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Best Ramen in Vancouver

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Finding The Best Vancouver Ramen Restaurants:


What Makes For Good Ramen?


5 Best Ramen Restaurants in Vancouver:











More Good Ramen Restaurants in City of Vancouver:

There are many commendable

The History of Ramen:


Complete Food/Restaurant Guide – UBC Area

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This article is the result of four years of living at UBC. (essentially)

Welcome to UBC – A Place of Mind.

Right now, we’re going to put your mind on food which is critically important for you to be mindful. ūüėČ

If you’re coming to UBC for your post-secondary education, you will appreciate this detailed and complete food guide for various food choices you have at UBC. Scroll to the bottom (edit – now placed it at the top) for quick picks and cheap eats at UBC.

I hope this page will save you money (important for some students), and save you wasted calories trying low-quality food…there are plenty on campus. (…because with predominantly students as the demographic – perhaps, some on-campus restaurant think they don’t care) There are also plenty of good food on campus. So take the highway and avoid the pitfalls with restaurants at UBC by reading this complete UBC foods guide. :p


Don’t Forget about freshman 15:

Many think that Freshman 15 is just a myth. As a university freshman 5 years ago, you can bet there’s plenty of truth to it. Perhaps, the distance from family, the stress of moving, the busyness of studying/cramming for exams/essays is compensated by the comfort and familiarity of food. Perhaps, the lack of time and lack of time management (personally for me at least.) results in eating high calorie but nutritionally low foods. (which also happens to often be the default foods we eat when stress – potato chips, chocolates, ramen noodles?) Perhaps, the convenience of food on campus and your meal plan dollars results in consistent and frequent eating. (You will be happy to know Totem Park Magdas has a burger ordering open till around 1 AM. Domino’s Pizza regularly delivers till 3 AM. A&W + Macdonalds at the village is 24/7. We didn’t have A&W as a freshman though.)

Whatever the cause, you can be assured without proper intention, you will be putting on weight in you freshman year. Make an intentional effort to eat healthy, exercise, and be mindful of how you are fueling your body for success.

Of course everyone is different, deals with stress/emotions differently, and metabolizes calories differently. (jealous of those who can eat whatever they want and not seem to put on weight?)

Enjoy the delicious UBC food bellow!


Food at UBC:

There are plenty of food choices at UBC. You have eateries all across campus. A large amount of these eateries are owned and operated either by your student society (AMS) or UBC Food Services. There are also many private businesses congregating along the Nest, UBC Village, and Wesbrook.

The list will be categorized by location for convenient sorting rather than by cuisine. Information provided includes (1) Price (2) Rating (3) Comments + Must-try/Avoid.

We are going to categorize an entire list of every possible food spot you can find at UBC campus. We will also share some notable eateries in neighboring communities to UBC such as Point Grey, Sasamat, and Kerrisdale.

Lastly, find our quick pick recommendations at the bottom of the list along with some tips for freshman looking to cook in their dorms ūüėČ (I was one of the three Asians in Shuswap who cooked in their dorm. It was more so a stress reliever, social activity, and healthy nutrition than it was money saving. I got bored of the assembly line food at the student resident and wanted a difference… home-cook taste. Also had fond memories of meeting with a group of Singaporeans at UBC and cooking Chinese New Year dinner at someone’s home in Marpole. Simple food but a refreshment from mass-prepared store bought foods.)


On UBC Campus: You’re not short on options at UBC campus for foods. You have everything from sushi to pizza. Most food places in the center of campus where the faculty buildings, research labs, and libraries are located, are operated by UBC Foods Services. There is quite a variety of foods but some similarities too. We will group these into “central campus”. The NEST and newly opened Central (besides the bus loop) also feature plenty of food options.

There are a few UBC eateries on the outskirts of the campus, North and South such as Bean Around the World or The Great Dame Cafe. These are privately operated coffee shops located around the residential portions of UBC; we will list these under “Around UBC”.

Finally, the other two spots you will find the most food choices are University Village and Wesbrook Village. Notably, the Save on Foods you will frequent often is at Wesbrook village which is about 20 minutes walk from the Nest or a 5 minute bus ride. There is a nearer, Shoppers Drug Mart where you can buy hygiene products, drugs and vitamins, and quite a food products (no produce) by the dentistry building which is no more than 5 minutes from the Nest. At the University Village, is also Granville Island Market (doesn’t actually have anything to do with Granville Island) that sells produce and essentials.

We will use the Nest as a reference point of distance to any eateries mentioned as that’s most central to the new bus loop (hopefully skytain¬†extension to UBC will be coming) and a popular gathering point for students.


Unfortunately, with the departure of the SUB (replaced by the NEST), some popular and favourite dining choices have been demolish along with the old Student Union Buiding. This included the Korean food store in the basement of the SUB along with the popular Fridays, 50% off deal at the Delly.

The sad and notable part of UBC foods is that the cheapest and most consistent food comes usually from franchises operated by UBC foods. Something has to be done about residents’ dining hall that charges restaurant prices for cafeteria foods. Indeed, it’s great sometimes – the food is good occasionally however drastically over priced when you factor in the maintenance cost within you resident dining plans (as I remembered paying $4 for a slice of cake, $2 for bottled drinks, $2 for milk, about $5 for protein – chicken breast or small slice of fish added with $2-$3 for carbs works each meal easily to $10-$12.) They also do not provide you a receipt unless requested (unless this has changed since) which often you find the occasional mistaken charge. It also does not allow you to properly identify how you’re spending your meal dollars to make for better spending choices/budgeting. I think you should always request a receipt; even if it may take a little extra time. It is good to make a habit of understanding and associating your costs to your goods/purchases. It’s a life skill and I am of the opinion – more than what you learn in university with concepts/theory – is the network, friendships, and life skills you’ve built. With the advancement of technology, the rapid changes in society, many things you learn may not be relevant 10 or 20 years down the road but the life skills you learn are important. To learn how to manage your time. To learn how to deal with extra pressure. To learn how to take things lightly and in perspective – learn to relax and do your best. ¬†So with this said, I think resident dining hall should always offer the receipt rather than only providing the receipt upon request (with a grudging response) because students and society need to always associate the cost to the value. Many in society today are delusional because they know their wants but don’t recognize the costs that has been associate to their wants and pursuits. The freedom we have at the cost of those who have fought for our freedom; the brave man and women who served in the armed forces (instead today, many look at them with disdain). The opportunity for us to study because our parents believed in the power/value of education and were willing to make sacrifices and planning to ensure that we could gain an education because they believed it was the right path for us. The opportunity to live in a civilized and operational society with modern comforts because of those who have gave their life publicly to navigate policies with vision. When we learn to realize the costs to everything, we become a more grateful society and more effective in our pursuits. We also learn to appreciate those who have gone before us to pave the way, to repay their kindness and repay it on wards rather than complaining and being self absorbed in our world or in our own pleasures. Look outwards, not inwards. Your fulfillment in life will come from serving others. However, you also need a realistic and pragmatic approach to know you need to first improve and care for yourself. (It’s the age old example of, “In case of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the cabin…secure your mouth first before helping others.”)

That was a bit of a discourse but I think our society today has become so self absorb. We don’t appreciate but are quick to judge public servants. We often take a militant approach to any discontentment. Let’s be a more generous and gracious society.


NEST: Located within the NEST are plenty of options for dining on campus from sit-in to fast casual dining options for take out. Most of the Food and Beverage options at the NEST is operated by AMS (UBC’s Student Society) which means the profits are used to fund your AMS programs for students (like yourself probably.)

Here’s a map to the NEST if you need help finding it.


GOOD – Flip Side: Serving hand-made hamburgers (often slow service) in the lower concourse of the NEST. Find deserts, salads, fish n chips, and fried chicken too!

Price: $ => $4.50 for a cheeseburger

Rating: 3/5 => Average food quality but great prices.

Comments: Flipside UBC is a good place to grab a bite if you’re craving burgers at UBC. You can’t really beat the price on these UBC burgers and they sure stand miles above residence food prices. (If it’s Tuesday however, Triple-O’s features a Tuesday special $3.69 for their original burger.)

A full Flipside burger menu and menu options is available here.

Address: Lower floor of NEST @ 6133 University Blvd.


AVOID – Grand Noodle Emporium: This UBC Chinese food replaces Moon Chinese food in the (old) SUB. The Grand Noodle Emporium serves Pan Asian Cuisine which includes classic Chinese take-out, noodles including ramen, Southeast Asian food, and Thai food (Pad Thai + Thai Curry). It’s a little bit of everything Asian.

Price: $ => $9 for BBQ Pork Fried Rice

Rating: 2/5 => Your experience depends on the day you go.

Comments: Your average prices for ramen and Chinese take-out. I am a little skeptical about the wide range of menu offered (from Thai food to Japanese to Chinese). While variety is good, it likely means quality and freshness can suffer when all these added menu options and responsibilities add up. Reviews reflect that certainly. Take a risk if you want to but there are likely better dining options on UBC campus.

A full Grand Noodle Emporium menu can be found here for your reading pleasure and finding food at UBC.

Address: Lower concourse of the NEST, just opposite Flip Side @ 6133 University Blvd.


OK РPalate: This is where you find vegetarian and vegan food at UBC. Healthy and seasonal food with vegan options. Palate UBC serves mostly sandwiches and made-to-order paninis.  Palate UBC also has great gluten free brownies, vegan desserts, and often no line-ups for a convenient and quick meal.

Price: $ => (details required)

Rating: 3/5 => Quick lines and vegan food options at UBC.

Comments: Palate at UBC has undergone a few changes over the past two years. It use to be predominantly a vegan food option at UBC however shortly introduced more varied options including meat items. They now serve excellent sandwiches, wraps and made to order paninis along with a variety of delectable fresh salads, soups, and desserts (which includes vegan and gluten-free options.) It’s not by any means a vegan restaurant at UBC but they do provide a size-able variety vegan options. You will especially like their emphasis on fresh and local ingredients as near as the UBC farm. Palate is one place you can find healthy food at UBC.

A full Palate UBC food menu can be found here subject to seasonal updates.

Address: Main Concourse of the NEST @ 6133 University Blvd.

Opposite the elevator on the exit besides the #4/14/9 buses. Right besides UBC CheckOut grocery store.


GREAT – Honour Roll: Yes, that’s the Canadian spelling of Honour serving sushi at UBC. Some students really love their sushi (including me during my undergraduate) and have it everyday of the week!

Price: $ => $3.95 for smoke salmon roll.

Rating: 4/5 => As far as UBC sushi is concerned, it’s good.

Comments:¬† Actually, pretty ok take-out option at UBC as far as food in the NEST is concerned. It’s surprisingly consistent as well (compared to Grand Noodle Emporium at least) although the quality was even better in the SUB. (That chicken teriyaki sushi was actually considered good UBC food. They even had one for one offer towards closing hours in the old SUB. Delicious and quick.)

Address: Corner of main concourse of the NEST towards the North exit @ 6133 University Blvd.


GOOD – Pie R 2: They serve delicious pizza with a variety of unique choices like cheeseburger or buffalo chicken and the classics like pepperoni, Hawaiian, and cheese.

Price: $ => $2.75/slice ($2.50 for pepperoni or cheese.), $5 Lasagna

Rating: 3/5 => Reasonable pizza.

Comments: If you’re looking for a quick bite on campus at UBC then Pie R 2 is your choice (unless there’s a line-up; which during lunch hours at UBC, where doesn’t? Even in between classes.) It’s filling and nutritious (reasonably). There is better pizza at UBC and you get a better deal ordering in from Domino’s but this is an AMS operated UBC pizza eatery which means the proceeds goes to AMS coffers. (I have a sneaking suspicion they are as efficient as the government, however.)

Address: Right besides the South entrance of the NEST opposite Checkout grocery store @ 6133 University Blvd.


Ok – The Pit: This is where you find many drunk college students on Wednesday nights. It’s also where you can go and grab a bite during the decent hours. Mainly the food you would find at a local neighborhood pub. (Nachos, Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sliders.) They also feature a variety of local craft beers and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink options.

Price: $$ => $9 for 3 pork sliders.

Rating: 3/5 => Reasonable UBC food. Not something you’d eat daily but the occasional finger food or salad.

Comments: A convenient spot for get together among university students. This is one of two licensed venues at the NEST with the other being the Gallery. It’s not really been my thing; it’s in the basement and dark. You would be better off enjoying food at the Gallery with a cold one (or two.) I personally don’t drink.

Address: Lower concourse of the NEST opposite the convenience store @ 6133 University Blvd.


AVOID – P.H. Tea: AMS has caught on the bubble tea craze and added their own rendition of bubble tea at the NEST. Prices are what you’d expect for boba however the quality is sorely lacking. Perhaps, it just needs to be fine tuned a little bit over time…add bubble waffle and you probably have a winner.

Price: $ => (Details Required)

Rating: 1/5 => Needs work.

Comments: While students may appreciate grabbing their bubble tea conveniently at the NEST instead of walking to the village for Pearl Fever UBC…it doesn’t hit the high standard for many students looking for bubble tea at UBC. The bubble tea needs some work, a lot of work (tea flavor, boba, and customization.) …service is good though.

Address: North entrance of the NEST, besides Honour Roll @ 6133 University Blvd.


GOOD – Uppercase: The convergence of¬†Bernoulli’s bagels and Blue Chip Cookies results with Uppercase. A cozy spot at the NEST main concourse where you can find delicious cookies, reasonably good coffee (check bellow for the best coffee on campus if that’s your thing.) and of course bagels…along with a variety of quick and simple sandwiches including PB&J. You got your fancy drinks too from mocha to a latte with 7 shots of espresso (for exam periods where sleep is just a dream for the engineering faculty.)

Price: $ => $2.10 for 12 oz coffee & $2.50 for blue chip cookie (details required)

Rating: 4/5 => Good coffee, good cookies

Comments: Great place to get good coffee, support our local AMS, and enjoy some delicious albeit overpriced cookie (but then, what isn’t overpriced on UBC food? Franchises!) Service can be hit and miss.

Address: Centre of main concourse at the NEST @ 6133 University Blvd.


Gallery 2.0:






Check Out Grocery Store:












The Delly:






Bus Loop – Central:



Central Campus: Here entails all the faculty building dining spots including two student residents dining halls/cafe, one Starbucks franchises, and two Tim Horton franchises.



Loafe Cafe:



Comments: Great coffee, good service, overpriced pastries.


– Right besides the NEST by the Robert Lee Alumni Center


University Village: Officially known as University Marketplace, University Village is just a 5 minutes walk from The NEST and right besides Regent College. The village as it’s also otherwise known consists of private rental apartments, a basement food court, and retail shops ranging from dry cleaning to printing services; but what we’re really interested in is the food! There’s plenty of UBC Village food choices here.



Bubble Waffle Cafe: A Taiwanese restaurant on UBC at University Village. Food prices are very reasonable and especially their combos.





Click here for a map of Bubble Waffle Cafe, University Village restaurant.

Click here for pictures of Bubble Waffle Cafe that is available here.

Click here for a Bubble Waffle Cafe menu that is available here.


One More Sushi:





Click here for a map of Bubble Waffle Cafe, University Village restaurant. Pictures of Bubble Waffle Cafe is available here. A menu is available here.

Visit Bubble Waffle Cafe on Yelp or Zomato for more feedback!


Suga Sushi:

Located on the 2nd level of the village



Comments: Generally avoid Suga Sushi if you’re looking for good UBC sushi. The prices are comparable to sushi places on and off campus but the quality, freshness, and taste is far bellow standards. The Korean food is supposedly good but generally you will find better food on campus elsewhere. It is one of the few Korean restaurants at UBC.






Comments: Mcdonald’s great marketing means that many young adults and adolescent remember Mcdonald’s fondly as a comfort food of choice. While yet rather unhealthy, flocks of UBC students can be found waiting in lines throughout the day waiting for the Big Mac or ice cream cones on a hot day and the occasional happy meal (for the memories) Actually, McDonald’s is quite the marketing genius


Omio Japan:



Comments: Omio Japan is by no means great sushi according to Vancouver standards. (We have over 600 sushi restaurants! You got to be good to survive.) However, if you’re looking for reasonable standards for sushi on campus served with exceptionally friendly service, then Omio Japan is where you should visit for your sushi fix. If you’re willing to trek a little off campus, then perhaps going to Ajisai Sushi or Hitoe Sushi would be a better choice.


Around UBC:



Wesbrook Village:




Near UBC Campus:




Quick Pick and Cheap Eats at UBC:

Best food at UBC:


Best Pizza at UBC:


Best Sushi at UBC:


Cheap and good food at UBC:


Deals and Steals at UBC:


Grocery/Produce Stores at UBC:

– Check Out Grocery Store:

– Shoppers Drugs Mart:

– Granville Island Produce

– Save on Foods:

– Safeway (Off-Campus):


UBC Food open Late:

– PitaPit:



Opinion: Japanese Ramen in Vancouver

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We’ve gotten Benny Fang, a ramen fanatic, to write his recommendations of the best ramen in Vancouver. Comment bellow if you agree with Benny’s recommendations for Vancouver’s Japanese ramen restaurants.

1) The Ramenman

2) Ramen Danbo

3) Hida Takayama Ramen

4) Marutama Ramen

5) Ramen Gojiro

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver – Best Vancouver Vegan Food Options

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The search for Vancouver Vegan Restaurants:

Vancouver, here are the best Vegan food in our amazing city and the Greater Vancouver Area

Vegan food is often delicious, healthy, and animal-friendly. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll appreciate these tasty vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC. Specifically, you’ve got to try the uniquely Vancouver vegan, Japanese-style pudding at Vegan Pudding & Co. mentioned on our list of Vegan Desserts in Vancouver.

Yes, Vancouver has so many varieties of vegan food available, so much so, you’ll even find excellent eateries (literally a hole in the wall) serving just vegan desserts in Vancouver. The Vancouver Vegan Pudding Co. (albeit expensive) is not to be missed. It’s not for no reason, Vancouver is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world as highlighted on HappyCow.


Without further delay, don’t want to let you get hangry,…here are the five must-try vegan food you have to savor in Vancouver, BC. Certainly, it’ll appeal to those living a vegan lifestyle but even if you’re not into a vegan lifestyle…it’s a safe place to bring your vegetarian or vegan friends for lunch or dinner.

Give these delicious vegan restaurants in Vancouver a try even if you’re not a vegan – perhaps, you may choose to go vegan (just for a week maybe) once you see the tasty food that invites you to eat it. You certainly won’t be running out of vegan dining options in Vancouver. (Many restaurants in Vancouver that aren’t vegan also provide vegan alternatives upon request as mentioned bellow.)


Here are the BEST Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver:

1) The Acorn Restaurant РVegetarian and Vegan Restaurant:

This vegan restaurant is a popular favorite among vegans (and even the staunches meat eaters) in Vancouver.

The Acorn conveniently calls home on Vancouver’s Main Street¬†(known also as one of the coolest streets in North America). The vegan restaurant may seem unassuming, a corner store, but step inside this nationally¬†renowned, vegetable¬†forward, (+ vegan-friendly,) restaurant and prepare to be wowed.

People travel to our amazing city just to try these delicious meals; we’re so thankful “The Acorn” has chosen to open shop in Vancouver of all cities spoiling locals with a unique, one-of-a-kind, vegan dining experience. The meals are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients (WIN). Each dish is artistically designed¬†and thoughtfully composed, providing diners a memorable dining experience¬†and a symphony with their taste buds in each bite. ¬†Besides the great food, The Acorn is known as a Vancouver’s vegan restaurant that goes the extra mile with great service and a complementing dining room leaving patrons of this fine restaurant with a favourable all-rounded dining experience.

Their specialty at The Acorn includes “Artichoke” – Southern Fried Artichokes, House Waffle, Pickled Shallots, Bourbon Maple Syrup, Mushroom Red-Eye Gravy. As you may notice, the menu at The Acorn carries simple names for their dishes with big flavors; it is often name after the predominant vegetable or component of the dish. Don’t miss the delectable vegan desserts as well at The Acorn. The menu at The Acorn changes seasonally and their chef, Brian Luptak, is consistently innovating, creating, and crafting new vegan/vegetarian dishes for their avid fans to enjoy (See their test dish bellow, Nettle). Take for example the recent new vegan dessert, “Coffee cake French toast, star anise mousse, blood orange jus, coffee syrup.” (the pictures do better justice than the description – check bellow.) The vegan restaurant is also infamously known for excellent cocktails to complement their vegan dining experience.

The Acorn is truly a remarkable vegetarian, vegan-friendly restaurant in Vancouver that is well deserving of its many national and international accolades. Prices for dinner at this vegan restaurant in Vancouver reflects the quality of food and their award wining dining experience; expect to pay approximately $40 per person for a scrumptious vegan meal (small portions depending on your dish however). The Acorn can certainly rival any restaurant in Vancouver (vegan or non-vegan). The Acorn is enough to make a meat-eater go vegan; with it’s colorful and creative creations, tantalizing your taste buds, it’s easy to forget that what you’re eating is both healthy and vegetarian – truly an astounding local Vancouver vegan restaurant. The visuals of their dishes at The Acorn will stun you, beautiful but not pretentious! (The flavors will wow you.)

Address: 3995 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P5




The Acorn, Vancouver vegan dessert coffee cake

Seasonal vegan desserts at The Acorn in Vancouver, BC.
Here is their new, “Coffee cake French toast, star anise mousse, blood orange jus, coffee syrup.”

The Acorn Vegan Restaurant Nettle Dish and Cocktail

Brian Luptak, head chef at The Acorn is a culinary genius with artistic creativity who’s always investing new dishes for avid vegan Vancouver diners. Here’s a nettle themed dish they are experimenting.

Vegan restaurant in Vancouver artistic looking vegan dish.

More delicious vegan food at the Acorn. Their dishes tastes good and consistently look terrific. These Vancouver vegan food are like works of art on the plate and on your palate. Get it only at The Acorn, Vancouver’s best vegan restaurant!


2) MeeT on Main РVegan Restaurant in Vancouver:

A mainstay in Vancouver’s Vegan cuisine, MeeT on Main is a staple for many wholehearted vegans. MeeT on Main emphasizes on community-orientated atmosphere, friendly service, and neighborhood prices.

Their specialty includes “MeeT Burgers” – delicious burgers made right, “Mac ‚Äôn‚Äô Cheese with Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce” – so creamy you won’t know it’s vegan, “Sweet Chili Cauliflower” – a great appetizer, “Nacho Fries”, and “Supergreen Salad”. Their vegan House Chili can also be added onto the Mac ‘n’ Cheese which is highly recommended favourite. If dining with a meat-eating friend, be sure to introduce “Hot Chiggin’ Things” – totally vegan with a big taste, and crunch. Everything on the menu at MeeT on Main is a winner.

MeeT on Main is one of the leading Vancouver vegan restaurants¬†to savour delicious food…even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian. In fact, half of their customers are non-vegans according to MeeT on Main’s owner, Ivo Staiano. You will find good food at MeeT on Main; it’s not pretentious, great value, and importantly, unbelievably tasty!

MeeT on Main not only to provides great vegan food options but delicious comfort food for everyone to enjoy (that just happens to be vegan.) ¬†Give it a try today with your vegan friends. ¬†If you haven’t tried vegan food in Vancouver, then MeeT on Main would be the perfect introduction to a large variety of delicious vegan food options – that’s doesn’t at all seem to be missing any flavors or protein. If you’ve been a vegan all your life, then you likely already know MeeT on Main…their entire menu is vegan. You won’t regret giving MeeT on Main a try!

Address: 4288 Main St, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P9




MeeT on Main vegan mac n' cheese

Delicious vegan mac n’ cheese at MeeT on Main. A MUST-TRY dish at MeeT on Main in Vancouver, BC!

MeeT on Main vegan burgers

A favourite at MeeT on Main, burgers! Crispy, double-fried fries with good dipping sauce. All vegan.

MeeT on Main vegan lemon tart

Delicious vegan dessert at MeeT on Main to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is their vegan lemon tart that is an absolute must-try at MeeT on Main Vancouver vegan restaurant.


3) Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant РVegetarian and Vegan Restaurant in Vancouver:

The Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, BC is another establishment frequently loved by vegans and vegetarians alike. This unassuming restaurant located in Fairview neighborhood, (for non-Vancouverites, the Fairview neighborhood is located about Broadway-City Hall Canada Line Station with West Broadway and Oak Street as the epicentre bordered by Cambie Street to the East and Burrard Street to the West. This neighborhood isn’t quite as hip as Kitsilano, you’ll find several redevelopments coming up along with a bustling commerce centre – plenty of offices and restaurants – about Broadway Street. Along with your friendly UBC students grudgingly commuting to UBC on the over packed 99 bus – of which I was one of them for four years! Thankfully plans are up coming for a Broadway sky train extension for the local community and students. Love Vancouver! What an amazing city with so many neighborhoods, people, mountains, water, and great artisan businesses. Sorry for that tangent; VancityAsks was created out of a genuine love for Vancouver, a believe that local businesses are the structure to our city, and people.) serves some of the BEST vegan and vegetarian food in Vancouver with an incredibly unique atmosphere that‚Äôs great for dining and meeting friends over dinner.

Their specialty includes Heirloom’s “Tofu Ninja Bowl”. Some favourite vegan sides are “Gomae Salad”, “Beet Chips”, and “field roast sausage”. For dessert your options are limited but phenomenal, treat yourself to “The Brownie” which is a house made raw brownie served with avocado chocolate ganache…how luxurious. The avocado chocolate ganache especially sounds exceptionally tasty. For dinner, your vegan menu choices are more abundantly available with “Crispy Cauliflower” being a popular appetizer favourite. For your entree, the signature “The Heirloom” and “Veggie Supreme Burger” are good picks. The consensus among Heirloom diners is to avoid the avocado frites (just a fancy name for fries so they can charge you 30% more while making it seem justifiable and ensuring you think it’s worthwhile too).

Unlike MeeT on Main, not all the menu items at Heirloom is vegan, although they are a vegan-friendly restaurant. Be sure to confirm with your server which items are vegan; likewise, this applies to The Acorn which is vegan-friendly but also a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver. There are still plentiful delicious vegan options both at The Acorn and Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant. The Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant has a separate vegan menu whereas The Acorn vegan and vegetarian menu items are indicated accordingly with “V” for vegan.

If you’re looking for delicious vegan fare, then the Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant should certainly be on your must-try list next to MeeT on Main. These two restaurants are known for delicious food that rival any restaurants in Vancouver (vegan and non-vegan). A unique twist to vegan food; you don’t have to eat raw and tasteless food if you’re looking to adopt a vegan diet. A fair warning, the food at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant is pricey averaging $40/person, even more than the award-winning menu at The Acorn (although reasonable for vegan prices) hence why it comes in at #3 best vegan restaurant in Vancouver. What is notable about Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant, is the nice decor and tasteful interior design that provides diners with a unique vegan dining experience. A nice place to meet up for dinner or brunch.

Address: 1509 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 2E2




Vegan dishes served at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver

Two delicious vegan dishes from Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant highlighted includes their vegan french toast with banana and a generous serving of vegan salad atop avocado toast with radish for your Instagram colour variation.

Heirloom Vegetarian vegan tacos in Vancouver, BC

Fancy some vegan tacos? Find delicious vegan tacos at Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Notice the backdrop of their unique interior design too!

New vegan desert from Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver, BC

Delicious new vegan desert at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant. Almond pudding with fresh blueberries from UBC Farm! YUM!


4) Indigo Age Vegan Cafe РVegan Cafe in Vancouver:

Happen to be craving Ukrainian food but also looking for vegan eats? We got a place for that in Vancouver; one of the best places to be vegan in the world. The name, Indigo Age Vegan Cafe, doesn’t divulge much about its cuisine except that it’s vegan…and a really delicious vegan cafe it is. ¬†Known especially for their raw vegan food, Indigo Age Vegan Cafe has been a favourite restaurant for many vegans in Vancouver.

Their specialties includes Ukrainian cabbage rolls, potato pirogues, and borscht soup with coconut cashew sour cream (cashew is a popular substitute for dairy with vegan food). Indigo Age Vegan Cafe is also especially known for their delicious vegan cheesecake (it’s also on our list for the best vegan desserts in Vancouver as well)! You would barely guess it’s vegan – great texture and creamy feel. If you’re looking simply to stop in for a healthy drink, they also have a vast variety of smoothies, quality juices, and fermented coconut (apparently a super healthy drink – not my kind of thing though, in Singapore we’d throw out a fermented coconut that tasted bad haha. They serve green coconut, freshly opened, all across hawker centers on the island. Singapore is also one of the top-ten most vegan friendly cities in the world…actually where I first tried vegan food while staying atop a vegan cafe – owned by an amazing couple!) Indigo Age Vegan Cafe is also undisputed to be the best vegan raw cafes in Vancouver (their “Miso Seaweed Soup” is a delectable raw vegan choice and the “Sun Portobello Burger” is a popular favourite). Not everything on the menu is raw such as their pirogues but they do have many raw choices available for vegans looking for a raw diet. Even for vegan dishes that aren’t raw, nothing is deep fried and cooking is made only with healthy oils (avoiding canola and palm oil – keep them for your car engine.) They also emphasize on using local and organic ingredients where possible; another reason why Vancouverites love Indigo Age Vegan Cafe so much.

If you’re craving to taste good vegan cheesecake then head on over to Indigo Age Vegan Cafe. Their vegan high tea is also a popular favourite so too is the Ukrainian vegan set menu. Look to spend average about $30 per person (before tax and tips) for a vegan meal at Indigo Age Vegan Cafe making it slightly more pricey than other vegan restaurants like Meet on Main.

Address: 436 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Z3




Indigo Age Vegan cafe vegan rice rolls

Delicious rice rolls at Indigo Age Cafe. Great food in a small cafe right in downtown Vancouver. Colorful and good for you.

Vegan perogies in Vancouver at Indigo Age vegan cafe

The popular vegan perogies at Indigo Age vegan cafe. They serve some of the best cheesecake in Vancouver but also specialize with Ukrainian-inspired vegan food in Vancouver. Try their vegan cabbage rolls, vegan borscht soup, or vegan perogies.
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Indigo Age vegan cafe serving vegan-friendly juices in Vancouver, BC.

Did you know Indigo Age vegan cafe also serves up a large variety of healthy vegan-friendly juices and fermented coconut? Great refreshing drink with plentiful health benefits at this vegan cafe in Vancouver.


5) Loving Hut Express РVegan Foodtruck in Vancouver:

Loving Hut Express is not really a Vancouver vegan restaurant but a Vancouver vegan food truck! (even better the way you look at it. Quick, delicious, non-pretentious vegan food that’s reasonably priced. Perhaps not sufficient to beat out Meet on Main but very good in its own right.) Loving Hut Express Vancouver is actually part of the international restaurant Loving Hut with HUNDREDS of location world wide especially in Taiwan (of all places eh?). They are so popular for a reason; the food is good and the prices are good. Their mission is to make the world friendlier with vegan and vegetarian food. At Loving Hut Express Vancouver, all the menu choices are vegan-friendly so you can enjoy your meal confidently that no animals were harmed in the production of your lunch. Their focus is especially on making food without any harm to animals, it’s not just vegan for a healthy diet at Loving Hut Express but I would presume care for animals and other vegan values. You’ll find delicious bites of vegan food at Loving Hut Express despite being dished out downtown by a street truck near Yaletown Roundhouse Canada-Line Station rather than an actual vegan restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

This Vancouver vegan restaurant/food truck specialize mainly in vegan burgers offering gluten free options. Their specialty includes Chick’n Burger, grilled mushroom burger, teriyaki burger and even bacon cheese burger. It’s mouthwatering worthy – the food is delicious and flavorful. Many patrons have noted that the vegan cheese in the mushroom burger is exceptionally good. The burgers are also on-point with excellent vegan patties. It’s not for no reason that Loving Hut Express Vancouver has gained an almost five star rating among visiting vegan diners on yelp! There’s also a reason that Loving Hut has locations across much of the world in Taiwan, to Indonesia, to Brazil, to Toronto, and to Vancouver. It’s good vegan food! in Vancouver that you absolutely MUST try if you haven’t! (Its so good, I didn’t care about proper grammar with the extra exclamation point. Note the mistaken application of its as well; this is vegan food so good that it’ll leave you excited.) ¬†A fair warning that its cash only so bring those green plastic bills, so not to be disappointed.

Loving Hut Express food truck is a convenient vegan/vegetarian spot in downtown Vancouver. If you’re looking for non-pretentious vegan food about Yaletown Roundhouse, Loving Hut Express, as its name implies is where you want to go for quick vegan food in downtown Vancouver. We would suggest that you give this international vegan restaurant (food truck) a visit and see what the hype is all about around the world.

Address: 1200 Pacific Boulevard Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V4



Loving Hut Vancouver vegan burger

Loving Hut Vancouver is an international vegan restaurant chain (by franchise) that is infamously known for irresistible vegan burgers. Check out the vegan burgers from the vegan food truck in Vancouver!


Hope you enjoy these Vegan eats! Vancouver is a city with plentiful vegan options available.

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Post Note on Vegan food in Vancouver:

According to, a website solely dedicated to vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the world, there are 117 Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly restaurants in Vancouver. However, the majority of these are not exclusively vegan restaurants catering predominantly to vegetarians alone. The list above features both vegetarian restaurants that are vegan-friendly and solely vegan restaurants in Vancouver.

  • MeeT on Main, Indigo Age Vegan Restaurant, and Loving Hut Express Vancouver are fully-vegan eateries in Vancouver.
  • The Acorn and Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant serve both vegetarian dishes with vegan-friendly options available to diners.


Here are a few other vegan restaurants in Vancouver you may be keen on trying:

Sometimes, you’re dining with non-vegan friends and you want options to accommodate both vegans and non-vegans. If you’re vegan dining with non-vegan friends, these are a few excellent restaurants that provide extensive options for both vegan and non-vegan diners. These are not vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver…some do serve meat products but they are vegan-friendly with alternatives available for Vancouver vegans.

Hope you enjoy learning about these amazing vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC! Thanks for reading.


Tasting Vancouver’s Vegan Restaurants:

One more thing…When trying to find the best of anything (especially when it comes to food where tastes and preferences can vary), multiple opinions are preferred…so we’ve included links to Facebook, Zomato, and Trip Advisor for your convenience to confirm just how awesomely delicious these Vancouver vegan restaurants are!

Another tangent about MeeT on Main…it is easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver (if you don’t consider vegan friendly restaurants like The Acorn, it’s second to none); it is not only vegan-friendly but it features an entirely vegan menu with awesome flavors that will impress vegan and non-vegan alike. If you’re looking for a casual vegan dining spot with non-vegan friends, MeeT on Main is your choice. Besides meeting your non-vegan friends at a vegan restaurant (pun intended), you may also enjoy dining alone in silence as a vegan at MeeT on Main – trying their delicious vegan menu. (Without the exclamation in surprise from non-vegans of how delicious food without meat can be.)


Thanks for reading about vegan restaurants in Vancouver. Please comment bellow with your feedback, suggestions, or complaints! Love vegan food? We’d love to hear about it too! ūüėÄ


May 14, 2018 – Thanks to reader’s feedback, Virtuous Pie will be included onto our list on the next update replacing Heirloom’s restaurant.

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