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VancityAsks.com is Vancouver’s premier Q&A site. It’s like Answers.com for Vancouver by Vancouverites. Reading VancityAsks.com takes difficult and time consuming decision making process out of your day. Simply check what the top 5 BEST Pizza in Vancouver if you’re looking for a place to eat or maybe see our featured dentist list. Hang out for a cup of coffee at a nice ambiance cafe serving gourmet coffee. Either way, we likely have it if you have a question about Vancouver.

You can choose to save money with parking by reading the cheapest parking in downtown Vancouver. Maybe you’re looking for a nice Saturday beach walk, we got that with our top 5 beaches in Vancouver.

Bored? No problem, find the top 5 best tourist attractions in Vancouver or interesting things to do in Vancouver. Perhaps you don’t like main stream, maybe you like the outdoors, or you like seclusion. We got a list for that as well! In essence, if you got a question about Vancouver, we want VancityAsks.com to be the answer to your question.

It’s a local’s look at answering tough questions in our city such as where the best donut in Vancouver. Even more, you can get in to a tussle when talking about the best coffee in Vancouver.

Here’s a list of more popular Q&A about Vancouver:

Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

In effect, VancityAsks.com is a site that seeks to serve as a Q&A site for Vancouver to give you an inside look and a simplified solution to decision making by always choosing the BEST in Vancouver. It’s your go to guide for places to see, eat, and do by locals and for locals + tourists.


About our Lists:

Many of our lists are fluid. We know everyone has a different opinion at times and there’s many hidden gems in this great city. This is why we encourage you to participate in the discussion.

While we have our opinions, we keep each of our list with one or two TBD to let you put your input. Your comments will directly change or update our list. We want to have the best of the best and we aren’t necessary the best coffee connoisseur and neither are we the best at choosing what’s good

In effect, we’re humbled and we want you to have a stay in a Q&A site about YOUR city. So please, comment bellow our articles and add to the list what you think should be there. In effect, you’re in control of the list and answers about your city, Vancity.

There are often many great places that’s hard to fit all in. We chose to list 5 in most of our list (3 would be ideal but 5 for options and simplicity because to make it any fewer than 5 would be too hard for us). So please do understand that if we include one item in the list, it means that one must be unlisted. We can’t place every good place in the list; it’s suppose to be the tops. If your favourite place for Japanese or Chinese food isn’t listed in our top 5 Sushi spots, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, simply that there were others to mention.


We value your opinion so encourage you to post your comments. If you’d like to contribute content or have a question to be answered, please submit it in the comment section. There will be guest posts as necessary to ensure the ideal person addresses each question about Vancouver’s questions with their expertise.

Thanks for reading VancityAsks.com

– VancityAsks.com

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