Best Hot Pot in Burnaby

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Burnaby, BC has a large Chinese demographic and with it comes an abundance of Asian inspired restaurants that are worth trying. Here are a few Chinese restaurants in Burnaby that are worth trying but what could be better than hot pot on a rainy day in Vancouver to nourish yourself and warm your souls.


Five Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Burnaby:


Best Individual/Solo Hot Pot Restaurants in Burnaby:

The beauty about hot pot is the communal aspect of eating with friends, family, or significant other – but there are a few hot pot restaurants in Burnaby, BC that also offer individual hot pot for those who simply want something hot & soupy. Hot pot are especially enjoyed in Vancouver’s rainy seasonal weather. You can also consider trying one of the several best ramen restaurants in Burnaby or perhaps try some of the best pho in Burnaby?

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