5 BEST Hotels in Richmond, BC – COMPLETE Richmond Hotel Guide

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Welcome to our article on the best hotels in Richmond, British Columbia on VancityAsks.com

Read this before booking a Richmond Hotel!

Everything you need to know about Hotels in Richmond with a locals insight. PLUS Things to Do in Richmond, BC.

In this article, we seek to provide you with all the necessary local insight to choosing the right hotel for your visit to Richmond, BC. This article works in tandem to our best Vancouver airport hotel article. The difference between our best Vancouver airport hotel and our best hotels in Richmond article is this segment will focus largely on the presumption that you’re intently looking for a hotel in Richmond, BC for your leisure or business travels and not for the convenience of an airport hotel.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver airport hotel, we’d suggest you take a look at that article linked. It will provide a closer insight on which amenities Vancouver airport hotels provide for travelers such as complementary airport shuttle and locality to YVR. In this article, we will not be discussing about airport shuttle nor proximity to the airport but the focus will be on the hotel amenities, service, and value. We’d look at it from the perspective of someone looking for hotels in Richmond, much like our other metro Vancouver hotels guide inclusive of hotels in Burnaby, hotels in Coquitlam, hotels in New Westminster, hotels in Vancouver or hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Thanks for following along. If you have any questions or comments about Richmond, BC …or Richmond, BC hotels – please leave a comment in the comment section bellow and we’ll be glad to help!

Meanwhile, you can also read our guide to Richmond – Everything you want to know about Richmond, BC before visiting, if you want to learn more about Richmond, BC.


5 Best Richmond, BC Hotels:

First off, we understand the best hotel in Richmond for a family of four with two kids in tow hoping for some fun at the hotel with pool amenities, open space, maybe outdoors garden area, and possibly a game room, …would not necessarily be the best hotel in Richmond for a business traveler seeking convenience, seamless service and speed, with a well appointed business centre if needed.

Hence, we’ve categorized our recommendations for the BEST hotels in Richmond BC (from a local’s perspective) into the top 5 BEST hotels in Richmond with a category devoted to each purpose of travel.


1) Best Luxury Hotel In Richmond, BC – Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel


2) Best Cheap Hotel in Richmond, BC – Accent Inn Vancouver Airport

Why Accent Inn Vancouver Airport?

This is one of the easiest decision on this list of the best hotels in Richmond, BC. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond with friendly service, clean rooms, and no-frills but still a reasonable 3* hotel then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport is your go-to choice.

This is your choice if you’re looking for a cheap but good hotel in Richmond, BC.

(1) Cheap – Prices at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport are often the cheapest option in Richmond Hotels

(2) Clean – The rooms are not your typical budget/cheap hotels. Accent Inn prides itself with consistently clean room and good housekeeping that checks sheets and rooms are properly cleaned.

(3) Comfortable – Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel while on the budget hotel pricing offers a no-frills 3* hotel with local service providing for a comfortable stay whether you’re visiting on business or leisure. No grudging service as you might with budget hotels.

(4) Renovated – The Richmond hotel has been kept properly up to date and maintained but they also completed a full renovation bringing the rooms to a even better standard for guests.

(5) Local – The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel is a local BC hotel chain that is family owned with properties in Victoria BC, Burnaby BC, and Kelowna BC. It’s a West-Coast family company that cares about their guests and community. A well run, cheap hotel in Richmond that doesn’t disappoint.


Downsides to Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

(-1) Location: The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel may not be an ideal location if you’re looking to visit Richmond, BC. The location is more towards an industrial/office complex and opposite is a busy highway. It is a good location if you’re looking for a cheap airport hotel and using the complementary airport shuttle (shared with Travelodge – notoriously bad hotel in Richmond, BC).

Other than that, the location is nothing to boast about but it’s safe and cheap. It’s also convenient if you have a car because getting from the Richmond hotel to downtown Richmond is a brief 10 minutes drive.

(-2) Amenities: The hotel is a cheap Richmond hotel that’s 3* standard. It’s very acceptable cheap hotel in Richmond but it’s not famed for its amenities. While some Richmond hotels may have resort like amenities, at the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel, there is very limited amenities which includes a (1) fitness room (2) hot tub (3) patio. You do get more than what you pay for at the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel but it is very lean on amenities if that’s what you’re looking for your travel.

It makes for an excellent Vancouver airport hotel and still a very good value Richmond, BC hotel.


Who is Accent Inn Vancouver Airport for?

Cheap Richmond BC Hotel. Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would cater very well to those looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond, BC – but surprisingly, you’re still provided with a clean, comfortable, safe, and friendly accommodation at Accent Inn Vancouver airport.

The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would be very good choice, the bet choice, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond, BC with comfortable, clean, and safe accommodation you’d expect from an average 3* hotel at the price you’d expect from a 1* to 2* hotel.

It is a BC local hotel chain that is known for surpassed value and affordable prices for travelers. They cater largely to truckers but the rooms are well appointed, clean and suitable for a wide demographic of travelers including families, solo travelers, budget business travelers, and sometimes airline crew.


Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel Location:

The Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel is located in a more rural area of Richmond, BC but still highly convenient to Vancouver International Airport and a few minutes drive from Richmond Centre. The location would rate a 6/10; you have dining options and it’s a safe area (as with all of Richmond and most of Vancouver) but it’s not the most accessible without a car.

Food & Dining around Accent Inns Vancouver Airport:


Do you need a car staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel?

Yes. While the immediate vicinity may not offer many options for dining or exploration, the hotel can serve as an excellent base for your travels or business visit in Richmond, BC.

Ride Sharing/Personal Car Services/Cabs:

You should have no problem staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel using ride-sharing.

Location is no longer a concern with ride-sharing coming to British Columbia. Formerly, the only option for personal transport in Vancouver among tourist and business travelers was cabs or hiring a personal driver; cabs however were notoriously unreliable and often dirty.

New legislation will bring ride-sharing option to British Columbia in Fall of 2019. With ride-sharing you can get to your destination effortlessly from your hotel. While licenses are still being applied for, you can expect to find (1) Uber (2) Lyft (3) Kabu and a variety of other ride-sharing services. There are more ride-sharing options in Vancouver due to its late introduction (providing time for competition to play in a new market).

Local Tip – Another “ride-sharing” choice is Kater which is actually a subsidiary of sorts by the taxi lobby who have lobbied politicians for eons to block ride-sharing so your mileage may vary using Kater.

Using Public Transit at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Due to the nature of its location, the hotel is best suited if you plan on having a car. If you do not have a car when visiting Richmond, BC – the hotel does have an Airport shuttle that goes to Vancouver International Airport where you can connect to the Canada Line (however departing from Vancouver International Airport will incur a $5 surcharge on top your regular fare) bringing you conveniently to downtown Vancouver or downtown Richmond. Furthermore, the hotel often provides guests the opportunity to take the shuttle to Bridgeport Station (where the River Rock Casino Resort is located) which will provide effortless access to downtown Vancouver and downtown Richmond.

Using public transit while staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel might be a hassle but it is not exceptionally inconvenient; you can take a 10 minute bus to downtown Richmond or request the hotel’s airport shuttle to drop you off at the BridgePort Station Canada Line for an easy train to downtown Richmond in 3 minutes or downtown Vancouver in 20 minutes.


What else should you know about Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel?

As with many hotels in Richmond, BC… Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel underwent a full renovation with rooms finding new decor, new carpets, and new beds. This will ensure your experience is more pleasant as the hotel has been gracefully aging before the renovations.

The suite rooms will also offer guests Keurig coffee machines while standard rooms have standard coffee machines.

This Richmond Hotel prides itself on local service. It’s not a fancy property by any means, it is near the highway but noise is rarely an issue. If you’re concerned about highway noise then requesting a room on the back of the property facing an office/industrial complex would be ideal.


3) Best Business Hotel in Richmond, BC – Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport


4) Best Families Hotel in Richmond, BC – Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel


5) Best Unique/Boutique Hotel in Richmond, BC –


More good hotels in Richmond, British Columbia:

There are currently 25 legal/legitimate hotels in Richmond, BC – by and large, many of these Richmond hotels will provide a comfortable guest experience for those visiting Richmond, BC.

While we’ve tried to sort the 5 BEST hotels in Richmond, BC with local insight and expertise, there are still many good hotels in Richmond, BC that deserve a mention. This is where we can share with you other great choices to pick in Richmond, BC if you’re looking for a Richmond, BC hotel. Especially during peak periods, many hotels will be sold out or highly priced, having more options you can consider will benefit you as they all are very competitive in terms of being the BEST hotels in Richmond, BC.

We’re mentioning the “good hotels in Richmond” from a top down list with those at the top being the preferred choice to the least for your convenience. Some basic information about the hotel, our summary and rational for each Richmond BC hotel mentioned will be included for your reading pleasure!


Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport:

Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport is located across from Accent Inns Vancouver Airport which if you’ve read our description regarding the locality, isn’t exactly the best location for a hotel in Richmond. You’re surrounded largely by industrial and office space with little accessibility to downtown Richmond or downtown Vancouver via the Canada Line SkyTrain Station. There also isn’t much to see, eat or do around the vicinity; the hotel does have an adjoining pub/restaurant as well as the brunch spot at Accent Inns Vancouver Airport. With all this said, Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport is what you might expect with a standard 3* hotel – clean rooms, reasonably good service, and great value. Rooms during the off peak period range around $125 a night which is very reasonable for a hotel in Richmond. The Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport is a safe bet if you’re looking for a hotel in Richmond however as far as its location is concern, there are better options for Richmond hotels to consider. There is not much to fault besides the hotel’s location besides the fact that there are better options for hotels in Richmond, BC. If you can get a good rate for Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport or if you have brand loyalty to Holiday Inn looking to accrue nights then it’s a worthwhile choice.

Pros: (1) Clean rooms (2) Reasonable service (3) Good value (4) Secured parking lot

Cons: (1) Location

Approximate Average Price: $125/night

Address: 10720 Cambie Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1K8


The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport:

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is an excellent Vancouver airport hotel. It has all the fixings of a top-rated 4* hotel in Richmond, BC. The hotel is actually a condo-tel with the hotel facilities being shared with condo units; it includes a complete fitness facility and swimming pool. The rooms are also newer, clean and furnished modernly with Westin Signature “heavenly beds”. The location is within a developing area exiting Vancouver International Airport; it is distance to Aberdeen Mall (a big Asian mall with diverse options in their food court and many restaurants to choose from including a Korean grocery store), Aberdeen Centre (a newer mall with more dining and shopping choices),  Yaohan Supermarket, as well as Aberdeen Canada Line Station. It is also minutes from the Fraser River waterfront walk overlooking to YVR. Service at The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is what you’d expect of a Westin branded hotel – friendly & efficient. The price is very competitive relative to options like Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel however the immediate vicinity or hotel amenities could be improved upon. (Some people may prefer not to stay at a condo-tel than a fully purposed hotel.)

Pros: (1) Good location (2) Good service (3) Good value (4) Good Rooms

Cons: (1) Immediate location could be improved. (2) Nothing phenomenal – your average 4* Richmond hotel. (3) Condo-tel – facilities shared with condo.

Approximate Average Price: $167/night

Address: 3099 Corvette Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4K3


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

A good hotel in downtown Richmond (4* categorically but more like a 3* hotel) however it is over-priced for the value you’re getting. The hotel consists of several low rise buildings that have been recently renovated; the club lounge is nicely done up if you’re a Platinum member, or if you book a club room. The service is good with hit or miss as you would expect at averagely run hotel. The price however of around $250/night on average would provide you better options in Richmond hotels. It’s a good hotel by all means but it’s not fantastic. Namely, the rooms are older but recently renovated minimally. Service is acceptable but not spectacular.

Pros: (1) good location (2) average service (3) renovated rooms

Cons: (1) not good value (2) average service

Approximate Average Price: $250/night

Address: 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3


Quality Hotel Airport South:

As far as cheap hotels in Richmond, BC goes, the Quality Hotel Airport South tops the list after Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel. Firstly the location is excellent; the Quality Hotel Airport South is walking distance to Richmond Centre, the Canada Line Station bringing you to downtown Vancouver in 20 minutes for more exploration, and a host of dining options within 5 minutes walking distance – inclusive with a park behind for a leisure stroll, or 15 minutes from the Fraser River where Richmond Olympic Oval is located with a walking path overlooking YVR for some plane spotting for a relaxing walk. The service is standard. The price is cheap. The rooms are clean. The complementary breakfast includes hot and cold options that are well stocked. It’s a good option for a cheap hotel in Richmond, BC with good value and an excellent location.

Pros: (1) Location (2) Value (3) Standard Service (4) Complementary Breakfast (5) Clean

Cons: (1) Budget hotel (2) Standard Service

Approximate Average Price: $100/night

Address: 7228 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1


Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport Hotel is a cheap hotel in Richmond with an excellent location right across from Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport and adjacent to Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport South – this means it is 10 minutes walking distance from Richmond Centre (main mall in Richmond) and plenty of eateries nearby. The hotel however could use a lot of TLC; the rooms are old, dreary and have not gone renovations or updates as most hotels in Richmond, BC have undergone. Guests have noted cleanliness to be a concern especially with carpeted rooms. Service is good and acceptable making the best of what they have property wise. A basic continental breakfast is included. It’s not the first choice, nor the 15th choice but it’s an average budget hotel with reasonable value in a great location. Compared to other cheap hotels or budget hotels in Richmond, BC – Ramada Limited comes in higher than other cheap hotels in Richmond, BC.

Pros: (1) Location (2) Good service (3) Free Breakfast (4) Good value

Cons: (1) Old rooms (2) Substandard cleanliness (3) Budget hotel

Approximate Average Price: $101/night

Address: 7188 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1


Days Inn By Wyndham Vancouver Airport:

We would not advise booking at Days Inn by Wyndham Vancouver Airport if you’re looking for a hotel in Richmond; it might be a viable option if you’re looking for a cheap Vancouver airport hotel to rest your head for the night between flights (without consideration to the location, convenience, service, amenities, room quality, neighbourhood, and neighbouring guests) but if you’re looking to visit Richmond, BC itself – there are plenty of better options to consider in a better location. Days Inn by Wyndham Vancouver Airport is located in an industrial area of Richmond but within walking distance to River Rock Casino Resort and the Bridgeport Canada Line Station (through an industrial area) – it is walking distance to the infamous Richmond Night Market (in an industrial area). The hotel is on the older side and cleanliness could be improved. Importantly, the service leaves a lot to be desired. It is a cheap budget hotel in Richmond, BC.

Pros: (1) Cheap (2) Complementary Basic Breakfast

Cons: (1) Old Hotel (2) Not well maintained (3) Bad service (4) Bad Location (5) Cleanliness

Address: 2840 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2H3


That concludes our article on Richmond, BC hotels. As always, if you have any questions about Richmond, British Columbia, Vancouver, or Metro Vancouver…we would love to get in touch with you and help you with your questions! (maybe write an article on it.) You can get in touch with us through the Contact Us form or simply leave a comment bellow this Richmond hotels article.


Complete Guide to Richmond, BC Hotels:

Now, while we wouldn’t recommend staying at these remaining hotels in Richmond – in compiling the BEST hotels in Richmond, BC – we wanted to ensure that no stone was left un-turned.

As such, we carefully considered and learn about EVERY hotel in Richmond, BC for a fair and conclusive comparison.

For your benefit, here are the remaining hotels that were not featured in the “5 BEST hotels in Richmond” or the “More Good Hotels in Richmond” segments – which you may still be keen on learning about your available options for accommodation in Richmond, BC.

We’ve categorized all the remaining hotels in Richmond, BC while also providing a quick reference to what you need to know about each hotel – consistently we look at (1) Price & Value – That’s what I personally care about when travelling (2) Demographic/Hotel Range (3) Amenities (4) Location (5) Pros & Cons + Facts. We hope this will provide a useful resource for you concerning Richmond hotels. The goal is to provide all the important and relevant/critical information on one page so you can make an informed and simple decision yourself for which hotels in Richmond, BC will best suit your needs/wants – whatever you’re looking for! (Even if it’s a cheap roach motel, or a 5 star resort.)


What you need to know about Richmond, British Columbia:


Richmond, BC local area attractions:


Richmond, BC – Good/Unique Dining Options:


Things to do in Richmond, BC:


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