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VancityAsks.com serves as a Q&A site for Vancouver. We want to find and list the best of Vancouver, especially local businesses, so locals and tourist alike can enjoy the best that Vancouver has to offer.

We love our city and think it’s definitely one of the BEST cities to live in, in the world. We aren’t the only one! Vancouver was ranked the #3 most livable city in 2015.

VancityAsks.com ranking is community driven and impartial as best as we can. We genuinely want to find he BEST of Vancouver and we encourage you to contribute your opinions, feedback, and questions to VancityAsks.com

Questions and answers you will find on VancityAsks.com


What you’ll find on VancityAsks.com

There are many questions that can be asked about Vancity. We’ve categorized it into five major categories:

FOOD – because we’re all foodies at heart. Food connects people. We have the best pizza in Vancouver list, best sushi in Vancouver list (because only Japan has better sushi than Vancouver), and even best Vancouver poutine! (gotta love that cheese curds, gravy, and freshly cut fries! especially when it’s raining…which in Vancouver means about 50% of the time)

Activities – Besides delicious multi-cultural foods in Vancouver, there’s actually lots to do in this vibrant city. On VancityAsks.com, we know Vancouver is much to offer and we want to help you enjoy the fullest of your city. Here are the best activities such as the best beaches in Vancouver, best fishing spots in Vancouver, best golfing in Vancouver, or 20 things to do on the weekend with friends.

Travel – Here are some great travel tips for Vancouverites and tourists. Learn the best deals on hotels in Vancouver, best Vancouver airport hotel, tourist specials, or cheap vacation deals.

Knowledge – Knowledge is power. It’s also very cliche. Nevertheless, this section is where you’ll find useful tidbits about Vancouver. Ever wondered

Services – We’ve all been there. You arrived in a new city and you need to find a reliable dentist. You don’t know where you can get a good dentist so you go about trying to get referrals. It’s quite the hassle, this is why at VancityAsks.com we try to help you find the best dentist in Vancouver, or the best orthodontist in Vancouver or the best family doctor in Vancouver. This so that you can be at ease knowing you got professional and affordable services (since not everyone is looking for the same traits in these professions we provide a little commentary on prices, service, and personality). At the same time, these local professionals in Vancouver get rewarded with more clients and visibility online. Importantly, you can never buy a listing on VancityAsks.com, these are all honest and impartial lists base on community input, personal experience, and knowledge.


Other – Sometimes you’re sorting your socks, and there’s that one outlier. That’s pretty much this section. While we focus VancityAsks.com to being a Q&A site for Vancouver, there are some interesting things we want to share that just doesn’t fit into any of the lists above. This is where you will find those posts and articles.

Community – Finally, we have a community section. This is where different businesses or organizations can post announcements about their event or business changes. More like a posting wall or a news section.


Welcome to VancityAsks.com, let’s discover our city together.




Now, if you’re reading this from September to March, there’s a 70% chance that it’s raining while you’re reading this. If that’s the case, smile a little, give thanks, and browse a few more pages on VancityAsks to be inspired of the many activities and food places you can try in the rain đŸ™‚

(Unless it’s December then you should be cramming for your exam students)

If you’re reading this in April to August, you’ve gotten the few months in Vancouver where the sky isn’t so emotional. CONGRATS! You should be reading this on your phone and enjoying Vancouver outdoors. Be a tourist in your own city.

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  1. Carol Salmons

    Do you conduct your tour on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? Will be in Vancouver this week and would love a guided tour.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      We have an article on cheap parking in downtown Vancouver available here:

      It appears the options available include:
      – 843 Seymour Street: $2.5/hour
      – 311 W Hastings: $2/hour
      – 330 Cambie Street: $3/hour

      Please confirm the current pricing for the parking as these may be out of date.

      I would suggest considering 834 Seymour as it is convenient and safe walking distance to QET; there are also a good flow of pedestrians and people to avert the probability of a vehicle theft. West Hastings in Gastown might be more of a safety/security concern if you leave your car unattended.

      Hope this helps and enjoy your time at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Thanks for your question.

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