5 Best Hotels in Vernon, BC – Everything you Need to Know about Vernon Hotels

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Choosing a hotel in Vernon, BC is not an easy decision when there are well over 60 hotels to choose from in Vernon, BC.

Welcome to VancityAsks.com guide to Vernon, BC hotels. We’ve taken great lengths to finding the BEST hotels in Vernon, BC and provide everything you might possibly need or want to know about Vernon hotels on this page.

We hope it’ll help you book the right hotel for your visit to Vernon, BC at the best rates. We also share tips on how to get a better deal when booking a Vernon hotel such as whether you should book direct or through an online travel agency; which will get you the best deals? Find out bellow!


What you’ll find on this Vernon Hotels & Accomodation Article (The Complete Vernon Hotel and Accommodations Guide):

(1) Tips for Booking a Hotel in Vernon, BC: Get to know how to get a great deal when bookina Vernon hotel (booking a hotel in a major metroplitan like downtown Vancouver – with high demand) is different from booking a hotel in a rural area or Interior BC.

Get answers as well to the popular question of, “Should I book direct or use an online travel agency to book a Vernon Hotel?” which can vary depending on your priorities & preferences (loyalty program or cheaper price & flexibility).

If you choose to book a Vernon Hotel through an online travel agency, the question then is, “Which Online Travel Agency provides the cheapest rates for A Vernon Hotel?” which actually can vary by promotion but each OTA usually have their own pricing strategy and try to remain competitive. It depends on the city and the OTA; hint, a newer OTA like Trip.com, will occasionally try to outdo their competitors with special promotions to win new customers. (through promo codes)

(2) 5 BEST Hotels in Vernon, BC: We’ve taken a look at all X hotels in Vernon, BC and shared our 5 recommended choices for Vernon, BC depending on the type of traveler you are (1) Luxury Hotel in Vernon, BC (2) Business Hotel in Vernon, BC (3) Hotel in Vernon, BC for families (4) Cheap Hotel in Vernon, BC that’s good (5) Pet-Friendly Hotel in Vernon, BC

(3) Complete Vernon Hotel Guide: As part to finding the BEST hotels in Vernon, we took a comprehensive look at all the hotels in Vernon and scrutize each hotel. Prices, reviews, amenities, service, rooms, consistency. We then now compile a list of all Vernon Hotels & Motels with a quick summary from BEST to LEAST (in our opinion) on this list of ALL Vernon Hotels. This is compiled considering value and quality of each Vernon Hotels or Motels.

Complete Vernon Motel Guide: Further, we highlight all the Vernon Motels for those value seekers. Motels are more so individually family owned with smaller operations and no or few amenities.

(4) Complete Vernon Bed and Breakfast Guide: A resort city or interior BC city like Vernon means Bed & Breakfast abound. We mention all the Bed and Breakfast in Vernon (as we know it) on one comprehensive list with a summary of information for your consideration and easy comparison if you prefer a more homely stay than a sterilzed and professional/private hotel environment.

(5) Alternative Vernon Accommodations: In a resort city like Vernon in Interior BC, RV Park resorts are fairly common place for campers and visitors. Here we mention all the RV Parks in Vernon for an easy comparison.


Thanks for reading the Complete guide to Vernon Hotels & Accommodation on VancityAsks.

We hope to provide a comprehensive resource to compare all the accomodation options in Vernon on one manually curated page (so you’re not caught with bot algorithms that cannot determine which hotels or motels are good or bad, and presented in a randomized order, or worst sponsored order.)

We’ve spent close to 50 hours over several days to compose this resource and hope you’ll find it useful.

The main intent is to find & highlight the BEST Hotel in Vernon; but in the process of doing so, thought it might help to provide a low-down and summary of all Vernon Hotels & Motels, Bed and Breakfast, as well as accommodation options in Vernon as well – on one page for your easy comparison and viewing.

With no further ado… (each of the five sections mentioned above are divided by 5 ?? – because we love Canada, and like the #5 ?)


Tips for Booking a Hotel in Vernon, BC:

Visitors to Vernon, BC will be spoiled for choice with their hotel accommodations because many hotels in Vernon are excellent mid-range hotels that provide (1) comfortable accommodations – clean & updated rooms (2) great service – friendly local service (3) good value – reasonable prices in part due to the competition in the area. (4) great location – most of the hotels in Vernon are conveniently located within the same area of downtown Vernon with many dining and leisure options within walking distance (5) amenities – many hotels in Vernon provide extra amenities such as indoor pool, free breakfast, and workout or business centre facilities.

If you’re looking for a mid-range hotel in Vernon, you’re sure to find many good choices available for your picking… in this instance, it’s just choosing what you’re more loyal to brand wise or what is the cheapest option available to your liking. 

Vernon, BC is a unique city in interior BC, as the oldest city in the Okanagan valley – it is one city that has many excellent luxury and mid-range hotel offerings for phenomenal value/price and consistency. With the competition and competent hotel management, many hotels maintain good standards and room quality along with proper training for a friendly service team. It’s also a city that has good tourism destination purposes (skiing, outdoors, and nature) along with a thriving city with varied industries which surely helps with demand and upkeep.

In the case of Vernon with the many good choices for hotel and a consistent demand – we would recommend booking your hotel in Vernon in advance than last minute especially if there’s a property/brand you specifically prefer. In cities with consistent demand, it’s better to book in advance as more available rooms means better prices and the likely probability of a hotel being sold out closer to when you want to visit. (rare but likely higher prices)


Should you book direct or using an online travel agency?

Generally, there are pros and cons to booking direct or booking online – it depends on what you prioritize. If you’re not a frequent traveler, allow us to help by breaking down the pros and cons as well as how booking through an online travel agency works.

Booking a Vernon Hotel Through an Online Travel Agency (OTA):

The biggest benefit to booking a Vernon hotel through an online travel agency like Trip.com or Priceline.com is the ability to easily compare prices, sometimes cheaper prices, or better customer service (depends on which OTA you use).

Pros – OTA Price Comparison: Compared to booking direct through a hotel’s loyalty program, you can more easily compare prices for all hotels in Vernon by booking through an online travel agency like Trip.com. They invest a lot into the user experience and user interface (UI) of their platform to make booking and comparing hotels in Vernon as easily as possible. You can easily sort hotels by pricing or ratings and view the price and ratings accordingly or look for a hotel recommended on our Best Hotels in Vernon article.

I’ve also noticed, that perhaps as a newer OTA – to compete, that Trip.com hotels have often been cheaper than booking direct or through other OTAs when booking at certain hotels such as Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel on our BEST Vancouver Airport Hotel price comparison; these prices are shown only to members logged in. There are also many exclusive promo codes for new Trip.com members that give you additional off your first hotel booking.

Pros – Better Comparison and Information: Online Travel Agencies like Trip.com put a lot of effort and invest a lot of money to ensuring their website is as user friendly and easy to use as possible. They enable you to easily compare hotels and filter your search for the Vernon hotels according to your preference. Many of these OTAs also provide many other critical information when booking a Vernon hotel in an easy to understand/read manner such as up-charge (parking, pet deposits) and room types along with amenities. The consistency allows you to compare the hotels easily using an online travel agency whereas on the direct hotel pages, these information are listed at different parts of their site (or sometimes not at all) making it harder for you to obtain perfect information about the best hotels in Vernon.

Thankfully, we’ve further helped by taking a deep dive into all hotels in Vernon and finding the best hotels in Vernon along with an extensive fact-checking and review check into each Vernon hotel we recommend; we do this to make it even easier for you to identify the best hotels in Vernon for yourself and purpose of stay. We hope this resource will help you find a good hotel in Vernon, BC! (as accommodation is an important part of your Vernon, BC experience – or anywhere for that matter! It’s like your foundation to the trip… and that it is, especially if the Vernon hotel has free breakfast! …Always loved the free breakfast travelling when I was younger with family. Nostalgia. So admittedly may be a little more inclined to Vernon hotels with free breakfasts.)

Pros – OTA Reward Program: Online Travel Agencies also carry their own loyalty and rewards program. The benefits to these OTAs reward program is they’re applicable for almost ALL hotels in Vernon consistently. Usually loyalty programs are exclusive to a hotel brand, but this is an issue for booking boutique hotels in Vernon or luxury hotels in Vernon like Sparkling Hill Resort which are one of a kind hotels in Vernon. You don’t accrue any rewards/loyalty benefits staying at these hotels that can be applied anywhere else. With booking through an online travel agency, you still get loyalty nights and rewards with the OTAs reward program regardless of whichever hotel you stay at in Vernon! Expedia offers Silver and Gold members at 7 and 15 nights respectively which includes free upgrades/perks at +VIP hotels which are often independently runned or small franchise hotels along with a dedicated customer service line (outsourced to Egypt – by experience). Priceline doesn’t really offer any loyalty program except through their Priceline Rewards Visa card. Hotels.com offers every 10th night free.

The most notable OTA rewards program – Trip.com offers Trip Coins where every 100 Trip coins ~ $1; the best part is, you also get Trip Coins (120) for writing hotel reviews after you stay. So you can get more rewards to share your honest opinion of a Vernon hotel. Now beyond this, you can apply your Trip Coins for promo codes beyond redeeming for the $ value. Certain Vernon hotels will also provide you double rewards when booking through Trip.com (PointsPLUS Rewards). Trip.com has four membership tiers (Expedia as 3 – Blue, Silver & Gold))  – the higher your membership tier, the more Trip Coins you can earn along with exclusive hotel deals.

Depends – Customer Service: The problem with booking through online travel agencies is that any cancellation or changes will have to be made through them directly (whether flight or hotel bookings, you still have to make any changes through your travel agent). Now, this isn’t usually a problem – however if you need to contact the OTA… many OTA outsource their customer support overseas. Expedia outsources most their customer support to Egypt or Philippines. I’m not too sure about Trip.com or Priceline. So, customer service will depend on the travel agent you use. I think Trip.com has a pretty good reputation for their customer service especially as a newer online travel agent looking to please customers and build a positive reputation. Expedia is so-so. I’ve had to have calls escalated to management at times.

Cons – Direct Booking Perks:  I honestly tried to think very long and hard for a CONS with booking a Vernon Hotel through an online travel agency and found it hard to come up with one. Perhaps the closest con to booking a Vernon hotel through an online travel agency is missing out on perks with hotels that you might be able to book directly with such as their rewards program or direct booking specials. This is because hotels have to pay online travel agencies like Trip.com commission of around 30% per booking, so sometimes hotels elect to give special perks to direct booking customers in the form of the loyalty program or even an outright special (last minute deals). This said, it is not as common for hotels in Vernon that are often independent brands. For smaller towns like many cities in interior BC, it is generally better to book through an online travel agency that can provide some consistency and assurance to your booking along with a price comparison and online confirmation. As many of these Vernon hotels may not have a broad-base loyalty program you can apply elsewhere or sufficient perks with their loyalty programs. (Exception being Choice Hotels or Holiday Inn Hotels in Vernon, BC – However, Holiday Inn rewards program isn’t very special either… mostly reward points that you can also get through an online travel agency than free upgrades or perks.) Some hotels, especially small mom-and-pop hotels in Vernon as well as Bed and Breakfasts can only be booked direct so using an online travel agency means you miss out on these local gems. Further, not all hotels will be listed on OTAs so that’s the other drawback.


Booking a Vernon Hotel Direct Through The Hotel/Hotel Franchise:

Pros – Customer Service: The biggest positive to booking a Vernon hotel directly is the better customer service you might experience; this is of course dependent on the hotel you’re booking – that they have good customer service personnel in the first place. The reason being, if you book direct through the hotel – firstly, they do not need to pay OTAs around 30% commission but importantly they have your booking information directly. This means that you can cancel or change your reservation directly with the source – the Vernon hotel. If you book through an OTA, you cannot cancel directly with the hotel but you MUST cancel through your OTA. This direct access the information by booking direct could provide you greater convenience and customer service if you need to change or cancel your Vernon hotel reservation.

Pros – Vacancy/Availability: As well, if a hotel doesn’t have vacancies with an online travel agency (due to peak period or high demand) – there is a good chance you can get a room by booking direct; this is because hotels don’t list all their vacancies through online travel agencies, and importantly booking directly with the hotel – they can view directly their current availability. (than updating it periodically through the OTAs.) Some hotels do block off certain rooms as well that can be booked directly. So, if you don’t see any rooms available through an online travel agency, it can be worth a shot calling in directly to your Vernon hotel of choice to see if they have any direct bookings available.

Cons/Depends – Price: One experience we’ve had booking hotels directly through hotels or the hotels’ reward/loyalty program is pricing. You see, if you book directly through their loyalty program – the hotels know you’re not as price-sensitive, if you’re not as price sensitive due to loyalty – you can expect to be paying a higher price because they know you’re willing to do so out of brand loyalty (rewards program). They don’t actually charge you a higher price intentionally, it is simply that you’re not able to compare the prices for all Vernon Hotels as easily (& book as conveniently) as if you were booking through an OTA.

There are exceptions; some hotel programs will provide you a price match or lowest price guarantee – however this is for their prices on OTAs and not comparing all the Vernon hotels available for you. You can almost certainly always expect to end up paying more for hotels if you subscribe to a specific loyalty/rewards program – that’s the intended goal of loyalty programs. (Unless, you’re an intentional and experienced value traveler knowing how to use the system to your best interest… then you can get great luxuries for unbelievable overall cost sometimes – but you’ll still be spending a pretty penny.)

Cons/Depends – Rewards Program: So, this depends. It depends on the hotel in Vernon you’re planning to book. If you’re booking a franchise hotel like Hilton Honours, Marriott Bonvoy, or Choice Rewards, then you have a fairly robust rewards/loyalty program to reward your stay. However, in Vernon specifically – many hotels are not necessarily part of these rewards/loyalty program; this means you’re losing extra value from your stay. For example Prestige or Sandman Hotels; these hotels in Vernon have their OWN loyalty program, but being that they are such small franchises – Prestige specifically, less so Sandman – that you won’t accumulate many nights to make the full value of the loyalty program… so it is largely useless. (Sandman loyalty program – Lucky13 – which is a primitive paper card w/ signature & stamp for your 13th night free… is still fairly reasonable. However, generally when comparing small, individual hotels – using an online travel agency gives you better flexibility and value as far as rewards/loyalty programs.)

IF you want to accrue loyalty nights from the Vernon hotels – you generally HAVE to book direct. They will not count your loyalty nights for bookings through online travel agencies (Sandman Hotels included – I tried.) These Vernon hotels pay online travel agencies around 30% commission per sale, so these online travel agencies provide you rewards – but the Vernon hotels won’t let you double dip to get rewards from them and the OTAs.

Cons – Convenience: The next biggest problem with booking direct is the convenience. Some of these hotels especially in smaller towns like Vernon, BC – will use very primitive booking systems that can be complicated. Booking direct to these Vernon hotels might require you to call in or use an unfamiliar system. You can more easily book and receive confirmation of your bookings by using an online travel agency like Trip.com – providing you consistency of your booking regardless of the city or hotel you book, including your upcoming Vernon hotel stay.



Which online travel agency has the best rate?

Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a great option to book a hotel in Vernon for a better deal; hotels provide OTAs with around 30% commission, OTAs use a part of this commission for their loyalty programs, or prices.

The Vernon hotel price you pay at an OTA is actually a function of (1) listed rate or members rate (2) loyalty program value (3) promotions. Let’s take a closer look at each of the three.

(1) Listed Rate/Members Rate: In actuality, most Online Travel Agencies will have automated programs that regularly compare rates to their competitors and update pricing accordingly.

Some OTAs like Priceline.com do so and offer a price-match guarantee. Basically, if you find a hotel price cheaper than what you paid – they’ll refund the difference. Expedia.ca offers a similar program, but also provides you a $25 voucher for future use.

Many OTAs circumvent such competition by offering “Member’s Rates” which means these are special rates only presented when you log-in to your account. They are not publicly visible AND they do not apply to price guarantees on other platforms <meaning, Priceline for example only price matches public rates – which they have a software/bot to compare automatically>. The two OTAs with the MOST member’s rates discount are (1) Trip.com – It’s a new OTA and I think they try to outcompete by having special rates that are cheaper than most OTAs on certain hotels like especially on Accent Inns Hotels <Surprisingly even cheaper than the direct rates.> as well as (2) Expedia.ca – Expedia sometimes bulk buys certain hotel rooms and they offer a cheaper rate occasionally or simply offer a better discount. On this point, Priceline.com is one that offers the lest member’s rate.

Key Point – I’d recommend taking a look at Trip.com or Expedia.ca to see if there’s a special member’s rate available. Sites like TripAdvisor, Kayak, and even Google Hotels can only compare public rates. So it still helps to log in to the OTAs with the highest probability of having a special rate available for your Vernon Hotel booking.

(2) Loyalty Program Value: Many Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) will offer a loyalty program to keep customers they’ve acquired using their platform to book hotels over their competitors much like hotel’s loyalty program.

The value offered is composed of (a) direct discount/credit through points, or (b) free points, occasionally as a function of tiered status. The benefit to OTAs loyalty program is you don’t need to stay at the same brand of hotel to accumulate free nights; you can apply your discount or free nights to ANY hotel stay! OTAs mainly facciliate their loyalty program through the commission they receive from the hotels. (They often have pricing contracts with the hotels making little leeway on prices, so one way to compete with other OTAs is with their loyalty program.)

Of the popular OTAs:

  • Hotels.com: Offers 1 free night (lowest value of all nights) for every 10 nights stay which is effectively 10% off.
  • Expedia.com: Offers Expedia Points for hotels, car rentals, flight bookings (very small amount) along with tiered levels of earning. (The more you book, when you get to Expedia Silver or Gold, you can get more points. Booking a +VIP Hotel as an Expedia Gold or Silver member also gives a flat 250 points bonus, which converts measly into $2.5). The points can be applied to any booking at about 1000 points to $10 discount. You earn 2 points per $1 spent on hotels. So, it’s an effective 2% discount with their loyalty program. Expedia Silver (7 nights) gets 10% bonus points and Expedia Gold (15 nights) gets 30% bonus points meaning about 2.2% and 2.6% discount per booking respectively at each level; still fairly measily. It can add up however.
  • Trip.com: Offers Trip Coins on hotels, flights, trains, and cars booking along with tiered levels of earning. Trip.com offers 80 Trip Coins for every $100 spent on hotels. 100 Trip Coins equals to about $1. You also get an additional 120 Trip Coins for writing a hotel review. So, without the review, you get approximately 0.8% discount per booking; with writing a quick review, you get approximately 2% discount per booking on a one night $100 hotel. Still fairly measily and lesser compared to Expedia. The redeeming factor is they occasionally have rooms much cheaper than Expedia.ca on their member’s rates. As well PointsPLUS rewards provide double rewards with certain hotels. Gold Membership level gets 10% more trip coins, while Platinum and Diamond get both 30% more points with exclusive hotel deals. This translates to 0.88% and 1.04% discount respectively; the Gold, Platnium, and Diamond hotel deals can translate to a lot more discounts however – which Expedia does not provide tiered deals, just general members’ rates and +VIP Access program for select hotels. They also have a lot of promotions to earn extra Trip Coins as a new OTA trying to establish itself. It can be slightly fun to participate. The unique thing about Trip.com is the many promotions they offer with earning coins! What’s also unique about Trip.com is the ability to change Trip Coins into Promo Codes for flight bookings.
  • Priceline.com: Has NO loyalty program.

Since these OTAs do not have partnership with these hotels beyond selling rooms and taking a commission, they rarely are able to provide property perks that you may find with hotel’s loyalty program (such as room upgrades or freebies). The exception to this is Expedia.ca which runs a +VIP program where many boutique or indepedent hotels take part. This basically provides room upgrades or hotel perks to +VIP gold and silver members which is 15 and 7 nights respectively to earn. It can be fairly useful perk to consider.

Key Point – Hotels.com provides the simplest discount of 10% per booking for their loyalty program, while Expedia.ca provides the next best discount at 2% and Trip.com at 0.8% to 2% (however, they have certain tiered membership hotel deals that are great occasionally; there doesn’t appear to be any membership deals for Vernon Hotels however – a few PLUS Points which effectively provides double points or a 1.6% discount instead). Priceline offers no loyalty program.

(3) Promotions: Online Travel Agencies offer promotions in the form of coupon codes. These are mainly used for enticing new customers.

Trip.com currently provides a 5% promo code on Hotels. (During Chinese New Year, you may find a lucky draw of around 8% or more)

Expedia doesn’t really provide any promo codes – their promo codes are mainly sent out as service recovery (so if you book a hotel and find a cheaper rate, they’ll refund your booking price difference and give you a coupon for $25 off.)

Hotels.com offers $10 off $100 with coupon code “10OFFCAD” or a $20 rebate off three nights with coupon code “REBATES20” HOWEVER if you use any Hotels.com coupon codes, you do not get to earn Hotel.com Rewards.

Priceline.com Offers 10% off coupons occasionally for returning bookings of Express Deals. These are not guaranteed and sent to your email.

Key Point – Trip.com offers special 5% discount for new customers off their first hotel bookings. Expedia provides coupon codes as service recovery (and honestly fake email marketing promotions that get very annoying!). Hotels.com provides 5-6% off but without their loyalty program. Priceline sends occasional email coupon codes for your next booking, but they’re varied.

Key Point – A combination of these factors, you get the best deal at Hotels.com (if you book 10 nights over the course of a year), or Trip.com (if you book the first booking) and Expedia.ca respectively.  Always check Expedia.ca or Trip.com for private member deals when booking your Vernon Hotel, that won’t appear on price comparison sites like Kayak, Trip Advisor, or Google Hotels. Expedia and Trip.com often offer cheaper prices on certain hotels especially the ones Expedia bulk buys OR for Trip.com as a competitive incentive to appear offering cheaper prices than their competitors as a newer OTA and building loyalty. (So you get 5% off your first booking and often times cheaper prices in member’s area than other OTAs. More time sthan not Trip.com has the cheapest member’s price; I’m sure they’re eating the losses to get new loyal members as they start up and compete with Expedia.ca.) This is how I would book (1) Trip.com (2) Hotels.com – because if you’re reading this I presume you don’t travel too freqeuntly and likely would not want to have to book 10 nights before getting your 1 free night. Trip.com offers the member’s price/discount immediately, along with the new user promo code, and the Trip Coins can be used for the next booking. (3) Expedia.ca – Expedia has a great loyalty program that can be used immediately on the next booking but Trip.com often offers better member discount prices to compete and also has a new user 5% promo code that Expedia doesn’t. (4) Priceline.com – doesn’t offer loyalty programs, and fewer member discounts by observation. Promo codes of 5%-10% discounts are exclusively given for next bookings, and inconsistently sent; they expire in a month which if you’re booking a Vernon Hotel presumably for a vacation/skiing/leisure means you won’t be using it again before it expires.



5 Best Hotels in Vernon:

1) Best Luxury Hotel in Vernon, BC – Sparkling Hill Resort


2) Best Business Hotel in Vernon, BC – Sandman Hotel & Suites Vernon:

Click here to Book Sandman Hotel & Suites

The Sandman Hotel & Suites in Vernon, BC is a sure choice for business travelers looking for a good hotel in Vernon, BC with cleanliness, dining convenience, professionalism, and excellent service all for a good price added with (1) a complete hotel gym to keep fit while on business (2) a business centre with basic business services & amenities you expect at a Vernon hotel business centre (3) a loyalty program <with many hotels in British Columbia> and special corporate rate if you qualify.

If you’re looking for a reliable and consistent business hotel in Vernon, BC – then Sandman Hotel & Suites Vernon is a sure choice for your accommodation options in Vernon, BC.

Why Sandman Hotel & Suites:

Experience the comfort and consistency of Sandman hotels in Vernon. One thing we appreciate

(1) Clean & Modern Hotel Rooms in Vernon – This specific Sandman Hotel in Vernon, BC is one of the older hotels owned and operated by Sandman Hotels; with this said, they have carefully ensure to maintain and renovate rooms to keep-up with a standard you’d expect of 3* hotels.

(2) Good Value & Price for a Vernon Hotel –

What to know about Sandman Hotel & Suites:


Trip Advisor Reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154946-d182568-Reviews-Sandman_Hotel_Suites_Vernon-Vernon_Okanagan_Valley_British_Columbia.html



3) Best Vernon Hotel for Families – Prestige Vernon Lodge:

Click here to book Prestige Vernon Lodge

Not to be mistaken with the other Prestige branded hotel in Vernon (Prestige Hotel Vernon – which is also another good hotel in Vernon to stay at) …The Prestige Vernon Lodge is truly a one of a kind Vernon hotel that caters very well to families with children who will enjoy their amenities like a tropical-themed indoor pool. It even has a natural creek running through the hotel!

The Vernon hotel is also very conveniently located in downtown Vernon with plenty of dining options making family dinners an easy walk away from the wonderful Vernon hotel.


Trip Advisor Reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g154946-d182063-Reviews-Prestige_Vernon_Lodge_and_Conference_Centre-Vernon_Okanagan_Valley_British_Columbia.html

Address: 3914 32 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5P1


4) Best Value/Cheap Hotel in Vernon, BC – Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites:

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites is a sure choice for travelers looking for a cheap hotel in Vernon, BC.


5) Best Boutique Luxury Hotel in Vernon, BC – Sparkling Hill Resort



Complete Vernon, BC Hotel & Vernon Motel Guide:

Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa:

Quite possibly the most remarkable hotel in Vernon, the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa is more than a Vernon hotel, it’s a complete wellness resort and spa. It’s a destination resort.


Best Western Pacific Inn:

Best Western Pacific Inn is a good hotel in Vernon with reasonable prices around $106/night, friendly service, and a complementary breakfast.

Address4790 34th St, Vernon, BC V1T 5Y9


Silver Star Motel:

Silver Star Motel in Vernon is located conveniently to downtown Vernon located just a few minutes south of Prestige Vernon Lodge and Vernon Tourism offices. The Vernon motel is cheap (around $60 CAD a night during February with advance booking and $100 during summer.) with an aged property but well cleaned and friendly service. It makes for good accommodation in Vernon if you’re looking for a cheap motel in Vernon because of its location, cleanliness, value, and service – although once again, it is an old no-frills motel.

Address – 3700 32 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5N6



Complete Vernon Bed and Breakfast Guide:



Alternative Vernon, BC Accommodations – Vernon RV Parks:


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