Best Hotels in Burnaby – Everything You Need to Know about Burnaby Hotels

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Here’s what you need to know about hotels in Burnaby, BC if you’re looking to book a Burnaby hotel for yourself -> which are the BEST hotels, the hotel location information, and how to get the best deals on top-rated hotels in Burnaby, BC.


Best Hotels in Burnaby + Everything You Need to Know about Burnaby Hotels

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In the following article, we’re going to reveal the BEST hotels in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, you want to be reading this. 😀

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Getting Deals on Burnaby Hotels you won’t find on Expedia or Priceline or Trip Advisor:

We have found that the newer booking site (owned by CTrip which is a publicly traded company) offer hotel bookings cheaper than Expedia or Priceline by as much as 35% cheaper and it is a reliable online travel agency. It is actually much easier to use than Expedia as shows you the room rate and then the rate after taxes on the front page even before you go to the booking page. So you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much you’re saving easily.

We have no hesitation recommending for booking your hotel in Burnaby. ACTUALLY, the Accent Inn Burnaby for October 22 to 23rd is $205 CAD on and $240.35 CAD after taxes BUT ON TRIP.COM, it is only $179.18 CAD with an added $31.59 CAD “ Exclusive” discount bringing the room rate AFTER TAXES to $169.73 CAD making it

It was so much cheaper, I had to do a double take to ensure I took the comparison dates correctly. has consistently been cheaper than (except for luxury hotels like – which you should book direct anyways for these type of hotels to get a better deal) but this is remarkably $70.62 cheaper or 30% cheaper is almost unheard of.

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Burnaby, we would recommend checking FIRST and then comparing your price to Expedia or Priceline. Do note also that Trip Advisor was actually owned by and receive 43% of their revenue through advertising partnership with Expedia… they currently do not price-check with which is a newer online travel agency but owned by the largest booking company in China (CTrip)

Long story short, if you want a great deal on your Burnaby hotel, check first and then Expedia or Priceline to price compare because Trip Advisor price comparisons conveniently leaves out some cheaper options. As you see in the screenshot bellow, Trip Advisor shows the cheapest rate is $209 (the same rate as Expedia) without making mention of


Note that Accent Inns Burnaby usually isn’t $209 CAD/night but I’m doing the price comparison on October 9, 2019 and October is still relatively high occupancy usually and they likely are low on available rooms so higher prices. You can usually expect Accent Inn Burnaby to be around $140 CAD a night on average.


How to use this Burnaby Hotels list:

The goal is providing as useful a resource as possible for those inquiring about Burnaby hotels… as such, bellow our five recommended Burnaby hotels, you will also find a list of all available official (registered) hotels in Burnaby, BC accompanied by a brief description about the hotel’s location, class category, and amenities. We’ve also added our summary of each Burnaby hotel, and opinions to help you make a better decision when choosing your accommodation in Burnaby depending on your preferences for a hotel (luxury, experience, budget, value).

To close off our extensive write up on Burnaby hotels, we’ve also included a small section to provide a little more knowledge about the City of Burnaby (which will hopefully be useful if you’re spending a couple days in Burnaby).


Our Goal for this Burnaby Hotel Resource:

We hope to provide on one page, all the information you may require when searching for a Burnaby hotel, or your travels to Burnaby. If the hotels in Burnaby do not suit your preference, you could benefit from booking one of several hotels near Burnaby which we have also listed.


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About Burnaby, British Columbia Intro:

First off, what do you need to know about Burnaby, BC. This is the basic information that you might appreciate learning about Burnaby, BC if you’re visiting Burnaby, BC.

If you prefer knowing more about Burnaby, BC and a complete traveler’s guide to Burnaby, BC with some local insight, then please feel free to read our “Burnaby, BC Guide – What you need to know about Burnaby, BC” resource.

1) Burnaby, BC is a suburb of Vancouver and part of Metro Vancouver: While for the purpose of convenience, many locals refer to living in Vancouver inclusive of cities like Burnaby, Richmond, Port Moody, New Westminster, and Coquitlam – they are actually different cities in Metro Vancouver. The region is closely linked with transit (SkyTrain) connecting the region along with amenities being very close. For example enjoying the unique parks in Vancouver, BC (like Stanley Park) while living in Richmond or enjoying the Fraser River waterfront while living in downtown Vancouver. (Note however that each city has their own public library and city services along with parking bylaw.)

The cities you will observe in your travels to Burnaby, BC will likely be City of Richmond (where you would arrive if entering by plane since Richmond is where YVR is located), City of Vancouver (which is the hub of everything that happens and where you will arrive if entering Metro Vancouver by cruise), City of New Westminster which is a small city adjacent to Burnaby, BC and also the oldest city in Metro Vancouver, as well as City of Port Moody for incredible outdoors and leisure at Rocky Point Park, and finally City of Coquitlam which is a fast growing and developing city – the fastest growth in the region actually. There are also Delta, Surrey, and Port Coquitlam but it is unlikely that your travels to Burnaby, BC will bring you to these regions. Especially be careful about Surrey as locals joke it is the dangerous region of Metro Vancouver (although getting better with the introduction of university city – Simon Fraser University campus in Surrey – and changing the demographic adding more tax dollars and safety.)

2) Metro Vancouver is very connected – Burnaby to YVR in Richmond, BC is only 1 hour by transit during non-peak periods by public transit… by car, it is only 40 minutes – you better be driving however because Vancouver still doesn’t have Uber or Lyft thanks to the BC NDP (British Columbia’s socialist party that is against competition and free market protecting the taxi lobby from competition. This statement won’t be updated even when ride sharing comes as an ode to their obstructionist approach to Vancouver’s business and tourism community.)

From your Burnaby, BC hotel – with it’s proximity to the SkyTrain network, you can access Coquitlam, BC by SkyTrian from Metrotown Station to La Farge Lake station (at the heart of Coquitlam, BC) in just under 45 minutes with Port Moody, BC being 30 minutes while New Westminster (the oldest city in Metro Vancouver) is just 20 minutes away.

From Burnaby, BC hotel to Downtown Vancouver is just under 20 minutes, and various regions of Vancouver or Burnaby through the SkyTrian network is accessible including Joyce-Collingwood or Commercial Broadway (otherwise known as “The Drive”) is within 15 minutes distance by the SkyTrain. Ironically getting to the other side of Burnaby at Brentwood is approximately 35 minutes as you loop around to the other side bypassing New Westminster and Coquitlam back into Burnaby.

All in all, if you’re intending on using the public transit during your visit to Vancouver (because Vancouver regrettably doesn’t have Uber yet) then finding a Burnaby hotel near to Metrotown SkyTrain station would be an excellent choice – good being near to the SkyTrain network for easy access across Burnaby, BC and Metro Vancouver.

3) Metrotown is the Biggest Mall in BC: Metrotown is no ordinary mall in Metro Vancouver, it is currently the biggest shopping mall in British Columbia. This has its many perks because you will find just about any major retailer at this mall – whether you need to pick up some clothing for a meeting, appropriate jacket for the rainy weather, or a new USB to lighting cable for your iPhone, you will find it at Metrotown in a one-stop shopping centre. The mall is slated for redevelopment shortly so what the future holds for this mall is up in the air. For now, it’s a convenient shopping option rigt across your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.

4) You will have Everything needed in Burnaby: Burnaby is the second largest city in Metro Vancouver. You will find every thing you need imaginable in the City of Burnaby from sushi restaurants to hot pot restaurants, tailors to dry cleaning, business centres to printing. Accounting services to legal services. It’s all in Burnaby, BC along with public library and city services. The only thing Burnaby, BC doesn’t have is an airport but the region’s international airport is in Richmond, BC – easily accessible to downtown Vancouver and downtown Burnaby, BC respectively. If something you need during your visit to Burnaby isn’t in the city of Burnaby, you’ll find it in the City of Vancouver or adjacent cities.

5) Your best choice is likely staying in a Burnaby hotel if you’re visiting Burnaby, BC: This might seem redundant saying, but is very relevant. If you’re visiting Metro Vancouver, the best cities to consider booking a hotel is either Burnaby, Richmond, or Vancouver proper.

– While if you’re visiting Coquitlam, BC – you might want to look for a hotel in Burnaby because there aren’t many hotel options in Coquitlam. Likewise, the situation with New Westminster. If you’re visiting Surrey, BC you might wish to book a hotel in Richmond or Burnaby because the safety in Surrey is not as consistent as Burnaby. 😀

– Sometimes, if you’re visiting Vancouver proper, you might wish to book a hotel in Richmond, BC or Burnaby, BC because it will be cheaper than Vancouver hotels especially during the peak summer periods. Surrey is where you want to book if you’re on a budget as three star hotels in Surrey range at $60 CAD per night during the off-peak periods! (Such as Sheraton Surrey) Yes, it’s incredible prices. (I did a lot of research and playing around with rates while writing our series of articles on hotels in Metro Vancouver.) To get this $60 CAD rate for Sheraton Surrey, you have to book through Expedia’s Hotwire Rates or Priceline’s Express Deals however. You can also try your luck at name your own price especially during the off peak season with good probability of getting it because occupancy rates in Metro Vancouver hotels range around 40% during the off peak periods (higher these days even during off-peak periods… since the Olympic and international publicity). I would suggest bidding approximately 10% lower than any Express Deals you might find on Priceline Express. (Because, you can bid once per day or you can change your locality – adding more cities and bid again so you got nothing to lose. If you don’t get your bid price, you can simply book the Express Deal. Tip – Never book lower than 3 stars for Express Deals OR Name Your Own Price. The higher the better for these discount mystery rates – the value you’re saving is the brand and luxury price… there isn’t much brand or luxury under 3 stars that you can save on and you’ll likely regret your choice of accommodation. I digress.)

However, because Burnaby, BC is indeed a large metropolitan city (second to Vancouver in the Metro Vancouver region) along with all the convenience and amenities you might desire, there are many hotels in Burnaby to choose from. The supply of hotels in Burnaby provides visitors with every option they might want from the budget one-star roach motel to the five-star exclusive hotel and resorts. The variety of hotels and availability makes Burnaby an excellent city to book your accomodation when visiting Burnaby, BC or even other parts of Metro Vancouver. So, if you’re in town for business – look for hotels directly in Burnaby, BC. The other city for consideration might be Richmond, BC followed by Vancouver proper.

There you have it, five things that you should know about Burnaby, BC. If you have any specific questions about Burnaby that could be helped from a local perspective, please use the comments bellow and we’ll be happy to help! You can also refer to the “Everything you need to know about Burnaby, BC article”


Five BEST Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the best hotels in Burnaby, BC. We hope this will be a useful resource for (1) finding the best hotels in Burnaby (2) finding a Burnaby hotel that suits your purpose & property preference (3) learning more about each of the mentioned hotels in Burnaby once you’ve chosen which Burnaby hotel you are planning to book for your visit to Burnaby, BC.


1) Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – Recommended for Convenience, Comfort, & Consistency as a hotel in Burnaby (Good value too):

Why stay at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown?

  1. Great Location: We have included details bellow on why Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides an incredible base location as a hotel in Burnaby for your business or leisure trip to Burnaby.
    It is very accessible across Burnaby, BC but importantly, there are many food & dining options nearby to return to after a day around Burnaby, BC. (If you’re out at meetings during the day or exploring Vancouver, when you come back to your Burnaby hotel, you want to be able to avail yourself to plentiful and good dining options that are convenient without searching far or driving again for dinner. Staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown means over 50 dining options are within a 5 KM radius of your hotel located in “Burnaby’s true downtown” – more on that later.)
  2. Hilton Service: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown truly embodies excellent hospitality and service for their guests. Concierge and front desk team at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown have been noted to walk to the SkyTrain station to guide guests to the hotel and assist with their bags from those arriving by SkyTrain from YVR. (Speaking of which YVR is only a 30 minutes drive, or 1 hour by SkyTrain. The SkyTrain goes as fast as traffic but the SkyTrain system doesn’t go directly to Burnaby from YVR but double the distance with a detour to downtown Vancouver before an exchange to the Millennium Line to Burnaby. It’s all easily connectable and a hassle free travel.)
  3. Comfortable & Consistent – good hotel in Burnaby: One of the perks of staying at a Hilton hotel or any credible hotel franchise is consistent standards and quality expectations to brand standards. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is no exception but actually exceeds most brand standards for Hilton hotels. Albeit the property is old (rather old) but the rooms are still fairly maintained and you can expect a comfortable bed with clean rooms and friendly service for your experience in Burnaby staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel. (They like to name it Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel to capture the Vancouver hospitality industry demand as well but Metrotown is actually located in Burnaby, BC not Vancouver. To their credit, Vancouver and Burnaby Metrotown are minutes apart anyways.)
  4. Four-Star Hotel amenities: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown has all the amenities you would want or need for a comfortable business or leisure trip to Burnaby, BC. While this Hilton hotel in Burnaby does not have a swimming pool, they are equip with a workout facility and a complete business centre for guest usage.
  5. Competitive rates for a hotel in Burnaby, BC: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown offers excellent value for those looking for a hotel in Vancouver, BC or a hotel in Burnaby. Being just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver by car, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent alternative for those looking for a quality experience without the price tag of a downtown Vancouver 4-star hotel. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides an excellent location in Burnaby, BC at the edge of Burnaby and Vancouver border. The price by comparison is around 25% cheaper than hotels in downtown Vancouver for an equally pleasant experience with food & amenities. Metrotown is a happening neighborhood in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, BC specifically the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is also competitively price; it is not the cheapest option compared to its neighbouring Holiday Inn Express Metrotown or the more secluded Accent Inns Burnaby however it’s very competitively priced especially if you’re a Hilton Honors member. The service is excellent but the building is old. You can expect competitive rates for a hotel in Burnaby, BC booking at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – in consideration of the service and factoring in the hotel’s wear & tear with age (still maintaining to the Hilton franchise standards). Book at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown if you’re looking for a good deal on a 4-star hotel in the Greater Vancouver Area or Burnaby, BC precisely.

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Location in Burnaby:

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is situated is a very convenient (but occasionally congested) location of Burnaby, BC. You will find lots of unique eateries around the vicinity (mainly Asian orientated but all variety of cuisines) as well as shopping and entertainment options. It is also very accessible by car or by the SkyTrian system (Vancouver’s mass rapid transport system – built from three distinct “train” lines across Metro Vancouver with connecting stations providing consistent and quick transportation), bringing you across Metro Vancouver to Vancouver or Coquitlam.

Points of Interest around Hilton Vancouver Metrotown:

Metrotown is truly an incredible community with plenty to eat and do; there is a high density of restaurants and various amenities in the area including a local park, a public library, as well as a movie theater. Metrotown is the largest mall in BC (but will soon be redeveloped into condos with a mall bellow) so you will be able to find every retail store you might need, however in the vicinity of Metrotown is a wide array of unique eateries, predominantly Asian (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) along with plentiful of dessert shops and drink places (Bubble tea – Asian remember? Pubs. Juice bar – we have a fair proportion of very healthy eaters in Metro Vancouver = yogis. Cafes – we have a really evident and growing cafe culture in Vancouver but this predominantly occurs in Vancouver proper – where there are more working millennials, yuppies, and hipsters – than the suburbs.)

Crystal Mall: Crystal Mall is a unique Asian mall in the midst of Metrotown. It has a clearly oriental leaning and describes itself as “The best oriental shopping centre in metro Vancouver.” The mall is attached to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. (Hilton Vancouver Metrotown has a separate entrance facing towards Metrotown Mall in Burnaby but they also have an interior entrance to Crystal Mall’s food court.)

Crystal Mall is quite a unique mall as mentioned, there is a traditional market at the centre of the mall… much like what you’d find at wet markets in Asia with an open concept and market stalls side by side selling everything from fruits and veggies to meats and fish along with food such as roast duck or Chinese roast pork (charsiew – which is actually known to be excellent at Crystal Mall located right under the food court by the escalators). The market in Crystal Mall is also known for very good (and fresh) bean curd drinks and curds. (‘douhua‘ in Chinese and ‘tau huay’ in Hokkien which is a pudding/curd made of soy beans, generally sweetened with sugar – else it’d be tasteless. It’s silky smooth however and very healthy for you with calcium and protein. Anyways, what you might want to know is the stall in Crystal Mall’s market – which is conveniently next to your hotel – is excellent for ‘douhua’. It’s eaten generally as a dessert or as a breakfast food so hop on there to get some soy milk in the morning with a fried Chinese donut.)

Besides the food at the centre of the market, the second level boasts a very extensive food court with a variety of delicious food that can be had. Fortunately for the guests of Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the food court is right at the private entrance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Going through that mall exit from your Burnaby hotel will bring you directly to the food court. What’s good? Firstly, the food court is known for excellent dim sum and roast pork located towards the left when you exit Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Next, try the Malaysian/Singaporean stall called Beansprout Chicken. There is also cheap breakfast fare to be had when you turn right towards the stall that sells a variety of fresh dim sum and porridge (with meat and eggs). The dessert stall besides Beansprout Chicken boasts some unique and delicious desserts like durian chendol  or you could go with the sure classics like Mango and strawberry ice (fresh mango and strawberries served on top ice drenched with evaporated milk and added with some sweeten red beans at the bottom and a variety of sweet toppings.) Then you have your typical mix rice options that you find at most food courts – Muncho Wok style.

Besides the food court and the market level eateries, there are a variety of unique Asian restaurants peppered along Crystal Mall in Burnaby on the outside that are worth trying. Some with spicy food and some with fried whole fish. It’s an experience (cultural experience) to be had right in Burnaby, BC. There is also a bakery in the mall that bakes fresh Chinese bread daily and is worth trying some. There is also a Beard Papa Cream Puff located within Crystal Mall (besides the food court) for you to enjoy some creamy desserts after your meal right within your Burnaby hotel complex. There is also a bubble waffle shop right besides the food court which is about 3 minutes walk from your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Should you be looking for a better sit in experience, keep walking along the Bubble waffle shop and reaching the end of the mall, you’ll find Top Gun Hot Pot which is hot pot buffet restaurant, it is not the best hot pot in Burnaby (going nearby to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is generally better – we did mention there was a lot of Asian eateries in Burnaby’s Metrotown neighborhood) but it is a convenient option right within Crystal Mall where the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is located; this is great when it is raining outside in Vancouver – as it usually does in Fall and Winter seasons. It would be especially appreciated getting something hot and soupy during the cold, rainy weather in Vancouver from October to February.

If you’re keen on dong some gift shopping, there are many gift shops within Crystal Mall that sell a variety of collector items and cute stuffed toys. You can walk around the mall and see the many variety of small Asian retailers in the mall selling excellent gift items like cute teddy bears or action figures. The mall is also filled with cellphone repair shops should you need to fix your cellphone if you broke it on your travel (Lol).

In summary, Crystal Mall is a unique Asian mall in Burnaby that has much to eat and explore around. It is truly an experience in itself for your visit to Burnaby. We have spent an extra amount of time to describe the mall because it is located right at the footsteps of your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. It is also convenient to know about the best things to eat in Crystal Mall and the food options available around the Burnaby’s Crystal Mall complex because you will likely want to avoid going out for a walk in the rain (Vancouver rains a lot during the Fall and Winter seasons – about 50% the time on average) so we hope this will be helpful in helping you determine some good food options to enjoy right within the convenience of your Burnaby hotel complex. This is one of the benefit of staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the attachment to Crystal Mall makes the hotel restaurant so much better. Instead of having one option of convenience food at the hotel restaurant, there are so much food choices available to you conveniently within your Burnaby hotel complex. (The hotel restaurant, Reflect Social Lounge, is actually pretty good and worth eating at with their roof-top lounge. It is one of the best breakfast buffets in Burnaby with certainty.)

Metrotown: The next large shopping complex near your hotel is Metrotown which conveniently is the largest shopping mall in BC. The Metrotown Mall features the original TnT grocery shop along with every major retailer you might need or want. (Including everything from Armani Exchange to Apple or Banana Republic to Blue Notes. A large variety of fashion, services, and utility shops along with a good selection of restaurants and fast foods.)

Since Metrotown is such a local shopping hot spot, we have another resource featuring everything you need to know about Metrotown, and five unique retailers/shops to visit while you’re there.

Old Orchard Centre: The Old Orchard Centre is an old strip mall that hosts a Save on Foods (grocery shop which has a bakery, deli, meat, and produce along with your typical variety of snacks and processed junk food) as well a Shoppers Drug Mart (as its name suggest, it’s a pharmacy but also has a large variety of products like vitamins or groceries). Beyond the two anchor tenants, you’ll also find a BC Liquor Store at Old Orchard Centre as well as several mom and pops eateries, medical clinics, and offices.

The unfortunate feedback about Old Orchard Shopping Centre from locals is the depleted condition of the strip mall and the loiterers around the area that consists of a unsavoury/questionable crowd. Women have noted feeling unsafe frequenting the strip mall where they have been cat called by these loiterers so perhaps keep this in mind if you choose to visit Old Orchard Centre. Security have apparently been lax on addressing the loiterer issue consisting of homeless men. Generally, safety should be good in the day time. It’s a convenient place to buy wine and beer at the liquor store.

Among food options, you will find Me & Crepe (a Vancouver dessert chain leaning towards Asian influences), Houcailei Tea (a specialty bubble tea shop), Terracotta Boyz (a modern Chinese restaurant), Pearl Castle Cafe (a popular Chinese cafe serving bubble tea and various Taiwanese dishes), Subways (Sandwich franchise), Donair Delight (donair/middle eastern fare), Ha Cafe (a sit-in or take out casual Chinese restaurant) along with Any Time Fitness (a 24 hour fitness facility by membership that can be used at any of their locations across Vancouver) and Old Orchard Lanes (a bowling alley as old as Old Orchard Shopping Centre).

It may be a convenient option if you’re looking for a quick Taiwanese bite or bubble tea near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel.

The Old Orchard Shopping Centre doesn’t have as much retail or restaurants as Metrotown or Crystal Mall.

Metrotown SkyTrain Station: The Metrotown SkyTrain Station is the mass rapid transit that brings you conveniently to downtown Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and Surrey depending on the direction you take. You can also transfer to the Canada Line at Waterfront Station and take the SkyTrain to Richmond, BC or YVR. It’s a convenient means of transport for tourists since we do not yet have Uber or Lyft which is relatively fast when comparing to cars. If possible avoid taking the bus in Vancouver as it will take twice or thrice the time to get to your location especially waiting for transfers – if your destiniation is located near to a SkyTrain station, we would highly recommend using the SkyTrain and saving the hassle of calling a cab (which is very unreliable especially during peak periods where your reservation may be cancelled. Expensive & bad customer service that still expects a tip) or driving (hassle with parking and traffic – Metrotown can be very congested since there has been a lot of new development & as a prime shopping district with Metrotown being the biggest mall in Metro Vancouver… without the upgrades in infrastructure yet. So taking a short walk to the SkyTrain station to transit to your destination in parts of Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, or Coquitlam will save you time actually.). You can also take the SkyTrain to Vancouver effortless and Broadway Station exchanges line the other direction or the 99 B-Line to City Hall (in which case you can also take to the Waterfront Station and transfer to the Canada Line for Broadway-CityHall on the Canada Line. (Broadway & Cambie is quite a hot spot in Vancouver  with dining, errands, & shopping along with downtown Vancouver.)

Things to Eat near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (recommended): There are hundreds of dining options in walking distance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown; the area is a little like Richmond, BC peppered with late night dining options and Asian orientated cuisines. There are a few notable options you might consider trying which includes the Asian food court within the Crystal Mall attached to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Cactus Club Cafe Kingsway which is a West Coast styled restaurant, Little Lamb Hot Pot which is a hotpot buffet chain very affordable at $23/person approximately. Some of the best pho in Burnaby, and best sushi in Burnaby are nearby as well. There is also Reflect Social Dining + Lounge which is the hotel’s rooftop restaurant & bar. It has daily breakfast buffet along with good dining menus for the evening. I would also recommend walking along Kingsway and trying out one of the many Asian restaurants that perk your interest since there are too many to mention. An excellent bubble tea shop in Burnaby is near by – actually there are many. Burnaby’s Metrotown is an Asian orientated community.

Recommended Things to Do near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown:

Exploring Vancouver, BC: Perhaps you’re in Burnaby for business, you should really take the opportunity to explore Beautiful BC’s Vancouver. Taking a drive from Hilton Vancouver Metrotown to Downtown Vancouver is a quick 30 minutes drive, or 30 minutes by SkyTrain. Downtown Vancouver has plenty to explore, you’re best reading our article about Things to do in Downtown Vancouver for visitors. A brief suggestion is exploring the infamous Stanley Park, walking along Yaletown Seawall with Al Fresco dining and artisan eateries, going along the Canada Place Board Walk and trying coffee & gelato, or talking a stroll in Vancouver’s best beach, English Bay.

Watch a movie at Cineplex in Metrotown/Station Square: Alternatively if you’re looking for a leisurely activity on a business trip, stroll over to the Cineplex movie theatre at Metrotown (actually Station Square) and catch a movie. It is only opposite from your Burnaby hotel. You might also wish to relax as the hotel’s roof top lounge, the Reflect Dining and Social Lounge – to enjoy a drink, maybe a bite, and appreciate the views.

Take the SkyTrain to explore New Westminster Quay Market & Vancouver Heritage: If you’re interested in seeing history and heritage buildings or Vancouver would-be downtown then take the SkyTrain a few stations to New Westminster (no more than 10 minutes once you’re at Metrotown SkyTrain Station which is a 5 minute brisk walk). Then from there visit the New Westminster Quay & Market which is a unique waterfront market bordering the working Fraser River with some interesting wild life (herons and birds) as well as land mass with a mountain backdrop. New Westminster Quay is however also filled with various eateries and boutique shops that may be worth a look; it is located just outside the New Westminster SkyTrain Station across the old (and still in use) CPR rail way track. There is a lot of heritage in New Westminster that you can explore. New Westminster was almost Vancouver’s downtown before the current downtown was chosen (build from a salon/bar in Gastown – people back then sure loved their Whiskey). Here is a more detailed article on things to do in New Westminster that will uncover some of the heritage buildings you can explore in New Westminster. It’s a very unique and old town that has kept its small, old town look which is very different from most of Metro Vancouver. (Port Moody, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam are a lot more modern – and at times newer city – than New Westminster that has kept much of its heritage building and preserved much of its history. When Canada was first colonized, much of the development took place along the water ways – like Vancouver downtown as we know it or as New Westminster so the oldest towns are those along the waterways, the newer ones are the suburbs that were developed in more modern times. Development was first done by waterways for accessibility and trading… remember colonies were basically trading posts to get goods back to England. We’re a common wealth country now – we technically still have a Queen …fun fact for you Americans.)

Take the SkyTrain to explore Port Moody Tidal Park: Port Moody, BC is the neighboring city to Burnaby and Coquitlam. BC is renown for our unique natural landscape and beauty… and one such place you can find it is Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park. Going fro the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel to Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park is a mere and effortless 30 minutes using the SkyTrain from Metrotown Station to Moody Centre Station with a small switch at Lougheed Station to the Millennium Line’s Evergreen Extension.

Take the SkyTrain to explore Coquitlam – Vancouver Suburbs & Nature (Parks/Mountain Hike): Burnaby is located conveniently accessible to the City of Coquitlam and the City of Vancouver; taking the SkyTrian from your Burnaby hotel to the City of Coquitlam is roughly 40 minutes so you can leave the car at the hotel and enjoy yourself without the stress of driving in traffic. The city of Coquitlam is just past Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park – one station away from Moody Centre Station is the Coquitlam Centre Station with LaFarge Lake – Douglass College Station being just two more stops away or roughly three minutes. The City of Coquitlam is highly recommended for those who appreciate nature and exploring the suburbs of Vancouver. There are many hiking trails with unique landscape such as biking along the Coquitlam River or hiking up Westwood Plateau to have a bird’s eye view across Metro Vancouver. The City of Coquitlam is highly recommended if you’re looking to explore more nature in Metro Vancouver and do some hikes in the vicinity. The pace and atmosphere of the city is more laid back and relaxed with various recommendable dining options in the area. Namely, you can consider taking a hiking up from LaFarge Lake station to Westwood Plateau Village and enjoying a coffee at Starbucks (unfortunately the only coffee shop in that area) or sushi at O-Sushi (Korean ran sushi restaurant which is done well) or one of the various pizza or restaurants at Westwood Plateau Village then capturing some landscape photos of Coquitlam & Metro Vancouver from the Plateau. If you have a car with you, you can take your way up to Westwood Plateau golf course for even more enjoyable scenery and dining options at the golf course’s restaurant.


5 Things about Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in Burnaby:

1) Convenience/Access (5/5) – The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel is only 5 minutes from the Metrotown SkyTrain Station. You will have easy access to the hotel arriving from YVR using the rapid transit network (Canada Line & Millennium line). There is plentiful parking in the area along with the hotel parking. It might be a little hard finding the entrance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown because the Burnaby hotel is on one corner of Crystal Mall (the mall opposite Metrotown). Nothing Google Maps or Apple Maps won’t fix.

2) Burnaby Location (5/5) –  It is in the heart of Burnaby’s True Downtown – Metrotown, surrounded with an abundance of food and shopping options. Much like any hotel in this area of Burnaby, you will have no problem finding many delicious food options around the Burnaby hotel.

(Other hotels in the area that also benefit from the phenomal location of being in “Burnaby’s True Downtown” is Element Vancouver – a higher-end 4* hotel by Westin, Holiday Inn Express Metrotown – a 3* hotel standard accommodation right at Station Square which is besides Metrotown and directly opposite the Metrotown SkyTrain station.)

3) Service (5/5) –  It has reliable and excellent customer service standards. The benefits of booking a Hilton hotel is knowing you can expect a standard, high quality of customer service and quality rooms/beds you have come to expect with the Hilton franchise. This Hilton hotel in Burnaby is no exception and you can expect over the top service from the team at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.

4) Hotel Property/Age (4/5)  –  It’s an older hotel but well maintained. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel was built in 2001 which makes it 18 years old, towards the older end of hotels compared to Element Vancouver. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown still boasts comfortable beds and updated furnishing with regular maintenance and renovations done to ensure the property meets Hilton Standards. If you’re looking for a newer hotel property in the Burnaby area then Element By Westin a few minutes walk from Hilton Vancouver Metotown would take your pick. This said, it’s really a well maintained property and still newer than the cheaper Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown.

5) Burnaby Hotel Price compare (2.5/5)  – It’s good value for a 4* hotel but not the best value hotel in Burnaby. It’s not the best value hotel in Burnaby, this would go to Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (if you booked through the Express deals on Priceline) however, it is an excellent deal for the Hilton quality service and proximity to downtown Vancouver. You will get a good bang for your buck booking at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.


Who is Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Burnaby Hotel Good for?

The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent four star hotel that will cater well to most demographic of travelers visiting Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, or Vancouver itself. The location is convenient in “downtown Burnaby” (Metrotown was recently slated as the downtown of Burnaby – Burnaby is a large municipality in terms of land space… it includes parts of Lougheed Community & Brentwood Community, as well as High Gate and Middle Gate communities – which is nearby to Metrotown. All of these communities have experienced significant development and densification which might provide some uncertainty regarding which is truly “downtown” for the City of Burnaby. In 2018, Burnaby City Councillors decided to designate Metrotown as Burnaby’s true downtown. This proceeded with increasing densification of land in Metrotown area within the city plan (which previously would have been done on individual hearings) which means you’ll see Metrotown being home to more shops, offices, and residential units… it also means you’ll likely find more construction and redevelopment in the Metrotown area. This includes the redevelopment of Metrotown Mall itself in the time to come.)

  • Business Travel: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is undeniably best suited for business travelers looking for a comfortable, well-located, and consistent quality hotel in Burnaby’s downtown, Metrotown area. The combination of amenities and impeccable Hilton service makes for an effortless stay in this 4* Burnaby hotel. Prices at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown are slightly higher than the surrounding hotels in Burnaby but worth the extra for a seamless, quality experience in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking to accrue nights with the Hilton rewards program, choosing the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for your visit to Burnaby, BC would be an excellent choice for business travelers. With a full business centre, concierge service, and high-speed internet, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown will have everything you need on business travel. On the other hand, if you’re looking to accrue nights with Marriott Rewards program then booking at the Element by Westin in Burnaby is another suggested option. (The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides better value and amenities than the Element Vancouver Metrotown. Prices at Element Vancouver Metrotown are typically higher than the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown… adding this, the Element Vancouver Metrotown is a condo-tel than a purpose-built hotel. It’s good for extended stays in Burnaby, BC but for brief visits to Burnaby, BC you may wish to consider the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown even with being a loyal Marriott customer.)
  • Families: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is not only suitable for business travelers but for families. Kids will appreciate the swimming pool and plentiful space at Crystal Mall attached to the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown along with a nearby city park and library. The vast variety of room types at this four star Burnaby hotel also means they have rooms suitable for any family configurations. (Unlike some hotels in Vancouver, that offer 50% off second rooms for families – the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown does not provide such promotions unfortunately neither does any other Burnaby hotels. As far as hotels for families in Burnaby, BC goes, your best option is either the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the Holiday Inn Vancouver Metrotown, or the Accent Inns Burnbaby – which is the cheaper, less glitzy but also a little out of the way making it harder for travel with kids to restaurants nearby.) The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown makes for an excellent hotel to stay with your family especially if you have Hilton Honours membership. You may wish to spend a little more for a bigger room (since you’re travelling as a family anyways instead of booking two rooms) and access to the club lounge.
  • Couples: Couples will appreciate staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown as a four-star hotel in Burnaby with clean rooms and impeccable Hilton quality service. While the rooms and hotel is on the older-side especially with the attached mall, Crystal Mall, those who choose the Executive Rooms with access to the Executive lounge will appreciate their stay even better. This is recommendable if you’re travelling as a couple and looking for a memorable hotel experience in Burnaby, BC. With horderves, drinks, and canapes, you’re sure to find an incredible experience at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. If you’re willing to consider other hotels, the Element (by Westin) Vancouver Metrotown is even better suited for couples with their condo-tel rooms and daily breakfast buffet in a sparkling new building. While the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown will make for an excellent Burnaby hotel catering to couples, the Element Vancouver Metrotown might be an even better choice for a slight premium. Both Burnaby hotels provide exceptional convenience with many dining options nearby, good service – the key difference between the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown and the Element Vancouver Metrotown is the loyalty program between Hilton or Marriott respectively, the room size – with the Element Vancouver Metrotown being slightly bigger, as well as the newness/freshness of the room & decor – with the Element Vancouver Metrotown sporting a slightly better interior design & newer building/rooms for your comfort. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent hotel with good value for business travelers and couples however.
  • Solo Travelers: Solo travelers will appreciate staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for their consistently clean rooms and convenient location to the SkyTrain network as well as Metrotown’s plentiful shopping opportunities. It’s a good base for your business or leisure travels in Burnaby, BC. The rooms at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown are simple but suffice and well appointed with everything you might need on your solo travels. The concierge will be able to assist with your request and booking the executive room will provide access to a executive lounge for daily drinks & snacks at your choice throughout the day. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for it’s amenities, location, service, cleanliness, and rooms provides excellent overall value for solo travelers like yourself. There is no better option for a Burnaby hotel as a solo traveler if you’re looking for a quality hotel with the amenities and convenience like the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. It also has effortless check in and out with the ability to use your phone as your key card. All in all, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is a good hotel in Burnaby for solo travelers looking for comfort, convenience, and cost savings.

The BEST deals on Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in Burnaby:

The best deal for Hilton Vancouver Metrotown can be found booking through Expedia (Private member prices) with a price-match guarantee. If you find the hotel listed for a lower price public, Expedia will match the difference and give you a $50 voucher for your next booking. (I have actually done this three times. Lol. They honour it. This is a policy that holds until 24 hours before your trip – so if prices drop after you’ve booked, you still qualify for this $50 voucher and price match. Priceline does not offer this option – Priceline will only match your price 10% cheaper.)

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Trip Advisor

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Address: 6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7


2) Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown Hotel – Most Convenient Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

The next best hotel in Burnaby, BC to book at if you’re looking to visit the City of Burnaby is the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown. This is the hotel to book if you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, BC with excellent value

(It’s actually the Holiday Inn Express Metrotown, but all these Burnaby hotels want to capture the Vancouver hospitality industry as well since Burnaby is lesser known and Vancouver is very accessible from Burnaby, BC. Booking a hotel in Burnaby is usually an excellent option if you’re visiting Vancouver during peak period and find difficulty finding a good hotel for a good price in the City of Vancouver.)

Why stay at Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (Burnaby Hotel)?

Cheap Hotel in Burnaby, BC: The prices at Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown are by far the cheapest of the locality and that of Metro Vancouver.

Convenient Hotel in Burnaby, BC: The Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown is minute

Clean & Consistent Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Good Family-friendly Mid-range Hotel in Burnaby BC:

Pet-friendly Hotel in Burnaby, BC:


Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Location in Burnaby:

The location advice for Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is pretty much identical to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown because they are about a 2-3 minutes walk away.

The key exception is that the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Metrotown is directly adjacent to the Metrotown SkyTrain Station & as its name implies, Metrotown… making it slightly even more convenient. On the flip side, you may also experience noise disturbance from the SkyTrain but it stops shortly after 1 AM and generally fairly low-frequency noise which shouldn’t be a disturbance to your sleep.

You may like to know as well that the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown has a covered link to Metrotown (in case it’s raining during the months of September to May) as well as a being located at Station Square means there’s a movie theater in the same building with Starbucks & Tim Hortons bellow for your morning coffee/breakfast. It’s a very convenient location comparable to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. The reasons you might want to consider Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is appreciating the locational convenience without the noise from the SkyTrain station & foot traffic from the frequent commuters (The Metrotown SkyTrain Station is also a bus station hub and many people take the transit to the Metrotown mall + sometimes Station square.)

The other key reason as well we listed Hilton Vancouver Metrotown as #1 best hotel in Burnaby and Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown as the #2 best hotel in Burnaby is because the Hilton has a slightly better room, cleanliness, and service as a 4* hotel relative to the Holiday Inn as a 3* Express hotel. The prices for both Burnaby, BC hotels are relatively similar so you find better value at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown than the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown; especially so if you’re a Hilton Honours member as the elite status for Hilton Honours brings more benefits than the IHG rewards club. (Room upgrades and lounge access for Hilton Honours at the Platinum level is very worthwhile pursuing. Also rewards are better valued with the Hilton Honours program than IHG rewards club – more standard redemption levels to the reward value whereas you get better value for your points at Hilton Honours.)

In short, if you want to learn more about suggestions of things to do and eat around the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown, read our description for the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown location section. Hope it might be helpful. Thanks.

5 Things about Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby:

1) It is the BEST value hotel in Burnaby, BC: If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby that is clean, convenient, and cheap then the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is the ideal choice for you. The Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is a cheap hotel in Burnaby

2) It is right besides the Metrotown SkyTrain Station:

Who is Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown, Burnaby Hotel Good for?


The BEST deals on Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Address: 4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M3

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Trip Advisor:


3) Accent Inns Burnaby – Best VALUE, Cheap Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Accent Inns Burnaby is the BEST Hotel in Burnaby, BC if you’re looking for a clean room, consistent service, and unsurpassed value.

The simplified room rates truly ensure guests get the best value without any headaches. While many hotel franchises will try to maximize revenues & profit by price discriminating through a use of complex pricing structure (such as how early you’re booking with last minute deals – sometimes booking early actually means you’ll be paying more – to room availability and categories… Accent Inns Burnaby is probably your best bet if you’re looking to lock in your Burnaby hotel booking early. The room rates booked early are the same as last minute bookings – and the Accent Inns Burnaby hotel often sell out weeks in advance, so early booking is recommended.)

If you’re looking for a cheap and good hotel in Burnaby, look no further than Accent Inns Burnaby. The Accent Inns brand is a local hotel chain that is a favourite of British Columbians and visitors alike from Accent Inns Vancouver Airport to Accent Inns Kelowna.

There are three things consistent with Accent Inns:

(1) Value – the room prices are usually some of the cheapest hotels in the locality. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Burnaby, the Accent Inns Burnaby is your first pick.

(2) Cleanliness – the rooms are consistently clean; a head housekeeping or hotel manager will check all rooms to ensure they’re properly cleaned before releasing to guests. The rooms are also immaculately well maintained, and regularly renovated to maintain standards of a three-star hotel. The room procedure is to check the rooms by a housekeeping manager or guest services manager before a guest steps in.

(3) Service – Accent Inns pride themselves on local service. There’s no pompousness or elegance but you do get friendly, local, and genuine service staff at the front desk and throughout the hotel with Accent Inns hotel. Employees don’t seem to be standardized with a training program but given free reign to let their personality shine with some common sense customer service.

This is everything you want to look for in a value-based hotel. This is not a Westin or JW Marriott property but it is a clean, comfortable, and consistent room in Burnaby, BC for a cheap hotel in Burnaby. (Three Cs ..four Cs actually) We should do their marketing for them. Lol. Honestly, it’s good – locally good. Quirky too, in a good way.


Accent Inns Burnaby – Location Information:

You may find this useful if you’re going to stay at Accent Inns Burnaby…

Accent Inns Burnaby is located in the Northern area of Burnaby towards Brentwood and Gilmore communities.

If you’re looking to visit Burnaby downtown (Metrotown) you would be looking at a quick 10 minutes drive south; if your visit requires you to be conveniently located around Metrotown (where many offices, event space, and housing are located) you may be better choosing Hilton Vancouver Metrotown or on the budget side the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown; the location is very convenient with walking distance to many shopping or eating options along with the SkyTrain to get to and from the airport or downtown Vancouver.

Accent Inn Burnaby is however still a great option if location is not as much a concern for you.


5 Things about Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel:

Here’s what you need to know about Accent Inns Burnaby…


Who is Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Best for?

Book at Accent Inns Burnaby if this description suits you (in order of 1st to last)…


The BEST deals for Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel:

Here’s where you find the BEST deals for Accent Inns Burnaby. Inside tips about how to get the best value for your stay at Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel including loyalty programs, cheaper room rates, and best booking strategies…


Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Address:

Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Trip Advisor:


4) Element Vancouver Metrotown (by Westin) – SPG/Marriott Luxury 4-Star Hotel in Burnaby:

Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Location in Burnaby, BC:

5 Things about Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby:

Here’s what you need to know about Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel.


Who is Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Good for?

Long-term (Extended) Stay:


The BEST deals on Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Here’s where you find the best offer for Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel…

1) Booking Directly with Element Vancouver Metrotown – In this instance, as Marriott has an excellent loyalty/rewards program, it is best to book direct with Marriott for your stay at Element Vancouver Metrotown especially if you’re in town for an extended stay. This will allow you to earn status. Expedia & Priceline also offer the same prices as booking directly Marriott for the Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel so there is no added savings or incentive to book through an OTA (Online Travel Agency).

2) Book at Expedia for Status Nights – If you’re looking to qualify for Gold or Silver status on Expedia and need some extra nights then you may wish to book through Expedia for Element Vancouver Metrotown. Element Vancouver Metrotown is not a VIP+ hotel neither are the rates any cheaper than booking direct with Marriott so it is not necessarily advisable to book this Burnaby hotel through Expedia in this instance but an option nonetheless. Marriott guarantees the lowest rates & price matching so check on Expedia for a lower rate (we’ve checked – it isn’t any cheaper) and call in to Marriott for a price match if you find cheaper. Earning qualifying nights with the Marriott Rewards Program is more valuable than Expedia as Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world & perks at Platinum (50 nights) includes lounge access and room updates – much more than any +VIP Expedia hotel will offer. Qualifying for Expedia only features double points value & room upgrades or bonuses at +VIP hotels. (In experience, Expedia +VIP hotels will not provide complementary lounge access with room upgrades… however it is only 30 nights to qualify for gold.)

3) Book on Priceline’s Express Deals – The Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel appears on Priceline’s Express Deals occasionally which features rates that are 30% cheaper (as usual, no status nights) which can be a steal. Look for a four star hotel in Burnaby. However, there’s no guarantee you will be booking at Element Vancouver Metrotown (You can usually guess reasonably accurately if you match the description.) but you might also get the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – the other four star hotel in Burnaby, BC… which isn’t too bad as we’ve rated it the #1 best hotel in Burnaby, BC. It only matters if you have a specific preference to be staying at Element Vancouver Metrotown. (They have a good complementary breakfast buffet.)

A tip aside, if you’re going to book “mystery hotels”, Priceline Express Deals are much better than Hotwire for this purpose. (It is more discernable which hotels you might be booking at along with generally better hotels as long as you stick with ratings above 8/10 and no lower than 3 stars. Used Priceline Express Deals a couple times in Singapore & Los Angeles …and was generally pleased – not so with HotWire.)


Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Address:

Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Trip Advisor:


5) Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre – Casino Hotel in Central Burnaby:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre’s Location in Burnaby:

The location of this Burnaby hotel is near to Burnaby’s business district including convenient access to BCIT, SFU & Metrotown according to Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre… in actuality, the hotel is a little closer to the highway and farther from most shopping & offices in the area. This is partly why Delta Hotels Burnaby is #5 instead of ranked higher on our best hotels in Burnaby local guide.

The hotel has excellent amenities being a casino resort as well as a conference centre but its location means this Burnaby hotel might be less suited for those tourists or business travelers who wish to rely on local transit network (SkyTrian) to get across Burnaby and Metro Vancouver or who prefer to have many shopping & dining options in the vicinity of their hotel. In such situations, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown might be a preferable choice.

The hotel itself has many restaurants on site and is very accessible if you have a car. For those who do not prefer to drive in Vancouver, we do not yet have Uber (thanks to the BC NDP – socialist government party) and taxis are highly unreliable (with tourists being stranded at Vancouver Aquarium in Summer 2017) with usually long waits. Your best bet is using the SkyTrain if you do not intend on driving which is a rather long distance away from Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre. There is no dining or shopping districts in the direct vicinity; it is more so a freeway/highway area. This can be a good hotel if you intend on driving during your visit to Burnaby, BC.


5 Things about Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre in Burnaby:

Here’s what you need to know about Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre…


Who is Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Good for?

1) Meeting & Conferences: Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre as its name implies, is very suitable for conferences; it is very suited for the MICE travel industry. With 12 event rooms, 9 breakout rooms, and over 12,000 sqft of space…the Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre can fit just about any and all meetings and many conferences in Burnaby, BC. Out of town guests can appreciate the convenience of booking at a Burnaby hotel if organizers host the meeting/conference at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre.

2) Leisure Casino Travelers: Seeing as this is a casino resort hotel, (beyond being a hotel in Burnaby with conference/meeting facility) this Burnaby hotel is especially convenient for travelers who may want to have some fun at the casino on their visit to Burnaby, BC. The Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre is the only casino in Burnaby, BC. (There are casinos in Vancouver, Langley, and Coquitlam as well as far as Metro Vancouver casinos are concerned.) The Grand Villa Casino (Burnaby Casino connected to The Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre) holds






The BEST deals on Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre in Burnaby, BC:


Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Address:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Trip Advisor:


More Good Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

There are many excellent hotels in Burnaby, BC beyond the five we mentioned above. For your benefit and consideration, I think it would be helpful to underline each of the hotel choices available in Burnaby, BC along with a brief local description of each hotel’s location, amenities, and summary of their reputation. We will be listing it from top to bottom.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Burnaby, BC there are many hotels available for your visit to Burnaby. We would suggest avoiding using AirBnbs as they are not legal in British Columbia and several locals do take a unkind look towards those profiteering off homes that might have been on the rental market in a city that rental vacancy sits bellow 1%.


Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre, Metro Vancouver –

This hotel is affiliated to the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver in Coquitlam, BC. It can be very easy to mix up the hotel with the one in Coquitlam, BC at Lougheed Town Centre (which is still relatively close to Burnaby, BC). The Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre in Burnaby, BC is located in North Burnaby, closer towards Brentwood Town Centre (the other locality considered for allocation as downtown Burnaby… ultimately, Metrotown was chosen as Burnaby’s downtown).

Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

Book Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver on

  • Expedia does have member rates for this hotel.
  • Expedia has the sister property, Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver as a +VIP hotel which means guests who are Expedia Silver or Expedia Gold members get bonus points (250 points extra) when booking at Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver & get 2X credit when redeeming points at the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver. Quite an excellent deal if you have Expedia Silver Status (which is just 10 nights) or Expedia Gold Status (which is 30 nights). You also get a fruit basket on check-in & the occasional upgrade. If they do not have a fruit basket for you, you will be issued a free breakfast buffet voucher for the hotel’s restaurant. The Executive Hotel & Suites Metro Vancouver is not a +VIP member hotel however but you still do get special rates booking through Expedia. All the Executive Hotels are corporate owned (not franchises) so if Expedia has a special deal with one Executive Hotel brand, they likely also have special deals/rates for the other Executive Hotel brands.
  • Basically, you will likely find a better rate booking through as a member than booking the advertised rate elsewhere because Expedia has a program with Executive Hotels.

The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health –

Fortius Sport & Health is actually where the NBA basketball player, Jeremy Lin, attended while recovering in Vancouver from his injury while playing with the Brooklyn Nets. The Fortius Sport & Health Centre actually has a lodge designed for athletes training at Fortius Sport & Health Centre (like Jeremy Lin who was in Vancouver for about 6 months in rehabilitation – interestingly Jeremy Lin didn’t stay at “The Lodge” but in Downtown Vancouver besides the YMCA understandably).

“The Lodge” is open to all groups and individuals visiting Burnaby for business or pleasure as their website states. The Lodge is actually well equip, almost as a full service hotel with daily house keeping, including a licensed Bistro (serving breakfast and lunch) and perhaps if you’re a fitness geek – guests at The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health have complementary access to a “15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art fitness & performance centre, including towel service and sauna services”. The hotel has 50 rooms and a capacity of 93; although some will probably be long-term stays by atheletics in rehabilitation so the availability will unexpectedly be limited – on January 24, 2019 looking for one day stay in March 5-6 of the same year shows only 5 rooms available on So, if you’re looking to stay at The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre because of the fitness amenity, location, or value… it is advisable that you book early, at least a month early. The hotel receives a 4.5/5 star rating on Trip Advisor for the clean rooms, friendly service, and good value. They also have meeting facilities if you’re looking

This Burnaby hotel is located nearer towards Coquitlam, BC around Sperling-Burnaby Lake. It’s very convenient for parents of sport teams attending events at the nearby skating rink.

The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre is only bookable through Priceline or directly with Burnaby hotel.

“The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre” Address: 3713 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7

Book “The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre” on Priceline:

  • You can book The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre ONLY on Priceline OR by directly contacting The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre. (No booking function on their website unlike Priceline)
  • The rates are very competitive for off-peak periods around $100 USD or $135 CAD per night. You can probably negotiate group rates or extended stay rates.

Simon Hotel @ SFU –

Perhaps, a hidden gem when looking for Burnaby Hotels, the Simon Hotel at SFU is not your typical hotel. It is situated right on Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain campus and caters largely to visiting parents, conference attendees, and university visitors. With this said, the Simon Hotel is open to the public. It provides comfortable and good value accommodation for those looking for a hotel in Burnaby and exceptionally convenient if your purpose of visit to Burnaby is to see the SFU campus (perhaps, those looking at post secondary options with family). The SFU Burnaby Mountain Campus has plenty of amenities as well with food options readily available and a growing residential community. It is however a distance away from Downtown Burnaby (Metrotown). It is on the border of Burnaby towards Coquitlam making it a good option for those visiting Coquitlam, BC as well. The locality is reasonable close to Brentwood Town Centre in Burnaby, BC. Amenities are few and limited, rooms are clean and comfortable, rates are fairly competitive. It’s not your typical hotel but it is a good alternative for those looking for a Burnaby Hotel with a different experience.

Best Western Plus Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre –

Other Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

These are budget hotels in and around Burnaby, BC in an effort to serve as a comprehensive guide to Burnaby, BC hotels. If you’re looking at budget hotels or cheap hotels in Burnaby, your best bet is the Accent Inn Burnaby. This hotel is consistently priced (less susceptible to seasonal variations when booked in advanced) and provide consistently clean rooms, local service, and a quality experience. (Not sponsored to mention this.) Rooms are generally $135 per night on average which is money worth while spent compared to booking at any of these cheap/budget hotels in Burnaby mentioned bellow. (It represents approximately $20-$30 more than the typical rate these cheap hotels in Burnaby will charge but you get a much more consistent and professional experience with your stay in a Burnaby Hotel. Accent Inn Burnaby is a reputable brand locally in BC for quality accommodations at affordable prices with local service and some quirky jokes. Their properties usually are similar to a highway motel but better maintained with friendly staff.) So, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel Burnaby then The Accent Inn Burnaby is where you would prefer to book if they have rooms available. (The hotel generally sell out – they have good rates for advance booking.)

Happy Day Inn –

401 Inn –

Deluxe Hotel Vancouver –

2400 Motel –

Cassandra Hotel –

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Burnaby, you should book at Accent Inn Burnaby than any of the motels or hotels in Burnaby mentioned here. This is some local advice. Accent Inn Burnaby is one of the under realized hotels in Burnaby for the value and quality because they are a local 3-star hotel brand that is not very well known beyond the population in British Columbia. (They don’t invest too much in marketing I suppose, they rather rely on providing a good hotel experience at a cheap price. It will be a pleasantly surprising experience for a cheap hotel in Burnaby. Most cheap hotels/budget hotels usually skim on hygiene but not Accent Inn brands. Some may consider it a motel, some may consider it a three star hotel but it is a reliable option for cheap hotels in Burnaby)

About Burnaby, British Columbia:

Hotels near Burnaby, BC:

Thanks for reading about the best Burnaby, BC hotels on We hope you found this local resource useful for your search to finding a hotel in Burnaby for your travels. If you require any further assistance with your time in Burnaby or have any other questions about these hotels (such as the locality to your event/meeting and transit accessibility/feasibility along with transportation options please feel free to use the Contact Us form to get in touch with a real person on our team who would be happy to help! We love locals and tourists like yourself and hope to make Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, a better place with this resource and help. Alternatively if it is not personal, please leave a comment bellow so others can also learn from the answers/response we may provide to your question.)

Enjoy your day and hope to see you in Burnaby, BC soon!

If you have any feedback or suggestion about the Best Burnaby Hotels article, please comment bellow and we’d be happy to consider the feedback or suggestion to updating our hotels in Burnaby, BC recommendation. Our lists are composed largely from local insights, local knowledge, and feedback from locals to provide with an impartial and accurate representation of the best in Burnaby and the best in Vancouver.


Booking a Burnaby Hotel for cheaper on

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Burnaby, BC – we would recommend trying It’s a much easier platform to use without the annoying pop-ups & cookies that Expedia and Priceline use. (Expedia has a pop-under that basically hides a new window under your page. While both Expedia and Priceline like to open these pop-up window to stuff cookies on your computer from other booking sites as part of their business strategy. focuses solely on helping customers book a hotel at a great price on their website.)

Of course one of the most important things to consider when using an online travel agency to make your hotel bookings is pricing. (More important however is customer service, and service policy which does excellently in both.) To ensure that the prices are competitive, we did a price check for reservations booking on,, and for the same dates. In most instance, the prices for hotels are exactly the same across the board regardless of whichever booking platform you choose unless there is an ongoing promotion with one (which is offering new customers 8% off hotel bookings) – this is because the prices are standardize.

However, to our surprise, seems to be cheaper than and on some hotel bookings… specifically with Accent Inn Hotels.

This also applies to a variety of other examples like Happy Day Inn where had a room rate of

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