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Here are the best Vancouver airport hotel recommended on

We’ve stayed at most YVR hotels and would like to share our honest input on which are the BEST Vancouver airport hotel. Tip: First off, here’s a quick tip to get you a better deal on your Vancouver airport hotel. Go to or and look for the “Express Deals” on Priceline or the “Secret hotels” on Expedia.

You will be surprise at the deals you can find on Vancouver airport hotels on these sites.

I’ve booked a 2.5 star Accent Inn hotel for $70 CAD rather than the listed $150+ per night. I’ve booked the 3 star Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel for $63 rather than the $122 listed price. I’ve also gotten the three star four points by Sheraton for $79 rather than $150. Sandman Vancouver airport hotel occasionally appears for $63 rather than $120.


Now, here’s the list of the best Vancouver airport hotel: Use this as a reference of which hotel to meet your needs.

#1 is for luxury without budget

#2 is for convenience, luxury, and budget

#3 is for value and budget – my personal favourite too.

#4 is for value and budget

#5 is for location, quality, and comfort


1) Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel: You can’t get any nearer to the airport than the Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel. This luxurious four star hotel is located right inside YVR.

If you’re looking for convenience and luxury without concern to your wallet then the four star Fairmont YVR hotel is your best Vancouver airport hotel option. It’s been voted as the #1 airport hotel in North America; how’s that for accomplishments and validation?

It’s elegantly designed with plenty of glass floor to ceiling windows should you choose to have a room viewing the YVR runway for some plane spotting.

The hotel access by the trans-border check-in counters at YVR. As you would expect with any Fairmont hotel, you’ll be pampered with incredible service – the perfect way to refresh after a long flight or start your travels right.

The Vancouver airport hotel is sound proofed with amenities that include a spa, pool, health club, and an award winning restaurant (Globe @ YVR). The Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel also features the Jetside Bar serving tapas, cocktails, and music.

Don’t be looking at this hotel if you’re looking for the best value; prices for the Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel typically range around $300-$400 CAD depending on the season.

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Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel rooms

Luxurious room at Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel.

YVR hotel

Backdrop of snowy mountains and planes. The Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel is conveniently in YVR.

Vancouver airport hotel restaurant

Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel features exquisite dining at the award winning Globe @ YVR restaurant. Perhaps take a relaxing tea break?


2) RiverRock Casino Resort: Score yourself a good deal on Priceline for “The Hotel” at RiverRock Casino Resort. We’ve listed this #2 as the best Vancouver airport hotel because of it’s convenience, location and amenities.

“The Hotel” is nicely located by the Bridgeport Station which makes it easily accessible to the airport or downtown. Absolutely the BEST location second to Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel.

Imagine arriving on a tiring long-haul flight and having to wait 30 minutes for an airport shuttle? “the hotel” is only 5 minutes from the airport by the Canada Line sky train which departs every 7 to 14 minutes depending on the hour. You can also catch a Sky Train downtown in under 20 minutes from the RiverRock hotel just steps from the hotel.

In terms of hotel amenities, the River Rock Casino hotel is joined to the River Rock casino. Just walk over the indoor connector to the next building. The casino is opened 24 hours and features a bar along with some fast-food style eateries within the casino. There’s a cafe outside the casino that opens till about 7 Pm. There’s also an excellent international buffet at casino (about $27 for dinner). Other amenities includes a resort-like pool and spa.

All in all, the River Rock Casino hotel is an excellent Vancouver airport hotel for it’s convenience in location and amenities that you won’t find with other YVR hotels. The only draw back being in the flight path, you will hear the occasional roar of planes. Prices at the River Rock hotel near Vancouver airport are around $150-$250 depending on the season. You can typically score a Priceline Express deals (look for 4 stars) for an extra 25% discount. Quite good value relative to your options.

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River Rock YVR hotel double rooms

The rooms at River Rock YVR hotel. Right across the RiverRock Casino Resort.

RiverRock YVR hotel pool and fitness

Resort style pool and full fitness facilities at the RiverRock YVR hotel.

RiverRock YVR hotel exterior

“the hotel” at RiverRock Casino Resort is just 5 minutes by SkyTrain from YVR airport and under 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver by SkyTrain. SkyTrain station right outside the hotel.


3) Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel: Accent Inn is the BEST Vancouver airport hotel if you’re looking for value. This Vancouver airport hotel is a no-frills hotel with clean rooms and good pricing.

The hotel is quite a distance from YVR although they operate bi-hourly shuttle services to and from the airport. The shuttle is frequently off schedule however so you’ll end up waiting still. These shuttles run 24 hours (some hotels only run shuttles to 1 AM so ask about the shuttle service before booking elsewhere).

The service has never disappointed so far. The rooms are clean and they have a nice coffee machine in the lobby that’s free for guests. (Unfortunately it’s instant coffee machine and not the fresh brew type) The rooms are in the works of renovation.

The location isn’t too great however as it isn’t near any major transport or shopping hubs. It’s convenient to the highway and you’ll find quite a few truckers stopping by on their drive. There’s also an iHops right by the hotel (which isn’t anything to write home about). Thankfully right across, about a 5 minutes walk, is Fogg n Sudds from Vancouver airport Holiday Inn which has a good bar, breakfast buffet, and lunch menu.

What you’d really like about Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel however is the clean (recently renovated) rooms, good service, and even better pricing. Definitely one of the best Vancouver airport hotel for value. Parking is free as well.

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4) Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport: The Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (not Express) is located right across the Accent Inn. It’s gotten a 4 star review on Trip Advisor and known for the service.

We’ve listed it much like Accent Inn. It’s a good value Vancouver airport hotel. Score yourself a nice deal on Priceline and this hotel comes to about $63/night ($79 after taxes and fees). Once again, it’s not in the best location but the rooms are clean, the service is good, and the price is right.

Hotel amenities includes a laundry room, fitness room, as well as a restaurant – Fogg n Sudds. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet each morning which is $6 for continental with free flow coffee or $12 for eggs, sausage, hash buffet with continental and coffee (quite a good spread).

One thing I didn’t quite like about the Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (and why it’s #4 instead of #3) is the house keeping took some of my duty free for a stay over. The hotel also has an interesting vibe.

Overall Holiday Inn Vancouver airport is a good option for business trips, family rests, or a park and fly option. If you give them your cab receipt, it’ll be pro-rated to your hotel receipt. Holiday Inn Vancouver airport is a 3 star hotel priced around $124-$150 depending on the season. Look for a Priceline Express deal for about 50% off 🙂

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5) Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel: The Hilton Vancouver airport hotel was the first Vancouver airport hotel I stayed almost 7 years back when FIRST arriving in Vancouver. It offers airport shuttle service, a pool, restaurant, and centrally located in Richmond.

You can expect consistent Hilton service and clean rooms. We like Hilton Vancouver airport hotel for it’s location. It’s a good place to stay and walk about Richmond. You’re only 5 minutes to Richmond center shopping mall (a big shopping mall in Richmond/Vancouver with H&M, Food court, American Eagle, GAP, and so forth). There’s also no shortage of food options around the area.

A bit of nostalgia and location is why Hilton Vancouver airport hotel lands #5 on our list of best Vancouver airport hotel. Rates are around $200-$300 depending on the season which is standard price for a 4 star hotel; you won’t find it on Priceline unfortunately.

Trip Advisor:


You won’t go wrong with any of these choices either:

Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel: Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel is a bit worn but it’s good for a rest up before or after a flight. It runs 24 hour shuttles and it has good service. Find it on Priceline Express for 40% cheaper.

La Qunita Inn YVR: La Quinta Inn is the perfect hotel for a family. It has clean rooms, free breakfast buffet, and VERY reasonably priced. Typically you’ll be looking at $80-$120/night and on Priceline Express deals you get an extra 20-25% off. You’re also located RIGHT in Richmond near the Lansdowne Mall and on the Alexander street lined with restaurants.


Thanks for reading our list of the best Vancouver Airport hotel on

If you’re looking for a clean and comfortable hotel near YVR I’d personally choose Accent Inn YVR. The Accent Inn brand is a local BC hotel chain with locations in Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond, and Kelowna. It’s locally owned and very well managed. They strive to provide local expertise and great services. Park and fly is offered at most of these hotels as well; a great option for out of town guests looking to save on parking.

We hope you find it valuable regardless of what type of YVR hotel you were looking for. Please leave your comments, feedback, or suggestions bellow.

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One thought on “Best Vancouver Airport Hotel

  1. VancityAsks Post author

    We’re beginning the updates for this post now. Unfortunately the excellent service for which we ranked Accent Inn #3 as the best Vancouver airport hotel doesn’t appear to be consistent throughout the board at their hotel.

    Service is what really differentiates your experience at a Vancouver airport hotel. It can leave a positive impression or a bad experience. If the service personnel is personable and relax, the guest typically is too. If the service personnel appears stress and rushed, it affects the guest experience.

    Experience overall is still positive but dependent on personnel. The hotel merits is in it’s team member because as a property itself, the Accent Inn is more towards the old side (although renovations are being made).

    Overall it’s still good value but if you’re looking for consistency and quality, I would suggest considering going across the road to Holiday Inn or spending the extra at “the hotel” in Bridgeport casino which is good convenience right by the sky train station and eateries.

    If you’re looking for a park and fly option, Hilton definitely is good value. Rates checked on March 19 is $230+ for 21 day park and fly. Considering long term parking rates at the airport is already $9/day…your stay is effectively free if you’re out for the full 21 days. (if you’ll be out longer, many hotels will charge a minimal extra daily rate for parking after)

    Most Vancouver airport hotels offer their park and fly options for 14 days after which you pay about the same price as a long term parking at the airport (still a good deal). Hilton Vancouver airport hotel appears to offer the longest park and fly option with their rooms. It’s worth noting as well the prices of the room itself and the park and fly option is barely notable ($10?) so you’re actually simply paying for the room. The Hilton Vancouver airport hotel is very near the airport and right in downtown Richmond.

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