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Best Immigration Lawyer in Vancouver

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If you’re looking for reliable immigration lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve spent hours to help find some of the best options for you. These are immigration lawyers who are great at what they do, passionate about helping their clients, and come highly recommended for their services. We hope this will provide a quick reference list that you can confidently trust in your search for an immigration lawyer in Vancouver. We’ve highlighted reliable immigration lawyers at varying budget categories that will deliver phenomenal and professional services to help you ease your immigration law concerns. These are immigration lawyers in Vancouver, BC who have been recognized for their excellence in Canadian immigration law.

Our interest is helping you find immigration lawyers in Vancouver who can help with your immigration law needs. The content is not sponsored to avoid any bias and ensure your best interest.



1) Maynard Kischer Stojicevic

A firm that solely practices immigration law in Vancouver with three founding partners, three more Vancouver immigration lawyers, and a team of eight highly qualified paralegals composes the Maynard Kischer Stojicevic boutique immigration law firm in Vancouver. It’s an undisputed fact that the immigration lawyers at MKS are skilled and experienced in their craft. Maynard has been practicing immigration law since 1989 exclusively while Aleksandar Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer both have over a decade of experience in practicing immigration law. Both Stojicevic and Kischer are also actively involved in mentoring, teaching, and participating in organizations pertaining to immigration law.

If you require an immigration lawyer to assist with your citizenship application, permanent residency, or the legal process to bring in foreign workers for your firm, you can be assured that the team at Maynard Kischer Stojicevic possesses the experience and tenacity to assist you. Maynard Kischer Stojicevic solely work on Canadian immigration law. This provides them concentrated expertise, knowledge, and experience to get clients the results they need. Their specialized practice also allows them to empathize and understand their immigration law clients better while putting their professional expertise to work for your benefit. Besides serving their clients, Stojicevic and Maynard are also invited guests on legal segments of immigration law discussions on radio.

Their practice areas involves “economic class” immigration for those seeking to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry program, “family class” immigration, along with business immigration and company work permits. They can also assist with citizenship application or immigration litigation should your case require to. If you’re looking for professional immigration lawyers in Vancouver, you may wish to contact MKS for a paid consultation.


Rate: $500 for the initial 60 to 90 minutes consultation with one of the immigration law lawyers.

Address: 900 – 688 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1


2) Robert Yung Chang Leong: Robert Yung Chang Leong works for the Lowe and Company law firm which has served business and immigration law clients in Vancouver since 1990. Robert is highly knowledgeable with Canadian immigration law and frequently provides opinion/advice on Canadian immigration law to ethnic newsletters and within his blog.

Robert is originally from Singapore but fulfilled his legal studies in England where he was called to the Bar at Middle Temple. He further continued his legal practice in Singapore before migrating to Canada. The personal experience with studying abroad and immigration, ensures Robert is able to sympathise with immigrants to Canada. Whether you’re a Canadian employer looking for an immigration law consultant to help arrange work permits and permanent residency for your employees or a family looking to begin life in Canada, Robert, is able to help you professionally with a friendly and personable approach to working with clients. Robert’s personality is helpful and keen.

Mr. Leong specializes with business immigrants from South East Asia region. Robert’s expertise also includes immigration law for skilled workers, family sponsorships, and provincial nominee. Robert’s experience in his personal immigration to Canada combined with his extensive knowledge in Canadian immigration law is an asset to his clients. Give Robert Y.C. Leong a call today if you require a Vancouver immigration lawyer.


Rate: NA

Address: 777 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1J5


3) McCrea Law: McCrea Law is one of the longest standing boutique immigration law firms in Vancouver. The firm founded in 1989 consists of three partners: (1) Deanne Okun-Nachoff (2) Kyle Hyndman and (3) Meika Lalonde along with Dennis McCrea as senior counsel and Catherine McAteer as associate counsel.

They specialize specifically with immigration law serving their clients with commitment and tenacity. The personality of the law firm is drastically different from the usual immigration lawyers; they seem almost connectable. The firm follows four guiding principles that emphasize an enjoyment of their work and a commitment to their clients. You will find Vancouver immigration lawyers that are both capable and passionate.

McCrea Law serves both business clients, families and individuals in the field of immigration law. They focus on finding solutions to help clients whether this may mean, “helping businesses grow through international recruitment” or to help, “families make sense of rapidly changing immigration and citizenship rules”. Contact McCrea Law to see if they are able to help you if you require a Vancouver immigration lawyer.


Rate: NA

Address: 440 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N5


4) Larlee Rosenberg: Larlee Rosenberg is a leading immigration law firm founded in Vancouver by partners Peter D. Larlee and Ryan N. Rosenberg. Between them are 43 years of legal experience. Larlee Rosenberg also works in partnership with various world class immigration law firms such as Miller and Perez. This extended network ensures their expertise at varying aspects of immigration law.

Larlee Rosenberg come highly recommended by many of their clients as well. They are loved for the professional and effective immigration law services that delivers results for their clients. They also deliver their legal services in an efficient and speedy manner to avoid needless waiting on top the already arduous immigration application waiting times. It’s important to have a legal firm that is on your case and prompt in all manners of communication. (Much like Bell Alliance). You can expect the Vancouver immigration lawyers at Larlee Rosenberg to communicate promptly and professionally with you as an individual or organization.

The team at Larlee Rosenberg helps organizations nationally and internationally with their Canadian immigration law services for work permits, admissibility issues, visa applications, or PR/citizenships. They also help individuals and families with their Canadian immigration law services for temporary status (study permits, work permits, or visas), permanent residence (PNP, entrepreneurs, applications, and renewals), or citizenship (applications). They are a firm that specializes in immigration law but their lawyers are widely experienced and well-rounded in other legal practices, giving you a specialized service with a broad, experienced approach; this is especially useful for business immigrants. If you require a Canadian immigration lawyer, contact Larlee Rosenberg in Vancouver to see if they will be able to help.


Rate: NA

Address: 555 W Georgia St #600, Vancouver, BC V6B 2A3


5) Peter Chapman: Peter Chapman has over 27 years of experience practicing immigration law in Canada. Called to the bar in 1978, Peter has decades of legal experience; he then focused on immigration law for the past 27 years. With an interest in immigration and citizenship law, he has been helping individuals and families with their relocation to Canada.

Canadian immigration law can be complicated, admission as a permanent resident or the privilege of being a Canadian citizen can be derived through varying avenues. Peter Chapman helps clients to help identify the best path for PR or citizenship. The vast experience in immigration law ensures clients get knowledgeable advice on their immigration application/process.

Peter Chapman is experienced with representing clients before the Immigration and Refuge Board. He also helps those keen on immigrating to Canada through his vast experience in immigration law. He works with clients to ensure a smooth transition and ease with their immigration applications. Mr. Chapman also provides notary public service, naturalization, along with immigration and citizenship guidance. If you require assistance with immigration law in Vancouver, consider contacting Peter Chapman for immigration law services.


Rate: NA

Address: 650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2M9


In search for the best immigration lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve gone through looking for as many possibilities available. With over 20 man hours, from a list of 70+ immigration lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve narrowed down to the top five reluctantly; these are immigration lawyers who have been recognized for excellence in their field of Canadian immigration law practice.

Each immigration lawyer we’ve featured were thoroughly reviewed after extensive fact-checking. The initial list have come either via direct recommendation, directories, or online reviews. We further looked at each recommendation for several factors especially (1) passionate/personality about helping their clients, (2) integrity, and (3) experience. The end result is a list of the best immigration lawyers in Vancouver.

Our interest is centered on helping readers like yourself since finding a good immigration lawyer can be difficult and time consuming process yet absolutely important.

There are still other excellent options as far as choosing an immigration lawyer Vancouver is concerned which we could not quite fit onto the list. Some other considerations are (1) Investimmi, (2) Mona Chan of Law and Associates, (3) Tim Bailey of Elgin Cannon & Associates, and (4) Miller Thompson.


Immigration Consultants: If you’re looking for assistance with immigration applications/processes, an immigration consultants can also help with your immigration application if they are a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. (ICCRC)

They may not have the benefits, insurance, or extensive education/knowledge an immigration lawyer should have but are still highly respected professionals. Comparative to lawyers, an immigration consultant may be able to help you just as well. Here are two immigration consultants in Vancouver for your consideration.

While most lawyers charge for disbursements in addition to their hourly billings (many Vancouver immigration lawyers offer fixed rate options after an initial consultation), many immigration consultants don’t charge for disbursements.

  • Bell Alliance: What begun initially as Bell Alliance Global Immigration Inc. founded by Richard and Heather Bell, is now a full service law firm in Vancouver, BC. Bell Alliance provides legal and notary services. They are renowned however for their immigration law practice. Specifically, Heather Bell comes highly recommended by her clients as someone who tirelessly works for clients to ensure a favorable outcome for their immigration situation. Heather is not an immigration lawyer but is a knowledgeable and respected immigration consultant; a member of good standing with ICCRC. Clients of Bell Alliance like their professional, polite, and prompt immigration consultant services. Heather is also highly knowledgeable in immigration law. She holds over five years’ experience as a Vancouver immigration consultant. Heather Bell is an individual with her roots in Vancouver, BC yet boasting vast international working experience and a passion to help newcomers begin their life in Canada. This is exemplified with her former role as a work experience coordinator for a Canadian language school. She values relationships and experiences found with travelling. This provides exposure to varying cultures and displays an ability for relate-ability.As someone who have studied abroad, Heather Bell, understands the struggles and stresses that Canadian immigrants may experience moving and adjusting to a new country; she hopes her experience will help clients with Canadian immigration law concerns. If you require a Vancouver immigration lawyer, give Bell Alliance a call.
    Address: 1367 W Broadway #201, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A7
  • CIP: A highly reputed and professional immigration consultant in Vancouver that provides fixed rate options. Likely one of your best choices for immigration consultant in Vancouver if you prefer to avoid working with an immigration lawyer. Knowledgeable and professional services delivered from an experienced and diverse team of immigration consultants. (They can cover most spectrum of immigration services.)
    URL: Canada Immigration Partners
    Address: 708 – 1155 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6E 2P4


As always, if you have any suggestions, recommendations or feedback regarding our selection of the top five immigration lawyers in Vancouver, please leave a comment bellow. We hope to have accurately found and listed the top five immigration law firms in Vancouver. Immigration law is one complicated field that can be overwhelming to the unfamiliar hence it can be very beneficial to hire an immigration lawyer or immigration consultant with years of experience who would be able to guide you through the information you need to know. Even self reach can be complicated where immigration is concerned as there are many paths to PR, Citizenship, or Visas. It’s ideal to get an immigration lawyer and make immigrating a little easier with their experience in immigration law.


Disclaimer: We have worked tirelessly over days to find our list of the best immigration lawyers in Vancouver. We done this in the best interest of the reader to ensure the accuracy of the content present however no warranties are made to the content. The information is presented as the opinion of the editor for educational purposes and available as-is. The writer of this article has no formal legal experience and no aspect of this article should be considered as legal advice.

About VancityAsks content: The content presented here on VancityAsks is not sponsored to minimize bias and truly written in the best interest of the readers. Businesses cannot hassle/bribe their clients to vote for them neither can they purchase their rankings. We genuinely wish to find the best of Vancouver and highlight businesses that portray excellence in their field. Depending on the category of the content, we look for value, customer service professionalism, results and experience, or a combination of these factors. We utilize local recommendations, fact-checking extensively, and editorial opinions. The hope is to help consumers like yourself choose the best option (experiential and economically). We hope to save you time and get you the results you want.

The Best Family Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

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We’ve carefully compiled a list of some of Vancouver’s best family lawyers. We hope this will make it easier for you to choose a family lawyer to assist with your family law matters or guide you through a Vancouver divorce. Finding the best family lawyer in Vancouver can be subjective as there are no quantifiable measurements to equally gauge the best lawyers in BC family law. There are also many differing interests of clients and  each situation is unique so the best family lawyer for Joe Smith may be different from the best family lawyer for yourself.

Nonetheless, following this introduction, you will find several Vancouver-local family lawyers and divorce lawyers who are highly esteemed in their field of practice. They consistently serve their clients – helping resolve their family law matters – and attain respect among the industry. In searching for the best family lawyers in Vancouver, we’ve considered budgets varying from (1) $$$ – those that are considered the ideal choice in their profession to protect your family’s interest where budget is less a concern (2) $$ – those that excel at family law services in BC, helping and serving every day families through the difficult process of divorce, and (3) $ – those that reliably provide excellent value for those needing divorce lawyers in Vancouver without an overtly financial burden.

Depending on your situation and requirements, one family lawyer may be able to help you better than another. If you have a high net-worth and looking to protect your assets, then a family lawyer familiar with litigation with experience in similar cases may do better for you. If you have a simple, non-contested divorce in Vancouver then most capable family lawyer with moderate fees can serve you better in considerations for your budget. It’s evident, the family lawyer in Vancouver you engage should depend on your individual situation and priorities. It is important to find a good BC divorce lawyer or family lawyer in Vancouver who excels in their profession; we hope to help you with finding the right family lawyer.


AGDN Law (Aaron, Gordon, Daykin, Norlinger): This boutique Vancouver law firm focuses solely on family law. The firm composes of twelve capable and experienced lawyers in BC family law, three of whom are reputed as Queen’s Counsel lawyers. (A title bestowed by the provincial Lieutenant-Governor used to recognize lawyers with exceptional merit). Considered to be one of the best family law firms in Vancouver, they deal professionally with diligence and excellence in their profession. They are truly considered to be the best in their field by many of their peers. (The highest recommendation you can receive is to be esteemed by other legal professionals I’d think.) Having a professional and reliable lawyer like a member from the AGDN Family Law firm can relieve a lot of stress by having an experienced guide through uncharted waters.

They can help clients in all aspects of family law services including (1) Vancouver separation and divorce (2) Guardianship, custody, and parenting time (3) Parenting arrangements and parenting responsibilities (4) child support (5) spousal support (6) division of family property and family debt (7) complex corporate and tax matters (8) family asset protection planning (9) cohabitation, pre-nuptial – something Mr. O’Leary advocates for…, and (10) marriage agreements.

If you require a Vancouver family lawyer or a Vancouver divorce lawyer, give AGDN Law a call first to see if they would be suitable for your case.


Rate: $$$

Address: 777 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7


Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP: Farris is one of the biggest law firms in Vancouver. Their team of family lawyers are considered some of the best family lawyers. Jeffrey Kay, Q.C. is among some of the most highly recommended family lawyers in Vancouver. A big law firm can come with some perks as well, such as resources, connections, and varying expertise all within the firm. If you’re curious as to how large this Vancouver law firm is and the implication its reputation can have with your situation, think Suits when Harvey can coax their opponents to a settlement instead of taking it to court with his reputation. (Yes, there’ll be a TV show reference with each summary. Family law can be a hard topic, we need to lighten the mood.)

Farris specializes in complex family law situations and high net worth individuals especially if you have cross-border assets. They have experience dealing with (1) custody, (2) access, (3) child and adult guardianship (4) property division (5) estate and trust issues, (6) child and spousal support, (7) co-habitation agreements, (8) marriage agreements, (9) separation agreements, and (10) asset protection agreements. Engaging a law firm like Farris can provide a complete approach to all your legal needs with their roster of 100+ professional lawyers many of whom are highly esteemed in the legal profession with the Queen’s Counsel title.

If you need an experienced and impressive law firm working for you, contact Farris to see if they are able to help. Their offices are located in Vancouver, Victoria, or Kelowna.


Rate: $$$

Address: 25th Floor, 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1B3


Connect Family Law: Connect Family Law is a boutique family law firm in Vancouver, BC ran by two partners Leisha A. Murphy and Simon Kent. Leisha specializes in family law practice in Vancouver while Simon specializes with business and estate law. This cross of expertise allows a more comprehensive approach to family law where business may be involved. The family law firm also provides an option for a different, budget approach to engaging a family lawyer in Vancouver with their “a la carte” legal services for those who wish to represent themselves with the help of a family law firm. Added to this, Connect Family Law also provides regular “Divorce Salons”, think your FRIENDS intervention.

Connect Family Law in Vancouver, BC can help client with family law on matters concerning (1) Cohabitation & Marriage Agreements, (2) Collaborative Family Law, (3) Negotiation, (4) Mediation, and (5) Litigation in family law. Connect Family Law’s “a la carte” legal services known as Connect Too, can help clients who are representing themselves in court with (1) Desk Order Divorce, (2) F-8 Financial Statement, (3) Child and/or Spousal Support Calculations, (4) Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement, and (5) Paralegal or Junior Lawyer Services. The entire team is a roster of four individuals with connections to experts in other fields such as business valuators, financial planners, tax specialist, divorce coaches, child specialist, and parenting coordinators to once again reiterate their broad approach to family law practice. (CFL helps the client more than simply in the court room.)

If you want a specialized family law firm in Vancouver then contact Connect Family Law to see if they’ll be able to help with you.


Rate: $$

Address: Suite 540, 1285 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8


Hart Legal: Hart Legal is a law firm founded in Vancouver, BC. Hart Legal in Vancouver BC, provides family lawyer services on three forms of fee options. They also feature an equitable pricing model which discounts your legal fees to the value derived. (This practice emphasizes their commitment to ensure that Hart Legal clients are satisfied. I’d imagine the Price is Right but I think it works more effectively.) The team at Hart Legal emphasizes conflict resolution and compassion which are two important traits when dealing with complicated family matters. The firm also highlights its commitment to customer service and value with their professional family lawyers in Vancouver. The Vancouver office has seven lawyers in the firm with founder, Darren Hart, at the helm.

Hart Legal puts their heart (pun intended) and heads to use; they focus on conflict resolution, mediation, and helping their clients navigate a traditionally complicated situation. Hart Legal in Vancouver, BC can help clients with (1) division of property with a Vancouver divorce (2) child guardianship, custody, and access, along with (3) child support (4) separation and marriage agreements. They also provide alternative family law dispute resolution services. The Hart Legal team also assists clients with complicated and high net-worth divorces.

If you’re looking for an experienced family lawyer in Vancouver who strives for excellence, give Hart Legal a call and see if their team can help your case.


Rate: $$

Address: Suite 1200, 888 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3K4


Pending – Kitsilano Family Law Group: Kitsilano Family Law Group is a small law firm with their office in Kitsilano. They specialize in family law with a two person team. Bill Storey, the senior lawyer, of Kitsilano Family Law Group has over 30 years of family law experience in British Columbia with accreditation as a mediator and collaborative lawyer. Clea Amundsen, a junior lawyer, has three years of legal experience since being called to the Bar in British Columbia (June 2013).  Like Batman and Robin Hood (maybe not.)…the combination of Bill experience in the firm with Clea provides a good combination for clients with the support of an experienced lawyer and a junior family lawyer.

Kitsilano Family Law can assist through (1) negotiation (2) mediation (3) collaboration (4) litigation (5) parenting coordination in most matters of family law. Kitsilano Family Law emphasizes on mediation, collaborative law, and indicated the preference for settling disputes in family law without the courts.

If you have family law needs, consider contacting Kits Family Law to see if they can help as your family lawyer. If you have complicate estates and assets division, Farris or AGDN may serve better.


Rate: $

Address: Suite 308, 2902 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3Z8


Here’s a very helpful resource for those who are interested in learning how to choose a suitable Vancouver family lawyer.

It is written by JP Boyd who is now working in Calgary, Alberta at the Canadian Research Institute for law and the family. (formally from Vancouver)

As mentioned, we’ve tried to create this list to highlight those that have a proven track record of quality legal services for divorce and family law meeting different priorities and budgets. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Good family lawyers are typically not only experienced and knowledgeable of the law but compassionate of their clients with conflict resolution skills. They’re typically dealing with emotionally charged individuals and complicated children situations; a level of compassion and smarts is needed. You must be confident you have the right Vancouver family lawyer to help you.


Please comment bellow. We’re looking for experience-based recommendation of honest and reliable Vancouver family lawyers who will help their clients’ best interest at varying budget levels. A good divorce lawyer can make a difficult situation a little less of a burden.  If readers have a recommendation for an affordable Vancouver family lawyer, please comment bellow as we are looking to find a better recommendation for the $ category.


Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no professional legal experience and no aspects of this article should be constituted as legal advice. We compile this list after extensive fact-checking, follow-ups and community recommendations however no warranties can be made to the list.

Best Vancouver Real Estate Agents

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Finding the right real estate agent in Vancouver…

Picking the right real estate agent is a critical decision. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, you’re typically dealing with transactions upwards of 300,000.  You need a reliable Vancouver real estate agent. It is very easy to be misled by bad advice of real estate agents resulting in significant financial losses. (Beyond the licensing there is little quality control or practice to standardize practice of individual brokers, it’s a rather fluid market.)

It’s undeniable that integrity should be a required trait with real estate agents but unfortunately you’ll come across your fair share of real estate agents who only care about their pockets. It seems all too common for real estate agents to provide advice and post listings to their advantage. When there are thousands of commissions on the line, unfortunately some individuals put aside their values.

There are many ways that a real estate agent can be evaluated. You want a realtor who’s experienced with the Vancouver community hence familiar with your property and showing it. You also want a Vancouver realtor who’s professionally connected making it easier to sell or buy your Vancouver home. Among other things you may want a real estate agent who’s able to market your property beyond listing it. These are all worthy considerations when trying to find a real estate agent in Vancouver but in my humble opinion, what tops the list is their character and integrity. This is further highlighted by the recent scandals with New Coast Realty. We’ve still considered the points mentioned above and more in our deep reaching inquiry to find the best realtors in Vancouver; the best our city has to offer.


What we looked for in a Vancouver real estate agent:

This is why we’ve set forth to finding a list of the best real estate agents in Vancouver. The list consist mostly of realtor members in Vancouver who have portrayed excellence in their craft and importantly integrity with business dealings. These are people who have a record of integrity and a reputation to hold, people whom you can trust with your business and real estate transactions. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in Vancouver or sell a home in Vancouver, I’d suggest you approach either of these realtors to find one that can help you best. Integrity should be rewarded, don’t you think?

Without further ado, here’s our round up of the best Vancouver real estate agents. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Vancouver, these are good bets you can take. (Honesty and integrity is always important but especially cannot be understated when looking for a real estate agent Vancouver)


5 Good Vancouver Realtors you can count on:

1) TBD


2) Mike Dente Vancouver Real Estate Agent:

Mike Dente real estate

Mike Dente is a born and bred Vancouverite who is now a 
Vancouver real estate agent after completing his education at Sauder School of Business. Having lived his whole live in West Vancouver, this gives Mike an unusual advantage with this locality; buyers/sellers will appreciate his commitment, contacts, and knowledge of the North Shore real estate. Despite his experience in the North Shore, Mike serves clients across the greater Vancouver with the same diligence and integrity for which we have ranked him #2 on our list of the best realtors in Vancouver.

Mike is part of the Dexter Realty brokerage team while operating as a personal real estate agent in Vancouver, enabling him extensive support and specialized expertise as part of a leading brokerage firm in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that all real estate agents featured on our list are extensively checked. We try to get to know the brokers values and track record. Another point as we emphasized earlier, that honesty and integrity are the most important traits to find in a realtor. This is the reason Mike is the #2 best Vancouver real estate agent who resonates these same values of honesty and integrity. The Vancouver real estate agent also emphasizes on customer service and integrity.

Mike is however several years newer to the real estate field relative to the other heavy weights on the list. However, from our brief interaction with Mike, you get the impression that this determined realtor cares about his clients and experienced for his time in realty. As the icing on the cake, Mike emphasizes his interest with providing after sales support and building relationships. If you need a realtor in Vancouver, it’s hard to go wrong with giving Mike a chance.

Address – 1399 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5M9

Contact (Phone/Email) – 604-354-1084

Verified Review – “I’ve known Mike for a few years now and he has been helping my fiancee and I find a new home. He’s been absolutely wonderful to work with! He really listens to what we want and goes out of his way to show us all our options and make sure we fully understand the process. He’s extremely reliable and I know we’ll be able to find the perfect home with his help!”


3) Pete Shpak Vancouver Real Estate Agent:

Pete leads the Vuppie Real Pete Shpak real estateEstate team and holds extensive industry knowledge with years of experience. Pete’s clients know him as a man who works tirelessly to provide proper representation whether when buying a Vancouver home or selling.

With his track record, experience, integrity, and personality, Pete has gain quite the reputation as a go-to Vancouver real estate agent. Pete’s real estate services combines integrity, customer service, and experience to serve his clients. Read consistent feedback from clients noting his first-grade customer service, care, and follow-up help.

Address – 100 – 856 Homer St Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5

Phone # – 604-220-7490

Verified Review – “From the moment we first met with Pete to the moment we closed the deal on our first home, we felt as though we were his only clients. His attentiveness and desire to fulfill our needs was beyond impressive and made the entire process, which could have been stressful and tiring, comfortable and enjoyable. Pete’s high level of service and knowledge combined with his charismatic personality made him a joy to work with. We wouldn’t have wanted to deal with anyone else and we already know who we will be calling when it comes to selling our place.



4) Charlie Kiers Vancouver Real Estate Agent:

Vancouver Real Estate Charlie KiersCharlie Kiers is noted as one of the industry leaders in Vancouver real estate. Respected by other real estate agent as a man who works tirelessly for his clients and equally passionate about leadership and community involvement, Mr.Kiers has rightfully earned an impressive reputation in Vancouver real estate.

Charlie operates his real estate business with integrity as all the other realtors listed on our best Vancouver real estate agent list. The man is also highly networked and connected (don’t know how but apparently I have him on LinkedIn too). This helps his clients by providing a comprehensive realty solution.

If you’re buying a home, expect Charlie to go the extra mile researching the ideal homes for your choosing and then walk you through each tour. Some of his clients have noted as many as 15 viewings (don’t worry, if you don’t have the time for this many viewings, just let Charlie know – he’s attentive to his clients’ needs.) For those looking to sell their Vancouver home, Charlie has significant experience with real estate sales in Vancouver including negotiating, promoting, network usage, and problem resolution should a matter arise. It is so important to have the right realtor to guide you through this complicated process and especially useful to have their experience if a complicated situation comes up. We’ve listed Charlie as the #4 best real estate agent in Vancouver for good reason though some of his clients think he should be 1st (it’s taken though).

Address – 2899 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5N 0A6

Phone # – 604-897-3559

Verified Review – “Charlie did great work for me, he is tireless in his efforts to find his clients the perfect home. Couldn’t be happier in my new place, and without Charlie I would still be renting! A huge help to a first time buyer, a friend and a great resource. Thanks Charlie!”



5) Elliot Tan Vancouver Real Estate Agent:

Vancouver Realtor Elliot TanElliot Tan has varied experience with Vancouver Real Estate. In his career as a real estate agent, Elliot has worked on several brokerage and is currently with the Bryant and Lasko Real Estate team. Elliot also brings experience as a previous Mortgage broker and has helped numerous individuals with investment properties.

As a genuinely real estate broker with a strong work ethic Elliot tries to help his clients’ in their best interest. You can expect good real estate services from Elliot. Realtors talk about providing after-sale support, but Elliot has a proven track record of providing extensive after-sale support.

Address – 3195 Oak Street Vancouver, BC V6H 2L2

Phone # – 604-209-2525

Verified Review – None Available. (Up for re-consideration.)


The importance of a good Vancouver realtor:

As a further emphasis on the importance of choosing the right real estate agent (and the propensity for bad real estate agents). I can recall a personal experience from family who engaged a Vancouver real estate agent while still yet in Toronto. They trusted the realtor to help find an investment property in the tri-cities. The real estate agent recommended a condo and advised against a townhouse that would have been a better purchase investment wise. It was discovered later, the condo offered realty agents a higher commission. The price of the condo has remained about the same since purchasing while the townhouse has similar properties selling much higher from the would-be purchase price. While this individual wanted initially to purchase the townhouse, he was advised strongly against doing so by the real estate agent. This re-emphasizes the importance of choosing a Vancouver real estate broker who will look out for your best interest; a broker who has integrity. As we like to emphasize on, true success comes only with excellence and delivering value; it’s about the long run beyond the temporary gains. (One may gain a few thousand extra but lose out on their reputation and further business opportunity. After all, it’s good to help others) This is why we hope to discover and feature those who strive for excellence in our articles.

We have looked extensively, sought personal recommendations, and believe we have identified some of the best real estate agents in Vancouver. Considerations were given for industry experience, reviews & reputation, knowledge, network, and character. If you’re looking for a reliable real estate broker, I encourage you to contact these professional realtors.

The usage of the word realtor in this article denotes an individual’s affiliation as a member of the NAR/CREA.


How to choose the right Vancouver real estate agent:

…it’s more than sales performance. Here are further readings you may be interested in to find out the importance of choosing the right Vancouver real estate agent. Someone performance as a “top real estate agent” doesn’t necessary imply a good real estate agent:

When choosing the right Vancouver real estate agent, consider our list above that takes in to consideration (1) integrity (2) character and willingness to help (3) connections and networks (4) marketing and diligence (5) experience. When you’re looking to buy a home in Vancouver, you don’t want a Vancouver real estate agent to rush you into buying just to close a deal and get their commission. When you’re looking to sell a home, you want a real estate agent who would be able to represent your property best and get the best bid for you! (Which may differ depending on your priorities.) Either ways, you want a Vancouver real estate agent who will take your personal interests into consideration and look beyond the commission and care about you!


Thanks for reading about Vancouver real estate agents on VancityAsks. If you have any questions or comments, please add your voice bellow! Feel free to suggest a Vancouver realtor that you’ve had experience working with as well.


Best Real Estate Agent Updates:

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(1) Remove Tim Wray from the recommendations: Broker changes (Description Bellow)

(2) Move Mike Dente from #2 to #5: Review

1) Tim Wray Vancouver Real Estate Agent:

Tim Wray real estate

Tim Wray is an all around nice guy (but nice guys don’t finish last.) Tim carries a friendly and approachable demeanor backed with years of experience. Tim relies largely on referral transactions which speaks a lot about the experience he provides his clients.

We can wholeheartedly say you’ll likely enjoy your experience with Tim. Change is hard and especially so when it’s something like moving which can cause a lot of stress. It’ll be useful to have an experienced real estate agent to help you along and be a professional help. Tim shares that his desire is to make a stressful time a little less stressful; especially with a smile like his.

Mr.Wray arrived in Vancouver almost 9 years back in 2007 and has been working in real estate since. Prior to his real estate experience, Tim, has broad top management experience in San Francisco and London along with large contract negotiations; a realtor has to be a jack of all trades sometimes and a keen eye which Tim has displayed with his work experience. He is familiar with the downtown Vancouver core where his expertise lies. Engaging Tim as your real estate agent, you can expect professionalism, understanding, and honesty. Tim works with Prompton Real Estate Services which makes him a one-stop solution for investment properties.

Much like Mike, Tim shares our believes that a sustainable and profitable business is one that adds value to your customers/clients. It’s about creating value and providing great service with integrity. Tim does this for his clients. Tim shares that his mission is to provide such an seamless and wonderful experience that you want to tell your friends because you believe it’ll help them. (much like what we’re doing here.)

At, we spend hours upon hours to verify we have genuinely created the best lists we can. Each real estate agent we featured on this list is thoroughly checked and Tim is no exception.

Address – 179 Davie Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1

Contact (Phone/Email) – 604-781-5692

Verified Review – “Great personality, amazing detail-oriented & professional service. When you love what you do, it shows… and makes all the difference.”

Best Notaries in Vancouver

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Are you looking for a notary services in Vancouver? If you need certified true copies, contracts, agreements, purchase of a business, power of attorneys, will preparation, and attestations then a Vancouver notary public is your bid. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, a notary public can also assist with handling the sale much like a lawyer might. Many legal offices can also provide these services as well although you may prefer going with one of these public notaries for cost and service.

Here’s a full list of services that a BC notary can provide:

There are no shortages of notaries in Vancouver. You’ll find well over 70 notary public offices in downtown Vancouver alone. It can be an over whelming choice.

Still, don’t just hire any notary public services. It’s important to carefully consider which you hire for your administrative and notary services. While it may be best just to find one nearest to you for convenience, as with any occupation and field there are varying levels of service quality, pricing, and individuals. When it comes to contracts and notarizations, you don’t want any errors or headaches in the process.

Here are some individuals who had the unfortunate experience of picking a bad notary:

“I incurred a few hundred dollars in penalties and interest charges in order to fix this situation, including getting a 2nd bank draft when the numbers she gave me were incorrect.  “ – Anna L.

“I used Pat Wright for the purchase of two properties. She screwed up both transactions. I’m extremely well organized and gave Pat very comprehensive files complete with a detailed reconciliation…..yet she still managed to screw up the transaction.” – Terry R.

“On the statement of charges, there was a fee of nearly $400 listed as “Other fees”. When I asked about it, they brushed me off and told me they will obtain details of the fees later.” – James A.


As much as “BC Notaries” association states that notaries are esteemed members of the public who uphold to the highest standards of integrity and trust, you’ll find that there are plenty of the public who have had unpleasant experiences with notaries.

Even still, you may run into several dishonest reviews online without your best intentions (unlike 😉 – typically you only can trust the consistently bad reviews without doing further fact checking.) If a business has faked reviews, we have automatically removed it from consideration for dishonesty. Reviews are diligently checked for truthfulness and validity.

Make sure you find a right notary office for your real estate, power of attorneys, and notarization needs who will provide a reputable standard of service. Note as well that notary service prices are not standardize so each notary office will charge their own fees as they choose.

Thankfully at, we’re going to help you find a great Vancouver notary public for your needs. Here’s what we’re looking for: (1) excellence service (2) availability (3) prices. Any of these proven notary public offices in Vancouver will serve you well.


1) Yoshida Notary Public: The Yoshida Notary Public office is located right downtown at 900 Howe Street, conveniently besides the law courts and UBC Robson.

In regards to availability, Mr.Yoshida, as you will find cares about his clients. He goes out of the way to fit your schedule. Mr.Yoshida office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6 PM or Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. If you cannot make it within those time-frames you may wish to email Mr.Yoshida to inquire if his schedule permits an alternate time. It seems that this man works hard to get work done for his clients.

Where price concerns, Notary Public prices differ by individual notary offices and services rendered. For the services, I required, Mr.Yoshida prices were right about the standard I had been quoted elsewhere. It’s best you contact their offices to inquire about your notary needs and quotes. (Curtis Yoshida can be contacted via email at (

Finally with service, the service I experienced at Yoshida Notary Public was impeccable. Curtis Yoshida was approachable and considerate. Curtis Yoshida is an individual who is personable and friendly. This matters as you want someone who listens and attentive when handling your documents or notary public services.

Address – 212 – 938, Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9

Contact –

More reviews


2) David Watts Notary Public:

David Watts Notary Public runs as a four man team offering traditional Notary Public services while specializing with real estate transactions and conveyancing. Their offices are conveniently located right outside waterfront Center at 675 W Hastings Street.

Mr.Watts boasts about providing “Over the Moon– Thrilled” notary services and in part we believe it. Peruse his LinkedIn profile to see the accolades and recommendations from individuals who have enjoyed the notary public services provided by Mr.Watts and his team at David Watts Notary Public.

Address – 675 W Hastings St #1602, Vancouver, BC V6B

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3) Brosgall Legal Services 

In BC, everyone lawyer is also a notary public but not every notary public is a lawyer. Brosgall Legal Services is also a lawyer office but they specialize in providing a lot of notary public services at prices you’d expect from a Notary Public in Vancouver.

Brosgall Legal Services is hemmed by Adam Brosgall with his educated but approachable demeanor. Born and bred Vancouverite. There can be significant benefits to having a lawyer handle the sale or purchase of real estate especially if the transaction takes a complicated turn. It would be useful having Adam Brosgall with his experience as a lawyer to assist in such situations.

Brosgall Legal Services provides competitive pricing on notary public services. It’s also conveniently located right across the law court as well. Their office is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Address – 938 Howe St #716, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9

More reviews –


4) Deprez and Associates Notary Public:

Deprez and Associates Notary Public is located on Alma street on the way to UBC, Deprez and Associates Notary Public is easily accessible if you’re in Point Grey or Vancouver central.

You get the perception they truly care about their customers base on the consistent positive comments others have shared about Deprez and Associates. You can likely trust his team with your notary public needs base on the fact-finding we’ve done.

Address – 2515 Alma St, Vancouver, BC V6R 2C1

Contact –

More Reviews –


5) Bell Alliance:

Bell Alliance is a law office that is known for charging notary public prices for services that a notary public can do (such as real estate transactions). They also do well in immigration law and have an excellent reputation in Vancouver for customer service.

If you’re looking for notary public services, you should consider getting a quote from Bell Alliance to see if they fit your needs.

Address – Suite 201 – 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4A7

Contact –

More Reviews –


Notarize Documents free at your bank:

Note as well, if you’re looking to get a simple document notarized. Most banks (specifically TD Bank) have notary public on staff who will be able to notarize your document. It’s free.

There’s a TD branch right by Pacific Centre at 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1A2

Do you need a Lawyer or Notary Public?

Looking to buy or sell a home? Consider if a Notary Public is right for you, here’s more resources you may be interested in. For home purchases, it may be best to engage a lawyer. You’re already spending tens of thousands in real estate agent fees and hundreds of thousands is on the line. You would want someone who has the legal experience and training even if for the peace of mind. With this said many individuals choose to transact their real estate deal through a notary public still.:


Conclusion: We hope you found this list of Notary Public offices in Vancouver to be useful. I’m confident it’ll save you a lot of time finding a reliable notary public you can count on. We’ve gone through almost 70 different notary public offices in our search and filtered out the ones with reliable reviews and recommendations. I’m confident, we’ve found some of the top notary public in Vancouver. Reliable options for notary public.

Beyond checking through the 70 notary public, we also scrutinized the 5 on the list. Before listing a notary public on here, we’ve not only diligently searched each notary public history (and past corporate experiences), we also checked the legitimacy of reviews you see online.

To compile this list of Notary Public in Vancouver, much effort has gone into diligently checking each listed entity. You can contact these notaries in Vancouver confidently knowing hours of fact-checking and online searching have been done.

Thank you for reading this article on as we discover some of the best notaries in Vancouver. We hope you found this notary public information article useful. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please use the comment form bellow to submit them. Also, if you would like to recommend a notary public, please comment bellow us well! We’d be glad to hear your recommendation and experiences. If you found this list helpful, please consider to share your experience in our comment section bellow after engaging your notary public so others can benefit from your experience.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article has no formal legal experience. The content on this page does not constitute as any legal advice but represents the opinions of the writer provided as-is and with no warranties.

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