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5 BEST Hotels in Richmond, BC – COMPLETE Richmond Hotel Guide

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Welcome to our article on the best hotels in Richmond, British Columbia on

In this article, we seek to provide you with all the necessary local insight to choosing the right hotel for your visit to Richmond, BC. This article works in tandem to our best Vancouver airport hotel article. The difference between our best Vancouver airport hotel and our best hotels in Richmond article is this segment will focus largely on the presumption that you’re intently looking for a hotel in Richmond, BC for your leisure or business travels and not for the convenience of an airport hotel.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver airport hotel, we’d suggest you take a look at that article linked. It will provide a closer insight on which amenities Vancouver airport hotels provide for travelers such as complementary airport shuttle and locality to YVR. In this article, we will not be discussing about airport shuttle nor proximity to the airport but the focus will be on the hotel amenities, service, and value. We’d look at it from the perspective of someone looking for hotels in Richmond, much like our other metro Vancouver hotels guide inclusive of hotels in Burnaby, hotels in Coquitlam, hotels in New Westminster, hotels in Vancouver or hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Thanks for following along. If you have any questions or comments about Richmond, BC …or Richmond, BC hotels – please leave a comment in the comment section bellow and we’ll be glad to help!

Meanwhile, you can also read our guide to Richmond – Everything you want to know about Richmond, BC before visiting, if you want to learn more about Richmond, BC.


5 Best Richmond, BC Hotels:

First off, we understand the best hotel in Richmond for a family of four with two kids in tow hoping for some fun at the hotel with pool amenities, open space, maybe outdoors garden area, and possibly a game room, …would not necessarily be the best hotel in Richmond for a business traveler seeking convenience, seamless service and speed, with a well appointed business centre if needed.

Hence, we’ve categorized our recommendations for the BEST hotels in Richmond BC (from a local’s perspective) into the top 5 BEST hotels in Richmond with a category devoted to each purpose of travel.


1) Best Luxury Hotel In Richmond, BC –


2) Best Cheap Hotel in Richmond, BC – Accent Inn Vancouver Airport

Why Accent Inn Vancouver Airport?

This is one of the easiest decision on this list of the best hotels in Richmond, BC. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond with friendly service, clean rooms, and no-frills but still a reasonable 3* hotel then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport is your go-to choice.

This is your choice if you’re looking for a cheap but good hotel in Richmond, BC.

(1) Cheap – Prices at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport are often the cheapest option in Richmond Hotels

(2) Clean – The rooms are not your typical budget/cheap hotels. Accent Inn prides itself with consistently clean room and good housekeeping that checks sheets and rooms are properly cleaned.

(3) Comfortable – Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel while on the budget hotel pricing offers a no-frills 3* hotel with local service providing for a comfortable stay whether you’re visiting on business or leisure. No grudging service as you might with budget hotels.

(4) Renovated – The Richmond hotel has been kept properly up to date and maintained but they also completed a full renovation bringing the rooms to a even better standard for guests.

(5) Local – The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel is a local BC hotel chain that is family owned with properties in Victoria BC, Burnaby BC, and Kelowna BC. It’s a West-Coast family company that cares about their guests and community. A well run, cheap hotel in Richmond that doesn’t disappoint.


Downsides to Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

(-1) Location: The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel may not be an ideal location if you’re looking to visit Richmond, BC. The location is more towards an industrial/office complex and opposite is a busy highway. It is a good location if you’re looking for a cheap airport hotel and using the complementary airport shuttle (shared with Travelodge – notoriously bad hotel in Richmond, BC).

Other than that, the location is nothing to boast about but it’s safe and cheap. It’s also convenient if you have a car because getting from the Richmond hotel to downtown Richmond is a brief 10 minutes drive.

(-2) Amenities: The hotel is a cheap Richmond hotel that’s 3* standard. It’s very acceptable cheap hotel in Richmond but it’s not famed for its amenities. While some Richmond hotels may have resort like amenities, at the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel, there is very limited amenities which includes a (1) fitness room (2) hot tub (3) patio. You do get more than what you pay for at the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel but it is very lean on amenities if that’s what you’re looking for your travel.

It makes for an excellent Vancouver airport hotel and still a very good value Richmond, BC hotel.


Who is Accent Inn Vancouver Airport for?

Cheap Richmond BC Hotel. Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would cater very well to those looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond, BC – but surprisingly, you’re still provided with a clean, comfortable, safe, and friendly accommodation at Accent Inn Vancouver airport.

The Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel would be very good choice, the bet choice, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Richmond, BC with comfortable, clean, and safe accommodation you’d expect from an average 3* hotel at the price you’d expect from a 1* to 2* hotel.

It is a BC local hotel chain that is known for surpassed value and affordable prices for travelers. They cater largely to truckers but the rooms are well appointed, clean and suitable for a wide demographic of travelers including families, solo travelers, budget business travelers, and sometimes airline crew.


Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel Location:

The Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel is located in a more rural area of Richmond, BC but still highly convenient to Vancouver International Airport and a few minutes drive from Richmond Centre. The location would rate a 6/10; you have dining options and it’s a safe area (as with all of Richmond and most of Vancouver) but it’s not the most accessible without a car.

Food & Dining around Accent Inns Vancouver Airport:


Do you need a car staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel?

Yes. While the immediate vicinity may not offer many options for dining or exploration, the hotel can serve as an excellent base for your travels or business visit in Richmond, BC.

Ride Sharing/Personal Car Services/Cabs:

You should have no problem staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel using ride-sharing.

Location is no longer a concern with ride-sharing coming to British Columbia. Formerly, the only option for personal transport in Vancouver among tourist and business travelers was cabs or hiring a personal driver; cabs however were notoriously unreliable and often dirty.

New legislation will bring ride-sharing option to British Columbia in Fall of 2019. With ride-sharing you can get to your destination effortlessly from your hotel. While licenses are still being applied for, you can expect to find (1) Uber (2) Lyft (3) Kabu and a variety of other ride-sharing services. There are more ride-sharing options in Vancouver due to its late introduction (providing time for competition to play in a new market).

Local Tip – Another “ride-sharing” choice is Kater which is actually a subsidiary of sorts by the taxi lobby who have lobbied politicians for eons to block ride-sharing so your mileage may vary using Kater.

Using Public Transit at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Due to the nature of its location, the hotel is best suited if you plan on having a car. If you do not have a car when visiting Richmond, BC – the hotel does have an Airport shuttle that goes to Vancouver International Airport where you can connect to the Canada Line (however departing from Vancouver International Airport will incur a $5 surcharge on top your regular fare) bringing you conveniently to downtown Vancouver or downtown Richmond. Furthermore, the hotel often provides guests the opportunity to take the shuttle to Bridgeport Station (where the River Rock Casino Resort is located) which will provide effortless access to downtown Vancouver and downtown Richmond.

Using public transit while staying at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel might be a hassle but it is not exceptionally inconvenient; you can take a 10 minute bus to downtown Richmond or request the hotel’s airport shuttle to drop you off at the BridgePort Station Canada Line for an easy train to downtown Richmond in 3 minutes or downtown Vancouver in 20 minutes.


What else should you know about Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel?

As with many hotels in Richmond, BC… Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel underwent a full renovation with rooms finding new decor, new carpets, and new beds. This will ensure your experience is more pleasant as the hotel has been gracefully aging before the renovations.

The suite rooms will also offer guests Keurig coffee machines while standard rooms have standard coffee machines.

This Richmond Hotel prides itself on local service. It’s not a fancy property by any means, it is near the highway but noise is rarely an issue. If you’re concerned about highway noise then requesting a room on the back of the property facing an office/industrial complex would be ideal.


3) Best Business Hotel in Richmond, BC –


4) Best Families Hotel in Richmond, BC –


5) Best Unique/Boutique Hotel in Richmond, BC –


More good hotels in Richmond, British Columbia:

There are currently 25 hotels in Richmond, BC – by and large, many of these Richmond hotels will provide a comfortable guest experience for those visiting Richmond, BC.

While we’ve tried to sort the 5 BEST hotels in Richmond, BC with local insight, there are still many good hotels in Richmond, BC that deserve a mention. This is where we can share with you other great choices to pick in Richmond, BC if you’re looking for a Richmond, BC hotel. Especially during peak periods, many hotels will be sold out or highly priced, having more options you can consider will benefit you as they all are very competitive in terms of being the BEST hotels in Richmond, BC.



That concludes our article on Richmond, BC hotels. As always, if you have any questions about Richmond, British Columbia, Vancouver, or Metro Vancouver…we would love to get in touch with you and help you with your questions! (maybe write an article on it.) You can get in touch with us through the Contact Us form or simply leave a comment bellow this Richmond hotels article.


Complete Guide to Richmond, BC Hotels:

Now, while we wouldn’t recommend staying at these remaining hotels in Richmond – in compiling the BEST hotels in Richmond, BC – we wanted to ensure that no stone was left un-turned.

As such, we carefully considered and learn about EVERY hotel in Richmond, BC for a fair and conclusive comparison.

For your benefit, here are the remaining hotels that were not featured in the “5 BEST hotels in Richmond” or the “More Good Hotels in Richmond” segments – which you may still be keen on learning about your available options for accommodation in Richmond, BC.

We’ve categorized all the remaining hotels in Richmond, BC while also providing a quick reference to what you need to know about each hotel – consistently we look at (1) Price & Value – That’s what I personally care about when travelling (2) Demographic/Hotel Range (3) Amenities (4) Location (5) Pros & Cons + Facts. We hope this will provide a useful resource for you concerning Richmond hotels. The goal is to provide all the important and relevant/critical information on one page so you can make an informed and simple decision yourself for which hotels in Richmond, BC will best suit your needs/wants – whatever you’re looking for! (Even if it’s a cheap roach motel, or a 5 star resort.)


What you need to know about Richmond, British Columbia:


Richmond, BC local area attractions:


Richmond, BC – Good/Unique Dining Options:


Things to do in Richmond, BC:


Best Hotels in Burnaby – Everything You Need to Know about Burnaby Hotels

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Here’s what you need to know about hotels in Burnaby, BC if you’re looking to book a Burnaby hotel for yourself -> which are the BEST hotels, the hotel location information, and how to get the best deals on top-rated hotels in Burnaby, BC.


Best Hotels in Burnaby + Everything You Need to Know about Burnaby Hotels

Welcome to, your source for local insight to Vancouver, BC and Metro Vancouver.

In the following article, we’re going to reveal the BEST hotels in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, you want to be reading this. ūüėÄ

=> Click here to find the BEST rates on the BEST Burnaby Hotels.

Getting Deals on Burnaby Hotels you won’t find on Expedia or Priceline or Trip Advisor:

We have found that the newer booking site (owned by CTrip which is a publicly traded company) offer hotel bookings cheaper than Expedia or Priceline by as much as 35% cheaper and it is a reliable online travel agency. It is actually much easier to use than Expedia as shows you the room rate and then the rate after taxes on the front page even before you go to the booking page. So you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much you’re saving easily.

We have no hesitation recommending for booking your hotel in Burnaby. ACTUALLY, the Accent Inn Burnaby for October 22 to 23rd is $205 CAD on and $240.35 CAD after taxes BUT ON TRIP.COM, it is only $179.18 CAD with an added $31.59 CAD “ Exclusive” discount bringing the room rate AFTER TAXES to $169.73 CAD making it

It was so much cheaper, I had to do a double take to ensure I took the comparison dates correctly. has consistently been cheaper than (except for luxury hotels like – which you should book direct anyways for these type of hotels to get a better deal) but this is remarkably $70.62 cheaper or 30% cheaper is almost unheard of.

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Burnaby, we would recommend checking FIRST and then comparing your price to Expedia or Priceline. Do note also that Trip Advisor was actually owned by and receive 43% of their revenue through advertising partnership with Expedia… they currently do not price-check with which is a newer online travel agency but owned by the largest booking company in China (CTrip)

Long story short, if you want a great deal on your Burnaby hotel, check first and then Expedia or Priceline to price compare because Trip Advisor price comparisons conveniently leaves out some cheaper options. As you see in the screenshot bellow, Trip Advisor shows the cheapest rate is $209 (the same rate as Expedia) without making mention of


Note that Accent Inns Burnaby usually isn’t $209 CAD/night but I’m doing the price comparison on October 9, 2019 and October is still relatively high occupancy usually and they likely are low on available rooms so higher prices. You can usually expect Accent Inn Burnaby to be around $140 CAD a night on average.


How to use this Burnaby Hotels list:

The goal is providing as useful a resource as possible for those inquiring about Burnaby hotels… as such, bellow our five recommended Burnaby hotels, you will also find a list of all available official (registered) hotels in Burnaby, BC accompanied by a brief description about the hotel’s location, class category, and amenities. We’ve also added our summary of each Burnaby hotel, and opinions to help you make a better decision when choosing your accommodation in Burnaby depending on your preferences for a hotel (luxury, experience, budget, value).

To close off our extensive write up on Burnaby hotels, we’ve also included a small section to provide a little more knowledge about the City of Burnaby (which will hopefully be useful if you’re spending a couple days in Burnaby).


Our Goal for this Burnaby Hotel Resource:

We hope to provide on one page, all the information you may require when searching for a Burnaby hotel, or your travels to Burnaby. If the hotels in Burnaby do not suit your preference, you could benefit from booking one of several hotels near Burnaby which we have also listed.


Thanks for reading about Hotels in Burnaby on

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to ask bellow if you have any questions about Burnaby hotels, the City of Burnaby, or the City of Vancouver. You may also use the contact us form to get in touch with VancityAsks, and we can help answer your questions personally.

(Spell checker may indicate that “Burnaby” is a misspelled word but it is correct.)


About Burnaby, British Columbia Intro:

First off, what do you need to know about Burnaby, BC. This is the basic information that you might appreciate learning about Burnaby, BC if you’re visiting Burnaby, BC.

If you prefer knowing more about Burnaby, BC and a complete traveler’s guide to Burnaby, BC with some local insight, then please feel free to read our “Burnaby, BC Guide – What you need to know about Burnaby, BC” resource.

1) Burnaby, BC is a suburb of Vancouver and part of Metro Vancouver: While for the purpose of convenience, many locals refer to living in Vancouver inclusive of cities like Burnaby, Richmond, Port Moody, New Westminster, and Coquitlam Рthey are actually different cities in Metro Vancouver. The region is closely linked with transit (SkyTrain) connecting the region along with amenities being very close. For example enjoying the unique parks in Vancouver, BC (like Stanley Park) while living in Richmond or enjoying the Fraser River waterfront while living in downtown Vancouver. (Note however that each city has their own public library and city services along with parking bylaw.)

The cities you will observe in your travels to Burnaby, BC will likely be City of Richmond (where you would arrive if entering by plane since Richmond is where YVR is located), City of Vancouver (which is the hub of everything that happens and where you will arrive if entering Metro Vancouver by cruise), City of New Westminster which is a small city adjacent to Burnaby, BC and also the oldest city in Metro Vancouver, as well as City of Port Moody for incredible outdoors and leisure at Rocky Point Park, and finally City of Coquitlam which is a fast growing and developing city – the fastest growth in the region actually. There are also Delta, Surrey, and Port Coquitlam but it is unlikely that your travels to Burnaby, BC will bring you to these regions. Especially be careful about Surrey as locals joke it is the dangerous region of Metro Vancouver (although getting better with the introduction of university city – Simon Fraser University campus in Surrey – and changing the demographic adding more tax dollars and safety.)

2) Metro Vancouver is very connected – Burnaby to YVR in Richmond, BC is only 1 hour by transit during non-peak periods by public transit… by car, it is only 40 minutes – you better be driving however because Vancouver still doesn’t have Uber or Lyft thanks to the BC NDP (British Columbia’s socialist party that is against competition and free market protecting the taxi lobby from competition. This statement won’t be updated even when ride sharing comes as an ode to their obstructionist approach to Vancouver’s business and tourism community.)

From your Burnaby, BC hotel – with it’s proximity to the SkyTrain network, you can access Coquitlam, BC by SkyTrian from Metrotown Station to La Farge Lake station (at the heart of Coquitlam, BC) in just under 45 minutes with Port Moody, BC being 30 minutes while New Westminster (the oldest city in Metro Vancouver) is just 20 minutes away.

From Burnaby, BC hotel to Downtown Vancouver is just under 20 minutes, and various regions of Vancouver or Burnaby through the SkyTrian network is accessible including Joyce-Collingwood or Commercial Broadway (otherwise known as “The Drive”) is within 15 minutes distance by the SkyTrain. Ironically getting to the other side of Burnaby at Brentwood is approximately 35 minutes as you loop around to the other side bypassing New Westminster and Coquitlam back into Burnaby.

All in all, if you’re intending on using the public transit during your visit to Vancouver (because Vancouver regrettably doesn’t have Uber yet) then finding a Burnaby hotel near to Metrotown SkyTrain station would be an excellent choice – good being near to the SkyTrain network for easy access across Burnaby, BC and Metro Vancouver.

3) Metrotown is the Biggest Mall in BC: Metrotown is no ordinary mall in Metro Vancouver, it is currently the biggest shopping mall in British Columbia. This has its many perks because you will find just about any major retailer at this mall – whether you need to pick up some clothing for a meeting, appropriate jacket for the rainy weather, or a new USB to lighting cable for your iPhone, you will find it at Metrotown in a one-stop shopping centre. The mall is slated for redevelopment shortly so what the future holds for this mall is up in the air. For now, it’s a convenient shopping option rigt across your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.

4) You will have Everything needed in Burnaby: Burnaby is the second largest city in Metro Vancouver. You will find every thing you need imaginable in the City of Burnaby from sushi restaurants to hot pot restaurants, tailors to dry cleaning, business centres to printing. Accounting services to legal services. It’s all in Burnaby, BC along with public library and city services. The only thing Burnaby, BC doesn’t have is an airport but the region’s international airport is in Richmond, BC – easily accessible to downtown Vancouver and downtown Burnaby, BC respectively. If something you need during your visit to Burnaby isn’t in the city of Burnaby, you’ll find it in the City of Vancouver or adjacent cities.

5) Your best choice is likely staying in a Burnaby hotel if you’re visiting Burnaby, BC: This might seem redundant saying, but is very relevant. If you’re visiting Metro Vancouver, the best cities to consider booking a hotel is either Burnaby, Richmond, or Vancouver proper.

– While if you’re visiting Coquitlam, BC – you might want to look for a hotel in Burnaby because there aren’t many hotel options in Coquitlam. Likewise, the situation with New Westminster. If you’re visiting Surrey, BC you might wish to book a hotel in Richmond or Burnaby because the safety in Surrey is not as consistent as Burnaby. ūüėÄ

– Sometimes, if you’re visiting Vancouver proper, you might wish to book a hotel in Richmond, BC or Burnaby, BC because it will be cheaper than Vancouver hotels especially during the peak summer periods. Surrey is where you want to book if you’re on a budget as three star hotels in Surrey range at $60 CAD per night during the off-peak periods! (Such as Sheraton Surrey) Yes, it’s incredible prices. (I did a lot of research and playing around with rates while writing our series of articles on hotels in Metro Vancouver.) To get this $60 CAD rate for Sheraton Surrey, you have to book through Expedia’s Hotwire Rates or Priceline’s Express Deals however. You can also try your luck at name your own price especially during the off peak season with good probability of getting it because occupancy rates in Metro Vancouver hotels range around 40% during the off peak periods (higher these days even during off-peak periods… since the Olympic and international publicity). I would suggest bidding approximately 10% lower than any Express Deals you might find on Priceline Express. (Because, you can bid once per day or you can change your locality – adding more cities and bid again so you got nothing to lose. If you don’t get your bid price, you can simply book the Express Deal. Tip – Never book lower than 3 stars for Express Deals OR Name Your Own Price. The higher the better for these discount mystery rates – the value you’re saving is the brand and luxury price… there isn’t much brand or luxury under 3 stars that you can save on and you’ll likely regret your choice of accommodation. I digress.)

However, because Burnaby, BC is indeed a large metropolitan city (second to Vancouver in the Metro Vancouver region) along with all the convenience and amenities you might desire, there are many hotels in Burnaby to choose from. The supply of hotels in Burnaby provides visitors with every option they might want from the budget one-star roach motel to the five-star exclusive hotel and resorts. The variety of hotels and availability makes Burnaby an excellent city to book your accomodation when visiting Burnaby, BC or even other parts of Metro Vancouver. So, if you’re in town for business – look for hotels directly in Burnaby, BC. The other city for consideration might be Richmond, BC followed by Vancouver proper.

There you have it, five things that you should know about Burnaby, BC. If you have any specific questions about Burnaby that could be helped from a local perspective, please use the comments bellow and we’ll be happy to help! You can also refer to the “Everything you need to know about Burnaby, BC article”


Five BEST Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the best hotels in Burnaby, BC. We hope this will be a useful resource for (1) finding the best hotels in Burnaby (2) finding a Burnaby hotel that suits your purpose & property preference (3) learning more about each of the mentioned hotels in Burnaby once you’ve chosen which Burnaby hotel you are planning to book for your visit to Burnaby, BC.


1) Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – Recommended for Convenience, Comfort, & Consistency as a hotel in Burnaby (Good value too):

Why stay at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown?

  1. Great Location: We have included details bellow on why Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides an incredible base location as a hotel in Burnaby for your business or leisure trip to Burnaby.
    It is very accessible across Burnaby, BC but importantly, there are many food & dining options nearby to return to after a day around Burnaby, BC. (If you’re out at meetings during the day or exploring Vancouver, when you come back to your Burnaby hotel, you want to be able to avail yourself to plentiful and good dining options that are convenient without searching far or driving again for dinner. Staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown means over 50 dining options are within a 5 KM radius of your hotel located in “Burnaby’s true downtown” – more on that later.)
  2. Hilton Service: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown truly embodies excellent hospitality and service for their guests. Concierge and front desk team at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown have been noted to walk to the SkyTrain station to guide guests to the hotel and assist with their bags from those arriving by SkyTrain from YVR. (Speaking of which YVR is only a 30 minutes drive, or 1 hour by SkyTrain. The SkyTrain goes as fast as traffic but the SkyTrain system doesn’t go directly to Burnaby from YVR but double the distance with a detour to downtown Vancouver before an exchange to the Millennium Line to Burnaby. It’s all easily connectable and a hassle free travel.)
  3. Comfortable & Consistent – good hotel in Burnaby: One of the perks of staying at a Hilton hotel or any credible hotel franchise is consistent standards and quality expectations to brand standards. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is no exception but actually exceeds most brand standards for Hilton hotels. Albeit the property is old (rather old) but the rooms are still fairly maintained and you can expect a comfortable bed with clean rooms and friendly service for your experience in Burnaby staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel. (They like to name it Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel to capture the Vancouver hospitality industry demand as well but Metrotown is actually located in Burnaby, BC not Vancouver. To their credit, Vancouver and Burnaby Metrotown are minutes apart anyways.)
  4. Four-Star Hotel amenities: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown has all the amenities you would want or need for a comfortable business or leisure trip to Burnaby, BC. While this Hilton hotel in Burnaby does not have a swimming pool, they are equip with a workout facility and a complete business centre for guest usage.
  5. Competitive rates for a hotel in Burnaby, BC: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown offers excellent value for those looking for a hotel in Vancouver, BC or a hotel in Burnaby. Being just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver by car, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent alternative for those looking for a quality experience without the price tag of a downtown Vancouver 4-star hotel. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides an excellent location in Burnaby, BC at the edge of Burnaby and Vancouver border. The price by comparison is around 25% cheaper than hotels in downtown Vancouver for an equally pleasant experience with food & amenities. Metrotown is a happening neighborhood in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, BC specifically the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is also competitively price; it is not the cheapest option compared to its neighbouring Holiday Inn Express Metrotown or the more secluded Accent Inns Burnaby however it’s very competitively priced especially if you’re a Hilton Honors member. The service is excellent but the building is old. You can expect competitive rates for a hotel in Burnaby, BC booking at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – in consideration of the service and factoring in the hotel’s wear & tear with age (still maintaining to the Hilton franchise standards). Book at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown if you’re looking for a good deal on a 4-star hotel in the Greater Vancouver Area or Burnaby, BC precisely.

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Location in Burnaby:

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is situated is a very convenient (but occasionally congested) location of Burnaby, BC. You will find lots of unique eateries around the vicinity (mainly Asian orientated but all variety of cuisines) as well as shopping and entertainment options. It is also very accessible by car or by the SkyTrian system (Vancouver’s mass rapid transport system – built from three distinct “train” lines across Metro Vancouver with connecting stations providing consistent and quick transportation), bringing you across Metro Vancouver to Vancouver or Coquitlam.

Points of Interest around Hilton Vancouver Metrotown:

Metrotown is truly an incredible community with plenty to eat and do; there is a high density of restaurants and various amenities in the area including a local park, a public library, as well as a movie theater. Metrotown is the largest mall in BC (but will soon be redeveloped into condos with a mall bellow) so you will be able to find every retail store you might need, however in the vicinity of Metrotown is a wide array of unique eateries, predominantly Asian (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) along with plentiful of dessert shops and drink places (Bubble tea – Asian remember? Pubs. Juice bar – we have a fair proportion of very healthy eaters in Metro Vancouver = yogis. Cafes – we have a really evident and growing cafe culture in Vancouver but this predominantly occurs in Vancouver proper – where there are more working millennials, yuppies, and hipsters – than the suburbs.)

Crystal Mall: Crystal Mall is a unique Asian mall in the midst of Metrotown. It has a clearly oriental leaning and describes itself as “The best oriental shopping centre in metro Vancouver.” The mall is attached to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. (Hilton Vancouver Metrotown has a separate entrance facing towards Metrotown Mall in Burnaby but they also have an interior entrance to Crystal Mall’s food court.)

Crystal Mall is quite a unique mall as mentioned, there is a traditional market at the centre of the mall… much like what you’d find at wet markets in Asia with an open concept and market stalls side by side selling everything from fruits and veggies to meats and fish along with food such as roast duck or Chinese roast pork (charsiew – which is actually known to be excellent at Crystal Mall located right under the food court by the escalators). The market in Crystal Mall is also known for very good (and fresh) bean curd drinks and curds. (‘douhua‘ in Chinese and ‘tau huay’ in Hokkien which is a pudding/curd made of soy beans, generally sweetened with sugar – else it’d be tasteless. It’s silky smooth however and very healthy for you with calcium and protein. Anyways, what you might want to know is the stall in Crystal Mall’s market – which is conveniently next to your hotel – is excellent for ‘douhua’. It’s eaten generally as a dessert or as a breakfast food so hop on there to get some soy milk in the morning with a fried Chinese donut.)

Besides the food at the centre of the market, the second level boasts a very extensive food court with a variety of delicious food that can be had. Fortunately for the guests of Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the food court is right at the private entrance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Going through that mall exit from your Burnaby hotel will bring you directly to the food court. What’s good? Firstly, the food court is known for excellent dim sum and roast pork located towards the left when you exit Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Next, try the Malaysian/Singaporean stall called Beansprout Chicken. There is also cheap breakfast fare to be had when you turn right towards the stall that sells a variety of fresh dim sum and porridge (with meat and eggs). The dessert stall besides Beansprout Chicken boasts some unique and delicious desserts like durian chendol¬† or you could go with the sure classics like Mango and strawberry ice (fresh mango and strawberries served on top ice drenched with evaporated milk and added with some sweeten red beans at the bottom and a variety of sweet toppings.) Then you have your typical mix rice options that you find at most food courts – Muncho Wok style.

Besides the food court and the market level eateries, there are a variety of unique Asian restaurants peppered along Crystal Mall in Burnaby on the outside that are worth trying. Some with spicy food and some with fried whole fish. It’s an experience (cultural experience) to be had right in Burnaby, BC. There is also a bakery in the mall that bakes fresh Chinese bread daily and is worth trying some. There is also a Beard Papa Cream Puff located within Crystal Mall (besides the food court) for you to enjoy some creamy desserts after your meal right within your Burnaby hotel complex. There is also a bubble waffle shop right besides the food court which is about 3 minutes walk from your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Should you be looking for a better sit in experience, keep walking along the Bubble waffle shop and reaching the end of the mall, you’ll find Top Gun Hot Pot which is hot pot buffet restaurant, it is not the best hot pot in Burnaby (going nearby to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is generally better – we did mention there was a lot of Asian eateries in Burnaby’s Metrotown neighborhood) but it is a convenient option right within Crystal Mall where the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is located; this is great when it is raining outside in Vancouver – as it usually does in Fall and Winter seasons. It would be especially appreciated getting something hot and soupy during the cold, rainy weather in Vancouver from October to February.

If you’re keen on dong some gift shopping, there are many gift shops within Crystal Mall that sell a variety of collector items and cute stuffed toys. You can walk around the mall and see the many variety of small Asian retailers in the mall selling excellent gift items like cute teddy bears or action figures. The mall is also filled with cellphone repair shops should you need to fix your cellphone if you broke it on your travel (Lol).

In summary, Crystal Mall is a unique Asian mall in Burnaby that has much to eat and explore around. It is truly an experience in itself for your visit to Burnaby. We have spent an extra amount of time to describe the mall because it is located right at the footsteps of your Burnaby hotel if you’re staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. It is also convenient to know about the best things to eat in Crystal Mall and the food options available around the Burnaby’s Crystal Mall complex because you will likely want to avoid going out for a walk in the rain (Vancouver rains a lot during the Fall and Winter seasons – about 50% the time on average) so we hope this will be helpful in helping you determine some good food options to enjoy right within the convenience of your Burnaby hotel complex. This is one of the benefit of staying at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the attachment to Crystal Mall makes the hotel restaurant so much better. Instead of having one option of convenience food at the hotel restaurant, there are so much food choices available to you conveniently within your Burnaby hotel complex. (The hotel restaurant, Reflect Social Lounge, is actually pretty good and worth eating at with their roof-top lounge. It is one of the best breakfast buffets in Burnaby with certainty.)

Metrotown: The next large shopping complex near your hotel is Metrotown which conveniently is the largest shopping mall in BC. The Metrotown Mall features the original TnT grocery shop along with every major retailer you might need or want. (Including everything from Armani Exchange to Apple or Banana Republic to Blue Notes. A large variety of fashion, services, and utility shops along with a good selection of restaurants and fast foods.)

Since Metrotown is such a local shopping hot spot, we have another resource featuring everything you need to know about Metrotown, and five unique retailers/shops to visit while you’re there.

Old Orchard Centre: The Old Orchard Centre is an old strip mall that hosts a Save on Foods (grocery shop which has a bakery, deli, meat, and produce along with your typical variety of snacks and processed junk food) as well a Shoppers Drug Mart (as its name suggest, it’s a pharmacy but also has a large variety of products like vitamins or groceries). Beyond the two anchor tenants, you’ll also find a BC Liquor Store at Old Orchard Centre as well as several mom and pops eateries, medical clinics, and offices.

The unfortunate feedback about Old Orchard Shopping Centre from locals is the depleted condition of the strip mall and the loiterers around the area that consists of a unsavoury/questionable crowd. Women have noted feeling unsafe frequenting the strip mall where they have been cat called by these loiterers so perhaps keep this in mind if you choose to visit Old Orchard Centre. Security have apparently been lax on addressing the loiterer issue consisting of homeless men. Generally, safety should be good in the day time. It’s a convenient place to buy wine and beer at the liquor store.

Among food options, you will find Me & Crepe (a Vancouver dessert chain leaning towards Asian influences), Houcailei Tea (a specialty bubble tea shop), Terracotta Boyz (a modern Chinese restaurant), Pearl Castle Cafe (a popular Chinese cafe serving bubble tea and various Taiwanese dishes), Subways (Sandwich franchise), Donair Delight (donair/middle eastern fare), Ha Cafe (a sit-in or take out casual Chinese restaurant) along with Any Time Fitness (a 24 hour fitness facility by membership that can be used at any of their locations across Vancouver) and Old Orchard Lanes (a bowling alley as old as Old Orchard Shopping Centre).

It may be a convenient option if you’re looking for a quick Taiwanese bite or bubble tea near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel.

The Old Orchard Shopping Centre doesn’t have as much retail or restaurants as Metrotown or Crystal Mall.

Metrotown SkyTrain Station: The Metrotown SkyTrain Station is the mass rapid transit that brings you conveniently to downtown Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and Surrey depending on the direction you take. You can also transfer to the Canada Line at Waterfront Station and take the SkyTrain to Richmond, BC or YVR. It’s a convenient means of transport for tourists since we do not yet have Uber or Lyft which is relatively fast when comparing to cars. If possible avoid taking the bus in Vancouver as it will take twice or thrice the time to get to your location especially waiting for transfers – if your destiniation is located near to a SkyTrain station, we would highly recommend using the SkyTrain and saving the hassle of calling a cab (which is very unreliable especially during peak periods where your reservation may be cancelled. Expensive & bad customer service that still expects a tip) or driving (hassle with parking and traffic – Metrotown can be very congested since there has been a lot of new development & as a prime shopping district with Metrotown being the biggest mall in Metro Vancouver… without the upgrades in infrastructure yet. So taking a short walk to the SkyTrain station to transit to your destination in parts of Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, or Coquitlam will save you time actually.). You can also take the SkyTrain to Vancouver effortless and Broadway Station exchanges line the other direction or the 99 B-Line to City Hall (in which case you can also take to the Waterfront Station and transfer to the Canada Line for Broadway-CityHall on the Canada Line. (Broadway & Cambie is quite a hot spot in Vancouver¬† with dining, errands, & shopping along with downtown Vancouver.)

Things to Eat near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (recommended): There are hundreds of dining options in walking distance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown; the area is a little like Richmond, BC peppered with late night dining options and Asian orientated cuisines. There are a few notable options you might consider trying which includes the Asian food court within the Crystal Mall attached to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Cactus Club Cafe Kingsway which is a West Coast styled restaurant, Little Lamb Hot Pot which is a hotpot buffet chain very affordable at $23/person approximately. Some of the best pho in Burnaby, and best sushi in Burnaby are nearby as well. There is also Reflect Social Dining + Lounge which is the hotel’s rooftop restaurant & bar. It has daily breakfast buffet along with good dining menus for the evening. I would also recommend walking along Kingsway and trying out one of the many Asian restaurants that perk your interest since there are too many to mention. An excellent bubble tea shop in Burnaby is near by – actually there are many. Burnaby’s Metrotown is an Asian orientated community.

Recommended Things to Do near Hilton Vancouver Metrotown:

Exploring Vancouver, BC: Perhaps you’re in Burnaby for business, you should really take the opportunity to explore Beautiful BC’s Vancouver. Taking a drive from Hilton Vancouver Metrotown to Downtown Vancouver is a quick 30 minutes drive, or 30 minutes by SkyTrain. Downtown Vancouver has plenty to explore, you’re best reading our article about Things to do in Downtown Vancouver for visitors. A brief suggestion is exploring the infamous Stanley Park, walking along Yaletown Seawall with Al Fresco dining and artisan eateries, going along the Canada Place Board Walk and trying coffee & gelato, or talking a stroll in Vancouver’s best beach, English Bay.

Watch a movie at Cineplex in Metrotown/Station Square: Alternatively if you’re looking for a leisurely activity on a business trip, stroll over to the Cineplex movie theatre at Metrotown (actually Station Square) and catch a movie. It is only opposite from your Burnaby hotel. You might also wish to relax as the hotel’s roof top lounge, the Reflect Dining and Social Lounge – to enjoy a drink, maybe a bite, and appreciate the views.

Take the SkyTrain to explore New Westminster Quay Market & Vancouver Heritage: If you’re interested in seeing history and heritage buildings or Vancouver would-be downtown then take the SkyTrain a few stations to New Westminster (no more than 10 minutes once you’re at Metrotown SkyTrain Station which is a 5 minute brisk walk). Then from there visit the New Westminster Quay & Market which is a unique waterfront market bordering the working Fraser River with some interesting wild life (herons and birds) as well as land mass with a mountain backdrop. New Westminster Quay is however also filled with various eateries and boutique shops that may be worth a look; it is located just outside the New Westminster SkyTrain Station across the old (and still in use) CPR rail way track. There is a lot of heritage in New Westminster that you can explore. New Westminster was almost Vancouver’s downtown before the current downtown was chosen (build from a salon/bar in Gastown – people back then sure loved their Whiskey). Here is a more detailed article on things to do in New Westminster that will uncover some of the heritage buildings you can explore in New Westminster. It’s a very unique and old town that has kept its small, old town look which is very different from most of Metro Vancouver. (Port Moody, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam are a lot more modern – and at times newer city – than New Westminster that has kept much of its heritage building and preserved much of its history. When Canada was first colonized, much of the development took place along the water ways – like Vancouver downtown as we know it or as New Westminster so the oldest towns are those along the waterways, the newer ones are the suburbs that were developed in more modern times. Development was first done by waterways for accessibility and trading… remember colonies were basically trading posts to get goods back to England. We’re a common wealth country now – we technically still have a Queen …fun fact for you Americans.)

Take the SkyTrain to explore Port Moody Tidal Park: Port Moody, BC is the neighboring city to Burnaby and Coquitlam. BC is renown for our unique natural landscape and beauty… and one such place you can find it is Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park. Going fro the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel to Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park is a mere and effortless 30 minutes using the SkyTrain from Metrotown Station to Moody Centre Station with a small switch at Lougheed Station to the Millennium Line’s Evergreen Extension.

Take the SkyTrain to explore Coquitlam – Vancouver Suburbs & Nature (Parks/Mountain Hike): Burnaby is located conveniently accessible to the City of Coquitlam and the City of Vancouver; taking the SkyTrian from your Burnaby hotel to the City of Coquitlam is roughly 40 minutes so you can leave the car at the hotel and enjoy yourself without the stress of driving in traffic. The city of Coquitlam is just past Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park – one station away from Moody Centre Station is the Coquitlam Centre Station with LaFarge Lake – Douglass College Station being just two more stops away or roughly three minutes. The City of Coquitlam is highly recommended for those who appreciate nature and exploring the suburbs of Vancouver. There are many hiking trails with unique landscape such as biking along the Coquitlam River or hiking up Westwood Plateau to have a bird’s eye view across Metro Vancouver. The City of Coquitlam is highly recommended if you’re looking to explore more nature in Metro Vancouver and do some hikes in the vicinity. The pace and atmosphere of the city is more laid back and relaxed with various recommendable dining options in the area. Namely, you can consider taking a hiking up from LaFarge Lake station to Westwood Plateau Village and enjoying a coffee at Starbucks (unfortunately the only coffee shop in that area) or sushi at O-Sushi (Korean ran sushi restaurant which is done well) or one of the various pizza or restaurants at Westwood Plateau Village then capturing some landscape photos of Coquitlam & Metro Vancouver from the Plateau. If you have a car with you, you can take your way up to Westwood Plateau golf course for even more enjoyable scenery and dining options at the golf course’s restaurant.


5 Things about Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in Burnaby:

1) Convenience/Access (5/5) – The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel is only 5 minutes from the Metrotown SkyTrain Station. You will have easy access to the hotel arriving from YVR using the rapid transit network (Canada Line & Millennium line). There is plentiful parking in the area along with the hotel parking. It might be a little hard finding the entrance to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown because the Burnaby hotel is on one corner of Crystal Mall (the mall opposite Metrotown). Nothing Google Maps or Apple Maps won’t fix.

2) Burnaby Location (5/5) –¬† It is in the heart of Burnaby’s True Downtown – Metrotown, surrounded with an abundance of food and shopping options. Much like any hotel in this area of Burnaby, you will have no problem finding many delicious food options around the Burnaby hotel.

(Other hotels in the area that also benefit from the phenomal location of being in “Burnaby’s True Downtown” is Element Vancouver – a higher-end 4* hotel by Westin, Holiday Inn Express Metrotown – a 3* hotel standard accommodation right at Station Square which is besides Metrotown and directly opposite the Metrotown SkyTrain station.)

3) Service (5/5) –¬† It has reliable and excellent customer service standards. The benefits of booking a Hilton hotel is knowing you can expect a standard, high quality of customer service and quality rooms/beds you have come to expect with the Hilton franchise. This Hilton hotel in Burnaby is no exception and you can expect over the top service from the team at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.

4) Hotel Property/Age (4/5)¬† –¬† It’s an older hotel but well maintained. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown hotel was built in 2001 which makes it 18 years old, towards the older end of hotels compared to Element Vancouver. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown still boasts comfortable beds and updated furnishing with regular maintenance and renovations done to ensure the property meets Hilton Standards. If you’re looking for a newer hotel property in the Burnaby area then Element By Westin a few minutes walk from Hilton Vancouver Metotown would take your pick. This said, it’s really a well maintained property and still newer than the cheaper Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown.

5) Burnaby Hotel Price compare (2.5/5)¬† – It’s good value for a 4* hotel but not the best value hotel in Burnaby. It’s not the best value hotel in Burnaby, this would go to Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (if you booked through the Express deals on Priceline) however, it is an excellent deal for the Hilton quality service and proximity to downtown Vancouver. You will get a good bang for your buck booking at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.


Who is Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Burnaby Hotel Good for?

The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent four star hotel that will cater well to most demographic of travelers visiting Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, or Vancouver itself. The location is convenient in “downtown Burnaby” (Metrotown was recently slated as the downtown of Burnaby – Burnaby is a large municipality in terms of land space… it includes parts of Lougheed Community & Brentwood Community, as well as High Gate and Middle Gate communities – which is nearby to Metrotown. All of these communities have experienced significant development and densification which might provide some uncertainty regarding which is truly “downtown” for the City of Burnaby. In 2018, Burnaby City Councillors decided to designate Metrotown as Burnaby’s true downtown. This proceeded with increasing densification of land in Metrotown area within the city plan (which previously would have been done on individual hearings) which means you’ll see Metrotown being home to more shops, offices, and residential units… it also means you’ll likely find more construction and redevelopment in the Metrotown area. This includes the redevelopment of Metrotown Mall itself in the time to come.)

  • Business Travel: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is undeniably best suited for business travelers looking for a comfortable, well-located, and consistent quality hotel in Burnaby’s downtown, Metrotown area. The combination of amenities and impeccable Hilton service makes for an effortless stay in this 4* Burnaby hotel. Prices at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown are slightly higher than the surrounding hotels in Burnaby but worth the extra for a seamless, quality experience in Burnaby, BC. If you’re looking to accrue nights with the Hilton rewards program, choosing the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for your visit to Burnaby, BC would be an excellent choice for business travelers. With a full business centre, concierge service, and high-speed internet, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown will have everything you need on business travel. On the other hand, if you’re looking to accrue nights with Marriott Rewards program then booking at the Element by Westin in Burnaby is another suggested option. (The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown provides better value and amenities than the Element Vancouver Metrotown. Prices at Element Vancouver Metrotown are typically higher than the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown… adding this, the Element Vancouver Metrotown is a condo-tel than a purpose-built hotel. It’s good for extended stays in Burnaby, BC but for brief visits to Burnaby, BC you may wish to consider the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown even with being a loyal Marriott customer.)
  • Families: The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is not only suitable for business travelers but for families. Kids will appreciate the swimming pool and plentiful space at Crystal Mall attached to the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown along with a nearby city park and library. The vast variety of room types at this four star Burnaby hotel also means they have rooms suitable for any family configurations. (Unlike some hotels in Vancouver, that offer 50% off second rooms for families – the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown does not provide such promotions unfortunately neither does any other Burnaby hotels. As far as hotels for families in Burnaby, BC goes, your best option is either the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, the Holiday Inn Vancouver Metrotown, or the Accent Inns Burnbaby – which is the cheaper, less glitzy but also a little out of the way making it harder for travel with kids to restaurants nearby.) The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown makes for an excellent hotel to stay with your family especially if you have Hilton Honours membership. You may wish to spend a little more for a bigger room (since you’re travelling as a family anyways instead of booking two rooms) and access to the club lounge.
  • Couples: Couples will appreciate staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown as a four-star hotel in Burnaby with clean rooms and impeccable Hilton quality service. While the rooms and hotel is on the older-side especially with the attached mall, Crystal Mall, those who choose the Executive Rooms with access to the Executive lounge will appreciate their stay even better. This is recommendable if you’re travelling as a couple and looking for a memorable hotel experience in Burnaby, BC. With horderves, drinks, and canapes, you’re sure to find an incredible experience at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. If you’re willing to consider other hotels, the Element (by Westin) Vancouver Metrotown is even better suited for couples with their condo-tel rooms and daily breakfast buffet in a sparkling new building. While the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown will make for an excellent Burnaby hotel catering to couples, the Element Vancouver Metrotown might be an even better choice for a slight premium. Both Burnaby hotels provide exceptional convenience with many dining options nearby, good service – the key difference between the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown and the Element Vancouver Metrotown is the loyalty program between Hilton or Marriott respectively, the room size – with the Element Vancouver Metrotown being slightly bigger, as well as the newness/freshness of the room & decor – with the Element Vancouver Metrotown sporting a slightly better interior design & newer building/rooms for your comfort. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is an excellent hotel with good value for business travelers and couples however.
  • Solo Travelers: Solo travelers will appreciate staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for their consistently clean rooms and convenient location to the SkyTrain network as well as Metrotown’s plentiful shopping opportunities. It’s a good base for your business or leisure travels in Burnaby, BC. The rooms at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown are simple but suffice and well appointed with everything you might need on your solo travels. The concierge will be able to assist with your request and booking the executive room will provide access to a executive lounge for daily drinks & snacks at your choice throughout the day. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown for it’s amenities, location, service, cleanliness, and rooms provides excellent overall value for solo travelers like yourself. There is no better option for a Burnaby hotel as a solo traveler if you’re looking for a quality hotel with the amenities and convenience like the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. It also has effortless check in and out with the ability to use your phone as your key card. All in all, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is a good hotel in Burnaby for solo travelers looking for comfort, convenience, and cost savings.

The BEST deals on Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in Burnaby:

The best deal for Hilton Vancouver Metrotown can be found booking through Expedia (Private member prices) with a price-match guarantee. If you find the hotel listed for a lower price public, Expedia will match the difference and give you a $50 voucher for your next booking. (I have actually done this three times. Lol. They honour it. This is a policy that holds until 24 hours before your trip – so if prices drop after you’ve booked, you still qualify for this $50 voucher and price match. Priceline does not offer this option – Priceline will only match your price 10% cheaper.)

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Trip Advisor:

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Address: 6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7


2) Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown Hotel – Most Convenient Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

The next best hotel in Burnaby, BC to book at if you’re looking to visit the City of Burnaby is the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown. This is the hotel to book if you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby, BC with excellent value

(It’s actually the Holiday Inn Express Metrotown, but all these Burnaby hotels want to capture the Vancouver hospitality industry as well since Burnaby is lesser known and Vancouver is very accessible from Burnaby, BC. Booking a hotel in Burnaby is usually an excellent option if you’re visiting Vancouver during peak period and find difficulty finding a good hotel for a good price in the City of Vancouver.)

Why stay at Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (Burnaby Hotel)?

Cheap Hotel in Burnaby, BC: The prices at Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown are by far the cheapest of the locality and that of Metro Vancouver.

Convenient Hotel in Burnaby, BC: The Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown is minute

Clean & Consistent Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Good Family-friendly Mid-range Hotel in Burnaby BC:

Pet-friendly Hotel in Burnaby, BC:


Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Location in Burnaby:

The location advice for Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is pretty much identical to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown because they are about a 2-3 minutes walk away.

The key exception is that the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Metrotown is directly adjacent to the Metrotown SkyTrain Station & as its name implies, Metrotown… making it slightly even more convenient. On the flip side, you may also experience noise disturbance from the SkyTrain but it stops shortly after 1 AM and generally fairly low-frequency noise which shouldn’t be a disturbance to your sleep.

You may like to know as well that the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown has a covered link to Metrotown (in case it’s raining during the months of September to May) as well as a being located at Station Square means there’s a movie theater in the same building with Starbucks & Tim Hortons bellow for your morning coffee/breakfast. It’s a very convenient location comparable to Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. The reasons you might want to consider Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is appreciating the locational convenience without the noise from the SkyTrain station & foot traffic from the frequent commuters (The Metrotown SkyTrain Station is also a bus station hub and many people take the transit to the Metrotown mall + sometimes Station square.)

The other key reason as well we listed Hilton Vancouver Metrotown as #1 best hotel in Burnaby and Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown as the #2 best hotel in Burnaby is because the Hilton has a slightly better room, cleanliness, and service as a 4* hotel relative to the Holiday Inn as a 3* Express hotel. The prices for both Burnaby, BC hotels are relatively similar so you find better value at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown than the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown; especially so if you’re a Hilton Honours member as the elite status for Hilton Honours brings more benefits than the IHG rewards club. (Room upgrades and lounge access for Hilton Honours at the Platinum level is very worthwhile pursuing. Also rewards are better valued with the Hilton Honours program than IHG rewards club – more standard redemption levels to the reward value whereas you get better value for your points at Hilton Honours.)

In short, if you want to learn more about suggestions of things to do and eat around the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown, read our description for the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown location section. Hope it might be helpful. Thanks.

5 Things about Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby:

1) It is the BEST value hotel in Burnaby, BC: If you’re looking for a hotel in Burnaby that is clean, convenient, and cheap then the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is the ideal choice for you. The Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown is a cheap hotel in Burnaby

2) It is right besides the Metrotown SkyTrain Station:

Who is Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown, Burnaby Hotel Good for?


The BEST deals on Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Address: 4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M3

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown Trip Advisor:


3) Accent Inns Burnaby – Best VALUE, Cheap Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Accent Inns Burnaby is the BEST Hotel in Burnaby, BC if you’re looking for a clean room, consistent service, and unsurpassed value.

The simplified room rates truly ensure guests get the best value without any headaches. While many hotel franchises will try to maximize revenues & profit by price discriminating through a use of complex pricing structure (such as how early you’re booking with last minute deals – sometimes booking early actually means you’ll be paying more – to room availability and categories… Accent Inns Burnaby is probably your best bet if you’re looking to lock in your Burnaby hotel booking early. The room rates booked early are the same as last minute bookings – and the Accent Inns Burnaby hotel often sell out weeks in advance, so early booking is recommended.)

If you’re looking for a cheap and good hotel in Burnaby, look no further than Accent Inns Burnaby. The Accent Inns brand is a local hotel chain that is a favourite of British Columbians and visitors alike from Accent Inns Vancouver Airport to Accent Inns Kelowna.

There are three things consistent with Accent Inns:

(1) Value – the room prices are usually some of the cheapest hotels in the locality. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Burnaby, the Accent Inns Burnaby is your first pick.

(2) Cleanliness – the rooms are consistently clean; a head housekeeping or hotel manager will check all rooms to ensure they’re properly cleaned before releasing to guests. The rooms are also immaculately well maintained, and regularly renovated to maintain standards of a three-star hotel. The room procedure is to check the rooms by a housekeeping manager or guest services manager before a guest steps in.

(3) Service – Accent Inns pride themselves on local service. There’s no pompousness or elegance but you do get friendly, local, and genuine service staff at the front desk and throughout the hotel with Accent Inns hotel. Employees don’t seem to be standardized with a training program but given free reign to let their personality shine with some common sense customer service.

This is everything you want to look for in a value-based hotel. This is not a Westin or JW Marriott property but it is a clean, comfortable, and consistent room in Burnaby, BC for a cheap hotel in Burnaby. (Three Cs ..four Cs actually) We should do their marketing for them. Lol. Honestly, it’s good – locally good. Quirky too, in a good way.


Accent Inns Burnaby – Location Information:

You may find this useful if you’re going to stay at Accent Inns Burnaby…


5 Things about Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel:

Here’s what you need to know about Accent Inns Burnaby…


Who is Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Best for?

Book at Accent Inns Burnaby if this description suits you (in order of 1st to last)…


The BEST deals for Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel:

Here’s where you find the BEST deals for Accent Inns Burnaby. Inside tips about how to get the best value for your stay at Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel including loyalty programs, cheaper room rates, and best booking strategies…


Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Address:

Accent Inns Burnaby Hotel Trip Advisor:


4) Element Vancouver Metrotown (by Westin) РSPG/Marriott Luxury 4-Star Hotel in Burnaby:

Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Location in Burnaby, BC:

5 Things about Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby:

Here’s what you need to know about Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel.


Who is Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Good for?

Long-term (Extended) Stay:


The BEST deals on Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby, BC:

Here’s where you find the best offer for Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel…

1) Booking Directly with Element Vancouver Metrotown – In this instance, as Marriott has an excellent loyalty/rewards program, it is best to book direct with Marriott for your stay at Element Vancouver Metrotown especially if you’re in town for an extended stay. This will allow you to earn status. Expedia & Priceline also offer the same prices as booking directly Marriott for the Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel so there is no added savings or incentive to book through an OTA (Online Travel Agency).

2) Book at Expedia for Status Nights – If you’re looking to qualify for Gold or Silver status on Expedia and need some extra nights then you may wish to book through Expedia for Element Vancouver Metrotown. Element Vancouver Metrotown is not a VIP+ hotel neither are the rates any cheaper than booking direct with Marriott so it is not necessarily advisable to book this Burnaby hotel through Expedia in this instance but an option nonetheless. Marriott guarantees the lowest rates & price matching so check on Expedia for a lower rate (we’ve checked – it isn’t any cheaper) and call in to Marriott for a price match if you find cheaper. Earning qualifying nights with the Marriott Rewards Program is more valuable than Expedia as Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world & perks at Platinum (50 nights) includes lounge access and room updates – much more than any +VIP Expedia hotel will offer. Qualifying for Expedia only features double points value & room upgrades or bonuses at +VIP hotels. (In experience, Expedia +VIP hotels will not provide complementary lounge access with room upgrades… however it is only 30 nights to qualify for gold.)

3) Book on Priceline’s Express Deals – The Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel appears on Priceline’s Express Deals occasionally which features rates that are 30% cheaper (as usual, no status nights) which can be a steal. Look for a four star hotel in Burnaby. However, there’s no guarantee you will be booking at Element Vancouver Metrotown (You can usually guess reasonably accurately if you match the description.) but you might also get the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – the other four star hotel in Burnaby, BC… which isn’t too bad as we’ve rated it the #1 best hotel in Burnaby, BC. It only matters if you have a specific preference to be staying at Element Vancouver Metrotown. (They have a good complementary breakfast buffet.)

A tip aside, if you’re going to book “mystery hotels”, Priceline Express Deals are much better than Hotwire for this purpose. (It is more discernable which hotels you might be booking at along with generally better hotels as long as you stick with ratings above 8/10 and no lower than 3 stars. Used Priceline Express Deals a couple times in Singapore & Los Angeles …and was generally pleased – not so with HotWire.)


Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Address:

Element Vancouver Metrotown Hotel Trip Advisor:


5) Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre – Casino Hotel in Central Burnaby:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre’s Location in Burnaby:

The location of this Burnaby hotel is near to Burnaby’s business district including convenient access to BCIT, SFU & Metrotown according to Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre… in actuality, the hotel is a little closer to the highway and farther from most shopping & offices in the area. This is partly why Delta Hotels Burnaby is #5 instead of ranked higher on our best hotels in Burnaby local guide.

The hotel has excellent amenities being a casino resort as well as a conference centre but its location means this Burnaby hotel might be less suited for those tourists or business travelers who wish to rely on local transit network (SkyTrian) to get across Burnaby and Metro Vancouver or who prefer to have many shopping & dining options in the vicinity of their hotel. In such situations, the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown might be a preferable choice.

The hotel itself has many restaurants on site and is very accessible if you have a car. For those who do not prefer to drive in Vancouver, we do not yet have Uber (thanks to the BC NDP – socialist government party) and taxis are highly unreliable (with tourists being stranded at Vancouver Aquarium in Summer 2017) with usually long waits. Your best bet is using the SkyTrain if you do not intend on driving which is a rather long distance away from Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre. There is no dining or shopping districts in the direct vicinity; it is more so a freeway/highway area. This can be a good hotel if you intend on driving during your visit to Burnaby, BC.


5 Things about Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre in Burnaby:

Here’s what you need to know about Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre…


Who is Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Good for?

1) Meeting & Conferences: Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre as its name implies, is very suitable for conferences; it is very suited for the MICE travel industry. With 12 event rooms, 9 breakout rooms, and over 12,000 sqft of space…the Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre can fit just about any and all meetings and many conferences in Burnaby, BC. Out of town guests can appreciate the convenience of booking at a Burnaby hotel if organizers host the meeting/conference at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre.

2) Leisure Casino Travelers: Seeing as this is a casino resort hotel, (beyond being a hotel in Burnaby with conference/meeting facility) this Burnaby hotel is especially convenient for travelers who may want to have some fun at the casino on their visit to Burnaby, BC. The Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre is the only casino in Burnaby, BC. (There are casinos in Vancouver, Langley, and Coquitlam as well as far as Metro Vancouver casinos are concerned.) The Grand Villa Casino (Burnaby Casino connected to The Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre) holds






The BEST deals on Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre in Burnaby, BC:


Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Address:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre Trip Advisor:


More Good Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

There are many excellent hotels in Burnaby, BC beyond the five we mentioned above. For your benefit and consideration, I think it would be helpful to underline each of the hotel choices available in Burnaby, BC along with a brief local description of each hotel’s location, amenities, and summary of their reputation. We will be listing it from top to bottom.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Burnaby, BC there are many hotels available for your visit to Burnaby. We would suggest avoiding using AirBnbs as they are not legal in British Columbia and several locals do take a unkind look towards those profiteering off homes that might have been on the rental market in a city that rental vacancy sits bellow 1%.


Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre, Metro Vancouver –

This hotel is affiliated to the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver in Coquitlam, BC. It can be very easy to mix up the hotel with the one in Coquitlam, BC at Lougheed Town Centre (which is still relatively close to Burnaby, BC). The Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre in Burnaby, BC is located in North Burnaby, closer towards Brentwood Town Centre (the other locality considered for allocation as downtown Burnaby… ultimately, Metrotown was chosen as Burnaby’s downtown).

Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

Book Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver on

  • Expedia does have member rates for this hotel.
  • Expedia has the sister property, Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver as a +VIP hotel which means guests who are Expedia Silver or Expedia Gold members get bonus points (250 points extra) when booking at Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver & get 2X credit when redeeming points at the Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver. Quite an excellent deal if you have Expedia Silver Status (which is just 10 nights) or Expedia Gold Status (which is 30 nights). You also get a fruit basket on check-in & the occasional upgrade. If they do not have a fruit basket for you, you will be issued a free breakfast buffet voucher for the hotel’s restaurant. The Executive Hotel & Suites Metro Vancouver is not a +VIP member hotel however but you still do get special rates booking through Expedia. All the Executive Hotels are corporate owned (not franchises) so if Expedia has a special deal with one Executive Hotel brand, they likely also have special deals/rates for the other Executive Hotel brands.
  • Basically, you will likely find a better rate booking through as a member than booking the advertised rate elsewhere because Expedia has a program with Executive Hotels.

The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health –

Fortius Sport & Health is actually where the NBA basketball player, Jeremy Lin, attended while recovering in Vancouver from his injury while playing with the Brooklyn Nets. The Fortius Sport & Health Centre actually has a lodge designed for athletes training at Fortius Sport & Health Centre (like Jeremy Lin who was in Vancouver for about 6 months in rehabilitation – interestingly Jeremy Lin didn’t stay at “The Lodge” but in Downtown Vancouver besides the YMCA understandably).

“The Lodge” is open to all groups and individuals visiting Burnaby for business or pleasure as their website states. The Lodge is actually well equip, almost as a full service hotel with daily house keeping, including a licensed Bistro (serving breakfast and lunch) and perhaps if you’re a fitness geek – guests at The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health have complementary access to a “15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art fitness & performance centre, including towel service and sauna services”. The hotel has 50 rooms and a capacity of 93; although some will probably be long-term stays by atheletics in rehabilitation so the availability will unexpectedly be limited – on January 24, 2019 looking for one day stay in March 5-6 of the same year shows only 5 rooms available on So, if you’re looking to stay at The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre because of the fitness amenity, location, or value… it is advisable that you book early, at least a month early. The hotel receives a 4.5/5 star rating on Trip Advisor for the clean rooms, friendly service, and good value. They also have meeting facilities if you’re looking

This Burnaby hotel is located nearer towards Coquitlam, BC around Sperling-Burnaby Lake. It’s very convenient for parents of sport teams attending events at the nearby skating rink.

The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre is only bookable through Priceline or directly with Burnaby hotel.

“The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre” Address: 3713 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7

Book “The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre” on Priceline:

  • You can book The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre ONLY on Priceline OR by directly contacting The Lodge @ Fortius Sport & Health Centre. (No booking function on their website unlike Priceline)
  • The rates are very competitive for off-peak periods around $100 USD or $135 CAD per night. You can probably negotiate group rates or extended stay rates.

Simon Hotel @ SFU –

Perhaps, a hidden gem when looking for Burnaby Hotels, the Simon Hotel at SFU is not your typical hotel. It is situated right on Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain campus and caters largely to visiting parents, conference attendees, and university visitors. With this said, the Simon Hotel is open to the public. It provides comfortable and good value accommodation for those looking for a hotel in Burnaby and exceptionally convenient if your purpose of visit to Burnaby is to see the SFU campus (perhaps, those looking at post secondary options with family). The SFU Burnaby Mountain Campus has plenty of amenities as well with food options readily available and a growing residential community. It is however a distance away from Downtown Burnaby (Metrotown). It is on the border of Burnaby towards Coquitlam making it a good option for those visiting Coquitlam, BC as well. The locality is reasonable close to Brentwood Town Centre in Burnaby, BC. Amenities are few and limited, rooms are clean and comfortable, rates are fairly competitive. It’s not your typical hotel but it is a good alternative for those looking for a Burnaby Hotel with a different experience.

Best Western Plus Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre –

Other Hotels in Burnaby, BC:

These are budget hotels in and around Burnaby, BC in an effort to serve as a comprehensive guide to Burnaby, BC hotels. If you’re looking at budget hotels or cheap hotels in Burnaby, your best bet is the Accent Inn Burnaby. This hotel is consistently priced (less susceptible to seasonal variations when booked in advanced) and provide consistently clean rooms, local service, and a quality experience. (Not sponsored to mention this.) Rooms are generally $135 per night on average which is money worth while spent compared to booking at any of these cheap/budget hotels in Burnaby mentioned bellow. (It represents approximately $20-$30 more than the typical rate these cheap hotels in Burnaby will charge but you get a much more consistent and professional experience with your stay in a Burnaby Hotel. Accent Inn Burnaby is a reputable brand locally in BC for quality accommodations at affordable prices with local service and some quirky jokes. Their properties usually are similar to a highway motel but better maintained with friendly staff.) So, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel Burnaby then The Accent Inn Burnaby is where you would prefer to book if they have rooms available. (The hotel generally sell out – they have good rates for advance booking.)

Happy Day Inn –

401 Inn –

Deluxe Hotel Vancouver –

2400 Motel –

Cassandra Hotel –

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Burnaby, you should book at Accent Inn Burnaby than any of the motels or hotels in Burnaby mentioned here. This is some local advice. Accent Inn Burnaby is one of the under realized hotels in Burnaby for the value and quality because they are a local 3-star hotel brand that is not very well known beyond the population in British Columbia. (They don’t invest too much in marketing I suppose, they rather rely on providing a good hotel experience at a cheap price. It will be a pleasantly surprising experience for a cheap hotel in Burnaby. Most cheap hotels/budget hotels usually skim on hygiene but not Accent Inn brands. Some may consider it a motel, some may consider it a three star hotel but it is a reliable option for cheap hotels in Burnaby)

About Burnaby, British Columbia:

Hotels near Burnaby, BC:

Thanks for reading about the best Burnaby, BC hotels on We hope you found this local resource useful for your search to finding a hotel in Burnaby for your travels. If you require any further assistance with your time in Burnaby or have any other questions about these hotels (such as the locality to your event/meeting and transit accessibility/feasibility along with transportation options please feel free to use the Contact Us form to get in touch with a real person on our team who would be happy to help! We love locals and tourists like yourself and hope to make Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, a better place with this resource and help. Alternatively if it is not personal, please leave a comment bellow so others can also learn from the answers/response we may provide to your question.)

Enjoy your day and hope to see you in Burnaby, BC soon!

If you have any feedback or suggestion about the Best Burnaby Hotels article, please comment bellow and we’d be happy to consider the feedback or suggestion to updating our hotels in Burnaby, BC recommendation. Our lists are composed largely from local insights, local knowledge, and feedback from locals to provide with an impartial and accurate representation of the best in Burnaby and the best in Vancouver.


Booking a Burnaby Hotel for cheaper on

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Burnaby, BC – we would recommend trying It’s a much easier platform to use without the annoying pop-ups & cookies that Expedia and Priceline use. (Expedia has a pop-under that basically hides a new window under your page. While both Expedia and Priceline like to open these pop-up window to stuff cookies on your computer from other booking sites as part of their business strategy. focuses solely on helping customers book a hotel at a great price on their website.)

Of course one of the most important things to consider when using an online travel agency to make your hotel bookings is pricing. (More important however is customer service, and service policy which does excellently in both.) To ensure that the prices are competitive, we did a price check for reservations booking on,, and for the same dates. In most instance, the prices for hotels are exactly the same across the board regardless of whichever booking platform you choose unless there is an ongoing promotion with one (which is offering new customers 8% off hotel bookings) – this is because the prices are standardize.

However, to our surprise, seems to be cheaper than and on some hotel bookings… specifically with Accent Inn Hotels.

This also applies to a variety of other examples like Happy Day Inn where had a room rate of

Best Hotels in New Westminster

Published by:

Read this if you want to learn everything you should about New Westminster Hotels before booking a hotel in New Westminster, BC.


Find the best hotels in New Westminster for business, family, or leisure travels.

Which hotels in New Westminster delivers the best value, convenience, and comfort?

Looking for a hotel in New Westminster? You’ve come to the right place. On this page, we’re endeavour sharing with you everything you need to know about New Westminster hotels and a few snip-bits you should know about New Westminster, British Columbia! (We hope to provide you knowledge about New Westminster hotels from a local perspective.)

Unfortunately, there are Few Hotels in New Westminster:

While New Westminster was almost selected to be the commerce center of the region, downtown Vancouver’s Gastown was chosen. Today, New Wesminster in British Columbia is a relatively small city in the suburbs of Vancouver.

As it is a small town, there aren’t many hotels in New Westminster, BC. Metro Vancouver is very well connected however. Getting from Coquitlam, BC (Coquitlam is farther away from Vancouver than New Westminster. Geographically, you have Vancouver -> Burnaby -> New Westminster -> Port Moody -> Coquitlam as cities in Metro Vancouver from West to East.) to downtown Vancouver is a mere 35 minutes by car and approximately 1 hour by transit using the SkyTrain. As such, you should consider booking hotels near to New Westminster for a better spectrum of options available to you without needing the hotel to be in New Westminster proper; you can very easily get to and from New Westminster from hotels in Burnaby, Richmond (Vancouver Airport), and Coquitlam or even downtown Vancouver.

For the reasons explained above, we have also shared suggestions for hotels near New Westminster that you might consider base on proximity, amenities, and value.

The good news is that while there may not be many quality hotels near New Westminster, New Westminster is easily accessible by the Expo Line SkyTrain which provides convenient access to Burnaby, BC and Coquitlam, BC. In these Metro Vancouver cities, you will find many excellent hotels available within minutes to the SkyTrain station. More so, options are available in Burnaby than Coquitlam which is also a rapidly developing city as New Westminster. The cities of Burnaby and Coquitlam borders New Wesminster, many hotels in Burnaby and hotels in Coquitlam are just minutes drive from New Westminster. If you’re looking to be in New Westminster’s Queensborough community, then considering hotels in Surrey and hotels in Richmond would be convenient accessibility by car. (There is no mass rapid transit options in Queensborough.)

You may wish to consider these hotels near to New Westminster as well if the New Westminster hotels available do not suit your preferences or needs. These hotels we’ve recommended near New Westminster are no more than 10-15 minutes away from New Westminster by transit or 5-10 minutes away from New Westminster by car. (Unfortunately, there is no Uber or Lyft in Vancouver…yet)


Summary regarding New Westminster Hotels:

If you need to be in New Westminster, your only option for a good New Westminster hotel is the Inn at the Quay. It is a 3* hotel that is priced as a 4* hotel; expect to pay about $150-$200 per night during low season and around $250-$300 during peak season. If you’re looking for value then your choice would be Met Hotel which is a 2* hotel bordering a motel. If you’re looking for history then your choice is Arundel Mansion which is honestly not for everyone; the owners keep the exact same elevator from the 1900s, bath tub from the 1900s, and cooking stations from the 1900s. We would not recommend¬†the recently renovated Queens Hotel; the Queens Hotel is very far out of the way at Queensborough on the edge of New Westminster. You would be much better considering a hotel near New Westminster such as the Holiday Inn Express at Metrotown, the Hilton hotel at Metrotown or nearby the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel at Lougheed/Korean Town.

You don’t have many options for hotels in New Westminster however there are plenty of excellent hotels near to New Westminster – it is STRONGLY recommended that you also consider these.


Everything you need to know about Hotels in New Westminster:

Here is everything you may wish to know about your accommodations in New Westminster. New Westminster is a small and growing city with only four hotels in New Westminster.


1) Inn At the Quay – New Westminster 3* Hotel:

Inn at the Quay is the only full service hotel in New Westminster; the four star hotel is located right by the water front at the New Westminster Quay. It is a beautiful hotel for leisure travelers, business travelers, or couples.

The three-star hotel spots a convenient location in New Westminster, BC along with well appointed hotel rooms suited with a comfy bed (or beds), large working desk, and waterfront views along all 126 hotel rooms. While the New Westminster hotel doesn’t feature a pool on their property, guests can enjoy their fitness facility or jog along the New Westminster waterfront.

The hotel is at least 20 years old but the rooms are well maintained and cleaned.


More Information about Inn at the Quay:

The New Westminster hotel has recently changed hands in 2012 with the sale of Inn at the Quay to Temple REIT (Temple Hotels Inc.). Prior to 2012, the Inn at the Quay was owned by Narland Properties. The three-star New Westminster hotel is still managed by Atlific Hotels. Rumour has it that the working environment at Inn at the Quay is fairly toxic (gossiping, lack of management) and subsequently, your customer experience as a guest will vary. (Someone I knew who once worked there shared some of the front desk staff aren’t the ideal characters. Reviews of the Inn at the Quay also mentioned consistently negative experience with customer service – a lack of care by service staff compounded with no response from management. There are a few excellent front desk staff. This said, if you do not require guest services, your stay should be very pleasant because of the hotel location and rooms.)¬† Despite these drawbacks, Inn at the Quay is still the best hotel in New Westminster as the only three-star, full-service hotel in New Westminster. The location is second to none being five minutes from New Westminster’s Expo Skytrain Station, two minutes from New Westminster’s River Market (liquor store, grocery store, fast-casual restaurants, sit-in restaurants with al fresco dining), as well being right by the waterfront (working river, less pristine but still great views).


Inn at the Quay Property:

The Inn at the Quay website doesn’t provide very much information regarding their property but here are some information about what you can expect staying at the Inn at the Quay from scouring reviews, third-party sites, and local experience.

Amenities – Inn at the Quay has a workout/fitness room. They offer room service from the adjacent BoatHouse restaurant. The Inn at the Quay doesn’t feature much other property amenities.

Rooms – Inn at the Quay spots 126 rooms with several configuration options including¬†Quay Queen, Quay King, Quay Jacuzzi, Corner King Jacuzzi, King Double Jacuzzi. (Please do not get the Jacuzzi rooms at hotels unless it’s a new hotel or a higher-end property. The thought of using a jacuzzi that countless others have had their dead skin in is disgusting. I don’t trust them to clean the jacuzzis properly either.)

The rooms at Inn at the Quay all feature phenomenal waterfront views, comfortable beds, and importantly free wifi. The New Westminster features Starbucks coffee in-room and Mighty Leaf tea. They offer bath robes and Cutler Salon bath products. Among other in-room amenities include free local calls and clean bed linens. You will also find a large working desk and a mini fridge to keep your wine cold.

Special Rates/Promotions – Inn at the Quay offers a variety of discount rates such as BC residents rate and Alberta residents rate along with packages for couples. Your best bet is still booking through Expedia or Priceline however as the special rates do not carry much a discount; Expedia can occasionally provide a members-only rate within their system.


Inn at the Quay Location:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a hotel in New Westminster with a better location than Inn at the Quay. The hotel is perfectly situated in New Westminster. The New Westminster hotel being right on the waterfront, boasts a “Very Vancouver” blend of nature and urban convenience. Guests can enjoy an evening walk along the quay towards Waterfront Esplande or enjoy a meal at the many dining options minutes from Inn at the Quay. It is also located across from the Anvil Centre and theatre if you’re attending an event there.

Downtown New Westminster – Inn at the Quay is located in the heart of New Westminster. Walking across the train track brings you to New Westminster SkyTrain Station and minutes walk from downtown New Westminster with a multitude of dining options. New Westminster is a historic city with many old heritage buildings inlaid with many new developments.

New Westminster is truly a city rich with history, full of things to eat, see, and do. Explore Downtown New Westminster on foot; you’ll also get your daily workout walking up and down slopes.

New Westminster SkyTrain Station – The New Westminster SkyTrain Station is no more than five minutes walk from your hotel at Inn at the Quay. You simply need to cross a bridge over the working CPR railway tracks.

The SkyTrain Station brings you to most of Metro Vancouver within minutes without the hassle of waiting for a bus. The Expo Line trains arrive every 5-10 minutes and sooner during peak hours. You can take a train to Surrey Central or towards Coquitlam. You can also grab a train straight to downtown Vancouver in approximately 30 minutes or Burnaby’s Metrotown within approximately 15 minutes. Vancouver’s SkyTrain is the longest autonomous train system in the world; it is also relatively clean and consistent in operation baring occasional delays. This allows you to skip the hassle of driving when you need to visit downtown Vancouver for your explorations or perhaps towards the Tri-Cities.

The New Westminster SkyTrain Station is more than a SkyTrain Station however; as with most modern transit systems in the world today, the transit hubs/stations in Vancouver feature lifestyle shops, eateries, and malls. With the New Westminster station, you’ll find an open-air mall of sorts with a LandMark Cinema, a full grocery store – Safeway, as well as telcos shops (Freedom Mobile and Fido), a full pharmacy – Shoppers Drug Mart,¬† with dining options for take-out such as sushi, A&W, Tim Hortons, and bubble tea, and sit-in restaurants such as Italian, Japanese, and Bars. These are all located within the New Westminster SkyTrain complex.

River Market – The New Westminster River Market is located right besides Inn at the Quay making it a quick two minutes walk to the market.

The River Market features a small grocery store, Donald’s Market. As well as, many artisan dining options from BBQ, al fresco dining, fusion cuisine, thai restaurants, restaurants, as well as cafes,¬† gelato,¬†rotisserie,¬†and a pub. You can find a tea shop at River Market along with a liquor store (right at the entrance from your New Westminster hotel actually). There are also delicious baked goods available at Pamola Bakery & Deli. If you’re in for some fragrant take-home souvenirs, then try the natural soap shop.

You have good al fresco dining at New WestMinster’s River Market. However, if you’re willing to visit #Vancouver (don’t know why I hashtag – habitual response, but will keep it as it.) then consider trying out these best Waterfront Dining options or best Seafood Restaurants!

Waterfront Esplande and Park – Finally, after a long day exploring Vancouver, attending meetings, or personal affairs perhaps you want to wind down with a thoughtful walk along the waterfront quay.

There’s a good path along the New Westminster waterfront to the Waterfront Explande and Park from your hotel. It is on the water front of the Inn at the Quay – actually the New Westminster hotel reaches over the path into the water!

You can stroll this path and see birds, the occasional heron, and various wildlife along with dogs along the waterfront path. The water isn’t the most pristine (and there may be an odor to it) but it is a nice walk to the Waterfront Esplande Park. Then make your way back before treating yourself to some sweets at the BoatHouse Restaurant through Room Service. New Westminster much like most of Metro Vancouver provides a perfect blend of nature appreciation (good for your mind and soul) and great dining options found in a well planned and developed urban city. (conveniently almost everywhere!)


Dining options near Inn at the Quay – You’ll find above mentioned some excellent dining options to be had near Inn at the Quay. Here are more places you may consider…

Angelina’s Restaurant – As it’s name implies, family-style restaurant in New Westminster. It’s style is close to an American diner with a more homely feel. It serves breakfast, soup of the day, pastries, and dutch food. Best of all? Angelina’s Restaurant is located right next to Inn at the Quay! ..and a brief walk to the water after a meal.

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips – Craving Fish & Chips? So happens that there is a fantastic spot that serves up Fish & Chips in New Westminster that’s just a 10-15 minutes walk from Inn at the Quay. (depends on how fast you walk for Fish N Chips). Frying up delicious fish and chips since 1965, Cockney Kings Fish & Chips serves haddock, pallock, cod, halibut, and salmon fish and chips. They even have poutine! If you fancy some deep fried Louisiana shrimp dinner, you can find it every Sunday with a prawn dinner every Saturday. Mondays to Wednesdays feature all-you-can-eat Fish & Chips specials at just $12.95 (Pollock only).

FreeBird Chicken Shack – If you’re looking for a quick bite to take back to your hotel room and enjoy overlooking the beautiful water view at Inn at the Quay, then FreeBird Chicken Shack is your pick. Non-pretentious organic food with a Thai/Vietnamese spin on things. An entire chicken will cost you $24 while meals at FreeBird Chicken Shack (including sides) range around $15 per person. It is a good option to grab and go, bringing the food back to your hotel and enjoying it on the patio of your room overlooking the working Fraser River with beautiful sunsets. Only thing is the irony of the name being “FreeBird” because the birds are definitely not free; a 180 Celsius not free.

Wild Rice – Something worth trying while in New Westminster. Wild Rice features a fusion Chinese food with comfort dishes like poke. There are unique appetizers that ought to be tried such as fried chicken skins. (:D) Experience al fresco dining at Wild Rice and enjoy uplifted Chinese influenced dishes with a welcoming and casual atmosphere. We would definitely recommend trying Wild Rice while staying at Inn at the Quay. It is located at the River Market further inwards from FreeBird Chicken Shack so a great place to dine meters walk from your New Westminster hotel!


Convenience near Inn at the Quay

Paddle Wheeler Liquor Store – There’s a liquor store right next to the New Westminster hotel at River Market, facing the Inn at the Quay if you’re looking to purchase some ice cold beer or wine to enjoy at your hotel.

Donald’s Market – Donald’s Market is also at River Market towards the opposite hand of Paddle Wheeler Liquor Store. They are a specialty grocery that has quite a large variety of fresh produce, ice cream, and fresh salads/fruits for your grab-and-go meals. Donald’s Market also has an extensive range of chocolates and just about everything you may find at a Safeway (speaking of which, there is a Safeway at New Westminster SkyTrain Station) but a scaled down version in a smaller space.

Shoppers Drug Mart – You will find a Shoppers Drug Mart located at the New Westminster SkyTrain Station on the bottom level where the bus bay is located right opposite the New Westminster A&W. Shoppers Drug Mart is a pharmacy owned that also sells vitamins and convenience groceries. Many Shoppers Drug Mart stores are beginning to carry fresh produce and serve as a small grocery store in addition to being a pharmacy. There is a Safeway located right above this Shoppers Drug Mart if you need any grocery or hot food take-out.

CIBC (Bank) – It’s hard to miss the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce if you’re walking to Inn at the Quay because you will see it exiting the SkyTrain station heading towards the overhead to the Inn at the Quay. The CIBC is one of Canada’s big 5 banks. If you require to withdraw Canadian dollars, you can do so at the branch ATM. They also provide currency exchange services.


Things to do near Inn at the Quay – Here are some interesting things to do in New Westminster around the Inn at the Quay.

Walk along the Fraser River – Take a walk along the Fraser River catching glimpse of the mountains and nature. Excellent opportunity to enjoy a breezy walk to Esplande Waterfront Park and back to the Inn at the Quay New Westminster hotel.

Catch a Movie at Landmark Cinema – The Landmark Cinema located in the complex that hosts the New Westminster SkyTrain Station is just five minutes walk from Inn at the Quay.

Tour a Paddle Boat at Samson V Museum – The Samson V is, “the only completely intact and floating wooden sternwheeler in North America.” Dating back to 1937, this historic steam-powered paddle boat was built as a snag-boat to the Fraser River. Steeped in the history of British Columbia, the federal government’s¬†Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada declared sternwheeler snag-boats, “an event of national historic significance”. Much as in modern times, civilization always develops around trade and transport hubs for economic growth/sustenance, (where today, with technology of cars, airplanes, and vessels provides flexibility of development and accessibility) cities in the past relied on waterways like rivers and straits. (or the Canadian Pacific Railway leading to a waterway.) For this reason, snag-boats like the Samson V were critical to the history of British Columbia to maintain waterways for commerce and trade. If you’re staying at the Inn at the Quay and wish to explore a little bit of history, the Samson V museum is conveniently located right under the Inn at the Quay (the New Westminster hotel is elevated above into the Fraser River). It is open seasonally from May 19 to September 2. Hours of operation can be found on the link above.

Visit Fraser River Discovery Centre – The Fraser River Discovery Centre sits on the Fraser River and behind the River Market. Admission for adults are $6 and the discovery centre provides interesting insights to New Westminster history and the Fraser River with varying exhibitions. If you have nothing on schedule after your meetings, stroll casually to the Fraser River Discovery Centre to learn more about New Westminster and its history. (The New Westminster almost become the hub for the area, or Metro Vancouver, before Vancouver was chosen.)


Opinion regarding Inn at the Quay:

If you’re looking for a hotel in New Westminster, your best option may be to consider hotels near to New Westminster such as the Hilton Metrotown (same price range as Inn at the Quay with great buffet breakfast). However, if you’re needing to stay in New Westminster for convenience, Inn at the Quay is without a doubt your best and only choice in New Westminster.

The hotel is known for convenience, resort-like atmosphere and experience, along with well appointed rooms. The service at the Inn at the Quay is a hit or miss (for a hospitality industry, service is a key pillar in my humble opinion) however if you do not require any guest services and do not face any issues with your room, your experience should be positive.

I would recommend the Inn at the Quay if you need a hotel in New Westminster. There is room to improve but it is a good hotel in New Westminster, British Columbia. It is also truly the only reliable, modern, accommodation in New Westminster.

The three star hotel is priced as a four star hotel; seeing as they are the only full-service hotel in New Westminster, they probably do well and still find a good occupancy rate year round. If you have some flexibility with your accommodation choices, you have better value/experience options in the surrounding cities notably Hilton at Metrotown or perhaps, choose one of the many hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Nevertheless, if you need to book a hotel in New Westminster, Inn at the Quay is your best and only choice. They are also part of the Expedia’s VIP+ hotel program providing you free upgrades and added amenities as a Expedia Gold or Silver member. (You also accumulate qualifying nights staying at this hotel – 30 nights for gold – and double points booking at an Expedia VIP+ hotel. Great program for boutique and independently owned non-franchise hotels. You qualify for Expedia Gold with every booking, not just VIP+ hotels.)

Click Here to Book a Special-Rate Room at the Inn at the Quay.

Trip Advisor Reviews:

Average low-season rate at Inn at the Quay: $196 CAD per night.

Average peak-season rate at Inn at the Quay: $326 per night.

Inn at the Quay Address: 900 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC V3M 6G1


2) Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel is an old New Westminster hotel located conveniently besides the Columbia Skytrain Station. (Columbia Station is the split track station for SkyTrain to Tri-Cities or Surrey, with Vancouver Waterfront in the other direction.)

Here’s why you would stay at the Met Hotel:

  • Cheap hotel in New Westminster – the Met Hotel is likely the cheapest room you will find in Vancouver. It is a reasonably reliable hotel (if your expectations are low) for its price in Metro Vancouver. Base on it’s location besides the SkyTrain station, the Met Hotel is likely the best value hotel you can find in Metro Vancouver during the peak season prices. (Where occasionally, hotels all across Vancouver can be sold out!)
  • Great New Westminster Location – the Met Hotel is located right besides the Columbia Station. It makes for convenient and quick transportation to various areas of Metro Vancouver. You can arrive from Vancouver International Airport (click here for hotels in Richmond) to Met Hotel in New Westminster within 1 hour (20 minutes from YVR to Waterfront Station, Expo line from Waterfront Station to Columbia Station is approximately 35 minutes with a five minutes walking.)
  • Reliable (Budget) Hotel Standards – the Met Hotel is a budget orientated hotel in New Westminster. With this said, they still do have reasonable reputation and standards adhered towards; the rooms are usually clean, the service is usually friendly, and Met Hotel management team take a clear effort to improving the New Westminster hotel. (It is an old hotel; they make-do with what the property is.)

Here’s why you may look for hotels near New Westminster, BC:

  • The New Westminster hotel is old & not very well maintained (sufficiently maintained)¬†– Needless to say, the Met Hotel is an old hotel in New Westminster. Call it a Victorian hotel if you wish, call it a boutique hotel if you wish, but it is an old building built in 1892. (Generally when we think of boutique hotels we think of upscale hotels with unique attention to service.) The hotel is safe and abides to modern building codes but there are some drawbacks to old properties such as the sound insulation. Heritage buildings that are well maintained and newly renovated provides guests with an appreciated experience (such as the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) but the Met Hotel in New Westminster is a heritage building without a significant uplift internally. Guests have rated cleanliness around a 6/10.
  • It can be noisy – As mentioned, with a heritage building like the Met Hotel in New Westminster, the noise insulation generally isn’t very rigorously considered. The New Westminster hotel is located right besides the SkyTrain station which adds for convenience to guests in maneuvering around Metro Vancouver but it can also be noisy if you’re sensitive to the train and corresponding noise of passengers.
  • The New Westminster hotel is 2-Star Amenities – The Met Hotel in New Westminster is not your typical 3-star hotel (It is a 2-star hotel however generally advisable to look for 3-star hotels at the minimum. 2-star hotels usually get very bad reviews on travel sites for good reason. The Met Hotel has maintained a four star review on Trip Advisor which is a good sign even for a 2-star hotel.) It has very basic amenities and primitive computer system. It is a simple accommodation in New Westminster with a restaurant/bar attached. You have in-room coffee and your typical Holiday Inn style shampoo/soap but nothing more with the property.


More Information about Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel is part of the Viaggio Hospitality Group which also operates notable dining options in downtown Vancouver such as the Beach Bay Cafe and Patio (by English Bay), Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio (waterfront by Granville Bridge), Cibo Trattoria (in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Seymour and Smithe Street).

This ensures that you can expect a basic service standard and level of quality because they likely have good management practices and some quality checks for their brands.

They also operate the Moda Hotel in downtown Vancouver (which has a reasonable reputation for downtown Vancouver hotels – not great but basic and acceptable) as well as¬†Hotel at the Waldorf. (The Hotel at the Waldorf is a budget hotel like Met Hotel, in East Hastings. Definitely, not the hotel you want to stay if you’re a tourist in Vancouver. They make do with what they have property-wise and location, what’s important with hotels is the service and hotel management – they try to make an effort to ensure guests is pleased.)

The hotel has a good location and friendly service staff. Reviews have indicated very stringent policies on check-in and check-out times. While most hotels these days will not charge late check-out fees and provide early check-in if accommodate-able, the Met Hotel has been noted to impress $50 late check-out fees for check-out minutes after the 11:00 AM check-out time. This is generally a reflection of the service standard/friendliness/hospitality. With this said, guests have noted the Met Hotel front desk staff are generally friendly in helping them navigate Metro-Vancouver, providing dining suggestions and information.

The hotel appears very popular among weekend travelers; likely families and nearby travels such as Washington USA, Vancouver Island, or British Columbians. The hotel is sold out for most weekend dates in July 2018 (as of June 2018). The rates are appearingly the cheapest Metro Vancouver hotel rates for a 8+ rated hotel likely being the reason why they sell-out so quickly. This said, if you want to book a cheap hotel in New Westminster or Metro Vancouver, book several months in advance.

While most hotels generally have different rate/fare conditions/buckets similar to airlines, it seems Met Hotel keeps a seasonal rate with peak season being around $100/night and off-peak season being as low as $63/night. There doesn’t appear to be a scarcity pricing. (Seeing they have only 27 rooms, a complex pricing scheme wouldn’t help them price discriminate to get more revenue. They also probably know their property and want to price it at the perceived value from guests. While summer seasons in Vancouver generally allow even 2 star hotels to price their rooms $150+, it may leave guests feeling lacking.)


Met Hotel Property Information:

The Met Hotel is a 27-room hotel in New Westminster. The building was built in 1892 with some minor renovations made recently pertaining to interior lighting.

  • The rooms facing the hotel front may experience noise from traffic, bar, and general street noise.
  • The rooms facing towards the back of the hotel may be quieter with the exception of the SkyTrain operating daily till approximately 2 AM.
  • The hotel does not have much amenities as a 2-star hotel.
  • The hotel elevator is reported to be slow.
  • The hotel has an attached bar & restaurant, The Met Bar and Grill.


Met Hotel Location:

The Met Hotel in New Westminster is centrally located at Columbia SkyTrain Station in New Westminster. The hotel is adjoining to the station entrance to provide an idea of how close this New Westminster hotel is located to the SkyTrain Station. (This can be good and bad. The SkyTrain network is the easiest way to get around Metro Vancouver; being located right next to the SkyTrain will provide convenience and ease of transportation. However, the SkyTrain can be a noise disturbance as the Met Hotel is visible from the station platform – noise likely travels to the New Westminster hotel rooms.)

Columbia Station is one stop from New Westminster SkyTrain Station which is approximately 2 minute ride or a 10 minutes walk. The Met Hotel is also minutes from the Fraser River’s Westminster Pier Park.

Food/Restaurants around Met Hotel in New Westminster:


Things to do near Met Hotel in New Westminster:

Irving House – Fancy some art & cultured activities? New Westminster is a city with plentiful museums. Irving House is the colonial home of William Irving. Step back in to the 1800s and tour this 14 room heritage building free.

Watch a Movie – If you’re bored and looking to kill some time on your business trip, you can catch a SkyTrain to New Westminster Station from Columbia Station and catch a movie at Landmark Theater right within the SkyTrain Al fresco complex.

Walk along the Fraser River to River Market – The Met Hotel is approximately 5 minutes from the water front Westminster Pier Park. Take a stroll along the park towards River Market outside Inn at the Quay and enjoy the unique atmosphere of New Westminster, BC. Explore the quay and market once you get to River Market then catch the SkyTrain back to Met Hotel if you’re tired of walking.

Go to downtown Vancouver – The Met Hotel is a simple 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Catch the SkyTrain from Met Hotel to downtown Vancouver and walk about Robson Street or explore all the touristy things there are to do in Vancouver. If you’re looking to try your luck, you can also try the casino-resort at Parq Vancouver in downtown Vancouver. (Parq Vancouver is approximately a seven minutes walk from Stadium-Chinatown Station.) Speaking of which you may wish to check out Vancouver’s Chinatown and Gastown neighborhoods. The heritage area of downtown Vancouver.

Go to Port Moody Rocky Point Park & Coquitlam’s Korean Town – On the other hand, you can the SkyTrain towards Coquitlam in approximately 10 minutes. Visit Korean town at Lougheed Station for a variety of Korean food and cafes to taste. You can also change to the Evergreen Extension from Lougheed Station and continue your journey on wards to Port Moody – Inlet Station where you can walk to Rocky Point Park to walk the tidal park, enjoy delicious fish & chips, or fresh-made ice cream at Rocky Point Park Ice Cream. You may also wish to continue on wards to Coquitlam Central which is a growing suburb of Vancouver to walk along one of the many hikes available.


Amenities near Met Hotel in New Westminster:

New Westminster Dry Cleaning – Met Hotel does not provide dry cleaning services but the closest dry cleaning is a few minutes away.¬†Courtesy Dry Cleaners at¬†633 Sixth St or Aloha Dry Cleaners at¬†542 Sixth St. Both will provide good service and fair prices for dry cleaning in New Westminster. (Most dry cleaners actually receive and transport to a supplier to have your clothes dry cleaned. So it’s really more about service.)

Printing Services – If you need printing done, you can find it at Minuteman Press (615 Agnes St), Royal Printers (520 12th St) or the UPS Shop (1015 Columbia St #104) all conveniently located near to Met Hotel in New Westminster.

Currency Exchange in New Westminster – If you’re looking for a currency exchange in New Westminster, you can find it at Alpine Currency Exchange (71 10th St) or Happy Currency Exchange¬†(4603 Kingsway #160) in Burnaby’s Crystal Mall about 15 minutes from Met Hotel in New Westminster at Columbia Station. You may try to exchange USD at the CIBC branch (554 Sixth St) in New Westminster’s SkyTrain Station. Since this is a two-star New Westminster hotel, they do not provide currency exchange services to guests. It would be advisable to exchange your money in downtown Vancouver at Charlie’s Currency Exchange (827 Granville St) minutes from Vancouver City-Centre Canada Line Station or the infamous Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange (800 West Pender). Both of these provide great rates and honest service walking distance from Vancouver SkyTrain public transit network.


What You Need to Know About Met Hotel Location –

If you need to be in New Westminster, there’s a good chance you’ll find Met Hotel to be very convenient to where you need to be. Anvil Centre (777 Columbia St) at New Westminster Station is a seven minutes SkyTrain ride. Douglas College is also walking distance from New Westminster Station. The New Westminster City Hall is directly North from the Met Hotel which means a 10 minutes walk.


Opinion regarding Met Hotel:

The Met Hotel in New Westminster is a reasonable budget hotel in New Westminster. The rates are the cheapest you may find in Metro Vancouver for a reasonably clean hotel. The location is one of the major benefit to Met Hotel.

I would personally not stay at the Met Hotel because travel can be tiring enough, you want to get a good rest and you want a clean hotel. The Met Hotel maintains reasonable cleanliness standard but it is an aging building besides the SkyTrain (which is convenient but also attracts less reputable characters).

If you’re budget-orientated then the Met Hotel is roughly half the price of most hotels in Metro Vancouver with exceptional convenience and reasonable budget hotel in New Westminster. The hotel is very near to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. If you’re looking for a relaxed hotel experience for approximately $70-$140 more per night you can consider the nearby Inn at the Quay or Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel & Suites. If you’re able book your accommodation farther from New Westminster, the Holiday Inn Metrotown provides excellent value and prices slightly higher than Met Hotel.

If you need a cheap hotel in New Westminster for a simple stay, the Met Hotel is a good and reliable choice.


Trip Advisor Reviews:

Average low-season rate at Met Hotel, New Westminster: $73 CAD per night. (Lowest $63 CAD per night.)

Average peak-season rate at Met Hotel, New Westminster: $103 CAD per night. (Lowest $93 CAD per night.)

Address: 411 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 1A9


3) Arundel Mansion:

Arundel Mansion is not truly a New Westminster hotel. It is ran by a couple who have kept the New Westminster property as closely to its original condition as possible (in a heritage sense). The Arundel Mansion is located conveniently off the SkyTrian station for easy accessibility across Metro Vancouver however this also means guests will experience noise disturbance from the SkyTrain station due to it’s proximity along with the heritage aspect of the building means sound proofing is not at its best.


More about Arundel Mansion New Westminster:

Arundel Mansion in New Westminster is not your typical New Westminster hotel. It is more a bed and breakfast without the breakfast. It appears to be owner operated in accomodation New Westminster.


Arundel Mansion Property:

The Arundel Mansion is an antique building. The owners have done their best to maintain the building exactly as it was when built in the 1900s included with the original furnishing; you will either love it or hate it.

It is certainly not a full service hotel and it has many quirks that would make most discerning travelers uncomfortable. (Like the old elevator requiring you to lock yourself in before slowly climbing up.)

Arundel Mansion New Westminster Location:


Arundel Mansion New Westminster Opinion:

We wouldn’t recommend staying at Arundel Mansion in New Westminster unless you truly appreciate character or a heritage experience.

The Arundel Mansion hotel in New Westminster is not our typical hotel; it falls short of expectation for many travelers. If you’re looking for accommodation in New Westminster, you may appreciate the value found at Arundel Mansion however you should be full aware of the drawbacks. Here’s a reminder:

  • Not 24 hours check-in. There is no front desk after 10 PM. If you arrive later than that, you will have to pay an extra fee.
  • Very old property with the same 1900s original elevator.
  • Located right besides the SkyTrain track (not overly insulated means noise late into the night)
  • Old furnishing & cleanliness concerns.
  • Little to no amenities. It is not really classified as a hotel though the Arundel Mansion is listed on Priceline and Expedia – it may perhaps be called a boutique hotel in New Westminster (not in the luxury sense but in the sense of a truly unique experiences)

With this said, this is who will appreciate Arundel Mansion in New Westminster, BC:

  • Room rates during off-peak is $100 and peak periods are $200 which is very cheap for hotels in New Westminster and Metro Vancouver. Your alternative would be Met Hotel (which is advisable.)
  • Travelers who want a unique experience without concern about comfort. It’s not for the modern traveler.
  • Travelers who appreciate antiques, history, and heritage. They have truly tried to preserve the original building as it was in the 1900s. If you’re a history buff and appreciate antiques, perhaps you may like the flavor and character of Arundel Mansion along with the great lengths they have gone to preserve such.

The New Westminster hotel is not bad in the sense of a budget hotel that doesn’t care about their guests. By all appearance, the owners of Arundel Mansion truly try to ensure guests have a positive experience – owned by locals who also operate the New Westminster “hotel”. (By guests’ feedback they occasionally leave bottles of wine, earplugs, candies, and chocolates. You may also find condoms in their welcome package base on guests’ reviews. Talk about convenience. ūüėā) However, they lack significantly in property quality so it may not be suitable for everyone.


4) Queen’s Hotel:

Checking the rates between Queen’s Hotel and Inn at the Quay as of May 1st, 2018…if you’re going to be provided an opportunity of paying $40 more for a much better and professional experience at Inn at the Quay, you definitely should do so! The Queen’s Hotel with under 50 rooms, is more like an AirBnb, B&B, or motel than a hotel. There are few amenities and your room does not have a coffee machine. Whereas, the Inn at the Quay is in a much more centrally located area of New Westminster with easy access to many food and beverage options. It is also a four star hotel with a pool, quality bathroom amenities, and waterfront views. You would be assured a much better accommodation option with Inn at the Quay than at the Queen’s Hotel. The Queen’s Hotel is a budget hotel priced as a three to four star hotel unfortunately. The only key thing going for Queen’s Hotel is the newly finished renovation along with those looking for somewhere near the Starlight casino or¬†Queensborough area. With this said, accessibility wise, the Queen’s Hotel has few things around the area.

More about Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster:

Here’s what you need to know about Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster:

  • It is a small New Westminster hotel with
  • Queen’s Hotel is not conveniently accessible by transit
  • Queen’s Hotel location in Queens Borough is still largely under development.
  • It is near to the Starlight Casino
  • Queen’s Hotel interior design is a bit like an AirBnb/Bed & Breakfast, not a usual hotel: with hardwood floors

Overall the Queen’s Hotel in New Westminster loses out a lot of the amenities and perks you find at The Met or Inn at the Quay in New Westminster.

Presuming, you’re arriving by Vancouver International Airport and intend on transiting, (we do not have Uber or Lyft in Vancouver yet) both Met Hotel and Inn at the Quay are easily accessible by the SkyTrain from YVR, not so with Queen’s Hotel.


Queen’s Hotel Property:


Queen’s Hotel New Westminster Location:


Queen’s Hotel New Westminster Opinion:



Thanks for reading about the best New Westminster Hotels on VancityAsks Рfinding the best of Vancouver together.

This concludes our write-up about hotels in New Westminster. We hope it provided some insights that you may not have found otherwise. The goal of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to New Westminster hotel, providing tips on which New Westminster hotels will suit your needs best and serve partly as a concierge for your stay. (with food & activity suggestions)

If you have any questions about New Westminster or New Westminster hotels, we invite you to comment bellow! Our team would be glad to address your questions and help ensure your visit to New Westminster is a good experience.


Hotels near New Westminster:

Here are a few hotels near New Westminster that are worth consideration.

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7) – Your best pick for a full service hotel near to New Westminster, British Columbia. As its name implies, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is near to the largest shopping mall in British Columbia, Metrotown. It is actually located at the adjacent complex known was Crystal Mall which is popular for Asian-themed boutique shops and eateries. The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is located minutes from Metrotown SkyTrain station which is a mere 15 minutes to New Westminster SkyTrain Station. (it’s quicker to take the SkyTrain than to drive – go figure!) Room rates range around $250 peak season and $150 off-peak season.

Holiday Inn Express Metrotown (4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M3) – Holiday Inn Express is a three-star hotel near to New Westminster, British Columbia. The room rates are usually cheaper than most hotels in Metro Vancouver while the location is fantastically across from the SkyTrain station, it is also noise insulated to minimize disturbance from the late-running Sky Trains. It is also located besides Metrotown with plentiful shopping and dining options available including dim sum at Fortune House Restaurant. Rates are generally $150 during off-peak periods and $250 during peak periods. (Same rates at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown which is a four-star hotel near New Westminster, BC.)

Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver (405 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9) – Formerly known as Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel, this located approximately 15 minutes from New Westminster SkyTrain Station in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The four-star Coquitlam hotel is well maintained and conveniently a five minutes walk to the Lougheed SkyTrain Station. It provides accessibility to New Westminster as well as Port Moody & Coquitlam. The hotel has an excellence location with many dining options; it is found in a neighborhood of Coquitlam known as Vancouver’s Korean-town for all the Korean themed restaurants & shops in the area. The location is safe and convenient. The hotel staff are friendly and accommodating, earning it a four star review among guests. The room rates generally range around $150 during off-peak periods and $200 during peak periods. It is an independent hotel brand (a rapidly growing brand – all corporate owned hotels) without its own loyalty program however it participates in Expedia’s +VIP loyalty/rewards program. As both are similarly priced,¬† it may be recommendable to go with Hilton’s Vancouver Metrotown and accumulate those qualifying nights for rewards and free upgrades. For all intents and purposes, Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver is a good hotel near to New Westminster, BC.


More New Westminster Accommodations:

If you absolutely have to be within New Westminster, BC (and not willing to consider hotels near to New Westminster) then there are other accommodation choices besides hotels.

For cities like New Westminster where there aren’t many hotels, services such as bed and breakfasts or AirBnbs can be valuable for certain travelers. You will find many vacation home rentals on Expedia and room rentals on AirBnb.


Information about New Westminster, British Columbia:

Here are five things to know about New Westminster, British Columbia. If you would like a more comprehensive guide to New Westminster for visitors, please read, What you need to know about New Westminster, BC.


Thanks for reading about the best hotels in New Westminster and hotels near New Westminster on

If you love your experience in New Westminster and decide you want to move to this Metro Vancouver city, then here are some excellent New Westminster real estate agents who can help you find a home for you to buy! ūüėÄ



Best Boutique Hotels in Vancouver

Published by:

Welcome to,

We endeavour (yes, “our” instead of “or” because this is Canada) to share with you the best of Vancouver from a local’s perspective. Take this as your own concierge while looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver.

If you have a question about Vancouver or, please feel free to use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Today, we’re going to take an honest look at the best boutique hotels in Vancouver. Boutique hotels add flare and flavor unique only to that Vancouver hotel; there isn’t quite two boutique hotels that are the same. (…with few exceptions such as large-chain boutique hotels such as Autograph Collection by Marriott hotels)¬† It’s about experiences, flavor, and service when it comes to searching for boutique hotels in Vancouver.


Disclaimer – The Writer’s Take on Boutique Hotels (What is a Boutique Hotel?):

I’m approaching this with my own preference with finding boutique hotels. Some may prefer the older, run-down “boutique hotel” for its heritage value like the Victorian Hotel Vancouver but I prefer something cozy, clean, and personable like Opus Hotel in Yaletown. I think searching for history can still come with comfort like the Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver¬†(which technically by definition isn’t a boutique hotel).

For a hotel to be considered as a boutique hotel, it has to be generally under 150 rooms; this comes with the unique personality and boutique feel – as well the ability to treat each guest with attention. Rarely do you see a mega-mall being described a boutique. When you think boutique, you generally consider a small, artisan shop that’s locally known.

You want something unique like a unique individual but you want something pleasant, clean, and professional. You don’t want a “boutique hotel” for it’s old beddings, creaky walls, or distasteful service. You want boutique for its cozy, personal service where the hotel staff knows you. You want boutique for the home-like atmosphere and the petite feel perhaps. Something like enjoying a limited edition watch with only 25 available compared to a mass production watch, perhaps.

Generally a boutique hotel does not include any major hotel franchises/brands although there are several brands that try to focus on the boutique hotel niche such as the Fairmont hotels brand (each hotel is generally uniquely set – often with heritage value –¬† like the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC to the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel in Vancouver, BC or the Fairmont Raffles Singapore in Singapore, Singapore. Each has its unique flare with unrivaled service often set in historic buildings. Similarly on the other spectrum, there’s the Marriott brand of boutique like “the Douglass” in Parq Vancouver.) While these may well be considered boutique hotels, they stretch the limits of the term “boutique” by its official definition. They are generally larger than 150 rooms.

Hence, we’ve put a priority on finding boutique hotels in Vancouver that are known for great service, consistency, cleanliness, and local vibe/boutique-experience. The recommendations on the best boutique hotels in Vancouver have underlined local (unique) brands of boutique hotels than franchises. We’ve included the franchises on there if it is well deserving.

This is how we’ve defined boutique hotels in Vancouver:

  • Fewer than 150 rooms.
  • Stylish, local flavor.¬†Uniqueness.
  • Impeccable service. Coziness. Personal
  • Vancouver luxury. Emphasis on Vancouver.

Now that we’ve underlined what we looked for to identify the best boutique hotel in Vancouver, without further ado, here are the best boutique hotels in Vancouver. Please feel free to ask any questions, add your comments, or suggestions, and experiences bellow!


Five Best Boutique Hotels in Vancouver:

1) Loden Hotel:

Arguably the BEST hotel in downtown Vancouver, the Loden is known as a hotel in a category of its own. If you’re looking for something unique, cozy, posh, convenient, and truly remarkable boutique hotel in Vancouver, then the Loden Hotel is where you want to say on your visit to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Loden Hotel Uniqueness – Guests often share they are treated as family or royalty; the team at Loden Hotel truly go above and beyond to make hotel guests feel welcome to Vancouver combining luxury with local experience.¬†The Loden Hotel is especially known for their intimate and personal service. It’s not uncommon to think that you’re the only one staying at this Vancouver boutique hotel because the entire team at Loden Hotel provides such attentive, individualized, and patient service to each guest. No detail is too small for the professional guest services team at the Loden Hotel; this of course has to start from the top-down with excellent and attentive management/owners who trickle their appreciation of luxury and guests’ experience all the way to the front line.

Loden Hotel Boutique Hotel Rooms – With 77 rooms (70 rooms, 7 suites) to serve guests, each room is luxuriously furnished and tastefully composed. The Loden Hotel provides guests with the respite they look for with their home away from home; the Coal Harbour neighborhood is popularized as the quieter neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. Filled primarily with consulates, offices, and up-scale (usually empty) condos means the expected noise of sirens, irate traffic, and drunkards are often pleasantly missed by guests of this boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver. With floor to ceiling windows, guests at the Loden Hotel will appreciate the beauty of downtown Vancouver (albeit, few rooms with Vancouver Harbour views being overshadowed by taller buildings in the vicinity) to appreciate the natural lighting of our beautiful Vancouver city. The small 14-story building nestled between modern architecture in downtown Vancouver is a sight to behold; as quaint, personalized, and private as the interior you might expect to enjoy. The Loden Hotel also features a car service for guests; while most luxury hotels in downtown Vancouver chauffeur guests in BMWs (Fairmont Pacific Rim) or a traditional black limo… that’s too mundane, lacking character, for the Loden Hotel. The Loden Hotel opts to chauffeur guests in their quaint (much like the Loden Hotel exterior) looking UK-Cab vehicle with the remarkable and attentive service you can come to be familiarized with at the Loden Hotel. The Loden Hotel is truly the epitome of a boutique hotel in Vancouver. It meets at the intersection of luxury and quaintness found only at the Loden Hotel in Vancouver. Truly the epitome of boutique hotels in Vancouver. (The hotel appears to theme between West Coast style with traditional British royal experience. Canada was a British colony before confederation one might suppose.) The only drawback is the current construction planned for the building directly besides the Loden Hotel. (which may cause temporary noise disturbance for guests).

Loden Hotel Location – The Loden Hotel is a boutique hotel conveniently situated in downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighborhood. It is minutes from Coast Coal Harbour by APA, which finds itself only seven minutes from the immaculate waterfront of Coal Harbour in Vancouver’s Harbour with views of Stanley Park, North Shore mountains, and the Vancouver Convention Centre. The Loden Hotel is a brisk 10 minutes walk to Vancouver Convention Centre for convention attendees; it is also conveniently a 10 minutes walk to Miku Restaurant which is located right besides Vancouver Convention Centre-East also known as Canada Place. Canada Place is also the ferry terminal for those arriving or departing on cruises making the Loden Hotel a convenient hotel for cruise layovers in Vancouver. You can request the shuttle from their complementary car service as mentioned earlier. The central location of the Loden Hotel also allows guests to enjoy the best nature/views that Vancouver has to offer with a brief walk towards Stanley Park (15 minutes – Northwest) or English Bay (15 minutes – South). It is also a quick three minutes walk to the infamous Robson Street (South) filled with boutique shops and eateries in downtown Vancouver. Notably, consider walking towards Vancouver Convention Centre for award-winning gelato in Vancouver at Bella Gelateria. If you’re looking to get into the centre of downtown, travelling East from Melville Street will bring you to Granville Street or Burrard Street buzzing with activities, notably at Robson Square which doubles as a public skating ring in winter.

Further, if you’re looking for a money changer in Vancouver, the staff at Loden Hotel would be happy to assist; you could find better rates just two minutes from your hotel at Finex Currency Exchange (at 1135 West Pender), five minutes at Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange on 800 West Pender, or seven minutes at Charlie’s Currency Exchange at Granville and Robson Street.

Should you be arriving to the Loden Boutique Hotel from Vancouver International Airport, it is advisable to take the Canada Line from YVR to Vancouver City-Centre Station (which is a direct 25 minutes ride – skipping the traffic). From Vancouver City-Centre Station, the Loden Hotel is a mere 10 minutes walk Westwards along West Georgia until you reach Thurlow Street. Speaking of which, Joe Fortes is located at 777 Thurlow Street if you’re looking for an excellent steakhouse in Vancouver. At Thurlow and Robson Street, you will also find Daniel’s Chocolate for delicious artisan chocolate founded in Vancouver. (which has now spread to Toronto.) The Loden Hotel is also alternatively a brief five minute cab ride from Vancouver City-Centre Station where you will find cabs loitering on the intersection of West Georgia and Howe Street. (evidently outside the Rosewood Georgia and Four Seasons Hotel). If you’re looking to take a cab to your hotel, it would be advisable to take the Canada Line SkyTrain another station to Waterfront Station where cabs are plentifully waiting outside the Vancouver Convention Centre. (right outside Miku Restaurant at 200 Granville Street.)

Overall, you can expect the Loden Hotel to be a very centrally located boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver for a business or leisure traveler providing a quiet room to retreat with the convenience of dining, leisure, and transportation options within its vicinity. You would be hard-press to finding a boutique hotel in Vancouver with a better location than the Loden Hotel if you’re looking for an elegant, upscale neighborhood for exclusivity and quietness mixed with the convenience of downtown Vancouver with quick access (and views) of Vancouver’s infamous waterfront.

If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver, the Loden Hotel is without exaggeration the definition of a Vancouver boutique hotel. It is without reservation (hehe) the best boutique hotel in Vancouver.

Loden Hotel Perks РPros: (1) Personalized, attentive, first-rate service. Be pampered (2) Quality boutique hotel. Truly the epitome of a boutique hotel in Vancouver with 70 rooms and 7 suites. (3) Luxury accommodation and convenience in downtown Vancouver.  (4) Excellent location in Coal Harbour for quietness and yet proximity to offices, restaurants, transportation and the waterfront. (5) Attentive service. It is truly about the service at Loden Hotel (as it is at the Wedgewood)

Loden Hotel Rates:

– Starting from $449/night during off-peak periods (The Loden Hotel is pretty much peak demand all year round because of its limited number of rooms and high demand)

– Starting from $559/night during peak periods. (minimal price difference from off-peak periods because of the limited number of rooms, high demand, and phenomenal, one-of-a-kind service focused boutique hotel experience in Vancouver.)

Trip Advisor Reviews:

  • It’s not for no reason that the Loden Hotel earns a 5/5 star rating on Trip Advisor.

Loden Hotel Address: 1177 Melville St, Vancouver, BC V6E 0A3


Here’s a review left by “worldofcraig” on Trip Advisor that may be beneficial. There was also another review several months back depicting the above and beyond service provided by Loden Hotel team (someone’s birthday) but can’t seem to locate it in the midst of numerous recent five-star reviews.

-truly world class members of staff (genuine, caring, helpful and friendly)
-great location for Vancouver visit
-tasty restaurant in house
-thorough housekeeping
-attentive turndown service
-generally quiet and peaceful stay*
-Starbucks a couple of steps away for those of you who like that
-good variety of rooms (sizes) to choose from

-didn’t sleep well in the bed, mattress felt too worn, and was a bit soft and saggy
-lights in (beautiful) bathroom always flickering, regardless of setting – annoying.
-a/c very loud
-noise in room for much of the day due to major renovations in building next door (temporary issue, but affected our stay).

–> wanted to give 5 stars, just for the staff. All the way up to the GM, all tried their hardest to make us feel welcome. It felt genuine, and authentic. It was never too much – just enough to make it feel like a home away from home.

If you need to be in this part of Vancouver, please consider this property. Despite my list of sub-par things above (meant more as constructive criticism) it is a very well run facility. Clean, and comfortable. I will return, and will just request a higher room, and check for noises/issues before unpacking a weeks worth of family suitcases.

Happy travels


2) Opus Hotel:

Opus Hotel is one of the first boutique hotels in Vancouver that was rightfully acclaimed by international publishers for the hotel’s boutique luxury standards in the midst of Yaletown, in downtown Vancouver. The Opus Hotel is known for convenience, elegance, and impeccable service (boutique hotels are often known for service as you are aware). The rooms are tastefully appointed, size-able yet chic. (Truthfully by usual standards, the rooms are relatively small however well-designed. Opus Hotel is remarkable for its location in Yaletown right opposite Yaletown Sky-Train Station that makes arrival from Vancouver International Airport incredibly easy and effortless.)

Opus Hotel as a boutique hotel in Vancouver is also known for their attentive, impeccable service with a smile. You will feel welcomed at Opus Hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver… arguably the most desired neighborhood in Vancouver at Yaletown where shopping & dining are at your footstep.

Opus Hotel – Uniqueness: Opus is not your standard Vancouver hotel, the 96-room hotel truly provides an artisan feel that lends Opus as a leading boutique hotel in Vancouver. The impeccable service with a smile will make guests feel welcomed and at home. The Opus Hotel is likely the most convenient, well-located hotel in this top five boutique hotel recommendation. If you’re looking for location and convenience, you will not be disappointed with Opus Hotel. The rare location in downtown Vancouver at the coveted intersection of Davie Street & Mainland Street places this Vancouver boutique hotel easily as one of the BEST hotel locations in Vancouver.

Guests will enjoy minutes stroll to the waterfront at False Creek, pristine parks along the waterfront like David Lam Park, Coopers’ Park, or George Wainborn Park. Guests will also appreciate access to the Aquabus for easy accessibility to various tourist hot-spots without needing a car along with the best dining & cafes in Vancouver at popular restaurants such as Minami, Tacofino, or Blue Water Cafe minutes from the Vancouver boutique hotel.

Your concierge at Opus Hotel will also gladly assist with making your reservations at one of the many best restaurants in Vancouver located in Yaletown! The three reasons to book with Opus Hotel when looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver is (1) location (2) service (3) chic/playful design.

Opus Hotel – Rooms: The rooms are chic and well designed varying in size by room-type. The rooms are vibrant and bright rather than toned and luxurious. By comparison, these rooms are small for usual standards however they are well appointed and furnished with everything you may desire for a comfortable stay at the Opus boutique hotel.

Each of the 96 boutique hotel rooms includes a¬†Keurig Machine, bathrooms with heated floors, and an in-room iPad for convenience. The Opus Signature Suites are uniquely designed with the bathroom featuring a full tub & spotting views of downtown Vancouver coupled with high quality bath products. For added convenience, find a charging station and speaker for your iPhone. For your security find an in-room laptop-size safe. For your entertainment enjoy the 40″ LED TV with Telus service.

The boutique hotel rooms at the Opus Hotel are intended to provide everything a guest may need or want for a business or leisure stay in Vancouver with a chic and efficient design in the midst of Yaletown’s downtown Vancouver neighborhood providing a blissful traveling experience…. emphasis on Opus Hotel’s location. All rooms are accompanied with amazing concierge and front desk team to help make your stay at Opus Hotel a pleasant one.

Opus Hotel – Location: The Opus Hotel in downtown Vancouver is easily the best located hotel in downtown Vancouver. This boutique hotel’s location meets at the intersection of convenience, comfort, and serenity; truly, Opus Hotel finds itself with the best location for a Vancouver boutique hotel.

The Yaletown neighborhood in downtown Vancouver adds to the hotel’s boutique and uptown vibe. Besides being situated directly opposite to the Yaletown Canada Line SkyTrain Station, (which makes for easy access to Opus Hotel from Vancouver International Airport or Vancouver’s cruise ship terminal at Canada Place) the Opus Hotel is also a brisk five minutes walk to False Creek overlooking Granville Island or the iconic Vancouver Science World. You will not find a better location for a Vancouver boutique hotel than the low-rise building Opus Hotel is located.

Since the location should truly be emphasized when describing the Opus Hotel as the #2 best boutique hotel in Vancouver, we are going to provide specific suggestions on things to eat, do, and see around the area. (as a concierge might) Hopefully this information will be useful in helping you make your decision to stay at Opus Hotel or pre-booking infomation.

Things to eat near Opus Hotel (Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel)¬†– Yaletown is privilege to have many of the best dining spots in Vancouver within its neighborhood. Some notable dining options include (1) Provence – a French-inspired seafood restaurant by the waterfront on Marinaside¬†Crescent with al-fresco dining option. (2) Blue Water Cafe – A popular seafood restaurant serving sustainable seafood. (3) MeeT in Yaletown – A vegetarian and vegan dining option with many unique menu items boasting a comfort food theme. (4) Minami – The sister restaurant of the ever-popular Miku. Minami serves more traditional Japanese sushi and cuisine. It’s a hot-spot in Vancouver. (5) Cactus Club Cafe – Especially for convenience with its Yaletown location right opposite Opus Hotel. Cactus Club Cafe is a West Coast chain with many menu items designed by Top Chef Canada, Rob Feenie (who moved on from the chain to his own restaurants). You should consider the Cactus Club Cafe a block right opposite the Opus Hotel

If you’re looking for some quick bites around the Opus Hotel in Yaletown, you might consider (1) Urban Fare – A grocery shop in Yaletown by Marina Crescent that has a good rotisserie, salads, sandwiches, and coffee. (2)¬† TacoFino – What started as a food truck became a chain with locations in Gastown and Yaletown. TacoFino features Mexican flavors with West Coast ingredients. (3) Loving Hut Express – If you’re looking for vegan take-out, the Loving Hut Express serves delicious vegan burgers out of a food cart on Pacific Blvd. (4)¬†Hurricane Grill – This sports bar by the water has excellent burgers and finger food. (5) Caffe Artigiano – Conveniently located right bellow the Opus Hotel at¬†302 Davie St, this local coffee chain serves fresh coffee and a variety of baked goods or sandwiches. Truthfully, the coffee & food is better at Urban Fare. Caffe Artigiano has friendly service but not too great coffee.

Lastly, do not forget about the Opus Hotel’s own bar “Opus Bar” right in the hotel with an artistic interior design or the “La Pentola” restaurant with head chef¬†Travis McCord serving glorious Italian fare in Yaletown right within the Opus Hotel! (Service is phenomenal as well as with everywhere else at Opus Hotel. It’s a boutique hotel – you expect service.)

Things to do near Opus Hotel – Depending on what your version of entertainment or enjoyment is, you will find it around the vicinity of the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. With its convenient location in the heart of downtown Vancouver and minutes from the waterfront, the Opus Hotel makes for easy access on foot (or bike) to many of Vancouver’s most desired activities. With its proximity to transport arteries and transit hubs – the Opus Vancouver boutique hotel positions itself for accessibility by car or public transit. (The public transit is very convenient if you find yourself using the Canada Line SkyTrain – for buses, you may want to consider renting a car¬†or catching a cab as Vancouver does not yet have Uber/Lyft. Cabs can be very unreliable and do not necessary arrive on booking, so you’re better off with renting a car.) Here are some activities you may find enjoyable while staying at the Opus Hotel. (1) Visiting Granville Island by AquaBus – Vancouver has an Aquabus service that shuttles passengers across the False Creek to various points of interest for about $5. One of the stops are located conveniently at Yaletown right by Davie Street & Marinaside Crescent will take you to Stamps Landing which has¬†Mahony and Sons Irish Pub by the water or another two more stops brings you to Granville Island. While at Granville Island, consider trying the Sandbar Restaurant or exploring the infamous Granville Island Market with many interesting seafood and artisan stalls. Don’t forget to try the popular establishment, Lee’s Donut inside the market as well. Take a walk along this former industrial land to find odes to its heritage with a working concrete plant. Then when you’re looking for another bite, try the fish & chips or burgers within the Granville Island Market or Vancouver’s best fish & chips at Go Fish by Fisherman’s Wharf. Wash it down with some beer tasting flights at Granville Island Brewery or finish your meal with some of the best chocolates in Vancouver at Rogers’ Chocolate location at Granville Island. There is much to see and do at Granville Island for tourists. (2) Kitsilano Beach – For a little off the beaten path, catch a ride to Kitsilano Beach from Granville Island and take a walk along this unique beach before exploring the hip Kitsilano neighborhood with many artisan shops along the way. Kitsilano is one of those “Very Vancouver” neighborhoods. While you’re in Kitsilano, perhaps try some of the best poke in Vancouver at Pokeman. (3) Science World – Taking the Aquabus from Yaletown the other direction brings you to “The Village” after two stops. Explore the Olympic Village – where Olympians stayed during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Maybe, try some of the best ice cream in Vancouver at Earnest Ice Cream. Take the opportunity to visit the Vancouver Science World located minutes from “The Village” stop. This iconic building was built for the Expo86 event which was a world transportation exposition hosted in Vancouver as part of Vancouver’s centennial celebrations – it helped spur on the development of Vancouver rapidly after the expo which put Vancouver in the global spotlight. The building is now hosting Vancouver’s Science World with interesting science exhibitions and seasonal exhibitions like Legos, astronomy, or the human body. Actually, much of Yaletown was also built on Expo 86 lands. There is also a floating MacDonalds barge that is abandoned on Vancouver’s Harbour that was used for Expo 86. Thankfully Yaletown turned out much better than the MacDonalds barge. (4) English Bay or Stanley Park – English Bay is arguably, the best beach in Vancouver. If you fancy a stroll, a long stroll, you can walk along the waterfront till you reach English Bay. English Bay is a sandy beach besides Stanley Park. From English Bay you can walk along the Stanley Park seawall till you reach the Teahouse by Sequoia Company of Restaurants (who also operates the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant mentioned earlier) for some refreshments or try some quick bites at Second Beach Concession Stand – surprisingly well priced. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Vancouver at both these incredible public places and local favourites. While at English Bay, walk along Denman to find Phin and Pho which is one of the best pho in Vancouver. (5) Fly Over Canada – Fly Over Canada is one of the best tourist things to do in Vancouver. Want to have a 4-D experience of Canada? Fly Over Canada fittingly at Canada Place provides a 20 minutes visual experience of Canada as you fly over Canada in a 4-D experience. You can catch the Canada Line from Yaletown Station to Waterfront Station in 5 minutes and take a brief walk to Canada Place which also happens to hold the cruise ship terminal. While you’re there, grab a coffee & brownie at one of the best cafes in Vancouver, the Coal Harbour Cafe, and enjoy the stellar views of seaplanes landing and taking off along the Vancouver Harbour – Burrard Inlet with the occasional seagulls & eagles. Wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the accessibility provided by having a SkyTrain Station located right outside the Opus Hotel. You could also take the Canada Line to Richmond, BC and take a walk to the Richmond Olympic Oval, explore Hongcouver, and try the many delicious Chinese cuisines in Richmond, BC. (Here are the best Chinese food in Richmond.) Right by the Richmond Olympic Oval is an excellent trail for wildlife watching & plane spotting overlooking YVR across the Fraser River.

If you wanted to try your luck, you could also visit the casino at Parq Vancouver where you will also find MRKT East (South-East Asian food) or BC Kitchen (BC comfort food like poutine & burgers). You could also take the SkyTrain to BridgePort Station where the River Rock Casino & Resort – recently embroiled in BC’s money laundering problem¬†– for “the buffet” (one of the best buffets in Vancouver). May as well get a culture experience while in British Columbia by observing the location of the casino favourited by money launderers (being a little facetious). If you want to catch a movie in Hollywood North, Scotia Bank Theater can be found on Burrard and Smithe Street but an easier option is catching the Canada Line to Marine Gateway Station where the Cineplex VIP Theater can be found. (Here’s what can be found near Marine Gateway as well.) There are countless activities and things to do around Opus Hotel – your boutique hotel in Vancouver.

Scenic Views of Vancouver near Opus Hotel – For guests who hope to capture the infamous beauty of Vancouver’s landscape, walking along the False Creek waterfront trail which provides many picture perfect opportunities of Vancouver is well recommended. Specifically, walking along Davie Street from the Opus Hotel till you reach Urban Fare in Yaletown; here’s a map of the pinned location with a route from the downtown Vancouver boutique hotel. (From here, walking towards Coopers’ Park will afford you some iconic Vancouver scenery such as the Vancouver Science World.) On the other hand, taking a stroll South on Richards Street or Homer Street besides Opus Hotel will bring you towards George Wainborn Park or David Lam Park which provides incredible views of Vancouver’s City Hall backdrop with public art pieces prodding up from the water (David Lam Park) or the touristy Granville Island (Wainborn Park). We would also recommend talking a walk further along the waterfront towards Burrard Bridge for incredible views of Vancouver like this! These are some lookout spots that would provide picture perfect photos of Vancouver if you’re keen and watching. There are many other opportunities to catch Vancouver’s finest views at the Vancouver Convention Centre, along Coal Harbour, as well as Stanley Park’s Seawall (perhaps a longer walk than you bargained for).

Opus Hotel – Pros: (1) Location is second to none – Opus Hotel in downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood provides the perfect¬†juxtaposition of convenience and tastefulness. While downtown in many cities may be characterized as loud and messy with siren sounds through the night (such as Los Angeles) the Yaletown neighborhood of downtown Vancouver is serene, scenic, and safe. Yet, Yaletown finds itself with many of the best dining in Vancouver added with accessibility to many tourist attractions and meeting places. With the Opus Hotel located right opposite the Canada Line SkyTrain station getting to and from Waterfront or Vancouver Airport is effortless. (2) Service – Opus Hotel truly excels with guest services providing a memorable and pleasant stay. Opus Hotel front desk team are friendly and experienced locals ready to help make your experience a memorable one with their phenomenal, friendly, local service. Opus Hotel also has a lifestyle concierge team to help with planning your trip in Vancouver, BC and making reservations to the hottest dining spots or activities in the city. (3) Chic Rooms – The Opus Hotel is truly a boutique hotel that provides guests with a unique and memorable experience. It is one of kind, playful, and unique. The rooms are carefully designed with comfortable beds, Keurig machines, and even an in-room iPad for your convenience. Guests looking for a quality boutique hotel experience will be pleased with the room they find at the Opus boutique hotel.

Opus Hotel – Rates:

– Starting from $407 during off-peak periods (October-May). Like the Loden Hotel there is minimal price difference between traditionally peak and non-peak periods because both the Opus and Loden Hotel experience high demand for their limited – and very few – boutique hotel rooms throughout the year. These two hotels in downtown Vancouver are truly boutique hotels in Vancouver.

– Starting from $579 during peak periods (June-September)

Trip Advisor Reviews:

Opus Hotel РAddress: 322 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z6

Cynthia S. provide a wonderful depiction of the boutique hotel’s location in downtown Vancouver along with the attentive service you can expect as a guest of the Opus Hotel. Add this along to the plush linens at Opus boutique hotel. An Opus Experience as they will say.

We stayed as part of a tour in this hotel in July. It was located in an area close to everything and lots of restaurants and shopping near-by. There was a jazz festival happening while we were there.. The friendly staff provided us with a welcome drink when we checked in which was nice since our airport experience was not great. Our room 704 looked like a penthouse suite and overlooked rooftops and the city. The room was brightly decorated with a mini-bar, wi-fi. It had a king-sized bed. coffeemaker and bathrobes. The bathroom was intriguing with kind of an open concept, big fluffy towels and Malin and Goetz amenities. There was a very nice bar area in the lobby and the food we had in the restaurant was very good. Service was wonderful and attentive and we were REALLY impressed that at cocktail hour they brought us up a bucket of ice automatically. Kudos Opus Hotel! Good job on the customer service!

With this said, XT888 on Trip Advisor has some important tips for guests staying at the boutique hotel in Vancouver:

Stayed here a couple of days for work conference. We used one of the small but quaint conference rooms and it was perfect for our group of 9. Presentation was on a large LED screen mounted on one end of the rectangular room.

The hotel room itself was nice and modern but the conversation piece here is the bathroom. The entire exterior wall of the bathroom is clad with floor to ceiling windows with the toilet facing the window. There are two layers of curtains (a blackout curtain and perforated curtain) that needs to be pulled down using the old school chain pulley system. If you’re intended on having light coming into the hotel room, you’ll want to leave the curtains up as this is the only source of light (for my room anyway). To ensure full privacy while using the bathroom you’d have to constantly pull the curtains down then back up to light the room again – quite a hassle. For a swanky boutique hotel with this setup i would have fully expected to have motorized curtains so it can be done with the push of a button. The starbucks across the street said they see naked folks all the time – thinking that the windows are tinted or reflective from the outside.

I actually had asked the cleaning staff if the windows are reflective prior to using the bathroom and she assured me they were, NOT THE CASE!

Otherwise, nice little hotel.


3) L’Hermitage Hotel:

L’Hermitage Hotel is also recognized as the #1 hotel in Vancouver on Trip Advisor with a 5/5 star rating.¬† (Rated on all downtown Vancouver hotels – not just Vancouver boutique hotels.) This alone is a major accomplishment and a testament in itself of L’Hermitage Hotel’s commitment to excellence & the luxurious experience L’Hermitage guests have been accustom to.

While this is a notable accomplishment, L’Hermitage Hotel comes in #3 instead of #1 on our best boutique hotel recommendations on VancityAsks¬†with a local perspective because both Loden Hotel and Opus Hotel has a more ideal location, and boutique flavor than L’Hermitage Hotel. L’Hermitage Hotel is what you might expect with an impeccable luxury boutique hotel; it is truly a boutique hotel with 60 rooms. Yet with this said, L’Hermitage is your cookie cutter boutique hotel if there was one. The Loden and Opus highlight a more boutique flavour; the Loden Hotel with their European, West-Coast styles while Opus Hotel with their playful, chic, and modern styles. While the L’Hermitage Hotel is in the centre of downtown Vancouver, it’s a busy and noisy area of downtown Vancouver – messy as well comparatively; further, there aren’t as many boutique and artisan dining options around the area. The L’Hermitage boutique hotel does not truly have its own dining option but more a study turned restaurant/tea-time. (Not a esteemed chef-led Italian restaurant as the Opus at La Pentola or a full-service restaurant like the refined Tableau Bar & Bistro at the Loden.

This Vancouver boutique hotel is not your typical boutique hotel either; it is a condo-tel with 60 hotel rooms hoping to grace guests with a exquisite and unforgettable experience of downtown Vancouver – L’Hermitage Hotel is a boutique hotel ready to “wow” guests with a remarkable hospitality experience. Hotel amenities are not exclusive to guests so this is something to consider depending on what you are looking for in a Vancouver boutique hotel. It is these local insights of Vancouver that we hope to provide you on VancityAsks beyond numbers and an broad-base view you might find with typical review sites. These recommendations of the best boutique hotels in Vancouver are specially curated with local experience to ensure you get the best taste of Vancouver.


L’Hermitage Hotel – Boutique/Uniqueness: L’Hermitage Hotel is a Vancouver boutique hotel that is celebrated for the hotel amenities and their boutique hotel rooms/suites. It stands a notch above other hotels for the unique hotel product. The furnishing at L’Hermitage Hotel incorporates a feel of elegance and elevation while the atmosphere provided is tranquil, serene, and restful.

The hotel amenities are also commendable with a salt-water lap pool (one of three hotels in downtown Vancouver with this system – the other being the adjacent Westin Grand Vancouver), fitness centre that’s well maintained, along with a reading room/library for guests. Adding further to the flavour of luxury, L’Hermitage has a lounge room and breakfast space for hotel guests named¬†L‚ÄôOrangerie (exotic garden).¬†L‚ÄôOrangerie serves a variety of quick bites throughout the day as well as an exquisite breakfast buffet ($23.50 – full “hot European style” breakfast buffet which includes BC bacon & sausage, BC smoked salmon, artisan granola, organic free-range eggs, Vancouver’s Timbertrain coffee, fresh juice, and assorted fresh fruits of season… worth noting, this is incredible value for a breakfast buffet in Vancouver… so much so I would go there for breakfast if it wasn’t exclusively for hotel guests). For your enjoyment, the L’Hermitage boutique hotel in Vancouver also has an elegant outdoor garden and terrace for a private green space in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

L’Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver truly provides a boutique hotel experience for its guests. The boutique hotel is one of few hotels to be appreciated for its property amenities; evidently, L’Hermitage service & location are commendable as well, in the heart of downtown Vancouver on (a quieter) Richards Street but the true gem of L’Hermitage’s boutique hotel in Vancouver is the posh, extensive, and elegant property amenities. All this to say, L’Hermitage is truly the definition of a Vancouver boutique hotel. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver, you will find the L’Hermitage Hotel Vancouver provides what you’re looking for with a boutique hotel experience and the boutique hotel property.


L’Hermitage Hotel – Boutique Hotel Rooms: L’Hermitage Hotel features a selection of room category in their 60-room Vancouver boutique hotel. The standard being “Classique boutique room” which sizes at 330 sqft furnished with a posh interior of high-end European concept coupled with a luxurious king-size bed and marble washroom interior. The room includes a sofa seat and a separate work table for your business/work needs. (There is also a business centre cum library at L’Hermitage hotel for printing or meetings. One thing that consistently sets apart L’Hermitage Hotel from other boutique hotels in Vancouver is the thoughtful design and elegance to the hotel’s property and design… inclusive of the business centre.) The rooms range all the way to the one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites at 750 sqft and 1100 sqft, respectively. The bedroom suites also feature Bosch & Sub-Zero kitchen appliances for food preparation on your visit to Vancouver (sometimes a home-cooked meal is much appreciated… you can do so at L’Hermitage boutique hotel in Vancouver… as with most suite hotels) – there is an IGA grocery store bellow the L’Hermitage boutique hotel for your grocery needs conveniently as well. All the rooms feature a Nespresso coffee machine for your morning “cuppa joe” along with an electronic safe. Guests will also find¬†Gilchrist & Soames bathroom amenities and plush terry bathrobes and slippers to enjoy at the hotel’s heated salt-water pool & jacuzzi, fitness centre, and steam room. Upon request, guests can also enjoy complementary bike rental, iPhone/iPod/MP3 integration, or Wii & Playstation gaming system for usage during the hotel stay. (This is honestly perplexing – who would come to Vancouver in a boutique hotel to play Wii?) Guests can avail themselves of same-day dry cleaning services & valet parking services at a nominal up-charge. WiFi is complementary with high-speed WiFi as well accessible at L’Orangerie Lounge/Restaurant or the 24-hour business centre which doubles as a private library with 2000 books to choose from. (It is more for the decor, however.) Regardless of your room-type of choice, the 60-room L’Hermitage hotel provides exquisite and thoughtful room design throughout to ensure your stay is pleasant with thoughtful care to the quality of your room & spaciousness. By hotel standards, L’Hermitage boutique hotel rooms are on par to most downtown Vancouver hotel rooms; guests who appreciate a larger room can enjoy more space with the one or two bedroom suites at L’Hermitage boutique hotel. All the rooms are carefully designed and included with high-quality furnishing that is inspected after each stay and maintained to high-quality standards for ensuring each guest experiences the best of L’Hermitage boutique hotel in Vancouver. Elegant, well-designed rooms, with high quality furnishing is what you can expect at L’Hermitage Hotel for a truly boutique hotel experience in Vancouver.


L’Hermitage Hotel – Location: L’Hermitage boutique hotel in Vancouver finds itself in the centre of Vancouver (according to Trip Advisor). It is located at the quieter Richards Street and the popular intersection of Robson Street; this means, you can appreciate both convenience and a calm street traffic. (for downtown Vancouver) It is however still noisy and messy location comparatively than the other boutique hotel options in Vancouver. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver with a more relaxing experience during your stay in downtown Vancouver, then you would ideally consider the Loden (in Coal Harbour – quiet West Pender Street) or Opus Hotel (in Yaletown – on Davie Street. It’s a busy intersection right outside the Canada Line but generally quieter neighborhood of downtown Vancouver all things considered.)

With this said, L’Hermitage Vancouver is a convenient boutique hotel being located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver providing the option to be within walking distance of most downtown Vancouver spots. It is at the artery of public transit should you choose to. Notably, Stanley Park is only a 30 minutes walk or a 15 minutes bus ride (#19 bus). English Bay can be visited using the #5 bus within 15 minutes or also a 30 minutes walk. The Vancouver Convention Centre along with Canada Place (where Vancouver’s cruise ship terminal is located) is a 15 minutes walk or a 10 minutes SkyTrain ride from Granville SkyTrain Station. Granville Station is near the footsteps of L’Hermitage Hotel. Likewise, guests attending an event at BC Place or Rogers Arena will appreciate knowing L’Hermitage Hotel is a brisk five minutes walk along Robson Street to BC Place or West Georgia Street to Rogers Arena.

The primary drawback of L’Hermitage Vancouver’s location is the neighborhood has many visible desolate individuals especially along Granville SkyTrain Station which may be uncomfortable for some guests (who are not familiar with homelessness in their cities) along with dirtier streets than what you may find in Coal Harbour or Yaletown. It is also more prone to noise pollution of traffic and a bustling Robson Street with fire engine sirens from Fire Hall 8 along Hamilton Street travelling to various parts of downtown Vancouver. This may be a concern to you when looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver or a small matter, but it is worth knowing.

L’Hermitage Hotel – Pros: (1) Luxury hotel – A small boutique hotel with high luxury found usually at five-star resort hotels. An atmosphere for serenity, relaxation, elegance, elevation, and luxury. The L’Hermitage Hotel is a posh boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver. Fully fitting of the description as a luxury boutique hotel. (2) Location – Conveniently in the heart of downtown Vancouver provides guests of L’Hermitage Hotel with exceptional convenience when maneuvering across Vancouver and downtown Vancouver. There are however drawbacks with serenity and cleanliness. (3) Service & Experience – Guests will truly appreciate their time at L’Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver most notably for the memorable service and luxury boutique experience found at the L’Hermitage boutique hotel in Vancouver. From the valet to L’Orangerie, L’Hermitage boutique hotel provides a different, elevated, and accented service experience. Experience the accent and andante of your stay in Vancouver at L’Hermitage boutique hotel.

L’Hermitage Hotel – Rates:

– Starting from $239/night during off-peak periods (November-May)

– Starting from $535/night during peak periods (June-September)

Trip Advisor Reviews:

L’Hermitage Hotel – Vancouver Boutique Hotel Address:¬†788 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4

Susan Taylor had this to say about L’Hermitage boutique hotel on Trip Advisor which truly sums up the service standards you can expect at L’Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver.

We just loved this boutique hotel in Vancouver. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They even helped with a reservation at another hotel we were moving to in another town. When my husband went to Starbucks and came back with his hands full, a clerk went with him to the elevator and pushed the buttons for him. By far, one of Vancouvers hidden gems.

Justin_VT has this pleasant and detailed feedback to say about L’Hermitage Hotel during his trip to Vancouver, BC.

L’Hermitage is a unique, 3-floor boutique hotel situated in a mixed-use residential highrise. The hotel itself is located on the 5, 6 and 7th floors of the building (not including the street-level lobby.) Don’t be frightened by the modern concept, the hotel experience is at L’Hermitage was virtually indistinguishable from any other 4-star hotel we’ve stayed at.

Our 6th floor boutique room was roomy and modern with a street view. The bathroom featured double sinks and a relatively pedestrian shower, but overall the room was luxurious and well appointed. The bed was spectacular – by far the most comfortable bed we had on our 2.5 week trip across western Canada. It was so good, in fact, that we are going to have write management to find out the brand and model!

A separate 6th floor terrace was available for use, although we never saw anyone there except ourselves (some tables would be a nice addition!) The 5th floor pool and whirlpool is visible from the terrace and seemed nice.

We only had breakfast once at the 5th floor L’Orangerie, which was also open during the evening and had a small bar, lounge area and fireplace. The hot breakfast buffet was good and there was both indoor and outdoor seating.

One of the best hidden surprises about L’Hermitage is that there is an IGA grocery store in the same building, and it’s open late! Super convenient for a quick snack and for buying things for the (empty) minibar in your room.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the service at L’Hermitage stands out. Melissa at the front desk was incredibly helpful, and we ended up dining at two of the restaurants she recommended. On departure, we were told we had access to the hotel’s facilities for the rest of the day (which we used to freshen up after our bike tour) and they even offered us some bottled water for the road.

The location is excellent Рright between Yaletown and Gastown, it’s a short walk to both Vancouver Harbour with its float planes and piers, and False Creek, where you can take an adorable little ferry over to Granville Island. The nearby Vancouver City Centre metro stop is on the Canada Line and connects directly to the airport.

Overall, L’Hermitage is a great hotel and worthy of the praise it has received. If you’re on the fence about it, just get off it and just go! You will not be disappointed.


4) St. Regis Hotel Vancouver:

Not to be confused with SPG’s St. Regis brand, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver is truly a Vancouver boutique hotel that sets the standards for accommodation and luxury in downtown Vancouver. A heritage hotel in downtown Vancouver, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver fits the bill for boutique hotels in Vancouver with a taste of Vancouver’s past and Vancouver’s present. Detail, quality, and perfection are some characteristics that describes this downtown Vancouver boutique hotel. Every room is carefully inspected for guest’s satisfaction before being keyed for guests to enjoy. The St. Regis Hotel Vancouver truly places guests’ satisfaction as their number one priority; choosing rather than to nickle & dime their customers as most luxury hotels seem to do, the St. Regis Hotel wants their guests to know they’re welcomed – small gestures beyond the friendly front desk and concierge includes a bottle of Fiji Water replenished each day, complementary a-la-carte breakfast as their well appointed lobby restaurant, complementary high-speed internet, complementary local & worldwide calling, Steve Nash Sports Club passes, and even a 24-hour business centre access.


St. Regis Hotel Vancouver – Uniqueness: St. Regis Hotel Vancouver is not your ordinary boutique hotel in Vancouver. The St. Regis is an independently owned and operated boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver with a rich history. While the hotel was one of the first hotels in Vancouver and over a century old, the St. Regis was completely renovated to modern luxurious standards (and it shows). They put an extra emphasis on ensuring each room is immaculately clean with the general manager himself (Jeremy Roncoroni) or a senior manager personally inspecting the rooms. The St. Regis Hotel Vancouver take a step further to ensure their rooms are always in tip-top condition by refurbishing the rooms each winter; that’s truly a commitment to excellence. The St. Regis sets itself apart however by being an all inclusive room-rate boutique hotel; their competitively priced room rates provide you luxury and amenities usually up-charged at other boutique hotels. Your room rate includes everything from breakfast, to complementary WiFi. No $5 Evan water bottles at the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver as your room is replenished each day with a bottle of Fiji Spring Water. The St. Regis Hotel Vancouver is also a boutique hotel situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver – as will be detailed under Location.


St. Regis Hotel Vancouver – Rooms: The St. Regis Hotel Vancouver feature a variety of well-appointed rooms for guests’ comfort. From a standard queen room to a suite, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver provides a boutique hotel experience with fine attention to detail and quality bathroom products. Each boutique hotel room at the St. Regis features a large TV with free movies and over 200 channels – should you choose to relax with some viewing time instead of exploring Vancouver. For your convenience, each boutique hotel room also features a laptop size safe to ensure your prized possession can be secured while you wonder about our amazing city of Vancouver. For conservation, guest will appreciate finding a single-serve coffee brewer in each room to get your cuppa Joe or you could try one of Vancouver’s many artisan coffee roasters! The downtown Vancouver boutique hotel has TBD quality rooms to welcome guests which are fully refurbished each winter season (the off-peak period for Vancouver hospitality industry) to maintain a high quality standard. You can expect a comfortable, clean, and probably relatively new bed to rest well after a busy day in Vancouver. As the hotel was built in 1913, the building design is old so guests will not find the floor to ceiling windows in most downtown Vancouver hotels today, however the St. Regis boutique hotel in Vancouver does open-able windows. (The St. Regis Hotel was designed by one of the best architects in the day,¬†W.T. Whiteway, who also designed the infamous heritage Marine Building in downtown Vancouver on Burrard and West Cordova – which is opposite from the best gelato in Vancouver by chance. The building was also built by a renown Canadian builder, E.J. Ryan, who also built the Hotel Vancouver perhaps the reason this heritage building is so well maintained today.) If you wish to enjoy the beautiful views synonymous with Vancouver, British Columbia… go for a walk along Vancouver’s Waterfront by Coal Harbour or Yaletown. The St. Regis Hotel Vancouver is right in the centre of downtown Vancouver making accessibility to these waterfront neighborhoods a 10 minutes walk away. As this boutique hotel is located quite literally in the centre of downtown Vancouver, there is little scenic views to observe anyways except for the bustling downtown core and towering skyscrapers.


St. Regis Hotel Vancouver – Location: As alluded to earlier in the discussion about St. Regis boutique hotel rooms, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver is centrally located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Right at the intersection of Dunsmuir and Seymour Street, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver provides easy accessibility to many of Vancouver’s best dining options, offices, and Vancouver’s transit systems. The hotel is honestly in a rougher sub-section of downtown Vancouver because of its proximity to the Granville Station which means there will be loitering homeless evident around the boutique hotel. (Relatively, Coal Harbour where the Loden Hotel is located is a more quieter and upscale neighborhood of Vancouver as is Opus Hotel in Yaletown – which is also near the Canada Line meaning foot traffic which may be a noise disturbance – or ‘the Douglass’ at Parq Vancouver although a distance away from transport means. It’s a calculated trade-off between convenience or serenity. In our opinion, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver has a good location.) While some guests have noted the discomfort with seeing homelessness in Vancouver near St. Regis Hotel, it is rarely a disturbance to hotel guests. Importantly, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver right at Dunsmuir features convenience bar-none for dining, shopping, sightseeing, and business. With a brief three minutes walk on Dunsmuir, hotel guests will reach the Pacific Centre shopping mall with tenants the likes of Nordstorm, David’s Tea, and Coach; it is the largest mall in downtown Vancouver with many anchor tenants like Top Shop. Meanwhile, walking along Seymour will find you on Robson where the ever popular Japadog can be found. If boutique hotel guests are looking to indulge in something Canadian, across from the hotel is the fast-food Tim Hortons. (which unfortunately isn’t very Canadian these days.) Numerous other dining options can be found located minutes from St. Regis Hotel Vancouver including the Keg Steakhouse or St. Regis’ very own bar and grill. On Seymour at the Kingston Hotel (budget boutique hotel) is also the Gotham Steakhouse which serves good steak in Vancouver, comparable to Hy’s and Keg. One should most certainly experience Cactus Club Cafe or Tap & Barrel’s waterfront dining while in Vancouver or sustainable seafood at Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown; with the St. Regis boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver, all of these dining options are equally near-distanced from the boutique hotel.

(The Canada Line’s Vancouver City-Centre station to Vancouver International Airport is a brief 5 minutes walk while the Expo Line’s Granville station to Burnaby or Coquitlam is adjacent to the boutique hotel.)

St. Regis Hotel Vancouver – Pros: (1) Immaculate rooms – fully renovated heritage hotel that takes guests’ experience seriously with a full refurbish effort done in winter (2) Cleanliness – the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver takes cleanliness a top priority having a senior manager or general manager inspect each room before releasing it to the guests (3) All-inclusive Pricing – the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver as a boutique hotel in Vancouver makes a distinct effort to ensure each guest feels welcomed in their hotel. They avoid up-charging customers but provide amenities like Fiji water, complementary WiFi, and importantly an a-la-carte breakfast to start the day at the St. Regis Bar and Grill. (4) Location – the location provides convenience wherever you need to be in downtown Vancouver with a central location to dining, transportation, and offices. (5) Service – the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver takes service important. While the staff do not necessarily cater as the Loden Hotel, the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver provide friendly, attentive, and faultless hospitality on most occasions. Always expect a smile from the St. Regis team. (Fun fact, I was treated very kindly when I visited the St. Regis to share about our free walking tours when we first launched the free walking tours. I don’t now if they actually shared it with their concierge but it was pleasant and partially why they’re mentioned here in such good light today. First hand experience of the St. Regis front desk professionalism and demeanor.)

St. Regis Hotel Vancouver – Rates: Starting from $159 rooms/$229 suites during off-peak periods (October-April). Starting from $219 rooms/$329 suites during peak periods (May-September). We would highly recommend the St. Regis for its all-inclusive value, location, and surpassing cleanliness & service standards as a Vancouver boutique hotel. With just 65 rooms, the St. Regis general manager takes a personal attention to the hotel’s operations to ensure superb quality standards and guest satisfaction. (You can request to speak to the GM anytime to provide your complaints or complements. Likely complements.)

Trip Advisor Reviews:

St. Regis Hotel Vancouver РAddress: 602 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y6

Here’s a review left by “jmacphoto” of St. Regis Hotel Vancouver that describes the hotel in its essence as a boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver that upholds to the highest standards of service, attention to detail, and guest experience. This review was searched for after completion of writing about the St. Regis which truly show that the St. Regis is truly the quality boutique hotel you read in the description. (Rarely do things truly come as advertised – the St. Regis is one that truly comes as advertised – a quality boutique hotel in Vancouver with unique local experience and a New York flare. It truly has an elegance to it.)

The St. Regis defines what “downtown¬†boutique” should be. Really nicely done, but not overdone, with the feeling of a small inn downtown.

Very personable and attentive front desk team that were great at helping me navigate a few different things.

The hotel is close to the core shopping area, the SkyTrain to the airport and a 10 minute walk to the harbour.

All areas of the hotel were really well-appointed – simple but well done – and immaculately maintained.

I had a nicely laid out suite-style room with everything you need. Great shower (although in a tub). Very comfortable bed. And despite being on the 1st floor in a busy area of the city, it was surprisingly quiet.

Breakfast is included and was excellent. They offer three nice choices made to order. I had both the loaded omelette plate – a very big breakfast – and then their healthy option after feeling guilty the next day. I also hosted a business lunch in the restaurant and service and food were good.

One perk is that they provide a pass to the Steve Nash gym which is right around the corner and one of the best gyms I have seen.

The only negative was an occasional odd smell coming from the HVAC. Should be fixable to make this 100% positive.

Will definitely stay here when back in Vancouver next month.


5) Granville Island Hotel:

Granville Island Hotel is not your typical Vancouver luxury boutique hotel. It serves more towards the leisure crowd vacationing in Vancouver and hoping for a boutique tourist experience right on Granville Island, a tourist hot spot.

The Granville Island Hotel is a tourist-oriented boutique hotel on Vancouver’s Granville Island which was formerly an industrial property before it was transformed into a tourist hot spot and local getaway. The island is known for its market that serves a variety of artisan-made products, meats, fresh seafood, and produce along with a food court serving¬†delicious burgers, fish & chips, bakery, German hot dogs, and cafe to name a few food & beverage options.

Location-wise, Granville Island seats between downtown Vancouver and Vancouver City Hall on an “island” platform that has only one entry/exit point. This provides close proximity to downtown Vancouver and the busy Broadway-Cambie intersection; however, those planning to rent a car in Vancouver may face inconvenience with traffic going in and out of Granville Island. On the plus side, staying on Granville Island provides guests with many opportunities to enjoy #VeryVancouver experiences, especially as it pertains to outdoor experiences. You can also walk along the waterfront to see magnificent views of downtown Vancouver while stopping for one of Vancouver’s best¬†fish & chips at Go Fish. The Granville Island Hotel puts guests in the centre of this tourist-orientated property in Vancouver allowing Vancouver visitors to enjoy all the sights, tastes, and sounds to be had on Granville Island.

Who is Granville Island Boutique Hotel suited for? We recommend staying at the Granville Island boutique hotel if you’re looking for a leisurely vacation with an experience in Vancouver like few other you might find. This is a unique feature to Granville Island hotel… while all their boutique hotel rooms feature triple-sheeting and luxurious deluxe mattresses as most hotels in Vancouver, no two rooms are the same at the Granville Island Vancouver boutique hotel. This is truly a testament to the boutique emphasis and unique experiences you might expect staying at the Granville Island boutique hotel.

How’s the atmosphere at the Granville Island Boutique Hotel? The Granville Island boutique hotel might remind you of the hotels/rooms you might find in Victoria, BC… A coastal, relaxed, resort-like feel with colonial taste. Perhaps not the prime and proper, refined flavour but a little raw paired with friendly & local service. It may not be a Vancouver luxury boutique hotel but it is an inviting, high-quality boutique hotel in Vancouver, BC providing guests with a unique accommodation experience (with a service-first focus). You will be pleased with your experience staying at the Granville Island Boutique Hotel, while you’re there, consider dining at the Dockside Restaurant (the Granville Island Boutique Hotel’s restaurant by the waterfront on False Creek) – do not however booking this hotel expecting easy access to Vancouver transit hubs. Convenience may be lacking if you’re travelling by transit while visiting Vancouver as it is located on a touristy “island” that finds itself with a crowd especially on weekends as locals and tourists alike flock to the island enjoying it’s boutique shops, artisan tastes, and fresh produce at the Granville Island Market. It is also not within walking distance to the Canada Line station which is the SkyTrain you will use arriving into Vancouver from Vancouver International Airport (YVR – North American’s best airport for 8 years in a row!) …unless you want to lug your luggage approximately 2 KM = 1.24 mile.

Who is Granville Island Boutique Hotel for? If you’re looking for a unique boutique hotel in Vancouver, BC as a tourist, without the need for exceptional convenience… Granville Island Boutique Hotel is your pick. Even if you’re here on business and looking for a unique boutique hotel experience of its own and willing to forgo some convenience – Granville Island Boutique Hotel is a great option. If you require to be in downtown Vancouver, you may preferably choose the Loden Hotel, Opus Hotel, or the St. Regis Hotel which are more convenient options. Alternatively, you can take the Aquabus to downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown Neighborhood in five minutes with an approximate five minute interval during peak season and roughly 15 minutes wait during off-peak season. This may be an inconvenience however on regular basis; perhaps, especially during peak periods where there are crowds waiting on the dock for the Aquabus. Driving to Granville Island can be a hassle due to traffic on the exit/entry bottleneck and one-way streets across the industrial-now-tourist “island”.


Granville Island Hotel – Uniqueness: Vancouver’s Granville Island Hotel has its pros and cons as most other hotels in Vancouver. In terms of uniqueness, the Granville Island boutique hotel is notably different from most Vancouver boutique hotels you might find, by its location alone.

Granville Island Boutique Hotel may not score high in luxury or posh-ness but it has character. Recognized by the blue and white colour scheme, this Vancouver boutique hotel is unmistakably spotted from downtown Vancouver in many tourist photos of the infamous Granville Island. Granville Island might be considered one of Vancouver’s “very Vancouver” experiences and as a guest of Granville Island hotel, you have the opportunity to live right on the industrial-now-tourist island during your visit to Vancouver, BC.

Granville Island would be considered by many locals as a “Very Vancouver” experience, due to its many boutique and artisan shops which is a characterization of Vancouver’s dining scene and Vancouver itself. Vancouverites love their artisan bakeries, cafes, coffee roasteries. Take a walk down Gastown or Granville Island to find rows of local artisan shops paved with old cobbled stones and heritage-preserved buildings. It is an excellent opportunity to look into the past and enjoy the “Vancouver today”. We are very much known for our artisan shops and west coast feel which you will experience at Granville Island Hotel.

The Granville Island hotel is only a boat ride away from and to downtown Vancouver using Aquabus Ferries, providing another “very Vancouver” experience upon our majestic and infamous water ways. (The Granville Island stop is one stop towards Yaletown stop in Downtown Vancouver or Hornby Street stop by Sunset Beach in downtown Vancouver)


Granville Island Hotel – Rooms:

Granville Island Hotel features a variety of rooms for guests to enjoy in the heart of Granville Island. No two rooms are the same at Granville Island Hotel even among their “Classic Rooms”. Granville Island Hotel provide rooms for every traveler and every group size from their classic rooms with deluxe beds to their one-bedroom suites, waterfront executive rooms, or the penthouse suites (401 & 402). You can be sure to find a room-type that suits your needs whether you’re travelling with family, solo, or on a business trip.

The rooms are modestly fitted with most conveniences and amenities you might want.

Each room at the Granville Island hotel comes with Spa Utopia products, a coffee maker, iron & board, 42″ flat-screen LCD TV, complementary WiFi & Ethernet, with daily complementary newspapers. Expect attentive and friendly service as you would at a boutique hotel.


Granville Island Hotel – Location:¬†Here’s what you need to know about Granville Island Hotel’s location.

  • As the name implies, Granville Island Hotel is rightfully located on Granville Island. This can be convenient for tourists looking for a boutique hotel in the heart of a Vancouver tourist hot-spot. It can be a little inconvenient if you’re here on business or require to travel around Vancouver frequently – Granville Island traffic is often a mess. Locals know that traffic on Granville Island is very congested especially during the weekends and evenings. (especially so that many of the streets on Granville Island are one-way with singular entry/exit point to the “island” makes for a perfect grid-lock.) In fact, if you are looking to explore Granville Island (while staying at one of the other boutique hotels in Vancouver), I would advise you take the Aquabus from downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown and skip the traffic entirely; then enjoy a leisurely stroll around Granville Island’s unique and boutique artisan shops from chocolates to pottery and hand-made jewelry or boating sales outlets. If presuming you had a great visit to Vancouver and you want to buy a home in Vancouver, there’s a real estate kiosk as well! Read here to find the good real estate agents in Vancouver.
  • Granville Island is surrounded with food and (a few) entertainment options. The Vancouver Arts Theater Club is located on Granville Island along with several interactive activities (such as Adventure Zone indoor jungle gym for kids or Improve Theater for adults) and nightlife clubs. The island is truly known for its unique atmosphere, as a working industrial island mixed use as a tourist hot-spot with a vibrant food scene and a market. The market is filled with vendors offering everything from honey to fresh BC fruits, candy to donuts, even award-winning best chocolates in Vancouver, artisan meats to fresh seafood! Actually, the seafood stall at the entrance of Granville Island Market is the very stall referred to by sushi chefs (from some of the best sushi in Vancouver) for fresh seafood in Vancouver! If you’re here during the spotted prawn season then head over to the Fisherman’s Wharf and purchase live spotted prawns. You can steam them with a portable steamer (maybe, boil with the coffee maker :p) or eat it sashimi – as it is as fresh as you can get it, right from the boat. If it isn’t spotted prawns season, head down to the Fishermen’s Wharf anyways for some of the best fish and chips at Go Fish. (Go Fish is seasonal since it is located outdoors however there is a Fish N Chips shop within Granville Island market food court that is year round. Not as good as Go Fish’s Fish & Chips but still a worthy fish & chips to try. You’re in Vancouver after all, where seafood is abundant and one of our specialties.) It is located in a small shipping container just above the Fishermen’s Wharf. You can also often find fishermen selling their catch at the wharf throughout spring & summer, although the wharf is most active during the spotted prawns season.
  • Granville Island is accessible to much of Vancouver. There are varied transportation options available to you. The boutique hotel is located on the North East end of Granville Island which is approximately a three minutes walk to the Aquabus providing you access to downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown, Kitsilano, Sunset Beach, and Olympic Village/Science World. Effectively, you can access most tourist attractions from Granville Island using the Aquabus leisurely travelling down the False Creek as you enjoy the pristine view and capture photos of downtown Vancouver along with Kitsilano from the water. Once you’ve taken the Aquabus to Yaletown you can also access the Canada Line providing for move-ability across Vancouver such as taking a trip to Richmond, BC or Vancouver International Airport. You could travel in Vancouver comfortably without a car if the purpose of your trip is leisure. Vancouver does not yet have Lyft or Uber due to taxi lobbies.
  • In essence, Granville Island Hotel is an excellent boutique hotel for tourists and leisure travelers. Guests will be able to access most tourists spots and beaches effortless from the entrance of their hotel using the Aquabus. Tip.. You should visit English Bay (a 10 minutes walk from Sunset Beach) as well as Olympic Village (where the athletes stayed during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver converted into a vibrant community with local craft breweries, artisan ice cream, and dining spots with public art)… on the topic of Vancouver’s Olympic venues, take the Canada Line SkyTrain from Yaletown-RoundHouse station to Richmond BridgeHouse station and visit the Richmond Oval (about a 10 minutes walk from downtown Richmond) as well for dining and exploring a 2010 Winter Olympic facility along with catching a walk along the Fraser River, (Vancouver is known for our nature) catching photos of wildlife and planes passing overhead to YVR. It is also an opportunity to try Asian food in Vancouver, Hongcouver as it is also known. Richmond is the distinctly Chinese community of Canada. Another tip… You would also appreciate taking the Aquabus to Kitsilano beach to explore another notable beach in Vancouver in addition to English Bay (Our choice for the best beach in Vancouver). Take a hike up to the Kitsilano neighborhood on 4th avenue as well to find a variety of dining options and boutique shops. It’s a quaint neighborhood and street with low-rise shop houses. Kitsilano has a unique hipster, laid-back, west-coast feel to the neighborhood. It is truly representative of Vancouver in some ways; 4th Avenue & Vine Street is where you want to stroll for a taste of Vancouver. You will find ice cream shops (Rain or Shine at 4th Avenue & Maple Street), sushi (Hitoe Sushi at 4th Avenue & Waterloo/Blenheim Street), burgers (Romer’s Burger at 4th Avenue & Cypress Street), and poke (Hoke Poke at 4th Avenue & Burrard Street) on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano which is a 10 minutes uphill (emphasize uphill) walk from Kitsilano beach! (So build up the appetite before eating after exploring the beach!) It is also advisable to explore downtown Vancouver and Yaletown neighborhood precisely for picture perfect views of Vancouver. Yaletown has many of the city’s best dining spots such as Blue Water Cafe known for sustainable seafood options and one of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver. Notable options for West Coast inspired restaurants would be the Cactus Club Cafe chain (although their English Bay or Coal Harbour location would be preferable for the view and ambiance – one of the best restaurants with a view in Vancouver). If you’re visiting Vancouver for tourism, you should walk around Yaletown and the many parks by the water front (False Creek) in Yaletown – go for a stroll along the waterfront trail from the Yaletown Aquabus stop all to Hornby Street Aquabus stop to take a ride back to Granville Island and your boutique hotel at Granville Island hotel. This water front walk will give you remarkable picture-perfect views of Vancouver to capture for keepsake. Notably, visit David Lam Park (along the way from Yaletown Aquabus stop to Hornby Street Aquabus stop) and spot the fresh berry for sale stand during the summer for some fresh BC blueberries, cherries, and raspberries along with an assortment of other BC fruits & vegetables. Arriving from your Yaletown Aquabus stop, you walk off the marina at Marinaside & Davie Street where Urban Fare and Starbucks is located. This makes it excellent for a convenient grocery run (to enjoy some of BC’s fresh and local produce at your Vancouver boutique hotel on Granville Island) or coffee stop (I would personally recommend the Harmony Herbal tea to enjoy at Urban Fare) to refresh you along your water front walk. All in all, Granville Island Hotel is an excellent and accessible boutique hotel for tourists and leisure travelers hoping to use the Aquabus and public transit (Canada Line) while exploring Vancouver, BC on foot… however it may not be as ideal or relaxing for those requiring a car rental in Vancouver, as the traffic on Granville Island can be stressful to your experience. If you’re on vacation, it’s a great experience and unique boutique getaway at the Granville Island Hotel. There are many tourists and leisure activities that can be had convenient, staying at Granville Island Hotel and exploring the Granville Island itself (along with the new Popina Canteen, cement history fixture, and shipyards).

In summary, the location of Granville Island Hotel is a boutique hotel that is great selection for families and tourists to Vancouver. It may be less suited for business travelers needing travel in and out of Granville Island due to traffic annoyance.

Granville Island Boutique Hotel – Pros: (1) Granville Island location for tourists – Being located on Granville Island sets guests in the midst of a tourist hot spot providing convenience for food, entertainment, and exploration of Vancouver. (2) Unique boutique hotel – Granville Island Hotel provides guests with a unique experience for a boutique hotel that you would not find in most other boutique hotels in Vancouver. (3) Reliable boutique hotel – You can expect good service at Granville Island hotel with clean rooms and amenities you would want with a Vancouver hotel. It meets the standards of good hotels in Vancouver so it is a reliable choice if you’re looking for a hotel in Vancouver. With X rooms, it is a boutique hotel with attentive service to guests.

Granville Island Boutique Hotel – Rates:

  • Rooms starting from $200+ per night during off-peak periods.
  • Rooms starting from $495+ per night during peak periods.

Trip Advisor Reviews:

Granville Island Boutique Hotel РAddress: 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

Here is what “Vancouverisle” has to say about Granville Island boutique hotel in Vancouver which nicely describes this quaint, one of a kind, local boutique hotel in Vancouver, BC:

This is a beautiful boutique hotel at the end of Granville Island. Very convenient when one is in Vancouver to see Granville Island, or Stanley Park, or to see a concert. The Parking is right outside the hotel and there are coffee shops and restaurants in close walking distance. I love this location. It is very convenient, and beautiful. I have stayed here twice in two different rooms. Unfortunately, both times the beds were extremely uncomfortable, for myself, and my son. For that reason, I won’t go back.


More boutique hotels in Vancouver:

Vancouver is a city of it’s own. Canada’s premier coastal city matched with Canadian culture of hospitality & politeness peppered with a good serving of diversity. Our unique city is known as one of the BEST cities to live in the world according to The Economist magazine. This unique blend of West Coast (best coast) vibe and Canadian identity breeds an ideal environment for artisan businesses of all kinds from artisan, local coffee roastery to artisan bakeries, and artisan boutique retail shops. This makes Vancouver ideal to host some of the best boutique hotels in Canada; it also paths the way for a plethora of local boutique hotels apart from your typical hotel chains/franchises.

In Vancouver, we have a reputation for excellent boutique hotels that provide Vancouver visitors with a remarkable, personal, and memorable experience. Finding the five best boutique hotels in Vancouver is a difficult task when most boutique hotels in Vancouver command a well deserved reputation with consistently five-stars guest reviews – well deserving of the recognition for their excellence.

So, here are more boutique hotels in Vancouver for your consideration with a summary of what you need to know about each Vancouver boutique hotel.


Auberge Vancouver Hotel – Downtown Vancouver Boutique Luxury Business Hotel:

The Auberge Boutique Hotel in downtown Vancouver is best suited for discerning corporate travelers looking for a boutique hotel that’s convenient to the CBD and Vancouver’s waterfront. The Auberge boutique hotel is best suited for the discerning traveler who loves elegance, attentive service, and trusted, reliable accommodation in downtown Vancouver you can count on. You can always count on a comfortable, clean room with all your expected amenities for a comfortable stay in downtown Vancouver at Auberge Vancouver Boutique Hotel. The remarkable and friendly service that comes with being a boutique hotel is icing on the cake.


Listel Hotel – Downtown Vancouver Boutique Art Hotel:

Listel Hotel is a boutique hotel best suited to guests who enjoy the convenience of Robson Street (Tourist shopping and dining district) who appreciate works of art. Listel Hotel is a low-rise boutique hotel arrayed with a variety of art displays marked by a casually rested statue at the hotel’s entrance. The hotel is located conveniently nearby to Forage restaurant (making for good dining options in the vicinity) in an excellent neighborhood of Vancouver’s West End Robson Street. The rooms are a little drape and older; it is not your luxury boutique hotel but guests can expect a clean room, friendly service, excellent location added with modern arts in statues and paintings throughout the hotel. It comes highly recommended by Vancouver visitors who appreciate the phenomenal service at Listel Hotel and the unique art works. The location is very good for a tourist or family making this an excellent boutique hotel for tourists. You can count on a pleasant experience at Listel Hotel albeit it is not a boutique luxury hotel. You have your typical room amenities expected at a three star hotel.


Executive Le Soleil Hotel – Downtown Vancouver Boutique Hotel:

The Executive Le Soleil Hotel is a 119 room boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver. The hotel attempts to cater towards the luxury boutique hotel market (however, we think Auberge would be a better fit for this demographic). Rooms range from $150 to $250 per night and the location is exceptionally convenient on Hornby Street minutes from Burrard Street and a brief stroll to Vancouver Convention Centre.


Kingston Hotel – Downtown Vancouver Budget Heritage Hotel:

Located conveniently besides the St. Regis Hotel in downtown Vancouver, Kingston Hotel is another boutique hotel in the vicinity. It is a good choice for travelers but caters towards the budget range of hotels in downtown Vancouver with a common coffee area and rooms that have shared bath. If you’re looking for a heritage hotel with boutique flavor (a TBD-room boutique hotel) and a competitive price (usually one of the cheapest downtown Vancouver hotels during peak and off-peak season) in a convenient location, then the Kingston Hotel should be considered. The location is comparable to L’Hermitage and St. Regis Hotel being nestled somewhere between these two luxury, best boutique hotels in Vancouver. It is a historic boutique hotel built in 1910s; all rooms include complementary breakfast. You can consider it a bed and breakfast hotel in downtown Vancouver. To be perfectly clear, Kingston Hotel is not the best choice on this list and is strictly a budget heritage boutique hotel.


Blue Horizon Hotel – Local boutique-style hotel in Downtown Vancouver:

Blue Horizon Hotel isn’t really a boutique hotel in Vancouver but a locally owned hotel that is managed like a boutique hotel. With TBD rooms, the Blue Horizon Hotel towers over downtown Vancouver on Robson Street. The Blue Horizon Hotel can be recognized by the Canadian flag and neon pink lights atop a teal blue building – easily recognizable on Vancouver’s gloomy winter days. We’ve listed Blue Horizon Hotel in our more boutique hotels because the locally-owned hotel cares about guest experience and treat guests as a boutique hotel with attentive, personable, and local service. Blue Horizon Hotel truly focuses on being a locally operated hotel and maintains a focus on keeping a Vancouver flavour to their service standard while directly addressing, greeting, and meeting guests’ needs with their visit to Vancouver, BC. This is a remarkable and note-worthy effort to ensure guests have a memorable experience in Vancouver with personable and invitational environment that’s quintessentially Vancouver.


Time Square Suites – Budget/Value Boutique Suite Hotel in West End of Downtown Vancouver:

Time Square Suites is one of the hidden secrets in Vancouver. This boutique hotel is perfect for tourists and families who want to experience Vancouver’s beauty and dining opportunities with the comforts of home. First off, the location at 1821 Robson Street sits on the intersection of Robson and Denman Street – two popular streets in Vancouver for phenomenal dining to be had. Some of the best ramen, sushi, and desserts can be found on these two streets alone. More importantly, you are situated RIGHT in the centre of two incredible tourist hot spot; on one hand, walking to Coal Harbour is a mere five minutes stroll North on Denman, (Would recommend walking along Westin Bay Shore hotel till you reach Casa Dolce Gelato for some incredible picturesque waterfront views – if you’re looking for gelato, we would recommend having it at Bella Gelateria however) while visiting English Bay (one of the best beaches in Vancouver) is another pleasant five minutes walk South on Denman Street, (along the way, you will find many artisan eateries that are worth trying out! Notably, La Catrina Tacos, Nook Restaurant, and Tango Meats. At English Bay consider some water front dining at Cactus Club Cafe or Three Brits fish n chips.) getting to the infamous Stanley Park is also another five minutes walk from either English Bay or Coal Harbour depending on which end of the park you’d like to start from; English Bay would be the recommended starting point for Second Beach and Third Beach along with concession stand and incredible views towards Kitsilano from a high vantage point. (There’s more to see before ending your walk towards the end with views of downtown Vancouver and Coal Harbour. You can also stop by the Stanley Park Tea House towards 2nd Beach from Prospect Point lookout!) In essence, it is a perfect location for tourists and families with plentiful dining options around including two supermarkets, Whole Foods & Safeway. Domino’s pizza is right beneath as is Mongolian food, Brazilian BBQ, reputable ramen restaurant across the street, and one of the BEST Italian restaurant in Vancouver right beneath the Vancouver boutique hotel. You won’t be short on dining options or opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature in Vancouver staying at Time Square Suites Hotel. Location aside, Time Square Suites families and tourists exceptionally well because of the spacious suites. Time Square Suites Hotel started initially as rental apartments which transitioned to short-term stays and then to a boutique hotel. Guests appreciate the convenience of having cooking facilities and laundry in-suit. This makes it perfect for families on long vacations, corporate stays, or film industry visitors to Vancouver. Suites at Time Square Suites boutique hotel ranges from one-bedroom to two-bedroom & two bathroom suites providing the ability to serve varying group sizes at the Time Square Suites boutique hotel. The boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver’s West End neighborhood also spots a roof-top lounge for guests to use as they enjoy the cool breeze and melodious buzz of activity in the West End amidst wood camp-like chairs backed by trees (front faces Denman Street which isn’t as busy as other streets in downtown Vancouver since it is to a corner).¬† The building is older than most boutique hotels but you can expect a pleasant stay for a good price at Time Square Suites Hotel. Rates during the off-peak season range around $150+ per night while peak season finds it at $300+ per night. If you’re looking for a spacious, value-orientated, boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver then Time Square Suites Hotel should definitely be on your radar to see the hotel availability and if the rates are competitive during your dates of travel.¬† The boutique hotel in Vancouver’s West End have rightfully earned hordes of positive reviews from happy guests to downtown Vancouver. Expect a spacious hotel room, effective service, and good value with complementary WiFi and laundry in-suit included.


Victorian Hotel – Historical Boutique Hotel in Gastown with Budget Options:

If you’re looking for a taste of history, Victorian Hotel in Vancouver may be your choice. First off, the location of the hotel may not be the best choice of downtown Vancouver comparative to other boutique hotels available; it is located on the fringe of East Hastings & Gastown in Downtown Vancouver. You may notice a rougher neighborhood. However, this is a true boutique hotel that holds fast to its history as a building built originally in 1898 and the expansion a decade later in 1908, renovated for modern comforts and a comfortable experience for guests. The Victorian Hotel caters to a variety of travel categories as the Victorian Hotel offers a variety of room types from “Euro-rooms” that feature open-brick facade matched with modern design, and a shared bathroom (between three guests) or a more standard hotel room offering King bed or two Double bed rooms in Superior or Deluxe categories. The hotel pairs modern comforts with a strong taste of its history – they are clearly trying to preserve and sell on their heritage¬† value. Overall, the Victorian Hotel is a boutique hotel that would be well suited for a variety of travelers from those looking for a heritage experience paired with comfortable accommodation to budget travelers looking for rooms with shared bath ranging from $89 during non-peak periods. The Victorian Hotel is a reliable boutique hotel in Vancouver to consider albeit its location borders onto East Hastings and Gastown (which may be less tourist-friendly perhaps for those who are not familiar with rougher part of the city). It is walking distance to the core of downtown Vancouver considered Granville and West Georgia by most Vancouverites (but Richards and Robson by Trip Advisor). The Canada Line which is where you may access downtown Vancouver from YVR (Vancouver International Airport – here are some Vancouver Airport Hotels if you prefer accommodation nearer to the airport. The airport is located in another city, Richmond, which is 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver by the Canada Line SkyTrain.) is approximately 15 minutes walk away. However, the Granville Station which is part of the Millennium line (providing access to Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, or Surrey and connected to the Canada Line by an underpass at Waterfront Station) is a mere 10 minutes walk. The Victorian Hotel is a 15-20 minutes walk from Vancouver Convention Centre where the cruise ship terminal is located. Included with your room rate is a complementary early start breakfast along with lush bath robes for use, complementary coffee, and complementary high speed internet. For guests looking for a comfortable stay and relaxed end to the day, certain King Rooms feature deep soaker tubs. The room size tends towards the larger than standard for Vancouver hotels which may be a plus for those who prefer more spacious hotel rooms without upgrades. This is a boutique hotel in Vancouver that caters to a variety of crowds from those who appreciate a heritage experience, solo travelers, budget travelers, and families – with a bellow-average location in downtown Vancouver compared to other available boutique hotels in Vancouver. It spots a 4 out of 5 star rating on Trip Advisor which is a notable accomplishment largely due to clean accommodation and friendly service providing a consistent & quality stay in Vancouver for guests.


the DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection – New Yaletown Boutique Hotel by Marriott:

Here’s what you need to know about the DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection… it is a boutique hotel by Marriott Hotels putting the experience of Marriott to the personality, artisan, and attention of a boutique hotel. There are 178 rooms and 10 suites at the DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood. The building is also LEED Gold certified for energy efficiency built into the building. There are many Autograph Collection franchises by Marriott but each one is unique; you can expect the same quality and service standards of a four to five stars SPG hotel with the freshness and design of a boutique hotel. This specifically Autograph Collection was conceptualized by a Toronto-born designer with West Coast inspiration from the Douglas trees in BC; the flow was a holistic wilderness of the West Coast combining the taste of adventure, forest wood, with comfort and refined hotel experience – a perfect juxtaposition.


Shangri-La Living Vancouver – Shangri-La Luxury Hotel brand in Condo/Suite Style:

Shangri-La Living Vancouver is not truly a boutique hotel. However, the service is so good that it is worth a mention. Travelers have noted about the high standard of service at Shangri-La Living Vancouver that’s predictive of guests’ needs and attentive to every desire. The downtown Vancouver hotel is the tallest building in Vancouver however only 15 floors (1-15) are allocated for Shangri-La Living Vancouver hotel, the rest are residences (luxury condo around $5000/month for two-bedroom) which share facilities with the hotel amenities. As such, there are only 119 rooms at Shangri-La Living permitting specially trained, friendly & attentive hotel staff to give their attention fully to the fewer hotel guests. The hotel restaurant is also a notable and award-winning dining experience. Alternatively, walk across the street to try Mott 32, a high-end dim-sim and Asian restaurant considered one of the best luxury (expensive) Chinese restaurant in Vancouver.


That concludes our MORE Boutique Hotels in Vancouver.

This concludes the extensive list of boutique hotels in Vancouver that you should consider for visitors looking to stay at a boutique hotel in Vancouver. If it’s not on this list, it’s best not to consider them. we’ve tried to share and list only the most noteworthy and worthwhile boutique stays in Vancouver. (with a standard of quality – in this extended boutique hotels local perspective – more Vancouver boutique hotels section)


But Wait, there’s more! (Vancouver boutique hotels, that is)¬† ūüėČ

Here are two more unique hotels in Vancouver. They do not fit the boutique hotels category but they are budget hotels that are unique to Vancouver.

Barclay Hotel – Cheap Budget Boutique Hotel on Robson Street with Heritage Value:

Barclay Hotel is not what you might define as a boutique hotel; it is a unique hotel in Vancouver but falls within the budget hotels in Vancouver category. This hotel is set in a white heritage buildings with hardwood flooring. There are only roughly 50 rooms at the Barclay Hotel and they keep it spartan. The rooms are basic and what you would expect of a two-star hotel that it is. What has it going for Barclay Hotel is (1) heritage – it is a historical building (2) location – you’re located right in the centre of Robson Street. (3) value – the Barclay Hotel is a small budget boutique hotel that prices their rooms are rock bottom pricing with rooms going for $55+ per night during off-peak periods and $150+ per night during peak periods. This is likely the cheapest rooms you can find in downtown Vancouver for reasonable service and rooms. This is what makes Barclay Hotel a unique downtown Vancouver hotel. Base on guest reviews, service is still pleasant and rooms are clean but this is not your Ritz Carlton nor your Shangri-La Living boutique hotel. It is an independently owned budget boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver in an incredible location with even more incredible prices set in a heritage building that retains it’s signature white exterior. There are no elevators and flooring is hardwood meaning noises may travel.


Riveria on Robson – Cheap, Value-Orientated Boutique Hotel on Robson Street:

Riveria on Robson is a locally owned hotel on Robson Street. It is comparable to Barclay Hotel and for similar reasons to be mentioned on this additional section of our Vancouver boutique hotels recommendations. Riveria on Robson likewise spots incredible rates during the off-peak periods; they also offer more reliable accommodation for guests in an excellent downtown Vancouver location. Off-Peak period finds Riveria on Robson selling rooms for $90+ per night with peak periods starting at $150+ per night. (On one occasion with Pride Vancouver & Celebration of Lights event, Riveria on Robson was selling a suit at $2000 per night ~ which honestly doesn’t warrant the prices for the quality as Parq Vancouver’s JW Marriott still had availability at $500+… it was more so done for a PR/News run to create some buzz in our opinion.) Anyways, Riveria on Robson is a unique hotel in downtown Vancouver and one of a kind. It is a simple three-star hotel that has it’s own flavour. It is located on Robson Street with convenient walking distance to many of the city’s best dining options. It is also very good value and service is acceptable. They offer a variety of rooms to suites and the rates during the off-peak periods are some of the most competitive you will find for the standard of quality. It is a reliable accommodation for guests looking for a budget boutique hotel in Vancouver. The Riveria on Robson is exactly what it is suppose to be, a budget boutique hotel with reliable expectations and providing great value for Vancouver tourists. It is a better choice than Barclay Hotel for a 25% up charge. The down-side is the impending Pot dispensary which may serve a disturbance to guests due to the smell. The Riveria on Robson gets a reliable 4/5 star rating on Trip Advisor which by most standards make it a good choice for those looking for a budget boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver. Expect an incredible location, clean room, and basic but friendly service in a small 50+ room hotel with suites available of varying sizes.


Boutique Hotels near Vancouver:

Generally for a hotel to be considered a boutique hotel, it not only has to be stylish but it has to be located in a prime location. We’re stretching the definition by also mentioning a few other boutique hotels in the greater Vancouver area.

Steveston Hotel – This seaside hotel in Richmond, BC takes you back to retro. Earning it’s reputation as a boutique hotel in Richmond, do not expect fanciful luxury at Steveston Hotel but an aged boutique hotel by the waterfront that’s owned and operated locally. The furnishing dates the Steveston boutique hotel as the fishing village itself. It is the only hotel in the village of Steveston (There is a Holiday Inn River Port approximately five minutes drive away however.) There is much to see and do around Steveston and it is an experience.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel – Victoria is known for their boutique hotels and on the top of the list is Oak Bay Beach Hotel. This boutique hotel in Oak Bay of Victoria is right by the waterfront and an apartel development with amenities reserved exclusively for hotel guests. It is a five star resort with much to offer in a quaint neighborhood by the beach. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel experience and willing to spurge, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel is an excellent choice near the golf course too. (Which apparently is haunted; someone should have told me that in advance when I spent a month on Victoria and walked about Oak Bay Golf club at night on my track about Oak Bay town. Then again, it is Victoria… where aren’t there paranormal stories in Victoria, BC with such an old town like that.)

SeaSide Hotel (North Vancouver Boutique Hotel) – SeaSide hotel is a new boutique hotel in North Vancouver which is slated to be opened in late 2018. This boutique hotel feature 71 spectacular seaside rooms.

The Magnolia Hotel and Spa РAnother boutique hotel in Victoria, this hotel is the choice if you want the convenience of downtown Vancouver and a comfortable stay with a unique local flavour.

Bedford Regency – Part social club, part hotel. The Bedford Regency is quite an artisan taste with a fireplace in their top suite. Prices are cheaper than most Victoria hotels and boutique hotels in Victoria but is representative of the hotel’s age and maintenance.


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