Opinion: Japanese Ramen in Vancouver

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We’ve gotten Benny Fang, a ramen fanatic, to write his recommendations of the best ramen in Vancouver. Comment bellow if you agree with Benny’s recommendations for Vancouver’s Japanese ramen restaurants.

1) The Ramenman

2) Ramen Danbo

3) Hida Takayama Ramen

4) Marutama Ramen

5) Ramen Gojiro

Best Vegan Food in Vancouver

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Vegan fish burger at Loving Hut Vancouver vegan food truck

The search for Vancouver Vegan Restaurants:

Vancouver, here are the best Vegan food in our amazing city and the Greater Vancouver Area

Vegan food is often delicious, healthy, and animal-friendly. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll appreciate these tasty vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC. Specifically, you’ve got to try the uniquely Vancouver vegan, Japanese-style pudding at Vegan Pudding & Co. mentioned on our list of Vegan Desserts in Vancouver.

Yes, Vancouver has so many varieties of vegan food available, so much so, you’ll even find excellent eateries (literally a hole in the wall) serving just vegan desserts in Vancouver. The Vancouver Vegan Pudding Co. (albeit expensive) is not to be missed. It’s not for no reason, Vancouver is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world as highlighted on HappyCow.


Without further delay, don’t want to let you get hangry,…here are the five must-try vegan food you have to savor in Vancouver, BC. Certainly, it’ll appeal to those living a vegan lifestyle but even if you’re not into a vegan lifestyle…it’s a safe place to bring your vegetarian or vegan friends for lunch or dinner.

Give these delicious vegan restaurants in Vancouver a try even if you’re not a vegan – perhaps, you may choose to go vegan (just for a week maybe) once you see the tasty food that invites you to eat it. You certainly won’t be running out of vegan dining options in Vancouver. (Many restaurants in Vancouver that aren’t vegan also provide vegan alternatives upon request as mentioned bellow.)


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver:

1) The Acorn Restaurant: This vegan restaurant is a popular favorite among vegans (and even the staunches meat eaters) in Vancouver.

The Acorn conveniently calls home on Vancouver’s Main Street (known also as one of the coolest streets in North America). The vegan restaurant may seem unassuming, a corner store, but step inside this nationally renowned, vegetable forward, (+ vegan-friendly,) restaurant and prepare to be wowed.

People travel to our amazing city just to try these delicious meals; we’re so thankful “The Acorn” has chosen to open shop in Vancouver of all cities spoiling locals with a unique, one-of-a-kind, vegan dining experience. The meals are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients (WIN). Each dish is artistically designed and thoughtfully composed, providing diners a memorable dining experience and a symphony with their taste buds in each bite.  Besides the great food, The Acorn is known as a Vancouver’s vegan restaurant that goes the extra mile with great service and a complementing dining room leaving patrons of this fine restaurant with a favourable all-rounded dining experience.

Their specialty at The Acorn includes “Artichoke” – Southern Fried Artichokes, House Waffle, Pickled Shallots, Bourbon Maple Syrup, Mushroom Red-Eye Gravy. As you may notice, the menu at The Acorn carries simple names for their dishes with big flavors; it is often name after the predominant vegetable or component of the dish. Don’t miss the delectable vegan desserts as well at The Acorn. The menu at The Acorn changes seasonally and their chef, Brian Luptak, is consistently innovating, creating, and crafting new vegan/vegetarian dishes for their avid fans to enjoy (See their test dish bellow, Nettle). Take for example the recent new vegan dessert, “Coffee cake French toast, star anise mousse, blood orange jus, coffee syrup.” (the pictures do better justice than the description – check bellow.) The vegan restaurant is also infamously known for excellent cocktails to complement their vegan dining experience.

The Acorn is truly a remarkable vegetarian, vegan-friendly restaurant in Vancouver that is well deserving of its many national and international accolades. Prices for dinner at this vegan restaurant in Vancouver reflects the quality of food and their award wining dining experience; expect to pay approximately $40 per person for a scrumptious vegan meal (small portions depending on your dish however). The Acorn can certainly rival any restaurant in Vancouver (vegan or non-vegan). The Acorn is enough to make a meat-eater go vegan; with it’s colorful and creative creations, tantalizing your taste buds, it’s easy to forget that what you’re eating is both healthy and vegetarian – truly an astounding local Vancouver vegan restaurant. The visuals of their dishes at The Acorn will stun you, beautiful but not pretentious! (The flavors will wow you.)

Address: 3995 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P5




The Acorn, Vancouver vegan dessert coffee cake

Seasonal vegan desserts at The Acorn in Vancouver, BC.
Here is their new, “Coffee cake French toast, star anise mousse, blood orange jus, coffee syrup.”

The Acorn Vegan Restaurant Nettle Dish and Cocktail

Brian Luptak, head chef at The Acorn is a culinary genius with artistic creativity who’s always investing new dishes for avid vegan Vancouver diners. Here’s a nettle themed dish they are experimenting.

Vegan restaurant in Vancouver artistic looking vegan dish.

More delicious vegan food at the Acorn. Their dishes tastes good and consistently look terrific. These Vancouver vegan food are like works of art on the plate and on your palate. Get it only at The Acorn, Vancouver’s best vegan restaurant!


2) MeeT on Main: A mainstay in Vancouver’s Vegan cuisine, MeeT on Main is a staple for many wholehearted vegans. MeeT on Main emphasizes on community-orientated atmosphere, friendly service, and neighborhood prices.

Their specialty includes “MeeT Burgers” – delicious burgers made right, “Mac ’n’ Cheese with Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce” – so creamy you won’t know it’s vegan, “Sweet Chili Cauliflower” – a great appetizer, “Nacho Fries”, and “Supergreen Salad”. Their vegan House Chili can also be added onto the Mac ‘n’ Cheese which is highly recommended favourite. If dining with a meat-eating friend, be sure to introduce “Hot Chiggin’ Things” – totally vegan with a big taste, and crunch. Everything on the menu at MeeT on Main is a winner.

MeeT on Main is one of the leading Vancouver vegan restaurants to savour delicious food…even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian. In fact, half of their customers are non-vegans according to MeeT on Main’s owner, Ivo Staiano. You will find good food at MeeT on Main; it’s not pretentious, great value, and importantly, unbelievably tasty!

MeeT on Main not only to provides great vegan food options but delicious comfort food for everyone to enjoy (that just happens to be vegan.)  Give it a try today with your vegan friends.  If you haven’t tried vegan food in Vancouver, then MeeT on Main would be the perfect introduction to a large variety of delicious vegan food options – that’s doesn’t at all seem to be missing any flavors or protein. If you’ve been a vegan all your life, then you likely already know MeeT on Main…their entire menu is vegan. You won’t regret giving MeeT on Main a try!

Address: 4288 Main St, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P9

Yelp: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/meet-on-main-vancouver

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeetOnMain/

TA: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g154943-d7193531-Reviews-Meet_on_Main-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html

MeeT on Main vegan mac n' cheese

Delicious vegan mac n’ cheese at MeeT on Main. A MUST-TRY dish at MeeT on Main in Vancouver, BC!

MeeT on Main vegan burgers

A favourite at MeeT on Main, burgers! Crispy, double-fried fries with good dipping sauce. All vegan.

MeeT on Main vegan lemon tart

Delicious vegan dessert at MeeT on Main to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is their vegan lemon tart that is an absolute must-try at MeeT on Main Vancouver vegan restaurant.


3) Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant:

The Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, BC is another establishment frequently loved by vegans and vegetarians alike. This unassuming restaurant located in Fairview neighborhood, (for non-Vancouverites, the Fairview neighborhood is located about Broadway-City Hall Canada Line Station with West Broadway and Oak Street as the epicentre bordered by Cambie Street to the East and Burrard Street to the West. This neighborhood isn’t quite as hip as Kitsilano, you’ll find several redevelopments coming up along with a bustling commerce centre – plenty of offices and restaurants – about Broadway Street. Along with your friendly UBC students grudgingly commuting to UBC on the over packed 99 bus – of which I was one of them for four years! Thankfully plans are up coming for a Broadway sky train extension for the local community and students. Love Vancouver! What an amazing city with so many neighborhoods, people, mountains, water, and great artisan businesses. Sorry for that tangent; VancityAsks was created out of a genuine love for Vancouver, a believe that local businesses are the structure to our city, and people.) serves some of the BEST vegan and vegetarian food in Vancouver with an incredibly unique atmosphere that’s great for dining and meeting friends over dinner.

Their specialty includes Heirloom’s “Tofu Ninja Bowl”. Some favourite vegan sides are “Gomae Salad”, “Beet Chips”, and “field roast sausage”. For dessert your options are limited but phenomenal, treat yourself to “The Brownie” which is a house made raw brownie served with avocado chocolate ganache…how luxurious. The avocado chocolate ganache especially sounds exceptionally tasty. For dinner, your vegan menu choices are more abundantly available with “Crispy Cauliflower” being a popular appetizer favourite. For your entree, the signature “The Heirloom” and “Veggie Supreme Burger” are good picks. The consensus among Heirloom diners is to avoid the avocado frites (just a fancy name for fries so they can charge you 30% more while making it seem justifiable and ensuring you think it’s worthwhile too).

Unlike MeeT on Main, not all the menu items at Heirloom is vegan, although they are a vegan-friendly restaurant. Be sure to confirm with your server which items are vegan; likewise, this applies to The Acorn which is vegan-friendly but also a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver. There are still plentiful delicious vegan options both at The Acorn and Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant. The Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant has a separate vegan menu whereas The Acorn vegan and vegetarian menu items are indicated accordingly with “V” for vegan.

If you’re looking for delicious vegan fare, then the Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant should certainly be on your must-try list next to MeeT on Main. These two restaurants are known for delicious food that rival any restaurants in Vancouver (vegan and non-vegan). A unique twist to vegan food; you don’t have to eat raw and tasteless food if you’re looking to adopt a vegan diet. A fair warning, the food at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant is pricey averaging $40/person, even more than the award-winning menu at The Acorn (although reasonable for vegan prices) hence why it comes in at #3 best vegan restaurant in Vancouver. What is notable about Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant, is the nice decor and tasteful interior design that provides diners with a unique vegan dining experience. A nice place to meet up for dinner or brunch.

Address: 1509 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 2E2




Vegan dishes served at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver

Two delicious vegan dishes from Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant highlighted includes their vegan french toast with banana and a generous serving of vegan salad atop avocado toast with radish for your Instagram colour variation.

Heirloom Vegetarian vegan tacos in Vancouver, BC

Fancy some vegan tacos? Find delicious vegan tacos at Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Notice the backdrop of their unique interior design too!

New vegan desert from Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver, BC

Delicious new vegan desert at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant. Almond pudding with fresh blueberries from UBC Farm! YUM!


4) Indigo Age Vegan Cafe:

Happen to be craving Ukrainian food but also looking for vegan eats? We got a place for that in Vancouver; one of the best places to be vegan in the world. The name, Indigo Age Vegan Cafe, doesn’t divulge much about its cuisine except that it’s vegan…and a really delicious vegan cafe it is.  Known especially for their raw vegan food, Indigo Age Vegan Cafe has been a favourite restaurant for many vegans in Vancouver.

Their specialties includes Ukrainian cabbage rolls, potato pirogues, and borscht soup with coconut cashew sour cream (cashew is a popular substitute for dairy with vegan food). Indigo Age Vegan Cafe is also especially known for their delicious vegan cheesecake (it’s also on our list for the best vegan desserts in Vancouver as well)! You would barely guess it’s vegan – great texture and creamy feel. If you’re looking simply to stop in for a healthy drink, they also have a vast variety of smoothies, quality juices, and fermented coconut (apparently a super healthy drink – not my kind of thing though, in Singapore we’d throw out a fermented coconut that tasted bad haha. They serve green coconut, freshly opened, all across hawker centers on the island. Singapore is also one of the top-ten most vegan friendly cities in the world…actually where I first tried vegan food while staying atop a vegan cafe – owned by an amazing couple!) Indigo Age Vegan Cafe is also undisputed to be the best vegan raw cafes in Vancouver (their “Miso Seaweed Soup” is a delectable raw vegan choice and the “Sun Portobello Burger” is a popular favourite). Not everything on the menu is raw such as their pirogues but they do have many raw choices available for vegans looking for a raw diet. Even for vegan dishes that aren’t raw, nothing is deep fried and cooking is made only with healthy oils (avoiding canola and palm oil – keep them for your car engine.) They also emphasize on using local and organic ingredients where possible; another reason why Vancouverites love Indigo Age Vegan Cafe so much.

If you’re craving to taste good vegan cheesecake then head on over to Indigo Age Vegan Cafe. Their vegan high tea is also a popular favourite so too is the Ukrainian vegan set menu. Look to spend average about $30 per person (before tax and tips) for a vegan meal at Indigo Age Vegan Cafe making it slightly more pricey than other vegan restaurants like Meet on Main.

Address: 436 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Z3




Indigo Age Vegan cafe vegan rice rolls

Delicious rice rolls at Indigo Age Cafe. Great food in a small cafe right in downtown Vancouver. Colorful and good for you.

Vegan perogies in Vancouver at Indigo Age vegan cafe

The popular vegan perogies at Indigo Age vegan cafe. They serve some of the best cheesecake in Vancouver but also specialize with Ukrainian-inspired vegan food in Vancouver. Try their vegan cabbage rolls, vegan borscht soup, or vegan perogies.
Photo taken by @mojovegan.life on Instagram

Indigo Age vegan cafe serving vegan-friendly juices in Vancouver, BC.

Did you know Indigo Age vegan cafe also serves up a large variety of healthy vegan-friendly juices and fermented coconut? Great refreshing drink with plentiful health benefits at this vegan cafe in Vancouver.


5) Loving Hut Express: Loving Hut Express is not really a Vancouver vegan restaurant but a Vancouver vegan food truck! (even better the way you look at it. Quick, delicious, non-pretentious vegan food that’s reasonably priced. Perhaps not sufficient to beat out Meet on Main but very good in its own right.) Loving Hut Express Vancouver is actually part of the international restaurant Loving Hut with HUNDREDS of location world wide especially in Taiwan (of all places eh?). They are so popular for a reason; the food is good and the prices are good. Their mission is to make the world friendlier with vegan and vegetarian food. At Loving Hut Express Vancouver, all the menu choices are vegan-friendly so you can enjoy your meal confidently that no animals were harmed in the production of your lunch. Their focus is especially on making food without any harm to animals, it’s not just vegan for a healthy diet at Loving Hut Express but I would presume care for animals and other vegan values. You’ll find delicious bites of vegan food at Loving Hut Express despite being dished out downtown by a street truck near Yaletown Roundhouse Canada-Line Station rather than an actual vegan restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

This Vancouver vegan restaurant/food truck specialize mainly in vegan burgers offering gluten free options. Their specialty includes Chick’n Burger, grilled mushroom burger, teriyaki burger and even bacon cheese burger. It’s mouthwatering worthy – the food is delicious and flavorful. Many patrons have noted that the vegan cheese in the mushroom burger is exceptionally good. The burgers are also on-point with excellent vegan patties. It’s not for no reason that Loving Hut Express Vancouver has gained an almost five star rating among visiting vegan diners on yelp! There’s also a reason that Loving Hut has locations across much of the world in Taiwan, to Indonesia, to Brazil, to Toronto, and to Vancouver. It’s good vegan food! in Vancouver that you absolutely MUST try if you haven’t! (Its so good, I didn’t care about proper grammar with the extra exclamation point. Note the mistaken application of its as well; this is vegan food so good that it’ll leave you excited.)  A fair warning that its cash only so bring those green plastic bills, so not to be disappointed.

Loving Hut Express food truck is a convenient vegan/vegetarian spot in downtown Vancouver. If you’re looking for non-pretentious vegan food about Yaletown Roundhouse, Loving Hut Express, as its name implies is where you want to go for quick vegan food in downtown Vancouver. We would suggest that you give this international vegan restaurant (food truck) a visit and see what the hype is all about around the world.

Address: 1200 Pacific Boulevard Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V4



Loving Hut Vancouver vegan burger

Loving Hut Vancouver is an international vegan restaurant chain (by franchise) that is infamously known for irresistible vegan burgers. Check out the vegan burgers from the vegan food truck in Vancouver!


Hope you enjoy these Vegan eats! Vancouver is a city with plentiful vegan options available.

Thanks for reading about the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver on VancityAsks.com


Post Note:

According to HappyCow.com, a website solely dedicated to vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the world, there are 117 Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly restaurants in Vancouver. However, the majority of these are not exclusively vegan restaurants catering predominantly to vegetarians alone. The list above features both vegetarian restaurants that are vegan-friendly and solely vegan restaurants in Vancouver.

  • MeeT on Main, Indigo Age Vegan Restaurant, and Loving Hut Express Vancouver are fully-vegan eateries in Vancouver.
  • The Acorn and Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant serve both vegetarian dishes with vegan-friendly options available to diners.


Here are a few other vegan restaurants in Vancouver you may be keen on trying:

Sometimes, you’re dining with non-vegan friends and you want options to accommodate both vegans and non-vegans. If you’re vegan dining with non-vegan friends, these are a few excellent restaurants that provide extensive options for both vegan and non-vegan diners. These are not vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver…some do serve meat products but they are vegan-friendly with alternatives available for Vancouver vegans.

Hope you enjoy learning about these amazing vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC! Thanks for reading.


One more thing…When trying to find the best of anything (especially when it comes to food where tastes and preferences can vary), multiple opinions are preferred…so we’ve included links to Facebook, Zomato, and Trip Advisor for your convenience to confirm just how awesomely delicious these Vancouver vegan restaurants are!

Another tangent about MeeT on Main…it is easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver (if you don’t consider vegan friendly restaurants like The Acorn, it’s second to none); it is not only vegan-friendly but it features an entirely vegan menu with awesome flavors that will impress vegan and non-vegan alike. If you’re looking for a casual vegan dining spot with non-vegan friends, MeeT on Main is your choice. Besides meeting your non-vegan friends at a vegan restaurant (pun intended), you may also enjoy dining alone in silence as a vegan at MeeT on Main – trying their delicious vegan menu. (Without the exclamation in surprise from non-vegans of how delicious food without meat can be.)


Best Business Lawyers in Vancouver

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Lawyers by ethics and code of conduct generally do not self-promote themselves as being the best business lawyers. (there are some with thick skin as the Chinese would say, and still do but this isn’t common practice.)

Our objective here is to take a non-bias approach to finding the best business lawyers in Vancouver. The best business lawyer for Joe Smith may not be the best business lawyer for Mary Jane Flowers Inc.

Finding the best business lawyer is about finding first and foremost an experienced and capable lawyer who is not too inundated with work so they can adequately help you and respond in a timely manner. You also want to find a business lawyer who is familiar with your business and your industry; it is generally good practice to ask if he/she has any experience working with similar companies to yours (in size or industry). Importantly, it is beneficial to choose a Vancouver business lawyer whom you can connect with personally and ideally conveniently located near your business. Everyone has different personalities and it is helpful to find a business lawyer in Vancouver whose personality suites you; you don’t want to dread speaking to your lawyer – a good business lawyer is almost equivalent in value and practice to a business partner (they share your burden and provide their vast expertise except you’re paying hourly. The client confidentiality also allows you to freely discuss with your business lawyer; don’t hide information from them so they can provide accurate and good advice.) Being that you would also want to visit your lawyer regularly to build rapport and ensure your business is operating legally within the lines, it is important to find a Vancouver business law office that’s conveniently located…time is money after all.

As we’ve highlighted some of the key points to consider when choosing a Vancouver business lawyer, let’s now proceed with some business lawyers who come regarded as the best in their business law practice by peers and clients. We’ve taken a through look at options and verified reviews used however you should still do your own due diligence. It is also useful to request an initial meeting with your short-list of Vancouver business lawyers; many business lawyers provide free initial consultation to allow you to get acquainted with the business lawyer. Even while no monetary exchanges may occur with these consultation, you’re still covered with Solicitor-Client Privilege and Confidentiality. The initial consultation is a good time to check if the business lawyer will be a good fit.

Five Top Vancouver Business Lawyers:

1) Hammerberg Lawyers Co.

2) Synergy law

3) BenchMark Law

4) Murphy and Company

5) Osler



The list is written presuming you’re a small and medium business owner looking for the best business lawyers in Vancouver for your business. Business owners can be obsessed with finding the best for their business like a parent is determined to find the best for their child. (even a term coined by Joseph Ong in his book conveys this point – Parental Responsibility Over Business)

It is important to remember however that what is best for your business may not be best for the next entrepreneur. Personality, experience, and industry familiarity are key considerations when choosing the best business lawyer in Vancouver. Remember as well, location is a key factor to choosing a good business lawyer. While a more experienced lawyer may be located in a big city like Vancouver, if your business is located in Pitt Meadows, it may be better to find a lawyer within your suburb. (personal choice – if you don’t mind the travel time) You don’t expect to need your business lawyer for the complex litigation, just as you have a family doctor who may refer you to a specialist.


Big business law firm vs. Small law firm:

While lawyers in Canada are not required to specialize their service, many still choose to focus their practice to family law, business law, estate law, criminal law, or personal injury law to better service their clients. (since law is already so complex) Even within business law, there are different functions a business lawyer has to be familiar with. A smaller firm may not have all the expertise under one roof; this is still Ok. Working with a smaller firm allows you to build a closer relationship with your business lawyer and work more personally. Working with a small law firm may result with your small business lawyer having more understanding or sympathy of operating as a small business along with typically lower rate due to generally lesser overhead. An important question however is ensuring they have the contacts to refer you to another lawyer should it be beyond the scope of their expertise. Working with a bigger business law firm however also has it’s benefit. If you plan on operating your business nationally (or intentionally) a business law firm with clout and offices in various cities can benefit you greatly. Sending a cease or desist letter are generally more effective with law firms with powerful reputations. Likewise looking for a settlement or litigation if required can be benefited by the reputation of a major law firm known for successful and aggressive litigation. More importantly however, a bigger business law firm will likely have the expertise needed under one room to handle all your business law needs from incorporation, intellectual property to litigation or employment and commercial leases. Some drawbacks to consider with working with a larger law firm however is evidently the traditionally higher costs with the larger overhead (admin staff, office in big cities, and hierarchy) however that can be taken as a worthy investment. Working with a large law firm however also most certainly ensures you’ll be working with multiple business lawyers for various tasks which may not provide the personal relationship you may prefer as a small business owner. Adding to this, lawyers in a larger firm likely have not experienced starting and operating their own business but entered into the firm with an internship. Hence, there may be less sympathy or understanding of small and medium business owners. A great bridge between working with a smaller law firm and a larger law firm for your business law needs is engaging a Vancouver business lawyer with big firm experience.


Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no formal legal experience and no portions of this content should be considered as legal advice but expresses the thoughts and opinion of the author. While all effort has been taken to ensure accuracy of the content, the article is provide as-is with no warranties. Please consult a legal professional for any legal advice, as I hope you would consult your doctor for medical advice (not self-diagnose yourself online).

Additional Resource: Here are some great content online that may help!



Best Thai Food in Vancouver

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Where are the best Thai food in Vancouver? Here are five Thai restaurants that you HAVE to try base on expert opinion and locals alike:

1) Sawasdee Thai Restaurant: One of the original Vancouver thai food restaurants established since 1986

2) Bangkok City Cafe:

3) Maenam:

4) Kin Kao:

5) Thai House:

Best Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers & Law Firms

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Updated: July 15, 2017

Injured? Looking for a car accident lawyer in Vancouver? Here’s a list of five personal injury lawyers that you can trust.

When looking for the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve looked to identify firms who portray the following qualities:

(1) experienced – We sought to find personal injury lawyers with a high rate of successes.

A few personal injury lawyers we’ve found have worked previously for ICBC’s legal team and have a good grasp of their system & processes which then enables them to fight your case better.

(2) personable – not the used car salesman personality but someone who cares about you.

Many personal injury lawyers also have excellent contacts and networks with medical specialist who would be able to help you better; we have considered this as well. You want a personal injury lawyer who cares for your well being and will connect you with experts to progress your recovery.

(3) rates – the rates are fairly standard. Most personal injury lawyers in Vancouver will only bill you when/if you win.

The lawyer or firm you engage will take a percentage of the fees recovered. The standard and maximum legally permissible is 33%; this can add up depending on the firm when accounting for interest and disbursements. [Many firms will charge disbursements on top the 33% CFA fee and some may charge interests for the deferred payment which can easily eat up 45% to 55% of your total case award or settlement.] You should consider the value and complexity of your case before engaging a personal injury lawyer. However it should be noted, it’s always easier outside looking in; it may seem trivial but the work involved will take a lot of valuable time for personal injury lawyers who are well deserving of their dues – especially those who legitimately care for their clients, many of whom we have listed bellow. There are a few personal injury lawyers who will work at 20% contingency fee but remember when it comes to personal injury lawyers, this is not an area you want to skimp on a few dollars; you should expect at least 25% contingency fee for a case that doesn’t go to court.

We wanted to find a Vancouver personal injury lawyer that will help you well and charge you fairly; being that most personal injury lawyers work on a Contingency Fee Agreement of 33%, we emphasized our focus on law firms that had value-added services for their personal injury law practice (network of medical specialist, excellence in customer service, medical financing). In my opinion, if you require a personal injury lawyer – the percentage of the award damages they take should be secondary to their network, service, and experience. If your case is simple and trivial, you may be better without a personal injury lawyer or a lower fee. Nevertheless, it is always worth while to get the free consultation as some personal injury lawyers can help you get a better settlement even for a smaller accident.

If one personal injury lawyer is not able to take on your case, do not be offended as they are often busy. If a lawyer has a reputation of dropping cases when a bigger, more profitable opportunity arises, then be careful in choosing to engage them. Don’t worry, we’ve tried to help you filter those bad outliers, out of the top 5 listed bellow. (pun not intended)

In summary, here are five reliable personal injury lawyers in Vancouver

1) Watson Goepel LLP: Two partners and several associates serve personal injury clients with a track record of successful litigation for their clients.

2) Hammerberg Lawyers LLP: A philanthropic firm that serves clients well.

3) Murphy Battista LLP: A major personal injury law practice in Vancouver that does it right with customer service and recovery support.

4) Sugden, Mcfee, & Roos LLP: An established and reputable personal injury law firm in Vancouver with a notorious reputation for excellence and experience. Various Queen’s Counsel lawyers.

5) Specht and Pryer: Small but personable and effective personal injury law firm in Vancouver downtown.


The process of finding Vancouver personal injury law firms:

Before we highlighted a personal injury lawyer on our VancityAsks‘ top five list of personal injury lawyers, we want to be sure you can trust their work.

We have thoroughly check through reviews for validity, truthfulness, and the general sentiments of clients.

We’ve checked a lawyer’s experience and personality. We’ve also looked for community involvement and generosity which is indicative of the service you can expect.

We have considered the general expertise, connections, and value-added services that clients receive. (For example, does the law firm help cover your medical fees first?)

We have avoided listing any personal injury lawyers that also manage cases by ICBC. The concern some personal injury clients have about working with a personal injury lawyer who takes cases with ICBC is whether it should serve a conflict of interest to them, the plaintiff. While this may be less of a concern with a lawyer, why take the risk?

In the process of identifying the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve combed through 50 lawyer/firms and scrutinized ten to select our top 5 list of personal injury lawyers. This is a time-intensive process that’s manually completed to provide a reliable list of personal injury lawyers.

Some other sites simply algorithmic-ly curate their list or base off superfluous details (years of practice – personal injury law is such a lucrative field, a lawyer who may not care about you can still operate profitably for years.) or falsified reviews. (In our process of weeding out reviews, we’ve come across one or two firms with cleverly falsified reviews. As a FYI, you can typically tell reviews are falsified by observing the profile of the reviewers among other factors.) Many personal injury lawyers seem like great options on the surface, a mirage, a picture with Photoshop, but a deeper look shows there are better options for you as a personal injury victim.

Effectively, we’ve done the hard work for you and cut through all the fat, gimmick, and head-strong advertising to find reliable personal injury lawyers to help you. These are individuals who are great at what they do, work with integrity, passionate about helping their clients, and charge a standard rate.

We curate our list before contacting any of these firms for further questions and verification. The content is also not sponsored nor will be; neither do we have any prior relationships with these firms or receive any monetary compensation from these personal injury lawyers – this is intended to minimize any bias.


The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver:

1) Watson Goepel LLP:

Watson Goepel is a mid-size Vancouver law firm founded in 1984; they are now a Canadian law firm with 30 lawyers providing legal services from family law to personal injury law. They work with large organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals; Watson Goepel has experience working with all spectrum of Vancouver law.

The personal injury law practice is handled by Anastase E. Margos and Janet S. De Vita. The two firm’s partners are supported by three paralegal and one assistant. While the team is small relative to other personal injury law firms, they are an agile team with significant experience in Vancouver’s personal injury law, whether it is attaining settlement or winning cases at trial. Anastase and Janet have effectively attained settlements for their clients, and won cases for clients in BC courts. The two experienced personal injury lawyers work tireless for their clients. They are the ideal solution for many of their clients; working with a lawyer, just like many facets of life is about a relationship – with this agile, experienced, and knowledgeable team of two, clients know exactly who is overseeing their case and what they can expect. Engaging Watson Goepel’s personal injury law services avails you to an experienced team with the support and network of a mid-size firm. The personal injury law practice at Watson Goepel also has an associate lawyer, Britni M. Troy working with the two partners. She also exclusively focuses on personal injury law, having seven years of experience in personal injury law practice.

When you hire a boutique personal injury law firm in Vancouver with several personal injury lawyers, while the firm may have a good support network and system in place, your experience will vary by the lawyer who actually takes on your case. At Watson and Goepel, both Janet and Anastase are respected in their field of practice. Both are well mannered and very educated with personal injury law. Anastase Maragos and Janet De Vita carry their expertise beyond legal practice with an emphasis on cultural and community volunteer commitments. Their process to addressing personal injury law claims takes a three phase approach; (1) evaluate how hurt the victim is, (2) identify how to help the client get better, and (3) addressing the claim and personal injury settlement or litigation. If you require a personal injury lawyer, be sure to reach out to Watson Goepel to inquire if they are able to help.

Website: http://watsongoepel.com/service-groups/personal-injury-law/

Address: 1700- 1075 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9


2) Hammerberg Lawyers LLP:

Hammerberg Lawyers operates differently from most traditional law firms; they appear to be the ideal, client-orientated, community-focused, professionally-experienced Vancouver personal injury law firm. A combination of compassion, approach-ability, and results brings Hammerberg Lawyers LLP firm to the forefront of personal injury lawyers – #3 on VancityAsks and likely to climb in time.

Hammerberg Lawyers LLP is also a mid-sized law firm in Vancouver, BC who focuses only on personal injury claims, business law, and strata/condominium issues. The personal injury practice at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP is served by Morgyn Chandler, Douglass Chiu, David Maglio, James Mcbride, Dale Mcgregor, Kevin Mclaren, Curtis Ronning, Krista Simon, Alan Truong, and Joel Zanatta. This composes one of the largest personal injury group of lawyers in Vancouver; the combined experienced of these lawyers form a formidable team. Each of the 11 personal injury lawyers at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP are rightfully respected in their personal injury practice with lawyers like David Maglio holding 31 years of experience, or Douglass Chiu actively involved with community events, or Krista Simon who was formerly the President of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. Several personal injury lawyers at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP have also worked previously to represent the interests of insurance corporations but now work solely for personal injury clients, putting their insight and expertise to use. If you need a personal injury lawyer, you can be confident that Hammerberg Lawyers LLP is a leading personal injury law firm in Vancouver. By specializing their focus on only three essential legal practices, they are able to serve their clients better than most general practice law firms in Vancouver. You have a specialized service from experienced lawyers who have likely worked on many cases requiring a similar skill-set/knowledge to yours.

Achieving results for their clients while connecting with their clients on a personal level is their commitment. Hammerberg Lawyers LLP remains steadily committed to their clients, staff, and lawyers emphasizing on the human factor – relationships. Their mission is summarize to three words: (1) Service (2) Integrity (3) Results. This is something we are very ecstatic to find at VancityAsks; we always value businesses that build on excellence, relationships and customer service.

In summary, clients can expect friendly, unpretentious, and compassionate service without sacrificing experience, knowledge, or results at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP. If you require a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, contact the experienced and friendly lawyers at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP for a free consultation.

Website: http://www.hammerco.net/our-services/personal-injury/

Address: 1200 West 73rd Avenue, Suite 1220, Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5

Post Note: Similar to Murphy Battista LLP, Hammerberg Lawyers LLP also emphasizes on giving back to the community and encourage their lawyers to do the same. It can be inferred, looking for law firms who contribute meaningfully to their community can be a sure-bet to finding compassionate legal service which is especially important for personal injury victims. I believe this reflects their motivation beyond extrinsic factors to intrinsic factors which is widely considered to be necessary for service excellence. (Which we try to identify businesses who do so at VancityAsks.)

As a tangent, looking beyond giving back and identifying the causes that firms invest in as well can provide a good perspective on the firm, their motivation and commitment to the community. For example, (1) if a personal injury law firm invests into brain injury research, it differs from, (2) if an individual at the firm invests into their child’s coaching or scouts which is different from, (3) if a business invest into community-orientated/social causes obscure from the industry space.

These obscure details can infer a lot when considered collectively. (For the most part, with Gen Y consumers being inclined to value purchasing, many businesses consider it a necessity to give back to the community and beneficial for their bottom online to do so – that’s great but we also want to carefully identify where there may be a habit of giving back for intrinsic motivation – as well because they love our amazing city we live in. The reason so as mentioned is intrinsic motivation typically reflects a pattern of excellence. Extrinsic motivation only brings you so far – you see it yourself, some people never seem satisfied with the amount they have; the more you have the more you need – extrinsic motivation can even be a trade-off to intrinsic motivation. (Once the hygiene factors are settled, intrinsic motivation generally results in better performance/service/results than extrinsic motivation. In effect, as drgiggs puts it on an online forum, “extrinsic for short term and intrinsic for long term.”) We also try to gauge the overall corporate personality/culture with their online profile – further contacting the businesses for clarification after the fact if required. If this interests you, you may enjoy reading Remote-Entrepreneur by Joseph Ong.


3) Murphy Battista LLP:

Murphy Battista is a law firm founded in Vancouver, BC. They specialize specifically with personal injury law. The firm begun it’s operations in early 2000 founded by two partners, Joe Battista and Joe Murphy. Both Joe and Murphy have the prestigious “Queen’s Counsel” title which is appointed by the Attorney General. It recognizes lawyers for their service, excellence, and/or community involvement. Both Joe and Murphy have been practicing law in B.C. since 1976 and 1975 respectively. Their experience in personal injury law and trial law is undisputed. Joe Murphy was the former president of the Trial Lawyers Association in B.C.

The firm works with cases pertaining to (1) injury claims inclusive of brain injury, chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and soft tissue injuries among others, (2) accident and negligence claims inclusive of dog bites, medical malpractice, or motor vehicle accidents among others and, (3) insurance disputes inclusive of accident benefits, denied claims, or flood and theft claims among others. Murphy Battista LLP has another 16 lawyers on its team with varying specialized expertise; a few of the lawyers at Murphy Battista are individual law corporations having a separate practice. Besides Joe Murphy and Joe Battista, some notable lawyers at the firm includes John Cameron, Derek Mah and Scott Gibson. John Cameron was a former police officer who then studied at UBC law school on a special exemption (indicative of his determined and resourceful character).

The firm also offers free initial consultations. As typical with personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, Murphy Battista will work on a contingency basis. They will take a percentage of your settlement/award (typically 20%-33%). Murphy Battista also works with a network of health professionals to help clients with their recovery. The firm will front the medical fees until your case is settled. We’ve featured Murphy Battista at #1 on our Vancouver personal injury lawyers content because of their experience with personal injury law. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer is important to ensure the optimal outcome for your case whether by settlement or trial if necessary. Murphy Battista also has a strong emphasis on client’s well-being with a network of health professionals which will be able to help personal injury victims. We noted their emphasis on their clients’ wellness which is important – personality & priorities – to our search for the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver. More notably, we appreciate their commitment to the local community with the Personal Injury Resource Centre. The Centre provides pro-bono assistance and a listening ear for those who may not be able to seek damages for their injury. If you require a personal injury lawyer to assist, contact Murphy Battista for a free consultation.

Website: http://www.murphybattista.com/

Address: 2020 – 650 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3K9


4) Sugden, Mcfee, & Roos LLP:

SMR is a boutique Vancouver law firm that practices primary with personal injury law and other litigation aspects. The firm consists of 11 lawyers, three of whom are appointed the Queen’s Counsel status. Among whom, David Crossin Q.C. was the former president of the Law Society of British Columbia; notably as well Albert Roos Q.C. is a personal injury lawyer with over 30 years’ legal experience. You will appreciate the firm’s legal experience when working with SMR; they are highly respected and reputed legal firm in Vancouver for litigation expertise.

They are not very open about their process for handling personal injury cases and neither is there further information regarding financing, fees, or medical assistance available (in contrast, Murphy and Battista works on contingency and will be able to cover your medical fees until your case is won.) There are three lawyers at SMR that specializes their practice in personal injury law; you can expect either Albert Roos Q.C., Michael Shirreff, or Allison Jackson to be assisting on your personal injury case (listed by years of experience).

We have highlighted Sugden, Mcfee & Roos as the #4 best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver for their consistent track record, experience, and reputation as a leading litigation and personal injury boutique law firm in Vancouver.

Website: http://www.smrlaw.ca/

Address: 375 Water St #700, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6


5) Specht and Pryer:

Specht and Pryer is a law firm conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The firm does everything from family law to personal injury however without reservation, their specialty lies with personal injury law. Mr.Pryer has formerly acted as counsel for insurance corporation much like several lawyers at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP; the experience working for insurance corporation can provide additional insight and experience to helping personal injury clients. Mr.Pryer is easily accessible to his clients; he is the only lawyer at Specht and Pryer (as Specht has unfortunately passed on) but is helped by two legal assistants and one paralegal. Reviews from Specht and Pryer clients have been overwhelmingly positive which is a testament with their commitment to customer service.


Address: 789 W Pender St #1150, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X1


Conclusion – Vancouver, BC Personal Injury Law:

While this may sound like an all too familiar promotional pitch; do remember that VancityAsks’ recommendations are not sponsored to ensure the best interest of consumers. We genuinely sought to find the best personal lawyers in Vancouver; we hope this will enable you to make a better decision and save valuable time.

Thank you for reading our article regarding the best Vancouver personal injury lawyer. With no exaggeration, the creation of this list has been the combination of over 20 man hours as we genuinely sought to help you find some of the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver.


The Purpose – We hope you’ve found this beneficial for your situation. Being injured can already be an unfortunate experience…picking the right personal injury lawyer to guide you through the claim, negotiation or even the trial process can be beneficial to ensure you get a fair deal and a peace of mind. On the other hand, choosing a wrong personal injury lawyer can cause you more hassle than relieve.

We’ve taken time to discover about the firms’ personality, values and care for their client; learn about their experience, successes, and special benefits such as medical financing before featuring any firms on VancityAsks.

Negatives – In the course of doing so, we’ve found a lot of “best personal injury lawyers” recommended elsewhere who have adopted shady marketing practices. We’ve chosen not to highlight any of these lawyers; integrity is critical character trait and prerequisite to be mentioned on VancityAsks.com. (While some of these personal injury lawyer actually seem to be good personal injury lawyers, we still decided against mentioning their services in view of the bad marketing practices.) If you can’t trust your lawyer, what good is he/she?

Positives – We also valued firms and individuals that give back to the community. This demonstrates their character and care as a reflection to serving their clients well, beyond personal incentives.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding our top 5 Vancouver personal injury lawyers, please comment bellow!


Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no professional legal experience and no aspects of this article should be constituted as legal advice. We compile this list after extensive fact-checking, follow-ups and community recommendations however no warranties can be made to the list.


July 15, 2017:

Revised Murphy Battista LLP from #1 to #3.

Revised Watson Goepel LLP to #1 and Hammerberg Lawyers LLP to #2.

October 2016:

Here are two firms who haven’t quite met the requirements to make it into our top 5 list of personal injury lawyers in Vancouver. These two firms are still reputed personal injury law firms in Vancouver and would likely be able to help you well should the five firms mentioned above be unavailable to assist.
Beck Robinson & Company:

Beck Robinson & Company is a boutique law firm that specializes in personal injury law but also does corporate law among other services. Beck Robinson & Company  is a small team of five lawyers however each lawyer working at Beck Robinson & Company is exceptionally experienced with Richard Robinson holding close to 40 years of experience as a lawyer. Their office is conveniently located near VGH on West Broadway Street; they also are glad to make personal visits at your convenience.

While the lawyers at Beck Robinson & Company have an excellent reputation and are highly capable with helping personal injury clients…the biggest draw back remains that Beck Robinson & Company also does insurance defense (helping insurance corporations fight against personal injury claims); this may be a concern for some personal injury clients. If our opinion, those who work on insurance defense should ideally work exclusively for insurance defense. As mentioned earlier, we will not include any personal injury law firm who also does insurance defense in our top 5 list.

Address: 686 W Broadway #700, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1


Jarvis McGee Rice Trial Lawyers LLP:

Jarvis McGee Rice Trial Lawyers LLP is a leading boutique Vancouver law firm specializing in personal injury and trial lawyers. Their convenient location in downtown Vancouver. The firm has a reputation for precedence setting cases with an experienced legal team ready to serve their clients. The experience of the four partners on the firm provide a strong back bone to the firm’s success. Their office is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver with a friendly professional and approachable team of personal injury lawyers, eager to help. Notably Jarvis, McGee, and Rice hold a formidable reputation as trial lawyers which can aid their clients in a settlement process regardless if your case goes to trial.

Address: 980 Howe St #820, Vancouver, BC V6Z 0C8