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Best Thai Food in Vancouver

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Where are the best Thai food in Vancouver? Here are five Thai restaurants that you HAVE to try base on expert opinion and locals alike.

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5 Best Must-Try Thai Restaurants in Vancouver, BC:

1) Sawasdee Thai Restaurant:

One of the original Vancouver thai food restaurants established since 1986; it is one of the first Thai Restaurants in Vancouver, BC.


What Makes Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Special?


What Should You Expect at Sawasdee Thai Restaurant?


Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Thai Food Price Rating:

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant’s Specialties – Must-Try Thai Food in Vancouver:

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Address – Thai Restaurant in Vancouver:


2) Bangkok City Cafe:

Bangkok City Cafe Thai Food Price Rating:

Bangkok City Cafe’s Specialties – Must-Try Thai Food in Vancouver:

Bangkok City Cafe Address – Thai Restaurant in Vancouver:


3) Maenam:

Maenam Thai Food Price Rating:

Maenam’s Specialities – Must-Try Thai Food in Vancouver:

Maenam Address – Thai Restaurant in Vancouver:


4) Kin Kao:

Kin Kao Thai Food Price Rating:

Kin Kao’s Specialties – Must-Try Thai Food in Vancouver:

Kin Kao Address – Thai Restaurant in Vancouver:


5) Thai House:

Thai House Thai Food Price Rating:

Thai House Specialties – Must-Try Thai Food in Vancouver:

Thai House Address – Thai Restaurant in Vancouver:

Five Best Burgers in Vancouver, BC

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Looking for the best burgers in Vancouver? Look no further. 😀 After tens of thousands of calories padded in our bellies, prefaced with hours of web searches, direct recommendations, and careful scrutiny…we’ve found the BEST burgers in Vancouver. (so we think. I’m certain you’ll agree however.) 😀

A good burger is typically nicely seasoned and grilled to be perfectly charred on the outside but oh so juicy with flavor on the inside. Sandwiched between bacon, real cheddar cheese, freshly toasted and buttered buns, with the umami of ketchup topped with crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, a sting of onions, pickles and mustard if you fancy. Most Vancouver burgers today go beyond the basics; we’re spoiled for options from the Thousand Napkins burger at PourHouse to a good classic bacon cheese burger at Moderene Burger.

I always enjoy a good burger; it’s nutritious too and allows me to stay full and focused throughout the day. A worthy lunch and dinner option made even better with these stellar Vancouver eateries/restaurants.


What Makes a Good Burger?

In searching for the best Vancouver burgers, we’ve looked for (1) beef quality (2) taste and flavor (3) atmosphere. Among these three we also looked for creativity, consistency, complementing ingredients and general guest experience. On the side we factored the value and location accessibility because Vancouver foodies will gladly drive a little further for good burgers.


Here are the Highlights for the FIVE Best Vancouver Burger Restaurants:


1) To Dine For Eatery Burger: (Facebook)

Actually known as To Dine For Eatery but their burgers are truly the specialty. If you’re looking for a classic American burger, then To Dine For Burger is where you want to visit for the best burger in Vancouver. A staple in Vancouver as far as burgers are concerned,.

To Dine For is a family-owned, local diner/restaurant in Vancouver (decked out to a 1960s theme) that serves great burgers, alongside crisp fries, and a variety of other delicious (sometimes fusion) menu items such as chicken curry on rice, Crying Chicken (grilled chicken, grilled spicy onion topping, mozzarella cheese), Korean rice bowl, or house spaghetti; don’t let that turn you off from their authentic American and delicious burgers however! The service is friendly (but occasionally messy) and the diner/restaurant is clean.

All their burgers start with a housemade beef patty, built on with greens, pickle, tomato, onion, mayo, and a special house sauce, topped with your burger customizations (You can try their popular PB+Bacon which adds smoked bacon and peanut butter for $15.95 or stay safe with a Classic Cheese which as it implies adds cheddar cheese to the perfectly hand-crafted burgers for $13.95) sandwiched between nicely grilled buns that are moist/soft/bouncy on touch. The perfect burger if you’re looking for the best burger in Vancouver. All their burgers are served with a side of house-made fries or salad; the fries are equally excellent with a crisp exterior but moist and mushy interior. (Just wanted to use the alliteration – moist may be a better description than mushy. It’s good fries essentially! Fries the way it should be. You can upgrade your side of fries to a not so traditional, but still tasty, poutine for just $3.)

To Dine For are known for seriously good burgers in Vancouver, if not the best burgers in Vancouver – locals who’ve tried this unassuming diner on Terminal Avenue often enthusiastically talk of it; it’s truly a burger restaurant in Vancouver that is worth trying. The go-to choice for those traditionalist is the Classic Cheese Burger at $13.95 (served with fries or salad) but those looking for the “best burger in Vancouver” should try the Bob’s Burger (60z house-made beef patty, smoked bacon, grilled mushroom, cheddar cheese, and the works of course… also served with your choice of fries or salad) at $16.95. Oh, to sweeten your day – you can try their house-baked pastries for dessert as well! (Watch your sugar however!)

Price: All burgers at To Dine For are served with the works (greens, pickle, tomato, onion, mayo, house sauce) and your choice of house-made fries or salad.

  • Classic Cheese (6oz house-made beef patty, cheddar cheese) – $13.95
  • Bacon + Cheese (6oz house-made beef patty, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese) – $15.95
  • PB + Bacon (6oz house-made beef patty, smoked bacon, peanut butter) – $15.95
  • Bob’s (60z house-made beef patty, smoked bacon, grilled mushrooms, cheddar cheese) – $16.95


  • 6oz house-made beef patties that are juicy, grilled (slightly charred & crispy), and perfectly made for burgers.
  • Bouncy buns – grilled with a nice moist interior. And house special sauce for a juicier burger.
  • Crispy & moist house-made fries.

Address: 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1

The infamous “Bob’s Burger” at To Dine For Eatery.

The classic “Classic Cheese” Burger at To Dine For Eatery.

Fresh House-baked Pastries at To Dine For Eatery.

2) Moderne Burger: (Website|Facebook)

Moderene Burger is the go to place for classic diner burgers in Vancouver, BC. The diner decor will take you back to the 50s, while the burgers are a fusion of the old-fashion honest quality of the 50s with the modern trappings of grass-fed AAA beef. The location at 865 W Broadway is newly relocated from their former location in Point Grey/Kitsilano Neighbourhood due to redevelopment; this burger diner in Vancouver is attached to Tim Hortons, in the same unit. (Washroom and facilities are shared with Tim Hortons. Not that unusual because Tim Hortons has a few locations that are shared with Wendy’s… guess people take their burgers with donuts? Perhaps much like how To Dine For Eatery has baked treats and soup alongside their burgers.)

Moderene Burger is a favourite burger spot for burger enthusiasts in Vancouver, especially those living or working in the Fairview neighbourhood. Moderne Burger prides itself in the quality of their beef, making for a healthy burger – much different from your typical fast-food burgers processed en bulk; each burger at Morderne Burger in Vancouver is made by hand, without the use of microwaves, heat lamps, or hot holding units. They endeavour to deliver a classic hamburger (with good old-fashion honest quality of the 1950s, with a family recipe) in a classic setting (which in this case, as mentioned above, is a 1950s diner-style decor attached to a Tim Hortons.) The prices are much cheaper than any fancy burgers in Vancouver bellow this #2 Best burgers in Vancouver, however their patty (although quality Canadian beef) are also much thinner. If you’re a beef-enthusiast, consider doubling your patty for an extra $3.50.

A note however, the burgers and patties are small. (Despite being a good quality burger in Vancouver.)

Price: All burgers come with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise, and house sauce. Served on fresh baked bun. (Since each burger is made to order, you can customize your burger how you like it per usual of most burger restaurants.)

  • “Steak” Hamburgers – $8.95
  • “Veggie” Hamburgers – $7.95
  • “Turkey” Hamburgers – $8.85
  • Regular Fries – $3.00 (Large for $5.00)
  • Milkshakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Creamsicle, Coffee, Coffee Mocha, Chocolate Covered Cherry) – $4.95 (Large for $5.95, add malt $1.00)
  • Further Customization Options – Double Your Patty @ $3.50, Cheddar Cheese @ $1, Bacon @ $1.25, Dipping Sauce @ $1.25
  • So for relative comparison to To Dine For Eatery, a Bacon Cheese Burger w/ Regular Fries is $14.15 (Note, that the Bacon + Cheese burger served w/ fries at To Dine for Eatery @ $15.95, is slightly larger.)


  • “Steak Burgers” are made from fresh, local, grass-fed AAA beef – with no added hormones, or antibiotics.
  • Handmade fries from farm-fresh potatoes cut to order.
  • Good burgers at a good price. (Made with old-fashion honest quality beef.)
  • Most of their food are made to order.
  • 1950s diner decor with clean surroundings; it is attached to a Tim Hortons, if you have a hankering for donuts for dessert.

Address: 865 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1J9

Morderne Burger’s “Steak Burger” with 3 Extra “Steak” Patties & Bacon ($20.70)

Morderne Burger’s “Steak Burger” with Bacon and Cheese ($11.20)

Morderne Burger’s Fresh-cut Fries ($3)

3) Market Grill @ Granville Island: (Website)

The Market Grill at Granville Island is an unassuming small stall within Granville Island’s food court; they are known for their delicious burgers. Market Grill earns its spot as the #3 best burger in Vancouver for its value, location, and burgers. Beef burgers are their specialty, but they also serve up a variety of chicken and salmon burgers, along with drool-worthy poutine (generous sized, excellent fries, but average gravy & curds). It is advisable however that you avoid the hot dogs which are nothing extraordinary. They are especially known for the Market Special Burger or the Black & Blue Burger.

The beef burgers are flame-grilled, made with 5oz of Alberta grain-fed beef, freshly grounded & hand-pressed, and served on a fresh homemade bun. The Deluxe Classic – which is their starter burger – comes with relish, red onions, mayo, dill pickle, mustard, lettuce, and tomato. Patrons can add cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, or Blue cheese for $1.25 each. All burgers come with a choice of fries or Caesar Salad. The fries, as a must with any good burgers, are made fresh from whole potatoes and cut into wedges; the poutine comes in a generous portion with overflowing gravy and a sprinkle of cheese curds beneath the savory gravy. You can choose to upgrade your fries to poutine, which is a highly recommendable choice.

Its location in the Granville Island Market food court leaves a lively, raw, West Coast themed dining environment with the “sea breeze” of the False Creek right outside; walking around the market is sure to build an appetite while exploring the many and varied local produces or artisan shops. If parties in your group are not craving for burgers, there are plenty of other dining options to be had in the food court at Granville Island including a selection of pies, pizza, pasta, hot dogs, pastries/bakery, fish & chips, or oriental cuisines from Pad Thai to Japanese Teriyaki or Chinese Take Out. After your meal, as with most good burgers in Vancouver – you can enjoy a sweet treat at Lee’s Donuts (one of the best donuts in Vancouver, famously featured on various TV programs) or right within the food court are located two bakeries; the mini cookies at Muffin Granny are notably worth having. The Market Grill at Granville Island is a great casual-dining burger spot with great value, making for a fun family-friendly outing or a casual get together with friends. It is not a tourist trap – as some may expect of Granville Island, the Market Grill truly as some of the best burgers in Vancouver with fresh-made fries. It is one of the best burgers in Vancouver, but better still, you can pair some of the best burgers in Vancouver with an enjoyable experience exploring Granville Island Market to build an appetite or indulge in the touristy, local, and lively atmosphere of the market – and try varied foods or desserts in the food court. If seating spaces are limited, as it would usually be – take your meal outdoors and enjoy the waterfront view of the False Creek looking across to Yaletown and Downtown Vancouver’s West End with the sea bus, kayaks, and yachts traversing the water… just make sure those pesky seagulls do not grab a bite of your food. Make sure to go for dessert after at Lee’s Donuts or cookies at Muffin Granny. It’s truly an experience to be had.

Price: All burgers are served with fries or Caesar Salad. (Great fries.)

  • Deluxe Classic (5 oz beef patty, relish, red onions, mayo, dill pickle, mustard, lettuce, and tomato) – $12.95
  • Add-On Options (Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, Blue cheese, smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms) – $1.25 each
  • Add-On Options  (Extra 5 oz Alberta beef patties) – $3.95 each.
  • Market Special Burger (home-made BBQ reduction sauce, Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, red onions, tomato) – $14.95
  • Black & Blue Burger (Blue cheese, crispy onions, smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, mayo) – $14.95
  • California Beef Burger (herb cream cheese, guacamole, sauteed mushrooms, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato) – $14.95
  • Bacon Cheese Burger (Deluxe Classic, add smoked bacon, add Cheddar cheese) – $15.45
  • Side of Fries – $3.95 Small, $4.95 Large
  • Poutine – $7.55


  • Great atmosphere and lively casual dining experience, perfect environment to enjoy a delicious, juicy, freshly-made burger in Vancouver!
  • Located in the Granville Island Public Market food court, which is right by the waterfront of the False Creek – providing opportunity for an enjoyable outdoor casual dining experience with incredible views of the False Creek, Burrard Bridge, or Downtown Vancouver’s West End.
  • Varied options in the same location with an intriguing public market of local and artisan shoppes, and sufficient dining options to appease everyone’s palate or cravings… including some of the best donuts in Vancouver at Lee’s Donuts or mini cookies at Muffin Granny for dessert.
  • Beef burgers are made with 5 oz of flame-grilled Alberta grain-fed beef, which are grounded fresh in the market and pressed by hand.
  • Beef burgers are served on a fresh home-made bun and served with crisp freshly fried fries, or Caesar Salad. (go for the fries. The fries & poutine are great.)

Address: 104-1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 (Located within Granville Island Public Market, in the food court which faces the False Creek. You can enter directly from there if you arrive by the sea bus which is conveniently located steps from the food court.)

4) Pourhouse Restaurant Burger: (Website | Facebook)

Pourhouse Restaurant is a hip restaurant in Gastown which specialized in unique & classic cocktails, with an infamous burger – The Pourhouse Burger – as their specialty dining option. It’s the perfect spot for burgers in Vancouver if you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant with something special to offer in an upscale but quirky atmosphere. Pourhouse Restaurant serves one of the best burgers in Vancouver; they are very well known for their Pourhouse Burger, among chefs and culinary experts in Vancouver.

The Pourhouse Burger price reflects its distinct quality. The Pourhouse Burger is made from 40 day dry-aged Cache Creek chuck steak, than your typical Alberta AAA beef (as good as that is); told you they’re hipsters 😆. [Cache Creek is a city in interior BC; if you happen to be keen on visiting where your delicious burger beef comes from at Pourhouse Restaurant, you can stay at these best hotels in Cache Creek, and visit Cache Creek Natural Beef – grass-fed and raised without use of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics… or you can just enjoy a delicious one-of-a-kind burger at Pourhouse Restaurant knowing you’re getting quality 100% BC Beef. With it being BC beef, you can rest assure knowing you’re likely getting the freshest beef that has been carefully dry-aged for 40 days to make it even more beefy and flavourful.] Their Pourhouse Burger is served with aged cheddar for even more umami (flavour), and topped with pork belly in substitute to the traditional bacon (once again, told you they’re hipster 😆 – has to be different from the rest, and first to bat) which provides more juicy and fatty flavour to your burger in Vancouver.

The Pourhouse Burger is no ordinary burger and it’s truly one of the best burgers in Vancouver for burger enthusiasts; it is a burger in Vancouver worth trying for out of town guests. If you’re a tourist in Vancouver, looking for the best burgers in Vancouver and willing to splurge a little (still very reasonable prices for the quality of ingredients they use, mostly made from scratch) then Pourhouse Restaurant is where you’d want to go for Vancouver burgers. As it is located within the Gastown neighbourhood, you can also enjoy a leisurely stroll through one of Vancouver’s heritage neighbourhoods with the unique cobbled stone paths and the popular Gastown Steam Clock, one of the only working steam clocks in the world. You can walk off (part of) the calories! The Pourhouse Restaurant is also a popular restaurant among locals, and for locals to bring their out of town friends/guests to for something uniquely Vancouver; a one of a kind restaurant in Vancouver as these locally owned restaurants often are… than your cookie-cutter Fatburger chains. The character (interior design personality & flavour) of the restaurant has great synergies with the neighbourhood, truly providing a unique dining experience that’s “Very Vancouver” (Tourism Vancouver’s cheesy tag line).

It is without question that Pourhouse Restaurant serves one of the best burgers in Vancouver, with a fairly unique atmosphere to appreciate it in – both rustic and modern in the heritage Gastown neighbourhood of downtown Vancouver. This said, the prices reflect the quality of ingredients they use – with the standard Pourhouse Burger (served with fries, or more accurately – pomme frites) going for $24 on the regular menu. You can score a great deal, for the same great burgers if you dine during Happy Hour running daily from 3 PM to 6 PM (except Happy Hour starts at 2 PM on Friday, to 6 PM) or 10 PM to close. A temporarily-available 3 Course Menu which includes ANY burger with Appetizer and Dessert is only $35, which is a great value option. The 3 course menu is, “available while quantities last whenever full menu is available.” Their desserts are also worth a try, especially the Apple Crumble or the Mississippi Mud Pie. (Perhaps in substitute to the dessert pastries easily-available at To Dine For or Morderne Burger. 😂)

Note – If you want something different (from the Pourhouse Burger) but the same (akin to what you may have at a traditional burger fast food), you can try the Double Cheese Burger – it is like your American Cheeseburger with elevated beef… for $16, with double Cache Creek beef smash patty and American cheese.

Price: The Pourhouse Burger is served with fries (frites as they call it… fancy 😆). You can get a better deal on the Pourhouse Burger during Happy Hours. Happy Hour runs from 3 PM to 6 PM daily, and 10 PM to close daily. Friday’s Happy Hour is from 2 PM to 6 PM.

  • The Pourhouse Burger (40 day dry-aged Cache Creek chuck steak, aged cheddar, pork belly) – $24
    • Substitute Fries for Poutine – $5
  • Poutine (Kennebec frites, roasted chicken gravy, squeaky cheese) – $13
  • Squash Hummus (roasted squash, chickpeas, tahini, extra virgin olive oil) – $10
  • Pourhouse Caesar (anchovy & schmaltz dressing, parmesan, hickory sticks) – $16
  • Arugula & Frisee Salad (honey & herb dressing, seeds, dates, pickled beets, ricotta) – $16
  • Happy Hour The Pourhouse Burger (40 day dry-aged Cache Creek chuck steak, aged cheddar, pork belly) – $19.5
    • Substitute Fries for Poutine – $5
  • Happy Hour Poutine (Kennebec frites, roasted chicken gravy, squeaky cheese) – $10
  • Happy Hour Pourhouse Caesar – $10
  • The Double Cheeseburger (Double Cache Creek beef smash patty, American cheese, ketchup, yellow mustard, onion, pickle) – $16
  • Apple Crumble (granny smith, salted caramel, brown sugar crumble) – $10
  • Mississippi Mud Pie (flourless chocolate cake, fudge, vanilla whip, Oreo crumble) – $10
  • Creme Brulee (vanilla custard, torched sugar) – $10
  • 3 Course Prix Fixe – $35
    • Course 1 (Pourhouse Caesar, Arugula Salad, or Roasted Squash Hummus)
    • Any Burger or Sandwich (Pomme Frites can be substituted for Poutine for $5)
    • Any Signature Desserts


  • Burgers made with 100% BC Beef from Cache Creek, 40 days dry-aged chuck steak.
  • The Pourhouse Burger substitutes bacon for juicy pork belly, and topped with aged cheddar cheese to complement the dry-aged chuck steak and add even more umami/flavour.
  • Burgers served with Pomme Frites.
  • Excellent dessert options to sweeten your meal!
  • Pourhouse Restaurant is a cocktail bar and restaurant so they have a wide variety of drinks and cocktails (or liquored coffee) available to complement your aged-beef burger.
  • Great rustic atmosphere with good service.
  • Located in the heart of Gastown for an added heritage feel (cobbled stone paths & heritage buildings) and walk-able neighbourhood. (…if you look pass the needles on the floor from the homeless drug addicts on East Hastings, actually make sure to look out for it to avoid stepping on the needles.)
  • 3-Course Prix Fixe is a great deal with Appetizer, The Pourhouse Burger, and Dessert for $35.
  • Unquestionably one of the BEST burgers in Vancouver! (Served in a rustic & hip sit-in restaurant – On a tangent, I’d personally do takeout where available because it’s not really my style of restaurant; just not a fan of old restaurant decors or liquored atmospheres, but certainly an experience for some.  There are plenty of antiques, and 120 year-old planks of reclaimed Douglas Fir line the bar in a 100-year old building built in 1910, “supported by large wood pillars, and brick walls”. I personally prefer casual or light restaurants; thankfully, these are great burgers with poutine to enjoy from the comfort of home as well.)

Address: 162 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2

5) Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar: (Website | Facebook)

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is a go-to staple for fine burgers in Downtown Vancouver. The burger restaurant in Vancouver is conveniently located, arguably at the heart of downtown Vancouver – right by the heritage Waterfront building. (Which for non-locals is also the main transport hub for Metro Vancouver’s Transit services. Waterfront Building hosts the Seabus that will take you across the Burrard Inlet to City of North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay Station <besides the Lonsdale Quay Market, which has a laid-back atmosphere very much like a resort village akin to Whistler> in a 15 minutes water crossing on a catamaran. It is also the terminus station for the Millennium & Expo Line SkyTrain which travels to Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Surrey. Lastly, it also bridges passengers to the Canada Line SkyTrain which brings travelers to Vancouver International Airport, or Richmond,BC.) It is quite a lively and crowded building on most days, and especially during the rush hour commute; thankfully, the Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is located away from the crowd towards the North-East corner of the building, and accessible directly from the outdoor parking. The restaurant interior is upscale and dimly lit. There is a patio but there are better patios in the city; the patio is hosted on West Cordova Street and being that its downtown, isn’t a very inviting atmosphere – think street sleepers, rushed & busy crowds, traffic, traffic noise. All this said, Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar specializes in burgers, and they service excellent burgers in Vancouver at that! Top that with a side of excellent service (well familiarized with patrons of Rogue Kitchen &Wetbar) and you have an must-visit burger restaurant in Vancouver.

The signature burger at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is “The Famous Rogue Burger” which consists of “smashed” to order, slightly pink, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet relish mayo, sesame brioche bun – and as all good burgers, served with fries. The burgers at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar are one of the few burgers in Vancouver that are served medium-rare, which due to Health Canada regulations is illegal unless you ground your own beef. This reasonable burger rings in at $17.99 which is a steep price to pay compared to Moderne Burger however the dining experience is worthwhile with a casual upscale atmosphere and impeccable service, all while you savour good food made with top-quality ingredients. To get a better bang for your buck, visit during Happy Hours from 2 PM to 6 PM Mondays to Fridays, and all day Saturday & Sunday to enjoy a Poutine “For the Table” at just $7.99 instead of $11.99. Unfortunately, you’re unable to sub your fries for poutine, but their poutine is worth the separate order with real Quebecois cheese curds; the “For the Table” size is a share-able size poutine as oppose to “Side For You”. (During Happy Hour, you can also complement your meal with an 18 oz lager for $5.99 instead of $7.49, or 14 oz at $4.99 instead of $5.99.) Besides the perfectly crafted “smash” burgers, their specialty also includes the Lobster Mac N’ Cheese for $19.99. Another perk to dining at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar when searching for the best burgers in Vancouver, is to end your meal well with a Hedgehog Ice Cream Pie (layers of latte, almond & hazelnut ice cream on espresso chocolate graham crust, nutella fudge, whipped cream) or their Salted-Caramel Apple Pie – both cost $7.99, but deliciously good.

Overall, the Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar serves a notably good burger in Vancouver but, slightly bellow the bar value-wise, yet still worthwhile with wonderful service coupled to a compelling dining experience. It is a common drinking spot for the office crowd but namely the Vancouver burger restaurant offers a great burger along with equally worthy desert options. So, if you plan for a drink or beer to complement your burger, then there’s possibly no better restaurant to enjoy a burger in Vancouver than at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar – good burger and plentiful craft beers on tap. (It may however not be very suited for families, the better option in that case would be Moderne Burger or To Dine For Eatery – both on account of value, atmosphere, and great burgers.) Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar largely caters towards office crowds as well, so you can expect efficient and quick service if you’re trying out Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar for lunch service. In fact, you can also pre-order for lunch as a group of 8+, so the chef will prepare your order as you walk in the restaurant; presumably, this cuts down on service time with taking orders and the organizer also gets the lunch comped.


  • The Famous Rogue Burger (“smashed” to order, slightly pink, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet relish mayo, sesame brioche bun) – $17.99
  • Poutine “For The Table” (cheese curds & house gravy)  – $11.99
  • Happy Hour Poutine “For The Table” (cheese curds & house gravy) – $7.99
  • Session Lager 14oz/18oz – $5.99/$7.49
  • Happy Hour Session Lager 14oz/18oz – $4.99/$5.99
  • Lobster Mac N’ Cheese (high class meets down home. baked with a blend of four cheeses) – $19.99
  • Hedgehog Ice Cream Pie (layers of latte, almond & hazelnut ice cream on espresso chocolate graham crust, nutella fudge, whipped cream) – $7.99


  • Excellent burgers in Vancouver. Classic, but good.
  • Good poutine and desert available on the menu to complement your meal.
  • Happy hour discounts on beer and poutine. Varied menu option worth trying like Lobster Mac N’ Cheese.
  • Unique dining atmosphere. Excellent service.
  • Good option as an upscale casual restaurant dining.
  • Great option if you want beer or drinks with your burger.
  • Good location. Highly accessible by transit if you intend on drinking.
  • (Namely, they were recommended on our best burgers in Vancouver article because the Rogue Burger comes highly recommended by a friend, as I remember while dining on burgers at the Hyatt Regency’s Mosaic Bar & Grille… who enthusiastically acclaimed Rogue’s burger were much better – of which I thought Mosaic had pretty good burgers already at that. The Rogue Burger was indeed a worthy contender for the best burgers in Vancouver. There may indeed be more notable burgers in Vancouver worthy of this spot <in terms of taste, quality, wow-factor, & value> as our #5 pick for the best burgers in Vancouver, but I’ll leave this here for now, as Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar does serve a good burger and as an ode to friendship recommendations.)

Address: 601 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E1


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More Delectable Burgers in Vancouver:

Granted, delectable doesn’t seem to be the best word to describe a burger… (when we think burgers, we think unsophisticated, flavor-packed, meaty mess. Not so much your cocktail tidbits or finger sandwiches but delicious BBQ.) Nevertheless, here are more good burgers in Vancouver to consider on your quest to finding the best burgers in Vancouver.

The top 5 best burgers in Vancouver is a tight spot and a hard choice; there are many other good burgers in Vancouver that are worth a mention, and worth a try. While finding the best burgers in Vancouver, we tried to ensure that no stone was left un-turned (yes, finding good burgers is important work). Here are more excellent burger restaurants in Vancouver who didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another – for example, some are worth a mention because they’re unbelievably cheap and reasonably good (WakWak BurgerS) but not exactly the best burgers in Vancouver. Others are a good burger, but not exception – still good… many fall in that category such as the Hendricks Burger at Hendrick Restaurant or Feast The Neighbourhood Restaurant’s Feast Burger!

To make it simple, we’ve highlighted the price category; first off, know that the traditional $, $$, $$$ is not gauged to restaurants in general but burgers specifically. $ is <$10 (Kind of what you’d expect to pay for a fast food burger), $$ is $10-$20 (Kind of what you’d expect to pay for an upscale burger at a restaurant), $$$ is $30+ (your fancy schamancy burgers). Yeah, I do realize $20-$30 is missing; make do with it, sometimes it’s under $$ but mostly categorized $$$… life is not black and white, lots of grey space.

Address of each restaurant is in underlined, next to the bold text.

We’ve also rated the burger which is NOT relative to the price scale BUT relative to how good a burger it is.

Lastly, a key point to tie things together and a link to the restaurant’s or burger restaurant Facebook page or website where you can learn more about their burgers or restaurant if you wish. The links are hyperlinked, so you can just click through than copy and paste the link. (hence the blue underline – you probably already know this, but in case you didn’t.)

Partly the reason for doing this is also the process of finding the best burgers in Vancouver and scouring every option available; it’s a way to organize the search process and it’d be a shame to put the effort to nothing.


Hendrick Restaurant (433 Robson St) – The Resto-Lounge is located within Westin Grand hotel in downtown Vancouver on Robson Street. Their specialty burger is the Hendricks Burger which features mozzarella and cheddar cheese, onion marmalade, smoked bacon, and a beef patty on a brioche bun served with Kennebec fries for $20. You can upgrade to truffle fries for $4. It’s a solid burger in downtown Vancouver, albeit on the pricier side for burgers generally, but it’s a quality burger, and it is a 4* hotel restaurant, and it is downtown Vancouver… so the prices are actually fairly reasonable, relatively; most of the menu items are ~$25.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 4/5

Key Point – Great burgers in downtown Vancouver with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Convenient spot in downtown Vancouver, excellent restaurant interior design. Great burgers, easily their specialty.

More Info


Feast The Neighbourhood Restaurant (2423 Marine Dr, West Vancouver) – Excellent burgers in West Vancouver made from 7oz house ground beef, bacon weave, smoked cheddar served with Parmesan fries for $19. A little pricey for burgers but a good burger that’s definitely worth a try if you’re around the Dundarave neighbourhood.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 3.5/5

Key Point – Great burgers in West Vancouver. Bacon weave so you get bacon with ever bite!

More Info


Wak Wak Burger (Street Cart usually located at Granville Street & West Georgia, right outside Pacific Centre Starbucks) – WakWak Burger may not be the BEST burger in Vancouver but it’s a popular burger stop for locals. As its name may imply, it’s a Japanese-themed burger stand serving Teriyaki burgers and Croquet burgers alongside a sweet-glazed burger; you can also top your burgers with Japanese mayo, nori and various condiments. However, what it’s really known for is the incredibly cheap price for burgers in downtown Vancouver at just $2.85! It may not be a Michelin Star burger, but it’s the best bang for your buck burger in downtown Vancouver and very popular among locals for a quick & light bite on the go. It’s a good and cheap burger in essence.

Price – $

Best Burgers Rating – 3/5

Key Point – Unbelievably cheap burgers, that taste good too.

More Info


Argo Cafe (1836 Ontario St) – A little ruddy around the edges, this “Vancouver Family Run Diner”, is covered with graffiti but serves an equally colourful burger. The Argo Best Burger comes with bacon, cheese, fried onions, and fried eggs served with hand cut fries for $15. As all lunch entrees are served with a complementary small soup, you get fries & soup on the side. It’s a solid diner-style burger – messy, a bit greasy, but good. Overall you can expect excellent value, and good quality food.

Price – $

Best Burgers Rating – 3/5

Key Point – Good burgers, great value, honest food.

More Info


Fets Whisky Kitchen (1230 Commercial Dr) – The raw exterior gives way to a warm and welcoming interior of Fets Whisky Kitchen which as its name implies, specializes in Whiskey, boasting the largest whiskey collection in Vancouver. This Commercial Drive restaurant also serves a good burger, not the best but good. The Classic Deluxe is made from Blue Goose Ranch organic beef, with cheddar, arugula, tomato, red onion, smoked tomato aioli and served on a ciabatta bun with fries or greens. This rings in at $16; more if you choose to accompany it with a glass of whisky 😂. They clearly prefer quality ingredients at Whisky Kitchen with most meats being “free run” or “organic” – there’s no reason to doubt the same applies to their produces and carbs.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 3.5/5

Key Point – Quality burger, quality ingredients, interesting interior design… whisky?

More Info


Red Wagon Cafe (2128 E Hastings St) – This all-day diner in East Vancouver serves a good burger. The Wagon Burger is a 7oz Pemberton, BC Beef Patty on a Brioche bun with bacon & cheese, which is served alongside a side of fries for $18. The burger is juicy and flavourful; it’s a quality and well-made burger. The drawback however with its location nearby to DTES, you are more than likely to face unsavoury characters along the way, or have your car broken into.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 3/5

Key Point – Local BC Beef, quality burger. Generous portion. They also serve excellent brunch!

More Info


Kobob Burger –

Romer’s Burger –


American Grille –

The Point Grille – Cattle Hog Burger

Apple Back Grill –

C Prime –

Steamworks Brewing Company –

Local Public Eatery –

Joey’s –

Burger Heaven –

Sunshine Diner –

Red Onion –

The Dirty Burger –

The Cove –

Big Louis Butcher Shop –

Mamie Taylor’s Market by Jean Georges

Save on Meats –

Meet on Main –

Texx Big Burger –

Mooyah – The Bottleneck – Bino – Hawksworth – Tipper – Cactus Club – Black Frog – Mcjac’s Roadhouse Grille – Hamilton Street Grill – Rusby’s Pub – Jimmy’s Place – BierCraft – Eddie Burger Bar – Docker’s Family restaurant – The Tipper Restaurant & Review room – Roundel Café – Relish Gourmet – G Sport Bar & Grill – Falconetti East Side Grill – Kingston Taphouse & Grille – Forage – Mahony’s and Sons – Miss Me Yet –


Yaletown Brewing Company (1111 Mainland St) – Yaletown Brewing Company is a Brewpub located at the epicentre of Yaletown, along Mainland Street lined with countless restaurants; expectedly, you’re paying a premium price for its location in Yaletown but their burgers are an exception if you’re looking for a (relatively) cheap & good burger in Yaletown. Their feature lunch special M-F from 12-2 PM is a bacon cheddar burger for $14, or a beef burger for $12; it’s not exactly the best burger in Vancouver, but it’s a quality burger. During the Lunch Special, Yaletown Brewing Company serves a solid burger for a good price in an upscale neighbourhood with usually pricey tabs. All burgers are served with a side of fries. (The usual YBC Cheeseburger made from chuck beef patty on a brioche bun is $17.99, not so worth while then but still a good burger.)

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 2.5/5

Key Point – Good deal for burgers in the Vancouver Yaletown neighbourhood for lunch specials. A solid burger. Regular menu item YBC Cheeseburger may not be as worthwhile but you can substitute fries to a poutine for just $3.50!

More Info


Butchers Block BBQ (4091 Hastings St, Burnaby) – We’re stretching the definition of a burger a little bit here by mentioning Butchers Block BBQ, and this will be the only exception. Butchers Block BBQ is a hole-in-the-wall located in Burnaby Heights that serves primarily house-smoked BBQ; they also feature “sandwiches”, which happen to include beef brisket. The beef brisket “sandwich” features their smoked beef brisket place between a kaiser bun with coleslaw; it’s a far-fetch definition of a burger, but it’s a worthy substitute if you’re craving a burger in Burnaby. It’s kind of like a burger, but a whole slice of brisket instead of ground patty? What matters is that it’s delicious.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 4/5

Key Point – Beef Brisket burger with a side of fries; you can substitute fries for BBQ pit beans, macaroni salad, or potato salad. $15.45 for a good “burger”. We’re mentioning it as a burger because it will satisfy your cravings equally if you’re looking for a burger.

More Info


Village Taphouse (900 Main St, West Vancouver) – It’s your typical run of the mill drinking well, much like Brown’s Social House.  The Backyard Bacon & Cheese Burger comes with a Hand-pressed patty, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, secret sauce, on a brioche bun with fries. It’s a good burger but not anything fantastic, and perhaps on the pricier side for the value (it’s worthwhile paying for a good burger as at Pourhouse Restaurant or Fets Whisky Kitchen – however, as common with these drinking wells, it’s mostly good to standard food for a higher premium; you’re paying for a gathering spot, and maybe service). It’s still a good burger in West Vancouver right by Park Royal and common choice for locals.

Price – $$

Best Burgers Rating – 3/5

Key Point – Good burger.

More Info


Much Ado about Burgers:

Knowledge makes our lives a little more colorful. In planning and writing an article on VancityAsks, we seek to educate ourselves on the specific topic matter if not already experienced (or find a local who is an expert in the field for such topic – thankfully more than happy to be well versed in most food related topics).

In the process of finding the best burgers in Vancouver, we first sought to identify what is considered to be a good burger. The genesis of doing so, we took to learning about the history of burgers. Where did it sprout from? Why was it created? What was the original burger?

Then in identifying what makes a good burger, we also give consideration to service, atmosphere, experience, and location as other important factors when looking to find the best burgers in Vancouver. Presumably, you’re looking for more than just a burger but a total value package. The target audience for this article is considerably tourists or locals looking for a nice burger joint/restaurant in Vancouver to experience with friends and families so definitely the service, experience, prices, and location matters! (Such as when you can hop on over to get some Earnest Ice Cream after some burgers. Win!)

The Best Ice Cream in Vancouver

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Where do you find the best Ice Cream in Vancouver? Don’t miss these fabulous local ice cream shops this summer.

A lot of work has gone into creating this list of the best ice cream shops in Vancouver. First, we carefully looked at over 50 ice cream shops (the ground work) and closely checked those for the best reviews (the short-list), and finally there was tasting a lot of ice cream (hard work as I mentioned) to compile the top 5 ice cream in Vancouver. (All the articles and recommendations on VancityAsks follow a similar process to truly highlight the best of Vancouver with minimum bias. Any tastings are also paid for to avoid bias.)

We’ve considered local recommendations and online blog reviews to find the initial highlights then first-hand experience to validate our choices. (by the way, eating ice cream can be hard on your diet). We hope we’ve chosen correctly but your feedback and comments bellow will influence the list of the best ice cream in Vancouver on VancityAsks.

The article is long but worth a read if you love ice cream.


Here are the 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver, BC:

1) Bella Gelateria – Coal Harbour Gelato Shop:

Bella Gelateria is an award winning ice cream shop nestled in downtown Vancouver, BC by Coal Harbor. They actually serve gelato which is the Italian word for ice cream. Traditionally, gelato is also made with lesser cream, no eggs and more milk while being churned slowly. The end result is, you get a creamy cool treat with less fat (per ml) that’s more luxurious and weighty because of the lesser air incorporated. Read more about the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream here.

You taste the difference with Bella Gelateria freshly made, small-batch gelato ice cream in Vancouver, BC. Bella Gelateria is commit as well to using as many fresh and local ingredients as possible with no preservatives in their gelato. You’ve likely seen one of their many awards for their ice cream featured on the storefront by Coal Harbor with a line wrapping around the Fairmont hotel building. It’s definitely worth a taste if you’re looking for good ice cream in Vancouver or authentic Italian gelato. The price is comparable to any artisan ice cream shop in Vancouver setting you back $5.50 per scoop. (Outrageous pricing for ice cream but it’s truly artisan, quality ice cream in the heart of downtown Vancouver and the typical cost of good ice cream in Vancouver). If you have a celebration coming up, cakes are available at Bella Gelateria for $72 per 10”.

Gelato made by small batches in Vancouver BC at Bela Gelateria

Gelato made in small batches at Bella Gelateria. – Photo from Bela Gelateria



Address: 1001 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B7


2) Earnest Ice Cream – Kensington-Cedar Cottage Ice Cream:

Mention ice cream in Vancouver, and Earnest Ice Cream likely comes to mind. They’re rightfully consider by many Vancouver locals to be the best ice cream in Vancouver. Earnest Ice Cream started with humble beginnings as an ice cream trike back in 2012 selling brown paper wrapped, home-made ice cream sandwiches made by Ben. It evolved into an ice cream store shortly after. They are famous for artisan, home-made, FRESH (really fresh) ice cream; Earnest uses fresh and often local ingredients void of any preservatives or additives. It’s good old-fashion ice cream.

Tangent: This is a rather interesting story; Earnest Ice Cream is unique. Ever wondered why Earnest Ice cream makes do without the traditional see-through displays? (Removing the visual selling point.) You’d typically hope to see what you may indulge with, wouldn’t you? Well, Ben and Erica are probably marketing geniuses! They want to emphasize on the story telling and the experience of their fresh and local Vancouver ice cream creations. They wanted their products properly represented I suppose. In an marketplace that leans more towards ethical consumerism and experiential buying (thanks to technology and millennials), Ben made the smart and purposeful decision not to display their ice cream so he could rely on his service personnel to narrate the ice cream to you…rather than the consumer judging by glances, you get the story of the ice cream – it’s about the experience remember? The premium ingredients, the process, and the taste. That’s marketing genius it seems but it also provides a more personable experience for customers so you can expect service and attention and an overall positive experience with your ice cream at Earnest.

Interesting fact – It’s been proven that restaurants using descriptive words like “homemade” and “fresh” can raise the willingness to pay of consumers by 27%.

With all the work that goes into their home made Vancouver ice cream, it well justifies the $5 price tag for a single scoop and $7 for a double. Many certainly think so because they have flocks of locals outside their shop every weekend of summer. Earnest Ice Cream is known for their rotating, unique and seasonal flavors. All their ice cream are made fresh on a regular basis; you can find the latest flavors available on their website. A sample of their current flavors includes “Vegan Mint Chip”, “Matcha Green Tea”, “Raspberry”, “Sour Cherry Goat Cheese”, “Whiskey Caramel”,“London Fog”, “Tahitian Vanilla”, and “Salted Cameral”.

Another Tangent: Where did the name Earnest Ice Cream come from? The name Earnest Ice cream was inspired by Ben’s last name (another observation, many of the renown brands and businesses today are often the founder’s name isn’t it – is Earnest next?); it was also chosen because the word “earnest” means honest and true which is what Ben and Erica hopes their Ice cream shop embodies. Honest and true Vancouver ice cream (not with the preservatives and fillers). The price tag is high for ice cream but certainly worthy for its quality.

Earnest Ice Cream in Vancouver - Coconut Toast

Coconut Toast flavor at Earnest Ice Cream – Picture from Earnest Ice Cream



Address: 3992 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E4


3) Rain or Shine – Kitsilano Vancouver Ice Cream Shop:

Rain or Shine ice cream in Kitsilano is a local ice cream shop that scoops up home-made ice cream made with milk from Birchwood Diary Farm. A theme with Rain or Shine is being environmentally friendly. Their objective is to reduce their carbon foot print and support locals hence all their ice cream is sourced with ingredients as close to the point of chaos deliciousness as possible. The ice cream produced at Rain or Shine is made fresh on a regular basis. You’ll notice an open kitchen concept with their stores so locals and patrons can view how their ice cream is made.

Established in November of 2013, Rain or Shine is quickly becoming a Vancouver favourite in Kitsilano. We like their emphasis on community. Flavors at Rain or Shine range from Honey Lavender and Blueberry Balsamic to the classics like Peanut Butter and Salted Cameral. Rain or Shine ice cream emphasizes on friendly service at this Vancouver ice cream shop. Prices here are typical of good ice cream shops; you’ll find yourself spending about $4.50 per scoop.



Address: 1926 West 4th Ave #102, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M6


4) D’oro Gelato & Café – West End Vancouver Gelato Shop:

D’oro Gelato & Café is a gelato shop conveniently located on Robson street in downtown Vancouver once again. Arguably one of the most under-discovered ice cream shops in Vancouver, this gelato shop is a hidden gem. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the rich, creamy and authentic gelato. The gelato is “home-made” like your Italian grandma might do it (if you had one…) with some rotating flavors. Their gelato is made fresh daily in small batches with local and seasonal ingredients as usual of quality ice cream shops in Vancouver, BC. The history of this gelato and café shop dates back to 2000 with the help of a gelato expert otherwise known as a “Gelateria Artiginale. It’s as authentically Italian as it gets outside Italy and also one of the best ice creams in Vancouver whether gelato or not.

D’oro Gelato & Café continues to follow the same standard of quality and artistic Sicilian practices with making their gelato today. The luxurious taste and quality is distinct with D’oro Gelato & Café matched with equally good service in a neat little café by Robson street. Don’t miss this Vancouver ice cream shop. Great service and good food with an unsurpassed atmosphere for an Italian café.

Affogato Gelato in Vancouver, BC at D'oro Gelato and Cafe

Enjoy good coffee and ice cream at D’oro Gelato and Cafe. This is an affogato which is espresso with ice cream. – Picture from D’oro Gelato and Cafe



Address: 1222 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Y4


5) Johnny’s Pops – Summer Vancouver Ice Cream Trike:

The best for last right? They serve unique flavors of premium popsicles. It’s not really popsicles; it’s a complete cold-desert. Their “popsicle” is notorious not only for delicious flavor combinations but for having whole treats in that stick of goodness. Johnny freshly makes these popsicles himself.

Much like Earnest Ice Cream’s beginning, is sold from an ice trike that roams around Vancouver. Flavors includes mini-donuts popsicle, chocolate brownies, peaches and cream, or fresh local berries concoction like blueberries. It’s often a simple favourite of many locals for a cool treat on a summer day. Unfortunately they are usually in North Vancouver which makes it a bit of trek. Finally had the chance to try their pops at #PopCrawl Vancouver; the chocolate brownie is more than a popsicle; you have chewy pieces of brownie, dark chocolate flavor, creamy base, and a pinch of salt. While it was given away free at PopCrawl event, you’d typically have to pay $3.50 for the tasty treat. A $3.50 popsicle may not be a favorable price-point however you can buy it for $2 with an app which is a worthy bargain.



Address: Depends on where Johnny goes.


Do you have a favourite that we missed? Share it bellow and have your say. This list will be amended base on feedback.


More Vancouver Ice Cram Shops that are Worth a Mention:

There are a growing number of ice cream and cool treats in Vancouver, BC. Here are some that didn’t quite make it on the list unfortunately – picking one leaves out another. Many of these are unique ice cream shops in Vancouver that are worth a visit or in the case of Rocky Point Ice cream, too far from Vancouver central to be featured above (else they’d have come in #5)

Rocky Point Ice Cream – 2800 Murray St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1X2

This is one of my personal favourite ice cream in the Greater Vancouver Area. People who grew up in the tri-cities know that Rocky Point Ice cream is an establishment in the community. They are located in Port Moody by Rocky Point park, hence its name and they make their own ice cream fresh. The owners are very involved in the Port Moody community and are passionate about ice cream. They spent about a year travelling around learning how to make the best ice cream they can (including to Italy) then they came back and started crafting fresh ice cream for locals. They’ve perfected their craft it seems; the ice cream is delicious on a hot summer day. It’s packed during summer with a line as long as 10 meters around their newly renovated shop. The staff is friendly and very generous with their ice cream portions. Price is about $4-5 for one scoop on a waffle cone and had various flavors like salted cameral and chocolate.  Once again as the ice cream is made fresh on site, the flavors do rotate regularly. It didn’t quite make it onto the list because it’s farther away from Vancouver, in Port Moody, BC.

A nice tip: If you live in Vancouver downtown, catch the West Coast Express on a Friday (leaves at 3:50, 4:30, 5:30) which brings you right to Port Moody by Rocky Point Park and enjoy your ice cream, Pajo’s fish and chips, and the nice inlet before making your way back to Vancouver. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable trip on the WCE by the coastline of Vancouver; the tidal inlet is a spot where Vancouver residents HAVE to visit; there’s a nature trail by the coast line too.

La Casa Gelato – 1033 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3R9

No introduction is needed for La Casa Gelato. This is the Chinese owned (I think?) gelato shop that spots over 200 flavors! I was impressed at the variety and the row after row of ice cream flavors displayed. You can taste a few and buy what you like most. The ice cream shop is located in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighborhood. While the ice cream is good, it’s mainly the experience of seeing over 200 flavors of ice cream (from Durian to black sesame) that draws patrons in. The Vancouver gelato shop is good but not necessary the best relative to D’oro or Bella.

Mister – 1141 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2

Mister is another liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Vancouver’s Yaletown community. People say that the price at Mister is steep at $7 whereas the taste doesn’t necessary appeal to the masses.  However, if you wanted to taste ice cream that Adele has enjoyed in Vancouver then Mister is the place. The UK singer shared about their ice cream she had on stage during her performance in Vancouver. Sooo…if you want a taste of what the famous eat when visiting Vancouver then perhaps Mister is your bid at $7 for a small cup of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Other than that, maybe not?

720 Sweets – 3278 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H4

720 Sweets made its debut in Vancouver back in the fall of 2015 and wowed Vancouverites with their nitrogen ice cream. The theme with their ice cream shop appears to be pseudo-science (from appearance); from nitrogen ice cream to their modern drinks (you can choose varying levels of sweetness). The presentation is excellent though the taste is another; it is a worthwhile visit to experience the nitrogen ice cream but likely not a regular ice cream favourite in Vancouver.

UYU Ice Cream – Temporarily closed

UYU Ice Cream is another must-try ice cream shop in downtown Vancouver, Gastown to be more precise. They serve soft-serve ice cream with a variety of toppings (something like Scoop! but actually done right). UYU means milk in Korean so you know it’s a little k-pop inspired (kidding). They boast that their ice cream is perfectly balanced, never too sweet (that’s a relieve) or creamy but fresh and delicious. What’s unique about UYU Ice Cream in downtown Vancouver is  the soft-serve flavors; the use of organic milk with their soft-serve flavors such as “Vietnamese coffee”, “salted cameral” and “cereal milk”. They also spot unique flavor toppings such as black sesame powder. A standard soft-serve at UYU Ice Cream is priced at $4.75 which includes a free drizzle sauce.

Red Rooster – 1039 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Y5

Red Rooster is the new kid on the block as far as Vancouver’s artisan ice cream shops are concerned. Their ice cream per usual of Vancouver’s artisan ice cream is made fresh with an emphasis on local ingredients void of preservatives. The owners begun the ice cream shop out of their love for ice cream and the interest with seeing kids smile (seems the common factor with good ice cream shops as you’ll find with Rocky Point Ice cream bellow).


Thanks for reading about Vancouver’s BEST Ice Cream Shops!

I hope you enjoyed exploring the best Ice cream in Vancouver together. Thanks for reading.

Did we get it right? Comment bellow if you think we missed or messed up. It was a hard choice; we will still be switching things around base on feedback. (I think Johnny Pops should be on the top 5 somewhere but Red Rooster ought to stay in the roster as well).

VancityAsks’ Vancouver Ice Cream Contest:

Comment bellow your favourite ice cream in Vancouver for a chance to win $25 Earnest Ice Cream, Bella Gelateria, or D’oro Gelato e Caffe gift card. (Your choice…the content is not sponsored so we’re paying for the gift card ourselves.)

A random winner will be selected once we’ve approved 20 comments.

Best Poutine Stores in Vancouver, BC

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We all love eating poutine. Read this article if you want to know where the best, mouth-watering poutine is in Vancouver. It’s so good, you may just think you’ve visited Montreal. Do not skip these magnificent creation if you’re craving poutine in Vancouver.

Where are the best poutine in Vancouver? Try out these Vancouver poutine and let us know if you agree; they are the top 5 YVR poutine in our books!

To find the best poutine, let’s first discover what constitutes as good poutine. Crisp, double-fry, fresh cut fries topped with luscious, thick, flavor-packed beef gravy (slightly peppered) paired importantly with fresh Quebec cheese curds! This is a bite you will remember. Quebec cheese curds are a MUST for poutine. (else it’s just fries with cheese and gravy)

The Best Poutine in Vancouver:

1) La Belle Patate:

“The beautiful potato” as it’s known in French is as close a taste of Montreal poutine as you would get in Vancouver downtown (unless you’re willing to take a road trip to Langley for Estrella’s Montreal Deli). These gorgeous double fried fries are freshly cut, homemade, and crisply fried as a good poutine should. Now topped that with flavor packed gravy with real Quebec cheese curds; you have the best poutine in Vancouver. It’s not even a competition.

La Belle Patate has a variety of poutine variations that you can try including smoke meat, chicken, BBQ, and Galvaude. When you visit, because I know you will after this picture, go for the traditional good old fashion traditional poutine then try their smoke meat poutine next.

La Belle Patate Poutine in Vancouver




Address: 1215 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N4


2) Oakwood Canadian Bistro:

Living up to it’s name, this Canadian bistro serves some of the best Canadian poutine in Vancouver. The “Very Canadian Poutine” at Oakwood Canadian Bistro is only served during their dinner menu and comes to a price of $14 but it’s rather an irresistible dish. Freshly made fries is topped with house gravy and generous portions of smoked beef brisket and Quebec cheese curds.

If you’re looking to taste the best poutine in Vancouver, Oakwood Canadian Bistro rightly comes justified at #2 with this artisan Canadian poutine creation. We’re placing this at #2 partly because of it’s delicious poutine and largely because we’re a fan of anything Canadian and local; which Oakwood Canadian Bistro fills both. Their other dishes are also equally a worthy try.

Oakwood Canadian Bistro Poutine on wood in Vancouver.

Very Canadian Poutine at Oakwood Canadian Bistro in Vancouver, BC



Address: 2741 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P9


3) Belgian Fries:

Belgian Fries have been acclaimed by Vancouverites as a go-to spot for good poutine. Their menu features a variety of ambitious poutine variations from the classic to the chicken kebab poutine. While it’s not the most authentic style of true Canadian poutine as at Oakwood Canadian Bistro, their poutines are a local favourite. The gravy used at Belgian Fries is vegetarian friendly. (bias but I think real gravy for poutine should not be vegetarian; nonetheless, it is still equally delicious.)

Belgian Fries serves up two sizes for their poutine, medium and large. The prices at Belgian Fries run just under $10 for a medium sized premium poutine (like Chicken Kebab) and roughly $7.50 for their classic Vancouver poutine. The portions are reasonably sizable for a medium though a large is only roughly $1.50 more. Maybe visit with a friend, grab two different large poutines, and try a little bit of both; they have quite a few different poutines. While you’re there perhaps try out their deep fried mars bar too.

Belgian Fries in Vancouver BC Poutine

Belgian Fries in Vancouver



Address: 1885 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A5


4) Fritz Fry House:

Fritz European Fry House is known primary for their poutine. Who would have thought another European themed store would be serving up the best poutine in Vancouver. This family owned eatery is nicely nestled right in downtown Vancouver and patronized by both locals and tourists looking for good poutine in Vancouver. As with any good poutine, the fries are freshly fried and home-made. You have the thick brown gravy over-top with perfect Quebec cheese curds which soften without completely melting. That’s a good poutine. Fritz European Fry House can’t quite edge out Oakwood’s Very Canadian poutine but it’s a great value for any late night food escapes.

Prices are fair, $5 for small, $7.5 for medium, and $10 for large. Their poutine menu is a la cart, you can add any additional toppings to your classic poutine ranging from Montreal smoke meat to crumbled bacon for an additional cost. They have a few specialty European dips such as “peanut sauce” or “dutch mayo”. It’s worth a try if you’re around the area; don’t go out of your way though. Fritz European Fry House is opened daily till at least 2 AM except Monday when it’s closed; 4:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Fritz Europoean Fry House Poutine in Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC Poutine at Fritz European Fry House



Address: 718 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B6


5) Smoke’s Poutinerie:

Smoke’s Poutinerie easily serves up some of the best Vancouver poutine. This seems to be a franchise (and being Vancouverites, we prefer family-owned, local businesses). This is true Canadian comfort food, with thinly cut, crisp fries, even better gravy, and cheese curds. Their cheese curds is good and their gravy is even better. They serve up a variety of flavors from pulled pork, chicken fajita, or their veggie delux. It’s one of the biggest poutine menu I’ve seen in Vancouver; Smoke”s Poutinerie only serves poutine.

Prices are $6.99 for a regular size traditional poutine and $4.99 for their snack size (which is truly a snack size – no bigger than a box of Chinese take out). Making it a specialty poutine is only $2 more which is highly recommended.  Having only tried their classic poutine, what I especially like about Smoke’s Poutinerie  is the thin-cut fries that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It still keeps crisp with the gravy. It’s a little different from the other thick-cut fries above. [I remember hearing about Smoke’s Poutinerie opening it’s new branch in Vancouver several years back and was ecstatic to try it out; always enjoy a good poutine. It was time Vancouver got it’s own specialty poutine stores like in Montreal and now we do, La Belle Patate and Smoke’s Poutinerie! If you’re craving good poutine, it won’t disappoint.]

We’ll be replacing Smoke’s Poutinerie with Costco’s poutine shortly because honestly Costco poutine is closer to Canadian poutine and better value than Smoke’s Poutinerie. The franchise isn’t very well operated and hygiene can be a concern at Smoke’s Poutinerie by observation of their operations.

Smoke's Poutinerie in Vancouver Classic Poutine

Smoke’s Poutinerie is known for good poutine in Vancouver.



Address: 942 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2


More POUTINE! If you’re still craving for poutine, here are more worthy stores to try. They aren’t as the first five but equally worthwhile in a category of its own.

You can’t have too much poutine just like you can’t have too much chocolates so here are more MUST-Try poutine indulgence in Vancouver:

Dunn’s Famous – Dunn’s Famous is known for smoke meat (which honestly, isn’t that great – not anything near Swartz in Montreal. It needs to be more meatier and peppered. Tastes like traditional corn beef or deli smoke meat at the moment.). Their smoke meat poutine is generously portioned for $8! Almost a 9″ circular container stuffed with fries, gravy, cheese curds and loaded with smoke meat crumbs.

In essence, Dunn’s Famous has excellent value for their smoke meat poutine but could step up their game on the gravy and smoke meat aspect. This is highlighted for incredible value and portions.

Estrella’s Montreal Deli – If you’re craving a taste of Montreal and willing to drive for it them Estrella’s is the spot for you. It’s all the way out in Langley but it’s as close to Montreal Smoke meat and poutine as you can get in the Greater Vancouver Area. They make their own smoke meat and then use the drippings from the smoke meat for their poutine gravy. This is seriously good; the store is owned by a former Montreal resident and they know their food well. If you’re looking for good poutine in Vancouver then this is the spot to go. (albeit quite the drive)

Overall, there are over 35 eateries in Vancouver that dish up this deliciousness called poutine (from the likes of restaurants like Chambar, pubs like Wolf and Hound, pizza franchises like Mega bite to good old food truck in Maple Ridge like Big Red’s Poutine – we Canadians love our poutine). We are confident these Vancouver poutine we’ve featured above are the five best poutine in Vancouver BC that you have to try if you’re craving poutine.

Don’t let some stranger tell you where the best poutine is. (This Buzzfeed article is completely off – since when is the best poutine in Vancouver…from a Belgium restaurant. Belgium Fries has some pretty mighty poutine but far from the best in Canada. This is like saying French Cuisine is better in Singapore.) On the other hand, these are the best poutine in Vancouver from a local’s perspective and local opinions.


Ps. Remember when Wendy tried to make poutine Canada’s national food? I think they were on point there; I can’t think of anything more Canadian than sorry, poutine, and Tim’s. (Speaking of which, it’s time Tim Hortons make their rendition of Poutine – they got roasted potatoes wedges now.)

A few other poutine stores in Vancouver were not mentioned. If you’re looking for good value, and tasty poutine, your nearest costco could be a safe bet for good poutine at only $4.75. Since poutine is almost our national food, there’re quite a few options for poutine. Comment if we missed anything that should be on the top 5 list.

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5 Best Food Trucks in Vancouver

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Vancouver has been hailed the food truck capital of Canada. Even so, you’ll be surprise, food trucks that truly stand above the crowd are far and few in between – we still mostly see the standard hot dog stands in Vancouver.

With this said, Vancouver still has a more vibrant food truck scene than most cities in North Vancouver and as varied as our artisan coffee roasters. For this, you have Vancouver City Councillor, Heather Deal, to thank in part who has advocated for the growth of this industry. She believes it’s a reflection of this city’s creativity and identity. Even with the city advocating for the growth of Vancouver food trucks industry…there have been many great food trucks that still unfortunately had to close including PazzaRella.


Here, we have the five best food trucks in Vancouver:

1) Eat! Chicken Wraps –

Don’t underestimate these chicken wraps. Eat! Chicken Wraps is an unassuming food cart typically parked opposite Chipotle on Howe Street. Conveniently located near UBC Robon, the law courts, and smacked in the center of downtown Vancouver, EAT! Chicken Wrap is the epitome of Vancouver food trucks, a fusion of cultures perfectly executed in a delicious chicken wrap.

Their specialty is the Hoisin Chicken Wrap  although you can’t go wrong with any other variety of chicken wraps at this Vancouver food truck. Many have likely walked by this unassuming food cart many times not knowing the deliciousness that comes out from this Vancouver food cart. Go ahead, grab your protein packed wraps on the go the next time you walk by.  They really should use better signage; it’s a disservice to passer-by who miss out on such delicious food.

Hoisin Wrap at Eat Chicken Wraps Vancouver

All time favourite Hoisin Wrap at Eat! Chicken Wraps Vancouver Food Cart.



Address: 800 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1A1


2) Le Tigre –

This wonder of Vancouver food trucks was conceptualized in 2012 by Clement Chan and Steve Kuan both of which carried years of culinary experience as apprentices and training at local Vancouver Career College (Clement) and Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (Steve). Putting their experience, passion for food, and ethic background together, these chefs bring some of the BEST food found in any Vancouver food trucks with no exaggeration. Le Tigre is a mix of Chinese street food matched with fine dining (as fine as a food truck can be – one thing in common is the small portions though! No, it’s not actually that small but you always need more Kick Ass Rice.).

At Le Tigre, patrons typically go for their specialty, the Kick Ass Rice which is a rice dish cooked in Sake, butter, and dashi (yes it tastes as good as it sounds) accompanied with a poached egg, herbs, and a protein (which seems to change occasionally). Another must-try at Le Tigre is the signature “angry kitty cat squares” composing of fried rice, kimchi, and herbs deep fried in squares served with nori. (I’m curious if they got the name from all the Hello Kitty toys given by McDonalds in Asia?) Le Tigre is an absolute must try as far as food trucks in Vancouver are concerned.

Kick Ass Rice at Le Tigre Food Truck in Vancouver

Look at that Kick Ass Rice at Le Tigre! A Must-Try fare for Vancouver food trucks. (It may seem unexciting but it is a flavorful dish)



Address: Map shows their downtown location on Thursdays at Bute Street and Alberni Street.

As with Food Trucks in Vancouver, Le Tigre roams about the city of Vancouver. Find their full schedule here:


3) Japadog –

Japadog started in 2005, with hard work and perseverance what begun as a street cart by 899 Burrard Street is now five food carts, one food trucks, and a store at Robson Street.  Their Japanese style hot dogs are a MUST try for tourists and visitors; it’s the poster child of Vancouver’s Food Truck success. Some accredit (rightly so) Japadog as the catalyst for  the unique variety of Vancouver street foods.

Japadog has build such a following for good reason; it’s been highlighted by tourists during the Vancouver Winter Olympics and visited by various celebrities and icons. They are most known for their original creations, TeriMayo Beef hotdog which as it’s name implies is a teriyaki style hot dog topped with mayo and nori. Another popular favourite of their fans is the Kurobuta Pork Hot Dogs which is made with succulent Kurobuta Pork. Japadog invited the popularity of diversified street food! (and many other great Japanese style Food trucks in Vancouver.)

Japadog in Vancouver Authentic Japanese Hotdogs

Look at this! Japadog in Vancouver.



Address: 899 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3G5


4) TacoFino –

Originating from Tofino, TacoFino has finally made it’s way to Vancouver. Taking it’s roots in Tofino, it gained quite the media buzz for their Baja-Style Fish Tacos. Tacofino serves incredibly fresh fish tacos with a rabid following of surfers. This was the kind of food you would go out of your way to try.

Since coming to Vancouver, owner and taco legend, Kaeli Robinsong continues to hold true to their originating recipe of “offering quality, freshness and affordability with an environmental and nutritional conscience.” It seems to be working, as fans are coming by flocks to their Vancouver outlets. Even though Tacofino now has two food trucks in Vancouver, and several branches…they still hold true to the consistent quality and freshness with their food. (all made from scratch!) It’s absolutely a MUST try food truck in Vancouver once it’s up and running. You won’t miss that bright orange/yellow truck around your neighborhood.

Some bites you have to grab at Tacofino Vancouver is their famous Baja-Style Fish Tacos. Another popualr choice is the Tortilla Soup. For that matter, just try the whole menu, it’s all good!

Baja-style Fish Taco at Tacofino Food Truck in Vancouver.

Baja-style Fish Tacos at Tacofino. Food truck in Vancouver



Address: Temporary close for the Winter (They have a shop in Gastown though)


5) Yolk Food Truck –

Yolk is a Vancouver favourite as far as breakfast food trucks are concerned. They bring an elevated approach to breakfast. Perfectly poached eggs on anything from duck confit eggs benedict to your standard perfectly executed eggs benedict!

Yolk is a Vancouver icon of it self serving up delicious, mouth watering bites. We highly recommend visiting their food truck by Bentall Centre.

Yolk Food truck

Yolk is a food truck but they also have a store at Broadway. Check out this dish!



Address: Burrard St & W Pender St, Vancouver, BC

Share your feedback, comments, and questions in the comments bellow! There were quite a few that would have been featured but choices had to be made 😉

Here are a two more special mention for Vancouver Food Trucks:

  • Korean Mama: Frequently parked outside the Vancouver City Centre Canada line exit, this Vancouver food truck is owned by an elderly Korean couple. Quite the determination and character to see them daily set up and take-down their store only late at 10 Pm. They serve a basic selection of delicious Korean bowls and burgers (specially known for their bulgogi at $9)  and bite-size options like Korean fried chicken for $5.
  • The Kaboom Box: A hit and miss but still widely recommended food truck by Vancouver residents. Kaboom Box is known for their Oyster Po’Boy sandwich; fresh deep fried oyster served on a bun with homemade tartar and slaw. The food truck emphasizes local and sustainable ingredients where available.

Operating a food truck is hard work. A typical foods and beverages operation is difficult enough with long hours, quality-checks, and business admin tasks. A food truck has a whole other element; imagine preparing food in the small confined space upwards of 12 hours per day. This has forced a few amazing food trucks out of the race such as PazzaRella (arguably was one of the best pizzas in Vancouver? The maestro from Bella Gelateria used to frequent this joint so it has to be good.) among others such as Nu Greek, Bun Me Baguette, and Taser Grilled Cheese. Seems like good food is not enough to sustain a business.

It’s great to see the diversity and quality of food trucks in Vancouver despite the uphill climb. These local business fully deserve the applause for their determination, hard work, and great food!

Soli Deo gloria || Colossians 3:23