchange USD at the CIBC branch (554 Sixth St) in New Westminster’s SkyTrain Station. Since this is a two-star New Westminster hotel, they do not provide currency exchange services to guests. It would be advisable to exchange your money in downtown Vancouver at Charlie’s Currency Exchange (827 Granville St) minutes from Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line Station or the infamous Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange (800 West Pender). Both of these provide great rates and honest service walking distance from Vancouver SkyTrain public transit network.


What You Need to Know About Met Hotel Location –

If you need to be in New Westminster, there’s a good chance you’ll find Met Hotel to be very convenient to where you need to be. Anvil Centre (777 Columbia St) at New Westminster Station is a seven minutes SkyTrain ride. Douglas College is also walking distance from New Westminster Station. The New Westminster City Hall is directly North from the Met Hotel which means a 10 minutes walk.


Opinion regarding Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel in New Westminster is a reasonable budget hotel in New Westminster. The rates are the cheapest you may find in Metro Vancouver for a reasonably clean hotel. The location is one of the major benefit to Met Hotel.

I would personally not stay at the Met Hotel because travel can be tiring enough, you want to get a good rest and you want a clean hotel. The Met Hotel maintains reasonable cleanliness standard but it is an aging building besides the SkyTrain (which is convenient but also attracts less reputable characters).

If you’re budget-orientated then the Met Hotel is roughly half the price of most hotels in Metro Vancouver with exceptional convenience and reasonable budget hotel in New Westminster. The hotel is very near to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. If you’re looking for a relaxed hotel experience for approximately $70-$140 more per night you can consider the nearby Inn at the Quay or Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel & Suites. If you’re able book your accommodation farther from New Westminster, the Holiday Inn Metrotown provides excellent value and prices slightly higher than Met Hotel.

If you need a cheap hotel in New Westminster for a simple stay, the Met Hotel is a good and reliable choice.


Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154936-d226321-Reviews-The_Met_Hotel-New_Westminster_British_Columbia.html

Average low-season rate at Met Hotel, New Westminster: $73 CAD per night. (Lowest $63 CAD per night.)

Average peak-season rate at Met Hotel, New Westminster: $103 CAD per night. (Lowest $93 CAD per night.)

Address: 411 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 1A9


3) Arundel Mansion:

Arundel Mansion is not truly a New Westminster hotel. It is ran by a couple who have kept the New Westminster property as closely to its original condition as possible (in a heritage sense). The Arundel Mansion is located conveniently off the SkyTrian station for easy accessibility across Metro Vancouver however this also means guests will experience noise disturbance from the SkyTrain station due to it’s proximity along with the heritage aspect of the building means sound proofing is not at its best.


More about Arundel Mansion New Westminster:

Arundel Mansion in New Westminster is not your typical New Westminster hotel. It is more a bed and breakfast without the breakfast. It appears to be owner operated in accomodation New Westminster.


Arundel Mansion Property:

The Arundel Mansion is an antique building. The owners have done their best to maintain the building exactly as it was when built in the 1900s included with the original furnishing; you will either love it or hate it.

It is certainly not a full service hotel and it has many quirks that would make most discerning travelers uncomfortable. (Like the old elevator requiring you to lock yourself in before slowly climbing up.)

Arundel Mansion New Westminster Location:


Arundel Mansion New Westminster Opinion:

We wouldn’t recommend staying at Arundel Mansion in New Westminster unless you truly appreciate character or a heritage experience.

The Arundel Mansion hotel in New Westminster is not our typical hotel; it falls short of expectation for many travelers. If you’re looking for accommodation in New Westminster, you may appreciate the value found at Arundel Mansion however you should be full aware of the drawbacks. Here’s a reminder:

  • Not 24 hours check-in. There is no front desk after 10 PM. If you arrive later than that, you will have to pay an extra fee.
  • Very old property with the same 1900s original elevator.
  • Located right besides the SkyTrain track (not overly insulated means noise late into the night)
  • Old furnishing & cleanliness concerns.
  • Little to no amenities. It is not really classified as a hotel though the Arundel Mansion is listed on Priceline and Expedia – it may perhaps be called a boutique hotel in New Westminster (not in the luxury sense but in the sense of a truly unique experiences)

With this said, this is who will appreciate Arundel Mansion in New Westminster, BC:

  • Room rates during off-peak is $100 and peak periods are $200 which is very cheap for hotels in New Westminster and Metro Vancouver. Your alternative would be Met Hotel (which is advisable.)
  • Travelers who want a unique experience without concern about comfort. It’s not for the modern traveler.
  • Travelers who appreciate antiques, history, and heritage. They have truly tried to preserve the original building as it was in the 1900s. If you’re a history buff and appreciate antiques, perhaps you may like the flavor and character of Arundel Mansion along with the great lengths they have gone to preserve such.

The New Westminster hotel is not bad in the sense of a budget hotel that doesn’t care about their guests. By all appearance, the owners of Arundel Mansion truly try to ensure guests have a positive experience – owned by locals who also operate the New Westminster “hotel”. (By guests’ feedback they occasionally leave bottles of wine, earplugs, candies, and chocolates. You may also find condoms in their welcome package base on guests’ reviews. Talk about convenience. ?) However, they lack significantly in property quality so it may not be suitable for everyone.


4) Queen’s Hotel:

Checking the rates between Queen’s Hotel and Inn at the Quay as of May 1st, 2018…if you’re going to be provided an opportunity of paying $40 more for a much better and professional experience at Inn at the Quay, you definitely should do so! The Queen’s Hotel with under 50 rooms, is more like an AirBnb, B&B, or motel than a hotel. There are few amenities and your room does not have a coffee machine. Whereas, the Inn at the Quay is in a much more centrally located area of New Westminster with easy access to many food and beverage options. It is also a four star hotel with a pool, quality bathroom amenities, and waterfront views. You would be assured a much better accommodation option with Inn at the Quay than at the Queen’s Hotel. The Queen’s Hotel is a budget hotel priced as a three to four star hotel unfortunately. The only key thing going for Queen’s Hotel is the newly finished renovation along with those looking for somewhere near the Starlight casino or Queensborough area. With this said, accessibility wise, the Queen’s Hotel has few things around the area.

More about Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster:

Here’s what you need to know about Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster:

  • It is a small New Westminster hotel with
  • Queen’s Hotel is not conveniently accessible by transit
  • Queen’s Hotel location in Queens Borough is still largely under development.
  • It is near to the Starlight Casino
  • Queen’s Hotel interior design is a bit like an AirBnb/Bed & Breakfast, not a usual hotel: with hardwood floors

Overall the Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster loses out a lot of the amenities and perks you find at The Met or Inn at the Quay in New Westminster.

Presuming, you’re arriving by Vancouver International Airport and intend on transiting, (we do not have Uber or Lyft in Vancouver yet) both Met Hotel and Inn at the Quay are easily accessible by the SkyTrain from YVR, not so with Queen’s Hotel.


Queen’s Hotel Property:


Queen’s Hotel New Westminster Location:


Queen’s Hotel New Westminster Opinion:



Thanks for reading about the best New Westminster Hotels on VancityAsks – finding the best of Vancouver together.

This concludes our write-up about hotels in New Westminster. We hope it provided some insights that you may not have found otherwise. The goal of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to New Westminster hotel, providing tips on which New Westminster hotels will suit your needs best and serve partly as a concierge for your stay. (with food & activity suggestions)

If you have any questions about New Westminster or New Westminster hotels, we invite you to comment bellow! Our team would be glad to address your questions and help ensure your visit to New Westminster is a good experience.


Hotels near New Westminster:

Here are a few hotels near New Westminster that are worth consideration.

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7) – Your best pick for a full service hotel near to New Westminster, British Columbia. As its name implies, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is near to the largest shopping mall in British Columbia, Metrotown. It is actually located at the adjacent complex known was Crystal Mall which is popular for Asian-themed boutique shops and eateries. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is located minutes from Metrotown SkyTrain station which is a mere 15 minutes to New Westminster SkyTrain Station. (it’s quicker to take the SkyTrain than to drive – go figure!) Room rates range around $250 peak season and $150 off-peak season.

Holiday Inn Express Metrotown (4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M3) – Holiday Inn Express is a three-star hotel near to New Westminster, British Columbia. The room rates are usually cheaper than most hotels in Metro Vancouver while the location is fantastically across from the SkyTrain station, it is also noise insulated to minimize disturbance from the late-running Sky Trains. It is also located besides Metrotown with plentiful shopping and dining options available including dim sum at Fortune House Restaurant. Rates are generally $150 during off-peak periods and $250 during peak periods. (Same rates at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown which is a four-star hotel near New Westminster, BC.)

Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver (405 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9) – Formerly known as Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel, this located approximately 15 minutes from New Westminster SkyTrain Station in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The four-star Coquitlam hotel is well maintained and conveniently a five minutes walk to the Lougheed SkyTrain Station. It provides accessibility to New Westminster as well as Port Moody & Coquitlam. The hotel has an excellence location with many dining options; it is found in a neighborhood of Coquitlam known as Vancouver’s Korean-town for all the Korean themed restaurants & shops in the area. The location is safe and convenient. The hotel staff are friendly and accommodating, earning it a four star review among guests. The room rates generally range around $150 during off-peak periods and $200 during peak periods. It is an independent hotel brand (a rapidly growing brand – all corporate owned hotels) without its own loyalty program however it participates in Expedia’s +VIP loyalty/rewards program. As both are similarly priced,  it may be recommendable to go with Hilton’s Vancouver Metrotown and accumulate those qualifying nights for rewards and free upgrades. For all intents and purposes, Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver is a good hotel near to New Westminster, BC.


More New Westminster Accommodations:

If you absolutely have to be within New Westminster, BC (and not willing to consider hotels near to New Westminster) then there are other accommodation choices besides hotels.

For cities like New Westminster where there aren’t many hotels, services such as bed and breakfasts or AirBnbs can be valuable for certain travelers. You will find many vacation home rentals on Expedia and room rentals on AirBnb.


Information about New Westminster, British Columbia:

Here are five things to know about New Westminster, British Columbia. If you would like a more comprehensive guide to New Westminster for visitors, please read, What you need to know about New Westminster, BC.


Thanks for reading about the best hotels in New Westminster and hotels near New Westminster on VancityAsks.com

If you love your experience in New Westminster and decide you want to move to this Metro Vancouver city, then here are some excellent New Westminster real estate agents who can help you find a home for you to buy! 😀




Best Hotels in Downtown Vancouver

Published by:

Updated: April 28, 2021

  • Replace Coast Coal Harbour by APA with Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel for Best Business Hotel in Downtown Vancouver Category.

Looking for the best hotel in downtown Vancouver?

If you’re looking to find the best hotels in downtown Vancouver, we’ve listed five of the best hotels in downtown Vancouver on this article depending on what type of hotel you’re looking for with your search for the best hotel in downtown Vancouver – whether you have a preference for modern luxury, heritage, boutique service, or convenience.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in downtown Vancouver –

Here are five hotels that you should consider booking at for your next visit to Vancouver:

1) Best Heritage Hotel in Downtown VancouverFairmont Hotel Vancouver: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a historic hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver with its roots dating back to being one of the earliest downtown Vancouver hotels. We’ve presently mentioned it as the #1 best hotel in Vancouver because of its uniquely Vancouver heritage; the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is the 3rd Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver (complicated history) and one of the first hotels in Vancouver. It took over 10 years to build (because of a recession) but upon completion in 1939, it was the tallest building in Vancouver for 33 years till 1972.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is infamously known for hosting royalty (including Queen Elizabeth II). Today, the downtown Vancouver hotel warmly hosts visitors and locals alike with their Fairmont quality service standards and two canine ambassadors (really why we’re mentioning it as the #1 best hotel in Vancouver. LOL. What other hotels have dog ambassadors? Needless to say Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a pet-friendly hotel.)

Despite the age, the downtown Vancouver hotel has been renovated with modern luxuries in mind… and is arguably still in its prime years. If you want to experience true luxury in a heritage building, then the signature Fairmont Gold Floor on the 14th floor is a Must-Try (it’s also conveniently the floor which the King/Queen lived when visiting Vancouver). Enjoy the Fairmont Gold Lounge with personalized concierge service greeted by name and delectable bites throughout the day. Regardless if you’re residing on the Gold Floor or one of their many well decorated floors, you can expect attentive service throughout the downtown Vancouver hotel.

The location is convenient in downtown Vancouver. Actually, you’re right in the centre of downtown Vancouver. The downtown Vancouver hotel is right besides the CF Pacific Centre (the largest mall in downtown Vancouver; it’s mostly located underground with the nature of real estate in downtown Vancouver not permitting much space for large malls). It is also located right besides the Vancouver Art Gallery (a bustling and buzzing space) and a block from the BC Supreme Court. You’re also a block from the CBD with the HQ of all big banks; TD bank is located right across from Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. All this to say, if you want to live right at the centre of downtown Vancouver then the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is it.

Click here to book the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver special rate.

2) Best (New) Luxury Hotel in Downtown VancouverJW Marriott Parq Vancouver: Presently, the newest hotel in downtown Vancouver, specifically Yaletown (Yaletown is known as the upscale, breezy Gold-Coast like, dining paradise of downtown Vancouver – well, admittedly it was before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, downtown Vancouver including Yaletown has become fairly unsafe with a new “safe injection site” located in the neighbourhood for the drug addicts moved from DTES to the neighbourhood at hotels on Granville Street; this may change when the city reopens as presumably, one would hope the city brass would make the city moderately safe and presentable to visitors – your house can be messy when there are no guests, but once guests come, logically you should clean things up a little eh? One would hope.) The location is great to experience a resort-like atmosphere with the convenience of downtown Vancouver in a unique neighbourhood, all the while being only minutes from the water (specifically the False Creek, which is not exactly the open seas but still fairly scenic and tranquil; a great walk along the waterfront path, if you’d like you can take the same path all the way to English Bay and Stanley Park albeit it’d be a good 30-60 minutes walk respectively… furthermore, make sure you do not accidentally go East instead of West or you may find yourself in East Hastings – which is a no-no for tourists and visitors <the drug enclave of Vancouver>. Anyways, on a brighter note, if you happen to come in Spring, definitely go for a walk from False Creek WEST-wards all the way to David Lam Park where you’ll see plentiful beautiful Cherry Blossoms blooming. Unfortunately, as mentioned, presently with the pandemic induced relocation of drug addicts – what was once a formerly pristine and tranquil park may possibly be littered with discarded needles and trash, so thread carefully – beautiful park nonetheless.)

At the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, you can also experience luxury at its finest and book a suite room for a fully stocked club lounge. You can experience entertainment with the only casino hotel in downtown Vancouver. Perhaps more exciting, experience service with an attentive team to pamper you, or indulge your senses at the Spa by JW. Furthermore, you can experience culture with one of five award-winning restaurants at Parq Vancouver including dim sum at 1886. If you’re not done experiencing, you can experience events with direct access to BC Place hosting the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps. Finally, experience #Vancouver (Yes, that’s a hashtag. No, this is not Twitter or Facebook. It’s just #Vancouver instead of Vancouver… because it’s very Vancouver.) with a unique blend of nature in Cooper’s Park and metropolitan life along Yaletown in downtown Vancouver.

Overall, the location is a little away from central downtown Vancouver but still a convenient (15 minutes) walk to the CBD on Burrard Street and West Georgia Street. The experience is one of a kind that can only be experienced at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver. The neighbourhood is equally unique. It’s also a (relatively) brand-new hotel in downtown Vancouver connected right to BC Stadium.

Click here to book the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver special rate.

3) Best Downtown Vancouver Hotel for BC Place/Rogers Arena EventsWestin Grand Vancouver: A simple downtown Vancouver hotel serving tourists with friendly, local service, and quality hotel amenities you expect with a Westin branded hotel. Delicious burgers at Hendricks’ Resto-Lounge with a salt-water outdoor pool in the heart of Robson Street or $17 milk-and-cookies room service.

The Westin Grand, Vancouver is pleased to offer all-suite accommodations for guests.  Enjoy a full one-bedroom suite with separate bedroom and living room to stretch out and experience an elevated stay. Beyond this all-suite offering, enjoy a perfect location on fashionable Robson street at the edge of Yaletown. Everything guests need is located just steps from the front door. At the end of a long day of sightseeing or shopping, relax and unwind on the third floor rooftop pool deck.  Enjoy sunshine and warm breezes as you sip and savour cool drinks and freshly prepared foods from Hendricks resto-lounge. Hendricks is an old school cocktail lounge and restaurant remixed.  Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner or casual cocktails among friends and colleagues, Hendricks over looks vibrant library square.  This casual atmosphere is the perfect place to start and/or end your night before you slip into your Westin Heavenly Bed®️. The entire team at Westin Grand Vancouver looks forward to welcoming you soon.

Click here to book The Westin Grand Vancouver special rate.

4) Best Business Hotel in Downtown Vancouver – Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel: A business hotel in Coal Harbour with easy access to many office buildings and consulates.

Click here to book the Coast Coal Harbour by APA special rate.

5) Best Downtown Vancouver Hotel for Cruise Ship – The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver: The hotel for cruise ship passengers, tourists, families, and luxury travelers seeking to enjoy breathtaking views of Burrard Inlet and conveniences bar none. Convenient access to many tourists attractions in downtown Vancouver.

Click here to book The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver special rate.


The Best Downtown Vancouver Hotels – a Comprehensive Guide to Downtown Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver Hotels.

In this article, we’re going to share a local’s perspective on the BEST hotels in downtown Vancouver. This mix of hotels should be on your radar if you’re looking for accommodation in Vancouver, and have the budget to spend on a great experience.


Who is this best downtown Vancouver hotel recommendation for?

This article is articulated for a tourist or discerning business traveler who would like to get a local “insider” perspective on downtown Vancouver hotels.

We hope this will be valuable for helping you choose a hotel in downtown Vancouver rather than simply browsing reviews on Trip Advisor. (As great as that is, to get a feel for each hotel would require a lot of browsing.) Think of it like a traveler agent’s advice without the booking commission incentive – ensuring you get honest, reliable, and knowledgeable local information on the best downtown Vancouver hotels our city has to offer.

We hope this article will help you book a Vancouver hotel that will suit your preferences, wants,  or needs, and provide you a better experience with your visit to our beloved city (Vancouver). We will provide details about the hotel category and neighborhood that you may not find with Trip Advisor reviews (once again without browsing through quite a few reviews). We will also provide a link to more hotel reviews on Trip Advisor to read guests feedback and validate the recommendations of downtown Vancouver hotels. We hope it will provide a different perspective giving you more tailored and local information in helping with your decision to help with choosing the right downtown Vancouver hotel for your visit to Vancouver. (Welcome!) We hope this is an ideal list for business travelers, luxury travelers, solo travelers, tourists, or families looking for an indulging experience.

Enjoy reading and as always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments bellow or the contact us form here.


What downtown Vancouver hotels are featured?

These hotels are conveniently located in downtown Vancouver. Some are listed because of their uniqueness (only found in Vancouver – Pan Pacific Vancouver with its waterfront location), some are listed for convenience (The Westin Grand Vancouver on the foodie enclave of Robson Street), others are listed for their location-specific convenience & quality (Coast Coal Harbour by APA in Coal Harbour), while some are listed because of the hotel’s amenities, atmosphere, and attractions (The newly built Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott which is certainly considered a best downtown Vancouver hotel), and even still some are included for its historic yet boutique feel (The iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at Burrard Street and West Georgia Street; a castle in the city).

We hope you enjoy this article.

As someone who enjoys travelling (and loves this amazingly beautiful city of Vancouver), I do most certainly enjoy writing this article! Please comment with any feedback, experience, or suggestions/tips you have regarding downtown Vancouver hotels bellow in the comments section.


Expect More from your travels to Vancouver, BC:

We understand looking at hotels without prior experience in a foreign city can be an inundating tasks with the many good choices for hotels in downtown Vancouver, BC (not Washington – that’s our neighbor south of the border). Most often, you may simply look for convenience to your purpose for being in town, prices, or reviews… however, why not get more from your travels to Vancouver? Get tailored advice, suggestions, and recommendations to what you’re looking to find in your downtown Vancouver hotel… whether that be luxury, experiences, amenities, or food?

We hope to provide you with everything you may need to know about each of the top 5 downtown Vancouver hotels we’ve highlighted along with what to expect in the respective neighborhoods, things to see, things to eat, and need to knows in the city of Vancouver! You can also read our other articles to find the best sushi in Vancouver or the best street food in Vancouver. (Fittingly, most of the best sushi and food trucks in Vancouver are conveniently found in downtown Vancouver)

In its essence, here are the need-to-know information about downtown Vancouver hotels.

Without further ado…


Here are the Best Hotels in Downtown Vancouver:

(…where budget is less a concern. If you’re looking for the best family hotels in Vancouver, the best cheap hotel in Vancouver, best cheap hotels in downtown Vancouver, or the best boutique hotels in Vancouver, along with commentary on the locality of these hotels and local information – click on those respective links to learn more please.)

The content here can be a little long as we hoped to provide you with information you may be keen about the neighborhood of each downtown Vancouver hotel. Downtown Vancouver compromises of several distinct neighborhoods with different tastes and vibe.

If you’re just looking for the key facts, we’ve also categorized these recommendations clearly along with the simple need to know information about the hotels recommended underlined. You may also click the booking link to find the lowest price for each downtown Vancouver hotel. The features/recommendations are non-sponsored (individually) to minimize bias and truly find the best hotels in downtown Vancouver; we have contacted some of these hotels for further information and accuracy where required after the list was created.


1) Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – Vancouver Historical Hotel:

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is often sold-out for good reason. It is one of the first hotels in Vancouver (the original Hotel Vancouver that is – although this was the 3rd “Hotel Vancouver” in Vancouver.) which was bought over, refined and elevated to Fairmont standards. This lavish hotel built initially in 1939 has 17 floors and 556 rooms. At the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, you will find the perfect blend of old and new; the aged and boutique flavors of the past superimposed on the modern comforts of a Keurig coffee machine, clean & crisp sheets on luxurious beds, and attentive service of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s team – from the front desk to the concierge, or perhaps the exclusive gold lounge.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is known for its elegance, old world luxury, a fantastic location, and personalized, attentive Fairmont service.

If you’re looking for a heritage (boutique-like) hotel in downtown Vancouver known for its elegance and old world taste mixed with modern comforts then the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is your ideal choice of a downtown Vancouver hotel. [A note aside however, the Hotel Vancouver is apparently haunted; take from it what you will. (I guess there’ll always be a few ghost stories when a property is almost a century old. ?)]

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Location:

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for Business Travelers:

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is located on the coveted intersection of West Georgia Street and Burrard Street. Being that the hotel was built in 1939 truly means that it gets prime real estate (while the city gets built around it); the castle-like architecture of the grand Hotel Vancouver is as close to downtown Vancouver as you may get.

The hotel is walking distance to many office buildings on West Georgia and Burrard Street along with easy access to Coal Harbour district where more offices are found along with consulates/embassies. Heading up Hornby Street will bring you to UBC Robson Square (where events & meetings often take place) and further along you will find the law courts. (Supreme Court & Court of Appeal) The point being, if you’re here for business…it’s likely that you will appreciate the location.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for Leisure Travelers:

Perhaps, you’re here for leisure…in that case, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is right in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s location is conveniently situated besides the infamous Vancouver Art Gallery (former law courts before it was moved to the modern horizontal skyscraper building). You are also minutes (3 minutes to be precise) from Robson Square and Robson Street – the popular food, shopping, and tourists street. Walk along Robson Street towards BC Stadium and find Japadog at 530 Robson St. – a popular Japanese themed street food in Vancouver. (Although the original Japadog stand is at 800 Burrard Street which happens to be near The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver as well.) Walking towards the Waterfront Station or the Olympic Cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza is a safe and amusing 10 minutes walk away. While you’re there try the award winning Bella Gelateria (that almost went bankrupt – long story) by the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. If you need to do some shopping then the major mall in downtown Vancouver is the CF Pacific Centre spotting Nordstrom, Top Shop, LULULEMON, Apple, and David’s Tea. CF Pacific Centre is also where the Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line Station is found (should you choose to arrive to downtown Vancouver by the Canada Line SkyTrain); this is no more than five minutes walk from The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver between the TD Building at Pacific Centre and the Vancouver Art Gallery. The location of The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is truly in the centre of Vancouver making it effortless to delight yourself with many of Vancouver’s best tourist attractions such as The Vancouver Lookout, The Vancouver Art Gallery, or Robson Street. (If you’re buying into the suspension bridge hype, you can even take a walk to the Vancouver Convention Centre and catch a direct shuttle to Capilano Suspension Bridge.)

Most places in downtown Vancouver are walk-able from The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. There are plentiful food options around the area including Italian Kitchen by Glowbal Group or Shabusen Yakiniku House if you’re looking for reasonable All-You-Can-Eat sushi and Korean BBQ (ironically owned neither by a Korean nor Japanese but Chinese). Alternatively,  find quality sushi at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel’s Raw Bar or YUI Sushi.

Arriving to The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver:

If you’re arriving by Vancouver’s International Airport, YVR, (here are some Vancouver Airport Hotels), getting to the hotel is a 20 minutes ride on the Canada Line and a three minutes walk to the hotel. If you’re arriving by the cruise ship terminal, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is likewise conveniently accessible; you can choose to grab a cab three minutes from Vancouver Convention Centre (although it will likely be a long line up – in this case if you’re arriving by cruise, the Pan Pacific Hotel would be an easier option), walk 10 minutes (if you packed light), or take one station on the Canada Line and walk three minutes to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver from Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line Station.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Transit Accessibility:

As far as public transport is concerned…within five minutes either direction you will find two SkyTrain Station. The first is Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line station which is a three minutes walk from the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on West Georgia to Granville Street. The Canada Line Station will bring you to Richmond or Vancouver International Airport in 20 minutes; it’s faster and more consistent than a taxi or car (when traffic is considered). On the other hand, take a three minutes walk along Burrard Street and you will reach Burrard Expo Line Station. This brings you to Burnaby (20 minutes to Metrotown), Coquitlam (40 minutes to Coquitlam), Surrey (40 minutes to Surrey) or Waterfront Skytrain Station (5 minutes to Waterfront Skytrain Station) in the opposite direction.

Tangent: I would suggest as well a walk by Gastown once you arrive at Waterfront Skytrain Station; it’s a distinctly different neighborhood in downtown Vancouver than the business district along Burrard and West Georgia. If you’re looking for a more West Coast, laid-back feel that’s distinctly Vancouver then take a visit to English Bay, Yaletown, or Kitsilano. If you’re looking for a true tourist experience then pay a visit to Granville Island. (It’s one of the popular Vancouver tourist attraction; it is a former construction island turn tourist attraction with a Granville Island Market and restaurants by False Creek.)


What Makes The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver special? (Amenities)

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is known for its attentive service and intricate designs of a historical Vancouver landmark – a castle in the city as Fairmont Hotel Vancouver puts it themselves.

Expect tasteful and newly renovated guest rooms complete with your typical hotel basics… ironing board, coffee/tea, TV, dry cleaning order, housekeeping, and then add some exclusive Fairmont conveniences such as TV check-out, plush beds, luxurious shower robes and excellent (fancy) bathroom amenities.

Here are some things you will appreciate about the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver:

  • Health Club & Fitness Facilities: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has an extensive and refreshing health club and fitness centre conveniently located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Here, you will find modern Italian-made Technogym machines, sauna, and heated pool accessible seven days a week open 24 hours! Enjoy as well the Kinesis Wall if you’re looking for inspiration for new exercises with over 250 exercises. Free weights, weight machines and cardiovascular machines are also present. Find at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver an extensive fitness facility to help you stay fit on your travels for business or leisure. [If you wish, you may also run outdoors in downtown Vancouver. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Vancouver with minutes jog to the waterfront. We may suggest at VancityAsks a route that avoids East Hastings (a sketchier part of town) so instead of exploring the historic Gastown on your jog, walk to Gastown for some exploratory sights and sounds but take your jog westward to Coal Harbour. Ask the concierge who would be glad to help you plan a suitable running route outdoors – especially so if you’re here during Spring and Summer with some fabulous weather. Alternatively, contact us here and we’ll help you with directions for your jog whether you prefer to see more of our city or if you prefer to enjoy the nature along Coal Harbour and Stanley Park – along with your desired jogging distance depending on your stamina and fitness level.
  • On-site Dining @ Notch8 Restaurant & Bar: Seeing that the Hotel Vancouver is nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver, you’re never short of dining options. From the 24 hours Tim Hortons across the street at Bentall Towers for some quick eats, to the infamous Japadog on 800 Burrard Street or perhaps some fine Italian food at Italian Kitchen next door at 860 Burrard Street. Fancy some Japanese Teppanyaki? Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki is across the street. If French is what you’re looking for, the Bacchus Restaurant is three minutes away. Need Italian coffee and pastries to go? It so happens Bellaggio Cafe is right next door! If you’re looking for some casual North American dining then Joey’s can be found on Robson and Burrard or Hawksworth right on West Georgia Street opposite the Pacific Centre mall. These are all excellent choices for dining near by within five minutes of Hotel Vancouver. With this said, the Hotel Vancouver has a phenomenal hotel restaurant serving up elegant yet familiar and comfortable cuisine right in the comfort of your hotel. (This is especially appreciated if you happen to be in Vancouver during the months of November to February where there’s a 50% chance it’ll probably be raining. Instead of trudging in the rain even just three minutes to Italian Kitchen, why not savour the delectable in-house dining offered at Hotel Vancouver by Notch8. The spell check keeps indicating that “savour”, the Canadian spelling for “savor”, is spelled wrong. We’re un-apologetically Canadian so will be sticking with the Canadian spelling even if spell check doesn’t like it.) Wake up to a full breakfast buffet for $34 or enjoy their weekend brunch buffet for $59 per person. If you’re looking for something substantial throughout the day you have great options like the BC Hot Pot (salmon, cod, clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, pernod tomato broth), or classics like Fish N Chips, Steak Frites, and Club Sandwich reasonably priced from $20 to $34. Yum! Notch8 gets a little more adventurous during dinner with elk, boar, and bison on the menu; the classics can still be found on their dinner menu. If you’re looking for a drink, Notch8 is conveniently a bar & lounge as well serving a variety of cocktails and lounge food such as chicken wings, oysters, sliders, or notchos (cute name for nachos). Expectedly, the lounge food is pricier with notchos at $19 and chicken wings spotting $19 as well! Nevertheless, if you’re feeling lazy heading out of your downtown Vancouver hotel, you will comfortably enjoy a delectable meal at Notch8 (especially breakfast & brunch) in the hotel lobby restaurant.  Room service is available.
  • Bell Staff & Concierge: Bell staff and concierge are available throughout your stay. The bell staff would be glad to help you with your bags upon arrival while the concierge will be able to advise you on questions you may have about Vancouver – where to eat, what to do, or business services (mailing, printing, car hire/chauffeur booking). You could also use the contact us form if you have your questions beforehand and expect a response within 24 hours; we’re better than a concierge. 😀 We do it with love. :p (sorry, writing this at 3 AM.)
  • Business Centre & Meeting Rooms: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has a 24 hr business centre located in the lobby. Thoughtfully secluded and designed as an office for your use. It is however an added charge for usage of private work stations, copying, faxing, and printing. (A bit archaic to charge for business centre usage however.)  Meeting rooms are available for booking for groups of 12 or 1000 with 55,000 sqft of meeting space and respective support staff available.
  • Logistical Planning & Dry Cleaning: The experienced team at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver can also assist with logistical planning for your event/meeting/gathering. On the smaller scale, the signature Fairmont service can assist with booking a babysitter, arranging dry cleaning and package pick-up.

Canine Ambassadors –  Ella and Elly: If we had our way, this would be the first listed amenity, however we understand not everyone may be dog lovers hence it’s not listed under our amenities list but a separate mention of itself. Nevertheless, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is the only hotel in Vancouver with resident canine ambassadors to greet your pets, kids, or yourself. Ella is a three year young Golden Retriever/Labrador mix breed (you never find a bad Golden Retriever) and Elly is a three year young Black Labrador. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is truly a pet-friendly hotel so much so they even have their own canine ambassadors. (This means their staff are trained with the ability to handle dogs. This leads to another assumption… dog lovers are generally more friendly and rational people. 😉 hence more friendly hospitality team.)

Boutique Shopping at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver: If you have a hankering for a new watch of perhaps a new hand bag for the Mrs, you’ll be glad to know that the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver houses boutique shops which include the brands Omega, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton conveniently at the lobby level. Keep your new watch or hand bag securely in the in-room safe.

Private Fairmont Hotel Vancouver History Tour: Rumour has it, you can arrange for an private informal history tour of the building with the concierge.


Drawbacks & Incidental Charges at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver:

  • Parking is an extra charge of $62 for valet parking. Street parking is available; free from 10 PM to 9 AM and metered with a maximum of 2 hours from 9 AM to 10 PM. Free parking for Electric cars & 50% off parking for Hybrid cars. (Win! Excellent incentive model for a green city like Vancouver.)
  • WiFi and high speed internet access is an up-charge unless you’re a Fairmont President’s Club member (Registration is free.)


Other things to know about Fairmont Hotel Vancouver:

  • Check-in time is 3:00 PM, Check-out time is 12:00 PM.
  • The hotel has six elevators to service 556 rooms and 17 floors.
  • Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a pet-friendly hotel. $25 per day includes a pet toy, welcome mat, welcome treats, pet dish, and information sheet. Your pet will feel welcome at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.
  • 14th floor heritage suites are thoughtfully renovated while maintaining its past even so far as keeping the original guests room doors made of English Harewood (otherwise known as sycamore tree) with bronze inset doorplates (no clue what inset doorplates are :p), along with, “the elaborate bronze hallway doors; the African Sapele wood paneled walls of the elevator lobby accented with solid bronze inlay strips; and the English black walnut veneer-paneled walls of the Lt. Governor Suite originating from a single walnut tree”. It’s quite the heritage experience with a luxurious taste. Where fixtures could not be preserved, the Hotel Vancouver had skilled craftsman to recreate those elegant heritage architectural elements such as crown mouldings found specifically in the Royal Suite bedroom. The 14th floor is the essence of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver transporting guests to an experience like no other hotel in Vancouver where the discerning traveler will live between both past and present. They have even kept the original gates used to secure the quarters for the visiting monarch. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is an emblem of Vancouver’s deep history. If you wanted to live like royalty, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is your opportunity to do so in a modern context – a castle in the city as they say.
  • A four year renovation project undertaken by CHIL Interior Design for the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver sees a rejuvenated hotel that keeps its deep history. Thoughtful improvements were made to 507 guests rooms while Notch8 Restaurant and the gold floor also took attention. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver successfully elevated guests’ experience while preserving the old world charm and deep heritage.
  • The Hotel Vancouver is part of the (Accor Hotels’) Fairmont Hotels luxury hotel franchise. As such, it participates in the Fairmont President’s Club (FPC) loyalty program which rewards travelers as soon as they register. Club member status is award as soon as registration (prior to booking) which provides the opportunity to earn status nights, complementary bike rentals, and complementary in-room calls. Unfortunately, the FPC does not provide club lounge access nor room upgrades as other loyalty programs may offer for Platinum members – although you do get upgrade passes (transferable too!) and one complementary night.
  • If you’re going to stay at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – go for gold. The Gold floor provides lounge access with breakfast buffet, (in the morning evidently) and hors d’oeuvres during a happy hour, (in the evening) added with refreshments and tidbits available throughout the day. You also have exclusive service. What you don’t want to miss however is the late night snack every evening from 8 PM to 10 PM because who doesn’t love delicious food before retiring to a good rest. Expect personalized concierge service from the Fairmont Gold Concierge team.
  • Notch8 Restaurant & Bar follows the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver theme of old world in new world. As an ode to the past, the carefully crafted restaurant features private train booths along with archives of the original menu (updated for modern tastes and elegance). If you’re a local, watch out for their chocolate cave every Valentine’s day running $70 per couple (formally $30/person) that includes delectable desserts set with chocolate walls, candles, and an experience you won’t soon forget. (It would probably make Willy Wonka proud. Whether you dine at the former Restaurant Andre or Macdonald’s, we all remember the childhood lessons of Willy Wonka and the crave for chocolate. 😀 Speaking of which, there’s a real – small – chocolate fountain in Vancouver at Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Honestly, I just wanted to work in a nod to our best chocolates in Vancouver article.)
  • Rooms will vary. Rooms range from 250 sqft for a standard guest room to 450 sqft for a deluxe room with suites at 750 sqft. Three bed-room suites are available as well as the infamous Royal Suite on the 14th floor.


Who is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for?

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is ideal for travelers looking for history and a boutique hotel experience. It will appeal to travelers with the budget seeking for luxury and convenience. It may not be ideal for those who prefer modern or new properties; the Hotel Vancouver was initially built in 1939 and went through an extensive renovation in recent times.

  • Business Travelers: Business travelers will enjoy the unique experiences that the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver provides added with the convenience of modern comforts. The location of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Burrard and West Georgia Street is prime location with many office buildings located nearby along Burrard Street. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will allow you to mix business with pleasure by providing a remarkable experience not found at any other hotel in downtown Vancouver. Guest will live in a historical hotel built in 1939 that traveling dignitaries have lived in and a quintessential pillar of Vancouver’s history. There is also a business centre located on the ground floor with 24 hour access for guest. Keep fit with the fitness studio. Unwind with the sauna or pool. Grab a delicious meal at Notch8 and start the day right with a breakfast buffet. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is an ideal hotel for work or pleasure but it provides exceptional benefits to those traveling on business with its location, service, and amenities. Everything you may wish for in a downtown Vancouver business hotel. (Except perhaps nickle and dime-ing for business centre usage dedicated for guest usage.)
  • Family Travelers: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a luxury hotel situated in downtown Vancouver which also caters well to families who appreciate the finer things of life. You can get a great deal on your room rate with the Family Affair offer at Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver. It gives you 40% off your second room which is excellent for extended family like grand parents or a larger family such as two adult “kids” and parents. Connecting rooms and cribs are available on request. Kids under five eat free at the hotel restaurant while children five to 16 enjoy half price discount with the regular menu at the hotel restaurant. They do also provide child care at an extra charge but if you’re on a family vacation, why would you need childcare? (unless an adults’ night out) The location of Fairmont is great for families wishing to explore downtown Vancouver together on foot such as walking to Robson Street or the Waterfront. The area is safe. It’s a family-friendly hotel at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver as it is also a tourist attraction, romantic hotel of couples, and a business orientated hotel. The Hotel Vancouver as a chameleon seems to be able to tailor itself to whatever you want it to be! …all with its memorable service and unparalleled location. Enjoy your family vacation in downtown Vancouver!
  • International/Cross-Border Tourists: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver provides a perfect experience for tourists and leisure travelers to our city who have the budget. Enjoy impeccable service and unparalleled convenience at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Whether you arrive from the cruise terminal at Vancouver Convention Centre or in Richmond at Vancouver International Airport…getting to the hotel is an effortless task. Experience the best of Vancouver and inhale fine cuisine or precious family-owned hole in the walls minutes from your hotel room (such as the Notch8 Restuarant or the Faubourg Paris bakery at your doorstep). Take in the sights of Vancouver’s popular tourists attractions like The Vancouver Lookout, the Vancouver Art Gallery, or the Flyover Canada at Canada Place all minutes walk from the Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver. There are actually so many notable tourists attractions within the proximity of downtown Vancouver, specifically Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, that we couldn’t mention it all here…so we created another piece of content for tourists who would like to get a little more tailored and personalized, local, insider look at Vancouver tourists attractions in downtown Vancouver with some tips and ideas about what to do and how to spend your precious days in Vancouver. We love you and hope to have the opportunity in helping with welcoming you to Vancouver! If you ever have any questions about Vancouver, BC – please feel free to use the contact us form once again and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We can direct you to the best currency exchange in Vancouver or perhaps questions about dry cleaning – which Fairmont Hotel Vancouver provides as well through their contracted services. If food and things to do are not your interest, well then relax in the hotel’s Absolute Spa or try some of the best spas in Vancouver many of which are conveniently located in proximity to your hotel if you’re staying at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Feel like shopping? You’ll be happy to know that Vancouver’s shopping district, the popular Robson Street is minutes from Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Downtown Vancouver’s largest shopping mall is located just three minutes away (one block) at Pacific Centre where you will find most of the popular national brands and some boutiques. If you’re looking for boutique shopping, Robson Street is where you’ll find it. All these are centrally located to your downtown Vancouver hotel if the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is the where have booked. Did you know, Vancouver’s shopping district was almost located at East Hastings before Pacific Centre was built? Woodwards in East Hastings, which is the heritage building that was rebuilt is where the shopping district was at with the Woodwards department shop as the epicentre. (Spell check trying to correct my Canadian spelling. Not going to happen – centre is spent centre not center. ;)) Today, East Hastings is quite a different from what it formally was…if you’re looking heritage, you can check out Gastown and Chinatown in that district but be cautious along East Hastings. (It’s just not a favourite – favorite – tourist area. I understand some tourists may be uncomfortable about homelessness and drug use depending on where you’re from and East Hastings has plenty.) Lastly, if you want to take in some sights of nature, then your hotel is approximately 20 minutes walk to Stanley Park (15 minutes if you walk fast) by the waterfront seaside walk at Coal Harbour – excellent for a jog as well – you’re also in downtown Vancouver which conveniently is surrounded by water and trees. Notably, you may wish to check out the Yaletown neighborhood for a resort-like feel – stop by Parq Vancouver for some casino games, maybe  – or head to the West End for an entirely different feel/experience. English Bay is where you will find a tropical vibe to Vancouver overlooking Kitsilano (complete with palm trees and flowers). Basically, if you’re looking to enjoy Vancouver on a leisure experience then the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will provide plentiful opportunities to do so as your hotel base while you explore the city’s many activities, sights, and tastes. We at VancityAsks, hope you enjoy your visit to Vancouver! We’d love to hear from you too with the contact us form. Welcome to Vancouver. Always a pleasure meeting visitors and tourists to our city.
  • Couples Getaway: Pamper yourself at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Enjoy the in-house spa services operated by Absolute Spa. Take a Gold experience with the Fairmont Hotel Gold Level and enjoy the remarkable & personal, attentive service at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver with your attentive concierge and club lounge access. Luxurious beds await you in your room with artisan bath soaps and in-room coffee to wake up to. Enjoy breakfast buffet at Notch 8 or the spa for him and her at Absolute Spa. Get your hair done at Absolute Spa as well if you wish because they offer professional haircuts and hair colouring in the convenience of your downtown Vancouver hotel. Yeah, this is sounding a lot like a hotel commercial but it’s not sponsored (by the hotel). Anyways, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a great option for couples as noted by many guests of the historic downtown Vancouver hotel, a castle in the city. What’s more romantic than a castle? (actually quite a few things but a castle will be appreciated by many couples presumably. Those couples that stayed at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver sure enjoyed their experience.) Find good property amenities, attentive service, and unparalleled location all set with ambiance of history and quintessential Vancouver skyscrapers.
  • Metro Vancouver & BC Staycation Experience: Are you a local? The Hotel Vancouver is a favourite local staycation experience. Get respite from your daily lives and be pampered in luxury with a taste of history at the Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver in the midst of downtown Vancouver. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver may well be considered a tourist attraction for its grandness and historical value however you have the chance to experience it first hand with its modern and luxurious experience in the heart of downtown Vancouver. If you live in BC or Metro Vancouver, come and explore Vancouver’s downtown or if you live in Vancouver, get a different experience and enjoy your weekend getaway within your own city. Experience all that Vancouver has to offer from the convenience of Hotel Vancouver. Perhaps, take it as a weekend to recharge, you can experience the Hotel Vancouver amenities from hotel restaurant dining at Notch 8 to the hotel spa at Absolute Spa along with the health club’s sauna and heated indoor pool all available to guests 24 hours. Relax in your room with room service. Then go for a leisurely walk around downtown Vancouver while doing some people watching (hey this is your city, you’ve probably seen most the touristy things – it’s a great time to see people in their domain.). Get a quick respite from your daily routines with a relaxing weekend of being pampered. Get the city experience with natural beauty Vancouver away from the day to day. Enjoy an intimate and romantic getaway with your significant other and treat them to a memorable experience of luxury, relaxation, and history. There are many ways to enjoy your staycation at the Hotel Vancouver…what do you enjoy? You’ll probably find it at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.


Average Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Nightly Rate (Off-Peak): TBD

Average Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Nightly Rate (Peak): TBD

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154943-d220237-Reviews-Fairmont_Hotel_Vancouver-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

Address: 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6


2) Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott – NEW Luxury Hotel in Vancouver’s Yaletown

JW Marriott at Parq Vancouver is Vancouver’s newest hotel. It is partially the reason why we have listed it so highly on our list of the best downtown Vancouver hotels.

The New Advantage: New hotels generally have a slight advantage in that staff are generally keen to serve and make a good impression forth right. Evidently, some of the best service you will find is from well-managed hotels with a service-first approach by the general manager downwards. Nonetheless, provided sufficiently experienced, you can expect exceptional service from new hotel staff who have not yet experienced customer service fatigue.


JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Location:

JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is located in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood in downtown Vancouver. (Strictly speaking, downtown Vancouver is identified as the CBD area – however, most locals will consider downtown Vancouver as the combination of neighborhoods including West End, Yaletown, Gastown, Coal Harbour, Granville Street, Robson Street, and Davie Village when referring to downtown Vancouver. Anywhere North of False Creek and West of Main Street – which happens to be called one of North America’s coolest street – is officially considered downtown Vancouver by the City of Vancouver.)

Here are some quick facts about Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott location:

  • Parq Vancouver is located in Yaletown with many quaint artisan shops like Provence Marinaside or Urban Fare (Yaletown).
  • Parq Vancouver is a three minutes walk from the waterfront at False Creek. Great place to walk leisurely after business or exploring Vancouver. Parq Vancouver is minutes from the waterfront walk with picturesque scenery of Vancouver. (A MUST-walk experience in Vancouver: follow along Smite Street till you see the water and the former casino – Plaza of Nations – then turn right to walk along the trail through Cooper’s Park, all about Marinaside Crescent – spot some waterfront Italian restaurants, cafes, gelato, and juice shops. Snap some pictures of the iconic Vancouver’s Science World with the Olympic Village or  looking West, capture the beautiful Burrard Inlet between the Cambie or Burrard Bridge.)
  • Parq Vancouver is about a seven minutes walk from Burrard Street and West Georgia where many office buildings and consulate resides. The downtown Vancouver hotel and resort is connected to BC Place stadium, home to the BC Lions (Vancouver’s football team) & Vancouver Whitecaps, (Vancouver’s soccer team) and minutes from Rogers’ Stadium home to to the Vancouver Canucks (NHL team).
  • Parq Vancouver is a little farther away from most popular food & beverage shops in Vancouver (on Robson Street or Granville Street) but it is a ten minute walk to the heart of Vancouver at Pacific Centre or Granville and Robson street where you also find Vancouver’s infamous Japadog. The distance from the hustle and bustle also make for a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere. This is good for business travelers wanting respite from the noise.
  • Transit – It may be preferable to walk and transit while in Vancouver, BC than driving in an unfamiliar city. This is feasible if most your itinerary are within distance to the Sky Train stations. (If you require to take the bus, it’s preferable to drive.) Vancouver is a green city that encourages commuting; they have an efficient transit system with the longest autonomous rapid transit system in the world. Parq Vancouver has a shuttle to Stadium-Chinatown station on the Millennium line which connects commuters to metro-Vancouver including Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster. It is also alternatively a five minutes walk to the sky-train station. Parq Vancouver is a ten minutes walk to Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line Station which connects to Vancouver International Airport and Richmond.) If you’re arriving from the airport, you can take the Canada Line to Yaletown Station and grab a taxi to Parq Vancouver. (If you travel light with just your carry-on, it’s only a 10 minutes leisurely walk from the Yaletown station.) You can also take the Canada Line from YVR to Waterfront Station and switch to the Millennium Line, take three stops to Stadium-Chinatown and avail yourself of Parq Vancouver’s shuttle to the hotel there. (The shuttle is mainly designed for convenience of casino goers however hotel guests can utilize it as well.) If you’re contemplating renting a car or using Vancouver’s transit system…it takes 35 minutes from Vancouver International Airport to Parq Vancouver by the Canada Line to Yaletown (followed by a 3 minute taxi ride to Parq Vancouver), in contrast, it takes about 30 minutes by car from Vancouver International Airport. This is quite a testament to Vancouver’s rapid transit system. (Parking at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is $40 per 24 hours. It may be more enjoyable not needing to drive on unfamiliar roads and finding parking in Vancouver, which is not as bad as LA – you may be better taking a cab, chauffeur, and eventually Uber/Lyft as alternatives to a Vancouver car rental. Note that Uber and Lyft are currently banned from operating in Vancouver with policy review in late 2018.)

About Yaletown, Vancouver Neighborhood:

JW Marriot Parq Vancouver is nestled in the eastern corner of downtown Vancouver (Central Vancouver). This neighborhood is generally known for its elegance (and expensive rentals), convenience (A five minute walk brings you to the intersection of Granville and Robson Street or seven minutes to Burrard and Robson Street.), along with the resort-like, laid-back west coast atmosphere. It isn’t as noisy, crowded, or rushed as other parts of downtown Vancouver. Actually, a great location for a resort – which is what Parq Vancouver was partially conceptualized to be. (The original plan for Yaletown by Concord Pacific was a resort-like neighborhood. This was scrapped by city council but evidently, the resort-like heart remains with Yaletown.)


What Makes JW Marriott Parq Vancouver special? (Amenities)

  • Attached to a casino – Parq Vancouver: The casino formally was at Plaza of Nations, transferred to Parq Vancouver by the same owner, Paragon Gaming, which has 75 table games and 600 slot machines.
  • Spa by JW: By appointment, the SPA by JW is set on an elevated floor in JW Marriott Parq Vancouver.  The spa pampers clients to a remarkably relaxing experience with breath-taking views of Vancouver, indulging your experience at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver. The Spa by JW founded within the Parq Vancouver downtown Vancouver hotel makes for a convenient yet luxurious experience rivaling some of the best spas in Vancouver. (Hassle-free spa experience all within the comfort of your hotel as it should be.)
  • Fitness Studio: The JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is equip with a full fitness studio accompanying free weights, treadmills, and stationary bikes to ensure guests can maintain their fitness plans while away from home.
  • Impeccable and memorable customer service: Besides, the resort-like atmosphere with Yaletown’s neighborhood paired with a luxurious atmosphere/experience at JW Marriot Parq Vancouver…guests can also expect hospitality that leaves a lasting impression. Of note, expect personal and genuine service from JW Marriott Parq Vancouver’s concierge team and executive lounge team. (as many guests have already glowingly reviewed)
  • New, modern, and clean rooms. Tastefully furnished, well-appointed rooms & spacious suites. Notable mention is the Concierge Lounge for suite bookings or Marriott Rewards’ Gold Elite & Platinum Elite members. Reviews have mentioned JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Concierge Lounge is better than most other Marriott hotels in North America. Spacious with a quality food & beverage offering available during breakfast, dinner après, and tidbits throughout the day. Alcoholic drinks are an up-charge. (per BC alcohol regulations – that rarely changes)

Drawbacks & Incidental Charges at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver:

  • Parking at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is $40 for self-park and $45 for valet. (Free parking is available at the Parq Vancouver casino for encore members. As mentioned, you may wish to consider Vancouver’s rapid transit along with cabs/chauffeur for your visit to Vancouver which may be more relaxing experience; it is a walk-able city if most your appointments are within downtown Vancouver.)
  • WiFi is $14.95. Complementary WiFi for Marriott Reward members.
  • Possibly considered farther from the downtown Vancouver core. Easy accessibly to BC Place Stadium however and walking distance (10 minutes) to most office buildings by Burrard or West Georgia. It is the BEST BC Place Stadium hotel if you’re attending a concert, event or game at BC Place.

Who is JW Parq Vancouver Marriott for?

Book at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver if you’re looking for unparalleled service, distinct luxury, and brand new modern rooms/facilities.  Parq Vancouver is an excellent choice of downtown Vancouver hotel for business/corporate travel, couples romantic getaway, casino travelers, or luxury travelers. It is especially convenient for BC Place event/game attendees with a direct entrance to BC Place’s VIP section.

  • Business Travel: The Parq Vancouver is excellent for business travelers seeking for luxury, convenience, and an experience. More than a hotel, JW Marriott Parq Vancouver provides guest with a unique experience only available at Parq Vancouver with its location in Yaletown coupled with the amenities available only at Parq Vancouver. Being minutes from the waterfront, guests can enjoy leisurely strolls after meetings or work. JW Marriott Parq Vancouver isn’t perhaps the ideal choice for a value-driven business traveler or SMB owners but if your room is covered, treat yourself to an experience!
  • Couples: Couples looking for a romantic getaway will find it with Parq Vancouver. Be pampered to unsurpassed service while appreciating a waterfront view in your suite. Enjoy the Spa by JW or the guest favourite restaurant in Parq Vancouver at Honey Salt. Couples looking for a romantic getaway will enjoy the personal and memorable service at Parq Vancouver, leaving a good taste to their time at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver.
  • Tourist: Tourists with a taste for luxury will appreciate Parq Vancouver’s convenient resort-like location in Vancouver, British Columbia. Take a stroll along the waterfront path by Marina Side and try the artisan cafes in Yaletown for a uniquely Vancouver experience! The JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is conveniently accessible to many tourist attraction in downtown Vancouver; the Vancouver’s Science World is view-able right on Pacific Blvd. and a simple 10 minutes walk away. If you’re planning to use the hop-on hop-off bus, they are available just a five minutes walk away on Robson Street and Homer Street. Further, most tours will also pick guests up at their downtown Vancouver hotel. Tourists looking for a downtown Vancouver hotel (with the budget for quality) will appreciate Parq Vancouver’s location.
  • Casino Travel: While this is Vancouver, not Vegas, the casino travel demographic will love Parq Vancouver as the only casino in downtown Vancouver. The 780,000 sqft building houses a full casino (formally at Plaza of Nations across the street) with 75 table games and over 600 slot machines on two levels. It’s not the greatest casino you’ve seen but it sure makes for some fun. Along with hotel amenities like the Spa at JW, club/executive lounge, and a full fitness facility, guests will also find their choice of eight restaurants in Parq Vancouver (Honey Salt, Victor, BC Kitchen, 1886, MRKT East along with Centre Bar, D/6 Bar & Lounge, Lotus Whiskey and Tea Lounge. Don’t forget about the club lounge for JW Marriott suites as well!). Technically, you wouldn’t have to leave Parq Vancouver on your trip to Vancouver if you wanted. (Though why one would want to do so is beyond understanding as you’re in Vancouver, not Vegas – enjoy the beautiful city and waterfront. However, it’s your choice :D) Adding to your dining options is 24 hour room service. Top off your Parq Vancouver experience with attentive and helpful service staff (always coming back to the phenomenal service you can expect at Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott) and you have a remarkable casino travel experience.
  • Luxury Travel: Luxury travelers will find their home at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver; the newest hotel in downtown Vancouver with modern rooms and suites at JW Marriot Parq Vancouver and boutique suites at The Douglass. Indulge in the Spa by JW or enjoy some down time at the executive/club lounge which serves breakfast and dinner apres along with non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. (It has been noted as one of the BEST club lounge in North America hotels.) Enjoy unparalleled service from concierge to the porter, personal attentive service along with new and modern luxurious rooms. Relax with fragrant shower/shampoo in a tastefully designed bathroom. Every detail was thought of.
  • BC Place & Roger’s Stadium Attendees: Those who are attending a game or concert at BC Place will appreciate the locality of the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver. Parq Vancouver was formally city land (BC Place was owned by the province but was transferred to the city) which was open to biding to build a hotel besides BC Place; it was built in conjunction with BC Place. You could say this is the hotel to be for attendees of BC Place events.  Located just adjacent to BC Place, it even has a direct entrance to the VIP section of BC Place. (The hotel opened to coincide with a Coldplay  performance in Vancouver late last year.) If you’re not using the direct entrance, BC Place is still no more than five minutes walk away.  Players and performers at BC Place will likely be staying at Parq Vancouver so perhaps increase your chance of mingling with them when you stay at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver.
  • Family Getaway: Are you a BC resident planning for a family trip to Vancouver? Parq Vancouver is a luxurious property with room prices above the usual three star hotel room rates in downtown Vancouver (though very much on par for its market segment) yet this four-star hotel in downtown Vancouver will provide your family a vacation they won’t soon forget. JW Marriott Parq Vancouver offers special family rates with the corporate/promo code “ADP”


Average JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Nightly Rate (Off-Peak): $375 for standard rooms, $579 for suites

Average JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Nightly Rate (Peak): $749 for standard rooms, $999 for suites

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154943-d12619570-Reviews-JW_Marriott_Parq_Vancouver-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

Address: 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3


3) The Westin Grand – Standard 4-Star Downtown Vancouver Hotel:

The Westin Grand is centrally situated on Robson Street between Richards Street and Homer Street. (Fun fact, Trip Advisor considers the intersection of Richard Streets & Robson Street to be the centre of Vancouver.) The towering glass rounded building on Robson Street is unmistakable landmark of the Westin Grand Vancouver.

The Westin Grand is known for remarkable customer service, elevating a guest’s experience at The Westin Grand in Vancouver, BC.

The Westin Grand Vancouver is more orientated towards being a business hotel (consistent clean rooms, business centre, great location, simple & convenient amenities) however it is also frequented by tourists and couples looking for a getaway in Vancouver. Stay at The Westin Grand Vancouver if you want comfort, convenience, and consistency. Good simplicity – good downtown Vancouver hotel.


Westin Grand Vancouver Location:

Westin Grand Vancouver has the ideal location you would want for business or leisure. It is minutes from the city centre and the Canada Line station which brings you directly to YVR. While the Westin Grand spots fewer amenities and features than the nearby Parq Vancouver, it is in a slightly more central location of downtown Vancouver. (A closer hotel to the Canada Line City-Centre station is the Four Seasons Vancouver followed by the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The Four Seasons Vancouver is slated for closure on January 31, 2020.)

The Westin Grand Vancouver is located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver with walking distance to the waterfront, offices, and consulates. You can take a stroll to Yaletown and take a breather between business or check out Vancouver’s Waterfront Station & historic Gastown neighborhood within minutes of your downtown Vancouver hotel. (While you’re in Gastown, try out Roger’s Chocolates as well!) Since it is located in downtown Vancouver, and the major hotel on Robson Street (while being besides Tim Hortons), there are no shortages of cabs to bring you to your destination. [They really need to bring Uber/Lyft to Vancouver for tourists and locals.]

Food wise, around The Westin Grand Vancouver are plenty of good quick eats options, bars, along with a few specialty eateries that you truly should try while visiting Vancouver. Right bellow The Westin Grand, Vancouver is a flower shop along with a liquor store and a Tim Hortons. Within five minutes of The Westin Grand Vancouver you’ll find a 24 hours 711 (just opposite the Westin Grand Vancouver actually) and MacDonalds (one block left on Hamilton and Robson Street).

If you’re looking for something more substantiated to eat in Vancouver then several notable options are no more than 1 KM walk from The Westin Grand Vancouver. (1) Japadog – The popular Japanese themed hot dog that now has a location on the Santa Monica Pier along with five food carts in Vancouver, BC. (2) Jinya – A popular ramen restaurant originating from Los Angeles and making its way to Vancouver. It has good ramen especially the Black Garlic Oil ramen, however it is a little overrated (3) Marutama Ramen – A simple but delicious ramen shop on Robson street that serves only chicken broth ramen. They are known for the collagen-rich chicken broth soup with no msg. It is an excellent choice for dining on a cold & rainy Vancouver day (most likely the weather if you’re visiting from November to March). Even if it’s not raining, it’s certainly feels very nutritious eating at Marutama Ramen. They also make gyoza from scratch if you’re craving something fried. While they have branches in South East Asia and US as well, it is worth while trying if you haven’t in Vancouver. (4) Hendricks Resto-Lounge – The hotel dining has excellent burgers apparently. You can’t get any closer to The Westin Grand Vancouver than the hotel restaurant. (5) Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine – If you’re craving pho, the Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine is an excellent, quick, no-frills spot to get pho. It’s far from fine dining but the prices are good and the food delicious on a rainy Vancouver day. This being said, they do put a lot of MSG into their broth. There are many more delectable dining options nearby to The Westin Grand; this is a perk of being located on the Robson Street which is known for (tourist) shopping and dining options.  If you’re looking for good coffee and breakfast, take a three minutes walk to Medina on Richards Street (which has a line-up frequently on weekends) with good coffee. If you’re looking for a rustic dining experience, you’ll find it at the Homer Street Cafe set in a heritage building on Homer Street.

Further, besides The Westin Grand is IGA which is a local grocer where you can find all sorts of foods and snacks you may be looking for. Safe to say, staying at The Westin Grand, you will not find yourself short on good food choices.

If you’re here on leisure, you can take a short bus ride to Stanley Park or English Bay minutes from the hotel. The hop-on and hop-off bus along with tour buses stop right outside the Vancouver Public Library which is adjacent to The Westin Grand Vancouver. Whether you’re here on business or leisure, solo,couples, or families, the Westin Grand Vancouver is one of the most ideal locations for a hotel you can find. It is also walking distance from BC Place and Rogers Arena where many sport games (Canucks – which is on a losing streak – play at Rogers Arena. Whitecaps play at BC Place.) and events (most recently the Juno Awards) take place.


What Makes Westin Grand Vancouver special?

The Westin Grand Vancouver is best known for their central location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Conveniently situated on Robson Street means easy accessibility to public transportation, taxis, along with a variety of tourists transportation. Add to this convenience to a variety of dining options and event space as mentioned above.

The Westin Grand Vancouver is also appreciated for their front desk and concierge team that go above and beyond for their guests. The property has recently undergone a full renovation of their 31 floors (hotel begins from the 5th floor) with new Westin beds. There is a year round heated outdoor pool that’s worth a mention.

Along with these two strengths (service & location), there are a few amenities to be noted with The Westin Grand Vancouver…

  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Concierge: If you’re new to the city of Vancouver and looking for recommendations on where to eat and what to do, questions about business/shipping services nearby (there’s a business/shipping store called Vancouver Business Plus right across The Westin Grand at Robson and Homer Street.), or perhaps where to unwind with a drink or spa experience…you could come to VancityAsks and we’ll have the answer for you here. You could also use the contact us form here to obtain a personal reply within 24 hours from a local. However, you could also procure the assistance of the friendly and knowledgeable concierge and front desk team at the Westin Grand Vancouver. The Westin Grand Vancouver has a remarkable team of service staff along with concierge services who would be happy to assist with questions, reservations, and dry cleaning or whatever else you may need on your trip to Vancouver.
  • 24 Hour Fitness Centre & Running Route: The Westin Grand Vancouver has a comprehensive fitness centre for guests to use. Complete with cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, co-ed sauna, and complementary water, the Westin Grand’s “WestinWorkout Fitness Studio” will satisfy any fitness plan. You can even book a personal trainer for 30 minutes @ $35 or 60 minutes @ $50. The fitness centre is also shared access with the hotel’s “investors” which are strata owners (Interesting story actually, the owners tried to sue the hotel developer because of misrepresented occupancy rates. The strata units were formerly sold around $225,000 per unit in 1999 but are now being offered for $319,000 which includes two weeks stay per year, fitness studio access, and monthly profit distribution. Another tangent aside, if you bought condo real estate in Richmond or Vancouver from 2016 to 2017, you’ve likely appreciated your capital 15-25% in one year which works out to about $100,000 for a $500,000 condo unit since. If you are keen on finding a Vancouver real estate agents we’ve found some great people; ideally invest in businesses than real estate however for value-added to society. Just a small curious tangent. Since the buy out by Pacific Reach properties, there are now only a group of about 50 strata owners who will be sharing access to the gym with guests. Most the strata owners are retirees so they likely won’t be using the gym anyways.) If you wish to take your cardio outdoors, the Westin hotels are known for their running programs, “RunWESTIN”. You’ve heard of pet-friendly hotels (which Westin Grand Vancouver is a pet-friendly downtown Vancouver hotel and can accommodate pets) but the Westin brand is fit-friendly or run-friendly. 😀 They will be able to guide you on a pre-planned 3 KM and 5 KM running route. This Westin hotel also offers New Balance Gear lending. I am not a fan of wearing used clothes but if you want to pack light, guests can reserve New Balance running shoes & apparel during their stay for just $5. (Smart gimmick by New Balance to have you test out their running shoes. ;)) Note your shoe and clothing size before hand with your reservation (or dial Service Express once you’ve checked in) and have a fresh pair of shoes and apparel ready for you upon arrival. When you check-out just leave the used clothes and shoes in your room. The running rental program is actually a great idea because it adds convenience; you are also provided with new socks and freshly cleaned apparel for $5 if you’re not adverse to the concept of renting clothes. I imagine many would still prefer to pack their own running shoes and shorts…or conveniently buy a new pair of Lululemon – it was started in Vancouver after all!
  • Outdoor Salt-Water Swimming Pool: Along with their fitness centre, the Westin Grand Vancouver has a unique heated outdoor salt-water swimming pool available year round. Rather than using harsh chemicals or excessive chlorine, the Westin Grand Vancouver utilizes a unique filtration system along with salt water to keep your swim enjoyable and clean – 99.9% bacteria free. (They are one of three hotels in Vancouver who use this cutting edge salt-water system.) Enjoy the all year round salt water swimming pool with sun chairs and patio tables as you overlook Robson Street and the iconic Colosseum looking Vancouver Public Library at Homer and Robson Street or take a dip in the whirlpool. The design concept mimics a rooftop garden concept with some green shrubs adding further to its relaxing atmosphere and getaway from the hustle & bustle of urban life. Enjoy a drink from the Hendricks Bar if you like!
  • 24 Hour Room Service & On-site dining: Hendrick Restaurant will be finding its way onto our Best Burgers in Vancouver feature (as a good burger in Vancouver). The restaurant/lounge serves classic North American fare and comfort food such as burgers, sliders, Mac N Cheese, or grilled salmon. Enjoy a variety of menu throughout the day including all-day breakfast option or choose from the late-night menu options if you’re looking for food choices from 10:00 PM to 6:30 AM such as a healthy salad, soup of the day, a night snack of milk & cookies …or something more substantial being a club sandwich, steak frites, or General Tso fried chicken with broccoli bites. You’ll find convenient and delicious dining option (albeit occasionally overpriced $10 for milk & cookies) at Westin Grand Vancouver’s downtown Vancouver hotel restaurant and lounge. The food at Hendrick Restaurant leans towards to mid-high range prices for the type of comfort food but is well made and delicious. If you’re willing to walk a little for comfort food, the Memphis BBQ right across Westin Grand Vancouver has excellent ribs, Mac N Cheese, and poutine for take out…or a liter of milk & a dozen cookies at IGA next door for $5. Nevertheless, some guests probably do appreciate the convenience of milk and cookies late-night for $10 room service – available regardless the time of the night. Westin’s Eat Well concept emphasizes on accessible super foods within their menu to enable guests to enjoy good food, that’s good for them… Such as epitomized with the “Sleep Well” room service menu available 1-2 hours before your rest filled with nutrition of tryptophan, magnesium & potassium, melatonin, folate, thaimin, or serotonin. (Still $17 for avocado toast seems a bit over priced. ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • Meeting Rooms & Business Centre: The Westin Grand Vancouver has a business centre available for guest use in the lobby. You may also have boarding passes and travel itinerary or tickets printed by the front desk free. The Westin Grand Vancouver is able to facilitate meetings with 5000 sqft of meeting space available, inclusive of a built-in projector for your presentation use. They also have smaller meeting spaces with catering available at Hendrick’s Restaurant. Out of town attendees can conveniently book a room at The Westin Grand. The Westin Grand Vancouver is a predominantly business-orientated hotel that is also a preferred hotel choice for tourists and couples. Quick, seamless check in and out with time saving convenience.
  • Green Hotel in Vancouver: Vancouver is a green city; one of the greenest in Canada. The Westin Grand Vancouver reflects this consciousness to being environmentally-friendly at the Westin Grand downtown Vancouver hotel.  Various green practices are applied to the hotel’s operations from energy efficient lighting to heating/air conditioning system (that also knows when the room is occupied – I do prefer my privacy but it certainly helps keep cooling more efficient.) A full list of green policies at the Westin Grand can be read about here. Guests can also elect to decline housekeeping nightly for a $5 food & beverage credit or 500 Starpoints. This practice rewards guests while also conserving water usage for washing bed linens. (Did you know, hotels use approximately 94.6 litres of water for each occupied room to wash linens every day?) You may inform the front desk staff of your “Green Choice” or utilize a door hanger to notify housekeeping. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly hotel in downtown Vancouver, the Westin Grand Vancouver fits the bill.

Evidently, the Westin Grand Vancouver doesn’t have many property amenities. It is a downtown Vancouver hotel more prized for its location, service, and rooms than the property amenities. There is also excellent food served at Hendricks provided with 24 hour room service, however, the notable Robson Street is also known for being a food enclave, as it is a shopping district.

The Westin Grand Vancouver is a pet-friendly hotel. They do not charge a pet fee as other hotels do. Your pet will be provided with Westin’s Heavenly dog bed for your pet to use at the hotel.

Drawbacks & Incidental Charges at The Westin Grand Vancouver:

  • Parking is available for $34 self park and $39 valet parking with in and out privileges. Guests have noted the hotel is lenient in allowing guests to keep their car parked few hours past check-out (such as if you explored the city before your flight).
  • WiFi is complementary with SPG membership as with most hotels in downtown Vancouver and their respective loyalty program registration. WiFi may be hit and miss. Otherwise, WiFi is available in public areas and an up-charge of $15.
  • Some guests have noted that the property might appear old despite recent renovations. (It was built in 1999.)


Who is Westin Grand Vancouver for?

The Westin Grand Vancouver doesn’t have too many property amenities for example it doesn’t house a club/executive lounge that many upper echelon hotels in its category usually do. However, The Westin Grand Vancouver differentiates itself with remarkable service and its location. For these reasons, The Westin Grand would be an ideal fit for tourists, families, solo travelers, couples, and business travelers who would appreciate the convenience along with the experienced, knowledgeable, attentive and pleasant customer service. It may not be the solution for luxury travel, adventure seekers, or staycations as the property isn’t as appealing in itself.

Business Travelers – The Westin Grand Vancouver is predominantly catered to the corporate traveler market. Being in the mid to high property range, the Westin Grand Vancouver provides extraordinary convenience and comfort at a competitive price. The location right on Robson Street and Homer Street is very central to much of Vancouver, BC. Booking at the Westin Grand, you can be assured of the standard quality expected at a Westin property. It is a relatively cookie cutter hotel of a Westin branded property. Guests will have the opportunity to stay fit with the RunWESTIN program coupled with a complete fitness studio. Guests will enjoy their sleep in a Westin Heavenly Bed (which is actually available for sale – much like the New Balance concept I suppose, added revenue for them when you try and love their beds. It’s like paying to test products for the home.). Guests will even be able to indulge with the salt water lap pool and hot tub at the Westin Grand Vancouver. Enjoy the convenience of having a complete supermarket (IGA) located right next door with Tim Hortons (Tim Hortons is not as great as it used to be admittedly – no longer Canadian. Hardly Canadian these days actually.) along with a liquor store right beneath the hotel. You don’t have to go far for food being located on Robson Street with Jinya Ramen right on Richards Street and Robson (one block away from the Westin). Importantly, you can order room service 24 hours that’s supposedly excellent food to be had. A business centre is available at the lobby for your use along with office amenities in your room inclusive of high speed internet access and a working table. Basically, the Westin Grand Vancouver is a safe bet to book for your next business trip to Vancouver if you’re looking for a competitive priced and convenient four-star hotel in downtown Vancouver. It has everything you may need for a business trip along with consistency and reliability. The property recently undergone a full renovation of guest rooms and elevators which will ensure a more modern, refreshed look and (importantly) new beds (Westin’s Heavenly beds if I might add :P). It is not a luxury hotel however and neither is it something extraordinary to pursue. It is a good option if the price is competitive for it’s value offered. (four-star downtown Vancouver hotel.)

Tourists – Tourists will appreciate staying at Westin Grand Vancouver because of its proximity to the core of downtown Vancouver. The Westin Grand Vancouver is a popular choice among tourists looking for an elevated experience added with convenience. (For slightly more however, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will provide a more memorial, distinct, and Vancouver experience at the “castle in the city” for a similar price while Parq Vancouver at approximately 30% more will provide an equally unique experience of luxury, comfort, and elegance being the only casino resort in Vancouver. I would go with Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott over the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, from a personal opinion because it’s newer, with better rooms.) The Westin Grand Vancouver is an excellent hotel but it is what it is; it is a four-star hotel in downtown Vancouver that’s merited for its convenient location in downtown Vancouver with excellent service staff. It is a cookie cutter hotel; a quality property indeed while being competitively priced but not extraordinarily unique Vancouver (#VeryVancouver as Tourism Vancouver puts it. Quintessentially Vancouver sounds a little more appropriate however.) experience that a tourist may be looking for. (Like having to stay at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.) It is however exceptionally convenient with the hop-on hop-off tour bus route located just minutes from the Westin Grand Vancouver. If you can book the Westin Grand Vancouver for a competitive price and looking for the value in location, service, and quality standards then the Westin Grand Vancouver is an ideal hotel for tourists to Vancouver!

Families – Families are a common sight at The Westin Grand Vancouver. Many families have chosen the Westin Grand Vancouver for their getaway or stopover in Vancouver before proceeding to a cruise. The hotel is very conveniently located with plentiful family-friendly dining options with easy access to various tourist attractions. The Westin Grand Vancouver is in close proximity to the Vancouver Science World (iconic globe looking building on False Creek by Olympic Village) with the Granville SkyTrain Station also minutes away. Families will enjoy English Bay beach (grab a burger or pho while you’re there!) which is conveniently 10 minutes away from the Westin Grand Vancouver (you may catch the #5 Robson bus or the hop-on hop-off bus right outside the hotel). The Westin Grand Vancouver being located in downtown Vancouver provides easy accessibility to Vancouver’s SkyTrain networks (mass rapid transit to much of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver – Canada Line to Richmond & YVR and Millennium/Expo Line to Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Surrey. …don’t go Surrey ?).  Families also appreciate the outdoor pool at the Westin Grand Vancouver. For an easy start to the day, you may try their breakfast buffet for $28/person at the Hendrick’s Resto-Lounge.

If your family is making a trip to Vancouver, BC, the YWCA or the Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver (Family Affair Package) is a favourite option among families. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is an excellent deal with 40% off the second room for families ensuring sufficient space for your entire family! The Westin Grand Vancouver may be suitable for some families due to its location and convenience but we would personally recommend the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver or the YWCA for your family travels. Consider as well the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver which offers 50% off the 2nd booked room as the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The Parq Vancouver is also an excellent choice because of its resort-like location and atmosphere while still having accessibility to downtown Vancouver. (They provide a regular shuttle to Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station if you are looking to use the public transit and prefer to avoid walking to the station. From the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station you can connect to YVR on the Canada Line at Waterfront Station or much of Metro Vancouver.) To reiterate however, the Westin Grand Vancouver is still a good choice for families visiting Vancouver, BC and looking for a downtown Vancouver hotel – just that there are also other better value/experience choices depending on what you’re looking for. (luxury & experience = Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver or Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. budget & value = YWCA.) If I was writing this strategically, I would write intently positive about the Westin Grand Vancouver but I’m writing this with the intent to truly help the readers so providing other hotel recommendations.

Couples – The Westin Grand Vancouver is a popular choice for adult and senior couples looking for a downtown Vancouver hotel. Many of these are stopping over on their way to a cruise or spending a few days to take in the sights of Vancouver. The hotel is indeed in a prized downtown Vancouver location. This may not specifically be a romantic and luxurious hotel but it is a properly operated four-star hotel that will provide couples with a clean (newly renovated) room with all the amenities you may expect at an upscale hotel for a reasonable price. It is also very centrally located making it easy for walking and shopping about Robson Street or a few minutes to the Waterfront at the Vancouver Convention Centre where the cruise ships port is located.

Sports/Event Attendees – The Westin Grand Vancouver bills itself as a hotel near BC place and Rogers Arena. It is relatively near to BC Place and Rogers Arena about a 5 and 7 minutes walk respectively. You get to appreciate the accessibility to events and sports at BC Place or Rogers Arena without the noise and crowd that follow after an event (or the traffic chaos as I see on Beatty and Smithe Street). There are however a multitude of hotels nearer to BC Place and Rogers Arena that you may wish to consider such as (1) YWCA hotel – hotel and residence. Three-star, no frills hotel. (2) Sandman Vancouver – A hotel a little past its prime. Thin windows. Three-star. Ok. Close to a no-frills hotel. (3) Hampton Inn – Right opposite BC Place Stadium. Breakfast included. Hilton quality service. Pricey three-star hotel. (4) Georgian Court Hotel by Best Western – Nestled between Hampton Inn & YWCA. It sees a lot of group bookings which can mean noisy hallways. It looks a little dimly lit but tries to brand itself as an upscale property. Skip this. (5) JW Marriott & The Douglass @ Parq Vancouver – the newly opened Parq Vancouver. The resort property is phenomenal and excellent downtown Vancouver hotel has highlighted above. Excellent luxury hotel. Slightly more distant from the core of downtown Vancouver but excellent service, rooms, and amenities. A unique experience to be had in Vancouver.

By the looks of it, if you’re looking for a hotel near to BC Place and a hotel near to Rogers Arena then your only two options if you’re looking for the best downtown Vancouver hotels is Parq Vancouver or Westin Grand Vancouver. (Evidently, Parq Vancouver only opened this year in 2017 which meant that the Westin Grand Vancouver was indeed the best option for a BC Place/Rogers Stadium hotel before Parq Vancouver made its debut.) Now, I would personally say if you’re looking for a unique experience in Vancouver consider Parq Vancouver but if you’re looking for convenience and accessibility then the Westin Grand Vancouver would be your pick (being nearer to downtown Vancouver’s food & activities) if you’re attending an event or sports game at BC Place Stadium or Rogers Arena! (BC Place hosts quite a few music and cultural events besides the Vancouver Whitecaps & BC Lion games. It also hosted the Junos and the Rugby Sevens. It can get quite noisy around the vicinity occasionally depending on the event being hosted but the Westin Grand Vancouver is far enough away – while yet being easily five minutes walk – to minimize any noise disturbance or crowds annoyance.) Basically, in short, good choice!

The Westin Grand Vancouver strength is truly in its people and property location.

Average Westin Grand Vancouver Nightly Rate (Off-Peak):

$349 – $409 CAD + taxes

Average Westin Grand Vancouver Nightly Rate (Peak):

$449-$509 CAD + taxes

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154943-d156563-Reviews-The_Westin_Grand_Vancouver-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

Address: 433 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9


4) Coast Coal Harbour by APA – 4 Star Downtown Vancouver Business & Convention Hotel:

Coast Coal Harbour by APA is a four-star downtown Vancouver hotel. Its elegant design is inspired by the Japanese APA brand while the local flare is sourced from the BC based Coast Hotels. Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA becomes the first APA branded hotel in Canada following renovations of the original Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. The Coal Harbour downtown Vancouver hotel spots 220 rooms/suites, 8000 square feet of meeting space, and a convenient fusion restaurant. This downtown Vancouver hotel features newly renovated rooms (from the former Coast Coal Harbour hotel) to feature an “urban style hotel” concept with bright and spacious rooms. Each room is complete with a large working desk, clean & comfortable beds, origami cranes (symbol of Japanese hospitality – a personal touch from Always Pleasant Amenities Group), 55″ flat screen TV (who watches TV these days?), and surprisingly an umbrella (actually important for Vancouver specifically). All rooms feature floor to ceiling windows showcasing Vancouver’s awe-inspiring skyline which makes it worth while placing a request for a higher floor room; a few rooms also hold a balcony allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views overlooking Coal Harbour’s Burrard Inlet and Vancouver’s fresh air.

As its name implies, Coast Coal Harbour by APA is located in downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighborhood fronting high class dining options, modern offices, glass skyscrapers, and a beautiful harbour to Vancouver’s inlet. The location of Coast Coal Harbour Hotel means guests will appreciate the convenience of its centrality to many downtown Vancouver transportation services, offices, and point of interests… with a surprisingly serene, upscale atmosphere of Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver.

Dining options and convenience stores are plentiful with a 711 located bellow the hotel, a pharmacy (Shoppers Drug Mart) on West Pender Street and Bute Street, a full grocery store (Urban Fare) on West Hastings and Bute street, along with coffee shops & liquor stores within the block. For a breath of nature in an urban metropolitan, visitors to Vancouver will also be met with Vancouver’s beauty two block from the hotel at the Harbour Green Park along the Seawall Water Walk (going towards Vancouver Convention Centre and Canada Place, East or Stanley Park, West). The Japanese consulate is right across from Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA.

The hotel amenities are fairly dialed back to business essentials. They offer a full fitness centre, small lap pool, along with a 24-hours business centre. The friendly front desk team would be glad to assist with your request as well as their 24-hours concierge desk. Beyond these hotel amenities, you can expect a fresh, bright, and clean room.

The target demographic of Coast Coal Harbour Hotel is catered towards business/corporate travelers, convention centre attendees, as well as tourists. As with most downtown Vancouver hotels, they participate in various environmentally-friendly programs such as a zero-waste management, water conserving shower heads, as well as energy saving lights. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA will please most guests looking for a comfortable downtown Vancouver business hotel, appreciated for its convenience, service, and comfortable rooms.

About Coast Hotels & APA Group:

APA Group purchased Coast Hotels in 2016; supposedly with the intent of using Vancouver as headquarters for their brand expansion across North America of their Always Pleasant Amenities hospitality business.

Coast Hotels formally had a three-star hotel located by English Bay which was closed in 2017 slated for new property developments. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA provides a much better experience than the former Coast Plaza. (The downtown Vancouver Coast hotel at English Bay that was recently closed for redevelopment.)

While the Coast Plaza was closed in 2016, the Coast Coal Harbour hotel was rebranded Coast Coal Harbour by APA and appearingly as their flagship model with sophisticated taste from the bath soap to the clean interior design. The APA philosophy in hospitality is one that many Vancouverites can support; they emphasize corporate social responsibility and efficiency. This is exemplified by their green policies along with energy efficient lighting. APA stands for Always Pleasant Amenities (no, it isn’t some Japanese acronym as I initially thought) and their emphasis is providing, “new urban style hotel concept”. Their hotels also consistently feature distinguished Japanese hospitality such as the origami cranes to welcome guests. While the former Coast Hotels – WestCoast Hotels – concept was far from the “urban style hotels” vision, the APA Group has been upgrading the Coast properties to meet their concept and brand. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA was one of their first upgrades and presumably the flag ship too seeing they plan on using Vancouver as head quarters for aggressive North American expansion plans supposedly. If you’ve been to their inner BC Coast Hotels or seen their Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel, you’ll see their properties need some (a lot actually) improvements like the recently closed Coast Plaza Vancouver. Thankfully, APA Group seems to be improving the hotels if Coast Coal Harbour by APA is consider as the precursor for what’s coming.

Sorry, I digress. (Good to apologize in Canadian fashion.) As part of ensuring our recommendations on VancityAsks’ are valuable and accurate, a lot of fact-checking and reference check is done once we’ve determined the top 5 recommendations in Vancouver. (Prior to determining the top 5 recommendations, we rely on community feedback, online reviews, local knowledge, and first hand experience along with brief fact-checks.) Before writing content on VancityAsks, a lot of time is put into fact-checking and reading about each brand’s history, values, and mission to accurately portray our recommendations. With the abundance of excessive fact-checking and readings into each top 5 recommendations, it occasionally spills over into content tangents.

Not all is pleasant with Always Pleasant Amenities however, they were found to have fabricated seismic safety data in Japan to save construction costs. Their buildings only had 70% of the legally required structural strength which places their guests in danger with Japan’s frequent earthquakes. Perhaps it was genuinely accidentally overlooked by management as sub-contractors were used, however, it still displays a lack of attention or control over operations.


Coast Coal Harbour by APA Location:

This is soon becoming a favourite part of writing this resource on downtown Vancouver hotels. The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA is pleasantly located in Coal Harbour.


Coal Harbour is an excellent neighborhood; it is known for an upscale and quiet portion of downtown Vancouver populated largely by offices and glass condominiums. Subsequently, with the offices you also find many upscale and delicious restaurants or quick eats available in the locality. If none of that is to your liking, you are only a five minutes walk to Robson Street where you will find a multitude of dining options from burger spots, cafes, pho, ramen, to sushi, or fine dining.

Continue along the seaside walk at Harbour Green Park (westward) and you will reach the Westin Bayshore (which is due for closure when the new owners, Concord Pacific, chooses to redevelop the property hence why we have not mentioned here on our recommendations of best downtown Vancouver – in case it closes in a year or two time. It is also much farther way from downtown Vancouver’s core; The Westin Bayshore is very near to Stanley Park.) and you will find the newly opened H2 Rotisserie which serves a comprehensive buffet brunch spread for just $35. Take another 15 minutes from the Westin Bayshore (southwards) towards English Bay and you will find more beach side fare such as cupcakes, burgers, seafood restaurants, and cafes. Speaking of seafood restaurants, we would highly recommend Joe Fortes on Thurlow Street (777 Thurlow Street) which is just a five minutes walk from Coast Coal Harbour by APA. Further, if you’re looking for the buzz of downtown Vancouver then walk eastwards towards Granville Street where you will find a messier part of downtown (at nights predominantly) along with plenty of quick food options from poutine to pizzas. One block from Granville Street, there is a row of excellent cafes besides the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Howe Street. Depending on what you’re craving you will find it North, South, East or West within a five minutes walk; that’s the beauty of Coal Harbour neighborhood…all while enjoying the quieter part of downtown. Don’t forget you are minutes from waterfront parks.

Quieter Downtown Vancouver Hotel:

The area is filled with upscale condos and office buildings. This generally means a more tranquil atmosphere and many guests have noted the lack of typical downtown emergency vehicle sirens. (You’ll see that more in the Entertainment District by Granville Street which is approximately 15 minutes walk from Coast Coal Harbour by APA. Staying at Coast Coal Harbour by APA means you can enjoy the entertainment district of downtown Vancouver if you wish, without the noise pollution.)

Conclusion – An Ideal Downtown Vancouver Hotel:

The specific location of Coast Coal Harbour by APA in Coal Harbour is truly ideal; it is three minutes walk from the Harbour Green Park overlooking the beautiful Vancouver Harbour (Burrard Inlet). You can follow the Seawall Water Walk along the towards Vancouver Convention Centre to arrive at the Harbour Air Seaplanes. (With connections to Victoria, Nanaimo, and other parts of British Columbia – the Harbour Air Seaplanes does provide free shuttle service to downtown Vancouver hotels including Coal Harbour by APA if you prefer not to walk.)

The Vancouver Convention Centre is no more than a five to seven minutes walk from the hotel along West Pender to Thurlow Street.

Despite its serene atmosphere at Coast Coal Harbour by APA, there are many dining options available within the block inclusive of Urban Fare restaurant serving rotisserie chicken among other North American comfort foods. There is also a sushi take out across the street, A&W, and a salad bar in the same complex. There is a money changer (FINEX) two units away from Coast Coal Harbour by APA making it easy to change your foreign currency into Canadian. You can also however walk five minutes to Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange (at 800 W Pender Street) to change your money there.

Tourist Activities near Coast Coal Harbour by APA:

For those looking to take in some of the tourists sights, walk towards Stanley Park and check out the Lost Lagoon. Take a taxi to Granville Island in 15 minutes or walk 15 minutes to the Vancouver Lookout opposite Vancouver’s Waterfront Station. Walk towards English Bay as mentioned in approximately 15 minutes to watch the sunset along sandy beaches after a meal at Cactus Club Cafe or the Boat House all along the waterfront. There are many tourists attractions, things to do and things to eat around the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA. If you’re looking for a touristy things to eat then you will find it at English Bay as well. (such as overpriced cupcakes – “Cupcakes”, relatively good franchise burger chain – “Fatburger”, seafood from a fish store -“The Daily Catch”, or beach front seafood restaurants “Cactus Club Cafe” “Boathouse” “Beach Bay Cafe” & “Hook Seabar”  …well those a frequently local spots actually.)


If you require any salon or spa services there are many salons and spas located along Coal Harbour. Notably, Axis is an award winning salon. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA also has a spa services available within the hotel. (Sanatio Spa)

There is a flower and souvenir shop located right bellow the Coast Coal Harbour by APA. If you require to mail any documents, across the street you will find Shoppers Drug Mart with a postal office located inside. TPH Printing House is located at 1177 West Hastings Street (opposite Coast Coal Harbour Hotel) but printing is also available at the Coast Coal Harbour by APA’s business centre.

More on Food:

The hotel is opposite a Shoppers Drug Mart (pharmacy & light groceries) as well as Urban Fare (full grocer and restaurant. Urban Fare is the downtown concept for Save On Foods.). Both these stores close at 10 PM while a 24-hours 7-11 convenience shop is located right beneath the hotel. Safe to say, you’ll be well stocked of any necessities while staying at Coast Coal Harbour by APA. The food at Urban Fare “restaurant” (it is more a rotisserie and salad bar) is actually good – it is simple, delicious, and healthy, with variety. (On the menu includes steamed vegetables, mash potatoes, fries, mac n cheese, cold salads, for sides. Ribs, roasted chicken, roasted lamb, pot pie, pasta for mains.)

If you’re looking for some quick eats around the hotel, there is a sub-par sushi shop on Bute Street, an A&W, along with a Green Leaf Salad Shop. All these are within three minutes of Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. You may wish to consider buying a roasted chicken at Urban Fare with two sides, or a pot pie. (The Urban Fare is located right across from Harbour Green Park if you wish to go for a stroll after your meal as well or take-out to dine outdoors.) Your morning coffee finds you with choices between Starbucks, 7-11, or Waves Coffee Shop. (I might add, the latte at 7-11 is a quick and easy take-n-go. $1.99 for a large mocha + double shot espresso. Do it yourself machine like those at lounges. It’s reasonably good coffee, surprisingly.)

If you’re looking for pizza, there’s Panago Pizza located right bellow the Coal Harbour downtown Vancouver hotel; Panago Pizza is actually right besides the hotel restaurant, Prestons (lobster hash for breakfast?). You may also wish to order delivery from Domino’s at 777 Denman Street. (because honestly, if you haven’t tried Panago Pizza – it’s like eating bread with toppings) Your best dining option for a quick meal in the area however is probably Urban Fare. (Grab some chocolates in the grocery store while you’re there because their chocolate selection is unreal. You got pretty much every artisan local brand of chocolates available in two aisles.)

Good news as well is that Vancouver’s food delivery scene is very competitive with Uber Eats, Foodora, Door Dash, Skip the Dishes, as well as indie apps. You can get almost any food delivered to your downtown Vancouver hotel.

One block away on Melville Street, you’ll find Domo Sushi and Komi Sushi, but walk up to Robson Street for Sushi Itoga if you’re looking for good and value Japanese sushi. For a unique Japanese dining experience, take a seven minutes walk to Vancouver Convention Centre where you’ll find Miku Restaurant at 200 Granville Street known infamously for their waterfront Japanese fine-dining and aburi sushi. Between Domo Sushi and Komi Sushi, Domo Sushi is actually pretty good however, skip Komi Sushi.

If you’re looking for some Asian snacks then once again take a five minutes walk to Robson Street to find “The Bubble Tea Shop” or Papa Roti (Coffee bun).

As you probably noticed by now, there is plenty of good food to be had around the Coast Coal Harbour by APA hotel in downtown Vancouver regardless of what you’re looking for. Many of the city’s top restaurants and take out spots are accessible within walking distance!


What Makes Coast Coal Harbour by APA special?

The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is a unique hotel in downtown Vancouver. It caters mainly to the business travelers demographic as well as tourists to Vancouver.

  • Excellent Customer Service: The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is known for phenomenal, first-rate customer service as you would expect from one of the best hotels in downtown Vancouver. (Imagine that, one may think good customer service is critical to the service/hospitality industry …yet, many service industry businesses still fail to provide it. More so, they don’t choose the right people for the jobs; some individuals should simply not be in the service industry, albeit sometimes there are difficult people to please. Thankfully, you’ll find it – great service – at Coast Coal Harbour by APA however. As well, Fairmont Pacific Rim and Shangri-la Vancouver are both downtown Vancouver hotels known for their over the top, remarkable service and guest experiences, while not mentioned on this article.) Reviews of Coast Coal Harbour by APA as consistently mentioned the personable service provided by the front desk staff along with concierge team earning them a 4.5/5 stars on Trip Advisor. Small things that leave a lasting impression on guests like acknowledging and fulfilling room special requests, upgrades for anniversary stays, or good pleasantness, politeness, and social graces.
  • Triple Sheets & Simmons Beds: One of the greatest concern about staying at a hotel is the hygiene policies, bed comfort, and cleanliness. (Many have probably seen the undercover video by Insider Edition of hotels recycling sheets between guest stays. While Vancouver is a green city that encourages citizens to “reuse, recycle, and reduce”, that’s not the type of recycling we look for in Vancouver.) Guests will appreciate the Simmons beds at Coast Coal Harbour by APA are triple sheet-ed. Find also non-allergic duvets on your Simmons Posturepedic Dynasty Plush beds for a comfortable rest regardless of sensitivity.
  • Hotel Restaurant & Room Service: Not quite sure if this is an amenity when there are numerous phenomenal food choices to be had in Vancouver. (Perhaps not exactly at Coal Harbour but a five minutes walk will find you some of the best dining in Vancouver. If you’re craving for steak & seafood then check out Joe Fortes at 777 Thurlow Street which is five minutes from Coast Coal Harbour by APA.) Many guests have noted issues with room service and the Preston’s Restaurant dining. A common occurrence appears to be room service orders being overlooked while the restaurant dining being underwhelming but overpriced. (Even by hotel restaurants standards.) Nevertheless, if you’re looking to order room service or dine at the hotel restaurant, it is available to you. The cuisine served focuses predominantly on fusion food and elevated comfort foods (as well as tapas and shareable appetizers)  such as their lobster mac n cheese.
  • Green-Friendly Hotel Initiatives: The Coast Coal Harbour by APA tops the city’s most environmentally-friendly hotels in Vancouver. Among various green-friendly hotel practices, the Coast Coal Harbour by APA hotel participates in a zero-waste program that ensures nothing is sent to the landfill. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA also uses LED lights which are more energy efficient than regular lighting; they are in a process of replacing all lighting with LED for energy efficiency. Further, the Coast Coal Harbour by APA adopts a low-flow shower head to conserve water; guests can choose to run double the water flow depending on their preference. While it seems that most green-friendly policies that hotels adopt often mean costs savings for the hotel and guests’ discomfort, it is good to provide guests with the option to choose between as provided here. The downtown Vancouver hotel also uses full size bath amenities bottles which are cleaned & refilled to avoid unnecessary plastic wastage.
  • Electric Seat Bidet (TOTO Washlet): If you can’t visit Japan, bring Japan to you. Vancouver is a city filled with Japanese expats (here to learn English at one of Vancouver’s many English schools) and plethora of dining options for sushi (partly due to our proximity to the sea for fresh seafood or Japanese imports as a port city of Vancouver. Vancouverites also appreciate the clean and healthy diet represented with sushi and poke.) or ramen (likely due to our long rainy winters requiring some broth-y nourishment) and yakitori can be found about Vancouver. We even have cherry blossoms all about the city during Spring. (and a Cherry Blossom festival!) Now with all these trinkets of Japanese cuisine, what you need for some reminiscence of Japan is an electric seat bidet that Japan is often known for (comically perhaps – it is even found on Japan Airlines washroom!). Well, look no further because Coast Coal Harbour by APA renovations bring to you the signature Toto Washlet Electric Seat Bidet. Wonderful right? You will only find it at Coast Coal Harbour by APA as far as downtown Vancouver hotels are concerned; it is the only hotel in downtown Vancouver to have it by our knowledge. 😀 ? Honestly, we do love Japan and Japanese people.
  • Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, & Fitness Centre: The hotel doesn’t really have a swimming pool but a small lap pool. They also have an outdoor hot tub. The fitness centre is minimal but sufficiently equip. (not comparable to Westin Grand Vancouver or Fairmont Vancouver, however.)
  • Business Centre: Coast Coal Harbour by APA has a 24 hours business centre for guest’s use along with printing and computer stations available. Complementary high speed WiFi and Ethernet connection is available in your room as well…and because this is a newly renovated hotel in Coal Harbour meaning WiFi router network improvements, the complementary wireless internet is actually fast.
  • Guest Service: Coast Coal Harbour by APA provides friendly and knowledgeable concierge service to guests. Expect courteous front desk personnel & 24-hours concierge service.
  • Currency Exchange Services: If you’re in a rush, currency exchange service is available at Coast Coal Harbour by APA. You would get better rates at VBCE or Charlie’s Currency Exchange however – generally from 12 to 4 PM you can skip the line-ups. It can be a huge convenience however to exchange the currency at the hotel albeit expect a significantly higher margin rate. Click here to find the best currency exchange services in Vancouver. If you’re not keen on carrying large amount of cash several blocks to downtown Vancouver’s VBCE at 800 W Pender St. there is Finex currency exchange just two units away from Coast Coal Harbour by APA at 1135 W Pender Street. (Located on the back entrance of Coast Coal Harbour Hotel on West Pender than the front/main entrance at West Hastings. Finex Currency Exchange has reasonably good reputation in Vancouver; the rates are not as competitive as VBCE but certainly better than anything you’ll get at the hotel, and just minutes away from your downtown Vancouver hotel.)
  • Japanese Spa: Sanatio Spa is an in-room spa experience provided by skilled Japanese massage therapist open daily from 5 PM to 12 AM. Guests can enjoy a relaxing traditional Japanese massage to wind down their day and relax all within the comforts of their own room. If you’re looking to visit a spa facility, feel free to check out our best spa in Vancouver article recommendations with some options in downtown Vancouver.
  • Coal Harbour Location: As mentioned earlier, the Coal Harbour location (much liken to the Yaletown hotel at Parq Vancouver) provides guests with an added location benefit. It is walking distance to Stanley Park along the seaside walk. The Coal Harbour neighborhood also provides easy access to transit systems. (The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is about a 10 minutes walk to Waterfront Station where you will find the Sea Bus to North Vancouver, Canada Line to Richmond/YVR airport, as well as the Expo Line to Burnaby, New Westminster, or Coquitlam.) It is walking distance to English Bay, Robson Street (food & shopping enclave), as well as the cobbled stone heritage downtown Vancouver neighborhood of Gastown. The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA is also nearby to the Harbour Air float planes (with daily flights to Victoria, Nanaimo, and aerial seaplane tours of Vancouver.) With the convenience, you are still afforded the serenity, quietness, and peace not often found in a downtown metropolitan like Vancouver. The Coal Harbour neighborhood is mostly filled with high-end (empty) condos, offices, convention, and a few downtown Vancouver hotels. There are minimal traffic disturbance or noise pollution of emergency vehicles, as you will otherwise often find in a downtown hotel. This unique combination of convenience and serenity allows Coast Coal Harbour by APA’s guests to enjoy relaxation and time savings without the usual distractions of staying downtown.

Drawbacks & Incidental Charges at Coast Coal Harbour by APA:

  • Only valet parking is available at $42.50/night. The downtown Vancouver hotel does not provide self-parking option. You can find cheap parking in downtown Vancouver here.
  • The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is a very simple hotel with a small outdoor lap pool. The hotel isn’t anything remarkable as far as downtown Vancouver hotels are concerned, per say.  With this said, it is a good downtown Vancouver hotel for most travelers looking for a great location, clean room, and friendly hospitality. (without the bells & whistles of a usual four-star hotel)
  • There are more unique properties to stay at (and experience) while in Vancouver such as the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver or JW Marriot Parq Vancouver. There are also properties nearer to the Vancouver Convention Centre that are worth consideration such as the Fairmont Waterfront, Fairmont Pacific Rim, or the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver; these are five-star properties that are 30% more than Coast Coal Harbour by APA.
  • The hotel restaurant does not provide a quality dining experience base on guest reviews. The lobster mac n cheese sounds delicious and probably worth a try. (Actually, will probably try it out myself sometime after writing this article).

Other things to know about Coast Coal Harbour by APA:

  • WiFi is complementary across the hotel inclusive of your room. Unlike other hotels, guests do not need to register unto Coast Hotels’ free loyalty programs for complementary WiFi. WiFi is reported to have excellent connectivity and speed.
  • Check-in is at 3 PM (standard) and check-out at 12 PM. If you arrive early, the front desk would be glad to store your bags for you while your room is being prepared. (Many hotels including Coast Coal Harbour by APA would generally allow an early check-in if a room is ready.)
  • Coast Coal Harbour by APA is able to accommodate pets at an extra charge of $25 per day. An additional $25 will be added per 7 days ($200 for 7 days).  You will also be required to sign a waiver on check-in.
  • Web Saver is the Best Rate: Playing around a little bit with the various “deals” and booking funnels they have at Coast Coal Harbour, we’ve found if you’re looking for a good rate on your Coast Coal Harbour Hotel booking then use the “Web Saver Smarty Pants (WEBSAVER)” rate. The BC Resident’s rate for April 17-18 comes to $197/night while the Best Available Rate comes to $219/night. Comparatively, the Web Saver rate is only $187/night for the same room. On the other end of the spectrum, the “Park & Stay” rate which includes “free parking” with your room is a ridiculous & astonishing $354/night. (Presumably, the regular room rate without the seasonal discount. Parking is only $25/night so you’re better of using the Web Saver and paying for parking or find out some cheap parking in downtown Vancouver. Even if you do pay the hotel parking, give the article a read to know where you can get some free parking in Vancouver so you can save some while travelling about Vancouver. For example, Granville Island provides free parking so bring you car along for added convenience whereas if you’re exploring other parts of downtown Vancouver perhaps consider walking and exploring this beautiful, green city.) Expedia, Priceline, and their subsidiaries also spot the same $186/night rate so if you’re booking, you may wish to consider booking Expedia with their VIP+ membership that gives you free upgrades at select partner hotels once you reach gold (staying 30 nights in a year, 15 nights to re-qualify) or hotels.com that provides one night free for every 10 nights stayed. If you’re wondering how they provide these benefits, it is a bit like credit card providers – they charge a % fee to hotels for every booking through their web portal usually around 15-30% and pass on a portion as rewards to customers to keep the cycle going. Occasionally, Expedia will actually provide cheaper rates than the hotel because they block purchase rooms in advance the year before and so try to sell their inventory…not every hotel has this though. (For example, one time I was going to book a hotel that was actually 30% cheaper on Expedia – the hotel was sold out of rooms but Expedia still had rooms because they had pre-purchase the rooms beforehand. The loyalty program at Expedia, the +VIP is also quite useful in that they offer free upgrades at their partner hotels which are usually boutique hotels without their own loyalty programs or high-end luxury hotels as those available through Virtuoso or Amex, in which case, it’s better to book through the latter.)
  • The hotel’s restaurant, Prestons Restaurant + Bar, does not have the best reputation for quality food among guests. You may be better going to one of the nearby restaurants. If you want take-out, delicious, authentic, quality, no-frills sushi, try Sushi Itoga on Robson Street. As mentioned previously, there’s a 24 hour 711 bellow the hotel on the back entrance for convenience; the latte machines are actually reasonable or a donut/cookie for a late-night snack. (Beats paying $10 for milk and cookies at Westin Grand Vancouver ?)
  • Room service is available only till 10 PM unlike Westin Grand Vancouver which has 24-hrs “in-room dining” available. But then again, the food is from Prestons, Vancouver has a multitude of restaurants that currently deliver by UberEats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, LazyMeal, JustEat, Foodora, or your classic Domino’s. (delivers till 3 AM on weekends in downtown Vancouver.) You can pretty much get any restaurant delivered for convenience these days.


Who is Coast Coal Harbour by APA for?

The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is a hotel catered mainly towards business travelers along with solo travelers, couples and tourists. It can suit families as well with adjoining rooms; however, there aren’t many hotel amenities and the hotel pool is small.

  • Convention Attendees: The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is approximately five minutes walk from the Vancouver Convention Centre – West. From the Vancouver Convention Centre – East, to your downtown Vancouver hotel is another two minutes walk. The famous Miku Restaurant (known for their aburi sushi) is conveniently located next to the Vancouver Convention Centre – East, at 200 Granville Street. Likewise, the historic Waterfront Station transit hub is situated beside (and under) the 200 Granville Street concrete building, also known as “The Vancouver Sun” building. (Tangent: The Vancouver Sun building at 200 Granville Street is also where the control tower for Coal Harbour Airport – CXH – is located. You can spot the control tower looking fixture on the top of 200 Granville Street from the lookout point/plaza at 200 Granville Street & Waterfront Station or from The Vancouver Lookout.) This makes the Coast Coal Harbour by APA downtown Vancouver hotel a convenient choice for convention centre attendees who appreciate the respite of a quiet room in Coal Harbour and an “urban style hotel”. It is worth mentioning, nearby to the convention centre is also the Fairmont Waterfront and Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver which are both excellent choices for downtown Vancouver hotels near to Vancouver Convention Centre; the Coast Coal Harbour by APA will likely be 30% cheaper however, making it a good decision value-wise. The Pinnacle Hotel would be the cheapest hotel in the area near to Vancouver Convention Centre. (It is a four-star hotel but an older hotel. The location is actually about a minute closer to the Vancouver Convention Centre at 1133 W Hastings Street than Coast Coal Harbour Hotel at 1180 W Hastings Street. During the low period, the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver feature nightly rates of $139+ while peak season is around $339+ relative to the Coast Coal Harbour by APA at $399+.)
  • Business Travelers: The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is a downtown Vancouver hotel that’s orientated towards the business travelers demographic, especially for Vancouver Convention Centre attendees. Enjoy complementary high-speed WiFi and 24-hours access to a fully equip business centre. Find the added convenience of a 24-hours concierge team and order room service if work finds you too busy to head out for dinner. Many offices and consulates are within minutes of Coast Coal Harbour by APA saving you time with its central location in downtown Vancouver along West Hastings Street where most offices are located. The downtown Vancouver hotel has its location as a major perk to business travelers; the combined convenience of downtown Vancouver and proximity to most office buildings added with the calming & upscale atmosphere of Coal Harbour makes for an excellent business hotel in downtown Vancouver. The amenities are also up to par for what you may want on a work orientated trip. Importantly, the newly renovated rooms are well designed with floor to ceiling windows for the beauty of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour scenery. Add to this the expectation for professional, prompt, and courteous service from their front desk or concierge team makes for a well-rounded business travel experience. With this said, the “new urban style hotel” concept is also very popular among mid-high end range tourists, families, and solo travelers.
  • Vancouver Tourists: Vancouver tourists will appreciate the Coast Coal Harbour by APA’s location being minutes from Stanley Park along with being two blocks away from the Coal Harbour waterfront. Coal Harbour will also provide Vancouver tourists with a relaxed (atmosphere) neighborhood of Vancouver to return “home” to after their daily adventures and exploration across the city. While being more quieter and serene neighborhood of downtown Vancouver, it is still very convenient to major transport options in downtown Vancouver; the downtown Vancouver hotel is a ten minutes walk to Waterfront Station and hop-on hop-off bus routes in the vicinity. The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is also a short walk to many unique or intriguing dining options. (including hot pot on Robson Street at Liuyishou Hotpot and ramen on Robson Street at Ramen Koika. Both of these are newer restaurants in downtown Vancouver; wanted to leave a mention for some new up and coming restaurant to try as we love supporting novel local businesses.)
  • Families: Families regularly comprise a large proportion of the hotel industry bookings (even corporate travelers take vacations with their families) so many hotels try to make their property accommodating and welcoming for families. By far, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver spots the best benefits for families, catering to families out of all the five best downtown Vancouver hotels we’ve recommended – perhaps with the exception of Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. They feature the Family Affair downtown Vancouver family hotel package offering 40% off the second room booking, kids eat free at their restaurant, along with canine ambassadors which kids will love. Add to that, a convenient and exciting location in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Burrard and Robson Street (a happening & bustling street) with the unique architecture of a castle-like building. (It’s been a while since I’ve been a kid but what kid doesn’t want to stay in a castle?) Not to forget either the first-class fitness facility and swimming pool at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. It sounds like a sponsored promotion for Fairmont Hotel Vancouver but our content is not sponsored (by the hotels) to minimize bias. Nevertheless, with this said Coast Coal Harbour by APA is also a favourite among families for its proximity to Stanley Park, swimming lap pool, clean and comfortable “urban style hotel”, friendly & attentive service, and perhaps their signature origami cranes? (don’t forget the bidets) The downtown Vancouver hotel is still more popular among couples, solo travelers, and business travelers however.
  • Solo Travelers: If you want a getaway to Vancouver with the convenience of being in downtown Vancouver, yet the respite from the chaos and noise then the Coast Coal Harbour by APA downtown Vancouver hotel is your pick. It provides urban, newly renovated, modern rooms in a convenient upscale Coal Harbour neighborhood with fewer traffic/sirens/people. (Not that people are bad, we love people but you get the point.) It is also minutes from the Vancouver waterfront, by the inner harbour at Coal Harbour. There are great parks in the Coal Harbour area and a short walk to Stanley Park. Actually, the Harbour Green Park located right in front of Urban Fare is a simple three minutes walk from your hotel down Bute Street; perfect opportunity to order a sandwich, roast chicken, ribs, or lamb rack – whatever you like – and enjoy it by the waterfront at Coal Harbour. (You can watch cyclist and joggers along the waterfront with float planes taking off or landing. A very relaxing, natural experience to enjoy Vancouver.) Whatever your reason for travelling, the Coast Coal Harbour by APA will suite a solo traveler well with a clean, modern, and “urban style room”. (Honestly, I don’t know what they mean by “urban style room” but let’s go with that!)

The conclusion? The Coast Coal Harbour by APA is an excellent four-star hotel in downtown Vancouver. As with most downtown Vancouver hotel, the location is very convenient. The downtown Vancouver hotel is newly renovated with a few features unique to Coast Coal Harbour by APA’s “New Urban Style Hotels” concept such as a Japanese bidet, origami cranes to greet guests as a symbol of hospitality, along with a Japanese-themed spa available in the comforts of your own room. The hotel is also five minutes walk to Vancouver Convention Centre for conference attendees. For tourists, it is minutes from Vancouver’s infamous Stanley Park or a good 15 minutes walk to English Bay. It is surrounded by simple dining options and a short walk to some of Vancouver’s best Japanese dining at Miku or Sushi Itoga. With all this said, the hotel is catered mainly towards business travelers to downtown Vancouver as well as couples and tourists in Vancouver. It is less accommodating to pet owners relative to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (which provides a pet bowl, treat, as well as canine ambassadors) or to families, as relative comparison to Fairmont Hotel Vancouver once again. (which provides 40% off the 2nd room booked by families) It is an excellent choice for conference attendees, business travelers, and tourists looking for a convenient hotel base in downtown Vancouver. (and a Japanese theme or reminiscence of your trip to Japan.)

Average Coast Coal Harbour by APA Nightly Rate (Off-Peak): TBD

Average Coast Coal Harbour by APA Nightly Rate (Peak): TBD

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154943-d1469321-Reviews-or20-Coast_Coal_Harbour_Hotel_by_APA-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

Address: 1180 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4R5


5) Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver – Distinguished Downtown Vancouver Hotel:

The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is an iconic hotel in downtown Vancouver located right on top the cruise ship terminal at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was initially built for Expo 86 world’s fair event in Vancouver. (The Expo 86 was an international world fair/exposition on transportation which was a big event at its time. Vancouver hosted it with the help of Canada’s national government in celebration of Vancouver’s 100th anniversary. It rapidly accelerated Vancouver’s development and popularity on the world stage, accentuated by the Winter Olympics in 2010. The grounds on which Expo 86 was hosted along the False Creek was later sold to Concord Pacific who developed much of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver today. Jim Pattison was appointed CEO of the Expo 86 Corporation overseeing the expansive exposition.) The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver has been well maintained since its completion. (The downtown Vancouver waterfront hotel was also recently renovated in 2010.)

Great waterfront views at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver – The rooms at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver feature waterfront views across the Vancouver Harbour – Burrard Inlet. The hotel wraps around 270 degrees facing towards downtown Vancouver.

– Your view towards the East may include the beautiful Coal Harbour’s high-rise buildings, Stanley Park, and the Vancouver Harbour.

– While Southward, guests will appreciate downtown Vancouver towards Granville Street & The Vancouver Lookout.

– Westward rooms will treat guests to the artistic railway tracks and heritage buildings in the rustic neighborhood of Gastown.

Regardless of your room facing, you will experience a quintessentially Vancouver view of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, Vancouver’s Gastown, or Vancouver’s downtown skyline. The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is truly a unique downtown Vancouver hotel, “very Vancouver” if you like. If you’re looking for a downtown Vancouver hotel that can only be found in Vancouver, we would highly recommend considering the Pan Pacific Hotel if it suites your needs.

Staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is truly a “Very Vancouver” experience. While the five-star Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is esteemed for its convenient location, beyond the convenience, you will be part of history staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver with its connection to the Expo 86 event in Vancouver. (Expo 86 might be thought as a pivotal acceleration in Vancouver’s development.) The hotel gives you a waterfront experience that not many other downtown Vancouver hotels can provide, added with the amenities and service of a five-star hotel. The location being right on the Vancouver Convention Centre means arriving from a cruise or departing for an Alaskan cruise is as easy as walking to the door step of your downtown Vancouver hotel! You may even see the cruise ship from your room if it is facing towards Coal Harbour or Gastown!


Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Location:

As mentioned, the forte of Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is truly their location. The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver has arguably the BEST location for a downtown Vancouver hotel among cruise ship passengers. Arriving to and from your cruise ship is as simply as disembarking right next to your hotel. The porters at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver will even be able to help you load your bags onto the cruise ship as well because the hotel is located right at footsteps of the cruise terminal at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Arriving from your cruise to checking in to your hotel is as easy as disembarking, proceeding through immigration, and going to your hotel room. (Check-in at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is a breeze.)

The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is also located right at the centre of Vancouver’s transportation hub. Waterfront Station is approximately 2 minutes walk from the hotel which connects you to the Vancouver Seabus (taking passengers across the Vancouver Harbour to North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay), the Canada Line (connecting transit users from downtown Vancouver to Richmond and Vancouver International Airport along South Vancouver), or the Millenium and Expo Line (bringing guests to most of Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Surrey.).

Regarding modes of Vancouver Transportation for Tourists – If where you need to go is along the SkyTrain stations, it would be advisable to take the public transit than driving; the SkyTrain system is relatively consistent and convenient. (It also means you don’t need to worry about parking – with this said, most street and retail parking – outside of downtown Vancouver – in Metro Vancouver is free.) If you do require to transfer to bus, it may be desirable to drive to your location instead as the bus can be inconsistent, crowded, and uncomfortable.

For tourists, the Pan Pacific Hotel being located right at Vancouver Convention Centre – East, means the hop-on, hop-off bus operated by Westcoast Sightseeing stops right in front of your downtown Vancouver hotel. The Capilano Suspension Bridge’s free shuttle to North Vancouver is also located right outside your downtown Vancouver hotel at Vancouver Convention Centre – East. (Although, in all honesty – as a local – I see no point paying $50 to walk on a bridge in the middle of no-where. You’re better off spending $17.50 to take an elevator up The Vancouver Lookout to capture all your touristy pictures. The Vancouver Lookout is conveniently five minutes away at Harbour Centre – which is opposite Vancouver’s Waterfront Station – in addition to being a transit hub, Waterfront Station is an iconic heritage building. If you’re craving to walk across a suspension bridge – here’s a tip… visit the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge instead. It’s free and it is an amazing park, with swimming. The locality of Lynn Canyon has many artisan cafes and boutique eateries to enjoy too! It is better than the Capilano Suspension Bridge, value-wise. Especially when you’re considering a family of two adults and two kids, you could spend approximately $150 for your family OR you could enjoy swimming at Lynn Canyon Park, walk the suspension bridge free, and finish the day off with ice cream – speaking of which, here are the best ice cream in Vancouver – and fresh bake treats at a local cafe/bakery. We also have found the best bakeries for you in Vancouver! If you’re looking for a spot somewhere near Lynn Canyon then,  Westlynn Bakery, is the spot to go! For coffee, the local Tommy’s Cafe is where you want to find yourself, or family after a day of exploring Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge Park. Sorry about this long tangent, as Vancouver locals who love this city and sharing it with tourists as yourself, it’s hard not to give you the best local tips we can – honestly. We aren’t paid to promote any specific tourist attractions so we truly try to find the best for you lovely peoples visiting our amazing city of Vancouver.)

Once you’re back at your downtown Vancouver hotel from your daily adventures… If you’re craving Japanese fine dining then one of the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver is just meters from your hotel entrance (that is, if your downtown Vancouver hotel is the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver :D). Miku Restaurant is known for waterfront dining, fine dining service, as well as their chef specialties infusing traditional Japanese dining concepts with modern flavors, luxurious tastes, culinary innovations, and techniques that will leave your taste-buds savouring one-of-a-kind flavor combinations. They are known especially for their aburi sushi however the fish soup is also another quality option. Another place to enjoy sushi nearby is at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Lobby Lounge Raw Bar which has sushi chefs expertly preparing sushi and sashimi. As its name implies, raw oysters are also available, freshly shucked, enjoyed alongside your favourite drink or caesar. If you’re looking for waterfront dining with a casual-formal atmosphere then you will find some of the best mid-range dining in the city at Cactus Club by Jack Poole Plaza – just a five minutes walk from Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. (It is also the Vancouver Olympic torch area.) The popular restaurant chain is known for delectable food, great and consistent service, often located around popular hot spots of Vancouver (English Bay by the Beach with glass windows. In the midst of Robson Street. Burrard Street by Bentall Centre. Jack Poole Plaza by the Olympic Torch with views to Coal Harbour and Harbour Green Park.) They compete directly with Tap Barrel brands – but Cactus Club Cafe is better food-wise. Make no mistake, it is not a typical “cafe” where you might grab a coffee to go…but it is a cafe like the infamous Amacon’s Homer Street Cafe where you go for mid-scale dining with attentive service, casual-formal cuisine, peppered with some finger-food/sharing dishes. The flavor profiles at Cactus Club is exceptional; it was initially masterminded by Canada’s Top Chef, Rob Feenie. (who went onward to create his own restaurant. There are still many excellent dishes and the same remarkable dining concept for mid-scale range.) This is a Vancouver restaurant chain that now has locations in Toronto; try it where it begun in Vancouver, BC.

Try one of the best breakfast buffet in Vancouver at Oceans 999 – If you’re looking for a good start to your day, then be sure to visit Oceans 999 at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver for some of the best breakfast and brunch buffets in Vancouver. Enjoy free flow of good coffee, eggs benedicts, smoke salmon, farm sausages, BACON, hash, scrambled eggs, desserts, and fresh fruits among other delicious breakfast bites. (yum!)  The brunch buffet or the opera buffet is also another local favourite; it may well be one of the best buffets in Vancouver, quality-wise; perhaps, second to Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s Notch8 brunch buffet. The brunch buffet is not known for Vegas style variety but it is known for quality ingredients, excellently prepared with friendly (buffet) service.

Coffee by Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver – If you’re looking for a cup of coffee to sip and savour throughout your day in Vancouver, you can find the Coal Harbour Cafe at Vancouver Convention Centre – East (bellow the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver) with waterfront views of the Vancouver Harbour and Vancouver Convention Centre – West. It’s a great opportunity to watch float planes landing and taking off while you enjoy Thomas Haas baked goods (you HAVE to try the brownies), good coffee, and a relaxing indoor or outdoor seating space.

Exploring food in Gastown – If you’re looking for a casual bite then walk towards Waterfront Station to Gastown where you will find Steamworks Brewery and Restaurant. The casual dining spot is popular among tourists and locals alike (a frequent spot as well for the tech start-up employees in Gastown). A little farther away and you will find Pacific Poke. (An excellent fast-casual poke spot. Poke originated from Hawaii but fits very well with Vancouver’s culture and have pretty much been adopted by our city 😉 with over 50 poke restaurants since dubbed Sushi 2.0.)

Exploring food on Robson Street – For some sweet treats, make your way up onto Robson Street to find Daniel’s Chocolate branch in downtown Vancouver. A must-try street food for tourists as well is the Japadog; the original Japadog stand is at Burrard and Smithe Street – right opposite the five-stars Sutton’s Place Hotel …owned by the same family who owns Sandman hotels, in case you were curious. The full take-out option however is at 530 Robson Street which now serves “Japanese poutine” and “Japanese ice cream sandwiches”. So, visit the original stand if you want to experience history but the take-out stall on Robson Street if you want a complete newer menu option. (Japadog arguably changed the street food dining scene in Vancouver. It is so popular, they now have a franchise in Los Angeles at Santa Monica Pier – their bread there isn’t as fresh in Santa Monica though probably due to a lower turnover. It didn’t seem much different from any other hot dog stand in Santa Monica whereas the quality in Vancouver is much better. Give it a try in Vancouver.)

Explore more Canadian food  & Vancouver around the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver – More quick bites can be found on Robson Street at Sushi Itoga (1668 Robson for cheap and good sushi), Viet Sub (520 Robson for cheap and good pho), Costco (605 Expo Blvd for cheap and good Canadian poutine. Good poutine can be found as well at Fritz European Fry House – 718 Davie Street – as well as La Bella Patate – 1215 Davie Street – but if you’re looking for authentic Canada poutine experience than Costco is surprisingly where you’ll find good and cheap poutine with real cheese curds added generously. It is also easier to walk to Costco from Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver than La Bella Patate – if you’re looking to take the opportunity to explore Vancouver’s heritage and gentrified neighborhoods like Chinatown and Gastown, you will have an excellent day itinerary. Take a little awareness and carefulness if you walk along East Hastings. It’s not unsafe per-say during the day time but it may not be your usual tourist experience.)

Explore food around Coal Harbour – Moving on, make sure to take a visit towards Coal Harbour for beautiful scenery and a stop by the many gelato or coffee shops around the area. If you’re looking for the best gelato in Vancouver, you would do well stopping by Bella Gelateria (1001 W Cordova St – award winning gelato by Fairmont Pacific Rim) or D’oro Gelato e Caffe (1222 Robson Street – good gelato and espresso). Depending on your preference, I would also suggest a casual stroll along West Cordova among the glass office buildings and many fast-casual dining options frequented by office workers.


You may have thought the above concluded the write-up about Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver’s location, but it isn’t. Haha. Since the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is located in such a prime location of downtown Vancouver, we’re going to categorize our review of Pan Pacific Hotel location slightly differently.

There are simply too many things that can be said about Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver in downtown Vancouver, so we’ll act as your concierge and share specifically things to eat, see, and do around the Pan Pacific Hotel. If you wanted, you’re invited to use the contact us form here to ask about any questions, suggestions, or recommendations specifically for your upcoming stay at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.

Meanwhile, we’ll be your personal concierge in the following paragraphs…

Needless to say, it is well located transportation hub to get around Metro Vancouver as well as conveniently accessible to Vancouver’s business district in downtown Vancouver. Further, the convention centre is literally at the hotel’s doorstep as also Vancouver’s cruise terminal.

Things to do around Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver:

If you’re visiting Vancouver as a leisure tourist, be sure to check our general 72 hours tourist itinerary (presumably by experience, 72 hours is the ideal time frame to truly taste Vancouver) or one of many itineraries depending on your inclination (whether adventure, family, local experiences, or off the beaten path – nature & outdoors.)

There are countless things to do around Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. Here are a few things that may interest you:

  • Observation at The Vancouver Lookout: If you’re looking to take in all the sights that Vancouver has to offer, one of the best way to do so is from a vantage point above the city of Vancouver. This is what The Vancouver Lookout offers. Much like the iconic Seattle Space Needle, The Vancouver Lookout provides locals and tourists with a 360 degrees bird’s eye view of downtown Vancouver. At 147 meters, it isn’t as impressive or spectacular as the Seattle Space Needle (184 meters) in height or design but is a worth while adventure in downtown Vancouver and a better spend than walking on a 70 meters Capilano Suspension Bridge.
  • Hop-on Hop-off City Tour by Westcoast Sightseeing: It’s always a pleasure seeing the Hop-on and Hop-off city bus by Westcoast Sightseeing roaming the city in summer with tourists peering through in curiosity about Vancouver. If you’re looking to get a broad look at downtown Vancouver and see various neighborhoods in downtown Vancouver then the Hop-on Hop-off tour is an excellent option. The benefit to this instead of transit is the ability to visit various neighborhoods from one bus, designed for sight seeing; it is a worth while experience. The Vancouver hop-on, hop-off bus tour is designed to bring tourists to various neighborhoods that may be interesting for Vancouver tourists and driving through points of interest. The hop-on, hop-off bus has two routes about downtown Vancouver that brings you to many of Vancouver’s hot spots. The bus are usually open air for easy viewing. Inevitably, you can also people-watch locals while waiting at intersections – as many tourists seem to do. Haha (You’re welcomed to.)
  • One of many city tours including our free walking tours (summer only – August): Vancouver is a city that lives around tourism in many ways. Locals enjoy seeing tourists appreciating their beautiful city with them. With part of having a thriving tourism sector, you will find many guided tours in Vancouver, even downtown Vancouver itself. Whatever your interest or preference, you will likely find a guided tour in Vancouver for it. From Vancouver craft brewery tours to Vancouver food tours. We also have more traditional sightseeing tours and city tours in Vancouver. In Vancouver, being a harbour city (harbour not harbor – “I am Canadian”) we even have float plane tours or helicopter tours. If you’re simply looking for the all around best tours in Vancouver, we have some words on that too! (I personally am more of a self explorer – I prefer taking in the sights of a city in solitude and interacting with locals as a local. However, if you like guided tours to get a structured, experienced, pre-planned perspective of our city, there are many possibilities for you! Guided tours as you know is also a great place to meet other travelers visiting a city – as an introvert, one reason I avoid guided tours. Haha. Thankfully, I am not hosting our free walking tours, we have a friendly and magnanimous local tour guide showing you about our city! Our Vancouver free walking tours are truly free – including the food tastings!) Speaking of food tours, in Vancouver we even have cultural food tours if you want to explore the city’s ethic foods like Little Italy. We also have an ice cream tour (many artisan ice cream parlours in Vancouver).
  • Aerial Float Plane City Tour by Harbour Air Seaplanes: As mentioned, Vancouver is a harbour city with the Port of Vancouver right at the steps of downtown Vancouver. The CXH airport (Coal Harbour Seaplane Base or Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre) caters to the float planes departing downtown Vancouver for Victoria, Nanaimo, Tofino, and Seattle. However Harbour Air Seaplanes also operates a few seaplane/floatplane aerial tours in downtown Vancouver. It is a remarkable sight if you want a bird’s eye view of our beautiful city, Vancouver. A Vancouver Panorama tour costs just $95 for adults which is fair for a “Very Vancouver” experience. The seaplane terminal is at the Vancouver Convention Centre – West which is a brief five minutes walk from Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.
  • Experiential Movie at Flyover Canada: The kind folks at Pursuit has chosen Vancouver for their FlyOver Canada experience. The FlyOver Canada venue is located right at Canada Place! That’s where your hotel would be located if you’re staying at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. FlyOver Canada is a 4-D movie experience of Canada in its essence. (It’s a bit like the 4-D movie at Niagara Falls.) Get a truly remarkable experience seeing Vancouver (and Canada) virtually from an aerial view-point. Be whisk through Canada’s terrain and various landmarks. The video is really well done and guests also enjoy an experience to remember. After your 20 minutes 4-D movie of Canada, take a walk about Canada’s Boardwalk and appreciate the natural wonder of Vancouver, in reality! Tickets can be purchased online at a 10% discount making it $25 for an adult ticket for a 20 minutes virtual experiential ride of Canada. There’s FlyOver Iceland in the works, apparently.

Things to see around Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver:

  • Steam Clock, historical buildings, & Gassy Jack Statue at Gastown: Staying at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is a quick five minutes walk to Gastown, a historic neighborhood of downtown Vancouver designated as a national historic site in 2009 by the national government. Find old cobbled stone sidewalks (with slightly confusing streets – old streets that probably wasn’t intentionally planned), rows of heritage buildings, and memorial statues such as the Gassy Jack statue. Gastown could be considered the catalyst for founding the city of Vancouver in 1886; it begun when Jack Deighton (a steamboat captain) started the area’s first saloon (Apparently, Gassy Jack offered all the whiskey that could be drunk in exchange for labour to build the saloon – on the other hand, construction today is a little more expensive and lengthy process with various building permits and inspection required which isn’t necessary bad… but wouldn’t it be great if we could once again exchange all-you-can-drink whiskey for construction hands… would probably be a lot cheaper.) Notably, in Gastown as well is the ever popular Gastown Steam-clock built in 1977 that continues whistling its tune today every 15 minutes and on the hour. Just beside the steam-clock is Trees Organic Coffee serving coffee and cheesecake if you wish to grab a coffee while waiting for the clock to whistle. Founded with a saloon, Gastown continues its nightlife scene and drinking holes throughout the years to this day, with as many as 300 licensed establishments in the 1930s. In contrast, today, roughly 19 licensed bars call Gastown their home including the Donnelly Group’s Lamplighter Public House. Visit Gastown for a heritage experience as you join countless tourists exploring the cobbled stone streets (in a heritage part of downtown Vancouver) among souvenir stores, a varied variety of restaurants, and artisan food & beverage stores.
  • Olympic Cauldron & art displays at Jack Poole Plaza: The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is a mere five minute walks to Jack Poole Plaza on the west side of Vancouver Convention Centre, which also hosts the iconic Olympic Cauldron (when Vancouver and Whistler hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics). Take a stroll to this Coal Harbour neighborhood spot to catch a picture with the Olympic Cauldron and the awe-inspiring (amazing) North Shore mountains in the background. There are often public art displays spotted around the Jack Poole Plaza such as a Lego whale sculpture. May as well grab a bite at the casual-classy Cactus Club Cafe right besides the Olympic Cauldron.
  • Waterfront views at Coal Harbour: If you’re looking for postcard worthy photos of Vancouver’s waterfront and Stanley Park then you would appreciate taking a walk along the seawall walking path in Coal Harbour. This is where you will find the Harbour Air Seaplanes (right under Cactus Club Cafe at Jack Poole Plaza) but follow along the seawall path and observe the beautiful scenery that is inherently affiliated with thoughts of Vancouver. Catch pictures of Stanley Park and the North Shore. Here’s a tip: A great place to capture the whole view of Coal Harbour’s skyscrapers in contrast with Vancouver’s natural beauty of the ocean and greenery of Stanley Park is at the Jack Poole Plaza where the five benches look westward across the Harbour Air Seaplane terminal. Go for it, you’ll have a picture to remember of Vancouver that’s worthy of post cards to send friends or family. If you’re going to catch some photos of the Olympic Cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza, this is exceptionally convenient lead-in event/activity – going for a walk along the Vancouver seawall about Coal Harbour. You may even wish to walk up Robson once you’re done walking to cool yourself off with bubble tea, ice cream, or sushi. Or walk all the way to Stanley Park, grabbing a hot dog and soft serve at the park kiosk. Then keep walking south to English Bay to catch the sunset.
  • Art Gallery, UBC Robson, & Law Courts at Robson Square: If you’re looking for some cultured experiences then take a walk south of Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver on Howe Street to Robson Street where you will find Vancouver’s Art Gallery, UBC’s Robson Square campus, and the BC Law Courts, respectively. The Vancouver Art Gallery needs no introduction; you may like to know however that it is hosted in the former law courts and features rotating/seasonal exhibitions specially curated. The building that the Vancouver Art Gallery is located is a heritage protected building that used to be Vancouver’s law courts in the 1900s (e. 1905). The UBC Robson Square is frequented often during winter for its open-air skating ring while throughout the year you will find young adults practicing dance or break-dancing at Robson Square. The Law Courts was actually designed to be a horizontal skyscraper with windows to represent transparency (see-through to the workings of the law). Law and order, justice, and righteousness is a foundational necessity of society. If you fancy some unconventional activities and hearing people’s mess… visitors are permitted to sit in court hearings but please be respectful of avoiding disruption or noise. If that’s not your fancy, nearby you will find Faubourg Paris cafe which features tasty french baked goods and coffee. (because who don’t like delicious food, and fresh pastries especially.)
  • Tallest Building in Vancouver at Shangri-la Living: Visit 1128 West Georgia to admire the myriads of glass skyscrapers. (Dwayne’s ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Skyscraper movie was filmed in Vancouver, so you may as well admire our skyscrapers while you’re here. May not be movie stars but much easier to spot.) The tallest building in Vancouver is the 1128 West Georgia’s Shangri-la Living at 201 meters high. (Yeah, we’re Canadian – we don’t use your metric system in America. We use the imperial system as most the world. For our American friends that translates to 659 feet.) This is followed by the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver at 188 meters or 617 feet also on West Georgia Street (1161 W. Georgia Street). Who knows, you may find some protesters outside the hotel. Go for the experience and unique sightseeing!

Things to eat around Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver: There may be some overlap pertaining to things to eat suggestions here with the suggestions mentioned earlier in italics.

  • Sushi at Miku Restaurant: Grab a bite at the hottest sushi restaurant in Vancouver. It is not necessarily the most authentic Japanese sushi you will find. (If you’re looking for authentic Japanese sushi, visit Sushi Bar Maumi in the Westend neighborhood of Downtown Vancouver and prepare to be transported to Japan in a Omasake experience within a humble shop on a corner alley of the Westend neighborhood – fabulous place to walk about. 😀 Seriously, it is quite a quaint neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. Sushi Bar Maumi is also rightfully one of the best sushi in Vancouver) Miku Restaurant is the sister restaurant of Minami owned by a Japanese expat with ambitions to create an elevated Japanese dining experience that embodies his Japanese roots represented with a practice of excellence, added to an infusion of modern dining represented by innovation & creativity. What you get is modern Japanese fusion cuisine. They are known for their aburi sushi, flame-seared fish a top sushi rice with a perfect flavor profile ready to eat; all the sauce and toppings are already in their aburi sushi including jalapeno slices.
  • Street Food at Japadog: Want a taste of Vancouver’s diverse street food? Vancouver is known as food truck city only second to Los Angeles. Unabashedly, Japadog is considered the grandfather of Vancouver’s food truck scene. Considered widely to be one of the best food trucks in Vancouver, their unique twist on the classic hot dog food trucks paved a way towards everything from Korean-Mexican fusion truck to grilled cheese truck to vegan food truck. (speaking of which, here are the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver for your enjoyment) If you’re visiting Vancouver, Japadog is widely considered as a popular tourist attraction with their international media coverage from America to Japan.
  • Waterfront Dining at Cactus Club Cafe: Fancy some views of the waterfront with your dinner? Cactus Club Cafe is your spot for modern, casual dining with great views of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour located on the cleft right besides the Olympic Cauldron at Jack Poole’s Plaza. Arguably, one of the best restaurant in Vancouver with a view, the Cactus Club Cafe designed much of their menu with the help of Top Chef Canada, Rob Feenie, and the chain of restaurants holds some of the best real estate in Vancouver besides good food – the other Cactus Club Cafe to visit in Vancouver is the restaurant by English Bay, right on the beach.
  • Vancouver Sustainable Seafood at Blue Water Cafe: If you’re looking for seafood restaurants in Vancouver, Blue Water Cafe is known locally for fresh sustainable seafood, great service, and unique seafood dining menu options. Located in the heart of Yaletown, take a 15-20 minutes stroll across downtown Vancouver from Pan Pacific Hotel to the picturesque neighborhood of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver; a great way to build an appetite. If you’re lazy (really, you should be exploring more of Vancouver on foot) you can take the Canada Line from Waterfront station (at the doorsteps of Pan Pacific Hotel) to Yaletown Station in 10-15 minutes.
  • Gelato at Bella Gelateria: Arguably the best ice cream in Vancouver (gelato) delight your taste buds with delicious, luxurious, and award-winning gelato. Bella Gelato at 1001 West Cordova Street is a brief five minutes walk from Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, westwards along Canada Place towards Fairmont Pacific Rim. This Coal Harbour gelato store serves the best gelato in Vancouver. Freshly made gelato with many creative flavors including seasonal favourites. Enjoy the creamy flavor of gelato with less fat!

We hope the suggestions would be useful if you’re staying at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. If you have any specific questions or preference for dining options, you may wish to use the “search” function on the top of this page to find the best dining options in Vancouver or navigate to the “Contact us” page. We’d be glad to provide personalized suggestions on dining options in downtown Vancouver or answer any questions you may have about Vancouver before arriving. (As a service of gratitude in our city. We’re not paid/sponsored for any of our recommendations – as you may or may not know some hotel concierges in certain cities are paid to recommend a few restaurants – this doesn’t occur in Vancouver to our knowledge but we hope to ensure you truly get the best of Vancouver suggestions from a local perspective.) Our team will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours.


What Makes Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver special?

The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is truly a special downtown Vancouver hotel. Here’s what makes this Vancouver waterfront hotel special…

  • Second to none location for cruise ship guests: Located right at Canada Place, the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver’s iconic curvature building nestles itself between Miku Restaurant and the cruise ship. It boasts not only of phenomenal views towards Coal Harbour or downtown Vancouver but exceptional convenience for embarking or disembarking cruise ship passengers who choose the luxurious comfort of staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.
  • Location – Minutes to Waterfront Station: The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is the closest hotel to downtown Vancouver’s waterfront station. Presuming you are a Vancouver tourist, you may wish to avail yourself of the extensive transit network to get you around Metro Vancouver without the hassle of driving in an unfamiliar city. (and one that regrettably does not yet have Uber/Lyft) Waterfront Station is the hub that connects individuals from Vancouver’s SkyTrain network to YVR on the Canada Line, Coquitlam & Burnaby on the Millennium line, as well as a 15 minutes sea bus ride to North Vancouver! The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver’s location at the heart of downtown Vancouver makes transportation easy for a tourist as yourself. It is also walking distance to Stanley Park and much of downtown Vancouver.
  • Five-Star Hotel at Canada Place: Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver as with the Pan Pacific Hotel brand, spots a five star hotel rating. A full service luxury hotel, the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is known for attentive service, quality amenities, and excellent hotel rooms. Experience all the amenities you’ve come to expect from a five-star hotel such as personalized concierge service, attentive front desk team, swimming pool, fitness centre, business centre, and an overall elevated experience staying in renown downtown Vancouver hotel.
  • Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre: Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver provides guests access to a complete fitness centre which includes treadmills, free weights, and of course yoga mats because we are in Vancouver. What truly sets the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver amenities apart from other downtown Vancouver hotels however is the roof-top outdoor swimming pool and hot tub that overlooks the Burrard Inlet and Stanley Park. Enjoy a relaxing night in the hot tub after a day of exploring Vancouver or start your day right with a morning swim while taking in the breath-taking views of Vancouver’s Stanley Park before breakfast at Oceans 999 to refuel you for the day with smoke salmon eggs benedict and fresh fruits.
  • Very Vancouver Experience: What is Vancouver known for? Artisan food, beautiful nature, connectivity, and diversity. (ABCD, wanted to go EFGH, IJKL, MNOP, QRS, TUV, WXYZ …but that would have been too long.) In all seriousness, one distinct characteristic of Vancouver that reflects our heritage is our unique blend of cultures specifically a large Asian influence. As the popular travel blogger of OneMileAtATime, Ben Schlappig, puts it – Vancouver is a little bit like Asia (Hong Kong specifically, otherwise known as Hongcouver.) The Pan Pacific Hotel brand has its roots in Singapore (speaking of which, here are the best Singaporean food in Vancouver) giving you taste of Asian inspiration while staying in Vancouver. Therefore, you truly get a Very Vancouver experience by experience an Asian flair to your downtown Vancouver hotel stay. 😛 (Or you could visit Richmond to taste Hongcouver.) Vancouver is truly a melting pot of cultures, visit Chinatown, Little Italy, or Korean town.


Who is Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver for?

The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is one of those rare properties that truly fit every category of traveler. It is however largely suitable for tourists and leisure travelers in Vancouver with the expandable budget for quality downtown Vancouver hotel. Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is located in the centre of downtown Vancouver with easy accessibility to many of the best tourist attractions in Vancouver; it is also the hub for many tourist activities in Vancouver. (Such as the seabus to North Vancouver’s Quay Market, the shuttle to Capilano Suspension Bridge, the hop-on hop-off tours by WestCoast Sightseeing, Fly Over Canada, Gastown, Coal Harbour, and delicious dining options.)

The unique experiences provided at the Pan Pacific Hotel situated right at the waterfront along with its convenience to most of Vancouver (being located right at Waterfront Station) makes it ideal for any traveler. The luxurious room, attentive service, and amenities of a five-star hotel will satisfy every need or want of a Vancouver visitor whether you’re in our city for business or pleasure.

The luxury downtown Vancouver hotel at Canada Place (999 Canada Place) means arriving or departing to a cruise is effortless (they will even help you handle your luggage directly to the cruise ship) while being in Vancouver, (beautiful) British Columbia for a conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre is the doorstep of the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

With all this said, the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver suits best for cruise ship passengers, discerning tourists, conference attendees, and corporate travelers (effortlessly mix leisure and business).


Vancouver Tourists: As mentioned, the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver serves well for Vancouver tourists who want are willing to splurge for a memorable experience of staying in downtown Vancouver. The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is perfect for tourists to immerse themselves in the best that Vancouver has to offer. The waterfront downtown Vancouver hotel strategically places itself among the city’s most popular tourist attractions and best dining experiences within minutes from the Pan Pacific Hotel. The central location allows for convenient mobility so you can spend every minute savouring the beautiful city. This highly desired, premier location in downtown Vancouver comes from its establishment in 1986 granting it prime location.

Cruise Ship Passengers: Cruise ship passengers can indulge in the convenience of having a downtown Vancouver hotel situated atop the cruise terminal. Avail yourself of the “Alaska Cruise Package” that features complementary breakfast buffet for two at Oceans 999 along with luggage transfer service so boarding your cruise is as easy as walking abroad (while a porter handles your luggage from room to your cruise). Hassle-free and relaxing, the way your cruise should start. Something only available at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.

Families: The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver is popular among families as well. While the downtown Vancouver hotel is a pricier option on the high-end luxury hotel brands, families will still find it a comfortable stay in downtown Vancouver with convenient access to popular tourists attractions and good walk-ability making it excellent for family vacations. The Pan Pacific Hotel offers a new “The Ultimate Family Getaway” package which provides families with breakfast buffet for two adults and two children with perks such as milk and cookies on arrival (for the kids – and kids at heart). This gesture of hospitality emphasizes that families will feel at home at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. Further, the package includes two adult and two children ticket for the ever popular hop-on hop-off bus tours by Westcoast Sightseeing with complementary in-room movie and board games to keep the children busy. Much alike to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, the 2nd room booked is 50% off, but the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver even offers families availing themselves to the Ultimate Family Getaway package late 2 PM check-out.  (Actually you’ll find, most hotels will give you free 1 PM late check out if you ask nicely. Hehe) At the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, families can expect a luxurious up-scale experience without pretentiousness.

Vancouver Staycation: Staycation is very popular in Singapore (Locals taking respite from their day to day lives by booking a weekend stay at a local hotel – perhaps call this your experiential traveler. This is common because of tight scheduling with little opportunity for off-time in a fast paced society. Singaporeans also celebrate food so, so long as there is good food – it’s a good vacation/staycation), where the Pan Pacific Hotel brands are affiliated with, perhaps, less so in Vancouver. It is a growing category however. The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver central location in downtown Vancouver with the fixings of a five-star hotel makes it the ideal getaway for couples and staycation seekers. Enjoy the “Retreat, Recharge & Reconnect” package which includes breakfast at the newly renovated, Italian-inspired, Pacific Club (lounge for club rooms) along with spa treatments (in the form of $300 gift voucher) to recharge and revitalize yourself. Enjoy the package with a spa lunch for two and a 2 PM late checkout.


Business Travelers: Corporate and business travelers will appreciate the hassle-free stay at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver complete with all the amenities you would expect from a quality downtown Vancouver hotel. The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver (luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver) may not be considered as a downtown Vancouver business hotel but it fits the bill. Enjoy personalized concierge service, a complete business centre (with secretarial service available for hire), and stay in shape with a fitness centre. Take in the sights of Vancouver right at your door step allowing you to effortless experience Vancouver while fulfilling your work responsibilities. Enjoy the best of Vancouver dining at Miku Restaurant, Cactus Club Cafe, Fairmont Pacific Rim’s RawBar, and Arc Restaurant all around your downtown Vancouver hotel, The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. Truly experience the best of Vancouver while working without having to go out of your way because all this beauty, tastes, and attractions are minutes from the downtown Vancouver waterfront hotel.

Conference Attendees: Conference Attendees would appreciate their stay at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver for several reasons. (1) Getting to the hotel from the airport is a breeze through the Canada Line to downtown Vancouver’s Waterfront Station. (2) The hotel is located atop the convention centre and cruise ship terminal making it convenient access to and from conference events. (3) The location of the hotel in downtown Vancouver by the waterfront provides plentiful entertainment and leisure options. (4) The views of downtown Vancouver waterfront where the hotel is located gives conference attendees a true taste of Vancouver’s beautiful natural landscape – a very Vancouver experience. (5) The service at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver leaves guests with a pleasant experience of local hospitality.


Luxury Travelers: Luxury travelers would appreciate the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver as a five-star property with a newly renovated club lounge and private check-in/out services.

Experience Seekers: Experience seekers would have their fill at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver with the hotel situated above Canada Place and the unique waterfront property that provides a quintessentially Vancouver experience and views straight out of your postcard especially in rooms with higher floors.

Solo Travelers: Solo travelers will get good respite at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver with well appointed rooms and a convenient location for all your individual explorations of Vancouver.

Flight Attendants: Lufthansa likes to host their flight attendants at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver so perhaps if you’re a flight attendant visiting Vancouver with a choice on accommodation, then book at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver to chance meeting the Lufthansa flight crew as they arrive. Haha. You all can gossip about the bad passengers on your flight.


Average Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Nightly Rate (Off-Peak): TBD


Average Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Nightly Rate (Peak): TBD

Trip Advisor Reviewshttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154943-d155558-Reviews-Pan_Pacific_Vancouver-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

Address: 300 – 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B5


Special Mention – More Hotels in Vancouver:

There are many hotels in downtown Vancouver and Vancouver, BC. We’ve tried our best to learn and categorize every hotel in Vancouver to truly find the best downtown Vancouver hotels. There are a few hotels that may not suit this list but should still be considered if you’re looking for a downtown Vancouver hotel.

The following are many local branded hotels in downtown Vancouver that are reputed for quality accommodations in Vancouver with service excellence. Wedgewood Spa and Hotel along with The Loden are found on our best boutique hotels in Vancouver recommendations. Century Plaza Hotel & Spa along with Blue Horizon didn’t quite make our best boutique hotels recommendations but are still good accommodation options to consider depending on your budget. (They are great hotels while being slightly cheaper than Wedgewood Spa & Hotel or The Loden if you’re price orientated. If you’re experience orientated then The Loden would be your #1 choice.)


Wedgewood Spa and Hotel – Boutique Hotel in Vancouver:

Wedgewood Spa and Hotel is situated right across the BC Law Courts in Vancouver. (designed as a horizontal skyscraper with windows into the courts to represent transparency  – one of the things you learn about Vancouver in our free Vancouver walking tour)

It is a boutique hotel owned and operated locally.


Century Plaza Hotel & Spa – Spa & Expedia +VIP hotel:

Century Plaza Hotel & Spa is an old but well operated hotel in downtown Vancouver. (Locals are probably wondering when it will be closed for re-development into condos as the building looks past its prime. Speaking of which, the hotel restaurant “C Prime” does do very good breakfast.) The location is centrally located on Burrard Street at 1015 Burrard Street. Expect professional and friendly service, clean rooms, large rooms actually, and good food at C Prime. Century Plaza Hotel & Spa also has an excellent spa branded absolute spa. The absolute spa brands you see at Vancouver International Airport and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was actually originally founded in Century Plaza Hotel by the daughter of the original owner, Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia. You can expect a relaxing spa experience.

The Century Plaza Hotel & Spa is a local, family-owned hotel in downtown Vancouver. If you want to support local businesses in Vancouver, the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa is a good choice. They are also members of Expedia’s +VIP program which gives you a free room upgrade booking through Expedia with Expedia Silver or Gold status.


The Loden:

The Loden is arguably one of the BEST hotels in downtown Vancouver. It is a small boutique hotel in Coal Harbour neighborhood of Vancouver (just a block up from Coast Coal Harbour by APA) that is reputed for their attentive customer service team who will make each guest feel like their family. We’ve mentioned it as the best boutique hotels in Vancouver where you can read more about The Loden; to avoid repetitiveness, we’ve not mentioned them on our best downtown Vancouver hotels since The Loden is truly the epitome of a boutique hotel where it belongs!


Blue Horizon Hotel:

The Blue Horizon is an excellent local hotel that truly exists to serve their guests. You will enjoy the professional, friendly, and attentive team at Blue Horizon Hotel. It may not be an exceptionally remarkable hotel as far as unique experiences are considered (if you get a top floor room your view will be spectacular) but it is an excellent downtown Vancouver hotel on Robson Street. You can expect (1) good location – the Blue Horizon Hotel is located on Robson Street with plenty of the best restaurants in Vancouver within a few minutes walk. It is also very accessible to the Canada Line (2) friendly service – you can always expect professional, friendly, and welcoming team to accompany your room. (3) reliable accommodation – Clean rooms is the norm albeit an older hotel in downtown Vancouver much like Century Plaza Hotel & Spa.

There are no unwanted surprises when booking at Blue Horizon Hotel because you know they take care in representing Vancouver to tourists and visitors as yourself. For all intents and purposes, Blue Horizon Hotel is an excellent hotel in downtown Vancouver albeit not being on the top 5 best hotels in downtown Vancouver as recommended on VancityAsks (simply as there wasn’t enough space).

If you need a hotel in downtown Vancouver and Blue Horizon Hotel has a good rate, book it confidently knowing you will have a pleasant experience with your choice of accommodation in Vancouver, BC. If you’re booking a room during the (rainy) winter season in Vancouver, lights will guide you home with their bright neon pink lights on the building amidst the fog or rain.


Central Vancouver Neighborhoods:

Like every major metropolitan city, downtown Vancouver, is not a homogeneous experience. Downtown Vancouver compromises of several neighborhoods surrounded by pristine scenery, towering skyscrapers, and rich history.

This is by no means exhaustive but this will hopefully provide you a better understanding of varying neighborhoods in downtown Vancouver:


Thanks for reading about downtown Vancouver hotels on VancityAsks.com

We hope this content has helped you find a more suitable downtown Vancouver hotel according to your needs or wants. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment bellow or contact us.

If you’re looking to learn more about the best of Vancouver, where to eat and what to do while you’re in Vancouver beyond what was already shared above – please feel free to browse more articles on VancityAsks:

  • Best Sushi in Vancouver
  • Best Pizza in Vancouver
  • Best Ramen in Vancouver
  • Best Tourist Attractions in Vancouver
  • Best Dry Cleaners in Vancouver (evidently looking for convenience, service, and quality. Quality is usually standardized as most have a supplier conduct their dry cleaning, we’ve shared the main dry cleaners in Vancouver along with some in dry cleaners in downtown Vancouver that are known for service and pricing.)


Enjoy your day and hope to see you in Vancouver soon!

Coquitlam Hotels: Best Hotels in Coquitlam

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Visiting Coquitlam, British Columbia? Here’s everything you need to know about Coquitlam, BC.

Find bellow, a local’s guide to finding the best hotels in Coquitlam for your business, leisure, or family visit to Coquitlam, BC. Discover useful tips for booking a cheaper Coquitlam hotel, and which Coquitlam hotels to avoid. (There are only two Coquitlam hotels you should consider staying at.)


Best Hotels in Coquitlam, BC

We’ve taken an extensive look at some of the best hotels in Coquitlam, BC and here are our recommendations for the best hotels in Coquitlam from a locals point of view.

Whether you’re looking to visit family in the tri-cities, if you’re in town on leisure, or if you’re in town for business, these are tried and tested accommodation for your stay in Coquitlam, BC.

Tip #1 – Avoid the AirBnbs as your experience can be good or bad; hotels are safer, more conducive to the community, and comfortable …with amenities you won’t find at AirBnbs. AirBnbs do not have a good reputation locally in Metro Vancouver (more so the City of Vancouver with low vacancy rate of rentals – it is less frowned upon in the suburbs) and many locals do not take kindly to AirBnbs in Vancouver. There was also a recent story of an AirBnb in Canada with hidden cameras embedded. (Specifically, in the City of Vancouver short term rentals are banned without a proper license.)

We’ve taken the effort to visiting and trying quite a few of our recommendations for Coquitlam hotels first-hand so these are not blind recommendations.


About Coquitlam, British Columbia:

Presuming you’re looking to book a Coquitlam hotel, you would like to know a little more about Coquitlam, BC to help you with your hotel choice. As such, before we get to our list of the best hotels in Coquitlam, we’d like to share a few tidbits about what you should know about Coquitlam. (A more extensive guide about Vancouver can be found here.) We will also share more about Coquitlam, BC after our write-up on hotels in Coquitlam. (Edit – A complete guide to Coquitlam, BC can be found on another VancityAsks article linked above.)

  • Coquitlam is a city in Metro Vancouver (Metro Vancouver consists of 24 municipalities).
  • Coquitlam derives its name from Coast Salish (natives) language Hun’qum’i’num; Coquitlam means “small red salmon” (we have salmon spawning season where many of Coquitlam’s rivers are filled with spawning salmon) as well as “stinking of fish slime”. You can certainly smell the stink around fall when the salmon dies in the river after spawning.
  • Coquitlam is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver (without traffic) and 1 hour from downtown Vancouver by transit (using Translink SkyTrain).
  • Coquitlam is surrounded by Port Moody (to the West) and Port Coquitlam (to the East) with Burnaby (a larger municipality of Metro Vancouver) after Port Moody. (Port Moody is a small but quaint town about 1/5th the size of Coquitlam)
  • Coquitlam has a population of 139,284 people as of 2016; it is a rapidly developing suburb however by and large with its size, there are not many options for hotels in Coquitlam. There are many hotels in Metro Vancouver however and downtown Vancouver which is a mere 30 minutes from Coquitlam, BC.


The Best Hotels in Coquitlam:

These are hotels located within Coquitlam, BC.

There aren’t currently any hotels by Coquitlam Center unfortunately (where most of the residents live in high rise condos, along with Coquitlam Centre Mall by Morguard, and City Hall). Most of the hotels in Coquitlam currently are located towards Lougheed Station also known as Korean Town along the Trans Canada highway.

There are only five hotels in Coquitlam, BC and only two worth booking at. You’re better off booking at a hotel in Burnaby or New Westminster if either of these two hotels (#1 and #2 respectively) are not available. We would suggest Accent Inn Burnaby if you’re looking for a reliable budget option or the Hilton Metrotown in Burnaby as well as the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster if you’re looking for a hotel with more amenities.


1) Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel – Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver:

If you need to be in Coquitlam, BC then the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is where you want to book out of all options currently available as far as Coquitlam hotels are concerned. It has recently been re-branded as the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver, however the rooms and management is the same. This is by no means a spectacular hotel but it is the best option available in Coquitlam, BC with a reasonable price point usually around $150+ for the non-peak periods and $250+ for the peak periods. (Note: If the re-branding as Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver, they have also raised their room-rates by 20-25% from what it was before. This might mean it is not as good a deal as it was before the re-branding. The re-branding was likely done to increase their room rates by targeting Vancouver visitors beyond Coquitlam hotel market.)

Expedia +VIP Benefits at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel – The Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel participates in Expedia’s +VIP loyalty program so Expedia Gold and Silver members will receive a complementary upgrade or fruit basket on arrival. The most common benefit at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is a fruit basket containing quarter pineapple, handful of grapes on a vine, apple, pear, orange, nicely wrapped in a basket… and occasionally a variety of other fruit selections.

Secret Deals at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel – The hotel can be found on Priceline’s and Hotwire’s Secret Deals for a Coquitlam Hotel providing substantial discount for last minute deals in the off-peak season. (and occasionally peak season)


Pros –

+ Great service: The front desk customer service is phenomenal; they are generally friendly, professional, and prompt. They are compassionate and preemptively considering customers’ needs and wants as with most Executive branded hotels.

+ Convenient location: Especially with the SkyTrain station bringing you to Coquitlam in 15 minutes or downtown in 25 minutes. This makes the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel a convenient option even for those visiting Vancouver, BC proper.

The Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is just a 5 minute walk from Lougheed Skytrain Station providing access both to the Expo and Millennium lines connecting to Canada Line towards Richmond and YVR airport at Waterfront Station.

This means, you have access across the Metro Vancouver from a clean and comfortable based in the beautiful city of Coquitlam, BC. You can also get to the airport effortlessly within 90 minutes by transit. (I’ve personally had friends visiting Vancouver who stayed at this hotel using the SkyTrain across Metro Vancouver and noted a pleasant experience.)

The Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver is the nearest hotel to the Lougheed SkyTrain station which is a split track to Vancouver, Coquitlam-La Farge, Burnaby, and Surrey. This means you will have easy access to most of Metro Vancouver by SkyTrain.



– Old property: some rooms require some maintenance.

– Housekeeping can be inconsistent: Rooms are generally clean but you may notice the occasional need for extra attention. (The first time I stayed at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel, I’m certain the bed sheets wasn’t changed but that was dutifully addressed.)

Property Class – 4 Stars

Price Range

– Average $120+ per night for Double bed Room (on Expedia)

– Average $134+ per night for King Room (on Expedia)

– Average $158+ per night for One Bedroom queen Suite (on Expedia). Their one bedroom queen suite isn’t much larger than their King Room. The key difference being a dividing door between the bedroom and the lounge area.

(These prices are observed prices during the low season. Peak season pricing would generally add a significant premium around 50-200% higher.)

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181718-d226323-Reviews-Executive_Plaza_Hotel-Coquitlam_British_Columbia.html

Address: 405 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9

Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel Pictures:


Extra Notes about Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel – I have stayed three times at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel and the experiences keeps getting better. They have a record of all your previous stays and are preemptive in ensuring you have a positive experience. While the property could use some touching up, they emphasize specially on the service and improving the guest experience. If you’re looking for a hotel to book in Coquitlam, the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is a safe choice. There was a period of time where I was out of Vancouver most of the year so had the opportunity to try various hotels in Vancouver for the several sporadic weeks in town. Booked several times in Coquitlam as I needed to be in the area and was pleasantly surprised by the experience at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel. (as it was known then – now it appears to be re-branded as Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver) Usually, I would prefer to book a hotel near to the airport in Richmond or Downtown Vancouver for convenience (there’s more to eat around the area haha …and lively) – and would suggest doing so as well noting that Vancouver to Coquitlam, BC is only 30 minutes – but this is a good option if you need to be in Coquitlam and the price is good. (usually cheaper than downtown Vancouver hotels during the off-peak period due to its suburb location. For example with a test date of October 10-11, it is showing $106 for a basic double-bed room whereas other four-star hotels in Vancouver like the Georgian Court Hotel BW Premier Collection is $174 for a double-queen room.)

Hanamori Sushi in the same complex as the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is a recommended dining choice.


2) Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre:

NOTE – Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre will be closing after September 2018. It is being replaced with 5 condo towers and 1,386 residential units.

Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre is a low-rise hotel right on the edge of Korean town and the Trans Canada highway. It is highly accessible to the SkyTrain station along with various dining options within the vicinity. Highway traffic noises may be noticeable from this Coquitlam hotel.


+ Convenient location: The Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre is surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, salons, and two Korean themed supermarkets. There is also a liquor store attached to the hotel. The Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre is also conveniently accessible to the Trans Canada Highway. It is also a mere 15 minutes walk to the Lougheed SkyTrain Station. (A slight distance away from the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel which is nearer to the hub of Lougheed Town Centre – the Lougheed Town Centre shopping mall hosts a large variety of shops along with anchor tenants like Walmart and The Bay for your shopping needs.) You should have no problem with the convenience of the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre if you’re looking for a hotel in Coquitlam, BC.

+ Family Friendly: The hotel is very well suited for families with a variety of room types including double queen rooms and even a two bed-room suite. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool similar to a tropical theme. For the most part, Best Western branded hotels are not swanky hotels but more catered towards families and leisure travelers. It’s a clean and comfortable accommodation in Coquitlam that’s not pretentious making it excellent for families with kids who are afraid about disturbing guests with their kids playing.

+ Business centre available: If you’re looking for an area to print boarding passes or get some work done with office supplies, there is a small business centre located in the hotel. It should be noted WiFi is complementary as with most hotels these days.

+ Friendly service: Guests can expect friendly and accommodating service at the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre.

+ Clean & Consistent Hotel in Coquitlam: The wonderful thing about the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre is the consistency of the rooms at the Coquitlam hotel. You can expect a simple, clean, and comfortable room to retreat to when you visit Coquitlam, BC. It may not be fancy and certainly not an astonishing experience but you can expect a consistent three-star hotel in Coquitlam with the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Centre. A sure bet for a clean and comfortable hotel in Coquitlam.


– Old Property: As with most hotels in Coquitlam available at the moment, the Best Western Coquitlam Inn and Conference Centre is a very old low-rise building. The building has been reasonably well maintained however, you can certainly see its age. The property is also similar to a motel set-up where guests have to access their rooms separate from the check-in/front-desk counters.

– Paid Parking: Self-park carries a $5/night fee.

– Outskirts of Lougheed/KoreanTown area: The hotel is located on the edge of the Trans Canada Highway and towards the outskirts of Korean Town. It is the last strip-mall/plaza to the highway. There are several concerns about this. It may mean a noisier stay or it can also typically mean you will find loiters around the area. One thing about Vancouver and Metro Vancouver is that there are more homeless loiters than many other cities, they tend to keep to secluded areas like the outskirts of a populated area. (You will observe many at East Hastings in downtown Vancouver along with parts of Burnaby… as well as the transit.) It is a less populated area. Security is good however.

– Value lacking: If you are comparing the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre to other Coquitlam or Burnaby Hotels, you may find better options for your costs. While it is certainly a reasonably priced 3-star hotel, especially during the low season, there are many excellent hotel deals to be had and with Metro Vancouver’s competition among hotel, you can book hotels with better amenities for less. For example, nearby with the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel, you will find a four-star hotel for approximately $106 per night instead of $225 per night at the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre (counting on a free upgrade or fruit basket with Expedia +VIP membership and you got an incredible value – the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre is not a Expedia +VIP hotel so members do not get added benefits.) If you’re willing to search further, you can book the Accent Inn Burnaby for just $93 per night which is another 3-star hotel not much different from Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre… except with slightly lesser location amenities (it is in a more industrial area of Burnaby nearing a power station) but better & friendly local service. Basically, there are better value options to be had than the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre if you’re looking for your value per dollar… both booking hotels in Coquitlam and Burnaby. The Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre is a reputable and reliable hotel however for those looking for a good Coquitlam hotel. (Simply that you can find better value within the same property class or booking a higher property class for the same price. The Inn at the Quay in New Westminster for the same period runs at $138 per night which is also an Expedia +VIP member hotel – meaning you get a complementary upgrade where available. For this hotel, you will have to call into Expedia or request the hotel to call in, when checking-in to get the upgrade added. I checked before.)

Property Class: 3-Stars

Price Range:

– Average $225+ per night for Queen Room (on Expedia)

– Average $238+ per night for Queen Room with Jetted Tub (on Expedia)

– Average $234+ per night for Two Queen Beds Room (on Expedia).

– Average $288+ per night for Two-Bedroom Suite with 3 Twin Beds (on Expedia)

(These prices are observed prices during the low season. Peak season pricing would generally add a significant premium around 50-150% higher.)

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181718-d182107-Reviews-Best_Western_Plus_Coquitlam_Inn_Convention_Centre-Coquitlam_British_Columbia.html

Address: 319 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8

Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre Pictures:


Extra Notes about Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre – The hotel is closing September 2018 slated for redevelopment (we will remove this description 6 months after hotel closure) for your reference – as the location description will still be relevant to readers.

Sushi Itshoni is located nearby to the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre which is an excellent sushi restaurant in Coquitlam that is worth trying out. The sushi here is more so a Korean-Japanese style but fresh and good value. It is located five minutes from the hotel in the adjacent strip-mall complex opposite H-Mart at 550 North Road.

H-Mart and K-Mart both are Korean-themed grocery stores which serve a variety of hot-foods and baked goods as well. It is worth while visit if you’re looking for a quick-bite to go, perhaps in the morning before rushing off to your meetings/obligations.

Dasarang is a Korean restaurant located opposite from the Best Western Coquitlam Inn and Conference Centre which is well known for Korean fried chicken (fried chicken coated in sweet Korean chili or a variety of sauces served with preserved daikon radish). It makes for a good supper spot to grab beer and fried chicken by yourself or with friends.

Dae Ji Cutlet House is a Korean fast-food restaurant that serves only pork chops along with chicken chops & fried fish fillet. It makes a good choice for a quick meal in around the area. Served with rice, salad, and your choice of pizza topping (cheese & tomato sauce), curry sauce, or their Dae Ji signature sauce. They also serve dok bok ki and a few other Korean dishes like kimchi fried rice. This was the original Dae Ji Cutlet House which has since opened several more locations across Metro Vancouver including one right in Coquitlam Central and another two more in downtown Vancouver. Perhaps, trying it at the original location will provide a better “original” experience while in Vancouver. Haha. Just kidding, it’s all fairly standardized and the same owner ensuring added consistency and care.

If you’re looking for places to get your morning coffee while staying at Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre (and as more often than not, the hotel packet coffee doesn’t do the trick) then you will be glad to know that there are MANY cafes around the North Road area. Two notable ones nearby to the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre is Black Milk Water and Juillet Cafe. Black Milk Water is my preferred coffee shop when visiting Coquitlam. It is located right beneath the Dasarang restaurant in the same strip mall complex. Juillet Cafe has also Ok coffee but is more known as a Wedding, Spa, and Design studio than a cafe. It is located opposite to Black Milk Water in the next strip-mall complex (there are many strip mall and low-rise mall complex in North Road and Lougheed Area.)  Black Milk Water serves coffee from a local Vancouver Roastery, known as Timbertrain Coffee Roasters (in Gastown – very good coffee) and Juillet Cafe serves coffee from a local Coquitlam coffee roaster known as Creekside Coffee Roasters. (If you asked my preference, I’d suggest Timbertrain Coffee Roasters has better coffee if you like flavorful roasts than the watery kind.)


3) Best Western Chelsea Inn – SURESTAY PLUS by Best Western:

The Best Western Chelsea Inn is a Coquitlam, BC hotel just off the edge of Trans Canada Highway and towards Maillardville community of Coquitlam, BC. It is truly only accessible by car as the area is rather industrial or residential around this hotel; it is also quite a long distance from any mass rapid transit systems (SkyTrain) so may not be ideal for tourists & leisure travelers looking to utilize Metro Vancouver’s relatively effective transit network/system. The Coquitlam hotel standards fall short of most three star hotels with many guests reporting unsanitary sheets with uneven furnishing (patch work and mirrors that aren’t remotely straight). Overall, you’re better off looking towards Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre or the Executive Hotel Metro Vancouver (as it is now known instead of Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel) if you’re looking for convenient and reliable accommodations in Coquitlam, BC.

Once again as a friendly reminder because there aren’t many Coquitlam hotel options to choose from, do keep in mind that Coquitlam is a suburb of Vancouver; and and such, you shouldn’t find much a hassle choosing a hotel in a nearby Metro Vancouver city such as Burnaby’s Hilton Metrotown or New Westminster’s Inn at the Quay. This is a good choice if you prefer having more options choosing Coquitlam hotels than the three limited & sometimes dilapidated options. If you’re looking for a good hotel near to Coquitlam that’s remarkably cheap… As you will find on our Burnaby Hotels guide, an excellent budget option for a hotel in Burnaby is the Accent Inn Burnaby (which is a local brand to British Columbia – their sister hotel, the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel is featured on our (extensive) best Vancouver airport hotel resource.)


What you need to know about Best Western Chelsea Inn:


+ Cheap Prices: If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Coquitlam, BC then Best Western Chelsea Inn (or SURESTAY Plus by Best Western) is a valid choice. Rates at the Best Western Chelsea Inn is typically one of the lowest or cheapest hotel in Coquitlam for good reason. Running around $93 per night during the off-peak period, it does price itself very low for a three star hotel in Coquitlam.

+ Complementary breakfast & WiFi: The Best Western Chelsea Inn including a complementary continental breakfast and complementary WiFi. There have been no complaints about the WiFi speed and the continental breakfast is the standard fare of muffins, fruits, yogurt, and coffee. It may help start your day better but providing you were able to sleep in the standard of cleanliness. (Note cleanliness and room quality differs by individual experience – it depends on the room you get and the housekeeper who prepared the room. You may find a few surprises like an old, used underwear under the bed or some left over peanuts if you get the wrong room assignment. Otherwise, there has been reports of moldy showers with gut. It’s a draw of luck; you may have a good experience. There have been some happy visitors at SURESTAY by Best Western Coquitlam.)

+ Occasionally friendly service: The Best Western Chelsea Inn has good staff who try to care for their guests. Unfortunately, it appears they have a sub-standard property and the owner/manager who doesn’t take much attention into improving the guest experience through regular renovation maintenance and updates. Many guests have noted that the staff at the front desk tries to go above and beyond by offering assistance.


– Cleanliness is lacking: How do you put this… the Best Western Chelsea Inn (SURESTAY by Best Western) is a dump. Clearly the house keeping is not keeping up with things because guests have reported repeatedly of sticky remotes, lady’s undergarments under the bed, along with white dust on the air conditioning. Base on the descriptions, we would venture a guess to say the bed sheets are not always changed either. Seriously, if you are concerned about cleanliness of your hotel stay then Best Western Chelsea Inn (SURESTAY by Best Western) is probably not the right Coquitlam hotel for your time in Coquitlam, BC.

– Old & musty interiors: Many guests have noted the building is old and musty; also, that the smell of must remains on your clothing even after leaving the Coquitlam hotel. (eek) This is certainly one of the older hotels in Coquitlam, BC and likely built mainly with wood hence it can be a fair presumption that some of the wood has begun to decay over time especially if moisture is not properly removed. This is a common problem with wood-framed buildings as witnessed in a few other hotels built primarily with wood. (That are not properly maintained.) The interiors surely show their age although they have been recently renovated in 2016 or 2017, the musty smell is hard to remove.

– Old and dirty furniture: Perhaps, one of the easiest remedy to an aging and decaying Coquitlam hotel is refreshing the furniture but of course this takes money. The Best Western Chelsea Inn shows its age and guests have noted that furnishing at this SURESTAY by Best Western in Coquitlam is also fitted with old and dented furniture. When they re-branded to SURESTAY, they should have taken the opportunity to update their furnishing and renovated the hotel (as some unimpressed guests have suggested taking a good time off market to fix the aging Coquitlam hotel) however it appears they didn’t (beyond some minor renovations). Since Best Western is a non-profit co-op (until recently) they don’t really penalize brand deviations as much as major chains like SPG or Hilton.

– Old & lumpy pillows/bed: It can be difficult enough sleeping in a bed other than your own, however the Best Western Chelsea Inn gives you another bigger challenge… sleeping in a bed with dirty, old, and lumpy pillows. Neither do you want to know what happened on the bed many times before you… (base on reviewers’ comments of dirty woman’s underwear underneath the bed as well as another Trip Advisor review mentioning that such hotel should be sold hourly.) Expect, saggy beds and not new, refreshing, plush, and comfy beds as you might at the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel or Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre. Unfortunately, this Best Western has appeared to truly drop the ball on the quality and experience of guests by the hard products. Service appears to be on par.

– Inconvenient location: The location of SURESTAY by Best Western Coquitlam or the Best Western Chelsea Inn is not the most ideal for travelers or visitors to Coquitlam. It is not near any public transit but it is accessible by car. It is near to the Trans Canada Highway which may make for a noisy stay as well if you are sensitive to traffic noises. (If you’ve lived downtown for a while you are probably now accustom to the traffic noises.) However, there is not much going on around the area of Best Western Chelsea Inn in regards to food and beverage options or convenience stores. Actually, it seems to be snuck inside a cleft between a major road and the Trans Canada Highway. If you have a car, driving five minutes will bring you to Millardville in Coquitlam which is a small neighborhood with a few restaurants and shops. Ikea is also five minutes drive away as is School House neighborhood of Coquitlam being 10 minutes drive away. At School House neighborhood of Coquitlam there is a movie theater along with a bowling alley and restaurants (pho & bubble tea are good) as well as a Superstore near the complex. Effectively, if you have a car there are options around the area within a short drive but seldom do you want to go driving to look for food when you’re checking into a hotel. There is unfortunately, no dining option or convenience option within walking distance of the hotel as the hotel is near an industrial road and a highway. This is in significant contrast to the convenience value of the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel and the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre.

Property Class: 3-stars

Price Range:

– Starting from $108/night standard room with two queen beds during off-peak periods. (October to May)

– Starting from $178/night standard room with two queen beds during peak periods. (June to September)

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181718-d182108-Reviews-or5-SureStay_Plus_Hotel_By_Best_Western_Coquitlam-Coquitlam_British_Columbia.html

There are only two reliable hotels in Coquitlam. There are a total of five legitimate hotels in Coquitlam (along with numerous AirBnb.) These three hotels however are not recommended; the quality and your experience in Coquitlam would not be pleasant. These Coquitlam Hotels should be avoided as hygiene and room cleanliness is a concern.

Best Western Chelsea Inn (Sure Stay Plus Hotel by Best Western Coquitlam) Address: 725 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6A6

Best Western Chelsea Inn Pictures:


Extra Notes about Best Western Chelsea Inn – 

The Best Western Chelsea Inn has been rebranded as the SURESTAY Plus by Best Western (Coquitlam). SURESTAY appears to be a brand of Best Western that provides breakfast (not all do). This instance of “SURESTAY” is absolutely not sure however. We wanted to like it because there are so limited choices of hotels in Coquitlam, however reviewers and a closer look clearly show this is one Best Western hotel in Coquitlam to stay away from until there is a proper update or re-development. We want the BEST for you so you can have a pleasant experience in Coquitlam and Metro Vancouver. If you’re looking for a three star hotel and either the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel or the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre are available then perhaps consider the Accent Inn Burnaby which hovers around the same price-range as the Best Western Chelsea Inn but with a more consistent quality, cleanliness, along with local service. You can book the Accent Inn Burnaby on Expedia here. (Recent checking shows the rate to be $93 CAD for the off-season of October 10-11 which is a remarkable price and value for a Metro Vancouver hotel.)

The experience of guests on Trip Advisor was largely consulted for this description as there is no first hand or second hand experience of the Best Western Chelsea Inn. This was paired with local knowledge of the area to compose this content.


4) Ramada Coquitlam:

Ramada Coquitlam is located a few minutes drive away from Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel. There is truly nothing around the area except a busy road unless you’re able to drive five minutes to North Road/Korean Town where Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel is or five minutes to Schoolhouse where the Superstore & Silvercity Theater is located. To put it flatly, the only thing going for Ramada Coquitlam is its price which during the off-peak period hovers around $90+ per night. With this said, it would be advisable to book at Accent Inn Burnaby for $93/night instead OR “splurge” another few dollars to book at Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel for $120+/night providing a much more pleasant (and convenient) experience if you need to find a hotel in Coquitlam, BC. (and prefer not booking all the way in Burnaby, BC at Accent Inn Burnaby – which is only a 10 minutes drive from Coquitlam.)


+ Cheap Coquitlam Hotel: Ramada Coquitlam is a 2-star budget hotel. The prices are relatively cheap ranging around $100+ during the off-peak periods and $180+ during the peak period. Still, while the price is considered cheap option as a Coquitlam hotel, it is not necessarily the best value hotel in Coquitlam. During the off-peak periods you can get a much better room and service for approximately 33% more at Executive Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Metro Vancouver (#1 on our best hotels in Coquitlam) or book at Sure Stay by Best Western Coquitlam for 10% more (not a great option either). If you’re flexible on your hotel location and looking to keep within a budget, we would suggest looking at Accent Inn Burnaby which is usually around the same price point of $100 for a

+ Restaurant on hotel property: This is probably the best thing about Ramada Coquitlam – their onsite restaurant Char 631 which is reasonable for a hotel restaurant; it is a steakhouse in Coquitlam.


– Lack of cleanliness: Ramada Coquitlam is not known for clean and immaculate rooms. It is a budget hotel, and it is what you might expect of a highway roach motel. (Which in a sense, it is by the Trans Canada Highway – so a viable option for those looking to stop for the night on their drive.)

– Bad room conditions: The room ain’t pretty; let’s keep it at that. Very much needing some good upkeep.

– Bad guests: These type of property level attract an undesirable demographic of guests most often (much like Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge) as many real guests have noted in their reviews of Ramada Coquitlam. This makes it a less ideal option for families, women, or legitimate guests looking for a restful end to their day.

– Mixed guest experience (inconsistent): One important characteristic you want with a hotel anywhere you go is consistency. This is one reason franchises are very successful in maintaining their customer’s loyalty; you know when you’re going to an SPG, Marriott, or Hilton hotel that there is some measure of standards you can expect at the minimum (service may vary as it always does – but you can still expect professionalism and a baseline of hard and soft products).

– Lower Service Standards: As

A tangent aside, some franchises like Marriott hotels requires operators who have more experience in the hotel industry for their franchisees. Unfortunately, the Ramada is quite known for the opposite. Ramada is a low-end property franchise (which honestly at this point, level or property category, there is little value in a franchise because you’re not benefiting at all from their customer base with brand reputation or reliability. If the owner was looking for economies of scale such as bulk purchasing or operational expertise/guidance ~ clearly you already don’t care about your property standards so it wouldn’t add much value being in a franchise. The owner is better off hacking it on their own with a local motel brand – that perhaps emphasizes on local hospitality and owners who care, something that Accent Inn does – than joining a franchise like Ramada. Effectively, they have very little brand loyalty or a customer base to rely on – and presumably the customer base they have on their program isn’t very worthwhile reaching because the demographic Ramada brand fits. Reference the point above about Bad Guests. Likely higher probability of room damage and problem charges which is probably why the room incidentals at Ramada is noted to be $200 per night …when there’s no room-service or chargeable service. Relatively, most higher-end hotels hold nothing.)

Low value: Overall when you consider the price along with the amenities and room conditions, the Ramada Coquitlam isn’t ideal value. (Generally, you get better value when booking at a higher-end hotel or mid-range hotel then a bottom barrel budget hotel. If you know how to utilize loyalty programs and OTAs depending on the season, demand, city, and promotional periods – you can really get excellent value at mid to higher end hotels. This however is not available at lower property ranges like those bellow 2-stars since there isn’t really any extra value that can be discounted on. You’re getting the dirty spoon and bottom prices already. )

Property Class: 2-stars

Price Range:


Trip Advisor:


5) Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge:

The Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge is hardly a hotel; at least, not one advisable to stay at. It’s nestled between Port Moody, BC and Lougheed Town Centre in Coquitlam; the location is reasonably convenient. Location wise, it is five minutes from Lougheed Town Centre by car and even reasonable distance to a SkyTrain Station for those using public transit – the SkyTrain is actually very convenient for hassle-free access to Port Moody’s Town Centre, Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park, Port Moody’s New Port Village & Sutterbrook Village, as well as Coquitlam Centre, and Coquitlam La Farge Park for your leisure and dining needs without worrying about parking – an advisable option for tourists during summer, during winter the weather may be unpleasant to using transit. (Coquitlam is a very safe city so you have little to be concerned about which neighbourhood your hotel might be in – there are several distinct neighborhoods in Coquitlam even with it being a suburb city in Metro Vancouver, you can learn more about Coquitlam here.) This said, your neighbours at Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge are likely unpleasant – the Coquitlam motel has a program with the Canadian government to house troubled individuals. Many guests have noted unruly guests, screaming/shouting, and generally uncomfortable behavior. There is also mention of plentiful cigarette buds around the Coquitlam motel & even inside the rooms. This is not your ordinary Coquitlam hotel, it is more so a roadside motel.

The Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge is not where you want to book if you can help it. Contrary to its name as the Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge, you likely won’t be getting much sleep here. Lol. (Bedding are apparently very old and dirty with the interior run down with bathroom mold unless renovations have taken place since the time of writing. You can read the Trip Advisor reviews yourself – they aren’t pretty.)

Which hotel to book in near Coquitlam, BC (Alternatives to Coquitlam hotels if #1 best Coquitlam hotel not available):

We would recommend choosing either Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver mentioned above. (Unfortunately at the time of completing this article, Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre has since closed and in preparation for re-development to condominiums, community space, and shopping plaza as mentioned). There isn’t many options for hotels in Coquitlam as a result and prices will most certainly be higher now due to the closure of almost 300 hotel rooms. The Sure Stay Plus Hotel by Best Western Coquitlam is also not the best choice for a hotel in Coquitlam & Ramada Coquitlam is comparable quality to Sleepy Lodge Coquitlam in terms of property category (Sleepy Lodge Coquitlam is worse by far base on Trip Advisor reviews & local knowledge).  For this reason, I personally would highly suggest booking a hotel in Burnaby, BC or considering your options nearer in New Westminster, BC (New Westminster is nearer to Coquitlam, however the hotel options are limited as well. The Inn by the Quay is an excellent four star option but will likely be pricier than the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver – slightly nicer but slightly more inconvenient if you’re looking for a hotel in Coquitlam.) Specifically of convenience to Coquitlam, BC both the Accent Inn Burnaby and the Executive Hotel Burnaby. (Otherwise known as Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver… their names are getting confusing. Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver used to be Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel. They renamed it for marketing purposes in all probability – Metro Vancouver seems better than Coquitlam or Burnaby as most people are looking for hotels in Vancouver so this will help them get more bookings capturing the Vancouver tourism/travel market than just Coquitlam or Burnaby –  but now it is easy to confuse which property you’re booking at.) Between the Executive Hotel Burnaby and Executive Hotel Coquitlam, you should book the Executive Hotel Coquitlam otherwise known as the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver – since you’re looking for a hotel in Coquitlam. They will likely be priced similarly. However if you’re looking for a simple 3-star hotel near Coquitlam that’s clean, consistent, comfortable, and cheap then your best option would be to book at Accent Inn Burnaby if they have rooms available. It is a bit out of the way from Coquitlam, BC however it is still reasonable distance to Coquitlam, BC and it is likely a much better value seeing that your options are few – if Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel (Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver) is not available, you don’t really have any other Coquitlam hotels that will provide a reasonable BASIC standard – you’re taking a gamble with Sure Stay Plus Hotel By Best Western Coquitlam. If location convenience is your preference, then booking at the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster, BC is your best choice. Do not book at Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge – it’s not a quality hotel. (And buyer beware, you will not be afforded a refund if you wish to leave after seeing the room quality & property. Non-refundable bookings – most hotels will usually provide a 1 night penalty and refund the rest of the remaining nights booking if you leave early especially if it is due to quality but not the Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge according to Trip Advisor reviews.)

Pros: Hard to find any positives but we tried…

+ Location:

+ Price:

+ Could be worse:


– Cleanliness

– Other “hotel guests”:

– Service Quirks:

– Non-refundable:

– Property outdated:

Property Class: 1-star

Price Range: $100

Trip Advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181718-d645630-Reviews-Coquitlam_Sleepy_Lodge-Coquitlam_British_Columbia.html


If the first two Coquitlam hotels are not available, it would be recommendable to look at the alternatives in regions surrounding Coquitlam like New Westminster or Burnaby.


Hotels near to Coquitlam, BC:

Accent Inns Burnaby:


Hilton Metrotown:


Elements Metrotown:


Inn at the Quay:


Holiday Inn Metrotown:


More Hotels near Coquitlam: Coquitlam neighbors a few other cities that have more varied options for accommodations. It is recommendable that you also consider a few of these other options.

Best Hotels in Burnaby – Some hotels to consider in the city of Burnaby which is nearby to Coquitlam, BC.

Best Hotels in New Westminster – New Westminster is also short of good hotels however there are a few options to consider in New Westminster which is almost adjacent to Coquitlam.

Best Hotels in Downtown Vancouver – Downtown Vancouver is only 30 minutes from Coquitlam, you should have no problem staying in downtown Vancouver and visiting Coquitlam.

Best Hotels in Richmond BC – Richmond, BC is very accessible to Coquitlam through Highway 91. You may consider booking a hotel in Richmond, BC if you’re arriving in YVR and wish to find a hotel nearer to the airport. It can be a hassle getting to Coquitlam from Richmond if you do not have a car. (Vancouver does not yet have Uber or Lyft.)

Best Boutique Hotels in Vancouver – If you’re visiting Coquitlam and would prefer enjoying a boutique hotel experience, here are a few recommendable boutique hotels in Vancouver for your consideration. Most of our recommendations are in downtown Vancouver which is very accessible to Coquitlam, BC by car or transit. There are a few boutique hotel options in North Vancouver and across Vancouver proper as well.


Thanks for reading about Coquitlam Hotels on VancityAsks – your guide to Vancouver:

Thanks for reading about the best hotels in Coquitlam on VancityAsks.com. We hope this guide may be useful for you choosing a hotel in Coquitlam for your visit to Coquitlam, BC. Please leave a comment bellow and feel free to use the Contact Us form should you have any thing we may be able to assist with regarding your visit to Coquitlam, BC! We’d love to help.

If you’ve stayed in one of these Coquitlam hotels or have any questions about these hotels in Coquitlam, please leave a comment bellow with your feedback or your question and we’ll do the best to respond within 24 hours.


5 BEST Vancouver Airport Hotels – COMPLETE Vancouver Airport Hotel Guide

Published by:

RiverRock YVR hotel exterior

Last Updated: April 5, 2022


Welcome to VancityAsks.com guide to the BEST Vancouver airport hotels.

About VancityAsks’ Best of Vancouver recommendations: VancityAsks endeavours to help locals rediscover their amazing city (Amazingly Beautiful City? ABC ?), and help tourists/visitors experience the BEST that Metro Vancouver has to offer; we do so by providing non-sponsored, genuine, detailed, and informed recommendations to the BEST of Vancouver (in our opinion at least) from a local’s perspective.

As cliche as it may sound, we take great lengths to find the crème de la crème (the very best) to feature on VancityAsks.com; we hope to identify businesses (with a preference for local where possible) for excellence in their category/field of operations. Admittedly, it’s often a tedious, timely, and painstaking work – leaving no stone unturned in our quest to find the BEST of Metro Vancouver… in this case, the BEST Vancouver airport hotel.

(None of our content are sponsored to remain as impartial as possible… the primary monetization is derived from Google Adsense ads which we have no control nor knowledge of the advertisers displayed.

As a secondary means of monetization, we do also link to Hotels.com <more so for the reader’s convenience  – as we genuinely believe, in most cases, booking through Hotels.com is the BEST option/value from the perspective of a traveler> which is a third-party online travel agent, hence does not affect our ranking of the best Vancouver Airport hotels.

  • Hotels.com undisputedly has the best loyalty program – with a free night every 10 nights, effectively 10% back per stay – and often the cheapest rates along with their price match guarantee. They are also part of the Expedia group <a key conglomerate within the OTA industry> so you have assurance on the legitimacy of their operations and customer service… giving the consumer confidence with their hotel bookings. We truly believe – unless you’re looking to accrue loyalty status, which then you wouldn’t be searching on Google for the best Vancouver Airport hotels but booking directly with your frequent traveler program – that the best way to book a Vancouver Airport hotel is through Hotels.com if you’re looking for the cheapest rate and the best value with your Vancouver Airport hotel booking. This is why we’ve linked to Hotels.com for booking the best Vancouver Airport hotel of your choice – as a disclosure, we do however get a small monetary incentive <~3% which works out to $3-$10… this is NOT an added cost to you, nor does it in anyway affect your booking through Hotels.com. Hotels.com, as with most online travel agents, will typically take a 30% commission from hotels in Vancouver -or wherever- for each booking; this is how they administer the loyalty program providing you effectively with 10% back, and distribution of 3% to their affiliates… the rest offsets their marketing & operation costs before the surplus is finally being represented as profits.> for each completed booking.)

We rely on both online and offline sources to find & verify the BEST of the BEST in our beloved city of Vancouver.

Without further ado…


About the BEST Vancouver Airport Hotels: Being avid travelers and aviation fanatics – we know the importance of a good airport hotel for your visit to a new city, or a layover. Your accommodation will set the tone for your

We’ve taken the process to screen every Vancouver airport hotel to catalog and share our opinions on the BEST Vancouver airport hotels – a combination of first-hand, second-hand, and online reviews with an extensive look on each hotel’s website & franchise to compile this comprehensive resource on all Vancouver airport hotels or YVR hotels.

We’ve also had the opportunity to stay at many YVR hotels (period of time being out of town mostly) and would like to share our honest input on which are the BEST Vancouver airport hotels. So it’s not just hearsay but first-hand experience included; we’re confident to have found the BEST Vancouver airport hotels.

With all this said, here are the best Vancouver airport hotels recommended on VancityAsks.com

The content is not sponsored to minimize bias in search of truly providing helpful/useful information for those requiring a hotel near Vancouver Airport.

Give it a read if you’re visiting Vancouver or looking for a Vancouver airport hotel.


Getting a Better Deal on Vancouver Airport Hotels:

If you’re looking to book a Vancouver Airport Hotel, we would recommend you consider booking through Trip.com; we’ve done some price comparisons and noted Trip.com to be either equal or cheaper than Expedia.ca for many Vancouver airport hotels. (Specifically for Accent Inn Vancouver Airport, it is cheaper than direct booking and Expedia. For hotels like Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel – the luxury brands – it appears direct booking will provide you a better value overall.)

?Click here to book a Vancouver Airport Hotel through Trip.com

-777- This just marks where the edit/rewrite is up to.

Vancouver Airport Hotels:

If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a trip to Vancouver, BC or transiting through Vancouver International Airport and you’re looking for a comfortable, convenient, and consistent Vancouver airport hotel. In the paragraphs bellow you’ll find five of the best Vancouver airport hotels, knowledge you’d like to have about these airport hotels along with a few helpful details about Vancouver, BC on the tail end.

In writing this article, I’m going to make a few assumptions; you’re not looking to accrue loyalty program nights at a popular franchise hotel else you’d book directly through their website – since the benefit to franchise hotels is the expected consistency and loyalty/status nights can only be accrued through direct bookings. Therefore, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not looking intently for a popular branded hotel (like Hilton – Hilton Honors, Sheraton – SPG, or Radisson – Radisson Rewards) to add to your status nights. Accordingly, I’m also going to venture a guess that you’re paying your own Vancouver Airport hotel accommodation (whether as a family vacation, solo travel, couple, or personal business travels) and not on corporate travel.

So what you’re looking for is a hotel that’s remarkable and memorable if you’re visiting Vancouver or a Vancouver airport hotel that’s close, convenient, clean, and good value if you’re transiting through Vancouver. Basically, our intent is writing this article in a manner that would be useful for everyone and not just those looking to maximize their loyalty program value (If you belong to a loyalty program, it may be more worth while to choose that hotel belonging to the loyalty program and accrue the benefits. Note also, Expedia has a loyalty program that is valid with ANY hotels on Expedia with similar privileges of most hotel loyalty program recognized at their +VIP member hotel. These are most often boutique hotels that don’t have their own loyalty program and so offer such loyalty benefits to Expedia Gold and Silver members. It may be worth it with the added flexibility.)

The most common and probable reader is one who is either:

  • Living somewhere in British Columbia or Metro-Vancouver and looking for a Vancouver Airport Hotel with a Park, Sleep, Fly program (which can, and usually is cheaper than paying for parking at the airport parking lot…downside is your vehicle security and safety is not guaranteed nor insured – there has been many reported break-ins with park, sleep, fly customers. In this case, either the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel or the Accent Inns Vancouver Airport hotel would be a good choice. The Sandman Signature’s parking lot is too large and without security patrol hence being prone to security lapse and you may have to end up parking at their Signature property even if you stay at their Sandman Vancouver Airport property for long-term parking.)
  • A visitor to Vancouver looking for a Vancouver Airport hotel as a base for your travels across Metro Vancouver. Vancouver is very conveniently accessible from Richmond, BC with the Canada Line Station. (In this case, you’d want to choose either the River Rock Casino & Hotel, Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel, or Radisson Vancouver Airport Hotel. The River Rock Casino & Hotel – skip the casino – is conveniently atop the Canada Line station making it a direct trip to downtown Vancouver in about 15 minutes. The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is located in Richmond with a multitude of food options in this predominantly Chinese city with walking distance to shopping – if you forgot to pack something – and to the Canada Line Station as well as the Richmond Olympic Oval and a waterfront walk – great spot for plane spotting. It takes 20 minutes downtown by the Canada Line station at Brighouse Station. The Radisson Vancouver Airport hotel is located right at Aberdeen Station on the Canada Line and a stone throw away from Alexandra Road where most popular restaurants are found. It is also minutes from the Lansdowne Centre mall which rivals the Richmond Centre mall – the Richmond Centre Mall is generally more lively however with most major brands including The Bay and Sport Check.)
  • A transit passenger looking for a Vancouver airport hotel accommodation before the next leg of your flight. (In this case, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel would probably be your best bet if you prefer convenience and comfort. If you prefer value, consistency, and cleanliness then take a look at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport or Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel.)
  • You’re a local Vancouverite with an early flight to catch and would like to avoid the morning rush. (In that case, you want a Vancouver airport hotel with consistent airport shuttle, cleanliness for a simple rest, and good value..being relatively close to the airport would help as well. This would fit the description of Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel, or Pacific Gateway Hotel. At the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, you’ll find exceptional service that would be quick to compensate your taxi fare to your room if their shuttle is off schedule.)

VancityAsks.com Vancouver Airport Hotel Tip:

First off, here’s a quick tip to get you a better deal on your Vancouver airport hotel. Go to Priceline.com or Expedia.com and look for the “Express Deals” on Priceline or the “Secret hotels” on Expedia.

You will be surprise at the deals you can find on Vancouver airport hotels on these sites.

I’ve booked a 2.5 star Accent Inn hotel for $70 CAD rather than the listed $150+ per night. I’ve booked the 3 star Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel for $63 rather than the $122 listed price. I’ve also gotten the three star four points by Sheraton for $79 rather than $150. Sandman Vancouver airport hotel occasionally appears for $63 rather than $120.

This is only useful if you’re looking for an airport hotel without extended parking privileges as these discounted rates do not come with these perks and neither are you able to add-on an extra fee for extended parking. (Some hotels may make an exception if they are exceptionally friendly but it’s best not to take the risk and pay the full rate if you’re looking for a Park, Sleep, Fly Vancouver airport hotel.)


Now, here are the Best Vancouver Airport Hotels:

Use this as a reference of which hotel to meet your needs.

#1 is for luxury without budget

#2 is for convenience, luxury, and budget

#3 is for value and budget – my personal favourite too.

#4 is for value and budget

#5 is for location, quality, and comfort


1) Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel:

You can’t get any nearer to Vancouver International Airport than the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. This luxurious four star hotel is located right inside YVR. If you’re looking for convenience and luxury without concern to your wallet then the four star Fairmont YVR hotel is your best Vancouver airport hotel option. It’s been voted as the #1 airport hotel in North America; how’s that for accomplishments and validation?

The Vancouver airport hotel is elegantly designed with plenty of glass floor to ceiling windows should you choose to have a room viewing the YVR runway for some plane spotting. The Vancouver airport hotel is sound proofed with amenities that includes a spa, pool, health club, and an award winning restaurant (Globe @ YVR). The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel also features the Jetside Bar serving tapas, cocktails, and music.

The hotel access is by the trans-border check-in counters at YVR. As you would expect with any Fairmont hotel, you’ll be pampered with incredible service – the perfect way to refresh after a long flight or start your travels right. The location within Vancouver International Airport makes it a quick access to your room after your flight; you don’t need to worry about lugging your luggage about. Being located in Vancouver International Airport also means you can effortlessly walk to various 24/7 dining options like the classically Canadian, Tim Horton’s (in domestic departure terminal, the international arrival branch closes at 11 PM) along with 711 in the domestic arrivals if you’re looking for late-night snack from your jet lag. The location at Vancouver International Airport means the entrance of Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel is only five minutes to YVR Canada Line Station bringing you to Richmond or downtown Vancouver. (Do note, if you’re using the Canada Line to get to downtown Vancouver, the last train to YVR departs at 1:05 AM) Parking is available for an additional $28.50 per night.

Don’t be looking at this hotel if you’re looking for the best value; prices for the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel typically ranges around $300-$400 CAD depending on the season. A park and fly option for 8 days or 15 days is available which works out to about an additional $20/day parking charge on top of your room rate and a $15/day parking charge on top of your room rate respectively. This means your room rate is $519 CAD (before tax) for a 15 days Park N Fly or $474 CAD (before tax) for a 8 days Park N Fly during April 2018 period searched.

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181716-d182521-Reviews-Fairmont_Vancouver_Airport-Richmond_British_Columbia.html

Address: 3111 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A6

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Pictures:

Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel rooms

Luxurious room at Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel.

YVR hotel

Backdrop of snowy mountains and planes. The Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel is conveniently in YVR.

Vancouver airport hotel restaurant

Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel features exquisite dining at the award winning Globe @ YVR restaurant. Perhaps take a relaxing tea break?


2) River Rock Casino Resort – Vancouver Airport Hotel:

We’ve listed River Rock Casino Resort hotel #2 as the best Vancouver airport hotel because of it’s convenience, location and amenities. This Richmond, British Columbia hotel does not offer complementary airport shuttles however they are located right on the Canada Line at Bridgeport station (the split track to Richmond downtown or YVR) which makes it easy access from Vancouver International Airport. However, if you’re looking to catch an early flight (many international flights at YVR depart around 3-4 AM) or arriving on a late flight, do note that the Canada Line stops operating at 1 AM from YVR; you can still take a cab which is about $20.

In terms of hotel amenities, the River Rock Casino hotel is joined to the River Rock casino… just walk over the indoor connector to the next building. The casino is opened 24 hours and features a bar along with some fast-food style eateries within the casino. There’s a cafe outside the casino that opens till about 7 Pm. As with most casinos, there’s also an excellent international buffet at casino (about $30 for dinner). Other amenities includes a resort-like pool and spa.

Location wise, “the hotel” is nicely located by the Bridgeport Station which makes it easily accessible to the airport or downtown. Arguably the BEST location second to Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel because the Canada Line station gives you easily accessibility to downtown Vancouver and downtown Richmond within 15 and 5 minutes respectively. Driving to downtown Vancouver or Richmond would take about the same time, which you would then also have to worry about parking and it isn’t as relaxing to drive in an unfamiliar city. (Parking is expensive in Yaletown especially.) Imagine arriving on a tiring long-haul flight and having to wait 30 minutes for an airport shuttle, “the hotel” is only 5 minutes from the airport by the Canada Line SkyTrain. (Did you know Metro Vancouver’s Millennium Line SkyTrain is the longest autonomous rapid transport system in the world? The Canada Line is not actually operated by Translink – BC’s Public Transport Crown Corporation – like Millennium Line SkyTrain but ProTrans BC, a private corporation, and why we have limits on the train frequency despite the ability to add further capacity for better commuting experience. Adding more frequency to the existing contract would incur added penalties to Translink, however the train still runs every 3 minutes each way – 6 minutes at YVR & 6 minutes at Bridgehouse – during peak hours on a two-car train…12 minutes during off-peak hours.) The Canada Line departs from YVR airport every 7 to 14 minutes depending on the hour. You can also catch a Canada Line SkyTrain downtown in under 20 minutes from the River Rock hotel just steps from the hotel; as the Bridgeport station is a bridge between the split track to Richmond and YVR airport, the train frequencies are every 3 minutes usually. Besides being located on the Bridgeport Canada Line station and having various dining options in the casino resort, there isn’t much going on around the property; there’s the Fraser River (working river with nothing much to see – if you’re keen on sight seeing, take the Canada Line to Richmond and walk by the river along the Olympic Oval. You can watch wild life, sunset, and see planes landing at YVR from that trail.) and Costco within walking distance. It is easily accessible to Richmond downtown through the Canada Line station and Vancouver downtown also by the Canada Line station. The River Rock Casino Resort hotel however is also very easily accessible to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal; bellow the Bridgeport Canada Line station is a busy bus interchange with a direct bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal if you’re planning to hop over to Victoria, BC. All in all, the River Rock Casino hotel is an excellent Vancouver airport hotel for it’s convenience in location and amenities that you won’t find with other YVR hotels. The only draw back being in the flight path, you will hear the occasional roar of planes. Service-wise is hit or miss. (Also the casino has been known locally to have been used in money laundering of foreign cash. Doesn’t speak too well of their business practice that such could go unattended.)

Prices at the River Rock hotel near Vancouver airport are around $150-$250 depending on the season. You can typically score a Priceline Express deals (look for 4 stars) for an extra 25% discount. Quite good value relative to your options for Vancouver airport hotels on the Canada Line. Score yourself a good deal on Priceline for “the hotel” at River Rock Casino Resort (four-star property with 8+ Rating and Casino – the only hotel with a Casino amenity on Priceline Express in Richmond, BC).

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181716-d575705-Reviews-River_Rock_Casino_Resort-Richmond_British_Columbia.html

Address: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8

River Rock Casino Resort Pictures:

River Rock YVR hotel double rooms

The rooms at River Rock YVR hotel. Right across the RiverRock Casino Resort.

RiverRock YVR hotel pool and fitness

Resort style pool and full fitness facilities at the RiverRock YVR hotel.

RiverRock YVR hotel exterior

“the hotel” at RiverRock Casino Resort is just 5 minutes by SkyTrain from YVR airport and under 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver by SkyTrain. SkyTrain station right outside the hotel.


3) Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

This Vancouver airport hotel is a local favourite. They are known for value, clean rooms, and local service. It’s not a large franchise chain but it is very reputable locally if you’re looking for a great value on a clean hotel in Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna, or Victoria. Accent Inn is the BEST Vancouver airport hotel if you’re looking for value. This Vancouver airport hotel is a no-frills hotel with clean rooms and good pricing. Ask any local to recommend you a Vancouver Airport hotel, and most would probably name Accent Inn. It’s a local British Columbia hotel brand that emphasizes on family-friendly, pet-friendly, value-driven, local-service hotel. If you want friendly, local service then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel is where you would find it.

The service has never disappointed so far. The rooms are clean and they have a nice coffee machine in the lobby that’s free for guests. (Unfortunately, it’s instant coffee machine and not the fresh brew type) The rooms are recently renovated. Amenities at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel isn’t exceptional but it’s fitted with a fitness room along with a hot tub. They have a 24 hour airport shuttle to YVR which can also be requested for a drop-off at Bridgeport Canada Line Station. (As mentioned, the Canada Line Bridgeport Station provides predicable access to downtown Richmond in 5 minutes or downtown Vancouver in 15 minutes. SkyTrain intervals operated every 3 to 12 minutes depending on peak or non-peak periods.) In the event that the shuttle is full or excessively late, you can usually take a cab and have the bill reimbursed by Accent Inns.

The location isn’t too great however as it isn’t near any major transport or shopping hubs. It’s convenient to the highway and you’ll find quite a few truckers stopping by on their drive. There’s also an iHops right by the hotel (which isn’t anything to write home about). Thankfully right across, about a 5 minutes walk, is Fogg n Sudds from Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel which has a good bar, breakfast buffet ($7 for continental breakfast, and $13 for full breakfast buffet) and lunch menu. Your Accent Inn room card gives you 10% discount at both these dining options. The hotel is quite a distance from YVR (5.2 KM to Vancouver International Airport) although they operate bi-hourly shuttle services to and from the airport. The shuttle is frequently off schedule however so you’ll end up waiting still. These shuttles run 24 hours (some hotels only run shuttles to 1 AM so ask about the shuttle service before booking elsewhere). As Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel is located near a major highway, there may be some traffic noises for the front facing rooms; the rooms are generally well insulated for noise but if you’re sensitive to noise, request for a back-facing room and the friendly, local front desk staff would be happy to accommodate if they can.

What you’d really like about Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel however is the clean (recently renovated) rooms, good service, and even better pricing. Definitely one of the best Vancouver airport hotel for value and consistent service/cleanliness. Parking is free as well. Prices at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel are much simpler than most other hotels that have varying rate base on demand; Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel rooms usually average $119/night during the off-peak season (March) and even just $169/night during the peak season (July). This is much better than the usual $250/night for a three-star Vancouver Airport hotel during summer. Vancouver hotel prices can get fairly astronomical during peak periods where the average room rate is easily mid $300+ even at budget hotels. It’s noticeable that Accent Inn Vancouver Airport endeavours to keep their prices simple, valuable, and competitive without much fluctuations even during peak periods. (presuming an advance booking) Keeping a loyal customer base and rewarding them with great prices. If you need a clean and consistent Vancouver airport hotel without the bells and whistles but good value then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel should be your pick; it is a good fit for families, budget travelers, and business travelers on a budget.

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181716-d182566-Reviews-Accent_Inn_Vancouver_Airport-Richmond_British_Columbia.html

Address: 10551 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 3L8


4) Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport:

The Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (not Express) is located right across the Accent Inn. It’s gotten a 4 star review on Trip Advisor. We’ve listed it much like Accent Inn. It’s a good value Vancouver airport hotel. Score yourself a nice deal on Priceline and this hotel comes to about $63 CAD/night ($79 CAD after taxes and fees). Once again, it’s not in the best location but the rooms are clean, the service is good, and the price is right.

Hotel amenities includes a laundry room, fitness room, as well as a restaurant – Fogg n Sudds. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet each morning which is $7 for continental with free flow coffee or $13 for eggs, sausage, hash buffet with continental and coffee (quite a good spread).

One thing I didn’t quite like about the Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (and why it’s #4 instead of #3) is the house keeping took some of my duty free for a stay over (The term used by hotels when a guest stays for more than one night and housekeeping is not required.) on a three day booking when I came back from an international flight (was out of town of 1 month) and was heading to the United States. The hotel also has an interesting vibe …in a wrong way, maybe it was those cellphone receptors on the building.

Overall Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel is a good option for business trips, family rests, or a park and fly option. If you give them your cab receipt, it’ll be pro-rated to your hotel receipt. Holiday Inn Vancouver airport is a 3 star hotel priced around $124-$150 depending on the season. Look for a Priceline Express deal for about 50% off 🙂

Trip Advisorhttps://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181716-d184250-Reviews-Holiday_Inn_Vancouver_Airport-Richmond_British_Columbia.html


5) Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel was the first Vancouver airport hotel I stayed almost 7 years back when FIRST arriving in Vancouver. It offers airport shuttle service, a pool, restaurant, and centrally located in Richmond, British Columbia; Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is right in the heart of Richmond. This pet-friendly Vancouver Airport hotel in Richmond, BC is easily and rightfully one of the best Vancouver airport hotel with a great location, Hilton service, amenities, and clean room – perfect for business, family, or leisure travels.

You can expect consistent Hilton service and clean rooms. The rooms are modern and refreshed. It’s an older Vancouver airport hotel but well maintained. Amenities at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel include a consistent airport shuttle (shared with Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel and the Vancouver Airport Marriott on the adjacent properties), a business centre, fitness room, hot tub, heated pool, concierge, and an on-site restaurant – CAVU.

We like Hilton Vancouver airport hotel for it’s location. It’s a good place to stay and walk about Richmond. You’re only 5 minutes to the Richmond Center shopping mall (a big shopping mall in Richmond/Vancouver with H&M, food court, Hudson Bay, GAP, and so forth). There’s also no shortage of food options around the area. Arguably one of the best locations for a hotel in Richmond, BC, the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is nestled in the middle of Richmond with walking distance to major shopping centres, the waterfront trails, the Canada Line station, and a plethora (over used word) of dining or entertainment options. It’s far away enough from the busy Number 3 Road and the noise of the Canada Line SkyTrain but close enough to the convenience of these major transport options. The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is also minutes from the tranquil nature trials along the Fraser River (great spot to catch a look at Vancouver Airport, the sunset, and Vancouver). It is also near the Richmond Olympic Oval building which is a developing neighborhood along River Road; in case you happen to want to do some real estate shopping.

A bit of nostalgia and location is why Hilton Vancouver airport hotel lands #5 on our list of best Vancouver airport hotel. Rates are around $200-$300 depending on the season which is standard price for a 4 star hotel; you won’t find it on Priceline unfortunately. They offer Park, Stay, and Fly option which provides 21 days parking with your reservation for about $22 CAD on top your standard room rate. If you’re looking to accumulate your Hilton Honors status nights in Richmond, BC, the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is where you want to book. (There is another Hampton by Hilton but the location is much more industrial and older building – however it includes breakfast, good service, and is right outside the Vancouver Airport exit road – Bridgeport Road – to Richmond.)

Trip Advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g181716-d185275-Reviews-Hilton_Vancouver_Airport-Richmond_British_Columbia.html

Address: 5911 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC V6X 4C7


Best Vancouver Airport Hotel Conclusion…

Thanks for reading our list of the best Vancouver Airport hotel on VancityAsks.com

If you’re looking for a clean and comfortable hotel near YVR I’d personally choose Accent Inn YVR. The Accent Inn brand is a local BC hotel chain with locations in Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond, and Kelowna. It’s locally owned and very well managed. They strive to provide local expertise and great services. Park and fly is offered at most of these hotels as well; a great option for out of town guests looking to save on parking.

We hope you find it valuable regardless of what type of YVR hotel you were looking for. Please leave your comments, feedback, or suggestions bellow.

More Vancouver Airport Hotels:

You won’t go wrong with any of these choices either:

Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel: Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel is a bit worn but it’s good for a rest up before or after a flight. It runs 24 hour shuttles and it has good service. Find it on Priceline Express for 40% cheaper.

La Quinta Inn YVR: La Quinta Inn is the perfect hotel for a family. It has clean rooms, free breakfast buffet, and VERY reasonably priced. Typically you’ll be looking at $80-$120/night and on Priceline Express deals you get an extra 20-25% off. You’re also located RIGHT in Richmond near the Lansdowne Mall and on the Alexander street lined with restaurants. Do note that the rooms at La Quinta Inn are older.


Vancouver Airport Hotels with Shuttle:

Most Vancouver Airport Hotels offer complementary airport shuttles. Here’s a full list of Vancouver airport hotels that provide complementary shuttle to Vancouver Airport.

  • No Shuttle: Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel (0 KM) – Located right at the Vancouver International Airport, access within the airport from the Trans-Border check-in counters.
  • No Shuttle: River Rock Casino Resort (3.6 KM) – Located right at Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line. The hotel has a connected entrance from the Canada Line station. It takes about five minutes by train from the airport to the hotel. Translink charges a $5 surcharge on top of the one-zone fare of $2.75 for YVR Canada Line station (we love taking your money ;)).
  • Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel (5.2 KM) – Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. Shuttles operate 24 hours with a smaller shuttle when arrivals/departures are slower. They share their shuttle service with Travelodge Vancouver Airport so you may see the shuttle carry both logos. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport (5.4 KM) – Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport shares their shuttle with the sister property, Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Express. They have a small 12-seater shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes on 15 and 45 mark. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel (3.6 KM) – Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel complementary airport shuttles are shared with the trio of properties around the area, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (this is not the Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport), and Vancouver Airport Marriott. The shuttles are very punctual and arrives every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. They take the route to the airport from Gilbert Road which generally has less traffic than the route most other airport shuttle services take. Hilton Vancouver Airport is also nearer to the airport than Holiday Inn or Accent Inn so it helps make the airport shuttle service quicker as well. The trio of Vancouver airport hotels share about five or six shuttles so even in peak periods, they should be able to handle capacity. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport (4.7 KM) – Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport shares their shuttle service with Accent Inn. The airport shuttle will stop by Accent Inn and then loop back to Travelodge Hotel on it’s way to the airport. The shuttles arrive every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour.  24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport (4.2 KM) – Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport provides 24 hour shuttle service on the hour and half an hour. Some guests have reported occasions where the shuttle was not running till 4:30 AM. The shuttle service is shared with the sister property at Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Vancouver Airport Marriott (3.6 KM) – Vancouver Airport Marriott shares their shuttle service with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (3.6 KM) – The hotel adjacent to Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel shares their shuttle service with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Pacific Gateway Hotel (2.8 KM) – Located just outside the airport, Pacific Gateway Hotel is as close to the airport a hotel can get without being in the airport (Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel). They offer 24 hour shuttle services every 20 minutes. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport (3.2 KM) –  The Westin Vancouver Airport is just slightly outside Vancouver International Airport after exiting by Bridgeport Road. They provide airport shuttle service from 4:30 AM to 12:30 AM, every 30 minutes.
  • Radisson President Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.2 KM) – Located relatively close to Westin Wall Centre. (in a more developed part of Richmond. Comparatively, The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is still relatively remote if you’re looking at walking distance.) Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport complementary airport shuttle is frequently full of airline crew from Cathay Pacific and other Asian airlines arriving in Vancouver. They operate their shuttle 24 hours but you must call the hotel for a pick-up and make a reservation from the hotel to the airport. Guests have noted issues with confirming shuttle appointments by front desk; do ensure you request a confirmation card of your shuttle booking. Guests have noted the shuttle drivers are exceptionally friendly, personable, and genuine. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Located right in the heart of Richmond, Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport is a small recently renovated hotel with 24 hours shuttle service to YVR. It operates every hour according to their website but generally you need to call the hotel to request a pick-up; the phone number is 604-244-3051. You may also use the courtesy shuttle phone at the shuttle waiting area to call Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport directly (free) once you’re at the waiting area.  24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport is a large Vancouver airport hotel with apartment suites available. It’s a little worn. The shuttle service is timely every 30 minutes but not operating 24 hours. The Vancouver airport shuttle operates from 5 AM to 11 PM daily.
  • Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport is a small hotel located beside Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport. They operate their own shuttle every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. The shuttle only runs daily from 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • Days Inn Vancouver Airport (3.6 KM) – Shuttle service is available when calling from the courtesy phone at Vancouver Airport shuttle waiting zone. Their complementary shuttle service only runs till 12:30 AM (departing YVR). The shuttle service commences at 4:30 AM. This is not the ideal Vancouver airport hotel base on guest reviews; a nearby hotel is the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport which is similar in price for a better Vancouver airport hotel.
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport (3.6 KM) – Shuttle service is available at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport however the earliest shuttle starts at 4 AM. It runs very half and hour. The Hampton Inn is a smaller hotel right outside the bridge to Vancouver International Airport on Bridgeport Road. The shuttle service ends at 11 PM.
  • Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport (3.8 KM) – Shuttle service at Four Points by Sheraton is shared with Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport. They run every 30 minutes till 12:30 AM. The airport shuttle starts at 3:45 AM from the hotel. The shuttle has been noted to skip passengers at terminal if needing to catch back on schedule for trips from the hotel to the airport. Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport does not reimburse taxi fare. Shuttle service may request tips. Require to call Four Points by Sheraton to arrange pick-ups from the airport. You’re better off booking at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel IMHO.
  • La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport (4.1 KM) – Complementary shuttle services is available upon request when you arrive in Vancouver; call La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport to book a shuttle to the hotel or YVR. Their shuttle service ends at 9 PM however and does not start until 9 AM.
  • Sandman Vancouver Airport (4.6 KM) – Consistent, simple hotel relatively near the airport and opposite Tim Hortons. Shuttle runs every 30 minutes. Guest have noted unfriendly shuttle drivers; shuttle service at Sandman properties is contracted to a service provider. Shuttle service does operate 24 hours however. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service
  • Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport (4.9 KM) – Shuttle service is shared with their sister property at Sandman Vancouver airport. 24 hour shuttle service arriving at the airport every 15 and 45 minutes on the hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond (14.5 KM) – Located quite a long ways away from Vancouver International Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond (south of Richmond actually) still provides 24 hours airport shuttle to YVR. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service

Vancouver Airport Hotel Shuttle Waiting Zone:

The waiting zone for all Vancouver airport hotels are the same; you just have to look out for your hotel’s shuttle – it can be tricky as some are not notably marked. You catch the shuttle at the designated waiting zone. Any of the airport staff upon arrival would be glad to point you to the right direction. If it’s winter and it’s cold, walk over to the domestic terminal because the shuttle waiting zone is covered and heated. The international shuttle waiting zone is outdoors as you would find when you exit heading towards to the airport parking – looking right after the taxi/limo stands. The domestic shuttle waiting zone is one floor bellow arrivals where the 711 and liquor store is and towards the airport parking exit. (Another benefit to waiting at the domestic terminal means you can buy wine and snacks before heading to your Vancouver airport hotel – this is useful if you’re staying at Accent Inn or Holiday Inn where there isn’t any convenience stores nearby. Keep noted however that airport shuttles arrive first at the international terminal waiting zone before the domestic terminal waiting zone so it may be full by the time it arrives at the domestic terminal during peak periods.)

Vancouver Airport Hotel Shuttle Service:

Note, that many hotels in Richmond, BC will operate their shuttle service together. Several Vancouver Airport hotels contract their shuttle service while several operate it themselves. (Generally those that operate the airport shuttle service themselves, you can expect a more friendly and personable experience. Those that contract the service – while it should represent the brand/experience at the hotel from the shuttle – it doesn’t. So don’t judge the hotel by the shuttle experience. Don’t hesitate to complain however – with a smile.)


Park, Stay, N Fly Vancouver Airport Hotels:

Most hotels in Richmond offer Park, Stay, N Fly options. Just inquire about their extended parking rates. Here are some notable Vancouver Airport hotels that provide Park, Stay, N Fly options:

  • Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel: Great value for park, sleep, and fly as a Vancouver airport hotel. Secure parking lot.
  • Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel: Good value for Vancouver airport hotels and park, sleep, and fly. Friendly service.
  • Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel: Large parking lot at Sandman Signature. Good value for park, sleep and fly options.
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel: Great value for park, sleep, and fly options.
  • Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel: Pricier parking but it is right by the airport.
  • Pacific Gateway Hotel: Pricier Park, Stay, N Fly option. The four star Vancouver airport hotel is one of the closest hotels to Vancouver International Airport and offers shuttles every 20 minutes. The four star hotel is a good choice for many travelers but average nightly rates are $300 CAD per night off-peak season. (Searching for March 22, 2018, it is $279 CAD regular $227 CAD for BC residents and $297 for a 8 day Park, Stay, N Fly, $300 for a 15 day Park, Stay, N Fly, $304 for a 22 day Park, Stay, N Fly rounded up to the nearest dollar. While the room rates are higher, the Park, Stay, N Fly option is only $21 more for a 15 day parking or $25 for a 22 day parking. Additional parking days after 22 days is $5 extra per day.)  These are similar rates to the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel right at the airport. Presumably, if you’re choosing a Park, Stay, N Fly option you are looking for parking relatively close to the Park N Fly prices (ranging from $15/day to $50/day depending on the parking lot you choose).
  • Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport: Park, Stay, N Fly options available.

Other Park, Stay, N Fly options are not as great. Quite often there are vehicle break ins with Park, Stay, N Fly options so remember to remove any valuables from sight. Certain hotels have better safety features than others like Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel (parking in a lot) and Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel (security roaming the parking lot at night – also to verify permits).


Brief Description on ALL Vancouver Airport Hotels:

We want this resource to be as useful as possible to those looking for a Vancouver airport hotel. As a relatively frequent traveler, I know it can be hard to book a hotel without knowing much about a hotel’s neighborhood, quirks, or intricacies. Booking a franchise hotel certain helps standardize the quality but when it comes to convenience of location and differences between hotel, it can help to know a little about the neighborhood in making your decision of which Vancouver airport hotel to choose. To help make your decision of choosing a Vancouver airport hotel, we’ve taken the time (many hours) trying to catalog and summarize everything you may need to know about each Vancouver airport hotel or hotel in Richmond, BC. (There are only 23 Vancouver airport hotels in Richmond, BC area.) We hope this information will help you make a better decision and more informed choice; the lack of perfect information is the source of many inefficiencies.

While we’ve recommend our choices for the best Vancouver airport hotels, along with other safe bets that you can consider, here are the remaining Vancouver airport hotels and what you need to know about them. (their location, their hotel category, and fun facts)

Note: While many Vancouver airport hotel have already been mentioned in the earlier segment about Vancouver airport hotel shuttle service, we’ll attempt to put a greater emphasis on the locality and amenities of these Vancouver airport hotels and the suitability for your travel needs. There will be some redundancy/repetitions with the hotel descriptor however so please feel free to bypass this segment and skip to information about Vancouver unless you may be booking at one of these Vancouver airport hotels mentioned bellow. The hotels will not be listed by distance from the airport as the Vancouver airport hotel shuttle was done above but by preference and guest ratings.

Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport: Located in downtown Richmond, British Columbia, this Vancouver airport hotel offers complementary airport shuttle, complementary breakfast, along with recently renovated rooms. Room prices are usually around $125/night for off-season and $200/night for peak-season. It’s quite an acceptable no-frills accommodation choice in Richmond, BC for its location in the heart of Richmond and value. Guests have noted that rooms and service will vary; they have a few inconsistent rooms (some rooms are smaller, some rooms are corner with nice windows). The location is similar to Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, and Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. It is relatively near to No 3. Road and walking distance to Richmond Centre mall as well as the Canada Line Brighouse Station.

Address: 7228 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1

Click here to book Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport special rate.

Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel:

The Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel is located right besides the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. If you’re looking a convenient Vancouver airport hotel in downtown Richmond, BC then this may be a good option. It has a 24 hour shuttle service shared with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel along with an on-site restaurant, 24 hr fitness centre, and an outdoor heated pool. If you want to know more about the hotel’s location, please read our description of Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel above. Average rates are around $300 CAD/night for off-peak season; considering the price you could consider booking at Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel for greater convenience at YVR. (Providing you’re transiting through YVR. If you’re looking to explore the city, then a hotel in Richmond, BC may be a better option for transportation as you’re liable to a $5 surcharge for all transit departing YVR. However, in such situations it is recommendable to consider booking a downtown Vancouver hotel as YVR to downtown Vancouver is only a direct 20 minutes trip by the Canada Line SkyTrain. There is more going on in downtown Vancouver than Richmond and it is a more convenient base to various point of interest across Vancouver. It is also more scenic and quintessentially Vancouver.)

Address: 7571 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

Click here to book Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel special rate.

Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport:

Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport is one of the closest hotels to Vancouver International Airport domestic and international terminals. (and the south terminal) It is located before the Sea Island Way bridge that connects you to the rest of Richmond, BC. There is nothing much going on around the area as it is pretty much just the airport industrial area however Pacific Gateway Hotel is located besides the Fraser River towards Richmond with a waterfront restaurant called Pier 73. (Currently closed for renovations till Spring 2018 but a lobby restaurant + bar is available at Pacific Gateway Hotel.) Their shuttle service runs every 20 minutes and takes no more than five minutes to the airport without traffic. (There is occasionally congestion on the road towards the terminal – Grant McConanchie Way) Average rates are about $300/night for off-peak and $230/night for off-peak BC/Washington/Yukon resident rates. It isn’t very convenient staying here if you don’t have a car and intend on visiting Richmond as it is not near any Canada Line SkyTrain stations; the airport shuttle takes you to YVR however every departure from YVR on the Canada Line is an added $5 surcharge per person. If you’re a group of four, you’re better taking a $20 cab ride. There is a less frequent shuttle to MacArthur Outlet Mall where you can take the Canada Line but that operates periodically not regularly throughout the day. The location is not walk-able to Richmond, BC.

Address: 3500 Cessna Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1C7

Click here to book Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport special rate.

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport:

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is just outside Sea Island Way bridge on a newly developed plot of land. The Westin Wall Centre is actually a hotel that’s part of the Wall Centre apartments. (Residents of the apartment are also able to use the hotel amenities like fitness centre and swimming pool. Thought it may be worth a mention.) It is a four-star hotel within proximity to downtown Richmond. The area is a good 10 minutes walk from any actual food or shopping; there is however a hotel restaurant called Apron @ YVR. The shuttle is not 24 hours but operates from 4 AM to 12 AM daily; it is shared with Four Points by Sheraton however. It may not be your ideal choice for a Vancouver airport hotel due to its price, location, and amenities. You may be better off choosing a Vancouver airport hotel with 24 hour shuttle service in a better location such as the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. For the same price category you can book a room at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel or the Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport (with 24 hour shuttle service) if you’re looking for something closer to the Westin Wall Centre hotel. If you’re looking for another SPG property, then the Four Points by Sheraton would be about 30% cheaper.

Address: 3099 Corvette Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4K3

Click here to book The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport special rate.

Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport:

The Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is located right opposite the Canada Line Aberdeen Station. They offer a 24 hour shuttle service to Vancouver International Airport. Location wise, the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is relatively close to YVR (almost similar distance to the Westin Wall Centre but in a more developed and convenient location). It is a popular choice for flight attendants especially Cathay Pacific, Eva, and a variety of other Asian carriers. There is a restaurant on-site, “Fresh Restaurant & Lounge” which is known for their prime rib night. There is also a long-standing Chinese mall with Yaohan (Chinese supermarket) and a food court sporting various cuisines namely bubble tea shops, Chinese mix rice take-out, Korean food, Singaporean/Malaysian food, along with a traditional tea shop. The Yaohan supermarket is usually very crowded with flight attendants around 7-9 PM where cooked food go on sale; the Chinese mix rice in the food court will also offer clearance prices on their cooked food. Located opposite the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is a large mall complex known as Aberdeen Mall with a variety of restaurants and shopping. (Aberdeen Mall hosts H-Mart, a Korean supermarket along with a food court on the top level and variety of stores.) Further, connected to the hotel is the President Plaza mall (same address – the Radisson Vancouver Airport Hotel used to be called Radisson President Hotel Vancouver Airport) with another food court (plenty of convenient dining options around the area as you probably notice) and a buddhist temple. The service at Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is generally good however do note that the hotel is old and notably worn on the inside base on guest comments. They have noted a plan for upcoming renovations. (It was built in 1994.) The hotel provides free-wifi and has a fitness centre, heated pool, and 24 hr business centre. Average rates for off-peak season is about $225 CAD/night. There has been a spate of negative reviews recently due to the renovations, prices, and service; for $200 CAD there are other options such as the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. (I’ve been recommending it again and again; we’re not paid to do so – it’s just the location of the hotel and value truly is a good option for downtown Richmond. The Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport has good potential once the renovations are completed.) To close off this write-up, to think about it…the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is actually in an excellent location if you’re looking for convenient dining options. (Please do not dine at the “Red Star Chinese Restaurant” as would be recommended by the shuttle driver because there’s plenty of great food choices nearby.)

Address: 8181 Cambie Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3X9

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Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport:

The Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport is another excellent option for those looking to book a Vancouver airport hotel. The Hampton Inn is notably an older hotel in a more industrial location. There is however a small strip-mall located nearby where you can find Burger King for some quick eats along with a bubble tea shop (they are everywhere in Richmond being predominantly Asian population) along with a Chinese-themed supermarket (which has its own dining section with roast meats and take-out if you’re looking for something different – there was a incident at this supermarket a while ago where people got sick from food poisoning). It is a very basic property with no restaurant on-site but has a fitness centre (no pool). It is a good choice if you’re arriving for a cruise as they provided shuttle service to the cruise terminal. Expect your typical Hilton service (slightly lower at this property) along with free breakfast, and a 24 hour shuttle service. Room rates are $175 CAD/night on average during off-peak season that includes breakfast and parking. They also offer Park, Stay, N Fly option.

Address: 8811 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1S1

Click here to book Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport special rate.

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel is the one of three hotels in the same block. (Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel & Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel being the other two.) Much like Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel and Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel offers 24 hour shuttle service. Parking is an extra $15.75 CAD per day which works out to about $17 after taxes. They have a hot tub and outdoor pool along with a fitness centre. Location wise, it is the same as our write up earlier about Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Property wise, the Sheraton is a low-rise hotel rather than the high-rise hotel with Hilton and Marriott properties. It does also appear slightly older. The hotel does have more amenities than the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. They have a restaurant on-site and guests have noted the service at the hotel is according to expectations. Rates are around $250 CAD/night during off-peak season which is about $40 cheaper than Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. It’s quite a good Vancouver airport hotel that you can certainly consider along with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel for its location in downtown Richmond, clean rooms, and friendly service. Hilton does have slightly better service. Redeem or collect your SPG rewards here; Platinum members have access to a club lounge. (Hilton in contrast does not have an executive lounge.)

Address: 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

Click here to book Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel special rate.

Days Inn – Vancouver Airport:

Days Inn – Vancouver Airport is a Wyndham hotel. (generally less consistent or preferable to Hilton, SPG, or Marriott hotels) The hotel is notably dated. The hotel is located right besides the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport which means it is mostly an industrial area. It is about a 10 minutes walk to Bridgeport Station for the Canada Line. It also includes a free breakfast, parking, and an airport shuttle service (not 24 hours – 4:30 AM to 12 AM). The rooms rates are around $125 CAD/night during off-peak season. Don’t expect Hilton customer service, rooms are a little dated but new furniture in some.

Address: 2840 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2H3

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Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport:

It is a budget airport hotel near to Richmond downtown. The Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport hotel is located right besides Quality Hotel Airport South hotel. They provide complementary breakfast and shuttle service. Rooms are slightly run down and rates are around $112 CAD/night during the off-peak season.

Address: 7188 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1

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Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport:

Another budget airport hotel in Richmond. The Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport is a cheap Vancouver airport hotel with rates around $93 CAD/night during the off-peak season. The hotel has a complementary airport shuttle.  There was formally a restaurant called “The Pantry” on site but it was closed and now up for lease; the restaurant had numerous health safety violations prior to being closed which was reported in the local news. (Repeated hygiene concerns and rodent issues at The Pantry.) The hotel is not known for cleanliness and the building is quite old however it is a very cheap Vancouver airport hotel. It would be advisable to pay a little bit more and stay at the Sandman Vancouver Airport that’s right besides Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport or an even better option being the Accent Inns Vancouver Airport which is about two blocks further down the road on St. Edwards Drive with a 24 hr shuttle and newly renovated, clean rooms. (Safe to say you probably won’t enjoy your time in Vancouver staying at Travelodge Vancouver Airport Hotel base on the repeated string of one-star reviews on Trip Advisor. The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would probably be your best bet with expected quality & consistency along with lower prices than Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel.)

Address: 3071 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 3K4

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Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport:

A standard Vancouver airport hotel right opposite the Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport South and Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport. The shuttle service runs from 5 AM to 11 PM daily. The furnishing is old and the hotel looks tired as noted by some. (Numerous negative feedback such as mentions of caked in dust, leaky sprinkler, and old furniture. This review isn’t too flattering as well and neither is this review all within the first 15 recent guest reviews.) The hotel is older and less maintained than the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, or the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel just a block away. The room rates are around $100 CAD/night during the off-peak season. Reasonably good rate for Vancouver airport hotels but certainly not the first choice with the options available around the area. The main concern would perhaps be the limited shuttle hours and older rooms. They have one, two, and three bedroom suites available for family gatherings/vacations along with meeting facilities. The hotel is not as popular, grand or hip as their website make it sound, however. The hotel property hosts the Celli’s Modern Irish Pub which makes dining convenient but also poses as a noise disturbance to guests near the pub.

Address: 7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

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Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport:

Your standard, above-average Vancouver airport hotel. The Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport is not to be confused for the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (higher category property). This three-star hotel provides the amenities you would expect which includes a shuttle from the airport; the shuttle is not 24 hours but runs from about 4 AM to 12 AM. The shuttle is shared with The Westin Wall Centre hotel. The location of the hotel is on the food enclave of Richmond, Alexandra Road. The hotel exterior isn’t too welcoming as you are greeted with construction and limited entry points with two abandoned property (at the front road towards Lansdowne Centre, and to the right of the property towards No. 3 Road. These are the two major roads. The main entrance is from Alexandra Road which has plentiful food/dining options but you would have to walk an extra 5 minutes from Alexandra Road.) Room rates for the hotel are $140 CAD/night on average for the off-peak season. Rooms are basic and slightly worn; they do not use individual bath products but wall hanger soap/shampoo/conditioner. (It is great for environmentally friendly practice however may not be as hygienic; on a tangent, you notice most environmentally friendly practices hotels adopt are those that reduce costs.)

Address: 8368 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 4A6

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Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport:

For most, the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport is a good Vancouver airport hotel. It is not for the tourist nor those looking to make their Vancouver airport hotel a base for travels across Vancouver because the location is fairly remote as is the Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport. It is however suitable for transiting passengers looking for simple rest along with Park, Stay, N Fly options. You will find recently renovated rooms, friendly service, and complementary breakfast. The walls are a little light allowing in sounds from the Costco opposite the hotel however there is the option of the back facing rooms. Prices are about $150 CAD/night during the off-peak season. In summary, it is a good Vancouver airport hotel for most guests who want a clean room, comfortable bed, and airport shuttle (24 hours). The location is a bit far from the Canada Line but still a 15 minutes walk. Newly renovated rooms make for a refresh experience.

Address: 9351 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1S3

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Coast Vancouver Airport:

A very cheap Vancouver airport hotel that is a little out of the way. Located on SW Marine Drive which is actually Vancouver instead of Richmond, the hotel is about 10 minutes drive from the airport. The rates are cheap at $100 CAD/night during the off-peak season but the rooms are older. There isn’t really much going on in the area and you are very far away from the Canada Line station which would presumably be your main source of transportation to downtown Vancouver and varying tourist attractions.

Address: 1041 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 6L6

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Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Resort:

Once a great property, now past its prime. The Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Resort is the larger property Sandman has in Richmond, BC (which was formally a Ramada property – bought over, renovated, and added with a few towers, pools, slide, fitness centre, and tennis court to make a resort. Speaking of hotel acquisitions… Fun fact, the Executive brand formally had the Executive Inn Express Richmond which is now Richmond Lions Manor – you’re not missing out on much as that hotel had horrible guest feedback.) So back to Sandman Signature, the property is very large with four dining options, Denny’s (24 hr diner serving breakfast fare, fast food burgers, and diner food), Chop Steakhouse & Bar (steakhouse and bar food/snacks), Shark Club (a lounge & bar serving pizzas, wings, and the likes.), along with a Jugo Juice (wraps, quick eats, smoothies, juice) in the Steve Nash Fitness World. The Sandman Signature has a swimming pool with a slide, an outdoor pool with courtyard, an indoor tennis court, along with the Steve Nash Fitness World attached. Guests can get a free one-time pass to the Steve Nash Fitness world attached to the property. The Sandman Signature is right besides the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport. The property has much potential unfortunately it doesn’t appear that up keeps have been made with housekeeping, customer service, or maintenance leading to guest frustrations rightfully. The Sandman Signature has a large parking lot which isn’t ideal for Park, Stay, N Fly as some have reported break-ins. They share a 24 hour shuttle service with their sister property just down the road at Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel. The rooms depend on whether you’re getting the Provincial Suites (ground floor) or one of the three towers. One tower is mostly used exclusively by flight crews (with a flight crew lounge). Average nightly rate for off-peak season is $125 CAD/night which is actually quite a deal. (Usually it would be $299 CAD/night but presumably the lack of up-keep and negative reviews have affected their room rate as well.) It is quite a good Vancouver airport hotel and the staff are generally friendly. It should be considered on your list of Vancouver airport hotels to choose if the price is right because it is a Vancouver airport hotel with quite a few amenities to your liking. Worth taking a chance for the right price; kids and families would especially enjoy the water slide and pool while dads will enjoy the convenient dining options with Denny’s for an easy family breakfast.

Address: 10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 2M9

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond Hotel: A long ways away from Richmond downtown and Vancouver International Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond Hotel is located on the Southeastern corner of Richmond, BC. The hotel does provide 24 hr shuttle service to YVR but it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the airport from Riverport. Besides its distance from YVR, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites RiverPort Richmond Hotel is actually outstanding on merits of customer service, and management. Room rates are about $165 CAD and includes breakfast. Around the neighborhood you’ll find a few restaurants such as the Old Spaghetti Factory, ice skating ring, laser tag complex, and a Cineplex movie theatre. It seems suitable for families stopping over in Vancouver, however the location isn’t great if you’re looking to explore Vancouver, BC as it would add an additional 10 minutes drive each way compared to any other Vancouver airport hotels.

Address: 10688 No 6 Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1E7

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Lastly, if you’re still hanging on with us on this article…we wanted to share some information that may be helpful for those coming to Vancouver for the first time. Information about Vancouver International Airports such as the baggage claim, transport, and food (very important haha) along with information about Vancouver, British Columbia such as our geography, weather, greater Vancouver area, and currency. We’ll also share a little bit about customs/culture but Vancouver culture/customs isn’t much different from any other American/Canadian city.

Information about Vancouver International Airport (YVR):

Here are five things you may want to know about Vancouver International Airport:

  • Vancouver International Airport has been voted the BEST airport in North America for eight years consecutively. (SkyTrax) Not as good as Changi Airport in Singapore but Vancouver airport is certainly cleaner, newer, and more efficient/friendly than most airports in North America. Functional and artistic still, not quite as many entertainment/to-do options for transits or layovers. (We do have free Vancouver walking tours during summer.)
  • If Vancouver is your first point of entry to Canada, you do have to go through immigration and customs regardless if you’re travelling on wards. Once you leave the plane, you can only go out through immigration and baggage claim before you re-enter through security.
  • Vancouver International Airport has a Trans-Border terminal to one end, the international terminal in the middle, and the domestic terminal to the other end. It’s connected so you do not need to transfer terminals per say, just walk across the indoor space.
  • Arrivals are on the lower floor while departures are on the upper floors. To connect between the International Arrivals and the Domestic Arrivals, you have to go up one level then walk to the domestic. (This is useful during winter if you prefer to wait for your Vancouver airport hotel shuttles indoor at the Domestic terminal than having to wait in the cold. We’ll have a video for you here on getting from the International arrivals to the Domestic hotel shuttle waiting zone. The benefit to waiting for your Vancouver airport hotel shuttle at the domestic area as well is the convenience of picking up some food at the 24 hours 711 before your shuttle arrives – usually every 30 minutes – or grabbing some wine at the liquor store located besides 711.)
  • Vancouver International Airport has various 24 hours dining options along good variety in the international terminal food court. (Literally walking from International departures to Domestic departures is just 3 minutes; it’s not a big terminal. Walking from International arrivals to International departures is just 2 minutes – up an elevator.) There is a 24 hour 711 by the domestic arrival and 24 hour Tim Hortons by the domestic departures. Most dining options close at 11 PM. Food is important while you’re travelling 😀 I’m only mentioning those before security because upon arrival, you will have to clear immigration and customs immediately – you cannot re-enter the secure area of the terminal as you do in the States and linger before heading out to baggage claim. (There is however a 24 hr Church’s Chicken located after security; the same as Texas Chicken for those in Asia.)

Information about Vancouver:

  • Vancouver’s International Airport is actually in Richmond, BC not Vancouver, BC.
  • IATA Code: YVR
  • The population of Vancouver is approximately 630,000 with 2.3 million people in the greater Vancouver area.
  • Vancouver is a very internationally diverse city that’s liberal leaning in ideology by majority.
  • Vancouver is a coastal city; our weather is moderated by the body of water meaning generally milder winters and summer. Since, Vancouver has mountainous range, we do get a lot of rain on the left side of the mountain which is basically Metro Vancouver region…on the interior BC such as Okanagan, certain regions are deserts. We’re one of the few cities where you can have a BBQ by the beach then head skiing on Mount Seymour or Cypress Mountain in the same day.

When you’re arriving to Vancouver from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you’ll actually be arriving in Richmond, British Columbia. The Metro Vancouver area is comprised of several municipalities with Vancouver as its hub. Vancouver is neighbored by Richmond to the south and Burnaby to the East, followed by New Westminster, Port Moody, and Coquitlam respectively. With this said, downtown Richmond is no more than 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver by the Canada Line SkyTrain. Likewise, the heart of Burnaby at Metrotown is no more than 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver by the Expo Line Skytrain which travels at 45 KM/hour on average. This means several things, Vancouver is not very far from Richmond or Burnaby and can be considered as one city though governed by separate municipalities. (Even the upcoming 2018 Vancouver election allows voters outside of Vancouver so long as residing in BC..that emphasizes the importance of Vancouver and connectivity of the region).


Vancouver Weather:

In Vancouver, the weather is probably the most common, popular, preferred, and contentious talking point for small talk among locals. You can’t go wrong talking about the weather – for good reason.

In Vancouver, it rains 161 days per year! Yes, that means almost half the year it’s raining. Most of these rainy days are also congregated within the months of November to February as well where it may rain days on end. (Literally, it can rain for 7-14 days straight.) Vancouver is Canada’s 3rd rainiest city after all. If you’re visiting Vancouver during the season of fall (September-November) or winter (December-March) be sure to bring some warm weather, and expect some rainy days. However, if you’re coming during spring or summer, it’s mostly sunshine and great weather.

Spring: Beautiful time where you’ll see cherry blossoms and flowers blooming in Vancouver especially about Marpole neighborhood in Vancouver. Weather is perfect usually. Often you’ll find around 15-24 Celcius (59 Farenheit to 75.2 Farenheit) with moderate amount of rain. Once mid-March hits, you rarely get downpour of rain as you do in February. The hotels are still cheap in mid-March to late-March before the cruise season starts while the weather is ideal for enjoying and exploring Vancouver…many Vancouver tourist activities and tours also begin kicking up their frequency and operations. So, this is actually the ideal period to visit Vancouver if you’re here on leisure especially family vacations in Vancouver. (The biggest expense of travel is usually the hotels.)

Summer: Recently, Vancouver summers have been quite (unbearably) hot but usually the weather is moderated because Vancouver is a coastal city so the sea helps take some heat away in summer.

Fall: Fall is beautiful as Vancouver does have many deciduous trees scattered across our coast so you can see wonderful colours of yellow, orange, and red.

Winter: Vancouver winter is mild. We get plenty of rain.


Vancouver’s Public Transport:

Translink is the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority; they are responsible for public transport, major roads, and bridges in metro Vancouver.

You can plan your trip with their Trip Planner here but Google Maps is just as good (if not better) with integration to real-time bus/transit timings through a Google Maps & Translink collaboration. (Experience however is that Google Maps sometimes doesn’t plot the quickest route.)

Quick Things to Know about Vancouver Public Transport:

1) Tickets cost $2.85 per adult for one-zone. $4.10 for two-zones. $5.60 for three-zones. (Refer to Zone Maps here. Getting from Richmond – Vancouver Airport, to Vancouver – downtown Vancouver is considered two zones.) Your fare is valid for 90 minutes on SkyTrain, Bus, and Sea Bus.

2) Trips departing from Vancouver International Airport are subject to a $5 levy. (One way we get more money from you tourists to cover the Canada Line building cost. :D)

3) If you plan on using public transport as your primary means of transportation, it would be recommendable to get yourself a day pass for $10 which can be purchased at any Compass Card Vending Machines or any retailers that sell Translink products (most grocery stores like Save on Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Safeway along with convenience stores like 711 and independent convenience stores will sell them if you’re not near a Compass Vending Machine). If you register your Compass Card online, you can also purchase your day pass online.

4) The most convenient way to utilize Vancouver’s Public Transport is to purchase a refundable Compass Card for $6. (You can return your card for a refund of the deposit along with any value in your card at 590 Beatty Street, it is the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station.) This will allow you to tap and use the stored value on your card; the Compass Card works on both buses and SkyTrains. It also makes the fares cheaper for you. With the Compass Card, you will pay $2.20 for one-zone, $3.25 for two-zone, and $4.30 for three-zones.

5) You do require a Compass card or Compass ticket to utilize the SkyTrain system (tap in and out on the access gate). Buses still do have functional coins payment method but they do not accept bills however the bus ticket is not transferable for use on SkyTrains meaning you have to pay again whereas the Compass tickets can be used on both buses and SkyTrains – remember you’re not paying per use but by zone with unlimited travel in 90 minutes. (Most often, if you do not have coins on hand, the driver will let you get to the nearest station.) You can pre-purchase Compass tickets at the Compass vending machines and tap them to activate only when you want to use it. (The value remain stored until you utilize the tickets.) Compass tickets are available only for one-time use and cannot be reloaded with new value. The easiest and most economical as mentioned however is the reusable Compass cards. Upcoming in summer of 2018, you will be able to tap your credit card on buses; once again it does not permit for transfers. In short, if you’re going to use the transit, do yourself a favour (note the our and not or – Canadian spelling :D) and get a Compass card at the YVR Compass vending machine by the Vancouver International Airport terminus station.

As with most public transport, it takes 2 times longer to get to your destination, unless, you’re only using the SkyTrain system – which would be faster than driving.

  • The easiest way to travel around metro Vancouver with public transport is through the Canada Line, Expo and Millennium Line “Sky Trains”.
    • Canada Line: The first SkyTrain you’ll likely use if availing yourself of public transport. There are 16 stations between Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, and Vancouver. It’s convenient, consistent, and clean usually. Go downtown Vancouver from YVR in under 30 minutes. Going to downtown Richmond from YVR is about 20 minutes (requiring a switch at Bridgeport Station.)
    • Millennium Line: This train takes you from VCC-Clark (Vancouver Career College) in Vancouver to Coquitlam, British Columbia by way of Burnaby. (I would highly recommend a visit to Coquitlam – the suburb of Vancouver as it is a quaint suburb city with magnificent outdoor opportunities. Perhaps take a look out after dinner at Westwood Plateau or taking a hike along the Coquitlam River. Check Rocky Point Park in Port Moody and try some Rocky Point Ice Cream.) It takes about 35 minutes from end to end through 17 stations.
    • Expo Line: The oldest Sky Train system in Vancouver, it takes passengers from downtown Vancouver to Surrey. (A running joke among Vancouverites is never to fall asleep on the SkyTrain in Surrey. Take from that what you will. Just be careful if you’re visiting Surrey and avoid being outside at night.) The Expo Line also takes you to Production Way University Station and to Coquitlam. (Split track at Columbia between King George in Surrey or Production Way University. So if you’re on the Expo Line, be sure to known which destination your train is headed.) There are 24 stations on The Expo Line which takes 40 Minutes to King George Station in Surrey, or 40 Minutes to Lougheed Town Centre in Coquitlam. You may take this train if you’re trying to reach Coquitlam and transfer to the Evergreen Line extension on the Millennium Line at Lougheed.
  • Extensive bus network. The most likely bus you’ll be using is the #4 bus, #5 bus, #7 bus, #10 bus, and #99 B-Line bus which will get you across to most tourist attractions in Vancouver from downtown Vancouver. (Such as Kitsilano, Granville Island, or English Bay.)
  • Sea Bus: Vancouver has a Sea Bus that operates from Vancouver Waterfront Station to Lonsdale Quay (Another popular tourist attraction as well; it has a nice market with a few unique food options there such as donuts. You can also then grab a taxi or transit to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge which is a free alternative to the infamous Capilano Suspension Bridge – which has a free shuttle from downtown Vancouver but tickets are $43.) It takes about 15 minutes to make your way across the Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver and the ferry-bus leaves every 15 to 30 minutes.
  • West Coast Express: The West Coast Express is a commuter train that uses the commercial rail way track. It is popular commuter train to get from Coquitlam to downtown Vancouver in 30 minutes. The train actually travels as far as Port Haney, BC and Mission City, BC. It may be an interesting experience for tourists who wish to visit Port Moody, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, or Mission because the train travels by Vancouver’s waterfront. The train goes Westwards to Vancouver during the morning and Eastwards to Coquitlam during the evenings. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path experience of Vancouver…you may consider taking the 3:50 PM train to Port Moody (24 minutes waterfront ride) and then the SkyTrain back to downtown Vancouver. In Port Moody, try Pajo’s Fish N Chips, Rocky Point Ice Cream, and take a walk along the four connected tidal parks. Finish off your visit with a walk to New Port Village for some coffee or Suter Brook Village for some fresh baked goods at Cobs Bread.

If you’re wondering, Vancouver does not yet have Uber or ride sharing due to government. You are stuck either with taxi, car hire, or transit for your transportation options. The taxis can be very slow if you’re arriving at the cruise ship terminal; they are notorious for rejecting customers as well if the distance isn’t long enough or if it is too long. (Taxis are regulated by their zones as well; they cannot pick up customers on the street outside their assigned municipality.)


Vancouver Currency Exchange:

Vancouver uses the Canadian Dollar. If you’re looking for the best Vancouver currency exchange, read the article linked.

  • Vancouver Airport Currency Exchange: If you’re arriving at the airport, there are several money changer kiosks both before or after security by the same service provider, ICE Canada, but the rates are notoriously high with transaction fees. No competition.
  • Vancouver Airport Royal Bank Kiosk: There is a Royal Bank kiosk at the airport but they do not provide currency exchange services.

Most merchants (food, beverage, and service industries) in Vancouver will accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard – there are few merchants with exclusive credit brand acceptance.) so you don’t really require Canadian dollar urgently unless you plan on eating in Richmond. (many Chinese restaurants, especially at the food courts will only accept cash.) Visa and Mastercard is so widely accepted in Vancouver, even the Translink buses will soon accept direct credit card payments on the buses. If you do require cash urgently, you can withdraw from most ATM networks but they will charge a $2-$5 service fee on top of your international transaction bank fee.

Ideally, wait till you get to downtown Vancouver or Richmond to change your money. There’s a rather good money changer right at Vancouver City-Centre station (Canadian spelling again for centre, not center :D) called Charlie’s Money Changer (827 Granville Street) and another one being Vancouver Currency & Bullion Exchange (800 W. Pender Street, Unit #120). Both do not charge transaction fees and may offer rates similar or better to banks.

Your hotel will likely be able to exchange small amount of currencies for you (especially if you’re arriving with US dollars) so you may wish to check-in directly to your Vancouver airport hotel even if you require Canadian currency urgently.


Vancouver Cellphone Service:

One of the most important questions you may have is cellular service in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver has four major cellular network providers. (1) Telus (2) Bell (3) Rogers (4) Freedom Mobile – Shaw. Each four have different roaming agreements with various cellular networks globally. Most established cellular networks will have multiple roaming agreements with Vancouver wireless network providers so reception shouldn’t be a concern if you’re roaming.

There are two options you may consider with cellphone services in Vancouver for tourists:

  • Roaming: If you have a roaming plan activated on your phone, you may wish to keep your current phone number. Make sure per usual to turn off data to avoid any billing surprises unless you do have a data roaming plan. Check if your cellular provider regarding your roaming charges. This is the ideal option if you’re not planning on making many phone calls because it saves the hassle of changing your sim card.
  • Pre-paid Plan: If you’re in Vancouver for an extended period of say 14 days and will be talking frequently with friends/family in Vancouver or for work then consider getting a pre-paid sim card.

The easiest pre-paid plan is going to the 711 at Vancouver International Airport and buying a $10 or $25 Speak Out Sim Card. Speak Out prepaid cellphone plans is a virtual mobile network that uses Bell and Telus networks. (Bell for pre-paid and Telus for their monthly plan.)

You can also consider going to Aberdeen Mall, Richmond Centre, or Lansdown Mall in Richmond, BC (or downtown Vancouver) to purchase a pre-paid sim card directly at a Bell, Rogers, Telus, or Freedom Mobile kiosk.

Doing an analysis on all four mobile carrier pre-paid plans would not be useful as they are often similar – Rogers’ does have slightly better customer service but that probably isn’t your concern. Generally, Pay as you Go Plans with the Big 3 carriers are billed monthly (so if you’re here for 14 days, you’re still paying 30 days); there are some great deals however that may be cheaper than Speak Out prepaid plans. If you’re looking for a simple activation using only for talk & text then use the 711 Speak Out pre-paid plan. If you do require data, then look into Bell, Rogers, Telus, or Freedom Mobile pre-paid plans.


Advice – Avoid “Vacation Rentals” and Airbnbs:

Honestly, as a local, I would recommend you avoid illegal Bed and Breakfast along with AirBnbs. It is a very contentious issue in Vancouver at the moment; there is also no way to guarantee what you would be getting if you choose to take this route. Some Bed and Breakfast (Bnbs) claim to be 2.7 KM from Vancouver Airport (that’s the same distance as Pacific Gateway Hotel) but there’s no homes anywhere near 3.5 KM from the airport.

Further, many of these AirBnbs do this without city approval or taxes (business tax, GST, & DMF – Canada has a lot of taxes). In Vancouver where the vacancy rate is 0%, locals don’t take too kindly to tourists and business travelers booking illegal apartments that should otherwise be on the lease market. Most municipalities/cities/towns across the world do not permit rentals shorter than 30 days, some like Singapore set a minimum of three months.

Basically, if you’re going to rent an AirBnb then know that most locals would not take too kindly to it. Tourism should not work against the city.


(As fair disclosure, we do receive a small commission for any bookings through Trip.com – it does not affect your booking and it is often better alternative to Expedia.ca or Priceline, unless you’re booking Express/Hidden deals. Price comparisons show Trip.com is often the cheaper OTA; my speculation is they cut their own profit slightly to compete. Hotels pay OTA up to 30% of your reservation for bookings through them… you still pay the same rate, just that OTAs get around 30% of the room rate for their fees.)

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