Best Pizza in Vancouver BC

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Dear Readers,

When it comes to pizza you’re not short of choices in Downtown Vancouver. Walk any two blocks and you’ll see plenty of options but there are times you want to go for the best of the best and savor what REAL pizza should taste like.

This is where you visit and pick out your favourite pizza place as the best pizza in Vancouver. Here’s our list of top 5 pizza in Vancouver. There are many more commendable recommendations that we unfortunately do not have the space to list onto the top 5 so please comment bellow to vouch for your favourite pizza in Vancouver.

The list consist of best taste and value. (#4 is best value for it’s taste)


1. Lombardo’s Pizzeria:

Lombardo’s is easily one of the best Vancouver pizza stores. It’s unassuming in a mall by Broadway although they are famed for their delicious pizzas for over 25 years! It’s family owned and operated that uses many local, fresh ingredients with an authentic Italian touch.

Prices are very standard for upscale pizza downtown around $13 – $17 for your Margarita to their signature Blanca (EVOO, grana padano, slow roasted red onions, garlic confit, gorgonzola, arugula)



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2. Via Tevere Pizzeria:

What does Via Tevere Pizzeria have to offer Vancouver? There aren’t any shortage of good pizza but Via Tevere is different, that’s why it’s earned the spot of the top 3 best Vancouver pizza stores.

It has won the “Best of Vancouver Dining” award as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Reader’s Choice separately. This certainly means something. The owner grew up in Naples and understands what it takes to make good Neapolitan pizza. Via Tevere even has a travelling Pizzeria.



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Wood stone oven at Via Tevere Pizzeria in Vancouver, BC

Where the magic happens – Wood stone oven at Via Tevere Pizzeria Vancouver, BC. #musttry

Best Pizza in Vancouver for good reason. Pizza by wood, stone oven.

Looks good doesn’t it? You should try it. That’s why we’ve listed Via Tevere Pizzeria as the #3 BEST pizza in Vancouver.

Via Tever Pizzeria on You Gotta Eat Here. #candidshot

They’ve even been featured in YouGottaEatHere! Worth giving Via Tevere Pizzeria a visit.


3. Pizzeria Farina:

Pizza Farina is the product of Ask for Luigi and located well in Stratacona. This hole in the wall pizza store is open from 5 till their dough runs out…and they run out of dough on a nightly basis!

Pizza Farina is known for old school design and quality and traditional ingredients on their homemade dough for some good rustic pizza. If you’ve been to Ask for Luigi as recommended on our Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Vancouver then you should definitely give Pizzeria Farina a visit as well. Prices are lower than the others with a Margarita at $13.



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Inside decor of Pizzeria Farina Vancouver pizza store.

Inside of Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver

Daily special at Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver

Delicious pizza of the day at Pizzeria Farina – Daily Specials

Pizza of the day at Pizzeria Farina Vancouver pizza store

Pizza of the day at Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver.


4. TBD (Pizzeria Barbarella)

We need your help with determining the fifth best pizza in Vancouver. Please comment bellow your suggestions, we thought about these three which have been highly commendable as well; share your thoughts.

Currently we’re listing it as Pizzeria Barbarella. This is located about 20 minutes from downtown on the 99 bus route between Broadway Skytrain station and Broadway City Hall Skytrain station. It’s a family owned and run pizza store that has quite a personalized experience. You can meet the owner and the pizza is good! They use fresh, local, and organic ingredients in their pizza – three wins!



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Pizza in the oven at Pizza Barbarella Vancouver

Pizza Barbarella Vancouver – Pizza in their stone oven.

Thin crust pizza in Vancouver at Pizza Barbarella

Pizza Barbarella – Thin crust pizza in Vancouver

Cutting pizza at Pizza Barbarella in Vancouver

Pizza Barbarella – cutting those delicious pizza!


Here’s our top 5 best Vancouver pizza list. Feel free to comment bellow to share your opinion and thoughts on this list or any other pizza store you think should be in the top 5 best pizza list. It’s hard to choose between good and better but we’ve tried it.

Ps. We get it! If X store isn’t on the top 5, the list ain’t creditable. Well, if you insist so, leave a comment bellow and we’ll look at it. Note that everyone’s taste is different so we’ve tried our best to list the top 5 Best Pizza in Vancouver. I recommend you give each of these stores a visit.

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10 thoughts on “Best Pizza in Vancouver BC

  1. Norman delrizzo

    Pizzeria Barbarella should be on that list. I think they should be number 1, but since that spot is already taken…

  2. Shelley Vieira

    Novo restaurant and wine bar on Burrard at 5th. We have tried almost every thin crust Pizza in and around Vancouver including your top ones listed. Novo’s is the best, by far. Small intimate great pizza…

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Thank you Shelley! That sounds excellent. We will certainly consider it for the updated list; always appreciate the small, local, family-owned shops.

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