Best Vegan Food in Vancouver

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Vancouver, here are the best Vegan food in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Vegan food is often delicious, healthy, and animal friendly. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll appreciate these tasty vegan restaurants in Vancouver. Specifically, I recommend you try the vegan, Japanese-style pudding at Vegan Pudding & Co mentioned in our list of Vegan Desserts in Vancouver.

Yes, we have so many varieties of vegan food, that you’ll find excellent eateries (literally hole in the wall) serving just vegan desserts in Vancouver. It’s not to be missed.

Without further delay, here are five must-try vegan food you have to try in Vancouver. Namely, it’ll appeal to those following a vegan life-style but even if you’re not vegan…it’s a safe place to bring your vegetarian or vegan friends for lunch.

1) Meet on Main: A mainstay in Vancouver’s Vegan cuisine, Meet on Main is a staple for many whole hearted vegans. Meet on main emphasizes on community-orientated atmosphere, friendly service, and neighborhood prices.

Their speciality includes

Meet on Main is one of the leading Vancouver vegan restaurants to savour…even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian. In fact, 60% of their customers are no





2) The Acorn Restaurant

3) Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

4) Indigo Age Vegan Cafe

5) Loving Hut Express


Hope you enjoy these Vegan eats! Vancouver is a city with plentiful vegan options available.

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According to, a website solely dedicated to vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the world, there are 117 Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly restaurants in Vancouver. However the majority of these are not exclusively vegan restaurants. Here are a few other vegan restaurants in Vancouver you may be keen on trying:


If you’re vegan dining with non-vegan friends. Here are a few excellent restaurants that provide extensive options for both vegan and non-vegan diners. These are not vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver but restaurants necessarily…some do serve meat products.

I hope you enjoy learning about these amazing vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC! Thanks for reading.

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