Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver

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Interested in finding cheap and good coffee in downtown Vancouver? Here’s your list.

There’s no shortage of coffee options in downtown Vancouver but here are where you can find the best value for your buck and enjoy a good cuppa Joe to wake up your day. Of course, “cheap” is relative to your convenience; going for a two or three block walk for “good and cheap” coffee isn’t very cheap unless you needed a breather/walk along the way. So this said, take this with relativity.

Nevertheless, these are cheap coffee spots that serve good coffee.

Cheap & Good Coffee?

Of course there’s Tim Horton’s readily available almost anywhere you go for “cheap” coffee – however, if you’ve

Downtown Vancouver Coffee Shops:


Best Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver:

1) Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver @ 7-11 Convenience Shops:

As far as cheap coffee, and convenience goes – 7-Eleven has some of the BEST cheap & good coffee in Downtown Vancouver.

Convenience – If you’re in downtown Vancouver, chances are that you will be no more than a ten minutes walk from the nearest 7-Eleven.

Good Coffee – They have several thermos of fresh brewed coffee depending on your preference from Light, Medium, Dark, Hazelnut, Kona Blend or coffee from various regions. The variety is good and you can switch up your coffee occasionally for something different.

The coffee tastes good – as good as many artisan shop that may charge you $3 per cup for a cuppa joe.

The coffee is fresh – each thermos is brewed with a timer set for when it is to be disposed off after sitting in the thermos for about 1.5 hours. So you can always ensure your coffee is fresh than having sat in a heater for too long.

Cheap – Coffee at 7-Eleven is some of the cheapest coffee you can find anywhere. It’s even cheaper than Tim Hortons, with much better coffee. It is however self-serve which is better anyways to determine exactly how you want your coffee.

Beyond some of the cheapest prices for coffee in downtown Vancouver… (Refills are just ~$1 if you have your own cup to be environmentally friendly.) 7-Eleven also has a free loyalty reward app. You can get your every 8th cup free (if I’m not mistaken – I don’t admittedly frequent 7-Eleven for coffee often). If you wish to pick up a cookie or donut with your coffee, you also get 100 bonus points – for every 1000 points, you can redeem a free large coffee. If you use their loyalty app along with their cheap prices, it’s easily the cheapest coffee in downtown Vancouver – and importantly, it’s good coffee that’s freshly brewed and customized the way you like it for a fraction of what you may pay at Starbucks. (Some shop also formerly had cinnamon, chocolate, and nutmeg powder however they phased that out and also was why I stop having my coffee at 7-Eleven as I prefer adding Cinnamon to coffee for health benefits.)

Variety – The coffee at 7-Eleven is self-serve and you can add milk, cream, brown sugar, sugar, creamers, or a variety of syrup. Also importantly, if you want a mocha style coffee – you’re welcomed to fill half your cup with hot chocolate or french vanilla from the machine and the other half with coffee of your choice. You have plenty of variety to mix up your coffee however you like it! Or just have it black, it’s your choice and you’re in control as you serve yourself – no need to explain what you want, just have it the way you like. They also have cold brew and ice coffee if you fancy, including caramel and vanilla syrup to sweeten.

Espresso – If you prefer an espresso based drink, many 7-Eleven convenience stores in downtown Vancouver also have an Espresso machine. Tap the options on the machine whether you’re looking for a latte, mocha, or cappuccino, and the machine will freshly grind the beans, brew the espresso, and make your drink on demand. The prices are about 50% of what you’d pay at a cafe.


Conclusion – If you’re looking for cheap and good coffee in downtown Vancouver, there’s no better option than 7-Eleven. This isn’t the go-to if you’re looking for a cafe, but more so coffee for convenience. If you’re looking for the best cafes in Vancouver with good ambiance and seating to enjoy your coffee, then click that linked text.

Location – There are countless 7-Eleven locations in downtown Vancouver. It’s almost located at every other block. Ok, more accurately, there are nine 7-Eleven location; most of the 7-Eleven are located towards the South-East corner of Downtown Vancouver with an even distribution about every two blocks. (The only location in the West-End closed in 2017 and another location on Robson Street closed in 2019.)

The West-End has too many artisan cafes so it kind of makes sense.

The locations with the most extensive coffee bar however are:

a) Coal Harbour – 1199 W Pender St #104, Vancouver, BC V6E 2R1

b) BC Place area – 1093 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2X5


2) Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver @ McDonalds:

3) Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver @ Urban Fare:

4) Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver @ A&W:

5) Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver @ Breka Bakery:


Special Mentions – Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver:

Here are a few more coffee spots that you might wish trying but didn’t quite make the cut.

  • Take Five Cafe:
  • Cream De La Crumb:
  • Thierry:
  • Coo Coo Coffee:
  • Matchstick Coffee:


Updates – Best Cheap & Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver:

February 11, 2022:

  • Moved Thierry from #3 Best Cheap and Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver to Special Mentions. (For the purpose of “cheap and good coffee” in Downtown Vancouver, they may not comparatively be cheap but it is good. McDonald’s fits the criteria more appropriately for convenience/availability and pricing… along with relatively cheap coffee prices. As much as we prefer to feature local businesses unique to Vancouver over cookie cutter, multi-national companies – it’s also important to ensure accuracy.)
  • Move McDonald’s from Special Mentions to #2 Best Cheap and Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver. (They have cheap coffee, and by most accounts – despite coffee taste being fairly subjective to individuals – great tasting coffee. Despite it being a large franchise, perhaps they get cheap & good right, by putting a priority on sourcing the right Arabica Coffee Beans while being able to operate with economies of scale.)
  • Move Coo Coo Coffee from #4 Best Cheap and Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver to Special Mentions. (Once again, while we typically prefer to feature local businesses that are unique to Vancouver on VancityAsks, for practicality, Coo Coo Coffee is not necessarily “cheap and good” relative to national franchises like A&W who – when taking attention to specializing in a product, can actually create a fairly good product, very cheaply. Many fast food restaurants in recent times, notably since 2019, has been trying to increase their market share of the breakfast customers so as expected and logical, they’ve worked significantly on improving their coffee. The result is customers get cheap, and reasonably good coffee.)
  • Move A&W from Special Mentions to #4 Best Cheap and Good Coffee in Downtown Vancouver (Truth be told, A&W coffee doesn’t taste great. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. However, it is very cheap and importantly organic. Haha.) Importantly, A&W has a large footprint in Western Canada and so you’ll likely be steps from an A&W franchise when in downtown Vancouver – much as you would be from 7-11.
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