Best Sushi in Vancouver

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Wondering where the best Sushi in Vancouver is? We got you covered! This list underlines the BEST sushi Vancouver has to offer.

This is not the best deals sushi, we have that too! If you’re looking for the best value sushi then check out our Vancouver’s Best value sushi here. The best value sushi would be for those looking for well price sushi that taste good; good value for the most part. Large portions, reasonable quality, and amazingly shocking prices. Yeap! They exists.

Although this list here is for you sushi connoisseurs who want the best of the best. Best quality, best taste, best freshness. You can rest assure that the five best sushi in Vancouver listed here will satisfy your craving for luxury or uniqueness in quality. Give it a read.


1. Ajisai Sushi Bar

Ajisai Sushi Bar is a little out of the way from downtown Vancouver. (if you’re looking for good sushi downtown, Miku is the place to be). Still, this hole-in-the-wall sushi bar in Kerrisdale community is well worth the hike. Ajisai Sushi Bar is as authentic as it gets; run by a Japanese owner and recommended by other sushi chefs, Ajisai has built a reputation of excellent sushi…dare we say, the best sushi Vancouver has to offer? (Maybe, depends on your palate and preference).

Surprisingly, despite it’s reputation, Ajisai Sushi in Vancouver is priced reasonably with a spicy salmon roll at $4 (very standard pricing) and a salmon nigiri at $2. This combines both quality and value which is why we’ve listed Ajisai sushi #1 in our list of best sushi in Vancouver.



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Sushi Vancouver assortment at Ajisai sushi

An assortment of sashimi and sushi from Ajisai sushi Vancouver. Looks delectable.

Address: You can give Ajisai sushi a visit at 2081 W 42nd Avenue Vancouver, BC V6M 2B4


2. Sushi Bar Maumi

Sushi Bar Maumi is a slightly lesser known Vancouver sushi restaurant nestled in Vancouver West-end. While the seating size only accommodates 12 people with three tables and a sushi bar. At we like to feature these locally owned, specialty stores that may be overlooked and Sushi Bar Maumi tops the list. The BEST sushi in Vancouver hands down – for it’s type (authentic, no-frills dining with stupendous quality & freshness.) They have local fish and fish freshly imported from Japan.

This Vancouver sushi bar is renown for it’s precise execution, freshness, and quality. Yet, the prices are surprisingly fair. It may not be the place you go for a large dinner party. They also don’t serve alcohol or rolls. This said, if you enjoy good sushi in Vancouver then Sushi Bar Maumi is your place to go.

Hear from Scottie on Yelp:

“Best sushi in Vancouver. I’m half japanese and my wife was born in Tokyo, we know our sushi and this place is legit”



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Vancouver's Sushi Bar Maumi Nigri tray

Assorted nigiri at Vancouver’s Sushi Bar Maumi. Wishing you had some now didn’t you!

Address: Give Sushi Bar Maumi a visit at 1226 Bute Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1Z8

As a further note, looking through their Facebook page is much like browsing through a fish market. The owners at Sushi bar Maumi in Vancouver truly care about freshness and quality of their ingredients.


3. Hoshi Sushi at the Sandbar:

Hoshi Sushi at the Sandbar is another must try. You get a waterfront sushi experience on Grandville Island. You know it’s quality over quantity because the Sandbar is run by Sequoia Company of Restaurants. They are known effectively for good dining experience; it’s the same company that runs the restaurant at Stanley Park.

The SandBar is actually a seafood restaurant but it has it’s own sushi masterchef, Hoshi Tsutomu hence Hoshi sushi. If you’re planning something special and willing to splurge for a memorial night/afternoon then go for Hoshi sushi at the Sandbar. A fair warning however that experience can vary.



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[Images are on the way]

Address: Visit Hoshi sushi in Grandville Island at 1535 Johnston Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9


4. Miku

Miku is the epitome of fine Japanese dining. It’s neatly located right by the waterfront (literally 5 minutes walk from Waterfront Station) with views of the Vancouver inlet by Canada Place.

Whether you’re looking for a celebration experience downtown or a romantic dinner for your significant other, Miku Restaurant is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Take a look at the pictures bellow. You’ll notice that Miku has some creative sushi creations that looks deliciously elegant. We’ve listed Miku as the #4 Best Sushi in Vancouver because their restaurant is not specifically a sushi bar. It’s easily one of the top fine Japanese dining in Vancouver however with delicious sushi. Their rolls are also rather creative and appealing.

Note that Miku Restaurant’s prices reflect the prime location and aesthetically crafted food.

As you may know, Miku is no secret to Vancouverites who enjoy good sushi and Japansese cuisine. Read the following review by LongBoardTime on Trip Advsior:

“Was recommended by hotel front desk and did not disappoint. Their signature flame seared salmon sushi with jalapeno has been on my mind ever since.”



Trip Advisor

Best sushi in Vancouver by Miku restaurant

Miku Restaurant in Vancouver is easily Vancouver’s Best sushi restaurant right in the center of downtown Vancouver by the waterfront. Japanese fine dining in Vancouver.

Address: Give Miku Restaurant a visit in Vancouver and try out their specialty aburi sushi at 200 Granville Street Suite 70 Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4


5. Hitoe Sushi

Hitoe Sushi fully deserves it’s spot on the top 5 list of the best sushi in Vancouver. It is known for it’s fresh and authentic sushi. It’s hard to go wrong with any sushi order at Hitoe Sushi. There’s a consistency with the quality and freshness of their food. Hitoe Sushi is one of the few sushi restaurants in Vancouver run by an actual Japanese sushi chef who takes great pride in the food he makes.

It’s situated in Vancouver hippy neighborhood, Kitsilano.

The service is excellent, the decor is authentic and welcoming. The menu prices is a good deal for the quality and service you’ll find at Hitoe Sushi. With this, we’ve placed Hitoe Sushi as the #5 best sushi in Vancouver.

Here’s what Starry4 on Trip Advisor has to say about Hitoe Sushi, “A few years back, I would have given it 4 stars, but it certainly deserves 5 stars now. It’s not easy to find a restaurant that gets better over the years. A lot of them would just be the same or some may even slide backwards in either their taste or services once they thought they had captured the market. This makes me think that these people at Hitoe not just work hard, they work with their hearts.”

This is what Candy L. on Yelp shared about Hitoe Sushi in Vancouver, “This place is one of Kitsilano’s, and even Vancouver’s, best sushi restaurants. It’s very well hidden. Upon first glance, Hitoe looks cheap and average (and it is definitely not badly priced!). Take a chance and step inside.”



Trip Advisor

[Pictures not available for Hitoe Sushi at the moment – soon to come.]

Address: You can give Hitoe Sushi a visit at 3347 W 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6


Ps. In case you were wondering, why is raw fished called Sashimi:

Long short it means pierced body. (sashi = pierced) + (mi = body)

This is apparently from sticking the fish tail and fin to identify the fish being eaten. Besides that, it would make more sense to call it cut fish wouldn’t it? Although kiru, the word for cut, was inauspicious back then so sashimi…so long as it tastes good.


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15 thoughts on “Best Sushi in Vancouver

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    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Thanks Olivia! You’re the first comment on our Best sushi in Vancouver list. Glad to hear you’ve tried them all and that our list is on point. Volcano sushi will certainly be considered 🙂

  2. Jeannie

    Miku is the only one I’ve tried; a bit pricy but worth it. Will definitely be checking out the other places on this list for lunch/dinner sometime 🙂

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Jeannie,

      Thanks for your comment on our Best Vancouver sushi list. We want to find the best of Vancouver and hope people like you will help us do it better.

      Great to hear you enjoyed Miku. Yes the other 4 are wroth a visit. Ajisai is a MUST try – affordable fresh and quality sushi. Sushi Maumi is a good experience for the occasional splurge – their Omasake is quite expensive but something you won’t typically find elsewhere in Vancouver; their fish are likely some of the freshest local and Japan imported fish for sashimi. Miku, you’ve tried – easily the best aburi sushi in Vancouver.

      Sandbar (Hoshi) sushi is good for the Ambiance and location (Granville Island) though we may very likely be changing this up base on user feedback. The sushi is good but there can be better. Hitoe sushi is a nice local restaurant (we like local businesses) with many wins and a few misses. All in all still the best sushi of Vancouver.

      Thank you for visiting and hope you continue to follow us on the upcoming contests as we find the best of Vancouver.


  3. Steve Courneyea

    Tentatsu Japanese Restaurant at Nanaimo and East Hastings. 10/10 and I have been eating SUSHI for 40 Years. #VanCityAsks #BestOfVancouver #Sushi #Win #LetMeBeLucky

  4. Mike Kaddy

    Hitoe on 4th Ave is a hidden gem! They have an organic sushi menu as well! The sushi here is amazing! I highly recommend it!

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Thanks for your comment Mike! Glad to know you agree that Hitoe Sushi is a hidden gem on 4th Avenue. Some of their dishes can be hit and miss but mostly wins.

      They are well deserving of the best sushi in Vancouver. We especially like these small business in Vancouver, owner-operator style who care about their food. The sushi chef is also originally from Japan…very authentic

    1. VancityAsks Post author

      Hi Clumsy Waiter!

      Thanks for your suggestion.
      I’ll add that to our runner up list along with Octopus Garden.

      Best Regards,


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  7. Annie

    This is a legit list!! I’ve tried all of these places except Hoshi. They all have exceptional sushi. One place that definitely belongs in this group is Kaide in Yaletown. Try it you won’t regret it.

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