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Best Business Lawyers in Vancouver

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Lawyers by ethics and code of conduct generally do not self-promote themselves as being the best business lawyers. (there are some with thick skin as the Chinese would say, and still do but this isn’t common practice.)

Our objective here is to take a non-bias approach to finding the best business lawyers in Vancouver. The best business lawyer for Joe Smith may not be the best business lawyer for Mary Jane Flowers Inc.

Finding the best business lawyer is about finding first and foremost an experienced and capable lawyer who is not too inundated with work so they can adequately help you and respond in a timely manner. You also want to find a business lawyer who is familiar with your business and your industry; it is generally good practice to ask if he/she has any experience working with similar companies to yours (in size or industry). Importantly, it is beneficial to choose a Vancouver business lawyer whom you can connect with personally and ideally conveniently located near your business. Everyone has different personalities and it is helpful to find a business lawyer in Vancouver whose personality suites you; you don’t want to dread speaking to your lawyer – a good business lawyer is almost equivalent in value and practice to a business partner (they share your burden and provide their vast expertise except you’re paying hourly. The client confidentiality also allows you to freely discuss with your business lawyer; don’t hide information from them so they can provide accurate and good advice.) Being that you would also want to visit your lawyer regularly to build rapport and ensure your business is operating legally within the lines, it is important to find a Vancouver business law office that’s conveniently located…time is money after all.

As we’ve highlighted some of the key points to consider when choosing a Vancouver business lawyer, let’s now proceed with some business lawyers who come regarded as the best in their business law practice by peers and clients. We’ve taken a through look at options and verified reviews used however you should still do your own due diligence. It is also useful to request an initial meeting with your short-list of Vancouver business lawyers; many business lawyers provide free initial consultation to allow you to get acquainted with the business lawyer. Even while no monetary exchanges may occur with these consultation, you’re still covered with Solicitor-Client Privilege and Confidentiality. The initial consultation is a good time to check if the business lawyer will be a good fit.

Five Top Vancouver Business Lawyers:

1) Hammerberg Lawyers Co.

2) Synergy law

3) BenchMark Law

4) Murphy and Company

5) Osler



The list is written presuming you’re a small and medium business owner looking for the best business lawyers in Vancouver for your business. Business owners can be obsessed with finding the best for their business like a parent is determined to find the best for their child. (even a term coined by Joseph Ong in his book conveys this point – Parental Responsibility Over Business)

It is important to remember however that what is best for your business may not be best for the next entrepreneur. Personality, experience, and industry familiarity are key considerations when choosing the best business lawyer in Vancouver. Remember as well, location is a key factor to choosing a good business lawyer. While a more experienced lawyer may be located in a big city like Vancouver, if your business is located in Pitt Meadows, it may be better to find a lawyer within your suburb. (personal choice – if you don’t mind the travel time) You don’t expect to need your business lawyer for the complex litigation, just as you have a family doctor who may refer you to a specialist.


Big business law firm vs. Small law firm:

While lawyers in Canada are not required to specialize their service, many still choose to focus their practice to family law, business law, estate law, criminal law, or personal injury law to better service their clients. (since law is already so complex) Even within business law, there are different functions a business lawyer has to be familiar with. A smaller firm may not have all the expertise under one roof; this is still Ok. Working with a smaller firm allows you to build a closer relationship with your business lawyer and work more personally. Working with a small law firm may result with your small business lawyer having more understanding or sympathy of operating as a small business along with typically lower rate due to generally lesser overhead. An important question however is ensuring they have the contacts to refer you to another lawyer should it be beyond the scope of their expertise. Working with a bigger business law firm however also has it’s benefit. If you plan on operating your business nationally (or intentionally) a business law firm with clout and offices in various cities can benefit you greatly. Sending a cease or desist letter are generally more effective with law firms with powerful reputations. Likewise looking for a settlement or litigation if required can be benefited by the reputation of a major law firm known for successful and aggressive litigation. More importantly however, a bigger business law firm will likely have the expertise needed under one room to handle all your business law needs from incorporation, intellectual property to litigation or employment and commercial leases. Some drawbacks to consider with working with a larger law firm however is evidently the traditionally higher costs with the larger overhead (admin staff, office in big cities, and hierarchy) however that can be taken as a worthy investment. Working with a large law firm however also most certainly ensures you’ll be working with multiple business lawyers for various tasks which may not provide the personal relationship you may prefer as a small business owner. Adding to this, lawyers in a larger firm likely have not experienced starting and operating their own business but entered into the firm with an internship. Hence, there may be less sympathy or understanding of small and medium business owners. A great bridge between working with a smaller law firm and a larger law firm for your business law needs is engaging a Vancouver business lawyer with big firm experience.


Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no formal legal experience and no portions of this content should be considered as legal advice but expresses the thoughts and opinion of the author. While all effort has been taken to ensure accuracy of the content, the article is provide as-is with no warranties. Please consult a legal professional for any legal advice, as I hope you would consult your doctor for medical advice (not self-diagnose yourself online).

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