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We’ll also cover some cool places and activities for locals. Whether you’re a local or visitor, get to know Vancouver, find things to do and things to see. What you might want to know travelling into Vancouver. Learn about tourist places in Vancouver. What is the top 10 tourist locations in Vancouver? How can you appreciate Vancouver as a local? Where are the best lookout points? Ask and Answer with the VancityAsks community! Please share your suggestions and pictures at http:/

Best Business Hotel Downtown Vancouver

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Welcome to – Your guide to everything Vancouver, BC …where we help locals to rediscover their amazingly beautiful city together, and visitors to find the best of Vancouver.

  • Local Vancouver & written by Vancouverites. All our content are locally written to ensure accuracy & local insight is provided. Local tips & secrets.
  • Non-sponsored & impartial – truly the best of Vancouver. To avoid bias in our recommendations and truly find the best Vancouver has to offer.
  • Fact-checked and extensive. Each article is written with rigorous detail, and fact-checking to ensure accuracy and validity of our recommendations whether you’re looking for a dentist in Vancouver during your visit or the best sushi in Vancouver. We check reviews online and determine if they’re written with bias intent or outright fake news.

Now that’we gotten that out of the way – and why you should trust our best business hotels in downtown Vancouver recommendations, here’s the process we’ve considered in finding the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver.


Finding the best business hotels in Downtown Vancouver:

Before we get into our recommendations for the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver, we’ll take a few moments to determine what we’ve looked for to determine the best business hotels in Vancouver:

Service: Critical to any good business in the hospitality industry. We look for relentless high quality of service and proactive service to provide the best experience & convenience for guests in their visit to Vancouver. This is the first consideration on our mind when looking for the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Importance = 9/10

Property Amenities: Next, you want a hotel in downtown Vancouver that provides the necessary amenities for business travel. Sometimes, the more the better when it comes to providing a unique experience for business travelers to Vancouver in their downtime/leisure such as a roof-top pool with a view or a good restaurant dining option within meters of the downtown Vancouver business hotels. Basic amenities such as a good working desk or business centre in the hotel was necessary. The article leans towards high-end hotels but considered any business hotels in downtown Vancouver which had a property category of 3 stars or above.

Importance = 7/10

Downtown Vancouver Hotel Rooms: Besides the hotel facilities themselves, we also considered the rooms of these downtown Vancouver hotel for utility and once again uniqueness or an experiential factor. (Good views is a plus since that is quintessentially Vancouver.) We’re always looking for that experiential factor whether looking at the hotel’s rooms, location, or amenities. We want guests to be able to experience something during their visit to Vancouver that’s distinctive or unique to Vancouver to make their hotel stay worth while so that goes on top priority for our best downtown Vancouver hotel recommendations. (and presumably why you’re searching about the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver)

Importance = 7/10

–  Downtown Vancouver Hotel Location: Next, we considered the location & neighborhood of the downtown Vancouver hotel we intend to recommend. Downtown Vancouver is a relatively small area of land but even then there are various neighborhoods from Yaletown to Coal Harbour or the West End and Gastown. All desirable locations to stay but the CBD is mostly around West Georgia Street & Burrard Street where most of our recommendations surround. We avoided mentioning any hotels near Gastown or the Westend as they are limited in nature and mostly residential or gentrifying neighborhoods in downtown Vancouver. For the hotel’s location in downtown Vancouver we also considered the restaurants and services around the downtown Vancouver hotel we might be recommending as a top 5 best business hotels in downtown Vancouver such as if there are many of the best dining options in our city within close proximity to our hotel. (Very useful when you’re back from a long day and want something good to eat nearby at convenience or when it is raining in Vancouver – which it does often half the year.) Much thought and meticulous detail have been put into finding the best business hotel in downtown Vancouver and predicting the attributes travelers desire to truly highlight the best business hotels in downtown Vancouver from a local’s perspective.

Importance = 7/10

Price & Value: Lastly, we gave consideration to the overall value of the property relative to our other recommendations. Value and price is a subjective to the property category. You must compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. We gave some thought to the overall price and value that a guest will experience in relative comparison to the other unique downtown Vancouver hotels we’ve recommended to determine their ranking on our list of the best downtown Vancouver hotels for business travelers. Price was less a factor for these top 5 recommendations, but value was considered primary. (such as the convenience and experience guests receive with quality service and something uniquely Vancouver)

Importance = 5/10


Best Business Hotels in downtown Vancouver:

1) Shangri-La Vancouver

Shangri-La Vancouver hotel is conveniently located centrally by Georgia street and close towards Burrard street. This hotel has excellent location. It’s conveniently above a Urban Fare grocery store.


2) Westin Bayshore

Westin Bayshore is right by the Bayshore as it’s name implies. It’s a little less convenient for business travelers but makes up for it with excellent relaxation by the water. A good relieve after a day. They also provide excellent value as a three and a half star hotel.


3) AuBerge:

If you’re looking for business on a budget this is your choice for business hotels in downtown Vancouver.

The AuBerge is a boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver that caters towards corporate travelers and those looking for a distinctive experience in downtown Vancouver.

4) L’Hermitage Hotel

L’Hermitage hotel is a four star boutique hotel right in the center of downtown Vancouver towards Robson Street and Seymour. It’s an excellent location for business because of it’s walking distance to many offices downtown. (though not as convenient as Shangri-La Vancouver hotel).

They also offer shuttle services for hotel guest should you require to travel within town with a driver.


5) Fairmont Pacific Rim

Rated the #1 best hotel on Trip Advisor, Fairmont Pacific Rim edges onto the list for business executive looking for luxury with urban convenience and seafront experience.

Don’t book this if you’re concerned about budget however. It’s the #1 best hotel in Vancouver for a reason and the price matches the service.


Best Luxury Hotel Downtown Vancouver

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Vancouver is not short on options for luxury hotels in the City of Vancouver, especially in downtown Vancouver however you can only choose one of many phenomenal options so which one should you pick?

We hope to give you a unique and comprehensive perspective on the Best Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver. We’ll also share a summary of other luxury hotels in Downtown Vancouver worth considering.

Further, while Vancouver is within driving distance to many other hotels in Metro Vancouver, most of the luxury hotels and 5* hotel franchises are located within the City of Vancouver with the overwhelming proportion of them being right in downtown Vancouver – for good reason, convenience & market accessibility.

We’ve taken a comprehensive look to finding the best luxury hotels in downtown Vancouver (and for the better part, Vancouver) for you to experience. Please give it a read and feel free to comment bellow if you have any questions!


Best Luxury Hotels in Metro Vancouver?

There are also a few other luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver including Richmond, BC (Fairmont Hotel YVR) and Burnaby, BC (Elements by Westin Burnaby) and questionably Surrey should you prefer booking a luxury hotel nearer to those respective cities if you need to be in those cities. There aren’t enough luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver to write a separate article for each city in Metro Vancouver so just a brief mention here, feel free to ask in the comments bellow or using the Contact Us form (customized non-sponsored replies from a local within 48 hours – we love Vancouver & helping visitors/travelers to Vancouver.) if you have any questions about luxury hotels in Metro Vancouver cities like Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver, or Surrey. However, if you’re looking to book a luxury hotel in Vancouver, your best bet is downtown Vancouver. A car ride to any of these Metro Vancouver cities are within an hour – unfortunately take note that Vancouver does not yet have Uber or Lyft due to politicians helping taxi lobbyists who paid them $60,000. The business community & locals collectively are asking repeatedly for Uber & Lyft to deaf ears of the BC NDP.

Of note, if you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Metro Vancouver, consider:

  • [5 Star] Fairmont Hotel YVR in Richmond, BC: The Fairmont Hotel YVR is a five star property right within Vancouver International Airport. It provides significant convenience for travelers looking for respite right after their flight without travelling further to their hotel. The rooms are sound proof and the furnishing is on par with 5* hotels. An excellent hotel restaurant, Globe, serves a scrumptious breakfast buffet, exquisite tea time, and good a-la-carte menu for dinner. There’s also a relaxing and spacious lounge/bar along with a spa by “absolute Spa”. Standard fitness facility. Good service (there can be better.) This is an excellent luxury hotel in Metro Vancouver if you’re arriving from YVR and would prefer a hotel within Vancouver International Airport.
  • [Unrated] Seaside Hotel in North Vancouver (North Shore): A newly open hotel for late 2018 which is likely to be a 4 or 5 star hotel by the waterfront in North Vancouver – right across from downtown Vancouver. It’ll likely provide a relaxing and luxurious experience as the atmosphere in North Vancouver’s North Shore is a lot less rushed than downtown Vancouver. (From the architecture to the people, the Lonsdale market, and the boat homes, North Vancouver boasts a resort-like, chalet feel.) This will be a hotel worth looking at for it’s newness, views, and expected luxury.

Beyond these, you’re better booking a luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver and travelling to your destination by car. (Although, you’ll likely be needing to be in Vancouver central anyways if you’re here on business or leisure. The suburbs have some interesting Beautiful BC experiences like a tidal park at Port Moody – Rocky Point Park, breath taking hikes, phenomal – but most of the magic happens in the City of Vancouver.)

Without further ado…


5 Best Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver:







More Luxury Hotels in Downtown Vancouver:


5 BEST Vancouver Airport Hotels – COMPLETE Vancouver Airport Hotel Guide

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Last Updated: April 5, 2022


Welcome to guide to the BEST Vancouver airport hotels.

About VancityAsks’ Best of Vancouver recommendations: VancityAsks endeavours to help locals rediscover their amazing city (Amazingly Beautiful City? ABC ?), and help tourists/visitors experience the BEST that Metro Vancouver has to offer; we do so by providing non-sponsored, genuine, detailed, and informed recommendations to the BEST of Vancouver (in our opinion at least) from a local’s perspective.

As cliche as it may sound, we take great lengths to find the crème de la crème (the very best) to feature on; we hope to identify businesses (with a preference for local where possible) for excellence in their category/field of operations. Admittedly, it’s often a tedious, timely, and painstaking work – leaving no stone unturned in our quest to find the BEST of Metro Vancouver… in this case, the BEST Vancouver airport hotel.

(None of our content are sponsored to remain as impartial as possible… the primary monetization is derived from Google Adsense ads which we have no control nor knowledge of the advertisers displayed.

As a secondary means of monetization, we do also link to <more so for the reader’s convenience  – as we genuinely believe, in most cases, booking through is the BEST option/value from the perspective of a traveler> which is a third-party online travel agent, hence does not affect our ranking of the best Vancouver Airport hotels.

  • undisputedly has the best loyalty program – with a free night every 10 nights, effectively 10% back per stay – and often the cheapest rates along with their price match guarantee. They are also part of the Expedia group <a key conglomerate within the OTA industry> so you have assurance on the legitimacy of their operations and customer service… giving the consumer confidence with their hotel bookings. We truly believe – unless you’re looking to accrue loyalty status, which then you wouldn’t be searching on Google for the best Vancouver Airport hotels but booking directly with your frequent traveler program – that the best way to book a Vancouver Airport hotel is through if you’re looking for the cheapest rate and the best value with your Vancouver Airport hotel booking. This is why we’ve linked to for booking the best Vancouver Airport hotel of your choice – as a disclosure, we do however get a small monetary incentive <~3% which works out to $3-$10… this is NOT an added cost to you, nor does it in anyway affect your booking through, as with most online travel agents, will typically take a 30% commission from hotels in Vancouver -or wherever- for each booking; this is how they administer the loyalty program providing you effectively with 10% back, and distribution of 3% to their affiliates… the rest offsets their marketing & operation costs before the surplus is finally being represented as profits.> for each completed booking.)

We rely on both online and offline sources to find & verify the BEST of the BEST in our beloved city of Vancouver.

Without further ado…


About the BEST Vancouver Airport Hotels: Being avid travelers and aviation fanatics – we know the importance of a good airport hotel for your visit to a new city, or a layover. Your accommodation will set the tone for your

We’ve taken the process to screen every Vancouver airport hotel to catalog and share our opinions on the BEST Vancouver airport hotels – a combination of first-hand, second-hand, and online reviews with an extensive look on each hotel’s website & franchise to compile this comprehensive resource on all Vancouver airport hotels or YVR hotels.

We’ve also had the opportunity to stay at many YVR hotels (period of time being out of town mostly) and would like to share our honest input on which are the BEST Vancouver airport hotels. So it’s not just hearsay but first-hand experience included; we’re confident to have found the BEST Vancouver airport hotels.

With all this said, here are the best Vancouver airport hotels recommended on

The content is not sponsored to minimize bias in search of truly providing helpful/useful information for those requiring a hotel near Vancouver Airport.

Give it a read if you’re visiting Vancouver or looking for a Vancouver airport hotel.


Getting a Better Deal on Vancouver Airport Hotels:

If you’re looking to book a Vancouver Airport Hotel, we would recommend you consider booking through; we’ve done some price comparisons and noted to be either equal or cheaper than for many Vancouver airport hotels. (Specifically for Accent Inn Vancouver Airport, it is cheaper than direct booking and Expedia. For hotels like Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel – the luxury brands – it appears direct booking will provide you a better value overall.)

?Click here to book a Vancouver Airport Hotel through

-777- This just marks where the edit/rewrite is up to.

Vancouver Airport Hotels:

If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a trip to Vancouver, BC or transiting through Vancouver International Airport and you’re looking for a comfortable, convenient, and consistent Vancouver airport hotel. In the paragraphs bellow you’ll find five of the best Vancouver airport hotels, knowledge you’d like to have about these airport hotels along with a few helpful details about Vancouver, BC on the tail end.

In writing this article, I’m going to make a few assumptions; you’re not looking to accrue loyalty program nights at a popular franchise hotel else you’d book directly through their website – since the benefit to franchise hotels is the expected consistency and loyalty/status nights can only be accrued through direct bookings. Therefore, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not looking intently for a popular branded hotel (like Hilton – Hilton Honors, Sheraton – SPG, or Radisson – Radisson Rewards) to add to your status nights. Accordingly, I’m also going to venture a guess that you’re paying your own Vancouver Airport hotel accommodation (whether as a family vacation, solo travel, couple, or personal business travels) and not on corporate travel.

So what you’re looking for is a hotel that’s remarkable and memorable if you’re visiting Vancouver or a Vancouver airport hotel that’s close, convenient, clean, and good value if you’re transiting through Vancouver. Basically, our intent is writing this article in a manner that would be useful for everyone and not just those looking to maximize their loyalty program value (If you belong to a loyalty program, it may be more worth while to choose that hotel belonging to the loyalty program and accrue the benefits. Note also, Expedia has a loyalty program that is valid with ANY hotels on Expedia with similar privileges of most hotel loyalty program recognized at their +VIP member hotel. These are most often boutique hotels that don’t have their own loyalty program and so offer such loyalty benefits to Expedia Gold and Silver members. It may be worth it with the added flexibility.)

The most common and probable reader is one who is either:

  • Living somewhere in British Columbia or Metro-Vancouver and looking for a Vancouver Airport Hotel with a Park, Sleep, Fly program (which can, and usually is cheaper than paying for parking at the airport parking lot…downside is your vehicle security and safety is not guaranteed nor insured – there has been many reported break-ins with park, sleep, fly customers. In this case, either the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel or the Accent Inns Vancouver Airport hotel would be a good choice. The Sandman Signature’s parking lot is too large and without security patrol hence being prone to security lapse and you may have to end up parking at their Signature property even if you stay at their Sandman Vancouver Airport property for long-term parking.)
  • A visitor to Vancouver looking for a Vancouver Airport hotel as a base for your travels across Metro Vancouver. Vancouver is very conveniently accessible from Richmond, BC with the Canada Line Station. (In this case, you’d want to choose either the River Rock Casino & Hotel, Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel, or Radisson Vancouver Airport Hotel. The River Rock Casino & Hotel – skip the casino – is conveniently atop the Canada Line station making it a direct trip to downtown Vancouver in about 15 minutes. The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is located in Richmond with a multitude of food options in this predominantly Chinese city with walking distance to shopping – if you forgot to pack something – and to the Canada Line Station as well as the Richmond Olympic Oval and a waterfront walk – great spot for plane spotting. It takes 20 minutes downtown by the Canada Line station at Brighouse Station. The Radisson Vancouver Airport hotel is located right at Aberdeen Station on the Canada Line and a stone throw away from Alexandra Road where most popular restaurants are found. It is also minutes from the Lansdowne Centre mall which rivals the Richmond Centre mall – the Richmond Centre Mall is generally more lively however with most major brands including The Bay and Sport Check.)
  • A transit passenger looking for a Vancouver airport hotel accommodation before the next leg of your flight. (In this case, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel would probably be your best bet if you prefer convenience and comfort. If you prefer value, consistency, and cleanliness then take a look at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport or Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel.)
  • You’re a local Vancouverite with an early flight to catch and would like to avoid the morning rush. (In that case, you want a Vancouver airport hotel with consistent airport shuttle, cleanliness for a simple rest, and good value..being relatively close to the airport would help as well. This would fit the description of Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel, or Pacific Gateway Hotel. At the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, you’ll find exceptional service that would be quick to compensate your taxi fare to your room if their shuttle is off schedule.) Vancouver Airport Hotel Tip:

First off, here’s a quick tip to get you a better deal on your Vancouver airport hotel. Go to or and look for the “Express Deals” on Priceline or the “Secret hotels” on Expedia.

You will be surprise at the deals you can find on Vancouver airport hotels on these sites.

I’ve booked a 2.5 star Accent Inn hotel for $70 CAD rather than the listed $150+ per night. I’ve booked the 3 star Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel for $63 rather than the $122 listed price. I’ve also gotten the three star four points by Sheraton for $79 rather than $150. Sandman Vancouver airport hotel occasionally appears for $63 rather than $120.

This is only useful if you’re looking for an airport hotel without extended parking privileges as these discounted rates do not come with these perks and neither are you able to add-on an extra fee for extended parking. (Some hotels may make an exception if they are exceptionally friendly but it’s best not to take the risk and pay the full rate if you’re looking for a Park, Sleep, Fly Vancouver airport hotel.)


Now, here are the Best Vancouver Airport Hotels:

Use this as a reference of which hotel to meet your needs.

#1 is for luxury without budget

#2 is for convenience, luxury, and budget

#3 is for value and budget – my personal favourite too.

#4 is for value and budget

#5 is for location, quality, and comfort


1) Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel:

You can’t get any nearer to Vancouver International Airport than the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. This luxurious four star hotel is located right inside YVR. If you’re looking for convenience and luxury without concern to your wallet then the four star Fairmont YVR hotel is your best Vancouver airport hotel option. It’s been voted as the #1 airport hotel in North America; how’s that for accomplishments and validation?

The Vancouver airport hotel is elegantly designed with plenty of glass floor to ceiling windows should you choose to have a room viewing the YVR runway for some plane spotting. The Vancouver airport hotel is sound proofed with amenities that includes a spa, pool, health club, and an award winning restaurant (Globe @ YVR). The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel also features the Jetside Bar serving tapas, cocktails, and music.

The hotel access is by the trans-border check-in counters at YVR. As you would expect with any Fairmont hotel, you’ll be pampered with incredible service – the perfect way to refresh after a long flight or start your travels right. The location within Vancouver International Airport makes it a quick access to your room after your flight; you don’t need to worry about lugging your luggage about. Being located in Vancouver International Airport also means you can effortlessly walk to various 24/7 dining options like the classically Canadian, Tim Horton’s (in domestic departure terminal, the international arrival branch closes at 11 PM) along with 711 in the domestic arrivals if you’re looking for late-night snack from your jet lag. The location at Vancouver International Airport means the entrance of Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel is only five minutes to YVR Canada Line Station bringing you to Richmond or downtown Vancouver. (Do note, if you’re using the Canada Line to get to downtown Vancouver, the last train to YVR departs at 1:05 AM) Parking is available for an additional $28.50 per night.

Don’t be looking at this hotel if you’re looking for the best value; prices for the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel typically ranges around $300-$400 CAD depending on the season. A park and fly option for 8 days or 15 days is available which works out to about an additional $20/day parking charge on top of your room rate and a $15/day parking charge on top of your room rate respectively. This means your room rate is $519 CAD (before tax) for a 15 days Park N Fly or $474 CAD (before tax) for a 8 days Park N Fly during April 2018 period searched.

Trip Advisor

Address: 3111 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A6

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Pictures:

Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel rooms

Luxurious room at Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel.

YVR hotel

Backdrop of snowy mountains and planes. The Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel is conveniently in YVR.

Vancouver airport hotel restaurant

Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel features exquisite dining at the award winning Globe @ YVR restaurant. Perhaps take a relaxing tea break?


2) River Rock Casino Resort – Vancouver Airport Hotel:

We’ve listed River Rock Casino Resort hotel #2 as the best Vancouver airport hotel because of it’s convenience, location and amenities. This Richmond, British Columbia hotel does not offer complementary airport shuttles however they are located right on the Canada Line at Bridgeport station (the split track to Richmond downtown or YVR) which makes it easy access from Vancouver International Airport. However, if you’re looking to catch an early flight (many international flights at YVR depart around 3-4 AM) or arriving on a late flight, do note that the Canada Line stops operating at 1 AM from YVR; you can still take a cab which is about $20.

In terms of hotel amenities, the River Rock Casino hotel is joined to the River Rock casino… just walk over the indoor connector to the next building. The casino is opened 24 hours and features a bar along with some fast-food style eateries within the casino. There’s a cafe outside the casino that opens till about 7 Pm. As with most casinos, there’s also an excellent international buffet at casino (about $30 for dinner). Other amenities includes a resort-like pool and spa.

Location wise, “the hotel” is nicely located by the Bridgeport Station which makes it easily accessible to the airport or downtown. Arguably the BEST location second to Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel because the Canada Line station gives you easily accessibility to downtown Vancouver and downtown Richmond within 15 and 5 minutes respectively. Driving to downtown Vancouver or Richmond would take about the same time, which you would then also have to worry about parking and it isn’t as relaxing to drive in an unfamiliar city. (Parking is expensive in Yaletown especially.) Imagine arriving on a tiring long-haul flight and having to wait 30 minutes for an airport shuttle, “the hotel” is only 5 minutes from the airport by the Canada Line SkyTrain. (Did you know Metro Vancouver’s Millennium Line SkyTrain is the longest autonomous rapid transport system in the world? The Canada Line is not actually operated by Translink – BC’s Public Transport Crown Corporation – like Millennium Line SkyTrain but ProTrans BC, a private corporation, and why we have limits on the train frequency despite the ability to add further capacity for better commuting experience. Adding more frequency to the existing contract would incur added penalties to Translink, however the train still runs every 3 minutes each way – 6 minutes at YVR & 6 minutes at Bridgehouse – during peak hours on a two-car train…12 minutes during off-peak hours.) The Canada Line departs from YVR airport every 7 to 14 minutes depending on the hour. You can also catch a Canada Line SkyTrain downtown in under 20 minutes from the River Rock hotel just steps from the hotel; as the Bridgeport station is a bridge between the split track to Richmond and YVR airport, the train frequencies are every 3 minutes usually. Besides being located on the Bridgeport Canada Line station and having various dining options in the casino resort, there isn’t much going on around the property; there’s the Fraser River (working river with nothing much to see – if you’re keen on sight seeing, take the Canada Line to Richmond and walk by the river along the Olympic Oval. You can watch wild life, sunset, and see planes landing at YVR from that trail.) and Costco within walking distance. It is easily accessible to Richmond downtown through the Canada Line station and Vancouver downtown also by the Canada Line station. The River Rock Casino Resort hotel however is also very easily accessible to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal; bellow the Bridgeport Canada Line station is a busy bus interchange with a direct bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal if you’re planning to hop over to Victoria, BC. All in all, the River Rock Casino hotel is an excellent Vancouver airport hotel for it’s convenience in location and amenities that you won’t find with other YVR hotels. The only draw back being in the flight path, you will hear the occasional roar of planes. Service-wise is hit or miss. (Also the casino has been known locally to have been used in money laundering of foreign cash. Doesn’t speak too well of their business practice that such could go unattended.)

Prices at the River Rock hotel near Vancouver airport are around $150-$250 depending on the season. You can typically score a Priceline Express deals (look for 4 stars) for an extra 25% discount. Quite good value relative to your options for Vancouver airport hotels on the Canada Line. Score yourself a good deal on Priceline for “the hotel” at River Rock Casino Resort (four-star property with 8+ Rating and Casino – the only hotel with a Casino amenity on Priceline Express in Richmond, BC).

Trip Advisor

Address: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8

River Rock Casino Resort Pictures:

River Rock YVR hotel double rooms

The rooms at River Rock YVR hotel. Right across the RiverRock Casino Resort.

RiverRock YVR hotel pool and fitness

Resort style pool and full fitness facilities at the RiverRock YVR hotel.

RiverRock YVR hotel exterior

“the hotel” at RiverRock Casino Resort is just 5 minutes by SkyTrain from YVR airport and under 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver by SkyTrain. SkyTrain station right outside the hotel.


3) Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

This Vancouver airport hotel is a local favourite. They are known for value, clean rooms, and local service. It’s not a large franchise chain but it is very reputable locally if you’re looking for a great value on a clean hotel in Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna, or Victoria. Accent Inn is the BEST Vancouver airport hotel if you’re looking for value. This Vancouver airport hotel is a no-frills hotel with clean rooms and good pricing. Ask any local to recommend you a Vancouver Airport hotel, and most would probably name Accent Inn. It’s a local British Columbia hotel brand that emphasizes on family-friendly, pet-friendly, value-driven, local-service hotel. If you want friendly, local service then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel is where you would find it.

The service has never disappointed so far. The rooms are clean and they have a nice coffee machine in the lobby that’s free for guests. (Unfortunately, it’s instant coffee machine and not the fresh brew type) The rooms are recently renovated. Amenities at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel isn’t exceptional but it’s fitted with a fitness room along with a hot tub. They have a 24 hour airport shuttle to YVR which can also be requested for a drop-off at Bridgeport Canada Line Station. (As mentioned, the Canada Line Bridgeport Station provides predicable access to downtown Richmond in 5 minutes or downtown Vancouver in 15 minutes. SkyTrain intervals operated every 3 to 12 minutes depending on peak or non-peak periods.) In the event that the shuttle is full or excessively late, you can usually take a cab and have the bill reimbursed by Accent Inns.

The location isn’t too great however as it isn’t near any major transport or shopping hubs. It’s convenient to the highway and you’ll find quite a few truckers stopping by on their drive. There’s also an iHops right by the hotel (which isn’t anything to write home about). Thankfully right across, about a 5 minutes walk, is Fogg n Sudds from Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel which has a good bar, breakfast buffet ($7 for continental breakfast, and $13 for full breakfast buffet) and lunch menu. Your Accent Inn room card gives you 10% discount at both these dining options. The hotel is quite a distance from YVR (5.2 KM to Vancouver International Airport) although they operate bi-hourly shuttle services to and from the airport. The shuttle is frequently off schedule however so you’ll end up waiting still. These shuttles run 24 hours (some hotels only run shuttles to 1 AM so ask about the shuttle service before booking elsewhere). As Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel is located near a major highway, there may be some traffic noises for the front facing rooms; the rooms are generally well insulated for noise but if you’re sensitive to noise, request for a back-facing room and the friendly, local front desk staff would be happy to accommodate if they can.

What you’d really like about Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel however is the clean (recently renovated) rooms, good service, and even better pricing. Definitely one of the best Vancouver airport hotel for value and consistent service/cleanliness. Parking is free as well. Prices at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel are much simpler than most other hotels that have varying rate base on demand; Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel rooms usually average $119/night during the off-peak season (March) and even just $169/night during the peak season (July). This is much better than the usual $250/night for a three-star Vancouver Airport hotel during summer. Vancouver hotel prices can get fairly astronomical during peak periods where the average room rate is easily mid $300+ even at budget hotels. It’s noticeable that Accent Inn Vancouver Airport endeavours to keep their prices simple, valuable, and competitive without much fluctuations even during peak periods. (presuming an advance booking) Keeping a loyal customer base and rewarding them with great prices. If you need a clean and consistent Vancouver airport hotel without the bells and whistles but good value then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel should be your pick; it is a good fit for families, budget travelers, and business travelers on a budget.

Trip Advisor

Address: 10551 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 3L8


4) Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport:

The Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (not Express) is located right across the Accent Inn. It’s gotten a 4 star review on Trip Advisor. We’ve listed it much like Accent Inn. It’s a good value Vancouver airport hotel. Score yourself a nice deal on Priceline and this hotel comes to about $63 CAD/night ($79 CAD after taxes and fees). Once again, it’s not in the best location but the rooms are clean, the service is good, and the price is right.

Hotel amenities includes a laundry room, fitness room, as well as a restaurant – Fogg n Sudds. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet each morning which is $7 for continental with free flow coffee or $13 for eggs, sausage, hash buffet with continental and coffee (quite a good spread).

One thing I didn’t quite like about the Holiday Inn Vancouver airport hotel (and why it’s #4 instead of #3) is the house keeping took some of my duty free for a stay over (The term used by hotels when a guest stays for more than one night and housekeeping is not required.) on a three day booking when I came back from an international flight (was out of town of 1 month) and was heading to the United States. The hotel also has an interesting vibe …in a wrong way, maybe it was those cellphone receptors on the building.

Overall Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel is a good option for business trips, family rests, or a park and fly option. If you give them your cab receipt, it’ll be pro-rated to your hotel receipt. Holiday Inn Vancouver airport is a 3 star hotel priced around $124-$150 depending on the season. Look for a Priceline Express deal for about 50% off 🙂

Trip Advisor


5) Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel was the first Vancouver airport hotel I stayed almost 7 years back when FIRST arriving in Vancouver. It offers airport shuttle service, a pool, restaurant, and centrally located in Richmond, British Columbia; Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is right in the heart of Richmond. This pet-friendly Vancouver Airport hotel in Richmond, BC is easily and rightfully one of the best Vancouver airport hotel with a great location, Hilton service, amenities, and clean room – perfect for business, family, or leisure travels.

You can expect consistent Hilton service and clean rooms. The rooms are modern and refreshed. It’s an older Vancouver airport hotel but well maintained. Amenities at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel include a consistent airport shuttle (shared with Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel and the Vancouver Airport Marriott on the adjacent properties), a business centre, fitness room, hot tub, heated pool, concierge, and an on-site restaurant – CAVU.

We like Hilton Vancouver airport hotel for it’s location. It’s a good place to stay and walk about Richmond. You’re only 5 minutes to the Richmond Center shopping mall (a big shopping mall in Richmond/Vancouver with H&M, food court, Hudson Bay, GAP, and so forth). There’s also no shortage of food options around the area. Arguably one of the best locations for a hotel in Richmond, BC, the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is nestled in the middle of Richmond with walking distance to major shopping centres, the waterfront trails, the Canada Line station, and a plethora (over used word) of dining or entertainment options. It’s far away enough from the busy Number 3 Road and the noise of the Canada Line SkyTrain but close enough to the convenience of these major transport options. The Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is also minutes from the tranquil nature trials along the Fraser River (great spot to catch a look at Vancouver Airport, the sunset, and Vancouver). It is also near the Richmond Olympic Oval building which is a developing neighborhood along River Road; in case you happen to want to do some real estate shopping.

A bit of nostalgia and location is why Hilton Vancouver airport hotel lands #5 on our list of best Vancouver airport hotel. Rates are around $200-$300 depending on the season which is standard price for a 4 star hotel; you won’t find it on Priceline unfortunately. They offer Park, Stay, and Fly option which provides 21 days parking with your reservation for about $22 CAD on top your standard room rate. If you’re looking to accumulate your Hilton Honors status nights in Richmond, BC, the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel is where you want to book. (There is another Hampton by Hilton but the location is much more industrial and older building – however it includes breakfast, good service, and is right outside the Vancouver Airport exit road – Bridgeport Road – to Richmond.)

Trip Advisor:

Address: 5911 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC V6X 4C7


Best Vancouver Airport Hotel Conclusion…

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If you’re looking for a clean and comfortable hotel near YVR I’d personally choose Accent Inn YVR. The Accent Inn brand is a local BC hotel chain with locations in Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond, and Kelowna. It’s locally owned and very well managed. They strive to provide local expertise and great services. Park and fly is offered at most of these hotels as well; a great option for out of town guests looking to save on parking.

We hope you find it valuable regardless of what type of YVR hotel you were looking for. Please leave your comments, feedback, or suggestions bellow.

More Vancouver Airport Hotels:

You won’t go wrong with any of these choices either:

Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel: Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel is a bit worn but it’s good for a rest up before or after a flight. It runs 24 hour shuttles and it has good service. Find it on Priceline Express for 40% cheaper.

La Quinta Inn YVR: La Quinta Inn is the perfect hotel for a family. It has clean rooms, free breakfast buffet, and VERY reasonably priced. Typically you’ll be looking at $80-$120/night and on Priceline Express deals you get an extra 20-25% off. You’re also located RIGHT in Richmond near the Lansdowne Mall and on the Alexander street lined with restaurants. Do note that the rooms at La Quinta Inn are older.


Vancouver Airport Hotels with Shuttle:

Most Vancouver Airport Hotels offer complementary airport shuttles. Here’s a full list of Vancouver airport hotels that provide complementary shuttle to Vancouver Airport.

  • No Shuttle: Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel (0 KM) – Located right at the Vancouver International Airport, access within the airport from the Trans-Border check-in counters.
  • No Shuttle: River Rock Casino Resort (3.6 KM) – Located right at Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line. The hotel has a connected entrance from the Canada Line station. It takes about five minutes by train from the airport to the hotel. Translink charges a $5 surcharge on top of the one-zone fare of $2.75 for YVR Canada Line station (we love taking your money ;)).
  • Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel (5.2 KM) – Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. Shuttles operate 24 hours with a smaller shuttle when arrivals/departures are slower. They share their shuttle service with Travelodge Vancouver Airport so you may see the shuttle carry both logos. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport (5.4 KM) – Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport shares their shuttle with the sister property, Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Express. They have a small 12-seater shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes on 15 and 45 mark. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel (3.6 KM) – Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel complementary airport shuttles are shared with the trio of properties around the area, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (this is not the Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport), and Vancouver Airport Marriott. The shuttles are very punctual and arrives every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. They take the route to the airport from Gilbert Road which generally has less traffic than the route most other airport shuttle services take. Hilton Vancouver Airport is also nearer to the airport than Holiday Inn or Accent Inn so it helps make the airport shuttle service quicker as well. The trio of Vancouver airport hotels share about five or six shuttles so even in peak periods, they should be able to handle capacity. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport (4.7 KM) – Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport shares their shuttle service with Accent Inn. The airport shuttle will stop by Accent Inn and then loop back to Travelodge Hotel on it’s way to the airport. The shuttles arrive every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour.  24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport (4.2 KM) – Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport provides 24 hour shuttle service on the hour and half an hour. Some guests have reported occasions where the shuttle was not running till 4:30 AM. The shuttle service is shared with the sister property at Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Vancouver Airport Marriott (3.6 KM) – Vancouver Airport Marriott shares their shuttle service with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (3.6 KM) – The hotel adjacent to Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel shares their shuttle service with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. Shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Pacific Gateway Hotel (2.8 KM) – Located just outside the airport, Pacific Gateway Hotel is as close to the airport a hotel can get without being in the airport (Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel). They offer 24 hour shuttle services every 20 minutes. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport (3.2 KM) –  The Westin Vancouver Airport is just slightly outside Vancouver International Airport after exiting by Bridgeport Road. They provide airport shuttle service from 4:30 AM to 12:30 AM, every 30 minutes.
  • Radisson President Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.2 KM) – Located relatively close to Westin Wall Centre. (in a more developed part of Richmond. Comparatively, The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is still relatively remote if you’re looking at walking distance.) Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport complementary airport shuttle is frequently full of airline crew from Cathay Pacific and other Asian airlines arriving in Vancouver. They operate their shuttle 24 hours but you must call the hotel for a pick-up and make a reservation from the hotel to the airport. Guests have noted issues with confirming shuttle appointments by front desk; do ensure you request a confirmation card of your shuttle booking. Guests have noted the shuttle drivers are exceptionally friendly, personable, and genuine. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Located right in the heart of Richmond, Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport is a small recently renovated hotel with 24 hours shuttle service to YVR. It operates every hour according to their website but generally you need to call the hotel to request a pick-up; the phone number is 604-244-3051. You may also use the courtesy shuttle phone at the shuttle waiting area to call Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport directly (free) once you’re at the waiting area.  24 Hour Airport Shuttle
  • Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport is a large Vancouver airport hotel with apartment suites available. It’s a little worn. The shuttle service is timely every 30 minutes but not operating 24 hours. The Vancouver airport shuttle operates from 5 AM to 11 PM daily.
  • Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport (3.5 KM) – Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport is a small hotel located beside Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport. They operate their own shuttle every 30 minutes on the hour and half an hour. The shuttle only runs daily from 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • Days Inn Vancouver Airport (3.6 KM) – Shuttle service is available when calling from the courtesy phone at Vancouver Airport shuttle waiting zone. Their complementary shuttle service only runs till 12:30 AM (departing YVR). The shuttle service commences at 4:30 AM. This is not the ideal Vancouver airport hotel base on guest reviews; a nearby hotel is the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport which is similar in price for a better Vancouver airport hotel.
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport (3.6 KM) – Shuttle service is available at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport however the earliest shuttle starts at 4 AM. It runs very half and hour. The Hampton Inn is a smaller hotel right outside the bridge to Vancouver International Airport on Bridgeport Road. The shuttle service ends at 11 PM.
  • Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport (3.8 KM) – Shuttle service at Four Points by Sheraton is shared with Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport. They run every 30 minutes till 12:30 AM. The airport shuttle starts at 3:45 AM from the hotel. The shuttle has been noted to skip passengers at terminal if needing to catch back on schedule for trips from the hotel to the airport. Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport does not reimburse taxi fare. Shuttle service may request tips. Require to call Four Points by Sheraton to arrange pick-ups from the airport. You’re better off booking at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel IMHO.
  • La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport (4.1 KM) – Complementary shuttle services is available upon request when you arrive in Vancouver; call La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport to book a shuttle to the hotel or YVR. Their shuttle service ends at 9 PM however and does not start until 9 AM.
  • Sandman Vancouver Airport (4.6 KM) – Consistent, simple hotel relatively near the airport and opposite Tim Hortons. Shuttle runs every 30 minutes. Guest have noted unfriendly shuttle drivers; shuttle service at Sandman properties is contracted to a service provider. Shuttle service does operate 24 hours however. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service
  • Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport (4.9 KM) – Shuttle service is shared with their sister property at Sandman Vancouver airport. 24 hour shuttle service arriving at the airport every 15 and 45 minutes on the hour. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond (14.5 KM) – Located quite a long ways away from Vancouver International Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond (south of Richmond actually) still provides 24 hours airport shuttle to YVR. 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service

Vancouver Airport Hotel Shuttle Waiting Zone:

The waiting zone for all Vancouver airport hotels are the same; you just have to look out for your hotel’s shuttle – it can be tricky as some are not notably marked. You catch the shuttle at the designated waiting zone. Any of the airport staff upon arrival would be glad to point you to the right direction. If it’s winter and it’s cold, walk over to the domestic terminal because the shuttle waiting zone is covered and heated. The international shuttle waiting zone is outdoors as you would find when you exit heading towards to the airport parking – looking right after the taxi/limo stands. The domestic shuttle waiting zone is one floor bellow arrivals where the 711 and liquor store is and towards the airport parking exit. (Another benefit to waiting at the domestic terminal means you can buy wine and snacks before heading to your Vancouver airport hotel – this is useful if you’re staying at Accent Inn or Holiday Inn where there isn’t any convenience stores nearby. Keep noted however that airport shuttles arrive first at the international terminal waiting zone before the domestic terminal waiting zone so it may be full by the time it arrives at the domestic terminal during peak periods.)

Vancouver Airport Hotel Shuttle Service:

Note, that many hotels in Richmond, BC will operate their shuttle service together. Several Vancouver Airport hotels contract their shuttle service while several operate it themselves. (Generally those that operate the airport shuttle service themselves, you can expect a more friendly and personable experience. Those that contract the service – while it should represent the brand/experience at the hotel from the shuttle – it doesn’t. So don’t judge the hotel by the shuttle experience. Don’t hesitate to complain however – with a smile.)


Park, Stay, N Fly Vancouver Airport Hotels:

Most hotels in Richmond offer Park, Stay, N Fly options. Just inquire about their extended parking rates. Here are some notable Vancouver Airport hotels that provide Park, Stay, N Fly options:

  • Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel: Great value for park, sleep, and fly as a Vancouver airport hotel. Secure parking lot.
  • Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel: Good value for Vancouver airport hotels and park, sleep, and fly. Friendly service.
  • Sandman Vancouver Airport Hotel: Large parking lot at Sandman Signature. Good value for park, sleep and fly options.
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel: Great value for park, sleep, and fly options.
  • Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel: Pricier parking but it is right by the airport.
  • Pacific Gateway Hotel: Pricier Park, Stay, N Fly option. The four star Vancouver airport hotel is one of the closest hotels to Vancouver International Airport and offers shuttles every 20 minutes. The four star hotel is a good choice for many travelers but average nightly rates are $300 CAD per night off-peak season. (Searching for March 22, 2018, it is $279 CAD regular $227 CAD for BC residents and $297 for a 8 day Park, Stay, N Fly, $300 for a 15 day Park, Stay, N Fly, $304 for a 22 day Park, Stay, N Fly rounded up to the nearest dollar. While the room rates are higher, the Park, Stay, N Fly option is only $21 more for a 15 day parking or $25 for a 22 day parking. Additional parking days after 22 days is $5 extra per day.)  These are similar rates to the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel right at the airport. Presumably, if you’re choosing a Park, Stay, N Fly option you are looking for parking relatively close to the Park N Fly prices (ranging from $15/day to $50/day depending on the parking lot you choose).
  • Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport: Park, Stay, N Fly options available.

Other Park, Stay, N Fly options are not as great. Quite often there are vehicle break ins with Park, Stay, N Fly options so remember to remove any valuables from sight. Certain hotels have better safety features than others like Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel (parking in a lot) and Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel (security roaming the parking lot at night – also to verify permits).


Brief Description on ALL Vancouver Airport Hotels:

We want this resource to be as useful as possible to those looking for a Vancouver airport hotel. As a relatively frequent traveler, I know it can be hard to book a hotel without knowing much about a hotel’s neighborhood, quirks, or intricacies. Booking a franchise hotel certain helps standardize the quality but when it comes to convenience of location and differences between hotel, it can help to know a little about the neighborhood in making your decision of which Vancouver airport hotel to choose. To help make your decision of choosing a Vancouver airport hotel, we’ve taken the time (many hours) trying to catalog and summarize everything you may need to know about each Vancouver airport hotel or hotel in Richmond, BC. (There are only 23 Vancouver airport hotels in Richmond, BC area.) We hope this information will help you make a better decision and more informed choice; the lack of perfect information is the source of many inefficiencies.

While we’ve recommend our choices for the best Vancouver airport hotels, along with other safe bets that you can consider, here are the remaining Vancouver airport hotels and what you need to know about them. (their location, their hotel category, and fun facts)

Note: While many Vancouver airport hotel have already been mentioned in the earlier segment about Vancouver airport hotel shuttle service, we’ll attempt to put a greater emphasis on the locality and amenities of these Vancouver airport hotels and the suitability for your travel needs. There will be some redundancy/repetitions with the hotel descriptor however so please feel free to bypass this segment and skip to information about Vancouver unless you may be booking at one of these Vancouver airport hotels mentioned bellow. The hotels will not be listed by distance from the airport as the Vancouver airport hotel shuttle was done above but by preference and guest ratings.

Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport: Located in downtown Richmond, British Columbia, this Vancouver airport hotel offers complementary airport shuttle, complementary breakfast, along with recently renovated rooms. Room prices are usually around $125/night for off-season and $200/night for peak-season. It’s quite an acceptable no-frills accommodation choice in Richmond, BC for its location in the heart of Richmond and value. Guests have noted that rooms and service will vary; they have a few inconsistent rooms (some rooms are smaller, some rooms are corner with nice windows). The location is similar to Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, and Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. It is relatively near to No 3. Road and walking distance to Richmond Centre mall as well as the Canada Line Brighouse Station.

Address: 7228 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1

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Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel:

The Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel is located right besides the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. If you’re looking a convenient Vancouver airport hotel in downtown Richmond, BC then this may be a good option. It has a 24 hour shuttle service shared with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel along with an on-site restaurant, 24 hr fitness centre, and an outdoor heated pool. If you want to know more about the hotel’s location, please read our description of Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel above. Average rates are around $300 CAD/night for off-peak season; considering the price you could consider booking at Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel for greater convenience at YVR. (Providing you’re transiting through YVR. If you’re looking to explore the city, then a hotel in Richmond, BC may be a better option for transportation as you’re liable to a $5 surcharge for all transit departing YVR. However, in such situations it is recommendable to consider booking a downtown Vancouver hotel as YVR to downtown Vancouver is only a direct 20 minutes trip by the Canada Line SkyTrain. There is more going on in downtown Vancouver than Richmond and it is a more convenient base to various point of interest across Vancouver. It is also more scenic and quintessentially Vancouver.)

Address: 7571 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

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Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport:

Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport is one of the closest hotels to Vancouver International Airport domestic and international terminals. (and the south terminal) It is located before the Sea Island Way bridge that connects you to the rest of Richmond, BC. There is nothing much going on around the area as it is pretty much just the airport industrial area however Pacific Gateway Hotel is located besides the Fraser River towards Richmond with a waterfront restaurant called Pier 73. (Currently closed for renovations till Spring 2018 but a lobby restaurant + bar is available at Pacific Gateway Hotel.) Their shuttle service runs every 20 minutes and takes no more than five minutes to the airport without traffic. (There is occasionally congestion on the road towards the terminal – Grant McConanchie Way) Average rates are about $300/night for off-peak and $230/night for off-peak BC/Washington/Yukon resident rates. It isn’t very convenient staying here if you don’t have a car and intend on visiting Richmond as it is not near any Canada Line SkyTrain stations; the airport shuttle takes you to YVR however every departure from YVR on the Canada Line is an added $5 surcharge per person. If you’re a group of four, you’re better taking a $20 cab ride. There is a less frequent shuttle to MacArthur Outlet Mall where you can take the Canada Line but that operates periodically not regularly throughout the day. The location is not walk-able to Richmond, BC.

Address: 3500 Cessna Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1C7

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The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport:

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is just outside Sea Island Way bridge on a newly developed plot of land. The Westin Wall Centre is actually a hotel that’s part of the Wall Centre apartments. (Residents of the apartment are also able to use the hotel amenities like fitness centre and swimming pool. Thought it may be worth a mention.) It is a four-star hotel within proximity to downtown Richmond. The area is a good 10 minutes walk from any actual food or shopping; there is however a hotel restaurant called Apron @ YVR. The shuttle is not 24 hours but operates from 4 AM to 12 AM daily; it is shared with Four Points by Sheraton however. It may not be your ideal choice for a Vancouver airport hotel due to its price, location, and amenities. You may be better off choosing a Vancouver airport hotel with 24 hour shuttle service in a better location such as the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. For the same price category you can book a room at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel or the Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport (with 24 hour shuttle service) if you’re looking for something closer to the Westin Wall Centre hotel. If you’re looking for another SPG property, then the Four Points by Sheraton would be about 30% cheaper.

Address: 3099 Corvette Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4K3

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Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport:

The Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is located right opposite the Canada Line Aberdeen Station. They offer a 24 hour shuttle service to Vancouver International Airport. Location wise, the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is relatively close to YVR (almost similar distance to the Westin Wall Centre but in a more developed and convenient location). It is a popular choice for flight attendants especially Cathay Pacific, Eva, and a variety of other Asian carriers. There is a restaurant on-site, “Fresh Restaurant & Lounge” which is known for their prime rib night. There is also a long-standing Chinese mall with Yaohan (Chinese supermarket) and a food court sporting various cuisines namely bubble tea shops, Chinese mix rice take-out, Korean food, Singaporean/Malaysian food, along with a traditional tea shop. The Yaohan supermarket is usually very crowded with flight attendants around 7-9 PM where cooked food go on sale; the Chinese mix rice in the food court will also offer clearance prices on their cooked food. Located opposite the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is a large mall complex known as Aberdeen Mall with a variety of restaurants and shopping. (Aberdeen Mall hosts H-Mart, a Korean supermarket along with a food court on the top level and variety of stores.) Further, connected to the hotel is the President Plaza mall (same address – the Radisson Vancouver Airport Hotel used to be called Radisson President Hotel Vancouver Airport) with another food court (plenty of convenient dining options around the area as you probably notice) and a buddhist temple. The service at Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is generally good however do note that the hotel is old and notably worn on the inside base on guest comments. They have noted a plan for upcoming renovations. (It was built in 1994.) The hotel provides free-wifi and has a fitness centre, heated pool, and 24 hr business centre. Average rates for off-peak season is about $225 CAD/night. There has been a spate of negative reviews recently due to the renovations, prices, and service; for $200 CAD there are other options such as the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. (I’ve been recommending it again and again; we’re not paid to do so – it’s just the location of the hotel and value truly is a good option for downtown Richmond. The Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport has good potential once the renovations are completed.) To close off this write-up, to think about it…the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is actually in an excellent location if you’re looking for convenient dining options. (Please do not dine at the “Red Star Chinese Restaurant” as would be recommended by the shuttle driver because there’s plenty of great food choices nearby.)

Address: 8181 Cambie Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3X9

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Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport:

The Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport is another excellent option for those looking to book a Vancouver airport hotel. The Hampton Inn is notably an older hotel in a more industrial location. There is however a small strip-mall located nearby where you can find Burger King for some quick eats along with a bubble tea shop (they are everywhere in Richmond being predominantly Asian population) along with a Chinese-themed supermarket (which has its own dining section with roast meats and take-out if you’re looking for something different – there was a incident at this supermarket a while ago where people got sick from food poisoning). It is a very basic property with no restaurant on-site but has a fitness centre (no pool). It is a good choice if you’re arriving for a cruise as they provided shuttle service to the cruise terminal. Expect your typical Hilton service (slightly lower at this property) along with free breakfast, and a 24 hour shuttle service. Room rates are $175 CAD/night on average during off-peak season that includes breakfast and parking. They also offer Park, Stay, N Fly option.

Address: 8811 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1S1

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Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel is the one of three hotels in the same block. (Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel & Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel being the other two.) Much like Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel and Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel offers 24 hour shuttle service. Parking is an extra $15.75 CAD per day which works out to about $17 after taxes. They have a hot tub and outdoor pool along with a fitness centre. Location wise, it is the same as our write up earlier about Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Property wise, the Sheraton is a low-rise hotel rather than the high-rise hotel with Hilton and Marriott properties. It does also appear slightly older. The hotel does have more amenities than the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. They have a restaurant on-site and guests have noted the service at the hotel is according to expectations. Rates are around $250 CAD/night during off-peak season which is about $40 cheaper than Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. It’s quite a good Vancouver airport hotel that you can certainly consider along with Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel for its location in downtown Richmond, clean rooms, and friendly service. Hilton does have slightly better service. Redeem or collect your SPG rewards here; Platinum members have access to a club lounge. (Hilton in contrast does not have an executive lounge.)

Address: 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

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Days Inn – Vancouver Airport:

Days Inn – Vancouver Airport is a Wyndham hotel. (generally less consistent or preferable to Hilton, SPG, or Marriott hotels) The hotel is notably dated. The hotel is located right besides the Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport which means it is mostly an industrial area. It is about a 10 minutes walk to Bridgeport Station for the Canada Line. It also includes a free breakfast, parking, and an airport shuttle service (not 24 hours – 4:30 AM to 12 AM). The rooms rates are around $125 CAD/night during off-peak season. Don’t expect Hilton customer service, rooms are a little dated but new furniture in some.

Address: 2840 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2H3

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Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport:

It is a budget airport hotel near to Richmond downtown. The Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport hotel is located right besides Quality Hotel Airport South hotel. They provide complementary breakfast and shuttle service. Rooms are slightly run down and rates are around $112 CAD/night during the off-peak season.

Address: 7188 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A1

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Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport:

Another budget airport hotel in Richmond. The Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport is a cheap Vancouver airport hotel with rates around $93 CAD/night during the off-peak season. The hotel has a complementary airport shuttle.  There was formally a restaurant called “The Pantry” on site but it was closed and now up for lease; the restaurant had numerous health safety violations prior to being closed which was reported in the local news. (Repeated hygiene concerns and rodent issues at The Pantry.) The hotel is not known for cleanliness and the building is quite old however it is a very cheap Vancouver airport hotel. It would be advisable to pay a little bit more and stay at the Sandman Vancouver Airport that’s right besides Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport or an even better option being the Accent Inns Vancouver Airport which is about two blocks further down the road on St. Edwards Drive with a 24 hr shuttle and newly renovated, clean rooms. (Safe to say you probably won’t enjoy your time in Vancouver staying at Travelodge Vancouver Airport Hotel base on the repeated string of one-star reviews on Trip Advisor. The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would probably be your best bet with expected quality & consistency along with lower prices than Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel.)

Address: 3071 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 3K4

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Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport:

A standard Vancouver airport hotel right opposite the Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport South and Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport. The shuttle service runs from 5 AM to 11 PM daily. The furnishing is old and the hotel looks tired as noted by some. (Numerous negative feedback such as mentions of caked in dust, leaky sprinkler, and old furniture. This review isn’t too flattering as well and neither is this review all within the first 15 recent guest reviews.) The hotel is older and less maintained than the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, or the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel just a block away. The room rates are around $100 CAD/night during the off-peak season. Reasonably good rate for Vancouver airport hotels but certainly not the first choice with the options available around the area. The main concern would perhaps be the limited shuttle hours and older rooms. They have one, two, and three bedroom suites available for family gatherings/vacations along with meeting facilities. The hotel is not as popular, grand or hip as their website make it sound, however. The hotel property hosts the Celli’s Modern Irish Pub which makes dining convenient but also poses as a noise disturbance to guests near the pub.

Address: 7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

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Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport:

Your standard, above-average Vancouver airport hotel. The Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport is not to be confused for the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (higher category property). This three-star hotel provides the amenities you would expect which includes a shuttle from the airport; the shuttle is not 24 hours but runs from about 4 AM to 12 AM. The shuttle is shared with The Westin Wall Centre hotel. The location of the hotel is on the food enclave of Richmond, Alexandra Road. The hotel exterior isn’t too welcoming as you are greeted with construction and limited entry points with two abandoned property (at the front road towards Lansdowne Centre, and to the right of the property towards No. 3 Road. These are the two major roads. The main entrance is from Alexandra Road which has plentiful food/dining options but you would have to walk an extra 5 minutes from Alexandra Road.) Room rates for the hotel are $140 CAD/night on average for the off-peak season. Rooms are basic and slightly worn; they do not use individual bath products but wall hanger soap/shampoo/conditioner. (It is great for environmentally friendly practice however may not be as hygienic; on a tangent, you notice most environmentally friendly practices hotels adopt are those that reduce costs.)

Address: 8368 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 4A6

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Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport:

For most, the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport is a good Vancouver airport hotel. It is not for the tourist nor those looking to make their Vancouver airport hotel a base for travels across Vancouver because the location is fairly remote as is the Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport. It is however suitable for transiting passengers looking for simple rest along with Park, Stay, N Fly options. You will find recently renovated rooms, friendly service, and complementary breakfast. The walls are a little light allowing in sounds from the Costco opposite the hotel however there is the option of the back facing rooms. Prices are about $150 CAD/night during the off-peak season. In summary, it is a good Vancouver airport hotel for most guests who want a clean room, comfortable bed, and airport shuttle (24 hours). The location is a bit far from the Canada Line but still a 15 minutes walk. Newly renovated rooms make for a refresh experience.

Address: 9351 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1S3

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Coast Vancouver Airport:

A very cheap Vancouver airport hotel that is a little out of the way. Located on SW Marine Drive which is actually Vancouver instead of Richmond, the hotel is about 10 minutes drive from the airport. The rates are cheap at $100 CAD/night during the off-peak season but the rooms are older. There isn’t really much going on in the area and you are very far away from the Canada Line station which would presumably be your main source of transportation to downtown Vancouver and varying tourist attractions.

Address: 1041 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 6L6

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Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Resort:

Once a great property, now past its prime. The Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Resort is the larger property Sandman has in Richmond, BC (which was formally a Ramada property – bought over, renovated, and added with a few towers, pools, slide, fitness centre, and tennis court to make a resort. Speaking of hotel acquisitions… Fun fact, the Executive brand formally had the Executive Inn Express Richmond which is now Richmond Lions Manor – you’re not missing out on much as that hotel had horrible guest feedback.) So back to Sandman Signature, the property is very large with four dining options, Denny’s (24 hr diner serving breakfast fare, fast food burgers, and diner food), Chop Steakhouse & Bar (steakhouse and bar food/snacks), Shark Club (a lounge & bar serving pizzas, wings, and the likes.), along with a Jugo Juice (wraps, quick eats, smoothies, juice) in the Steve Nash Fitness World. The Sandman Signature has a swimming pool with a slide, an outdoor pool with courtyard, an indoor tennis court, along with the Steve Nash Fitness World attached. Guests can get a free one-time pass to the Steve Nash Fitness world attached to the property. The Sandman Signature is right besides the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport. The property has much potential unfortunately it doesn’t appear that up keeps have been made with housekeeping, customer service, or maintenance leading to guest frustrations rightfully. The Sandman Signature has a large parking lot which isn’t ideal for Park, Stay, N Fly as some have reported break-ins. They share a 24 hour shuttle service with their sister property just down the road at Sandman Vancouver Airport hotel. The rooms depend on whether you’re getting the Provincial Suites (ground floor) or one of the three towers. One tower is mostly used exclusively by flight crews (with a flight crew lounge). Average nightly rate for off-peak season is $125 CAD/night which is actually quite a deal. (Usually it would be $299 CAD/night but presumably the lack of up-keep and negative reviews have affected their room rate as well.) It is quite a good Vancouver airport hotel and the staff are generally friendly. It should be considered on your list of Vancouver airport hotels to choose if the price is right because it is a Vancouver airport hotel with quite a few amenities to your liking. Worth taking a chance for the right price; kids and families would especially enjoy the water slide and pool while dads will enjoy the convenient dining options with Denny’s for an easy family breakfast.

Address: 10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 2M9

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond Hotel: A long ways away from Richmond downtown and Vancouver International Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond Hotel is located on the Southeastern corner of Richmond, BC. The hotel does provide 24 hr shuttle service to YVR but it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the airport from Riverport. Besides its distance from YVR, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites RiverPort Richmond Hotel is actually outstanding on merits of customer service, and management. Room rates are about $165 CAD and includes breakfast. Around the neighborhood you’ll find a few restaurants such as the Old Spaghetti Factory, ice skating ring, laser tag complex, and a Cineplex movie theatre. It seems suitable for families stopping over in Vancouver, however the location isn’t great if you’re looking to explore Vancouver, BC as it would add an additional 10 minutes drive each way compared to any other Vancouver airport hotels.

Address: 10688 No 6 Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1E7

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Lastly, if you’re still hanging on with us on this article…we wanted to share some information that may be helpful for those coming to Vancouver for the first time. Information about Vancouver International Airports such as the baggage claim, transport, and food (very important haha) along with information about Vancouver, British Columbia such as our geography, weather, greater Vancouver area, and currency. We’ll also share a little bit about customs/culture but Vancouver culture/customs isn’t much different from any other American/Canadian city.

Information about Vancouver International Airport (YVR):

Here are five things you may want to know about Vancouver International Airport:

  • Vancouver International Airport has been voted the BEST airport in North America for eight years consecutively. (SkyTrax) Not as good as Changi Airport in Singapore but Vancouver airport is certainly cleaner, newer, and more efficient/friendly than most airports in North America. Functional and artistic still, not quite as many entertainment/to-do options for transits or layovers. (We do have free Vancouver walking tours during summer.)
  • If Vancouver is your first point of entry to Canada, you do have to go through immigration and customs regardless if you’re travelling on wards. Once you leave the plane, you can only go out through immigration and baggage claim before you re-enter through security.
  • Vancouver International Airport has a Trans-Border terminal to one end, the international terminal in the middle, and the domestic terminal to the other end. It’s connected so you do not need to transfer terminals per say, just walk across the indoor space.
  • Arrivals are on the lower floor while departures are on the upper floors. To connect between the International Arrivals and the Domestic Arrivals, you have to go up one level then walk to the domestic. (This is useful during winter if you prefer to wait for your Vancouver airport hotel shuttles indoor at the Domestic terminal than having to wait in the cold. We’ll have a video for you here on getting from the International arrivals to the Domestic hotel shuttle waiting zone. The benefit to waiting for your Vancouver airport hotel shuttle at the domestic area as well is the convenience of picking up some food at the 24 hours 711 before your shuttle arrives – usually every 30 minutes – or grabbing some wine at the liquor store located besides 711.)
  • Vancouver International Airport has various 24 hours dining options along good variety in the international terminal food court. (Literally walking from International departures to Domestic departures is just 3 minutes; it’s not a big terminal. Walking from International arrivals to International departures is just 2 minutes – up an elevator.) There is a 24 hour 711 by the domestic arrival and 24 hour Tim Hortons by the domestic departures. Most dining options close at 11 PM. Food is important while you’re travelling 😀 I’m only mentioning those before security because upon arrival, you will have to clear immigration and customs immediately – you cannot re-enter the secure area of the terminal as you do in the States and linger before heading out to baggage claim. (There is however a 24 hr Church’s Chicken located after security; the same as Texas Chicken for those in Asia.)

Information about Vancouver:

  • Vancouver’s International Airport is actually in Richmond, BC not Vancouver, BC.
  • IATA Code: YVR
  • The population of Vancouver is approximately 630,000 with 2.3 million people in the greater Vancouver area.
  • Vancouver is a very internationally diverse city that’s liberal leaning in ideology by majority.
  • Vancouver is a coastal city; our weather is moderated by the body of water meaning generally milder winters and summer. Since, Vancouver has mountainous range, we do get a lot of rain on the left side of the mountain which is basically Metro Vancouver region…on the interior BC such as Okanagan, certain regions are deserts. We’re one of the few cities where you can have a BBQ by the beach then head skiing on Mount Seymour or Cypress Mountain in the same day.

When you’re arriving to Vancouver from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you’ll actually be arriving in Richmond, British Columbia. The Metro Vancouver area is comprised of several municipalities with Vancouver as its hub. Vancouver is neighbored by Richmond to the south and Burnaby to the East, followed by New Westminster, Port Moody, and Coquitlam respectively. With this said, downtown Richmond is no more than 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver by the Canada Line SkyTrain. Likewise, the heart of Burnaby at Metrotown is no more than 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver by the Expo Line Skytrain which travels at 45 KM/hour on average. This means several things, Vancouver is not very far from Richmond or Burnaby and can be considered as one city though governed by separate municipalities. (Even the upcoming 2018 Vancouver election allows voters outside of Vancouver so long as residing in BC..that emphasizes the importance of Vancouver and connectivity of the region).


Vancouver Weather:

In Vancouver, the weather is probably the most common, popular, preferred, and contentious talking point for small talk among locals. You can’t go wrong talking about the weather – for good reason.

In Vancouver, it rains 161 days per year! Yes, that means almost half the year it’s raining. Most of these rainy days are also congregated within the months of November to February as well where it may rain days on end. (Literally, it can rain for 7-14 days straight.) Vancouver is Canada’s 3rd rainiest city after all. If you’re visiting Vancouver during the season of fall (September-November) or winter (December-March) be sure to bring some warm weather, and expect some rainy days. However, if you’re coming during spring or summer, it’s mostly sunshine and great weather.

Spring: Beautiful time where you’ll see cherry blossoms and flowers blooming in Vancouver especially about Marpole neighborhood in Vancouver. Weather is perfect usually. Often you’ll find around 15-24 Celcius (59 Farenheit to 75.2 Farenheit) with moderate amount of rain. Once mid-March hits, you rarely get downpour of rain as you do in February. The hotels are still cheap in mid-March to late-March before the cruise season starts while the weather is ideal for enjoying and exploring Vancouver…many Vancouver tourist activities and tours also begin kicking up their frequency and operations. So, this is actually the ideal period to visit Vancouver if you’re here on leisure especially family vacations in Vancouver. (The biggest expense of travel is usually the hotels.)

Summer: Recently, Vancouver summers have been quite (unbearably) hot but usually the weather is moderated because Vancouver is a coastal city so the sea helps take some heat away in summer.

Fall: Fall is beautiful as Vancouver does have many deciduous trees scattered across our coast so you can see wonderful colours of yellow, orange, and red.

Winter: Vancouver winter is mild. We get plenty of rain.


Vancouver’s Public Transport:

Translink is the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority; they are responsible for public transport, major roads, and bridges in metro Vancouver.

You can plan your trip with their Trip Planner here but Google Maps is just as good (if not better) with integration to real-time bus/transit timings through a Google Maps & Translink collaboration. (Experience however is that Google Maps sometimes doesn’t plot the quickest route.)

Quick Things to Know about Vancouver Public Transport:

1) Tickets cost $2.85 per adult for one-zone. $4.10 for two-zones. $5.60 for three-zones. (Refer to Zone Maps here. Getting from Richmond – Vancouver Airport, to Vancouver – downtown Vancouver is considered two zones.) Your fare is valid for 90 minutes on SkyTrain, Bus, and Sea Bus.

2) Trips departing from Vancouver International Airport are subject to a $5 levy. (One way we get more money from you tourists to cover the Canada Line building cost. :D)

3) If you plan on using public transport as your primary means of transportation, it would be recommendable to get yourself a day pass for $10 which can be purchased at any Compass Card Vending Machines or any retailers that sell Translink products (most grocery stores like Save on Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Safeway along with convenience stores like 711 and independent convenience stores will sell them if you’re not near a Compass Vending Machine). If you register your Compass Card online, you can also purchase your day pass online.

4) The most convenient way to utilize Vancouver’s Public Transport is to purchase a refundable Compass Card for $6. (You can return your card for a refund of the deposit along with any value in your card at 590 Beatty Street, it is the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station.) This will allow you to tap and use the stored value on your card; the Compass Card works on both buses and SkyTrains. It also makes the fares cheaper for you. With the Compass Card, you will pay $2.20 for one-zone, $3.25 for two-zone, and $4.30 for three-zones.

5) You do require a Compass card or Compass ticket to utilize the SkyTrain system (tap in and out on the access gate). Buses still do have functional coins payment method but they do not accept bills however the bus ticket is not transferable for use on SkyTrains meaning you have to pay again whereas the Compass tickets can be used on both buses and SkyTrains – remember you’re not paying per use but by zone with unlimited travel in 90 minutes. (Most often, if you do not have coins on hand, the driver will let you get to the nearest station.) You can pre-purchase Compass tickets at the Compass vending machines and tap them to activate only when you want to use it. (The value remain stored until you utilize the tickets.) Compass tickets are available only for one-time use and cannot be reloaded with new value. The easiest and most economical as mentioned however is the reusable Compass cards. Upcoming in summer of 2018, you will be able to tap your credit card on buses; once again it does not permit for transfers. In short, if you’re going to use the transit, do yourself a favour (note the our and not or – Canadian spelling :D) and get a Compass card at the YVR Compass vending machine by the Vancouver International Airport terminus station.

As with most public transport, it takes 2 times longer to get to your destination, unless, you’re only using the SkyTrain system – which would be faster than driving.

  • The easiest way to travel around metro Vancouver with public transport is through the Canada Line, Expo and Millennium Line “Sky Trains”.
    • Canada Line: The first SkyTrain you’ll likely use if availing yourself of public transport. There are 16 stations between Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, and Vancouver. It’s convenient, consistent, and clean usually. Go downtown Vancouver from YVR in under 30 minutes. Going to downtown Richmond from YVR is about 20 minutes (requiring a switch at Bridgeport Station.)
    • Millennium Line: This train takes you from VCC-Clark (Vancouver Career College) in Vancouver to Coquitlam, British Columbia by way of Burnaby. (I would highly recommend a visit to Coquitlam – the suburb of Vancouver as it is a quaint suburb city with magnificent outdoor opportunities. Perhaps take a look out after dinner at Westwood Plateau or taking a hike along the Coquitlam River. Check Rocky Point Park in Port Moody and try some Rocky Point Ice Cream.) It takes about 35 minutes from end to end through 17 stations.
    • Expo Line: The oldest Sky Train system in Vancouver, it takes passengers from downtown Vancouver to Surrey. (A running joke among Vancouverites is never to fall asleep on the SkyTrain in Surrey. Take from that what you will. Just be careful if you’re visiting Surrey and avoid being outside at night.) The Expo Line also takes you to Production Way University Station and to Coquitlam. (Split track at Columbia between King George in Surrey or Production Way University. So if you’re on the Expo Line, be sure to known which destination your train is headed.) There are 24 stations on The Expo Line which takes 40 Minutes to King George Station in Surrey, or 40 Minutes to Lougheed Town Centre in Coquitlam. You may take this train if you’re trying to reach Coquitlam and transfer to the Evergreen Line extension on the Millennium Line at Lougheed.
  • Extensive bus network. The most likely bus you’ll be using is the #4 bus, #5 bus, #7 bus, #10 bus, and #99 B-Line bus which will get you across to most tourist attractions in Vancouver from downtown Vancouver. (Such as Kitsilano, Granville Island, or English Bay.)
  • Sea Bus: Vancouver has a Sea Bus that operates from Vancouver Waterfront Station to Lonsdale Quay (Another popular tourist attraction as well; it has a nice market with a few unique food options there such as donuts. You can also then grab a taxi or transit to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge which is a free alternative to the infamous Capilano Suspension Bridge – which has a free shuttle from downtown Vancouver but tickets are $43.) It takes about 15 minutes to make your way across the Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver and the ferry-bus leaves every 15 to 30 minutes.
  • West Coast Express: The West Coast Express is a commuter train that uses the commercial rail way track. It is popular commuter train to get from Coquitlam to downtown Vancouver in 30 minutes. The train actually travels as far as Port Haney, BC and Mission City, BC. It may be an interesting experience for tourists who wish to visit Port Moody, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, or Mission because the train travels by Vancouver’s waterfront. The train goes Westwards to Vancouver during the morning and Eastwards to Coquitlam during the evenings. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path experience of Vancouver…you may consider taking the 3:50 PM train to Port Moody (24 minutes waterfront ride) and then the SkyTrain back to downtown Vancouver. In Port Moody, try Pajo’s Fish N Chips, Rocky Point Ice Cream, and take a walk along the four connected tidal parks. Finish off your visit with a walk to New Port Village for some coffee or Suter Brook Village for some fresh baked goods at Cobs Bread.

If you’re wondering, Vancouver does not yet have Uber or ride sharing due to government. You are stuck either with taxi, car hire, or transit for your transportation options. The taxis can be very slow if you’re arriving at the cruise ship terminal; they are notorious for rejecting customers as well if the distance isn’t long enough or if it is too long. (Taxis are regulated by their zones as well; they cannot pick up customers on the street outside their assigned municipality.)


Vancouver Currency Exchange:

Vancouver uses the Canadian Dollar. If you’re looking for the best Vancouver currency exchange, read the article linked.

  • Vancouver Airport Currency Exchange: If you’re arriving at the airport, there are several money changer kiosks both before or after security by the same service provider, ICE Canada, but the rates are notoriously high with transaction fees. No competition.
  • Vancouver Airport Royal Bank Kiosk: There is a Royal Bank kiosk at the airport but they do not provide currency exchange services.

Most merchants (food, beverage, and service industries) in Vancouver will accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard – there are few merchants with exclusive credit brand acceptance.) so you don’t really require Canadian dollar urgently unless you plan on eating in Richmond. (many Chinese restaurants, especially at the food courts will only accept cash.) Visa and Mastercard is so widely accepted in Vancouver, even the Translink buses will soon accept direct credit card payments on the buses. If you do require cash urgently, you can withdraw from most ATM networks but they will charge a $2-$5 service fee on top of your international transaction bank fee.

Ideally, wait till you get to downtown Vancouver or Richmond to change your money. There’s a rather good money changer right at Vancouver City-Centre station (Canadian spelling again for centre, not center :D) called Charlie’s Money Changer (827 Granville Street) and another one being Vancouver Currency & Bullion Exchange (800 W. Pender Street, Unit #120). Both do not charge transaction fees and may offer rates similar or better to banks.

Your hotel will likely be able to exchange small amount of currencies for you (especially if you’re arriving with US dollars) so you may wish to check-in directly to your Vancouver airport hotel even if you require Canadian currency urgently.


Vancouver Cellphone Service:

One of the most important questions you may have is cellular service in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver has four major cellular network providers. (1) Telus (2) Bell (3) Rogers (4) Freedom Mobile – Shaw. Each four have different roaming agreements with various cellular networks globally. Most established cellular networks will have multiple roaming agreements with Vancouver wireless network providers so reception shouldn’t be a concern if you’re roaming.

There are two options you may consider with cellphone services in Vancouver for tourists:

  • Roaming: If you have a roaming plan activated on your phone, you may wish to keep your current phone number. Make sure per usual to turn off data to avoid any billing surprises unless you do have a data roaming plan. Check if your cellular provider regarding your roaming charges. This is the ideal option if you’re not planning on making many phone calls because it saves the hassle of changing your sim card.
  • Pre-paid Plan: If you’re in Vancouver for an extended period of say 14 days and will be talking frequently with friends/family in Vancouver or for work then consider getting a pre-paid sim card.

The easiest pre-paid plan is going to the 711 at Vancouver International Airport and buying a $10 or $25 Speak Out Sim Card. Speak Out prepaid cellphone plans is a virtual mobile network that uses Bell and Telus networks. (Bell for pre-paid and Telus for their monthly plan.)

You can also consider going to Aberdeen Mall, Richmond Centre, or Lansdown Mall in Richmond, BC (or downtown Vancouver) to purchase a pre-paid sim card directly at a Bell, Rogers, Telus, or Freedom Mobile kiosk.

Doing an analysis on all four mobile carrier pre-paid plans would not be useful as they are often similar – Rogers’ does have slightly better customer service but that probably isn’t your concern. Generally, Pay as you Go Plans with the Big 3 carriers are billed monthly (so if you’re here for 14 days, you’re still paying 30 days); there are some great deals however that may be cheaper than Speak Out prepaid plans. If you’re looking for a simple activation using only for talk & text then use the 711 Speak Out pre-paid plan. If you do require data, then look into Bell, Rogers, Telus, or Freedom Mobile pre-paid plans.


Advice – Avoid “Vacation Rentals” and Airbnbs:

Honestly, as a local, I would recommend you avoid illegal Bed and Breakfast along with AirBnbs. It is a very contentious issue in Vancouver at the moment; there is also no way to guarantee what you would be getting if you choose to take this route. Some Bed and Breakfast (Bnbs) claim to be 2.7 KM from Vancouver Airport (that’s the same distance as Pacific Gateway Hotel) but there’s no homes anywhere near 3.5 KM from the airport.

Further, many of these AirBnbs do this without city approval or taxes (business tax, GST, & DMF – Canada has a lot of taxes). In Vancouver where the vacancy rate is 0%, locals don’t take too kindly to tourists and business travelers booking illegal apartments that should otherwise be on the lease market. Most municipalities/cities/towns across the world do not permit rentals shorter than 30 days, some like Singapore set a minimum of three months.

Basically, if you’re going to rent an AirBnb then know that most locals would not take too kindly to it. Tourism should not work against the city.


(As fair disclosure, we do receive a small commission for any bookings through – it does not affect your booking and it is often better alternative to or Priceline, unless you’re booking Express/Hidden deals. Price comparisons show is often the cheaper OTA; my speculation is they cut their own profit slightly to compete. Hotels pay OTA up to 30% of your reservation for bookings through them… you still pay the same rate, just that OTAs get around 30% of the room rate for their fees.)

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