5 good churches in Vancouver

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There’s no such thing as a best church in Vancouver. When it comes to faith, it’s about family and it’s not a competition for the best or biggest church. While there is no such thing as the best church in Vancouver, there are many good churches in Vancouver and many choices available.

At VancityAsks.com we hope to help locals and tourists find the best of Vancouver. Since there isn’t such a thing as the best church in Vancouver, we’re going to share some things to consider for when looking for a local church along with five good churches for your consideration.

Perhaps, you’re new to the city and looking for a Vancouver church. Maybe you’re simply looking for a community to grow, we hope the following list can help you along. Enjoy reading.

If you’re non-religious, feel free to skip on to another article. If you’re looking however for a supportive community founded in Love, I hope you consider reading the list and stepping into one of these cathedrals (building, community centers, or theatre nowadays). It may be the missing piece you’re looking for to fill that emptiness or desire?


Note: The church is His body and I believe He cares about it. Shouldn’t you? It’s the longest living organization on earth that has planted schools, advocated for education, advanced science, and built/staffed hospitals. (Look at St. Paul’s if you need a local example) It cannot be under emphasized that if you’re a Christian, you should get connected and serving in a local church. I cannot think of a government or society group that has made as much an impact globally than the Church. I believe the local church is one of many ways that God uses to help humanity and add to society tangibly, an expression of His care and His love.

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” – Matthew 28:18

If you want to experience the full power of God then be connected to a local church; it’s the dispensation that it comes through imho. Much like how the feeding of 5000, the people set in groups (organization), and the disciples (church) distributed the food. The miracle was from the Lord, but the disciples were used and order was present. Order as you will find is very important for progress. Order such as the usage of gifts through the church.


How to find a good church in Vancouver?

As I mentioned, there is no such thing as the best church in Vancouver. There are many good options for community and fellowship. Here are some things I look for when trying to find a church in Vancouver. It’s by no means a definitive list but what I believe are important points.

Christ Centered church: Look for a church that emphasizes on the finish work of Jesus Christ and the second person of the God-head. You don’t have Christianity without Christ. It’s about God’s love towards humanity that He sent His Son; it should not be only about our frailties or God’s judgement.

Biblically based: A church should be grounded in the Bible. While I believe there’s an importance to relevance in society, it should be in context of the Word. Church goers did not go to church to hear what reader digest said about modern culture – they already do that in the washroom.

Triune God-head: It’s been said that how people live their lives are based upon (1) their view of God (2) their view of themselves. It’s been emphasized throughout the Bible the concept of the triune God-head. I believe it’s an important point that a Vancouver church acknowledges the triune God as it affects your view of God and hence how you live your life; it’s also a reflection of being Biblically based. (“Elohim” is a plural word with references in the Bible using “Let us” still further saying “the Lord is one!”)

New Covenant: In my humble opinion, it’s important that the church emphasizes on the New Covenant or grace. All books of the Bible are important for the full counsel is necessary and every word of God is profitable for teaching, rebuking, and training in righteousness. Let’s show the world love and grace because we have first been recipients of this love and grace from Him.

Community: Finally, community cannot be understated. We all have a longing to belong; maybe this branches to our desire to achieve, and to succeed. If Christianity is about a relationship with God then you would know your horizontal relationships matter as well.

Unfortunately by virtue that we’re humans and we make mistakes (sometimes wilfully), some people have been hurt by the church community itself. This should not mean that you put yourself at a distance from community always but maybe find another community.


Now that I’ve underlined what has been considered when creating the list of churches in Vancouver, here are some good churches for you to consider visiting.


Five Good Vancouver Churches:

Westside Church: A Christ-centered Mennonite Brethren church right in the heart of Vancouver pastored by pastor Norm Funk. This church has a history of going through books of the Bible for sermon series with relevance to modern living. It’s a great church that you can be sure is giving sound doctrine.

The community is friendly comprising of yuppies, young families, young professionals, and students. Westside also has a church in North Vancouver headed by pastor James Bonney. They run life groups throughout the year allowing for more tightly knitted fellowship in small groups.

Services throughout the year meet at 9 AM and 11 AM on Sundays though only one service per week during the summer at 10 AM on Sundays as well. The congregation is fairly large – may be the largest downtown Vancouver church with several thousand members. The Vancouver campus also features a cool café serving tea and pastries before and after service. It’s definitely one of my favourite churches in Vancouver.

Westside Church Vancouver - Good Vancouver churches

Westside Church at 777 Homer Street in Vancouver, BC. Picture taken from Google maps, street view.

Address: 777 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W1


Broadway Pentecostal Church Vancouver: Broadway Church in Vancouver is a modern church under the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and shepherded by lead pastor Darin Latham (who was a former police officer in Toronto area and enjoys apologetics).  Broadway Pentecostal plans their sermon series at the start of the year on different topics varying from money management to hung-ups; these effectively finding biblical answers to are life topics.

Broadway Pentecostal Church in Vancouver features a diversified international community comprising of many mature families (children in high school or universities) with elders and younger families. They don’t have a very active community group program at Broadway Pentecostal Church but feature other programs. Broadway Pentecostal church also runs various programs such as a day care and City Reach society (a separate non-profit association affiliated with Broadway Church) as well as contributing to the YVR airport Champlain program.

Since Broadway Pentecostal Church Vancouver is such an inter-generational church, they have elected to run three services with different styles of worship. The 9 AM service features the traditional worship service, the 11:15 AM service features a contemporary worship service and the 6 PM service features an emerging worship service (with loud music, and free food targeting young adults)

Broadway Pentecostal church - Good churches in Vancouver

Broadway Pentecostal church at 2700 E Broadway. Picture taken from Google maps, street view.

Address: 2700 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5M 1Y8


Willington Church Vancouver: Willington Church Vancouver is another Mennonite Brethren church just outside Vancouver in Burnaby by Metro-town area. It’s headed by pastor Mark Loewen and one of the largest church in the Vancouver area.

The community is once again very multicultural. The church also takes on various ministries for the betterment of their members and the city at large. The Willington Mennonite Brethern church has a strong emphasis on the gospel and prayer with open invitation for prayer on their website. Here’s their statement of faith:

I have not personally visited this church so don’t have much further information about it but I have had many friends who attend this church and enjoy the diversified community of people.

Willingdon church in Vancouver - Good churches in Vancouver

Willingdon Church at 4812 Willingdon Ave. Picture taken from Google maps, street view.

Address: 4812 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC


Coastal Church Vancouver: Coastal Church is a non-denominational church in downtown Vancouver right in front of the Trump tower. The church’s lead pastor is Dave and Cheryl Coop. Coastal Church in Vancouver likes to ensure their sermons are relevant to modern living and the hub city of Vancouver (where people regularly transit in and out). Their self-professed mission at the church is to make the city of Vancouver a better place.

Coastal Church has a strong emphasis on community with life groups running throughout the year in cycles on different topic or sermon. Congregation is comprises a lot of students and working adults and couples in downtown Vancouver. The church also encourages entrepreneurship and positive thinking. They have a strong online presence and social media team which is unusual for a church.

Services run weekly on Saturdays at and Sundays at 9 AM, 11 AM and 12:30 PM for about 1.5 hours, an introduction followed by a brief 45 minutes sermon between worship. Coastal Church is built in a historical building on 1160 West Georgia Street where you can see drawings of the old architecture of the building pinned in the hallways.  They provide free coffee, apples, and snacks after service and also have a kiosk that serves ice cream, fresh squeeze orange juice at a nominal cost.

Coastal Church in Vancouver, BC

Coastal Church in Vancouver, BC. Picture courtesy of Google Maps, street view.

Address: 1160 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3H7


TBD: This is kept in the faith that another church will come to Vancouver that will contribute to the local community J


More Churches in Vancouver:

Here are many other churches in Vancouver.

West Coast Christian Fellowship: WCCF was suggested on our Facebook post. They are a non-denominational church affiliated with Salt & Light Ministries (http://www.saltlight.org/international/). Their statement of faith can be found here. Services start at 11:30 AM on Sundays.

“We believe God has called us to be a Christ-centered, Word-based, Spirit-led Family.” – WCCF website

Address – 3198 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V5K 2L1

Website – http://wccf.ca/


Salvation Army Cariboo Hill Temple: Located in Burnaby, Salvation Army Cariboo Hill Temple was suggested as well on our Facebook post. I was not able to find mentions of their denomination but I would assume affiliation to the Salvation Army? Their statement of faith can be found here. Services run on Sundays at 10:30 AM and 6 PM.

They value, “People, Word of God, Growth, Spiritual Gifts, Relationships, Service, Prayer” – http://www.cariboohill.ca/our-values 

Address – 7195 Cariboo Rd, Burnaby, BC V3N 4A6

Website – http://www.cariboohill.ca/


Bethel International Church: Bethel International Church was suggested from someone on our Facebook page. Services appear to be at 10 AM on Sundays. Not affiliated to Bethel music.

“We desire to make a lasting difference in people’s lives in the city of Vancouver and beyond. Our vision is to be a community of transformation: where people disconnected from God experience fullness of life through knowing Jesus.” – Bethel International Church website

Address – 739 33 AVE E, Vancouver, BC

Website – http://bethelinvancouver.com/


Redemption Church: Formally Point Grey Community Church which was joint with another church to form Redemption Church. They are a Pentecostal church with affiliations to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Services run on Sunday at 9 AM and 11:15 AM.

“To follow our Redeemer and King Jesus in bringing his love and salvation to every person we can. To be a church that loves others in a generous, gracious, and joyful. To make disciples who are obedient to Jesus in thought, word, and deed. To bring the transforming and renewing power of God into the city and the world.”  – http://www.redemptionchurch.ca/about/

Address – 3512 7 AVE W, Vancouver, BC

Website – http://www.redemptionchurch.ca/


Relate Church: Relate Church was suggested by several on our Facebook page as well. Otherwise known as Victory Christian Centre, this congregation was renamed to Relate Church in 2009. It appears that Relate Church is affiliated to Hillsong Churches (Pentecostal) and have adopted a similar vision with the “Church that I see”.  Services are on Saturdays at 5:10 Pm and Sundays at 9:40 AM along with 11:40 AM.

“We exist to build the church by developing flourishing relationships with God and people.” – Relate Church Website

Address – 6788 152 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3L4

Website – http://www.relatechurch.ca/


Trinity Central Church: This church was also recommended by someone on our Facebook page. It’s a new church in Vancouver seeking to impact this city with the message of the gospel. They are part of Newfrontiers family of churches. Trinity Central Church meets in the Vancity Theater on Sundays at 10:30 AM.

“We’re a community that’s all about loving God and loving people. Our vision is to reach and influence Vancouver by building a Christ centred church that changes mindsets and empowers people to lead and transform society in every sphere of life.” – Trinity Central Church website

Address – 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2E8

Website – http://www.trinitycentral.org/


Take caution:

Think for yourself – I’ve heard it spoken before, “do not leave your brains at home when you come to church”. Remember to think for yourself. Church is not a place where you ignore logic or thought processes; God created your brain as much as he created you.

Do not let anyone else think for you; esteem the teacher but do not regard anyone more highly than you ought. Christianity is not a brainless religion; that’s a cult. Christianity is about relationship between a Holy God and humanity saved by grace and love. Many of the greatest philosophers and individuals in academia are Christians.

Adding or Taking – Be careful when people make deviations from the Word. There are minor and major disputes as in life there are disagreements of opinion and interpretations although the crux of the gospel and the God-head should not be disputed neither should the instructions in the Bible be contradicted.

I believe God has made us all with an intuitive desire for worship and community. This leaves room for error when the desire is abused. In my opinion, this is why Cults and religions can catch on so successfully when people add or take from the Bible for their own profit. For example the “children of god” cult that abuses the name of Jesus for sexual exploitation but completely ignores the Bible talks about sexual purity and lust.

Be careful when leaders knowingly make a deviation from the Word for their own intents or profits. If someone takes the frame and fills it with their own opinion and junk, take caution. Learn but judge and do your own fact checking. Acts 17:11

Compromises – This last caution may be subjective. I believe a church should never compromise on their convictions and their faith. It should not be bended to societal influence or what is “acceptable” to man. This applies to what is good, just, and true. Accepting a lie doesn’t make it anymore true and any less hurtful. One should not accept compromise in their faith or conscience. However neither should we expect everyone to agree with our convictions or believes and neither should we force such believes upon others unwillingly. God gave man free will, shouldn’t we respect their free will as well?  (1 Peter 3:15)

Living in society with different believes requires acceptance but not compromises. Yes, compromise is necessary in daily life for a cohesive society though compromises should never be about Truths or facts.


Every individual is unique and different. Take the metaphor of plants, one plant may grow better in red soil with higher iron while another plant may grow better in soft, fertile soil with a lot of peat. I hope you find a good church in Vancouver and you enjoyed this article.

Note while denomination should not be a divisive factor, we have noted it because denomination represent slight differentiation in interpretation of certain scriptures or preferred style of worship. I find you may be more familiar or comfortable with a church that matches your denomination (upbringing or preference) enabling for fellowship in your community.

The purpose of this list is to help new Christians in Vancouver find a church they can get connected to and begin living life, growing, and serving the community and city at large.

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37 thoughts on “5 good churches in Vancouver

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi E. Toews,

      I’m not familiar with churches in Port Coquitlam although there are a couple in Coquitlam that I’ve heard about:
      – Four Square North Side: This is quite a large congregation up on Westwood Plateau, I liked it a lot the time I went 5 years ago but there were some concerns.
      – God Rock: This is a church in Port Coquitlam. A leader from Westside Church Caregroup call BJ preaches there often I think. Services are on Saturday if I’m not mistaken.
      – Riverside Community Church: This was initially a sister church to North Side Foursquare which branched off on their own.
      – Westwood Community Church: I attended this church a couple times. It may be a bit uncomfortable for those who are not accustom to free flowing services with dancers during worship time. (had a friend told me he thought the church was uncomfortable for him) It’s right on Westwood. The pastor hosts several events encouraging other pastors to come together. They focus a lot on the Jewish Messianic congregation too.

      Sorry I can’t be more help with Port Coquitlam churches. Let me know if you have any suggestions for others who may be looking for good churches in Port Coquitlam.

      I’m sure there are many excellent churches in Port Coquitlam, BC. Find one that fits for you. It’s important to ensure it’s Christ centered and biblical based. A good community helps too 🙂

      (edited for typos)

      1. Sharon

        There is also the Port Church in North Port Coquitlam that meets at BC Christian Academy school at 10 am on Sundays. It is a multi-site campus of CAChurch in Coquitlam – a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. We would love to see you there.

        1. VancityAsks Post author

          Thanks Sharon. Appreciate the information about Port Church in North Port Coquitlam.

          Broadway Church now also has a Port Coquitlam campus at 1932 Cameron Ave which was formally Cornerstone Church.

  1. Nancy

    Could you provide links to any of the other churches in Vancouver? I don’t often get to Vancouver but I am sure there are more than five great churches. You can’t possible know them all well enough to write about them so a link to other churches would be good. Just a suggestion.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Nancy,

      Sorry about the late reply. Yes, thank you for your suggestion. I have indeed created a section with “More churches in Vancouver” where recommendations provided by other Christians on our Facebook page is noted.

      We try to only list recommendations where two or more Christians have suggested (2 Corinthians 13:1 – not the direct application but biblical principles are always a good guide.) so to minimize the chances of listing a church that may cause concern.

      We’ve actually had mormons commenting on our Facebook post recommending their church despite this article intently warning against deviation from the Scriptures. (We have hidden those posts so that new believers are not confuse).

      As this post is in part intended to help new Christians to Vancouver find a home church, we want to be a little careful about which church is mentioned.

  2. Irena Tippett

    I may not be reading thoroughly enough but I am surprised not to see in your list St. John’s Vancouver (ANiC), formerly St. John’s Shaughnessy but now separate from the Anglican Church of Canada. St. John’s has a world-wide reputation for being faithful to the orthodox and biblical Christian faith and for its fine biblical training and teaching. It is surely significant that one of its long-standing members is Dr. J. I. Packer, well-known author of Knowing God.

    We have also suffered by losing our church home because we stood firm according to the cautions listed above.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Sorry about missing at Irena. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Will take a look at it.

    2. Maurice Harting

      St. John’s Vancouver Anglican Church located at 5350 Baillie Street, Vancouver is by far one of the best Churches in Vancouver. Pastor David Short one of the best Preachers I have ever heard.

      I have been part of Willingdon Church in Burnaby as well as Broadway Pentecostal Church in Vancouver, but both Churches suffer from a lack of spiritual substance and a too great a focus on entertainment experience.
      When John Neufeld was the main Preacher at Willingdon Church and Allon Hornby (before he died) the main Preacher at Broadway Pentecostal Church they most certainly were in my top 5 Churches.

      1. VancityAsks Post author

        Hi Maurice,

        Thanks for sharing about St. John’s Vancouver Anglican Church. I am glad to hear you’re found a good church in Vancouver that you can attend.

        I do appreciate your feedback about Willingdon Church and Broadway Church. On a personal level, I am generally very cautious about criticizing any churches who (1) has Christ as their Lord (2) loves God (3) loves people. Each church have their own practice and their own audience; so long as they are staying doctrinal-ly sound (sticking to the Bible as the Word of God), while it may not be the church for you personally with your deeper interest for spiritual food…it can serve a blessing to many others who attend regularly.

        Broadway Church does simplify their message significantly (generally to convey a simplified key point) however they also offer additional Bible study classes in between services for those who prefer to learn more about scriptures. The simplified message makes it easy for a large population of Vancouver demographic to learn biblical life choices. Although the Bible is so abundant that truly studying the scriptures direct is fruitful (1 Timothy 4:8). Their mission is to produce fully devoted followers of Christ which means bringing people from discovering Christ to centered in Him.

        Admittedly, the style wasn’t to my preference but it would certainly fit a large demographic of a secular city like Vancouver. Remember the Christian faith isn’t only about one individual but the body of Christ and the wellness of the entire body (1 Corinthians 12 can be applied broadly here I suppose.) I do humbly wish they’d dive deeper into scripture but I’m no clergy so I’m sure they know better.

        As a personal preference, I do prefer the scripture by scripture study at Westside however each demographic has their different preference and it’s good that there are churches here that try to reach the city of Vancouver.

        I am not too sure about Willington as it’s the only church mentioned which I haven’t attended. I’ll likely be working on an update shortly when time avails.

        Thanks for your comment Maurice.

        1. Maurice Harting

          By the way, it is Willingdon Chuch and not Willington, named after the Avenue is is located on. And I was part of that congregation for many years.

          At Willingdon Church they have removed the pews and great sermons and replaced it with individual movie theater seating with large tv screens and very loud music with “sermonettes”. That is why I say that they have adopted the entertainment model for Church.
          The individual movie theater seating does not even have communion service cup holders for when the Lord’s Supper is served. It shows where their priorities really are!

          1. VancityAsks Post author

            Thanks for pointing out the typo. I’m updating this article shortly and will fix those mistakes. As mentioned, Willingdon Church is the only church on the list I haven’t attended personally but took on recommendations of others I knew.

            Another church I’ve gone to frequent recently is Tenth Church. Pastor Ken Shigematsu is a gifted communicator. He donates 100% of his book royalty “God in my Everything” to Christian ministries abroad; I find that refreshing with all the profiteering with Christianity.

            The campus pastor Dan Matherson also freely gave facility use of their Tenth avenue church (around Broadway City Hall station) to House for All Nations church (a ministry catering predominantly to Indonesian ethnicity) when they didn’t have a meeting facility.

            Will be adding your suggestion to the five list when I update it in March.
            – Benjamin

    3. Maurice Harting

      Another Preacher of small physical stature but a lion in preaching was (is?) Bruce Milne formerly of First Baptist Church, downtown Vancouver. He is my all time favourite Preacher.

      1. VancityAsks Post author

        That’s great to know Maurice. We’ll certainly look into that for our next update.

        I’ve personally been listening to a few clips of First Baptist Church Dallas by Robert Jeffress recently which I’ve found very intriguing but sound. Would be great to check out the First Baptist Church of Vancouver.

        1. Maurice Harting

          First Baptist Church of Vancouver is “Arminian” in theology with an overemphasis on what we need to do for Jesus as well as “decisional regeneration” by the individual choosing to believe in Jesus, where the individual’s faith precedes Holy Spirit regeneration, which I believe is in error.

          You are right in that faith in Jesus Christ alone should be the standard by which we are part of the family of God, but living a sanctified life is a close second in practical terms.

          We are not to judge about life or death, but we are called to judge rightly and as such we do make decisions on whether or not anything is doctrinal or not and be like Paul when he confronted the Christian Corinthians in his letters addressed to them.

          1. VancityAsks Post author

            Hmm, I was unaware of that Maurice. Thanks for letting me know. I found the preaching of Robert Jeffrey of First Baptist Dallas, while unpopular, is still in accordance to scripture.

            Absolutely Maurice. I’m sorry it took me this long to write a reply to you.

            I agree, too often Christians cop-out and say “only God can judge me” as an excuse to avoid accountability; they do well not to wait for God’s correction and hear the loving rebuke of their brothers/sisters. I much rather have a brother correct my err than to persist so. As Proberbs 27:6, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”

            There’s also Acts 17:11 about the Berean Jews, hearing a teaching and checking it according to the Word.

            I think as the Body of Christ, we ought to lovingly correct any error in accordance to the Word and not to be afraid of being called legalistic (however done first and foremost in love for Christ and love for the Church). Also as the Holy Spirit works in our lives, that we should bear good fruits especially love for the brethren.
            – Benjamin

  3. Gordon Fraser

    You should try out St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church on Burrard at Nelson in Vancouver. You will be amazed by the friendly folks, wonderful music and fantastic sermons and our Inclusive Theology!
    Sunday at 10:15 AM
    Jazz Vespers @ 4PM
    Music and Meditation @ 7 PM

    Come for an amazing experience!

  4. lynn

    how about north vancouver or more specifically lynn valley? i was raised without god and im so hungry for religon but i have no where to start. im very confused lol. bless you! namaste 😉 i feel like people might see my past all over my face and judge me. but that isn’t gods love! anyway im babbling lol sorry.

    1. Lorraine

      You want to be hungry for a spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing God is about close relationship with Him where one can share anything, as if He’s your best friend, because He is. Having this relationship changed my life.

      I wasn’t raised with God either. But God found me and made me His back in 1991. I was 38 years old. I called a pastor and he led me in prayer and I accepted the Lord as my Savior. Before that I was a New-Ager for almost 20 years.

    2. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to hear you’re interested in learning more about Jesus and the love of God. I think you should be fine visiting any church and asking the pastor your questions.

      Westside does have a branch in the North Shore as well. Don’t worry about your past, everyone is imperfect and thankfully Christianity isn’t about your righteousness but what Jesus Christ as the Son of God did.

      The Bible says in Christ you are a new creation and the old is gone. It doesn’t mean that sin and actions do not have their consequences but you have a loving Father in heaven who has justified you (for sin has a debt) and He cares and loves.

      Best regards,


    3. Tim

      Lynn- check out Westside north shore. We would love to have you. We meet now at 9am and 10:30 at park & tilford movie theatre Sunday mornings. As soon as you enter you’ll see our connect center where you can find out more about the church, Sunday school classes for kids and many amazing programs for adults. We’ve been attending just over a year and absolutely love it.

  5. Lorraine

    Coastal Church Vancouver is one of those “truth is a commodity” churches. It’s not about the true search for truth within yourself. They believe if you’ve got enough money you’re a Christian and a great one.

    I attended the church a short time. I left because the pastor, Coop, believed in something so far from the truth of Jesus Christ. He discovered I was an abuse survivor and promptly told me I was NOT welcome in any ministry until I was fully healed. Pure poppycock!

    I have since learned that one never fully heals from abuse. Grief never ends, it lessens over time. That’s the norm for humans, Christian or not.

    I eventually found a great church at Ladner Christian Fellowship in Ladner, BC. Genuine teaching and fellowship. I stayed there until I moved out of the area.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Lorraine,

      Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve only been to Coastal twice and didn’t get a full experience.

      Happy to hear you’ve found a good church to grow in and serve.

      – Benjamin

    2. Cael

      First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Coastal Church. However, I would like to respond to some of your comments. And for the record, I have been attending Coastal for over a decade but I am not employed by Coastal nor do I speak directly for any of the Coastal ministry team.

      Your comment regarding Coastal being a “truth is a commodity” is misplaced. Coastal most certainly does not claim or believe that “if you’ve got enough money you’re a Christian and a great one” or anything close to that. Coastal is firmly planted on Jesus Christ being the only way to salvation, and money does not play into that.

      Having said that, I myself have observed that some at Coastal do cultivate relationships with wealthy and powerful people in Vancouver. I can’t deny that this can lead to a sense of favouritism at times. I also know of some at Coastal that have felt slighted because of this. I wish I had a better response for this or explanation, but I don’t.

      As for you being “abuse survivor and promptly told me I was NOT welcome in any ministry” I could see this happening but not in the blunt that way that is implied by the statement. I don’t know anything about you or your situation (apologies for not having a less vague term for that), and I wouldn’t dare to comment on that. However, I can say that the Koops are indeed very careful about who they place in any form of a ministry position.

      One can debate the pros and cons for that, but either way that is the reality. I would be very surprised if Pastor Koop said it in such a blunt and uncaring way. But, obviously, I can’t speak for him or this particular situation. I do know that they try to get a very good sense of everyone that takes a ministry role, and sometimes they simply don’t feel it is a good fit for whatever reason.

      One thing to keep in mind is that the Koops, the Coastal ministry team, and indeed all of the members at Coastal are not perfect. Everyone there is human, and as such is prone to failing, falling down, messing up, being biased, and hurting other people. One thing I have always loved about Coastal is everyone (including the Koops) seems willing to acknowledge that and try to work together to be better Christians. It doesn’t always work out, but we still try. Coastal’s “Make the City a Better Place” motto is very much meant to include ourselves in becoming better.

      Is Coastal perfect? No, although in some ways that is the point. Will everyone feel at home at Coastal? Unfortunately no, but Coastal tries hard to make everyone welcome. Does attending Coastal mean you won’t see shortcomings in others? No, but again that just means we are human and struggle with things just like everyone else.

      I have attended many churches in my lifetime across the world, and I have found Coastal to be one of the best churches that I have belonged to. People there try to be including and friendly, there is a great support network for getting involved, and the worship is great with lots of energy.

      Again, I am sorry that your experience with Coastal wasn’t positive.

      1. VancityAsks Post author

        Hi Cael,
        Thank you for your thoughtful insights onto the matter. As mentioned, I did not have enough experience at Coastal Church to touch on the matter.

        I do especially like the reminder that we as the Body are still humans and susceptible to mistakes. Thankfully, there is always mercy with repentance and our identity is already found righteous in Him. Fact is, how we treat others matters. I have learnt however that God cares dearly about how we treat other brethren.

        Each day that we walk with Him and seek Him through His Word, prayer, and communion, we live as better Christians.

        Our standing never changes, once you accept Christ you are perfectly righteous in Christ before God; justified and forgiven of all sins. However, the reality is our daily work and life is a process, regeneration if you will, only by the Holy Spirit for as He gave us the grace to accept Christ for salvation.

        Once you’re adopted to the family, your name and identity changes to the family’s name. However your stature and walk is a process once you’re in the family. I would think, the very fact we to realize and see our imperfection in light of His perfection is indicative of our being different.

        I have observed your observations as well. It is important we avoid showing favoritism (James 2). Indeed, money is a useful tool for serving people but we should never forget that God looks at the heart.

        Thanks again for your opinions.

        Best Regards,


  6. Chris Cole

    I’m surprised one of the fastest growing churches in Canada is not on here — Village Church in Surrey. It’s a plant from South Delta Baptist Church (in Tsawwassen), started in 2010 with well over 4000. Village Church is along the lines of Westside (mentioned above), to the extent the lead pastors of both churches have swapped speaking at each other’s churches.

    Village Church has grown in leaps and bounds through many baptisms — these can often be seen at the White Rock pier. They have 4 services at the main site and 3 others between two other sites (Pacific Academy auditorium and in Langley). With a total of 7 services altogether, 3-4 of them will be live, the rest are videoed and shown at random sites/times.

    They go through books of the Bible for their sermon series. It’s a church with many young adults. The lead pastor, Mark Clark, and the others who take turns speaking, bring the Bible to life by making it relevant to today’s society / life.

    They target young families, mainly dads. They want to teach dads to step up for their families, communities and church.

    And the worship is not ‘good enough’, because of its size, the church has fantastic players doing their best. The worship pastor is very sound doctrinally himself.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am sorry if you got the wrong impression that I was looking only to share about the biggest church in Vancouver. On the contrary, a large church does not imply a biblical church or a flourishing membership. What matters as you know, is how Christ is glorified and how well is the flock.

      I was simply trying to share base on personal experience of some churches I was familiar with that upheld to Biblical truths. In hopes to hopefully help others looking for a good church to get connected with.

      Great to hear about the Village Church however.

      – Benjamin

      1. VancityAsks Post author

        I’m not too sure if this is a spam comment however the URL has been removed because Haiti%20mission was the link which did not lead to any website.

  7. Amie Peacock

    I commend the author for starting this platform. I am a member of Cityview Church on Sophia and 28th Avenue near Main Street. Trevor Josh is our pastor for almost 6 years. We are a small church with a huge heart where authenticity and love for each other is the first thing people have noticed right away. Came across this site by pure accident because I was looking for churches I could start a conversation regarding social isolation.

    For 2 years Beyond The Conversation has been addressing the big issue of social isolation. We want to close this gap and we hope to collaborate and partner with the Christian community in Metro Vancouver. I am interested to get to know more people who have the same passion. I can be reach at amie@beyondtheconversation.ca

    PS: I have enjoy reading all the posts and comments.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for sharing about Beyond the Conversation. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed reading the article and the corresponding comments. It’s very cool to learn that you’re keen on getting people and the Church connected in Metro Vancouver.

  8. Peter Brambifa

    I am planning on moving to Vancouver by May of 2018, and as I searched for churches in the city, came by this blog and forum.

    Thank you Brother Benjamin and the team at Vancity. You relate to people with genuine Christian love and attention. God bless you all.

    I wonder if I can be connected to a church or ministry to serve with when I move over. I currently pastor a young church here in Lagos.

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Sorry about the late response to your comment. I’m glad to hear you’re planning on moving to Vancouver by May 2018.

      Happy to hear as well that you found this content to be useful. It is my pleasure to share my dabble of opinion on this article, personally. While it may be difficult to convey love and attention, I’m happy to hear it came through online.

      Are you asking about finding a church to be connected to and attend when you’re here or a church to serve in as a minister? If it is the first, I hope the information above may help. If it is the latter, I do apologize I am not able to assist further.

      However, if you do require some assistance getting settled in Vancouver when you arrive, we’d be happy to help if we can. Feel free to use the contact form here when you do arrive in Vancouver! We can help you get connected with the professionals or information you would appreciate or assist any other way able.

      Best Regards,


  9. Dwayne

    Which churches in Coquitlam (and East Burnaby, and New West) are good? And also with lots of continuous songs to get you in the spirit (and better mood) before hearing the message? Thank you

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