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Best Pho in Vancouver – The 5 BEST Pho Vancouver

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Pho is arguably one of the BEST things to eat in Vancouver during the rainy winter months (that, and ramen!) to warm you up while it pours outside. (The sun is coming, don’t worry.)

Even if it isn’t raining, who doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of beefy soup with the unique Vietnamese spices boiled for hours extracting the nutrition and flavor paired with glassy rice noodles with just the slight bite to it that can easily be slurp down added with the important bean sprouts packing the right crunch and how can you forget the slow cooked beef brisket or medium-well beef sirloin! Mmm.

That’s what good pho should be. Not the MSG loaded, artificial soup you might find. We took to finding the BEST pho in Vancouver and think you’ll like it very much! Take a look and comment bellow if you agree or disagree with our recommendations at VancityAsks. Share your favourite pho spot as well for a chance to win $50 gift card (Contest ends 1 month from initial posting date – October 31, 2017 to November 31, 2017).

5 Best Pho in Vancouver:



3) Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine:




Thanks for reading our recommendations for the best pho in Vancouver. We’re confident these pho restaurants in Vancouver will hit the spot and satisfy your cravings!


Vancouver Pho Rating: How do you know what good is unless you have a rubric of sorts? Our definition of good may be far different from yours; although tastes is indisputable. Here are some quick considerations we made when looking for the best pho in Vancouver so you know how we rated these pho restaurants in Vancouver.

  • MSG? We’re looking for the real deal. MSG isn’t necessarily unhealthy for you in small amounts but save it for your instant noodles. If you’re going out for pho, you better make sure you’re getting the real home-made goodness of pho. A good stock made from beef bones boiled for hours delicately spiced with star anise and ginger for the pleasant aroma. You want the nutrition as much as the flavor here when looking for the best pho in Vancouver. If you’re going to go for MSG powder, you may as well go buy that instant noodle pho packets and make it in your room.

Try the BEST Vancouver Pho & comment bellow:

Now that you know where the BEST pho is in Vancouver, BC – go and try it! Pho tastes great on a rainy day in Vancouver (Most of October to April in case you’re not a local Vancouverite.) and it tastes even better with friends! Go alone or go with a friend but you MUST try these Vancouver pho restaurants.

Once you’ve tried these 5 pho restaurants in Vancouver, comment bellow what you thought about our recommendations for the BEST pho in Vancouver.

Do you have a favourite that we haven’t mentioned? Comment bellow to share any good pho restaurants that you think we’ve missed out! The recommendations is subject to regular updates base on feedback and quality checks.


BONUS – Make your own Pho:

Eating pho at these restaurants is certainly the most convenient and preferred option. Still, sometimes cooking can be a stress reliever and immediate gratification to savour your own works or see the enjoyment of your family and friends.

Should you decide alternatively to make pho at home in Vancouver, BC… Here is a simple pho recipe that you can follow to make pho in your own home! Caution, this isn’t the short-cut option so you would actually have to boil the beef bones for upwards of 10 hours!


The pho recipe above is taken from the following sites. We’ve adapted several recipes to form this which we think tastes great. (Yes, I made pho with this recipe – it is delicious!)


Pho Shout:

Here are some more pho-goodness reading if you are looking to read more about good pho in Vancouver.


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