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(5) Best Bubble Tea in Coquitlam, BC – Best Bubble Tea Cafes in Coquitlam

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With the growth of bubble tea trend towards mainstream popularity, bubble tea shops have been popping up all across Metro Vancouver… Coquitlam, BC is no exception.


So with so many boba choices, where do you find the best bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC?

First, let’s start with where not to….

Don’t bother with Yelp suggestion for the “Best Bubble Tea in Coquitlam” – their algorithm is mistaken, and they don’t even mention some bubble tea shops in Coquitlam, BC …however, very prominently mention their advertisers/sponsors bubble tea cafes or Chinese restaurants!

Shameless plug, trust a local’s recommendation with VancityAsks’ recommendations for the best bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC. It’s locally curated with care and a passion for local businesses!


About the BEST Bubble Tea Shops in Coquitlam on VancityAsks.com:

VancityAsks provides non-sponsored recommendations for the best of Metro Vancouver, written by locals. 😃👍 No bots determining what you should try or some over-worked, under-paid community manager in San Francisco 😅. Shameless self-advertisement.

(Don’t get us wrong. We do like Yelp. Yelp is good for reading reviews – there are some fake reviews their system misses though, which is evident if you actually visited the places. Some unscrupulous local businesses will pay real users to write fake reviews to help improve their algorithm ranking for the “bubble tea” searches in “city”. I’ve reported a few of those reviews before, but their team does nothing because they are real users, or seemingly real fake accounts.

The practice of creating fake reviews on Yelp and Google is actually a business for many – some call it reputation management, some call it digital marketing or SEO but the reality is it’s unscrupulous, unethical, and counter productive for real customers like yourself… whatever these black hat marketers call it, simply put, – it’s fake Yelp & Google reviews.

With all this said, Yelp is by far the most reliable reviews often. Hence, why the article links to Yelp reviews for your convenience.)

Anyways, we’ve found the BEST Bubble tea shops in Coquitlam, BC on VancityAsks with a local’s perspective! Read it bellow.


Looking for the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Metro Vancouver?

Looking for bubble tea cafes in Metro Vancouver? Metro Vancouver has hundreds of bubble tea spots & cafes to savour (many of which are actually popular franchises like Chatime or Gong Cha), we’ve taken the initiative of finding the best bubble tea across various cities in Metro Vancouver… as wonderful as franchises are, we’ve preferred unique local spots with a distinct character. These bubble tea cafes make for great plans to gather with friends over a delicious (slightly overpriced) drink.

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Coquitlam Bubble Tea – More than the pearls.

Besides enjoying their creative, varied, and delicious drinks – some of these bubble tea cafes serve unique Taiwanese food/snacks or simple bites to enjoy and share with friends.

These bubble tea cafes make for excellent cafes to hang out with friends or family especially maybe as dessert after dinner or lunch.

Here are the best bubble tea shops in Coquitlam, BC.

We’ve tried to provide some information we think you may find valuable besides sharing the top 5 bubble tea cafes/shops in Coquitlam, BC such as (1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.

Yes, we’re taking the Best Bubble Tea in Coquitlam, BC recommendations very seriously. 😂 (Almost the same amount of time and effort we put to finding the best real estate agents in Coquitlam, BC! Whether you’re spending $10 or $1,000,000 – always make sure you’re getting the BEST value and service. 😆) Bubble tea might be the life blood of Asians.


(1) Best Bubble Tea in Coquitlam – SoulCup:

It’s no secret we prefer the mom-and-pops local shops in Metro Vancouver at VancityAsks.com; these local “artisan” shops make Vancouver what it is – they reflect the unique personality of the neighbourhood (as often conceptualized and created by locals, with local flavour and flair). SoulCup is a bubble tea cafe ran by Korean Canadians serving up delicious bubble tea with a casual cafe. Great bubble tea with some unique drinks.

(1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.


(2) Best Bubble Tea in Coquitlam, BC – Pearl Fever Coquitlam:

Considered the “OG” (for those not ) of bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC.

(1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.

(3) Best Bubble Tea Coquitlam – Ninja Bubble Tea:

Ninja Bubble Tea is a popular spot for Coquitlam locals looking for bubble tea. Their cafe is lined with unique decorations. They also serve a variety of loose leaf teas for their bubble tea.


A newer addition to the bubble tea scene in Coquitlam, BC but very popular.

(1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.

(4) Best Coquitlam Bubble Tea – Gong Cha Coquitlam:

Gong Cha Coquitlam is one of the many new kid on the block among bubble tea cafes in Coquitlam, BC. We’ve mentioned it as the #4 best bubble tea in Coquitlam, British Columbia for several reasons:

(+) Gong Cha is synonymous with bubble tea! Gong Cha is perhaps one of the most renown bubble tea brands in the world with a cult-like following of bubble tea fanatics… you even have avid fans catering Gong Cha bubble tea for their weddings (and also to give people another reason to attend the wedding formality 😂). While we always prefer mom & pops shops among our recommendations on VancityAsks.com (so you can experience something that’s quintessentially Vancouver – the unique flare and flavour that comes from a local creative/creation, by locals which reflect our city’s culture & tapestry …of which may e different elsewhere.) however Gong Cha gains the exception of earning brownie points (or perhaps extra boba in this scenario) for their renown recognition as being the go-to spot for good traditional bubble tea.

(+) Good & Spacious cafe with plenty of power plugs. The Gong Cha Coquitlam location is a larger location than most other Gong Cha franchise in Metro Vancouver with many seating available making it an ideal location for casual meet-up with friends over some bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC. The location also has a thoughtful decor and importantly many power outlets which will make it convenient for those who may require to charge their phone (we’ve all been there!), or perhaps catch up on email at the bubble tea cafe over your $7 drink. Most Gong Cha stores in Metro Vancouver are half the size of this gong cha cafe and likewise, many bubble tea cafes in Coquitlam are smaller than this Gong Cha Coquitlam store. The added space, spacious seating, and plentiful plugs certainly earn it in our top 5 best bubble tea in Coquitlam, along with considering the Gong Cha reputation with bubble tea.

(+) Great bubble tea cafe location in Coquitlam, BC. Gong Cha Coquitlam is conveniently located right in the centre of Coquitlam, BC in a strip mall minutes from Coquitlam Centre and Lincoln Skytrain Station. If you need a bubble tea fix in between your shopping at Coquitlam Centre, then Gong Cha Coquitlam is where you want to hop over for some good bubble tea in a sweet little cafe. The location is very accessible wherever you may be in Coquitlam Central and by far one of the most reliable and consistent bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC (as being part of the Gong Cha franchise suggests consistency with excellent bubble tea.).

(+) Great Drinks.

(+) Good Service.

(1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.

(5) Best Coquitlam, BC Bubble Tea – Bubble World Coquitlam:

Bubble World Coquitlam is a bubble tea restaurant. It isn’t exactly a Bubble Tea cafe; the atmosphere is casual however customers are seated in booths (the location used to be a sushi restaurant – they didn’t really change the layout since taking it over, and re-purposing it.). It’s more so a sit-in restaurant with a casual atmosphere that serves bubble tea and a variety of Taiwanese snacks.

Unique Drinks:

Ambiance/Cafe Space:


Need to know Facts:



(1) Unique Drinks (2) Ambiance/Cafe Space (3) Menu (4) Need to Know Facts (5) Prices …where applicable.


Other Bubble Tea Shops in Coquitlam, BC:

Coquitlam, BC alone has 14 bubble tea cafes – not considering the tri-cities which includes neighbouring Port Moody and Port Coquitlam.

If you’re desperate to get your bubble tea fix, here’s where you can find bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC.


Sammi’s Juice Bar:  Sammy’s Juice Bar has been around the Coquitlam, BC bubble tea scene as long as Pearl Fever. It is located in the food court of Hendreson Mall on the 2nd level with very reasonable prices and plenty of seating available. The ambiance or quality may not be on par with Pearl Fever but it is still a convenient grab-and-go bubble tea spot or you can also enjoy a bubble tea with your friends over some bubble waffles. We considered ranking it in the top 5 spot for its length of operation in Coquitlam, BC but while they’ve been along a long time – the bubble tea itself is average at best.

Yelp Reviews of Sammi’s Juice Bar: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/sammis-bubble-tea-coquitlam



Xing Fu Tang Coquitlam:



CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Coquitlam:



Share Tea Coquitlam: Another bubble tea franchise from Taiwan that has made its way to Coquitlam, BC. They serve excellent bubble tea in a cozy cafe near to Lougheed Skytrain Station in the community well known as Korean town. While it is good bubble tea in Coquitlam, it is by no means the best bubble tea available in Coquitlam – even for such a small (growing) city like Coquitlam, residents and visitors are spoiled for choices with good bubble tea cafes!



Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea: By all accounts, an excellent bubble tea shop in Coquitlam of the popular Yi Fang franchise however there are many great bubble tea franchises from Taiwan – we preferred finding local spots and local creations (with the exception of Gong Cha at #5 because that’s possibly the most coveted bubble tea brand by bubble tea enthusiasts… so much so, some people even have it at their weddings; now, that’s dedication. 😂)



Bubble Tea in Tri-cities – Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam:

Port Coquitlam and Port Moody are the neighbouring cities to Coquitlam, BC – they are relatively smaller cities to Coquitlam. These cities have a limited option of bubble tea cafe so we cannot create a comparison – choice provided – for “Best bubble tea in Port Moody” or “Best bubble tea in Port Coquitlam”… so if you’re looking for the best bubble tea in Port Moody or the best bubble tea in Port Coquitlam, just refer to the best bubble tea in Coquitlam, BC recommendations.

Yet, both these cities (Port Moody & Port Coquitlam forming what is known as “tri-cities” with Coquitlam) have A bubble tea spot worth mentioning – you only have one option in each city respectively, but it’s a good option!

So here is the bubble tea cafe in Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam. If you’re in Port Moody or


Port Moody Bubble Tea – Lazy Den Bubble Tea: Lazy Den Bubble Tea has been in the City of Port Moody for many years; it’s a staple for Port Moody locals looking for a bubble tea cafe within the town. The bubble tea has many inventive creations and the regulars, but the pearls is just average as you would find at any bubble tea shop. The small cafe also serves a variety of Taiwanese snacks with meat-sauced rice being a popular favourite for many of their customers. It’s a good place to stop in for a bite and bubble tea in Port Moody; it is the only purposed bubble tea shop in Port Moody – but Port Moody being nestled between Coquitlam West and Coquitlam East, there are many other bubble tea cafes in area – within Coquitlam, BC.



Port Coquitlam Bubble Tea – Blend Bubble Tea: Just on the cusp of Coquitlam, BC – Blend bubble tea is a popular spot for bubble tea in Port Coquitlam and those who don’t mind a short drive to to Port Coquitlam. The shop itself is rather small with not much to see; it is located in an old & small strip mall in Port Coquitlam without much else in the area. The drinks are good; the prices are fair. The shop also adopts some green initiatives offering discounts on drink refills. It is an excellent bubble tea shop in Port Coquitlam, BC. This is where you want to find yourself if you’re looking for good bubble tea shop in Port Coquitlam.


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